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Clinton Cocktail Party: KY and OR Returns

Hi guys, I had a grueling 2.5 hour TC this morning with my international colleagues. I’m ready to relax. So, did anything good happen today?

We’re drinking, my friend, to the end of a long episode. So make it one for the ladies and one more for the road…

It ain’t over yet but I will be glad to put Puerto Rico away. My house needs a good cleaning. I think my kid grew three inches and I can’t even talk to the BFF without poll numbers tumbling out of my mouth. But oddly enough, CNN is reporting that 68% of exit poll participants are in no hurry to wrap this up. I think that means that they still want everyone to have a chance to vote and they are not ready to accept Obama as their nominee. The superdelegates should think about that and also consider that no one has been more inclusive of voters or more willing to reach out to her potential foes than Hillary. She really *does* unite. The superdelegates who are in the closet for her should be proud of that. She has emerged as a magnificent candidate and the voters in Kentucky are proving it. So, let’s lift a glass to the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Party. This is the time of the day when we can relax with friends and friends to be. The bar is to the left of the door and Rico, our bartender with flair! is serving your favorite swill. Tonight’s special is an Oregon Coast Crab Shock but you can order anything you like.

I’ve been through Oregon once when I was a child. I couldn’t see much of the state because the trees kept getting in the way. It turns out that they *do* have some good musicians from Oregon. I must have been looking in the wrong place. I particularly like this one, Tom Grant, who blends smooth jazz, sparkling piano and a soupçon of improvization for an energetic fusion. Here is a compilation of some of his stuff:

Now that we’re near the end, let’s not blow it with any unnecessary roughness. If you feel the itch to throw a trigger word, consider leaving it with Florence, our lovely check room attendant. The waiters will be circulating shortly with crab cocktails, tempura calamari and roasted garlic for french bread. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

Whoa! Ronkseattle found this story about a vodka drinking contest where Hillary drank McCain under the table. Yess!! Get the lady some Grey Goose and a straw.

(You can listen to the whole story here. It’s one of the several stories.)

405 Responses

  1. Scotch OTR Rico, if you please. The crowd looks a bit thin tonight. I think they must still be hanging out at gary’s place.

  2. “She has emerged as a magnificent candidate ”


  3. (waving)

    So far things look pretty good??

  4. Yay! CNN says Hillary will win by a 2-1 margin.

  5. They’ve already declared her the winner in Kentucky. No results are in yet from Oregon, because of the 3 hour time difference.

  6. RD, you are the greatest and most gracious host.

    Raising a chilly Sancerre to you for all you do and for the casual warmth and friendly rigorous intellectuality that you’ve inspired and nurtured in your blog-community.

    You are a gem!

    Rico, I’m allergic to shellfish — but please keep the good white wine flowing!

  7. RD: I love your parties. I admire that you can stop, celebrate, and enjoy! I’m still working on some articles, but have a drink on me.

  8. I’m so excited because the whole Hillary voters won’t vote for Obama has broken into the corporate media. Nightline last night, NYT and WP today, NYT covered Hillary bloggers for tomorrow, and they talked about it on CNN and Fox News tonight.

    On CNN I think it was Jeffrey Toobin who said that Hillary is just whining and playing the victim and after all she really is a b*tch and she’s incredibly “agressive and abrasive.” Can you believe it? I’m not postive it was Toobin, because I heard it on the radio.

  9. Terry McAuliffe is being interviewed on FOX and he’s great!

  10. didn’t the exit polls in KY say that 72% of Hillary voters say they will not vote for Obama?

  11. Murphy: Awww, go on.
    No, really, go on!

  12. Having a glass of chardonnay right now.. Well, a tea glass, I don’t own any proper wine glasses.

    Terry Mac on Fox, indefatigable + cheerful as ever.

  13. He Said (can we use this)

    Hillary Clinton has won more votes than any other candidate in a Democratic Primary

  14. I just took at look at the recipe for the Oregon Coast Crab Shock. Anyone drinking that will be breathing fire for a couple minutes.

    I’m really hoping for a 10% loss in Oregon but from what I’ve heard it’ll probably be around 15%. What a drag.

    I REALLY hope that Senator Obama’s non-victory victory speech come back to bite him in the butt. At least the pundits keep on talking about his non-victory speech and 30 point loss in Kentucky in the same breath. That’s got to hurt.

  15. I had to sop re-doing some framing in the new house. Gawd, my back is killing me.

    Something strong. And keep them coming.

  16. Tom Grant – One of my all time faves. Many nights in the small clubs, but he really soars out of doors … and Oregon is home to many fine outdoor music festivals (and fine outdoor music even at fairs and festivals centered on something other than music.

    Rico, when you get a spare moment, por favor, fetch me a Pinot, from a vintage before Knudsen and Erath had their falling out. Some drink to remember, some drink to forget … now, where was I?

    And here’s to RD pulling up that Estonia email and finding something worth tacking onto the main post while the night is still young. ish. as am I 😉

  17. Everclear and guava juice, please. You guys watch too much TV.

  18. According to BTD, Chris Matthews just went against network rules by revealing that Obama won 2-1 with white men in Oregon. I guess Tweety felt something in his leg and couldn’t help from blabbing.

  19. Rico? What’s the house wine?

  20. Ruh-roh. I have an assignment.

  21. lisadawn82:

    I heard a report a little while ago that Obama is not going to claim victory, but will give a “thank you” speech. As in “thank you for my victory”? I don’t know. Sounds like a lot of backing and filling.

    Tweety is now saying that no matter what Hillary says, Obama is going to get the most popular votes. Puerto Rico doesn’t matter because it doesn’t have any electoral votes.

    Rico, I’ll have my mojito now.

  22. Slowly easy my way back into real Cocktails.

    Rico, La Peau Douce please.

    Nobody is gonna stop me from celebrating another humiliation of The Victorious One. (How many does the DNC need?)

  23. Mister just said,
    “What do people who don’t look at the Internet think about this? They see Hillary win week after week. But all they hear is that she’s losing and when will she get out?

    It must sound crazy to them.”

    It is weird.

  24. 72% of Hillary voters say they will not vote for Obama

    Yowza, are you serious? I mean.. I get it.. I never saw how his message could resonate in Appalachia, not that I’m personally familiar with the Kentucky part of it (only MD/WV), but – change change change? People don’t really like change there IMHO, it usually coming in the form of outsiders trying to mess things up. 🙂

  25. D’oh, forgot to close the B tag, sorry.

  26. While we’re at it, the world jazz supergroup Oregon desreves a mention.

    First jazz to land on the moon, and all that.

  27. Even FOX, kind as they are, think Hillary’s lost. It’s so weird. Like the very idea of TIED means nothing to them. Just by virtue of blocking Florida and Michigan.

  28. To litigatormom –

    Even though his speech is going to be a thank you, the original intent was for it to be a victory speech. So it’s bitting him twice. The first bite is that he had to walk that “Victory Speech” intent back. The second bite is that he’s going to loose big time in KY and the pundits are talking about his non-victory speech and huge loss in the same breath. That has got to suck for the campaign not matter what anyone else says. Overall it was a bad call by the Obama campaign.

  29. Rico, I feel the need for something in a huge glass that is pretty and fruity, but potent. You have something like that? You do? Great! It’s called a what? A “Hillary Hit”? That’s a hoot! I think I will have two of them, especially if they come with a cute little straw.

  30. Katiebird,

    I had to turn of Fox when they started asking “What does Hillary want?” VP? Majority leader? Her debts paid off?

    No, you morons, she wants to be the nominee and win the election. And the DNC wants to lose.

  31. riverdaughter? Are you working tonight?

  32. Yolanda,

    Don’t forget the umbrella.

  33. bostonboomer — I just think it’s funny.

    Since I don’t actually see a path to the nomination that includes Obama winning.

    Oh, now Shepherd Smith.

  34. Only 50% of voting Democrats in Ky will vote for Obama. 37% will vote for McCain and the rest will stay home [unfortunate]. But it shows the temper of the voters in these swing + necessary GE states, and the Coal Belt [including a band between W.Va. Ky, Ohio and Pa, running down into TN] is critical for a Democratic win in November. Barack Obama has proven himself puny, a no-win in these areas. How the DNC expects to win with this obvious weakness is beyond me.

    But Senator Clinton showed her mettle today. And . . . she had her second to best month of fund raising in April. It ain’t over!

  35. I’m with you, Katie. Somehow, I’m still convinced that Hillary will win in the end. I don’t see how she can lose. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think there will be a lot of water under the bridge before August.

  36. Hillary is now leading by 22%.

  37. dar1a—

    One of my brothers married a woman from Kentucky. She grew up in a house that had dirt floors until she was five, when her dad put plywood on the groud.

    She worked her way through college and got a degree in math (not the Math). When she married my brother, she bought her mother the first new dress she ever had.

    Wendy (my sis-in-law) is tough, smart, and pragmatic. She’s not afraid of change—she is distrustful of change for its own sake.

    Don’t know where I’m going with this. Maybe I need one of those Everclear and guava things someone else ordered.

  38. katiebird, you should check out the Nation, Alterman is saying that THE MEDIA has been propagating Clinton’s “lies” that she can still win this even though of course, she’s been out of it since The Almighty sent his son to save us 46 years ago.

    I want whatever he’s drinking, in lieu of a trip to the alternate universe where he resides. 🙂

  39. bostonboomer. That’s what I think. How many bad weeks can he have before people really sit up and notice?

    It’s NOT just West Virginia last week. She’s been winning consistently since Texas, Ohio Rhode Island

  40. BO has been told by everyone – media, other political pundits, his advisers, Republicans and Lord knows who else – that he is the Democratic candidate. He believes them. He will make a statement along the lines that his campaign knew that HC would win these primaries and that he wishes her well. He will then dismiss her entirely, just as he did before. BLECKKK! Even the booze doesn’t take that horrible taste out of my mouth.

  41. Rico, might I trouble you for a Glenfiddich 18.

    Since I was born, raised and lived in KY for the better part of my life, I’m really happy tonight.

    I’m chortling as to the results in the Commonwealth tonight courtesy of John King’s magic finger. What the pundits don’t realize is that western KY can more than double Louisville/Jefferson County and I’m really surprised that Obama is only winning Jeff Co. by 1%.

    Folks, this is going to be one big win tonight for Sen. Clinton. It might well be 35-40%.

    Rico, please make mine a double and I’m thanking you.

  42. Little Sister, I’m not allowed to read Alterman. (shaking head) It’s a real loss, but he’s a danger to me and (by extension) my family.

  43. I hope you don’t mind that American Idol is on the one TV at the Back. Kansas City’s own David Cook is a finalist and I could get fired if I didn’t watch at least part of it.

  44. Holy Hemiola! She’s trouncing him in Kentucky. What a HUMILIATING defeat for the Presumptuous Nominee. (Did I do that right, MABlue?)

  45. rd: 62-31 – wow!!!

  46. does anyone know if she’s going to be making a speech on cspan or anything?

  47. Great job RD!

    That makes me enjoy my Peau Douce (Soft Skin) even more.

  48. cspan just answered my question….speaking shortly on CSPAN2

  49. Hey everybody!

    Been catching up to the news, RISE HILLARY RISE!!!

