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Operation Turn Down Continues…

I found this post from Steve Corbett in the comments.

It’s A Turndown Day

Steve Corbett Reporting

Monday, May 19, 2008

“Operation Turndown” has no headquarters or mailing address. We offer no coffee mugs, bumper stickers or T-shirts for sale. You cannot contribute cash or deduct your investment in tomorrow from you federal income tax.

But “Operation Turndown” is no mirage.

The voice of a movement that got underway last week on WILK News Radio belongs to all Democrats who refuse to do as we’re told and vote for Barack Obama if he receives the party nomination for president.

If Obama’s the chosen one, we’re turning him down.

Count us out.

Countless Democrats, men and women alike, have come to the realization that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to receive the party’s nomination. The senator from New York is the strongest Democrat to face Republican John McCain and his well-oiled war machine in November.

But too many good old boy bosses don’t see it that way. They expect loyal party followers to do as they’re told. They expect the mostly women who voice outrage at the abuse leveled at Hillary by mostly male political bosses and mostly male media motor mouths to just shut up and vote.

Women have betrayed Hillary as well.

A whole new generation of young women who have no sense of the sacrifice that took place before they were out of diapers have signed on to the anti-Hillary assault as well. Sadly, even some of them sneer at the sexist portrayals of this woman who sacrificed for them and did her best despite harsh odds to bring equity to the workplace, the home and the country.

Last Friday women from all over the nation called “Corbett” to share their anger, their frustration and their commitment to fight absurd accusations hurled by some Obama supporters that they’re racist if they do not vote for Obama.

They called to enlist in the movement to stand on the very principles that sent them into the streets as organizers and activists for Democrats in election after election, year after year after year.

Now, like Hillary, they, too, feel abused.

And they’ve had enough.

If Democratic bosses believe they can win in November without Hillary, they have to do it without countless Hillary supporters who have made the Democratic Party the true party of change it is today.

This is dangerous territory for bosses who usually expect women to do as they’re told. After all, many women have been content in the past to follow their dream that one day their turn would come. Their turn has come. It’s here and the moment is long overdue. Hillary is their one-and-only Democrat.

Hillary is my Democrat, too. I’m with her to the end. If she wins the nomination, she wins the White House. If party bosses don’t agree, they’re on their own.

When I left the station last Friday night, I had received well over 200 deeply personal and well-thought-out emails. I received calls on the air from all over the country and calls off the air from as far away as New Delhi, India. The mostly women callers wanted to know how to join Operation Turndown. They wanted to know where they could contribute. They wanted to know how to spread the word that we will turn down Obama.

Some powerful people even suggested that I head up a national movement with a web site and an address and appearances all over the country. But although an organized and unified voice that Democratic Party bosses ignore is very much needed, I must humbly decline.

I’m just a news talk radio guy from Scranton. I’ll continue to do what I do as best as I can for as long as I can. But I hope that somebody among the many clear, strong voices of the mostly women whom I heard last week picks up the “Operation Turndown” banner and raises it for the whole world to see.

You have my blessing and my support.

Organized or not, “Operation Turndown” lives in the heart of anyone who sees this elegant political hustle for what it is – a dangerous maneuver orchestrated by the party elite to take care of themselves at everybody else’s expense. Operation Turndown will continue in every town and every city where women are taken for granted.

Nowadays that still means everywhere.

The wisest Democrats know exactly what I mean.

Those who don’t get it are in for a big surprise.

Like the 60s radio song says, “It’s a turndown day.”

And I dig it.

195 Responses

  1. I defintiely turning down Obama. I want to turn down all Democrats, and start a new party.

    What have these Democrats done in the last two years. Nothing!

  2. Obama is anathema

  3. Hey, are we the ones Steve’s been waiting for?

  4. RD, I think so but I’ll ask myself when we arrive.

  5. I have always thought that was the dumbest slogan ever. my question is, If we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, where the hell have we been?

  6. rd: A resounding YES!

  7. I wrote him this weekend to express my support. I’m glad he declined, though, because this thing should be headed by a woman. Someone needs to head up a unified movement anyway. But I think it should be a campaign to “Vote Present” but voting down-ticket races only this year of he’s the nominee. I’m all about unaffiliating if he’s the nominee, but I still think Democrats are better at governance.

  8. The Democratic national leadership is just as bad as the Repubs. Now they want to reshape the party and leave out working folks. If they suceed there will be no party that represents the needs of nearly half of our country.They don’t seem to care about the growing potential of life long Democratic hispanics, working people, women, gays,asians and other minorities that Hillary brings to the party. Maybe it is time for a third party because if Bo gets the nomination and miraculously wins,we will be headed for a banana republic status faster than I thought. Make no mistake about it he did not just come from nowhere he came with powerful , monied backing. He intends to be part of a globa elite. AA’s will figure this out after it is too late.

  9. If we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, then we’ve met the enemy and he is us.

  10. garychapelhill: chronically late?

  11. Hooray Operation Turndown! I’m going to be listening today as well.

  12. DNC:Fractured Fairy Tale


    And, no, I won’t vote for an unqualified candidate, and what makes it even worse, is that we have one of the most qualified, competent, and potentially great presidents of my lifetime running as the nominee. No more empty suits! We are not in an American idol contest here!

    There was a reason that Kerry and Daschle asked McCain to be VP in 2004; he’s no Hillary but then he is qualified and not part of the Chicago political machine, which is the seamy side of the Democratic Party.

  13. jj –ha ha, I would come back with something witty, but the whole thing is making me confused…..If I’m waiting for myself then wouldn’t I also be early? This is starting to make my brain hurt….

  14. OK, SUSA has him 13 in OR, but the poll seems bizarre.*Note-the margin seems likely. The poll shows her only getting 30% support of asians and latinos. That’s weird, she won those groups by 40 points in CA.

