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134 Responses

  1. oh boy…

    Riverdaughter! sorry this is so long, I did not see how to make it cut off at ‘eats kitties” with a link to open up the rest…

  2. I think I can make a little change that will shrink the real estate but not change any of the content. I hope you don’t mind. Otherwise, great post! We need to address real issues.

  3. thanks, it should just go as far as kitties

    Only one candidate is an eco candidate.
    But as everyone knows, she eats kitties.

    and then you can either get down with your wonky self at page 2, or keep reading other diaries…

  4. BTW, your “eats kitties” comment made me think of my daughter’s Chuck Norris jokes, as in:

    Chuck Norris has the heart of a child… in a box.

    So, a Hillary Clinton joke could go like:

    Hillary Clinton loves soft, warm kitties…. with ketchup.

    I think I might propose something like it one of these evenings when we’re bored.

  5. Look, nobody’s perfect.

  6. How do you make a kitty float?

    Take a glass of root beer and add two scoops of kitty.

  7. myiq2xu: ROTF! Too, too, funny, but really, this is Dot’s very first post and we need to be more {{giggle}} serious and supportive. {snort!}

    Let’s save the jokes for another thread. I apologize to Dot for starting it. She has obviously taken a lot of time on this and I’m sorry.

  8. BTW, Dot, I thought the eats kitties thing *was* perfect.

  9. …(tries to think of good kittie joke…)


  10. Just for the record, here in MA Ted Kennedy has come out against Wind Farming. They would be situated too close to his Hyannisport home. Probably a reason why he is supporting Obama since Hillary has far more ambitious plans for saving energy.

  11. great post. Yet another example of some dems inability to “believe their lying eyes”. OT, is there any possible way to spin eating kitties as “eco-friendly”? you know, like they contribute to green house gasses or something? I know my dogs do….

  12. Goddamn… Why do my simple closing parentheses do this undignified smilie face all the goddamn time!
    And when will I get the hang of thios site, if ever?

  13. “eco-friendly”? you know, like they contribute to green house gasses or something? I know my dogs do…
    like they make their own fertilizer…?

  14. Wow, excellent post! I wish he could see it…

  15. Awesome post. Send this to Gore.

  16. Stop! You’re killing me!! I swear, I can’t stop laughing.

  17. Pat: exactamente!

    In fact there is an unintentionally revealing map at OpenLeft
    of Obama endorsers showing he gets the corn belt (ethanol states, get it?) for Obama and MA and CA (which are real leaders in renewables) Supers going for Hillary. MIT in MA is creating our future energy.

    Heres more detail on his energy lobby in my comment on the diary
    with yellow for Obama Supers and Greenblue for Hillary’s.

  18. Tabby, I always send my diaries to whoever I am trying to influence…so please, feel free to express your desires to Al Gore!

  19. I cannot say enough how impressed I am with the time and effort put into the research for today’s 3 postings from Riverdaughter, Gary, and dotcommodity! You guys provide so much information and it is much appreciated from someone like me.

    The energy issue is a big one since it involves so much money. Interesting to see where and to whom those lobbyists are placing their bets.

  20. dotc…what was the reaction at DK to your diary? Had this been written about anyone besides Hillary vs Obama, it would shoot to the top of the rec list.

    Remember when facts like these mattered over there?

  21. Thanks for this excellent post! McCain’s people are already saying that Obama’s palns depend on “dirty energy.’ Those are words that stick. Robert Kennedy Jr. endorsed Hillary. He is very active in environmental affairs. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s not afraid to support causes he believes him.

    I’ve seen Robert Kennedy Jr. in action on local environmental issues. He’s a real worker. Hillary and RFK Jr. have done a lot for New York State.

    Most people don’t know that Obama is in Exelon’s back pocket. No, Exelon is not a headache remedy. It ix not a kind of artificial fabric. It is not an accounting platform. It makes nukes.