    Fox News is talking about the high national security threat of an Obama presidency, using the comparsion of JFK who met directly with Khruschev (sp?) and then Carter with the Iran mess.

    MS-NBC, (I peeked) talked with Terry McAuliffe, he was beaming out the popular vote, CNN – blah- blahing.

    NEWS: I was called back by FDR Tampa, (Florida Demands Representation.

    Yes, Free bus & lodging for FL protestors, food is on your own.

    Buses will leave Thursday in the morning, arrive early Friday AM, then Friday is a freetime day, then Saturday, all day camping out protest. The location has not been revealed yet, but the FDR has an idea of where it’ll be but won’t reveal those details so the DNC won’t change the location.

    Also, there is a planned protest outside of the St. Pete Times Forum in downtown Tampa at 10:30am, Obama’s rally (which the DNC PAID FOR!!!) is scheduled to be there tomorrow morning.

    Blaine (FDR coordinator) said that secret service & police will be all over the place, so there was a slight risk to go. I can’t make it since I’m working, I wish I had more time to plan it out.

  50. Gary, is this her victory speech?

  51. hey…my partner john david is getting through on the hillary line on Cspan2…..

  52. I’m listening to POTUS 08 on XM, and she still isn’t speaking yet. Nothing on C-span. I’m sure they’ll have her speech on Fox and CNN. They’d better have it on!

  53. I think so katie

  54. riversdaughter-

    Great party over here! We definitely have reason to celebrate tonight with Hillary’s crushing win in Kentucky today! So may I please have a glass of good Chardonnay to celebrate? (Hey, who said the Obamacans are the only ones who like good vino?) 😉

  55. “Don’t know where I’m going with this.”

    Actually, Ohio, I found your anecdote most touching and compelling. And where you went with this is to enlighten those steeped in archane stereotypes — of the worst sort. Wendy appears to represent some of the best stock American has to offer; inspiring many hard-working, earnest, thoughtful, social conscious and active citizens. So here’s to Wendy!

  56. She’s going to speak now. She’s on the stage.

  57. she’s on now cspan2!

  58. In fact Ohio, I just realized I was waiting to hear more. I read your story out loud it was so riveting.

  59. Rico, give me what you gave me the last time we saw each other.

    No, no that! I meant the Patron Silver, of course!

    Hillary to speak soon!

  60. Hillary is leading 64-32!

  61. boomer — ‘bitch” alert — Toobin was reporting on a columnist who referred to Hillary as a bitch, using that as an example of misogynist treatment.

    Then GOP consultant Alex Castellanos came on and actually defended calling HIllary a “bitch”!!!

    Somebody get Donna to the table, pronto! This is going to be hot!

  62. Here she is…

  63. She’s a class act to mention Ted Kennedy within two minutes of starting her victory speech in KY. What a great lady. She deserves so much better than this primary race.

  64. She looks beautiful. I don’t know how she does it. It has to be because she really has found her voice. She has decided to just be herself and people love her for it.

  65. HRC re Ted Kennedy – “He’s been with us in all our fights, and now we’re with him now in his”

  66. She IS so beautiful. And well-voiced. BostonBoomer, I love her.

  67. ronk, OK, I’m sorry for what I said about Jeffrey Toobin earlier. That was amazing. It sounded like Donna Brazile was even upset.

  68. Oh wow, that was a very touching tribute to Ted Kennedy.

  69. (whispering) I’m sorry you guys had to see it. What channel?

  70. ” …Go to HillaryClinton.com….” too cute. These folks are reeeeallly into this victory speech. She has really reached these people.

    I think folks are really energized that this could be their time to make a difference in this primary.

  71. THIS is not a losing campaign.

  72. I love the guy who claps with the boxing gloves

  73. It’s such a blast to be backing the good guy in the race. Too. Much. Fun.

  74. One of my brothers married a woman from Kentucky..

    thanks for your post, Ohio. maybe I should have tried to be more precise, but Obama’s notion of “change” has deliberately never seemed to be precise. I grew up in a town that was poor but not like that, though my good friend’s mother was a nurse practitiioner and made calls at houses way out in rural parts of western PA and saw plenty of folks living in extreme poverty.

    I’ve been a little sensitive about the whole thing hearing over and over (and recently that diary at the cheeto place that got linked at many blogs) that it’s Appalachian voters’ fault (those ignorant racists, right?) that they just haven’t been able to support Obama. And I don’t buy it, unless you want to fault the voters for turning down a message that doesn’t speak to their concerns and their values, and for turning down a candidate who can hardly be bothered to ask for their votes. I’m also extremely upset to think the Democratic Party under Obama would probably flat out turn its back on the region I’m from, I get why some people say (including my father & his friends) that they didn’t leave the party, the party left them.

  75. we will have a nominee, whoever SHE may be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. (nodding!!!)

    riverdaughter, Grinning is so much better than holding our noses

  77. Watching HRC give her speech.

    As we say in my neck of the wood, “This Lady ain’t going nowhere”.

    Deal with it.

  78. I’ve recently talked w/ Obama supporters who actually think folks from KY, WV et al are stupid and uneducated. It was very disturbing to hear their rational.

    “We will have a nominee, whomever she may be…” too cute, I love her.

  79. Just got home. AND just in time to listen to Hillary speak to her people in KY, and everywhere else.

    I Love Hillary!!! WooHoo!!!

  80. *sighs* She is so classy. I can’t believe how loyal she’s been, considering the way she’s been treated. The contrast between Clinton and the rest of this party could not be starker.

  81. That was perfect, “whoever she may be.” Compared to Hillary, Obama looks like such a loser. I got my tax refund today, and I’m going to send a little chunk of it to Hillary.

  82. Wow, 34 points right now. Good lord.

  83. I can’t believe how loyal she’s been, considering the way she’s been treated.

    Isn’t that the truth? I tell ya, for this Madame Hillary deserves a Nobel Peace nod.

  84. She makes the best speeches we’ve had in years and years. They’re classic

  85. bostonboomer, on May 20th, 2008 at 7:44 pm Said:
    According to BTD, Chris Matthews just went against network rules by revealing that Obama won 2-1 with white men in Oregon. I guess Tweety felt something in his leg and couldn’t help from blabbing.

    LOL!! 🙂

  86. MSNBC is dissing PR, according to BTD:

    And it begins. Chris Matthews tonight and previously. Keith Olbermann and Dana Milbank did it before. Puerto Rico is a big joke to them. The DNC said they have a say in the process of deciding who our nominee will be. But count their votes? Not to the bigots at NBC.

    The ugly racism and bigotry of NBC now joins the previously ugly sexism and misogyny. Here it comes.

    NBC has no decency. None.

  87. I’ve recently talked w/ Obama supporters who actually think folks from KY, WV et al are stupid and uneducated.

    Yeah I’ve read plenty of blog comments to that effect lately. First, that’s really offensive, people are who they are and no more or less intelligent than any other state. Second, what is with this attitude among Democrats that if some voters aren’t good enough by their standards, we don’t give a shit about them, aren’t interested in how policy affects them, and don’t want their support? WTF

  88. Special Edition of Jeopardy for all Conflucians, especially for litigatormom:

    Answer: “Because he’s a mental patient. That’s why.”

  89. I think this has been one of her best speeches. The crowd was so with her and she seemed so grounded. No, no MSM I did not say she was in the ground. Pleeze. I want her to be my President so much, oh the hell with it , if Obama can just declare things, then “I declare Hillary Clinton President”

  90. hahahah, I don’t usually catch MSNBC, but I was over at a neightbor’s house and she had it on. Chris and Keith are tres grim! Not happy boys at all. There is no lightness or excitement to the commentary as there usually is on primary nights. Tim Russert was just gettting ready to explain that Obama has now gotten so many pledged delegates that Hillary can’t hope to catch up with him – or some such thing.

    What a bunch of tools.

  91. Hey folks! Great speech, and I’m going to sleep before OR is called, so it should be a good night. Heh.

    I have an off topic question. How can I get in touch with riverdaughter? I received a survey from the DNC today, and it looks like a good place to make my views known (again) regarding Mi & FL. Anyway, I scanned it in and I thought she might be interested. I’ve got it on my flickr account. Will post links if people think it’s a good idea.

  92. They are really ripping Obama on Fox right now. Making fun of him for what he has said about negotiating with Iran, etc.

  93. she’s gained almost 200K votes on him so far. tally is up at RCP. check out pop vote total w/ FL/MI she’s up 208k!!!

  94. elixir: I wonder those fools never make those same offensive comments about Latinos or Asians. And we voted for her in higher percentages than did whites.

    Bastards. All of ’em.

  95. daria g, seems like this idea that Appalachian voters are obligated to prove something by voting for Obama is all that the DHinMi’s of this party have to offer, and that’s why nobody wants them running anything. They seem to think that voters should be grovelling to them begging for permission to cast their votes for the cool kids to get into the club. The idea that politicans are supposed to represent people and are supposed to appeal to them and respectfully request the honor of their votes is so over, apparently. It’s like they’re using some bizarre form of reverse psychology.

  96. annabelle,

    Is it something we could print out and fill in? I’d do it for sure. Do you have your real e-mail in your signature?

  97. I don’t have cable, so you guys will have to fill me in, are they talking about how she is not really winning by 35%, but because of rounding it is really only 34%

  98. Ack! I meant to write: “I wonder why those fools never…”

    Here’s hoping OR is not horribly bad.

  99. Gary!! I’m so happy to see those numbers.

  100. BB,

    No, it’s a directed survey, so only the person it is sent to can return it. They are saying in the letter that this is the survey they are sending to the Leadership, and that I was selected as an average voter to represent Jeffersonville, IN, where I live. I have to return in 72 hours. I dunno if the tone is marketing, or it really is selective.

  101. {{Joanie}} xxoo

    Do you actually have a night off? Wow.

  102. Hi all! Kentucky is looking really good! I’m wondering if she’ll get closer to 40% with the rest of the results…

    I’m really interested in Oregon too.

  103. Lori,

    That’s interesting about the MSNBC boyz. I wonder if Hillary did better in Oregon than we expected. They might be upset because of the exit polls. Everyone knew Hillary would crush him in KY.

  104. Oh, about my e-mail. annabelle AT rcltd DOT org

    I don’t open stuff I don’t recognize, so put your username or the Confluence in the subject line if you contact me, okay? Thanks!

  105. she could very well erase his entire pop vote gain in NC tonight! he won by 225K in NC, she’s up by about 210K now.

  106. I think riverdaughter had to do something for work, but she will see your message eventually.

  107. Is there room for one more in here tonight? Hillary looks so presidential! How can anyone not vote for her?

  108. Gary, didn’t she make some progress on that last week in West Virginia too?

  109. Gary,

    I guess they can’t do exit polls from Oregon because it’s mail-in? When will we know what happened there?

  110. Hi Pat!

    Hillary gave a wonderful speech. She looked so radiant!

  111. Great speech, and I’m going to sleep before OR is called, so it should be a good night. Heh.

    Anna, you really made me chuckle there. Thanks for that. And I’ll likely be taking your lead and tuning into the season finale of Dancing With The Stars – come on Kristie!