  15. I have been waiting all morning for an electrician. Does this count?

  16. Some enterprising artist at CafePress should design a logo.

  17. I don’t so much like these threats. But I think its more than likely that many Hillary supporters will turn to McCain or “other” if Obama is the nominee. Too many feel the system has been rigged and the pile on of Super-D endorsements and Brazile and Pelosi’s trashing of Hillary only make things worse. A lot of people feel alienated. This will be fodder for the GOP for years and years to come.

  18. I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that the Democrats were out of power in Congress for too short a time — thanks to the ridiculous antics of Newt, DeLay, et al. — and didn’t learn the lesson they should have learned.

    Which is that the government is supposed to be for the people, not for the officeholders.

  19. The SUSA poll was a bummer but remember, they had Hillary up 12 in Indiana in their last IN poll so they’re not perfect. The gender figures were a bit low too 53-47 but we’ll see tomorrow. I just want Clinton to come closer in the final margins.

    Their last KY poll has her up 62-30 though. Is Edwards or no preference on the ballot in KY?

  20. Hey Gary: It reminds me of a poster (I don’t remember the exact words) that says something like “I am looking for myself, if I come back before I return, please ask me to wait.”

  21. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  22. Here’s a quote from Major League that says it best:

    “I’m pissed off now Jobu. I go to you, I stick up for you. If you no help me now, I say fuck you, Jobu, I do it myself!”

  23. Annabelle,

    I love that slogan. If Obama is nominated, I’ll get a “Vote Present” bumper sticker for my car. Perfect.

  24. They have not released their last Kentucky poll. Am I the only one who finds the asian/latino numbers weird?

  25. It’s funny that the SUSA poll has Hillary winning by more in KY and less in OR than the Suffolk U. poll. I wonder if they had fewer undecideds?

  26. votermom,

    Well, it was Didi and Gogo who were waiting for Godot but Pozzo has the more appropriate line for the catastrophe of this Democratic primary.

    “think, pig!”

    One of my favorite lines ever from a stage play.

  27. Ok, sorry, that is the last KY poll.

  28. Ok, sorry, that is the last KY poll.

  29. Lori,

    oh fine, get all elitist and nitpickery now …
    (just kidding!!!!)

    You’re right, “think, pig!” is perfect in so many ways. LOL.

  30. while we’re at it…. Change we can believe in? really? I don’t even know what they’re trying to say with that one. It reminds me of reading the Kiss of the Spider Woman in grad school and we got into a great discussion about propaganda. One of the hallmarks it seems, is that there is no possible way to actually interpret a propaganda slogan. It works on pure emotion That way you can’t argue against it. It is as meaningless and empty as the candidate who uses it. Republicans have been good at this sort of thing for years. I still see bumper stickers that say “support the troops”, and I still haven’t figured that one out either.

  31. Team,

    We can’t vote for Mcbush, but I DO like the idea of a write in vote for Hillary with a straight Dem vote on the down ballot, even blue dogs are better than repugs…or not, I’m so F&*king confused…. WTF hs happened????


  32. BTW:

    I’m siiting here over in Noida, India watching old reruns of Sienfeld and Friends (it;s 0100 in the morning) and …Damn!!!! I miss the 90’s

    Why why why do we have such short memories?????


  33. Didn’t George W. Bush CHANGE (I mean fling feces at) everything?

    The Constitution
    The BAlance of Power
    The Privacy Act
    The War Policies
    The Role of Congress
    Out Adherence to International Convention

    And on and on…

  34. gary: “Support the troops” is the perfect slogan for propaganda. It is actually disguising “keep the war machine going so I can rake in the bucks”. Propaganda is insisting that whorish rap music is poetry. Propaganda is suggesting that the guy you would prefer to have a beer with is the substantial candidate. You could almost intimate that “1984” was prophetic propaganda. I have no idea what a”transcendent” candidate implies. It is merely a lofty word fed to the masses who are not willing to go beyond surfaces. So yes, propaganda is the daily dish we all consume and it actually works.

  35. garychapelhill,

    You must not think too much about the words of the “Precious One”. They are truly beyond our comprehension, so we must use our faith instead. Just let the words wash over you, and drink them into your soul. You will not need understanding anymore. You will feel safe in the all encompassing love of “the One”.

  36. Trinity. I don’t know. If Obama is the nominee I will not even be willing to vote straight dem down the ticket. My congressman David Price has endorsed obama, so he will not be getting my vote in the fall either. I fear there will be very few dems I will be able to vote for this fall. The entire party needs to learn that there are consequences for ignoring the will of rank and file members. If our votes aren’t good enough in the primary, well then I guess they aren’t good enough in the GE…

  37. mawm- you’re seriously creeping me out : )

  38. Obama says, “Not voting for me makes you a racist.”

    I say, “Not voting for Obama makes me SMART.”

    And it makes Obama just another has-been junior senator.

    Because it’ll be either Hillary or John, and I’m still placing my bet on Hillary.

  39. JJ: The quote you are looking for is:

    “I have gone to find myself. If I return befor I get back, keep me here.”

    I have it on a T-shirt.

  40. Mawm – You forgot your [/snark] button.

  41. Mawm: You forgot “Drink the kool-aid”

  42. Does anyone know WILK’s number?

  43. Riverdaughter, I got 800-437-0098, I tried it and since I’m not in the area, it doesn’t work.


    If I call, I’ll use words that George Carlin wouldn’t say. Or I’ll start cusing in Spanish:

    ¡… carajo, deja que Hillary haga lo suyo, y déjenla en PAZ!

  44. Got another one, 883-0098 – don’t know the Scranton area.

  45. Got the Scranton area, 570.

  46. Got a lot of work to catch up on.

    Can somebody who’s listening help us with some highlights (and lowlights).

  47. I guess those SUSA stats are a way for Obama to convince us he’s capable of receiving substantial support from both Hispanic and Asian voters. Alrighty then. Delusional and obtuse wouldn’t begin to describe their mindset.

