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Confluence Jeopardy

You remember the classic TV game show  Jeopardy.   The contestants were given the answer, and had to come up with the right question. 

Now, many of us wonder why the MSM fails to ask important questions even when the answers are staring them in the face.   So here is your chance to play Confluence Jeopardy.  Ask the questions Tweety and Timmeh and Rachel Maddow and Wolf Blitzer refuse to ask.

Here are a few examples to start you out:

The answer is: “Because I am a masochist, that’s why.”

The question is: “Why am I watching MSNBC after waking up at 5 a.m. and spending all day in court?”

The answer is: “It’s over.”

The question is: “How much longer can I continue to listen to Chris Matthews tell his guests and viewers that there is no way that superdelegates ‘can’t take the nomination away from Barack Obama’?”

The answer is: Because they said so.”

The question is: “How do the MSM pundits know that Hillary Clinton cannot possibly win the nomination?”

The answer is: “There will be rioting in the streets.”

The question is: “What did a guest on “Hardball” say would happen if superdelegates “take the nomination away from Obama” after he wins a majority of pledged delegates?”

The answer is:  “Nobody, silly.”

The question is: “How many guests on that program commented on the extortionist undertone of that statement?”

The answer is: “Crickets.”

The question is: “What was Chris Matthews’ response when another guest asked why no one was concerned about what female voters would do if Clinton were denied the nomination?” 

The answer is: “Welcome to my world.”

The question is: “What did Hillary Clinton say to Barack Obama after Obama declared on national television that he will not tolerate people being unfair or unflattering to his wife?”

The answer is: “Westminster Abbey, tomorrow.”

The question is: “Where and when do Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann plan to conduct the coronation of Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee?”

The answer is: “CNN, to show that Obama isn’t rushing to claim the nomination.”

The question is: “Which MSM outlet recently ran a clip of Obama telling a female reporter to ‘wait just a mnute, sweetie,’ and why?”

The answer is: “Sexism? What sexism?”

The question is: “Why didn’t CNN comment on the sexist nature of Obama’s comment to the female reporter?”

The answer is: “Kool-Aid.”

The question is: “Why do the MSM pundits accept Obama’s claim that he will obtain a majority of pledged delegates when they do not include delegates from MI or FLA?”

The answer is: “Felix Gaeta (IMHO).”

The question is: “Who will be revealed to be the 12th Cylon on Battlestar Galactica?”

So start playing now!   Post your “answer,” and wait for a fellow Confluentian to give you the “question.”  Oh, and have a mojito while you’re playing.  Or a Cosmopolitan.  Whatever works for you.

96 Responses

  1. The answer is: “litigatormom needs to be ready to legally assist a fellow Conflucian”

  2. Wow – you think Felix, really?

  3. MABlue: I’m stumped. I’m not an election lawyer, and I am assuming that you are not planning physical violence against Tweety.

    This has a level of difficulty that puts it in the $500 category. And now I’m down $500!

  4. jjmtacoma:

    Well, here’s my logic. Felix has been a peripheral character most of the time. Suddenly he’s got a major plot line — his mutiny, being shot in the leg, the amputation, his singing in the infirmary when he feels pain in his phantom leg — singing which tied together the whole episode last Friday, when lots of stuff was going on. It feels to me like he’s being built up in importance, for reasons that are otherwise unclear to me.

    Also, I am assuming that Ron Moore wasn’t giving us a red herring when he said that the 12th Cylon wasn’t in the “Last Supper” photo that was in TV Guide when the 4th season started up a few months ago.

    My second choice is Ellen Tigh.

  5. LGM:

    I will certainly need your help on our next extended family get-together. I’m afraid I’ll end up strangling one of my relatives, a bunch of uninformed O-freakoids.

    Question: “What if MABlue is going to another relative’s graduation”?


  7. I make it easy.

    The answer: “Hillary Clinton should elevate the negative tone of her campaign.”

  8. I am posting the response I received from Susan Turnbull, Vice Chair, DNC to the email I sent her regarding the seating of the FL and MI delegates and requesting her support for Senator Clinton. What a difference in her response and Donna Brazile’s response to email’s sent to her for the same requests.