  112. “The New York Times reported this story: on a trip to Estonia Senators McCain and Hillary Clinton got into a vodka-drinking contest. No, no, see that shows you how two sides can get together. When a McCain and a Clinton can both end up acting like a Kennedy. When Hillary asked him if he wanted to go out for a cold one, Senator McCain said no thanks, I’m married.” –Jay Leno

    July 29, 2006
    2008 May Test Clinton’s Bond With McCain
    WASHINGTON, July 28 — Two summers ago, on a Congressional trip to Estonia, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton astonished her traveling companions by suggesting that the group do what one does in the Baltics: hold a vodka-drinking contest.

    Delighted, the leader of the delegation, Senator John McCain, quickly agreed. The after-dinner drinks went so well — memories are a bit hazy on who drank how much — that Mr. McCain, an Arizona Republican, later told people how unexpectedly engaging he found Mrs. Clinton to be. “One of the guys” was the way he described Mrs. Clinton, a New York Democrat, to some Republican colleagues.




  113. Hi Pat — I think she’s the best looking Presidential Candidate ever. I can’t believe I don’t have to worry about a candidate’s weight. Being on the campaign trail is so horrible for people with food issues. But, she looks better than ever.

    (not that looks matter that much to me — but I think we’d be hearing about it if she was gaining weight. We sure did with President Clinton and Gore.)

  114. bostonboomer, about PR & MSNBC-

    Didn’t you get the memo?

    The DNC doesn’t need Latinos to win an election!

  115. MABlue, the question is, why does Mr. Keith Olbermann constantly post defensive, self-aggrandizing diaries at the big orange cheeto blog?

  116. I was watching Bill and started thinking about that Orwell quote:

    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf

    I was thinking I sleep peaceably in my bed because men and women like Bill and Hillary stand ready to do wonkery on my behalf. I’m just so glad that there are people like those two who are just smarter, more effective and more tenacious than I am.

    They are an extraordinary pair. I hope Hillary wins.

  117. bboomer- I think polls close at 11pm eastern. I don’t know how they do the exits but apparently they have something according to the news about Matthews leaking info that men wen obama 2-1…….. I’m interested to see the total votes though. Oregon is not a very big state…smaller in population than Kentucky I think. Just dont’ know if they have more dems but I don’t think so, KY is about 55% dem I think…

  118. By the way, no offense to mental patients, of which more than a few of my friends have been & I’ve had a bit of experience myself that I feel comfortable making some jokes about it. Olbermann does seem to be somewhat unhinged.

  119. (tearing up) Oh, {{Lori}}

  120. bostonboomer, on May 20th, 2008 at 8:51 pm Said:


    I guess they can’t do exit polls from Oregon because it’s mail-in? When will we know what happened there?

    Over at Talk Left BTD said that Tweety broke station rules and talked about Oregon exit polls.

    Here goes the link –

    I guess men went 2-1 for Obama but Tweety said nothing about women voters.

  121. Sleazy Obama tactics: releasing his campaign funding in April during the Clinton speech!

    These people have ZERO RESPECT!



    Keith Obamaman is P-Oed his team got pwed!

  122. OK, I’m an Oregonian and I feel that Hillary may do better than expected. I haven’t been looking at any polls or watching TV news or reading any political blogs. I just feel hopeful. Bill and Chelsea campaigned a lot in rural Oregon, and I have to believe that will help Hillary.

  123. daria, Little Sister — DHinMI’s thinly coded message is that Hillary’s voters are hillbilies, with all the stereotypical humor that entails.

    There’s one humungous defect in his supporting analysis, however … and I may have a little fun with it, in connection with a larger point of interest to superdelegates.

  124. SM,

    Hillary won every demographic in KY–every age group, college education, no college, men, women, independents, everything. Except AA’s probably. I don’t know how they went, but no a big percentage of KY population.

  125. MABlue – Answer: “Because he’s a mental patient. That’s why.”

    Question: Why does Chris Matthews feel imaginary things running up and down his legs?

  126. oops, guess the pony didn’t do so well in the derby.

  127. ronk,

    I’m looking forward to it. That was one of the most disgusting diaries I’ve ever seen at DK–and that’s saying something. And some of the comments!

  128. SM: Chris Matthews’ leg tingles
    It’s probably the Mini Obama.

  129. Okay, I peeked and I have to concur that Tweety, Tater and Doltermann look like they have an egg broken inside of them. Being from KY I can make such country comparisons tonight especially since I’ve had a couple of Fiddichs.

    You see, chickens who have an egg broken inside them are really ailing, lifeless, off-kilter and look as if the great coop in the sky is calling.

    Rico, keep them coming, I might start telling jokes — gee, I’m having fun.

  130. MABlue,

    It sounds a little bit like narcotic withdrawal. I wonder if Chris is into the pain killers. Meanwhile Keith looks so bloated. Is it his girlfriend’s cooking or something more sinister?

  131. I have to say again. she erased his 225,000 pop vote win in NC tonight, and she did it with half the voters. 1.5 million in NC.. about 600K in kentucky. That’s huge

  132. bostonboomer, at 8:37 pm

    I don’t recall them (Tweety and KO) disrespecting Guam. All 4 votes. (and that all of 7 votes made the difference)

    that tingle up Tweety’s leg must really be sumthin’

  133. dar1a g:

    It’s a very good one, but here it is:

    Answer: “Because he’s a mental patient. That’s why.”

    Question: “Why did MABlue turn on MessNBC?”

    Now I am convinced. I’ll rather watch a goat’s vomiting competition.

  134. Lori – wow.

    That is why I love the Clintons. They fight for us.

    And people hate them because they fight for us.


    You better believe that!

  135. Hillary:

    “You never gave up on me and I’ll never give up on you!”

    I’ve never heard Obama say anything like that. His speeches are always about voters doing something for him.

  136. not to mention the 150K in WV!

  137. (nodding) They do look very subdued and grim.

    Wow. Still, I’m NOT going to count on a win.

  138. Leslie,

    LOL! I wonder when they are going to finish that recount in Guam. BO only won by one vote.

  139. I cannot tell you in words how much you guys have come to mean to me over the last few months. Your personalities are fully developed even in the blogosphere.

    And because of the camraderie that has been established on this blog I have just made a $50.00 donation to Hillary with you all in mind. I am pleased to announce that it has been accepted on your behalf!

  140. Russert channels Obama….

  141. Bostonboomer, absolutely – and what the stupid bought by Obama dollars MSM don’t point out is that she had them.

    That is, until Michelle Obama said “Black people, WAKE UP, this is your time…”

  142. Gary,

    That is so great! Barry is going to look deflated at his “victory speech.” How can she not win the nomination? Tell me that.

  143. I don’t know what’s wrong with being a hillbilly anyway. I mean, I know there’s a whole other level of hillbilly when you go way off the beaten track out there, but since when were a good number of Democrats looking down on others. (Probably since a while and I overlooked it.)

  144. Pat,

    The feeling is mutual. Your sparkling personality comes through in your writing. I’m so glad we all found Riverdaughter’s place and “met” each other.

  145. I’d love to see Hillary win in Oregon.

    There have been a lot of shockers in this campaign. Maybe that would be one of them?

  146. Hillary has 65% of the Dem vote and McCain has only 73% of the Rep. vote. That is a little surprising, since Hillary is running against the party’s ‘heir’ apparent and McCain is running unopposed. I saw in the exit polls that 55% of the people said that Edwards’ endorsement had an impact on their vote. From these returns it looks like it made them all mad and they all voted for Hillary.

  147. I don’t see how he can recover the momentum. The momentum is now all hers. The SDs would have to stand in the way of the prevailing wind and at odds with the voters of the United States. Not that it would be the first time….

  148. this morning on the way to work I tuned in to a right wing talk radio station. the dude was yelling about Obama saying it’s unacceptable to criticize Michelle. he said if he had said it hurts his feelings or her feelings, or even that it pisses him off, that would be one thing, but his point was who is Obama to lecture us on what is or is not acceptable.

    he’s correct. the democratic party has created a monster, just as the gop did with their sock puppet.

  149. darla,

    There’s nothing wrong with being a hillbilly. My ancestors were hillbillies in southern Indiana and redneck farmers in North Dakota and Minnesota. I’m proud of my roots.

  150. Tweety seems sort of skeptical of Obama’s strength — Russert is still strong for The Precious.

  151. KY made me a very happy woman tonight, and yes, it’s the tingly kind!

    BMC, on behalf of our victorious senator who challenged McCain to a vodka shot contest, all vodka shots are all on me!

  152. Wow. That scotch went to my head. Now I can’t get Tom Jones’ “She’s a lady out of my head.

    “Well she’s all you’d ever want–she’s the kind you’d like to flaunt and take to dinner. She’s got style she’s got grace she’s a winner!!
    She’s a lady…whoa whoa whoa… she’s a lady..and the lady is MINE.” 🙂

  153. (giggle) hick-up!

  154. Final results in KY 66-30. 36 points, almost as bad as WV. This is incredible. Something is really shifting out there.

    “Something is happening, and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Obama?”

    — credit to Bob Dylan from Duluth, MN–oooh redneck country.

  155. I just signed up to go to DC on May 31, to demonstrate before the DNC to count the FL (and Mich) votes. Is anyone else planning on going? Things are looking up and we need to keep the pressure on. Come on, now that Rico has you all liquored up I need some commitment here.

  156. Katiebird, because Russert wants the MATH.

    Tweety McTingle KNOWS that Hillary & Terry McAuliffe is right.

    And what got him to ponder was what Terry said, notice the change thereafter.

    Terry mentioned GORE. Same arguement we’ve been making. Terry said in way, “This is Gore 2000 again, how are you going to nominate a Dem candidate that doesn’t have the the popular vote?”

    It’s going through Tweety’s mind. He’s a Democrat, a jerk Democrat, but remember, he worked with Tip O’Neill, Edward Kennedy & John Kerry’s godfather in the senate.

  157. katiebird: I hope you are eating some digestive crackers to go with your drink because if you are tuned into MSMBC you are going to need something to coat your stomache. I am depending on this blog for updates because all networks are making me very angry with their soft putdowns. I do have to say I tuned in to Fox (bless me Father) and Laura Ingram was even nice in her remarks about Hillary. The world is turning upside down!

    Rico: I am in the mood for a mimosa.

  158. Pat, you’re a mensch!

    your delight in finding like-minded souls comes through in every post. it’s a wonderful feeling to realize you’re not alone. imagine of there was no internet – we would have all thought Hillary was done months ago if all we had was t.v. to go on.

  159. There’s an hilarious meltdown in diary form over at Cheetohville. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to go there, but someone sent me the link and I couldn’t resist.

    One week ago I watched in horror as the talking heads on TV went on and on about how important West Virginia was, what a swing state WV was going to be in November, and how great Hillary Clinton was for winning that critical state by such a large margin. I finally could not stand it any longer and I wrote THIS.
    Now we are a week later and once again my fucking head is about to explode. Now we have a new state to add to the most important battleground area in the nation for the fall: Kentucky. I say bullshit!

    rogereaton’s diary :: ::
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Kentucky. I drink your whiskey and burbons, I love to watch that horse race you have every year, I eat your chicken sometimes, and I am a great fan of your college basketball. I do have one word of advice about the great state of Kentucky for the general election campaign: NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!