  48. Orbitz has got a special on one way tickets to Jones town Giuana. Just mention “Obama” when you reserve your seats.

  49. wow i can’t believe my comment is in the top fifty…i think the highest i have ever been here is like the first 80 or so…farout…i am moving up…

    just seeing what is going on over here is all…

  50. Mawm: Love the comment!

  51. Count me in to turn Obama down. I’ve decided to vote Nader (I don’t have write-in option, sigh) and then vote all down-ticket dems. I just can’t pull the lever for Obama because I really do not think he is qualified to be president, and his foreign policy positions scare me. So, I’m prepared for another four years of the Repugs in the White House – sadly, a better choice than Obama. I also fantasize that he’ll lose in a landslide and will disappear from the political world. Yes, I dislike him that much. Guess I’m just “bitter.”

  52. Repeat after me. Obama is Anathema! Obama is Anathema! Obama is Anathema!

  53. I want to start the Anti-Obama cult. Maybe the above can be our mantra.

  54. Ok – I’m on hold – I’m going to try not to make a fool of myself, RiverDaughter, I’m going to mention you & Katiebird if I get on first!

  55. whooooa! Thank you Steve Corbett!!!! You honor every woman and man in this country! Bless your heart.

  56. Garychapelhill:

    I come from a long line of Quakers, ( I’m actually Agnostic in this point in life )at this time there is no way I will vote repug, but I’m actually warming to a third party push from Hillary…. I don’t know, I just feel so lost……..


  57. SM, Come back and tell us if you get on. We don’t know your real name, you know. Good luck!

  58. Drudge is reporting Patti Solis is going to work for BO. Nice, huh.

  59. Folks gettin’ strongarmed left, right and center — all for the cause of The One, eh? Good grief.

  60. OMG, Riverdaughter is on WILK!

  61. Riverdaughter is on right now!!!!!

  62. You go Riverdaughter!

  63. Riverdaughter is on Steve Corbett’s show!

  64. I wish I could hear this.

  65. I told him my name, he wanted to repeat it as Sandi 3 times – so I said yeah whatever.

  66. Fantastic job, RD!

  67. How’d I do?


    Sher broke it down, the blogosphere, how Hillary voters are rallying on the internet, etc.

    She kept it positive & Steve asked her a few questions – very cool!

  69. I liked it that he was sort of interviewing you – nice!

  70. Mawm, and alternative to consider:

    Obamanation… Abomination!

  71. RD, You were amazing!! You did so well. Wow, I’m so proud to be part of this. We are really making a difference.

  72. You kicked butt! You hit a lot of the key points, clearly, calmly. Thank you for speaking for so many of us.

  73. I caught the last few minutes. You sounded just like I thought you would! You made the case and watch this blog double in interest! I never got to hear SM. What did I miss in the first few minutes with rd?

  74. Go RD! You were great on the Corbett show. Delighted that he gave you plenty of time to make your case.


  76. Trinity: Welcome to the club. We all feel that way.

  77. Just heard riverdaughter on Corbett’s program. Great job!

  78. I liked it that Riverdaughter gave info – many people are looking for that.

    Also, I liked the guy who is working for the former governor of NH, and the African-American woman from NC.


  79. Pat, I’m still on hold – I may have to hang up, I have to pick up my daughter in 15-20 minutes.

  80. SM–I liked those two callers also. It was clear that their decisions were thought out rationally, and both were very articulate.

  81. The AA woman, Patsy, is an active duty soldier. She’s a regular at Taylor Marsh.com

  82. First I’d just like to state one thing which should be obvious: it’s not just women who are rejecting Obama as the presumptuous nominee. I’m a man, one who had initial optimism about Obama, but saw before long that it was all a hollow shell and that the ‘new politics’ was worse than the supposedly ‘old’ variety.

    I wouldn’t have imagined that I could be considering not voting for the Democratic nominee, but the way in which this primary has unfolded has me at that point. I’m not saying this lightly; in fact I think voting against Obama might be necessary to save our party from complete immolation.

  83. Now there’s an Obama Sweetie, aw, he sounds so sweet.

  84. Patsy the active duty soldier from NC was great!

    The guy that works for the former NH Gov said that it’s getting where he will not vote for any Dem who endorsed him.

  85. SM: Thanks, I would hate to think I missed it.

  86. SM: If that’s your idea of cursing, I’ll have to give you a tutorial!

  87. Patti Solis is now working for Obama? Are we the only people remaining who have not sold her out? Jesus, how many stabs in the back does this woman deserve?

  88. Rich: HA! No, I could write what I wanted to write. The “tilde” (little line over the n” didn’t come out in my comment and deleted the word.


  89. Patti Solis is working for OBAMA?????????

    That traitorious ____!

  90. Pat J and SM–Solis only talking about joining Obama campaign in the GE. She is an Axelrod Chicago protege. Still, even talking about it is tacky.

  91. Riverdaughter it was nice hearing you on Corbett,
    I disagree with you on voting though. Brazille, Dean and the rest expect Hillary supporters to either come into the fold or stay home. A depressed base works for Obama.
    If the end result is Obama’s victory then they have gotten what they wanted. There will be no accountability and IMO we lose twice. A third party would be great, but I don’t see it happening, writing Hillary’s name is still favorable to Obama- Handing him a defeat would send a strong message. McCain will be a weak 4 year Presidency, especially if he has a Congress that balances him out. If Hillary is not the nominee we should vote for McCain. I get sick just thinking we will allow the DNC and Obama
    to win in the end after the way they and the media have rigged this campaign. I read Patti Solis is considering working for BO! For God’s sake, is there no dignity? No loyalty?
    I will be loyal till the end, and WILL not just roll over and do what is expected. McCain is not a Boogey man for me, Obama is.