    The email I received from Susan Turnbull:

    Thank you for your recent email regarding our nominating process. I have received hundreds of emails and have attempted to read them all. But, because of the sheer volume, I am responding in a general email. It is heartening to know that so many people are so personally engaged in our nominating process.

    To clear up any misunderstanding about my position as a super delegate, it is important for me to first explain that as Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), one of nine nationally elected officers, I must remain neutral until our nominee is apparent. This position is mandated by the DNC Charter. According to Article Five, Section 4 of the Charter, the National Chair is “responsible for ensuring that the national officers of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.” For this reason, I will continue to remain strictly neutral during this presidential primary period in order to respect and honor the process. You can be assured that as soon as we have a nominee, I will be giving 100% for our nominee.

    Also, despite some misinformation to the contrary – I am not a member of either the Rules and Bylaws Committee or the Convention Credentials Committee. I do not have a vote in either of those committees.

    One factor about my position that I want to make crystal clear is that despite my current role as a Party officer, I consider myself a long-time (38 year) Democratic grassroots activist. Most “super-delegates” who are not elected during the regular primary or caucus process, are almost exclusively long-time party activists who hold our positions due to election to the DNC from state parties or by election to Federal office. More than half are DNC Members who, like me, have spent decades in our community working at the polls, engaging Democratic voters and speaking out on the issues. Because super delegates are not bound by election to one candidate, “super delegates” some of our party’s most committed members, will weigh several factors before committing to a candidate. It has been obvious that the results of the primaries and caucuses will certainly be a factor in the decision-making but not the only factor. I am also confident that each super delegate will consider the decision sincerely and with great deliberation. It is also the case that many super delegates are waiting to announce their personal commitment until the final contests are held on June 3rd.

    On May 31st the issue of the seating of Michigan and Florida will be considered by the Rules and Bylaws Committee. This is the same group that enacted the original rules regarding the sanctions on these two states. Several proposals are before the committee. Actually, although I am not on the committee, I am confident that there will be delegations seated at the convention from each state. Who those delegates will be and how many votes will apportioned to each delegation will be decided on May 31st. I support representation from both Florida and Michigan.

    It has been an incredible time for the Democratic Party and for our Nation. The results in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Illinois in recent months electing three new Democratic Members of Congress demonstrate a trend that I sincerely hope will continue this fall when we increase our majorities in the House and Senate and take back the White House after eight long and difficult years.

    It is time to put our country first. This election isn’t about one candidate. This election is about our country.

    Thank you again for your email; I hope your concerns have been addressed.

    Warm regards,

    Susan W. Turnbull
    Vice Chair
    Democratic National Committee

  9. Jeebus, the trolls got loose.

  10. The answer: Tim Russert says, “The political world has been stunned by Hillary Clinton blantantly pandering to religious right,” after this event.

  11. ben:

    Question 1: “Which creepy creature makes me break in hives?”

  12. My son thinks Adama Sr. would have the biggest shock factor.

  13. MABlue:

    You are in the same situation I am in with my brother, who inexplicably, in a family of rabid Democrats, voted for Bush twice and seems to think McCain is a “moderate.”

    We cope with this family problem by keeping the conversation to “Star Trek” and “Battlestar Galactica” when he comes to family gatherings, as we are ALL sci-fi geeks.

    ben carlson:
    The question is: “Who is the most annoying female Senator who claims to be a Democrat?”

    The question is: “What is the assertion Barack Obama and his supporters keep making, all the while running a campaign with a negative tone?”

  14. jjmtacoma:
    Or Laura Roslin. But neither works if you assume that the 12th Cylon isn’t in the Last Supper photo. They are the bookends in the picture.

    Of course, having Tigh be a Cylon was a pretty big shock too! Even bigger than Tyrol and Anders. (I never liked Tory anyway.)

  15. scotch OTR. Single malt if you’ve got one. I’m partial to The Macallens but I’ll take whatever you’ve got.

  16. jjmtacoma:

    Of course, its also possible that Donna Brazile is the 12 Cylon.