    Your state voted for Bush in greater numbers in 2004 than it did in 2000! What the fuck are your thinking in that state? You like this fucking President MORE in 2004 that in 2000? Damn, no wonder Obama does not want to waste time campaigning in your state. You voted for Bush by a 60% – 40% margin in 2004 and now the talking heads on TV are going ape shit about Obama having a chance to win in November. What a crock of shit. This state is 60+% red, 95% hickville and is not going to vote for a Democrat in November under any circumstances. The bigger question is who gives a shit? The state is only worth 8 Electorial Votes and combined with the whopping 5 EV’s from WV, McBush now has 13 EV’s; which will be offset and outdone by Colorado (9) and Iowa (7). Kentucky and WV are not going to be swing states in November!! Stop acting like they are Florida or Michigan.

    Could someone please tell me why in the hell MSNBC allows Terry McClinton and Pat Buchananhitler to go on thier air? God what a bunch of shit that flows out of thier pie holes every time they speak. I want to go take a shower just after listening to either one of them. Terry made it sound like Kentucky was going to be THE swing state in November. PLEASE! The Clinton wins in WV and Kentucky are just as important as being the best singer on a football team. It’s nice, but it really doesn’t help the team on the field much.

    It is now time for the Super Delegates to get off their asses and endorse Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. They need to put him over the 2026 mark so these fucking people on TV will shut the hell up! So anyone who knows one of these un-decided Supers, go kick them in the ass and tell them to end this shit! Get Terry McClinton off the fucking air, get Pat Buchananhitler to shut the fuck up and go back to burning crosses or eating babies or whatever else he does in his spare time, and put an end to THIS FUCKING PRIMARY RACE!

    As I write this Hillary is speaking in Kentucky and she is using the magic number of 2209. Why? How in the fuck can she go on stage and say shit like that knowing good and damn well that it is not the number that everyone agreed to? We have heard enough of that kind of twisted, lying, bullshit, “facts” over the past 8 years and there is no way in hell you can be an agent of change by still using that tired fucked up logic. ENOUGH! ENOUGH of the bullshit! Enough of the politeness and walking on egg shells so as not to anger Hillary! Enough is enough. I am all for staying in this race till someone reaches 2026, but this 2209 BULLSHIT is too much! SHUT UP! Shut the fuck up about 2209, having the most votes, being an agent of change, JUST FUCKING STOP! You are not helping your case, you are jsut showing that you are loosing your marbles and will say and do ANYTHING to win. We have had 8 years of that kind of leadership and we sure as hell don’t need any more of that in the White House.

  160. omg, did Obama really just say “ask not what your country can do for you, or what you can do for your country. rather, ask what you can do for me”????

    nah, just kidding. he didn’t. I made it up. but it’s not all that far-fetched, is it?

  161. hey now, Bob Dylan is from Hibbing, MN. And AFAIK the Iron Range does kinda get a bad rap as being a little.. the hillbilly part of the region. (I have family there too doncha know.)

  162. kiki: It is incredible isn’t it? And the contributors like rd, katiebird, boston boomer, Gary and all the posters who come here add so much knowledge and insight and it never gets nasty. We are all so far flung, all so divergent, all with so many life stories and experiences, yet we are all dedicated to the principles that have shaped us. Having a candidate who shares her life with us is touching. Her valiant efforts will always be a part of who we are. Hope I didn’t sound too corny but she is so special.

  163. WHY TF did Kentucky give Obama 2 extra delegates?????????

    Now he’s reached his “milestone” of more than half the “pledged.”

    She gives him an azz whooping of biblical proportions, and now he gets 2 friggin delegates.

  164. darla,

    That’s right. But my family is fromt the North Country on both sides, so it’s OK for me to say it.

  165. I looked around for Oregon specific blogs and saw a ton of Hillary support, but it had a bunch of out of towners.

    There were a bunch of repeat comments by male-ish names saying ‘we are going to prove we aren’t racist like WV today!’.

    I wonder if males went obama 2-1 (per tweety) how the females voted. I don’t know if registered democrats in Oregon has women out numbering men.

  166. Maybe we need to get someone to organize a “Million Voter March” on Washington?

  167. Lori: that’s a pretty potent word salad there. Someone should deinitely be shrink wrapped for our protection.

  168. Rico — Show me what the Sokol-Blosser’s have been doing lately.

    Goddamn CSPAN anchor was even carrying the BO08 party line, trying to talk down pro-Hillary callers, claiming it’s mathematically impossible for her to win.

  169. SM,

    He won two counties in KY. What a loser! Hannity is making fun of Obama’s flip flop on Iran. They are making fun of the way Obama talks with all the uh’s. God they are going to destroy him in the GE.

  170. dar1a g ?? Hibbing? We always stop there on our way to Cornucopia, WI.

  171. People, I’m mad now.

    CNN just announced that KY gave Obama two extra delegates.

  172. Oh dear, I’ve had Fox on because they don’t hate Hillary, and they just played Obama this weekend saying in a Q&A that Iran is tiny, doesn’t have a strong military, isn’t a serious threat etc., and then today (yesterday?) saying in a speech that Iran is a grave threat. Ugh. I mean, you can’t do that.

  173. Lordy, lordy, I couldn’t do it without all of you. I hope the NYTimes reference shows people that we are as smart and creative as Obama’s supporters and as smart, creative, courageous and hard working as Clinton’s supporters.
    {{Group hug}}

  174. Honora, on May 20th, 2008 at 9:14 pm Said:

    I just signed up to go to DC on May 31, to demonstrate before the DNC to count the FL (and Mich) votes

    Good for you. I wish I could go but I can’t afford it.

  175. Pat, you are going to make me cry.

  176. “Damn, no wonder Obama does not want to waste time campaigning in your state. You voted for Bush by a 60% – 40% margin in 2004”

    what these dumbasses don’t get is that the people who voted overwhelmingly for hillary tonight were part of that losing 40% that voted against Bush in 2004. What an arrogrant prick to lecture those loyal democrats who want to have a voice in who their nominee should be this go around since the last couple of picks haven’t worked out so well, especially in their state. I wonder why we should listen to them………………..

  177. RD – I just made it through the comments. Holy Moly!

    George Hillary Wallace Clinton (4+ / 0-)
    Proud leader of the racist wing of the Democratic party and savior of John McCain and the GOP. Et tu, Al Gore? Time to pull the party wrecker off the stage.

    The weak in courage is strong in cunning-William Blake

    by beltane on Tue May 20, 2008 at 05:43:24 PM PDT
    Crowing about her Klantucky win! (3+ / 0-)
    She went for the toothless hick vote, and got it.

    Ain’t she proud.

    Waster of electrons, unlawful enemy combatant.

    by meldroc on Tue May 20, 2008 at 05:57:27 PM PDT
    [ Parent ]
    ROTFLOLPMP! (1+ / 0-)
    Klantucky! Oh SHIT.

    Shake my left hand, man, it’s closer to my heart. – Jimi Hendrix to Robert Fripp

    by The Lighthouse Keeper on Tue May 20, 2008 at 06:00:13 PM PDT
    [ Parent ]
    Doesn’t matter if they are toothless (2+ / 0-)
    or hicks as long as they aren’t educated or have racist tendencies. did she call it on May 7th with her hardworking white people comment. She needs them to work so much that they can’t watch tv(although chances are when she gave her speeches they were watching American Idol). At least now she can drop the hillbilly accent. I was waiting for her to whip out a banjo and start playing God Bless America.

    by stitch813 on Tue May 20, 2008 at 06:01:17 PM PDT
    [ Parent ]

    And this:

    And take her F’ing s***heads with her (4+ / 0-)
    I have never been so disgusted in the Democratic Party as to have Obama be so damn gentlemanly to this piece of crap man dressed in a woman’s pantsuit. They can’t push her out to the freakin curb fast enough. I just didn’t like her but now I hate her guts and will work against her when she runs for senator in my state. Low class piece of crap(and yes I realize she brings the low class piece of crap out in myself)

    by stitch813 on Tue May 20, 2008 at 05:57:22 PM PDT
    [ Parent ]

  178. {{Riverdaughter}} You are the best!

    {{Conflucians}} I love you guys!

  179. Hehe, bostonboomer did you see the North Country movie? I believe a few of my distant cousins were extras in it (as were entire towns out there, granted). Katiebird – yes, he’s from Hibbing, bailed out of there as soon as he could, his relatives were there (there Zimmermans) and ran a store in town..

  180. Lori, that post was insane! Must be some bathrobe wearing, baseball hat turned backward, pot smoking, Dungeon and Dragons expert, 19 yr old in the basement of Mom and Dad’s house who didn’t get fed tonight. Jesus, somebody needs to do a “quality of life check” visit to that house.

  181. Boston, I was on Fox too. Every panelist is tearing him to shreads and rightfully so.

    Obama is not a foreign relations expert at all. He made so many flubs this week, espeically with the Afghanis speking Arabic (not true)!

    The whole Michelle Obama thing, if he didn’t want anybody picking on his wife, tell her to stay home & keep doing her attorney work.

  182. SM,

    The delegates haven’t been allocated yet. Don’t pay any attention to them. Turn off the TV!!!!!!!

  183. {{{Group Hug}}}

    Pat — I can’t name everyone — I’m sure to leave someone out. But, I love you guys!! More hugging

  184. Lori:

    You’ve got some gold there.

    Who wrote that diary, Lennie Small? Wow!

  185. bb and rd: Back at ya!

  186. Boston, another thing about the Iran/Bush/Knesset visit.

    Bush was talking about Carter visiting Hamas, IMO, rather than Obama. But NOOOO, Mr. Unity Pony said it was a direct attack on HIM.

  187. OK bostonboomer, Google reveals the Duluth part.. 🙂 I didn’t know that actually. my family is closer to Hibbing than Duluth, so I always heard about that!

  188. MessNBO is making sense right now saying the Precious made a BIG mistake by writing off Appalachia and ignoring “an entire part of the country”.

    Saying BO is projecting a “very elitist” picture and his is stupid and short-sighted. (Joe Scarborough)

    I’m glad I switched from the baseball game.

  189. katiebird: Don’t get off the couch.

  190. HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

  191. Leslie, Joe is right!

    How can Obama claim, “people vote for me when I campign & meet them” then REFUSES to campaign there, to turn around and claim it was Fox’s fault???

  192. Is Joe Scarborough back? I had wondered where he was. I kind of got the feeling he admires Hillary. Along with Pat Buchanan and Craig Crawford that makes a total of 3 out of MSM.

  193. @ Davidson 8:43:

    Yeah, and they keep saying how Obama’s going to clean house once he’s in office. They are so obtuse and self focused.

  194. Lori, I just caught up on that diary & comments — shocking.

    Riverdaughter, I remember the first day I came here. And you encouraging me to break away from that horrible place. It seemed impossible to imagine at the time.

    But here we are. And that’s all so alien. I can’t believe it ever meant ANYTHING to me.

    It’s nothing to me now.

    And you said that would happen.

  195. Rico- a nice Kentucky bourbon, please. Do you have any Buffalo Trace? If not, Jim Beam Black is fine.

    I don’t know what will happen here in Oregon. Lots of ballots are coming in at the end here. A little less than an hour and a half to go. The Clintons campaigned like crazy here, going to lots a small towns that still display photos of the last big presidential primary here– 1968 when Bobby Kennedy campaigned all over the state.