  92. I just read the Solis blurb. It’s not what you think. She’s just discussing the possibility of working for Obama’s campaign *iff* he is the nominee. These people are professional campaigners. That’s what they do. It only makes sense for a loyal Dem campaigner to work for the nominee.
    From what I can see, the talks have been mostly hypothetical and informal. You guys can stand down.

  93. SM is online now!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. you were great on Corbett RD!!! thank you for speaking for us!!

  95. Remind me again, it’s the Clintons who are “intent on detroying the party” — do I have it right? Heh.

  96. SM–GREAT job discussing the problems Obama has wrt Latinos!

  97. SM is doing great. And she’s educating Corbett on the Latino voters. Yay SM!

  98. Was I too ghetto?

  99. Not ghetto at all, SM. Good how you got in that bit about Gore in 2000.

  100. Denise W: I see your point. Maybe this is what ronk was talking about the other night. But I still don’t think I can do it. It’s just unnatural for me to vote Republican.
    Anyways, it’s a long way off and many things could happen. But the fact that Obama’s campaign is trying to be nicer *does* suggest that the rebellion is having an effect. I don’t think they can get there without us.

  101. SM, you were great!

  102. Yeah, they cut me off – I was ready to steamroll – but cool, cuz I wanted to make the that point and that Latinos aren’t biting what Obama’s offereing.

  103. Hillary IS getting done the same way Gore did, have we forgotten???

    I live in FL, the trauma is stll there. NOT AGAIN, please and not from the “champions” of the people?

  104. SM: Totally cool! Each of us should take turns calling in everyday. This will keep it going. And Steve is behind it.

  105. I most definitely intend to cast my vote in November. No way am I allowing my voice to fall silent. It’s high time the DNC receive the message, LOUD and clear.

  106. I most definitely intend to cast my vote in November. No way am I allowing my voice to fall silent. It’s high time the DNC receive the message, LOUD and clear.

  107. SM, I think you really did make that point. It was clear when you said that Obama hasn’t done anything for the Latino community and that Latinos pay attention and vote. You were great!!!

  108. SM, I really wonder if people have forgotten, or else that they only cared in 2000 because their candidate was the one being screwed.

    8 yrs. ago we could frame it as a Dem vs. Rep issue. What a sad, disgusting, irony that now it is Dems doing the disenfranchising.

  109. BB and SM:

    Next week: Obama sporting a pancho while sipping tequila on the Riverwalk, in San Antonio? ha!

  110. I love Steve Corbett!! And this Obama supporter seems to forget that women are not a minority. We make up 53% of the population.

  111. Hillary wins in MA by 15, yet both Sen and the Gov, all of them SD endorse BO.

    Hillary win PA by 10, sweeps counties in the area Bobby Casey hails from, yet he endorses BO

    Hillary wins WV by 41 with a record turnout, yet both Sen endorse BO

    What is going on here?

    Aren’t these guys supposed to represent the will of the people who gave them those jobs?

  112. “One of the hallmarks it seems, is that there is no possible way to actually interpret a propaganda slogan. It works on pure emotion That way you can’t argue against it. It is as meaningless and empty as the candidate who uses it.”

    Obama’s real spiritual adviser seems not to be Rev. Wright, but George Orwell.
    He not only believes in rewriting history to suit his narrative (in his autobiography, and in speeches where he talks about the economy not benefitting the poor in the Clinton administration) – worse, he also believes he can actually succeed, just by saying the same lie again and again
    He’s elevated doublethink to a fine art: Obama believes healthcare is necessary for all but he doesn’t support universal healthcare.
    He’s called the ‘most liberal senator’ but he doesnt believe in liberal policies
    He believes in talking to Iran no matter what the situation, but wants to send bombs in Pakistan even if the Pakistanis dont want that.
    His website talks about ObamaBlogs, ObamaNews, Obama… whatever – and the picture on top depicts Obama in the clouds with a soft-focus lens: like a new-age Messiah

    All Barry needs to do now is establish Ministries of Truth, Love and Plenty and say:
    Ignorance is Strength
    Freedom (of thought) is Slavery
    Slogans are Substance
    Policies are for Fools
    Women are all Sweeties
    I am the Nominee

    (or wait, he already did all that!)

  113. I think the reason the (seemingly) entire Old Boy System has lined up behind Barack Obama is that Clinton is recognized as a credible champion of causes such as Universal Health Care and Universal Education.

    Clinton is widely (and wildly) castigated for FAILING to get UHC passed in 1994. She gets no credit for having tried. Her present plan, the more comprehensive of the two on offer, is dismissed as not substantially better than Obama’s.

    The campaign against her candidacy, by Obama, by the media and by her own party is eerily reminiscent of the forces aligned against her in that earlier UHC battle. She was perceived as a threat to the status quo then, and (I believe) she’s perceived as a threat to the status quo now.

    Only a “rising up” of middle America can break the grip of the Special Interests. It isn’t just big oil, big pharma and all the other bigs; it’s the DNC, the RNC, and all the politicians comfortably esconsed in their sinecures that are furiously holding the country back and ratcheting down the standard of living for the middle class. If they were even a tiny bit honest in their sloganry they’d be proclaiming… “If You Ain’t Got It, Yer Not Gettin’ It!

    It seems those Obama supporters who identify themselves as the “creative” class and pride themselves on their superior educational achievements are not so committed to “democratic (egalitarian) principles” as they are to maintaining the status quo.

    So much for “Change We Can Believe In”.

    P.S. I won’t vote for Obama for ANY slot on the ticket.

  114. @MABlue: The true question is, “Why are they picking the unelectable candidate over the vastly electable one?” That’s the duty of the superdelegates.

    I honestly think they’re trying to force Clinton to take the VP as she’s trying to win the nomination.

    Unfuckingbelievable. If it’s Obama/Clinton, I’m not voting for them. It’ll not only validate all the misogyny, but I don’t trust this man with power. Oh, and McCain would still beat ’em.