  17. As I write this I am sitting here weeping uncontrollably for having read a posting at Anglachel’s blog that was the finest, most moving account of why she supports Hillary. I cannot explain in words how this has affected me at this moment but it has just touched off something in me that won’t stop the tears. It is a piece written so feelingly by a young woman named Lauren and she has put into words all the things that we hold so dear in our own hearts about a woman who has given so much. I urge all my Confucians to please take the time to visit Anglachel’s blog as Lauren has so aptly put into her post the meaning of love and loyalty with such heartfelt feelings.

  18. ghost2:

    What is Easter Sunday?

  19. I’m hyperventilating here. I’m so nervous for KY and OR, margin wise.

  20. But LM, it is supposed to be shocking!

  21. What is an inappropriate name to call a grown female you are not related to?

  22. Pat J:

    I read that piece but forgot to mention it here.

    Every single sentence in that post deserves a Pulitzer.

  23. The Answer: “He is a transformational figure and the only one who can make transcendental change”

  24. jjmtacoma

    Yes, it is supposed to be shocking. Felix wouldn’t be that shocking — although making him a more central character with the current story line might make it seem a bit more shocking. Suppose, for example, that he regrows his leg. (Of course, Tigh hasn’t regrown his eye, but maybe eyes and legs are different.)

    Most shocking would be Bill Adama, followed by Laura and Starbuck. But I am convinced it is not Starbuck.

  25. THE QUESTION: What Senator elected in 2006 is the biggest disappointment to a typical Hillary supporter?

  26. MABlue: I cannot stop weeping. It is awful. The tears keep coming and coming. I know I can be snarky at times but this election has truly moved me. I cannot begin to tell you how invested I am in this woman who has given so much. I am truly running out of Kleenex here.

  27. <jjmtacoma
    What is an inappropriate name to call a grown female you are not related to? That’s a question, not an answer. But the answer is obviously “Sweetie.”

    The Answer: “He is a transformational figure and the only one who can make transcendental change”
    The Question: “What is the mass delusion that Obama supporters have about Obama?”

  28. The Answer: “He is a transformational figure and the only one who can make transcendental change”

    Question: Who is Jesus Christ?

  29. Sorry LM – I actually was referring to Donna being Cylon as too obvious.

    Also, I spend WAY too much time playing I-Spy with a 4 year old… I can’t help the easy question 😉

  30. ben carlson
    THE QUESTION: What Senator elected in 2006 is the biggest disappointment to a typical Hillary supporter?

    Yeah, McCaskill is a huge disappointment.

  31. Lucinda:

    LOL. That’s a very good one but NO!

    ROFLMBAO. That’s too good.

  32. Answer: Because I have to eat dinner.

    Question: Why won’t I be playing Confluence Jeopardy for the next 45 minutes?

    Keep playing amongst yourselves. And pour RD another scotch.

  33. Ok, I give the first one:
    The answer: “Hillary Clinton should elevate the negative tone of her campaign.”

    Question: What did Tim Russert say after Hillary Clinton denied the claim of Obama campaign co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr. that she eats kittens?

  34. The answer is: resurrection

    The question is: What can cylons do that allows them to come back after their ship exploded in a black hole?

  35. MABlue said: “Lucinda:

    LOL. That’s a very good one but NO!

    ROFLMBAO. That’s too good.”

    Well, don’t Obama’s supporters think that he’s second coming of Jesus?

    Here’s one: The Answer: 57 – 2.

  36. Pat, I read the diary too – it truly was moving. I’ve been impressed with the kindness Hillary has shown people who seem to betray her after all she has done for them.

  37. THE ANSWER: Because they want to see Cindy McCain’s inauguration suit (preferably something with a sable collar) and inaugural ball gown.

    QUESTION: Why will the gays be voting for McCain? 🙂

  38. A: Getting drunk off my ass with a few friends.
    Q: How will Davidson cope with tomorrow night’s stealing of the nomination?

    Oh, and with regards to the BSG question: I have no damn clue as to who the Final one is. I can’t stand Felix so I hope it’s not him. I don’t want the character to be too minor (think: Dee*), but someone with enough relevance and surprise factor.

    *Honestly, I would love to see more of Dee: that woman is fine.