    I do think Obama will win here, but I don’t think it will be anything resembling a blow-out.

  196. Ah, Pat — I’m sober enough. Just drunk on election returns and love.

  197. Obama couldn’t go to KY because of Fox News and some nasty e-mails that had been sent out. Somebody please pass the cheese to go with that w(h)ine.

    DATE: May 20, 2008 9:18 PM EDT
    AMOUNT: $100.00

    If you can, give.

    I really do need a cocktail. Oooo, the fab GF is making bockwurst for dinner.

    No cracks about sausages in the lesbo household.

    Tomorrow is more framing, rotohammering anchor bolts, and I have to dig a trench. I am going to do that last one with the phone—“Hello, Mike the dirt guy? Whatacha doing?”

    So, South Dakota, Montana, and Puerto Rico. Who are the garyinchapelhill’s for these contests?


    (BTW, have I mentioned how much I love the decor of Chez Riverdaughter? Rico, a round on me. Send around the Veuve Cliquot.)

  199. Yeah Scarborough likes Hillary, there were some funny Morning Joe moments after Pennsylvania in particular where he was calling her his new girlfriend.

    I really can’t think of any excuse for Obama to just write off an entire region of the country. I simply can’t.

  200. There’s a traffic jam in front of our county elections office in the suburbs of Portland. They’ve got squad cars blocking off a portion of the center lanes directly in front of the building, and sheriffs standing in the temporary safe zone, collecting ballots from passing cars. I’ve been to that building at this time in the evening on General Election day, and I’ve never seen anything like this. People are VOTING!

  201. Ann On, can you hang out and ask them who they’re voting for?

    OK, maybe I AM drunk?

  202. Ann On: Holy $%#^! what do you think is happening? Were they waiting for Kentucky?

  203. Do not lose focus; don’t listen to the pundits. Hillary can win this. I think the Repubs can’t contain themselves and are starting their attack machine.
    Let’s face it they really don’t want him to win; he is so far to the left it gives them nightmares. I found this on another blog, and if you watch it you will fin a detailed attack on his candidacy. It is numbing:


  204. Hi Ann On: It sounds exciting from way over here on the East Coast! Hope those ballots have Hillary Clinton’s name on them. If she can hold him to 8 points I will feel she made her mark. She seems to have a lock on the public. Hope the BF has come around. Otherwise………

  205. ok, I want to throw out an idea and get y’all’s opinion. at my place of employment, out of 30 or so people, as far as I can tell, only two of us have any interest in politics and this election. I, a 55 year old woman, and a 25 year old gay man. we’re both Hillary supporters and were friendly before but have really bonded during this primary season. he comes to me with total amazement that he’s actually looking for something to support in McCain. not that he’s given up, mind you, just wanting to have a contingency plan.

    he’s totally opposed to Hillary as VP, as most if not all of us here are. but today he wanted to talk about a new idea he had………

    Hillary agreeing to end her campaign and work hard to get Obama elected in exchange for his first nomination for the first SC vacancy. I was like “what???” and he kinda made it sound good. he presented it as a lifetime appointment as opposed to 4 or 8 years where she could really be herself, not have to worry about reelection or pleasing anybody, just be a good and dedicated liberal working for the people she cares about and really pushing her beliefs. he thinks she could totally change the focus of the SC by sheer will and intelligence and have a much more lasting impact on the future of the country than 4 or 8 years trying to get things done while battling the right wing and the Obamatrons.

    I dunno – something to think about. it wasn’t what I wanted but it’s not a terrible idea. the more I think about it, I do think she’d be a wonderful presence in the Supreme Court. it’s just such a total change of direction it’s hard to wrap my head around it.

  206. big turnout in OR – good or bad for Hillary?

  207. Just a quick pop-in to say thanks to everyone. I don’t watch TV on primary nights any more – I come here. Whether the news is disheartening or exhilerating, I’d rather hear it from you all. This site has saved my sanity. Good night!

  208. Someone on CNN actually said that the “pledged delegate metric” is bogus, because the only thing that counts is delegates–pledged and automatic. Yes!! Finally, they are starting to get it.

    The tide is turning. Eventually someone will have to sit down with Barack and gently explain to him that Hillary will have to be on the top of the ticket. He can be VP and go to state funerals or he can go back to the Senate and do some hard work for a change.

  209. Please notice how Msnbc, Abc, and CNN are playing with the percentages.

    Only FOX has them up correctly.

    I guess the others do not want to give HRC the more than 2/3 number because it is a hallmark.

    More trivial games by the Obama media. What’s new?

  210. I thought they were going to give that to Bill, if Hillary was offered VP. The idea it would keep him busy and out of the way.

  211. Katie said: Riverdaughter, I remember the first day I came here. And you encouraging me to break away from that horrible place. It seemed impossible to imagine at the time.

    But here we are. And that’s all so alien. I can’t believe it ever meant ANYTHING to me.

    It’s nothing to me now.

    Katie? you forgot to spit on them!!!

  212. 2 observations before everyone deserts my KY for the expected Obama Oregon victory:

    1. In 2004, the media touted KY & WV as the epitome of hard-working, patriotic, salt-of-the-earth folks. Today, we’re dumb, racists hillbillies. We haven’t changed in 4 yrs. What’s changed is that the 2004 media played us according to a preferred candidate’s [Bush] campaign strategy. Now they portray us to another preferred candidate’s [Obama] campaign. Same method, different candidate, different needed perception.

    2. No doubt some folks are voting against a black candidate, but what I’ve heard in KY is tremendous respect for Hillary. We really love scrapiness, we really love Bill, and we hate being used by the media.
    The most common thing I heard about Obama, over and over, is: where does he get all that money? Where indeed.

  213. Magoffin county KY: 93% for Clinton. That’s amazing.

  214. Ah, kiki — what can I say? (sigh) They aren’t worth my spit.

    How low is that?

  215. kiki: I remember. They’re just pixels on a screen. They cannot hurt you. It’s true. Are you glad you stuck it out? Maybe some of it wasn’t so pleasant but you don’t put up with their $%^* anymore, do you?

  216. Okay, is it only me or does this Iowa stop by Precious seem somewhat the “E” word — you know it, elitist.

    My Fiddich induced logic goes like this — he can’t be in Oregon because he’s so out of the MSM time zoning for a “we interrupt programming for a message from the sainted Precious One.” So, what does he do — I can’t win white voters in WV or KY so I will go where I tricked white Iowans five months ago and come to think of it, they don’t like the Clintons there any way.

    I really find this offensive.

    It is somewhat more than symbolic that he has to rewind it to the very first contest that wasn’t a primary at all, but a caucus. At this point in the primary cycle if you have to rewind the tape to the very first scene for a greatest hit, that movie is going down worse than Paris Hilton’s “Hottie.”

  217. Pat, Joe’s wife is having a baby in FL. So he’s here in FL reporting back to MSNBC.

  218. Prolix,

    I think it seems like the “A” word = arrogant. And it will come back to bit him in the ass.

  219. Wow – have you seen the electoral vote counter over at MyDD? They’ve got Clinton over McCain 310 to 228 and McCain over Obama 285 to 253.

  220. Hi Jules, Nice to “see” you.

  221. OldCoastie:

    Contrary to myth circulating around, a high turnout has proven to be good for Hillary and not for Obama.

    I think ARG went through the numbers to back that up.

  222. Since I’ve definitely turned off the TV, has Obama given his SOTU address yet?

  223. yup – MABlue – I think that’s been the pattern too, but I’m wondering if OR is just being contrary? or if this massive turnout bodes well?

  224. RD, twoa fun facts to know and tell. Two claims of fame for Magoffin Co., KY.

    First, the only person to escape from Alcatraz was from Magoffin Co. His body was never found.

    Second, Martin Sheen’s wife is from the county seat of Magoffin Co. — Salyersville.

  225. SM: Thanks for the update. I was beginning to wonder where he went.

    Mike: See how the “news” is manipulated? If we have to turn to Fox of all places to get an accounting what does this tell us.

    BJN: I watched that video. Scary stuff. The GOP will make mincemeat out of him with that one.

  226. Prolix~
    I am not so certain he “tricked” the Iowa voters. I think he trucked in bazillion Chicago students to strongarm the caucus voters to move to the BO groups. There is no privacy in caucusing and I know there was much money spent on moving people from IL to Iowa for the caucus. The college students were on vacation (break) at that time and wouldn’t have been returning to Iowa until after the voting. There were buses from Chicago.

    As far as using the central time zone for interrupting programming…. I’m watching (listening to) the White Sox. Nothing interrupts baseball.

  227. MABlue — I saw that study too. But, I didn’t know if it was true no matter the demographic breakdown of the State? In other words, Oregon is a little different than other states.

  228. OldCoastie – are you ShockACon on CL?

  229. Springfield, MA has only two things going for us. The Basketball Hall of Fame and Timothy Leary. And, oh yeah, Augustyn Burrows brother has a car dealership here.

  230. Hoooly Nominee!!!

    Almost 250K votes margin a KY?

    I haven’t seen so much beatings since Mel Gibson got hold of Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ”.

    Even I am feeling bruised. Ouch!

  231. Prolix: I like the escape from Alcatraz story. It seems like an i,possible situation, and yet…

  232. Great point Leslie, thank you.

  233. Pat,

    I live in Arlington. I think the only thing we have is we are the home of “Uncle Sam.”

  234. Lori, I think it’s sweet. The basis of Obama’s support used to be hatred of women, now they’ve discovered they hate everyone in the country who isn’t exactly like them. They’ve branched out beyond Whole Foods.

    Where in the world are all the trolls to let us know that 14 billion individuals have each donated 20 cents to the great grassroots effort?

  235. MABlue,

    When is Barack going to make his coronation speech? The polls don’t close in Oregon until 11PM Eastern? What if it’s too close to call? Is he going to give his speech at 2AM?

  236. Does anyone have a breakdown of voters in KY yet? The last time I had the tv on it appeared that some of the younger voters had broken from Obama and went to Hillary.

  237. WTF?! He’s giving the speech now–before he wins Oregon? What if it’s close? I don’t get it.

  238. bb: My son is in Reading. Been to Arlington many times.

  239. Love this from SusanUnPC @ NoQuarters”

    UPDATE via Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic: “8 In 10 Clinton Voters in KY Dissatisfied With Obama As The Nominee“ (Damn straight we are!)

  240. I don’t care when he speaks.. i’m not gonna listen.
    It’s the top of the 7th and the Sox are ahead by only 1.

    I just turned off the radio as I had the news station on.

  241. Oh my, Chuckie Todd just climbed down from the tree where he bakes cookies and delivered one of the best all time “in your face” to Tweety, Tater and Doltermann.

    It went something like this — Tater, Tweety and Doltermann was going on and on and on about the Clinton campaign being intellectually dishonest. It was a feeding frenzy with them nibbling one another to the point of that funny feeling in their legs.

    They called in Chucky T. and he went through the numbers — when you count the votes so far tonight, with FL and MI, Chucky says, “Well, it’s not intellectually dishonest.”