  115. Is Obama an “Honorable” Candidate?

    One blogger thought so, but…..

    Plenty of reasons for “Operation Turn Down” here…

  116. From Today’s Bartcop:

    “The Clintons’ biggest failure is that they couldn’t get their own party to support them.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  117. riverdaughter- I hope it doesn’t get to that point either, and you’re right it is a long way off- but I am so furious. Every time I hear Obama loving idiots (like the one talking now trying to make nice) it cements further my commitment for payback. They really believe we are dumb stupid bitches that are going to fall for their nonsense. They are trying so hard to weaken our resolve. In their heads, damage is done, their empty suit is on the way to the coronation and now they will scare us with the “we don’t want a Republican in the White House now do we?” I’m sorry; I’m not wired that way. There is NOTHING Obama and his supporters can say or do that will make me forget and forgive. If he gets to the white house it will not be because of me.
    SM- you were great! I could tell there was so much more you wanted to say, but you got many good points in.

  118. Please everyone, go to Hillary Clinton.com and make calls for Ky. I got an e-mail from Terry McAuliffe saying that this was the last night to call and it was really important.

    Polls closed tomorrow in Ky at 6 PM, and lots of people will stop on the way home from work.

    Thanks! We need our Hillary to win the popular vote!

  119. Try this one:


  120. I’m so psyched that those of us who are not going to support Obama -should he be the nominee- are organized and vocal.

    We come in all shapes and sizes; we vary in age/race/gender and we share one common belief- Obama is not the solution we need/want.

    We are reluctant to follow a leader we don’t believe in. Nothing will change our judgement of his leadership abilities in the next few months should he be the nominee. No matter how much you bully or try to scare us into it, we are not going to jump on the Obama bandwagon.

    I hope this sinks in. We are earnest and sincere in our determination not to put an inexperienced leader into the highest job in the land.

    There is still time for the superdelegates to realize it’s the ‘map not the math’. It’s still possible to have a qualified excellent candidate (Hillary) make it into the general election where Americans can have the final say.

    Hillary is simply the better choice for the Democrates to put forward into the general election.

  121. Shoot, I forgot to add to my previous comment that the duty of the superdelegates is to pick the more electable candidate.

    What the hell is going on? I think the only deal the Democratic Party is making is with the devil. Do they not see how this is going to blow up in their faces?

  122. Did anyone notice that the Obama supporter didn’t give anyone a reason to vote for Obama? It just came off as more threats about blaming us?

  123. Great example of an Obama supporter was just on the radio: “Obama voted against the war.” Sheesh, and they call Hillary supporters low information . . . .

  124. Steve is holding their feet to the fire.

  125. Posters over at No Quarter are referring one another to Steve Corbett. Unbelievable. This is mushrooming.

  126. Corbett just expressed what I’ve been saying, where were Dean and the DNC when Hillary was being abused? She was critized on everything from her “cackle, to her “shrillness”, to “she’ll do anything to win”, – nothing to do with issues. She was talking about issues when he was reading from a teleprompter and talking about “hope” and “change”. I never expected Hillary to get favorable treatment, but I thought she would get fair treatment. I thought all Democrats would be treated equally: in the abuse heaped on them and in whatever praise was given. But the deck was stacked against her from the beginning; they ganged up on her like vultures. That she is still standing is a testament to what Hillary is made of. Her accomplishments were dismissed and attacks on her person were made, all to make way for Obama to pass the kool-aid.

  127. Hi, I’m new to this site and encouraged by the enthusiasm. Listening to the Corbett show right now. Hopefully, there’s a branch-off from the show as Steve isn’t going Operation Turn Down tomorrow, and maybe not all week.

    As far as a slogan, how about “No We Won’t”

  128. A commenter at TL said that a vote for McCain was like having two against obama. It is a stronger rebuke than just not voting and helps ensure obama doesn’t win. hmmm…

    *They* know this. I’m surprised we aren’t seeing a clear message that would show the panic button is being pushed. The limp, “oh, we really do like you now – please vote” doesn’t impress me that the gravity of the situation is sinking in. I bet Steve helps that message along with the nation-wide call in and attention.

  129. Hey everybody, back from getting my daughter.

    JUST HEARD THIS SICK NEWS, the Dean DNC sucks:

    Tampa is hosting a private DNC fundraiser with Hoawrd Dean tonightin Tampa, the local head said that it wasn’t so much a make up session but to show some solidarity behind the DNC.

    THEN she talked about Obama’s appearance at the St. Pete Times forum this coming Wed 21, and said that ALL THE TICKETS were given away by the DNC.

    They bought out the damn stadium for him and gave away the tickets.

    Funny, I didn’t get an invite.

  130. One thing I was noticed on “Operation Turn Down”:

    The pro-Obama people don’t address the main issue at hand, which is:

    “Why is the (mostly male) Democratic “leadership” shoving the weaker (accidentally male) candidate down our collective throat”.

    All I’m hearing from them is the attempted blackmail about the horror of the McCain Supreme Court along with others policies and how much “we’re all Democrats”.

    Weak. Very weak.

  131. And whose money did they use to buy the stadium and tickets?

  132. There’s a girl right now is killing the point of that if the DNC doesn’t add FL and MI, it will take away the moral authority the US has in the world for “honest” elections.

  133. Is that *our* sarah?

  134. SM,

    That is unbelieveable. Some Obama supporter on TL a little while ago was making a big deal about how Obama’s appearance in Tampa is already sold out. This is an outrage.

  135. RD, I was wondering that myself.

  136. rd: Wouldn’t be surprised. She referred to the map.

  137. The Roe v. Wade thing is silly.

    Dems control the Senate Judiciary Committee, right? So long as we do n’t nominate another Roberts, we’re fine. And let McCain nominate whoever he wants — the whole “Oh noez! Roe!” argument is predicated on the Senate Dems never showing any spine. Well, maybe this time they’ll have to. That would be bad why?