  39. Q: “He is a transformational figure and the only one who can make transcendental change”

    Answer: “What exactly qualifies Obama to be POTUS?”

    LGM: Excellent one too.

  40. jjmtacoma: I cannot explain it. It hit me and the waterworks just started and I could not turn them off. I feel so stupid but she really put it all into that one post. Amazing.

  41. Hey, does anyone think the Final Cylon is going to be Cain?

  42. (Ok, I’m enjoying this too much and need to get to the gym. But here’s another one. Let’s see who gets this.)

    ANSWER: Tracy Flick

  43. Question: Whose fault will it be when John McCain eats Obama’s lunch in the GE?

  44. ben carlson: Election with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon.

  45. Oh come on Melanie;

    Give us a little credit. Make it a little tougher.

  46. Lucinda: The Answer: 57 – 2.
    Question: How many states are in Obamerica?

  47. Melanie: The DNC.

  48. OK, I give the question:
    The answer: Tim Russert says, “The political world has been stunned by Hillary Clinton blantantly pandering to religious right,” after this event.

    Question: What is “Hillary walking on Lake Michigan”?

  49. ANSWER: Tracy Flick

    QUESTION: What fictional movie character’s campaign for president was saved by a blue collar worker after an older white male sabotaged her campaign?

    (maybe I’m the only one who sees the similarities)

  50. WS, I’m pretty keyed up myself. I have to keep reminding myself that we won’t hear about Oregon right away, darn it. I wonder if Obama will wait until the vote is counted before announcing or just for 50% plus 1 of the votes.

    As for the 12th Cylon, my vote is President Laura Roslin. The visions!

  51. Citizen K, I’m planning to go to sleep early that day and wake up around 4 AM. Instant results!

    I did that for WV and when I slept it was something like 58-42 and when I woke up it was 61-26!!! I plan to do it again. Come on – Go Hillary!!!

  52. Riverdaughter, did you know about this? Ben Smith linked to you:
    A Hillary supporter’s clinical guide to the stages of Obamania.

  53. Oops, typo – 67-26.

  54. I thought about Laura Roslin – but the cancer seems strange for a cylon.

  55. Katiebird,

    The trolls are going to the “Sweeties” post with the Obamabot wheel on it. I deleted the most profane ones already.

  56. Davidson asked:

    Hey, does anyone think the Final Cylon is going to be Cain?

    That has occurred to me. One reason that I am skeptical of that, however, is that in the TV movie “Razor,” we see Cain flashing back to when she was a very young girl hiding from Cylon Centurions and then watching them fly away when the armistice is announced. For her to be a young girl back before the Cylons became humanoid weighs against her being a Cylon.

    Of course, she could have had implanted childhood memories, like Boomer did when she was a sleeper agent. And Tyrol — remember that his father is supposed to be a priest? His memory of his father’s interpretations of prophecies didn’t sound like something the Cylons would have known….

    Anyway, Cain as final Cylon would be a BIG shocker — and way cool — but “Razor” suggests she’s not a Cylon.

  57. Answer: 67-26.
    Question: What were the results in the WVA primary?

  58. Ben: Who is responsible for the idea that Obama’s popularity comes from the fact that he “isn’t an angry black man”?

  59. BostonBoomer, Ah, so maybe the link isn’t that much of a favor?

  60. Off-topic: An old video
    ABC News THIS WEEK segment on Robert Kennedy, June 1988

    Question: Would Bobby Kennedy have won? There is a guy whose name I don’t know (see about 2:00): “Bobby Kennedy had won … which most democrats have lacked since then: he could carry white rural votes in Indiana, he could carry black votes, he could carry old liberals, he could carry the kind of guy that Ronald Reagan pulled…”


  61. Answer: 23 cents

  62. Would Bobby Kennedy have won? There is a guy whose name I don’t know (see about 2:00): “Bobby Kennedy had won … which most democrats have lacked since then: he could carry white rural votes in Indiana, he could carry black votes, he could carry old liberals, he could carry the kind of guy that Ronald Reagan pulled…”

    Gee, who does that sound like? Hint: NOT OBama.