  242. Is anyone watching Barack? The audience isn’t very loud.

  243. This looks kind of dumb for him to be giving this speech as all the cable nets are running the results from Kentucky below.

  244. BB, we switched him off.

    Prolix — (shaking my head) So MSNBC thinks counting votes is intellectually dishonest?

  245. Oops, sorry should have been “Tater, Tweety and Doltermann “were” going on and on and on…

  246. AHHHHH……(puts feet up)

    Am I imagining things or is the cuisine you lay out just getting better and better every time?

  247. Dar1a (nodding) AND it’s confusing.

  248. yup, BB – the crowd sounds small in Iowa this evening.

  249. Katie,

    I shut it off too. I couldn’t take it.

  250. Prolix: You deserve a drink on the house for tuning into MSNBC. And please interrupt with a bulletin when KO’s head explodes and Tweety gets a case of dry mouth. I gave up on Alterman long ago when he defended Imus.

  251. Hey, does anyone know if Obama did his big “victory lap”?

  252. he’s really not too bright to be making a victory speech tonight, especially since even if he does win Oregon she’ll probably be able to claim to have won more votes today than he did..

  253. Katiebird, their whole schtick being advanced by Tater was that MI, FL and PR don’t count. Therefore, Sen. Clinton’s assertion is just “intellectually dishonest.”

    It was really kinda funny, just as soon as Chucky T. fired the one over their bow, Doltermann said, “We need to cut to Des Moines…”

  254. Can somebody explain to all those preening buffoons that a ballot cast in somebody’s name and certified by the legal authority is what is known a vote?

    It has nothing to do with whatever Howard Dean, Donna Brazile or anyone else says.

    I thought Civics was basic requirements for those mush filled skulls.

  255. dot: Come on in!!!

  256. Thanks to everyone for making this evening a most pleasurable one. *Hugs all-round*

    Congrats to Hillary! Well deserved. I know she appreciates all the support she’s receiving. Thank you, Madam Senator, for showing us what true grit, integrity, stamina, courage and heart looks like.

  257. (whew — relief) Oh, BB — I was holding my breath while you were there.

    Now I can relax again.

    And maybe have some Merlot. 🙂

  258. he’s currently taking his victory lap…

    over what, I’m not sure…

  259. Seriously, this is kind of a WTF. If he really had won the nomination outright he wouldn’t have to do events like this, and when he does after losing by 35 points and nearly 250,000 votes it’s even more of a WTF.

  260. I had to turn on MSNBC for a moment and heard Keith actually compare Barack’s loss in WV and KY to McCain’s losses in WY, AR, and UT. As if ???

    And then they throw it to David Gregory who says, “that’s a good point.”

  261. Pat Johnson, 10:10 pm

    Does anyone have a breakdown of voters in KY yet?

    ….yeah Pat – exitpolls here at cnn



  262. I’m feeling kind of happy so I’d like to buy a round of kentucky bourbon for the house. cheers!

  263. cheers kiki!

  264. Should anyone have missed it, Taylor Marsh has the video of Hillary in Ky tonight.

  265. Pat, that’s what gets me. At the time, these guys said Imus was fine, and anyone who was upset at his racism should shut up and get over it because he hates Bush–but now, these same white frat boys have supposedly discovered racism? It doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that they’re any more serious about being anti-racist than they are about anything else.

  266. Thanks, dot.

  267. I’m tired of Obama’s speeches. All he talks about is change.

    Hope and change.
    Hope and change.
    Hope and change.

    He also details everything that is wrong with everything. No wonder his wife comes across as being so negative. Mr & Mrs Barack Complainer.

  268. BO gives you change with your dollar:

    A little part of the live blogging at NYT.

    “10:10 p.m. | Here He Comes: “I Love You Back, Iowa.” We’ve been looking over Mr. Obama’s remarks, as prepared for delivery, and they’re embargoed until delivery. Now that he’s speaking, we can tell you this: He uses the word “change” 20 times.”


  269. Gracie7: Remember the Whiners from SNL years ago?

  270. In Pike County, Kentucky, Hillary won 91% of the vote.

  271. elixir: I cannot bring myself to watch him. You do it for me. Tx

  272. Pat, I don’t have the stomach, I picked this little nugget off the NYT live blogging. He’s a sad excuse for a candidate, no principles, no policies, no passion.

    How’s the kitchen looking? Done?

    BTW, Celtics up by 10 in the 3rd quarter. Go Green.

  273. elixir: I’m with Pat. no way can I watch him.

  274. I turned on the TV for about a minute. The crowd looks small and not too excited. Obama wasn’t smiling. And underneath on the crawl they had the KY results, 65-30. Not much of a victory lap, IMNSHO.

  275. I could hear the speech coming from our TV in the kitchen downstairs. And it just blended all together with all the usual stuff, the same cadence, the same inflection. The man just lost a state to which neither he or Hillary were tied (and actually boarders Illinois) by 35 points.

    The other night one of the male talking heads compared the WV win to a team that has already won the conference championship but loses the last game of the season. Well, if that team lost by 35 points (be it football or basketball) you might wonder how it would stack up in the national championship!!!!

  276. Have you guys seen the latest match from NC, done by Survey USA? (h/t SusanUnPC)

    Clinton 49
    McCain 43

    McCain 51
    Obama 43

    Are we really going to snatch defeat away from the jaws of victory?

    SD, what say you?

  277. bostonboomer, 7:56 pm Said:


    “What does Hillary want?” VP? Majority leader? Her debts paid off?

    yeah – that has the drumbeat for the day at air america today…really intensifying, every few minutes. So, Randi, Ed: lissenup! (slurs speech, wild eyes)

    No, you morons, she wants to be the nominee and win the election. And the DNC wants to lose.


    what bostonboomer said

  278. With 2,000 more Kentucky ballots (which could come from provisionals or late counts etc), Hillary’s lead could top 250,000.

    Keep a lid on OR, run well in PR, and we won’t have to argue about the MI Uncommitted’s.

  279. Even Olbermann was like WTF. You know that’s trouble. Now they’re back on what a genius he is for the fight vs McCain/BushCo about meeting with Ahmedinejad etc. Am I the only one that thought that was not a winner for him, by the way?

  280. Charles, I guess I feel kind of sad that someones educational background is a measure of the validity of their vote. I don’t mean to sound

  281. Hillary worked with Marion Wright Edelman in “The Children’s Fund”. She assisted in legislation for assisting children who were in foster care to get onto an adoption list faster. She made it possible for children to sue unfit parents like that boy who sued to have his father’s parental rights revoked after the father had murdered the boy’s mother. She has fought for the rights of gays to adopt. I don’t doubt for a moment that she would forget the needs of the people who have chosen to vote for her and those who did not. She needs to be sworn in as Commander in Chief in January 2009. Not Mr. Potato Head.

  282. WTF?! He’s giving the speech now–before he wins Oregon? What if it’s close? I don’t get it.

    It’s called controlling the narrative. Whether he actually gets more votes has nothing to do with whether he wins.

    (If the newspapers don’t report the tree falling, does it still make a sound?)

  283. Gracie7,

    I love it “Mr & Mrs Barack Complainer” Ain’t that the truth, all they do is tell you everything that’s wrong but no solutions. Shame on them.

  284. but MABlue, 10:35 pm

    Clinton 49
    McCain 43

    McCain 51
    Obama 43

    its been worse even:

    if you assign electoral votes to these state matchups its a rout! 50 point losses since PA for Obama in the GE, 20 to 40 point leads for Hillary.


  285. has everyone notice how carefully CNN, MSNBC, and FOX have been in awarding obama’s victory? the all say he has” earned enough delegate to allow him to claim victory”. He’s doing it, not them that way they’re not lying….what crap

  286. I find that “pay her debts off” narrative completely sexist and insulting.

  287. Jacilyn, No truer words were ever spoken, “controlling the narrative”. How about “creating the illusion” of winning.

  288. Okay, just did a surf — David Gurgling thinks it is one of his better speeches and Donna Brazile Nut says she has that tingling feeling and is all worked up from a great speech.

    Tweety, Tater and Doltermann are saying that the election was just changed to Obama vs. Bush. They are just giddy.

    On Faux News, Major Don’t Know Garrett is saying that Hillary won’t go away any time soon. Now, Burnt Home and talking ninnies are saying some good stuff — “This is the same old speech we’ve heard before, in fact, this is the whole campaign and all that he’s got.”

  289. Jacilyn,

    Unfortunately for BO, reality is starting to break through some of the media narrative. For the first time tonight, I’ve heard some people on CNN call BS on the “pledged delegate” nonsense, and I’ve heard a lot of people asking WTF Barack is doing in Iowa. It doesn’t make any sense. He was going to declare “victory” and then he backed off, so what is he doing there? Why isn’t he celebrating in Oregon? That is some of what has been said on Anderson Cooper tonight.

  290. elixir: The kitchen is done. My Book Club meets tomorrow night. We are doing “Mansfield Park”. Then I am going to pass the hat for Hillary. Most of them are supporters and have contributed already but since I have contributed (not big amounts) about 4 times in the last 6 weeks I am sure they will oblige. It is too important.

    I am debating if I should stay up past 11 for some Oregon returns. It would be so heartening if she was able to close that lead.

  291. You know, what blows my mind here as they talk this over on MSNBC (yeah, I know).. Russert thinks Obama needs to connect to certain voters.. talks about his dad and how he took the measure of people, Matthews talks about how Catholics had trouble getting votes in Kentucky.. um..

    What about women voters?
    Do we even exist in MSNBC world?

  292. Aha! BO08’s “Mission Accomplished” statement is in an e-mail to his supporters, “What we just achieved”.

  293. I just checked my email and lo and behold – – – another unwanted message from the Precious saying:
    “We have won an absolute majority of all the delegates chosen by the people in this Democratic primary process. “

    I have unsubcribed at least 4 times from that f$%^ing mailing list. It’s no wonder people think the way they do. The Obama campaign doesn’t honor people’s requests to unsubscribe. And continue to “catapult the propaganda”.

  294. Pat Johnson, 10:37 pm Said:

    Hillary worked with Marion Wright Edelman in “The Children’s Fund”.

    (I only discovered her part in this last month:)

    she also helped create the forunners of FAPE and IDEA so disabled kids could go to school (in the 70’s) and be mainstreamed. Those kids were holed up at home till that legislation passed based on the Cildrens Defense Fund lobbying work. My bipolar son benefited from (Free and Appropriate Public Education) FAPE which made it possible to sue the school district for funding he needed, and now a 4.0 student at U of MN.

    Thank you Hillary, and Bill.

  295. Darla asks:

    What about women voters?
    Do we even exist in MSNBC world?

    No. We don’t exist in MSNBC world.

    But in reality world, we are a revolution in the making. We have the numbers girls!

  296. Do you guys realize that HRC won 118 out of 120 counties?

    The Appalachia covers 12 States, in part or fully. In the Appalachia Hillary Clinton won more than 90% of all counties.

    She is polling far better than Obama. She will win the popular vote, which is the voice of the people, she is far ahead among Democrats.

    What would the reason for the SD to steal the nomination and give it to Obama?

  297. Charles,

    Congratulations on attracting new readers. You are doing good work.