  138. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest strategies known, and you’re in danger of falling for it.

    You are, however, entitled to your opinion(s).

  139. Edwardian, regarding the poncho – he’s such a suck-up, he probably would.

    He connects with the Latino community by eating Taco bell.

  140. Pat all she said was that the DNC gave all 11,000 tickets away.

  141. Obamwsque: We could say the same thing about you.

  142. The Repubs do not want to be rid of Roe v Wade. It is the sledgehammer they need during elections to keep the base close.

  143. Wouldn’t it be funny if the 11,000 people who got tickets were Clintonistas?

  144. New party in the works – well, a revival of the suffragists National Women’s Party is in the works

  145. Bostonboomer, EXACTLY!!!!

    The DNC are giving him the hype!!!

    Some local DNC woman was on AM talk radio talking about the DNC Dean fundraiser & the Tampa event and literally said that no tickets were available, the DNC gave most if not all the tickets away.


    THIS IS BULLSH&T!!!! They are paying for Obama’s rockstar show!

  146. Howard Dean should be hung by his “you know whats” with a bullseye painted on his back in a stadium where the only criteria for admission is that you are female carrying a syrupy waffle.

  147. Riverdaughter, I think that the the DNC opened their books, saw who voted for Obama, and sent them an invite/tickets.

    This is a heinous slap in the face.

  148. Am I the only one getting commercial interruptions during the streaming? It’s driving me nuts.

  149. Riverdaughter,

    Isn’t this something we should pass on to Peter Daou or someone in Hillary’s campaign? Is it really appropriate for the DNC to do this? I haven’t heard about them organizing appearances for Hillary.

  150. Also, when you donate to a candidate, they have your zipcode/city info. It probably was an email that went out.

  151. There are tons of ads. I turn down the sound.

  152. Julie, Hillary hasn’t lost yet. You’ll have to wait a little longer before you know if you’ll be able to vote for The Precious.

  153. Gee Julie, WE?

  154. It reeks of corruption.

    Howard Dean in Tampa for a private fundraiser, then Obama in Tampa on Wednesday.

    I want my vote counted, not a damn party!

  155. BB: I’d be very surprised if the Clinton campaign wasn’t already aware of the Obama-DNC stuff. They signed a joint fundraising contract several weeks ago.

  156. SM,

    You should call the local or state party hq and ask them why you didn’t get an invitation. And what are they doing to get your vote to count?

  157. The RATs Sweetie Software has been turned on.

  158. I am going to call & find out tomorrow. They should be closed now it’s 6:00pm now.

  159. Julie: Ok, Let me think about.
    Ok, I’ve thought about it. I still don’t want him as my president and the DNC is making a huge mistake.
    BTW, maybe you took a wrong turn on the web and got lost. Try to retrace your steps.

  160. RD,

    I didn’t get that the Obama appearance is a fund-raiser. I heard on Talk Left that it was a campaign rally.

  161. Now we have Sybil Trolls with multiple personalities. Or else Julie is the Queen of England.

  162. :-))
    “Howard Dean should be hung by his “you know whats” with a bullseye painted on his back in a stadium where the only criteria for admission is that you are female carrying a syrupy waffle.”


    But wait, while they hurl their waffles at him in their best imitation of Annie Oakley, they also shouldn’t forget to call him ‘Sweetie’.

  163. I would agree that voting for McCain, the actual threat of doing so and following through with it, is the only option. Staying home or not voting in this race serves no difference. The only way we can vindicate ourselves and Hillary is to elect McCain. BTW…I saw a McCain ad on a gay blog, and he apparently has Schwarzenegger staff working for him. Hmmm

  164. Julie, it may not be the issues as much now as sending a message. If they can ignore us as they have, they may just as easily ignore the issues. Not a big leap.

  165. Julie – if Obama is indeed nominated, I wouldn’t say that the sniper fire incident was that big of a deal. Obama has lied so many times during this campaign, it’s pathetic. He lied twice on national TV at the last debate in Philadelphia; he lied about NAFTA-gate; his relationship with Rezko is a large, unfolding lie. I think Dean and many party elites had it in for Hillary from the beginning. That, along with blatant media bias, and the Clinton camp’s failure to organize in those stupid caucuses is why we’re in this situation today. But I don’t think this is over.

  166. Well you go ahead and vote for who you like. I’ll do the same.

    Remember, our John Kerry is one of McCain’s friends, even offered the VP slot to him.

    And you know what? You show your colors when you bring up the sniper fire. No one around here cares about that.

    “We” do not sound like fools – “we” know his supporters are the type to go to rah-rahs, while Hillary supporters are not.

    Obama must be stopped.

  167. Sarah: Doesn’t it just make you wonder how EVIL he could have gotten in 3-4 years?

  168. Ben, McCain is running a smart strategy going after the gay vote. I have a friend in MA says he and a lot of his gay friends WILL NOT vote for Obama, come hell or high water. At this point, I only know that I won’t vote for Obama, but I cannot really imagine voting for McCain. But he says all of his friends have already decided, they will vote for McCain based on McClurkin, along with how horribly Hillary has been treated.

  169. In addition to Operation Turndown, you may want to keep the Woman Count Pac in mind (www.womancountpac.com). They ran the great “Hold On” ad in the Oregonian today, and are seeking funds for an NYT ad!

  170. The gay vote is certainly against Obama, but I assume the Obama believe that effect is negligible. I think for many gay voters the fact that they survived 8 years of Bush not much could be worse. Also, to generalize my people, we can sniff out a phony faster than most. and we know what it’s like to be pushed aside for the smooth talking straight guy who likes to talk trash on the basketball court. I think we can admire what McCain went through in Vietnam. But for me it’s more about supporting Hillary and proving that she and all of us were right.