  63. Answer: Harlan County, USA

  64. Let the little Red Guards riot.

    Come Nov. 4, we’ll show them we can riot, too–silently, in the voting booth. 😉

  65. The answer: 22%

    What Hillary Gets as an Indie

  66. A: 57 cards.
    Q: How many cards are found in an Obama deck? 🙂

  67. Have you all seen this charming video:

  68. Answer: My Sharona

  69. Q: The song that served as inspiration for Chris Mathews.

    A. My Sharona

    Running down the length of my thigh, Obama
    Ma Ma Ma My Obama, wooh!

    Q. Another place Obama won’t go to.

    A. Harlan County, USA

  70. #
    MABlue, @ 6:57 pm

    The answer is: “litigatormom needs to be ready to legally assist a fellow Conflucian”

    oooh!!! oh! pick me! pick me!

    The question is

    “What happens if I strangle one of my Obamabot relatives tonight?”

  71. Melanie

    Loved that video.

  72. A. I’d have to think about that.

    Q. Hey, you poor dumb racist irrelevant frustrated angry party-dividing unity-pony-killing ugly feminazi bitch, will you be sending Obama lotsa cash and enthusiastically voting for him in November?

  73. Melanie,

    That was a really nice video. Thanks.

  74. dotcommodity:

    You won the prize. LOL

  75. Answer: (Crickets chirping and chirping and chirping.)

  76. A. Because it would be best for their party.

    Q. Why did Republican George Will recently urge Senator Clinton to drop out of the Democratic presidential primary race?

  77. Loved that video. My poor mother has taken to watching MASH re-runs at this point when she turns in for the night.

  78. Answer: that’s a cell phone in my pocket

  79. Answer: “CNN, MSNBC talking heads, over beers on the weekend .”

    Question: “Who decided to settle this pesky ‘primary’ business, once and for all, since the voters were just getting in the way?”

  80. Question: What was the response of the DNC to the baseless ad hominem attacks made by their most loyal party members, the Clinton?

  81. kiki:

    Question: “Senator Hope & Change, are you that happy to see this (female reporter pointing @ self) sweetie?”

  82. Regency:

    Good effort but NO.

  83. MABlue, lol! you nailed it!

  84. Answer: The Hanford site in Washington, where scientists helped create the atomic bomb.

  85. Question: What did Barack Obama have to admit he knew nothing about when asked on the Campaign trail in Oregon?


  86. (snort) Really?

    Ah, well — he said he’d learn all about it on the Way to The Airport. So, I’m sure he’s drafted appropriate legislation by now.

  87. What would happen if Bush did that? Does Obama know anything about anything really?

  88. (shaking my head)

    No one has gotten away with what he does.

  89. Answer: (Crickets chirping and chirping and chirping.)

    Question: “What are Barack Obama’s accomplishments?… Got one?… Anything?”

  90. Well, before his final year in the Illinois state senate, he successfully added two amendments to bills that passed. Those are his accomplishments for the first six years he’s in the senate. Then he has, like, 22 bills which get passed once Emil Jones starts giving him legislation. Why Emil isn’t running is beyond me. Then he gets to the US senate, and two bills that he has written have been signed into law. Other than winning elections, he doesn’t have an impressive record, that’s for sure. Where would he be if it wasn’t for Emil Jones?

  91. Or Alan Keyes. That was “hard fought” race to win.

  92. The answer:
    it is very similar to March 2003

    And again:

    it is very similar to March 2003

    The question:
    What does the boosting of Sen. Obama in the MSM remind me of?…..

  93. ANSWER:It is now precisely 12:01 am, Tuesday night, and I, Barack Obama, the Precious One, am now the sole nominee for the democratic party, so quit bitch!!

    QUESTION:at what precise time will Barack Obama declare himself king of these United States – all 57 of them?

  94. Q. What Super D thinks she can bamboozle us with her constant claims of nuetrality while shilling for Obama on CNN?

    A. Donna Brazile

    Okay, way too easy I know. But true. All too true.

  95. A: A 50 state strategy.

    Q: What is failing to recognize FL, MI and not campaigning in WV or KY.

  96. A: 20 years at Trinity Church of Christ.

    Q: What is not hearing anything new?

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