  298. #
    ben carlson, on May 20th, 2008 at 10:41 pm Said:

    I find that “pay her debts off” narrative completely sexist and insulting.

    yeah, its a bribe. “Sit down and shut up”…

    – and like 2 books should cover it. Hill, Bill, even Chelsea could easily jot down a campaign memoire that would earn 10 million, like her last.

    No biggie for them…

  299. Bostonboomer: thanks for that update. Honestly the internet news coverage is so slanted and makes me so mad, I don’t even want to turn on a television.

  300. Here’s a good one — Bob Beckel, on Faux News, who undoubtedly wears Precious brand little boy pull-ups, actually said,”This wasn’t the same speech. In January Obama said, ‘Change is coming to the Democratic Party,’ now he is saying, ‘Change is coming to America.”

    Goodness, he stretched that one so far I heard a loud snap, crackle and pop.

  301. If you don’t mind, I just discovered bizarro world manifesting itself once again over at DK. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be slumming like that, but it’s an sociological exploration on my part, I swear. It reads like one of those GOP boilerplate emails that get passed around – first person experience, devoid of substance and sanctimonious.

    From Granny Doc:

    When I was growing up in elitist, upper-class, isolation, I realized rather early that in order to survive in the world I would have to learn a great deal about how “the other half” lived. My mother, lately come to the culture of the New England blue-bloods, was horrified when, at the age of 13, I went out and got a job in a retail store.

    My father, heavily imbued with nobless oblige, was delighted. He felt that I had many things to learn and struggling for a pay check was a excellent way to start.

    My first task was to figure out how those with whom I would be working acted, and why.

    Granny Doc’s diary :: ::
    Looking much older than my tender years, and having lied about my age to get the job (I said I was 17), I had no difficulty being accepted as “one of the girls” on the first day. Admittedly, I was better dressed, but no one seemed to notice that, at first.

    My first shock was the total violation of social graces that I had been indoctrinated to believe were sacred. These women talked about things that were never mentioned in “polite society”. They discussed money, and sex, and religion, and politics. They listed their physical infirmities. They discussed family altercations, break-ups, and loss. And they did all of this in public!

    I was nonplussed. I was horrified. And then, I figured out that these conversations lent status and position, generated shared joy and condolences, were used to bond and form friendships based on shared experiences. It was no different in my crowd, but it was far less self-disclosing and far more impersonal. Easy for us because our status was a given, our friendships were formed based on group dynamics that rarely threw strangers together, and it required no proof of why one should be accepted.

    How different it was down in the trenches! But, I learned. I was never quite as successful as I wanted to be, but I was very careful to never divulge my roots, or my lack of need for that job, to the hard working young women who shared the chores with me. We became casual friends, and I developed a deep respect for their work ethos, and their struggles. Struggles no different from those experienced in my community, but less concealed, and less denied.

    As luck would have it, that early preparation was critical. I have worked all of my adult life, and the skills I learned in that first foray into the world have stood me in good stead.

    This lead in to the question in my title will be come clear, soon.

    Each of us finds ourselves in situations where we don’t know the rules. We don’t understand the dynamic. We don’t speak the lingo. We are at a disadvantage because no matter where we might have started, we are at sea in deciphering the rules of the current situation.

    The reasoned response is to look for direction from those who are more experienced, know more about the dynamics; those who can talk the talk and walk the walk that will lead to assimilation in the new culture.

    If I want information I go to the informed. If I want fun, I go to those who look like they are having fun. And, if I want success, I seek out the successful and rehearse their attitudes and behaviors.

    Why then, are the least successful in our culture, so eager to dismiss successful and skilled men and women on the basis of elitism? Why does that word create fear and a reflexive dislike? Why do so many people turn away from learning and growing with disgust?

    If, everywhere I turned, I was being told that highly educated, affluent, sophisticated voters were supporting one candidate, and low educated, economically stressed, uninformed voters were supporting another, what part of group identification would keep me from wanting to follow the lead of successful people?

    I remember those young women, all of those years ago. They wanted to grow beyond their current place in the scheme of things. They wanted to get an education, marry “well”, travel, and be a part of a bigger world.

    This is the generation who now sneer at “elitism”. What happened, and what will it take to rekindle that joy and curiosity, that striving for personal growth?

    It is not that we “know better”, but we know demonstrably more. When did seeking the well informed when information is needed, become a signal of social failure?

    A funny, and favorite song, just popped into my head. “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” With some modification, those lyrics contain all of the truth and hubris implicit in my question!

    LOL – I won’t post anymore I promise. I feel guilty already. But it was too funny for words.

    Alright, I have a shoot tonight. I’m shooting in a deserted graveyard in the foothills of LA. Let’s hope the coyotes don’t get me.

  302. dot: So true. The Clintons, foibles and all, put a remarkable face on the Democratic Party and for us as well. The good they did has been overshadowed by attacks from the Right Wing media (which they have since owned up to starting with David Brock) and whatever Bill did was strictly between he and Hillary.

    And remember how the media handled that way back then? so shocking for the children yet it ran night after f**ing night and not even a toddler was immune.

    Happy to hear that your son was a beneficiary of that legislation. How could you ever think of abandoning those who have given back so much. tx

  303. Change, schmange

    Delegates, schmelegates.


    The WILL of the people cannot be denied.

    If the DNC appoint Obama the nomination, despite Hillary winning the popular vote AND the Electoral map….. OPERATION TURNDOWN!

    Memo to DNC: DO NOT DO to Hillary what was done to Al Gore!

  304. Lori: This post is right out of a Barbara Cartland novel Couldn’t be real. I almost lost my supper reading it. Jesus, should these people even be allowed to vote?

  305. CNN says obama is ahead in OR based on a phone survey…

  306. Lori,

    Oh. My. God. These people have been in the echo chamber so long, they have no idea how they sound. That was horrifying. Be careful out there.

  307. Lori – YOU MEAN TO TELL ME, that they quoted that “Henry Higgins” song from “My Fair Lady?”

    We got one to sing to Obama & his followers:

    Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!

  308. This is a good summary from Jerome Armstrong:

    100% of the vote in, Clinton picks up about 250K votes more than Obama in Kentucky. Wow, wow, wow. But Obama does stay out of the 20’s, losing to Clinton by 35 percent, 65 – 30.

    Poor Nominee!

  309. Hillary states stretch from Sea to Shining Sea — A solid stretch of states from one coast to the other!

    Oh, My

  310. NPR – Headline – Barack won majority of delegates, seconded by Hillary’s win.

    This was the plan to play down her “drubbing” of the “presumptuous nominee.”

  311. doesn’t look like a blowout in oregon does it?
    he took men 2-1 but tied with women. women are 55% men 45% of vote.

  312. Couple of things:

    For those who can’t get off Obama list, I suggest researching the “Canned Spam” act. My vague memory is that it allows one to sue for money damages.

    SO FREAKING MUCH for Edwards endorsement in Kentucky. Though they will probably give him credit for Oregon.

    If anyone wonders how Obama possibly wins Asian/Latino vote in Oregon (as projected), I believe you will find a lot of the folks are concentrated in Portland. (That’s why I always like to see age/demographic/race together.)

    Off to guzzle gingerale and await Oregon numbers.

  313. Katiebird, I noticed that, ALL THE STATES connect from coast to coast!!!

  314. Lori @ 10:54:

    WTF! Pat summed up my thoughts. This is barf material. I’m so gald this person isn’t elitist or racist, just good common folk.

  315. gary:

    It does look like a blowout, unfortunately.

    Probably 16 pts.

  316. granny doc – what a crock of chit .. ! .. go ahead girls .. delete ..

    I was born in a so called elitist family .. aw never mind .. too stupid to even say anything more .. cripes we have these ‘know it all ‘ people who think they are ‘somebodies ‘ .. telling crap like that .. omg ..!!

    can’t stand it .

  317. Wow, what a win in KY. I’m crossing my fingers that Oregon doesn’t disgrace the PacNW the way Washington did (I can say that, I’m from Washington). And I’m just celebrating! She’s just the best possibility for President, and her speech was awesome.

    Spent the early evening mucking out the milking barn and showing some prospective buyers a few of our goat kids for sale. And all the time I was worrying.. what if something happens in KY and he does well…

    So much for that worry! 🙂

  318. Lori–that made me laugh so hard. My father is an Obama supporter, and yes–he knows “demonstrably more” than I do–about his academic specialty subject. Unfortunately, when asked why he supports Obama, his eye glaze over and he’s apt to parrot false information gleaned from MSNBC, mutter something about “change” or make a sexist remark. I guess I’m too uninformed/low information to understand what a compelling argument that is.

    The idea of learning and growing the dkos way sort of boggles the mind…

  319. SM: You have to count the additional 7 states that are sloshing around somewhere out there……..

  320. oh my gosh….I just watched Hillary’s speech from tonight over at Taylor Marsh. if anyone has not seen it, please do. she is so cool and inspirational. really! and I’m usually skeptical. I just really really like her. I honestly think she walks the walk while she’s talking the talk. the democratic party is blowing a major opportunity, or would be if the best interests of the country were their goal. obviously, they are not. what the hell is their goal?

  321. Why then, are the least successful in our culture, so eager to dismiss successful and skilled men and women on the basis of elitism?

    From the department of unintentional self-parody, no doubt.

  322. kiki: What is their goal? Something we have been asking ourselves all along. Puzzling.

  323. i came in too late for the group hugs….could we do another round? I love y’all too….as Hillary said today, “it is YOU who keep me going” 🙂

    And I’ll have a house wine, please – white…

    but maybe I should ask Obama’s permission before I have wine, right? Because all I may have as a Hillary Clinton supporter is beer, correct?

  324. I don’t know how to say this but if memory serves, that diarist at the orange site is.. generally pretty well pleased with herself. The less successful might dismiss her because she is a snob?

  325. {{Group Hug}}

    Waving at Chevalier!

    I had to run out for some emergency Zanfel — the miracle Poison Ivy cure

    But, I’m back.

    Lori — Wow. That diary by Granny Doc makes me feel dirty. Icky.

  326. Obama may win by double digits in Oregon but it won’t resemble the blowouts in WV and KY. The media may ignore what is happening, but it appears that real people are paying attention. With PR, could Hillary lead in the popular vote without MI?

    May 31 will be very interesting. I have a feeling some superdelegates are going to be trying to figure out how to let Barry down easy.

  327. Pat — Cartland, Cartman, whatever.

    I’ll have one of Hillary’s Tallinn Specials.

  328. It’s an inspiring message, though, people who aren’t well-off economically deserve to suffer because they’re obviously poorly socialized and not very bright, and should defer to our superior knowledge on, say, the capital gains tax. I think I’ve heard that before, but I’m sure it will truly inspire a new generation of Democrats.

  329. dar1a g: How about that she is nuts!

  330. I am beginning to lose count. When is the next primary?

  331. Did Obama talk about Teddy tonight?

  332. Hey Pat! And to answer your question,

    3 left.

    Puerto Rico: June 1

    Montana & WY: June 3

    POPULAR VOTE, SHE LEADS by a long shot!

  333. katebird – just a little bit…

    does anyone know why Rachel Maddow was mad at Clinton for speaking about Teddy?