  171. UPDATE on Radio Host Steve Corbett’s “Turndown Day”–Keep Commenting during His Daily “FREE FOR ALL” Segment


  172. 2 Comments:
    Anonymous said…
    If Hillary does not get the Nomination,I will not vote this year.The Democrates who do not support her can go to hell.

    6:38 AM
    Greenconsciousness said…
    I have said that many times but now I realize it is the Repubs that are pushing that in our community just as they pushed BO. I will not let it be that easy for them. I will vote 4 the Precious and urge other women to do so. Why let future generations call us racist the way the current left teaches that the first wave was racist? No 3rd wavers stand in defense of those women . No let us vote for BO and show the world how superior to Hill he is or is not.

    Then afterward, I will do all I can to force Bill and Hill Clinton to form a 3rd party – the Center Democrats. Let the Damn Dems have their elite creative class snob candidates they push on us every year, the Kennedy’s, the Kerry’s, the Carters, the Edwards, Biden’s, the wealthy know it alls, who are sure they are better than us – the senators who won’t meet with us and do not respond to our requests unless they are campaigning. The Patricians – the Oligarchs.

    After BO is elected, the Clintons will make a party for the Working Class – the Unions – feminists, civil rights activists who still believe in equality & integration, immigrants who believe in the US’s right to lawful immigration and closed borders, the end of free trade and the beginning of fair trade, green non nuclear energy and human rights foreign policy, health rights, affirmative action changed so that only your economic class gets you an advantage —

    The Center Democrats.

    We must make her do it.

  173. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest strategies known, and you’re in danger of falling for it.

    Those of us supporting Hillary are not the half of the party being used to attack the party itself.

    Obama and his supporters are the ones who want to change the Democratic party. That’s what the “change” is for, right? Change you can believe in certainly doesn’t mean changing anything the REpublicans are doing. They’re the “Unity” half. Unity with Republicans and change for the Democrats. Isn’t that his agenda? If it isn’t, he isn’t so good at communicating as everyone says.

    I don’t see that there is much I can do about divide-and-conquer. If Obama wins, I lose no matter which candidate I vote for. I lose if I vote for him, because the new Democratic party does not represent the working class. I lose if I vote against him, because I’ll probably be voting for McCain. But right now, that appears to me the lesser of two evils.

  174. I had an idea driving home from work and I can’t decide if it’s stupid or funny. I was thinking…if Obama does declare himself the nominee tomorrow….that it would be funny if hundreds of us flooded some email address, maybe fox news??? with emails declaring ourselves the winner of whatever…..something along the lines of:

    I was so inspired by Barack Obama’s confidence and self-esteem that I have decided to declare myself the Queen of the Nile/King of the World/Wonderwoman/Yellow Power Ranger/Marie of Romania/Ninja Warrior/whatever….and the email would have to close with….YES I CAN!!!

    if there were lots of them and they went somewhere where they were actually publicized (scratch msnbc and cnn) I think it could point out the absurdity of declaring oneself the winner of an ongoing competition. stupid or funny? I realize this is serious business but pointing out an absurdity could be fun.

  175. kiki, it could be like a take off on the “no, I’m Brian” line from Life of Brian (their homage to Spartacus)

  176. thanks for staying alive,. i’ve learned much from you all.
    we’ll learn more together. the democratic bosses better listen.

  177. Kiki,

    I like it. LOL!

  178. Yes, Kayla. We’re so bitter. But you’re all sweetness and light. Your mother must be so proud.

  179. BB: Don’t you miss the old good times (pre troll influx)?

  180. or is it the good old times…? 🙂 (sorry i am just not all that educated…now, if I could just find my teeth)

  181. lol Upstate – no matter how it’s said it is true. this was a safe haven for a while and I think people will stick with it. honestly, the trolls have driven people out all over the place and it’s time for that to stop. ignoring them is difficult but effective.

    I can’t imagine being paid to act like a jerk. probably easy money but how do you live with yourself?

  182. Sorry to interrupt thread, Kiki I love your idea; (No, I’m Black Mamba!) Saw y’all were speaking about Operation Turndown. In case anyone is interested, SavagePolitics is promoting The Party is Over week from jun1 to jun8: we are changing our voter registration to Independent/ etc and mailing copies of our paperwork to the DNC. Also wanted to remind everyone that not all states allow write-ins, some of them give the vote to the candidate of that party on the ballot. A write in for Clinton in some states would count as a vote for Obama. Everyone should check their state’s website or voter registration to find out. Would really appreciate any spreading of the word. Please come by and visit!

  183. well, I think the presumptuous nominee has re-thought the idea of declaring himself the winner. but just in case he changes his mind, let’s all be thinking of who or what we want to declare we are.

    I might just decide I’ve *won* the title of Queen of England. let Elizabeth deal wih my momentum. she’s so shrill.

    or maybe I’ll elect myself Scarlett O’Hara…. ‘as God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again’…..easier, because she’s actually fictional so I can control the meme. and besides, she’s so shrill.

    I declare tomorrow is *claim your victory* day. just don’t be shrill about it. that’s such a deal-breaker.

  184. We definitely need to check what the ballots allow, and how they count. I would not want my Clinton vote to go to Obama for any reason. And to the trolls out there saying that we should vote for Obama instead of McCain, bite on this:

    The difference between the Repubs and the Democrats is that the Republicans are honest about who their agenda is for. If you’re a woman, black, Jewish, Latino, union, and liberal…well, they’re not going to do much to advance your agenda. The Democrats promise they’re for us, and GUESS WHAT! They are a bunch of good ol’ boys (and silly young women who don’t know their history very well). But giving the Dems a vote for Obama is licensing them to screw us while they lie to us about it. Hate the Repugs all you want, but at least they’re honest about their agenda. That means we can talk to them. How do you talk to someone who swears they’re listening to you while giving you a condescending ‘sweetie’?