  334. Katiebird, yes he did, very nice, we’ll be strong with you stuff.

  335. This is unbelieveable. From Jerome, SUSA NC poll has Clinton beating McCain 49-43 in North Carolina. But Obama would lose to McCain 51-43. North Carolina!!


    There is no way in hell they can deny her the nomination.

  336. OldCoastie, WHY was she mad? Her Unity Pony mentioned him too!

    I hate the MSNBO.

  337. He gave some blagh blagh blagh about Kennedy earlier in a taped interview,, not sure if he mentioned him in the speech.

  338. I don’t know SM – I just caught a little on the car radio…

  339. Luckily I got two votes in for David Cook. He seems more Hillary than that Archuleta kid…who reminds me of Obama.

  340. Rachel always gets mad when Hillary does something classy. She takes it as a personal affront.

  341. I was a huge fan of Rachel Maddow. I have run into her shopping and dining in Northampton. Very nice by all accounts. But what happened to her? You would think she would be onboard with Hillary because of gay rights. Yet there is Obama standing next to that idiot Mullins, or whatever his name is, who is intolerant of gays as he used “to be one”. And then Obama declines to have his photo taken with Gavin Newsome for fear of being seen with someone who champions the gay community. Not to mention Obama’s reluctance to give interviews to gay publications. For someone as smart and articulate as she is her support is confusing.

  342. Rachel Maddow was mad because on MSNBC, Hillary can’t win for losing – they’d have gone after her no matter what she said. Do they ever step back and ask themselves why the groupthink?

    I am really beginning to enjoy watching Brit Hume cover this stuff with his A++ deadpan humor.

  343. Hillary is brilliant. These people don’t know what she wants. And they seem more scared than ever that she will take this to the convention. Even Howard Wolfson hinted at a floor fight.

  344. I’ve been less then thrilled with Ted Kennedy lately, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’m really really sorry about his health situation. I have liked and respected him immensely over the years, and didn’t get or understand his recent position, but that didn’t make me hate him. I did criticize him for it, and I stand by that criticism. whatever. it’s not like he’s a stranger to criticism, he’s a politician. it goes with the territory. in the long run, he’s been a champion for the poor, the ignored, the invisible people. I admire him greatly for that, and I hope with all my heart that he responds to medication and comes back fighting the good fight that he’s fought for all his public life.

  345. Is it too early to see the breakdown of the women voters in Oregon ??

    I have looked around cant’ seem to find them yet ..

  346. Ben Carlson, David Cook is our hometown guy (Kansas City) The town just about ground to a halt when he was here last week.

    (I forgot to vote, though)

  347. I am really in to Brit Hume as well. It’s so odd when you actually see these people outside the prism of the Daily Kos. Why do people watch Fox News more? Because Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer are so much better looking than Wolf Blizter and Tweety.

  348. katiebird you can still vote he is the odd numbers!

  349. They’re all pretty much dumb as rocks though. When it comes down to the details.

  350. Ben, I don’t remember the numbers. 😦 at all

  351. I tried my best not to watch tonight, but I cheated and flipped to Fox a few times. I figured I would be believed to be a Republican. She CLEANED HIS CLOCK in Kentucky. But, of course, the lattes in Oregon have tried to diminish her win. I am trying to watch trash TV, but I can’t help but flip over and hear how we will just follow along. BTW, did anyone hear the comment that Chelsea should head the voter registration drive for Obama. I nearly choked.

  352. Briana,

    Check out Talk Left. According to BTD, Hillary won women by a little and BO won men 2-1.

  353. brianna. cnn exit polls show him tied with women. they made up 55% to 45% men

  354. Has anyone found a good online map of Clinton’s states? I’d like to post that sea to shining see picture.

  355. katie–this one is pretty good


  356. Well, I think I’m going to call it a night. I’ve been up way past my bedtime for the last 3 nights and i’ve been paing the price at work…

    So, I’ll say goodnight and hope when I wake up tomorrow, Hillary will have picked up yet another state today.

    Thanks for the drinks and the amazing company….

  357. I, too, am disappointed in Rachel’s attitude of late. While I’ve been tolerant of her Precious Pandering because of her intellect, I’ve noticed of late there is a definite intolerance building.

    Just a hunch, but something is brewing behind the scenes — I do believe she is in the running for a time slot. While pinch-hitting for Doltermann last Friday, she actually won the time slot. That might be behind the intolerance and the unrequitted and undirected anger. I wish she would get over it.

  358. …yawn….it’ getting late. is MABlue still here? he was the designated driver, right?

    MABlue 🙂

    this is such an emotional rollercoaster.

  359. Katiebird: 1-866-IDOL S01

  360. I just read the comments about Ted Kennedy. My friend that kept me informed, when I refused to watch, asked if I thought, perhaps, this had interfered with his rationale. It is sad that he is ill and I wish him well, although, it was only a few weeks ago, I was furious with him, but I never wanted him to fall ill.

  361. Ben, You are my new hero! Thanks

  362. http://news.aol.com/elections

    whoops this is the map of the whole country

  363. I watch Fox News more since they don’t all go in for Hillary bashing, with the exception of that cretin Dick Morris. The reason is they don’t give a “chit” about the Dems. Except for counting McCain out last Fall they don’t indulge in bashing their candidates into the floor. But I have seen them come around in giving her credit for her tenacity and perseverance lately. The Repugs like a strong candidate. I think they view Obama for what he is and should he get the nomination their arsenal is ready for battle. With Hillary, it is a been there, done that hatchet job.

  364. I got my letter tonight from the DNC asking for a contribution. I wrote a short note and sent it back.

  365. Gary — perfect!! Thank you very much

  366. Thanks BosonBoomer – I read that . It seemed to sound a little incomplete to me .. oh well, I guess I will wake up tomorrow .. and then find out for sure ..

    This is the best place to be , right here in cyberspace . I would have gone nuts without all of You

  367. I don’t think anyone should feel bad, kiki. I live in MA, and people here have been furious at his recent behavior, but no one ever wished him ill or could have known that he was. I’ve heard a few people say they feel bad because they don’t feel even worse about the situation since “he broke their hearts,” but they all brushed away tears when watching the coverage regardless. I know everyone wishes him a speedy and full recovery.

  368. What I don’t get and could someone please help me out on this one, is how fif the party that chanpions the poor and middle class, become so elite?

    As a poverty law advocate, are they so out of touch with reality that they don’t realize that Kentucky and WV are more representative of American than Oregon?

    When did so many Dems become elitists?

  369. Its late, forgive the typos.

  370. Charles: Are you correct with the margin of 8-12? If so, then she did cut that lead by a lot. He was up at least 22 points not too long ago.

  371. I’m about to fade away Charles but, I’ll stop by your place first. Did you find out why I can’t log in? I read your blog all the time but, I haven’t been able to comment.

  372. Charles, what neighborhood do you live in? We always stay at the Seal Rock Inn in The Richmond District when we go out there. I LOVE it.

  373. Gary and KB,

    That is a nice map. I see what you mean now.

    Did you guys see what I posted about the SUSA poll in NC? Hillary would beat McCain and Obama would lose to him–in NC!

  374. BostonBoomer (nodding) I saw it. I had to run out for an errand and got behind in comments — but that’s really great. We need more polls like that.

  375. Pat,

    The phone polls showed 56-43. It could be less than that, because BO usually doesn’t do as well as the exits. I think she did cut his lead some.

  376. Yes I sure did see it .. Bostonboomer .. thank YOU

  377. BO is up 68K in OR, with most of Multnomah County still to report. He’ll rack up good pop vote margin – but it’s still HIllary’s night.

    Night, all.

  378. bostonboomer: email alert!!

  379. I didn’t, could you repost?

  380. The US map of all Clinton states looks like a smiley face on the nation! See? Our country is happy with Hillary!

    And there’s us in FL, we are the tongue sticking out saying – “Nyah! We told you so!” when Barack loses the GE.

    Oh well. What a night!

    Rico, last round on me.

    See you guys tomorrow – and remember:

    Delegates, schmelegates, it’s the POPULAR VOTE!!

  381. Bostonboomer said: “This is unbelieveable. From Jerome, SUSA NC poll has Clinton beating McCain 49-43 in North Carolina. But Obama would lose to McCain 51-43. North Carolina!!


  382. Ryan, Here it is. Read it and weep.

    This is unbelieveable. From Jerome, SUSA NC poll has Clinton beating McCain 49-43 in North Carolina. But Obama would lose to McCain 51-43. North Carolina!!


    There is no way in hell they can deny her the nomination.

  383. Kim, they became elitists when they got theirs.

  384. (nodding) I had a friend who lived there years ago — he had a wonderful “flat” that I always envied. I really love The City.

  385. Did anyone watch CNN? Someone said Gergen called on Hillary to denounce the voters of KY for being racists–he didn’t really say that, did he?

    They’re joking…right?

  386. Good night every one!! This was a grand, grand night.

  387. bb: Well that is 13 points which is much better than the 20 plus he had not too long ago. What a lot of voters are saying is they do not want him.

  388. just looked at Oregon exitpolls

    people are truly deluded.
    Who would protect environment
    Obama 75 over Clinton 71


  389. Rachel Maddow is really stirred up now — sorry, I had to peek again. She is really angry at Sen. Clinton because she won’t get out of the race NOW, and she means right this minute. She’s saying that unless Sen. Clinton is not run out of the race, we will have to be putting up with her through the summer.

    She’s saying that Precious ought to get Hillary out right now even if he had to look mean doing it.

    Just a little something that everyone on all the stations forget or choose not to remember — during the MI primary, the Precious campaign put out the word and there were even radio ads running to vote “Uncommitted.”

    On another note, someone needs to tell Ron Reagan, Jr. to lay off the orangish blush — way too much.

  390. you guys hitting the sack?
    come on out here to the Bay Area – the night is young!

  391. If the numbers hold i think clinton might beat him by about 100K votes on the night(total votes of both contests) bad night to declare “victory”

  392. Everyone,

    I just put up a rudimentary open thread. This one has more than 400 comments. I’m staying up a little longer if anyone else is.

  393. Did anyone watch CNN? Someone said Gergen said that Clinton should denounce the voters of KY–that can’t possibly be true, can it?

  394. Little Sister; What would be the purpose of denouncing the KY voters? Not watching any of this I have no idea of the context.

  395. Hey you guys! Come on up to the new thread. This one is getting way too long.

  396. Um, I can’t say because I think I’ll go to mod, but –why they always think people don’t vote for BO? He allegedly said she needs to denouce KY voters because of that.

  397. I watched it – oh, the torture!

    Yes, there was something like 20% of people who said race was a factor in deciding who to vote for and most of those voted for Hillary.

    Some fool – might have been Gergen – said that she should ask those kinds of people not to vote for her to take the high road. That just pissed me off in 10 different ways! DID ANYONE SAY ANY SUCH THING ABOUT ALABAMA? The double standard just gets me going.

  398. Charles, hasn’t she already denounced racism over and over, though? While Obama has not once denounced, disavowed, or done anything to distance himself from sexism, not even in his comments on Wright, who said horrible things about Rice and Clinton both. I’m sorry that there are people in America who base their votes on race and gender, but what a double standard.

  399. Wow, that is really surprising. Ultimately I do not think this is going to change the outcome of the primary but if anything should, it is things like that.

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