    I am SO ECSTATIC to see us mobilizing for Hillary. I just gave another $100 to her campaign and made phone calls to Oregon (they have an easy script on her site, and numbers).


    I am so mailing in my Democratic registration…in shreds. Independent all the way. Let them seriously court our Independent votes now. To hell with party loyalty – look what they did with it!

    Hugs to all you Hillary supporters from Santa Barbara, CA.

  185. Lucky w/o charm:

    We’ve heard it all before, and Roe v. Wade is chimera.

  186. Typical trolls, sneak in after hours and shit on the carpet.

  187. Why did Obama lap up donations from slum lord Rezko all the while poor people were languishing in the slums Obama help him build?

    Why did Obama use race baiting in SC? Was it to get to %90 African American vote?

    Why does Obama want all donors to stop funding other organizations and donate solely to Obama campaign. Could it be he wants to set up a money patronage scheme similar to the way Chicago politics is run? Already Dems are lining up to get money from Obama/MoveOn.
    When there is only one source of funding left, namely the Obama campaign, the hammer will fall and there will be no idependent voices in the party, just one left wing Authoritarian.

  188. […] ‘Operation Turndown Continues…’ found at THE CONFLUENCE: “‘Operation Turndown’ has no headquarters or mailing address. We offer no coffee mugs, bumper stickers or T-shirts for sale. You cannot contribute cash or deduct your investment in tomorrow from you federal income tax. But ‘Operation Turndown’ is no mirage. […]

  189. A quick hello from Switzerland. I’m a foreigner but believe that the choices you people make in running your country has an effect on the rest of the world, hence my interest in the race.

    I was looking forward to seeing your most competent candidate restore what the US stood for abroad until 2001, and from my vantage point, this whole affair has become a farce.

    I continue to hope that all your voices and effort will pay out and Hillary becomes your 44th president.

    A quick thought about the Roe vs. Wade canard: between McCain and the candidate who wanted to vote for Roberts until someone told him it wouldn’t reflect well on a future presidential bid, I don’t see any difference. Voting Obama is no more a guarantee against overturning a woman’s right to choose than McCain. The only way to protect this right is voting the candidate who will indeed ensure its protection. HRC.

  190. The rest of us would have a lot more confidence if there was a way to actually discern what Obama stands for. I mean his core values, and his state and US senate record doesn’t give much insight about these.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but removed from the heat of the battle, it is very difficult to see any more substance to BHO’s candidacy than GWB’s, 8 years ago, with a nice D packaging around it instead of R. In terms of foreign policy and understanding the rest of the world, I don’t see any difference at this time of the run, and we saw what GWB’s lack of savvy produced.

    But I fully understand that domestic concerns is what your elections are about, and with good reasons.

  191. Corbett is a washed up Newspaper journalist (if you want to call him that), who is a republican part of Rush Limbaugh’s operation Chaos. Dont be fooled Dem.’s, his intentions are not genuine. He is a recent convert from the republican party now trying to jump on the Rush Limabugh’s coat tail’s with his “Operation turn down.” He’s been fired from numerous newpapers in Wilkes-Barre Pa, and Sacramento Calf., now trying to make it as a Jr. Rush on a local radio station in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. Dont buy into his anthem, its corrupt, just like he is.

  192. Funny, we keep hearing what the opposition is – McCain is more of Bush, Corbett is Limbaugh. We never hear what Obama is.

    The only argument to win Hillary supporters over is “vote against McCain”. There is actually no substantial reason ever given as to why one should vote FOR Obama.

    McCain, at least, is the devil we know. Obama? Hope and Change don’t pay my mortgage. 130+ “present” votes in his senate career aren’t going to close the deal, sorry.

  193. This party such as it is today would have crapped all over even Woody Guthrie and chucked him out in the streets if he didn’t “go” with their flow. After all wouldn’t he have been a core dem blue collar SHUNNED worker section of this party?

    They have slapped the women’s movement back further than the repubs could have dreamed of doing by their silence at this disgusting display of hatred against Hillary Clinton and all women by proxy. The longer they stayed silent the more abusive it got and the more damage was done. No platitudes about how she’s fought hard and advanced the cause of women will bring me back into the party fold. No threats of Roe v. Wade. I fought that battle already and apparently women like me are of no consequence, importance or use to this party. Fight your own battle fronts now. I’ve got a more important and more glaring and personal issue in front of me now.

    How am I to vote for Obama when he USED this sexism to his advantage and participated in it. To what? Be a good little democratic “girl” and “heal my broken heart” as even NARAL said? Will these platitudes and “there there’s” never fucking stop? How dare you condescend to us in the face of such abuse and such betrayal. We take it more seriously than your shushing us and shaming us honors. Far more seriously. Enough to leave this party. Enough to not vote for “your” choice for us in the G.E.

    Well, I come from a family who as long and proud tradition of protest..my grandfather was a socialist and participated in the The Green Corn Rebellion….I learned at their feet what activism means and what it is for.

    I won’t vote for Obama. This party threw those who lead us up to this moment under the bus with Obama’s grandmother. Alice Palmer wouldn’t likely vote for him either.

    For all the right reasons in my heart I KNOW I can never vote for him. It’s not about Hillary anymore. It’s obvious. It should be obvious anyway. Shameful display this “hopeful” season brought us.

    The only thing I have power to do is use my vote to say NO. And nothing on earth can keep me from it. I will encourage as many others as I can to join me.

    I cannot in any good conscience vote for Obama now. Never.

  194. It’s so funny — the first thing the “uniter” did was divide the Democratic Party. I could never, never vote for him. No Obama — Ever —

  195. I will never vote for Obama. Hillary has been treated terrible and I for one have been a democratic for 65 years. I will vote for McCain if necessary. I am now considering being an Independent.

    This Congress had my vote but not anymore, to hell with them all.


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