  22. Gore is out of politics, and he should give up his superdelegate vote.

  23. Any energy discussion needs to point out the ties between Obama, Axelrod, William Ayers and Exelon.

    Most people don’t know Ayers’ dad was Chairman of Commonwealth Edison, a subsidiary of Exelon. Axelrod worked for Exelon, which was the subject of the “nuclear regulation” that Obama falsely claimed he got passed.

  24. yeah, I do remember…now its like a ruins of a spacious mansion I once dwelled in, now Itumbleweeds blow down the marble staircases…

    The reaction was nil. I escaped trollratings.

    1. For one thing I initially gave it a boring title to escape the notice of the thugs policing the joint now and then notified the ecokossacks, but, like most Hillary supporters, most of them have left too….

    2. And then I didn’t write it nearly as… frankly

    to the point that even my ol buddy RichinPA (no slouch in the brains department) found it beyond oblique…
    or as he said:


    Gulag language…

  25. What did Axelrod do for Exelon?

  26. Axelrod was a “political consultant” for Exelon, where he develeped his skill at astroturfing.

  27. Good, good post, Dot!

  28. That’s a shame dot. That place sure has changed. If I accidentally hit a link that takes me there, I see primarily user ID’s in the 150,000+ range. Just imagine when Obama loses what a drop in traffic they will have. I’ll never go back.

    Thank you for the work you put in that. I am ashamed at my lack of knowledge in the environmental area and your post was very helpful to me.

  29. Just for fun – off topic – this if from The Reclusive Leftist site. More Obama sexism….

    “In the wake of sweetie-gate, someone emailed me this story from a year ago:

    Obama, speaking at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, raised eyebrows Monday at a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer when, as we reported, the Illinois Senator described his Democratic colleague from California as “a fighter, a leader, a charmer, a cutie.”

    The remark “set off a lot of murmuring,” said one Democratic strategist in attendance, “among a lot of very strong powerful women around Boxer there who were offended.”

    The descriptive of a powerful feminist senator raised “a strategic question: is (Obama) ready for prime time? You don’t call a U.S. senator a ‘cutie,’” said the strategist, whose take was echoed by others.
    Actually you do, if you’re Barack Obama. U.S. senators, journalists, pharmacists, factory workers – they’re all “sweeties” or “cuties” to Obama. As long as they’re female, that is. (Can you imagine him as President? Look out, Angela Merkel.)

    What the hell is this man’s problem? He’s my age — mid-40s — and there is no excuse for this. He should know damn well not to talk to or about women in that manner. It reminds me of my first job back in 1980, when the male boss called all the women in the office “honey” and expected them to fetch him coffee. Workin’ 9 to 5…

    But let me get back to that Boxer article from last year. Listen to this next bit (still quoting the unnamed strategist):

    From an opposition research point of view, this marked “a swing and a miss” by Team Hillary: “It would have been easy to get the blogosphere and make sure Fox News and Drudge Report knew about (the quote), and watch it go .. because in a few months, nobody could have gotten away on it.”
    The irony. “

  30. dotcommodity: You make Kos sound like something akin to “Gray Gardens”.

  31. Arabella Trefoil –
    So McCain’s people are already saying that Obama’s palns depend on “dirty energy.’

    Ha! McCain is just as unsustainable.

    He wants to change the Bush plan completely. Instead of Bush’s mere Billions for nuke power, McCain wants $4 Trillion for nukes

    …and we will be out of Uranium by like 2050…but investors are betting on him or Obama because new Uranium claims like in the Grande Canyon are up a thousand-fold!

  32. so does that make markos little edie or big edie?

  33. or, sarah:

    “It would have been easy to get the blogosphere and make sure Fox News and Drudge Report knew about (the quote), and watch it go .. because in a few months, nobody could have gotten away on it.”

    …its that she takes the high road: no personal character assassinations, true or not….

  34. dot,

    I was always so impressed with your diaries and comments at DK. I read your last diary over there, but the comments were dopey. Thanks so much for giving us Conflucians the unedited truth.

  35. miq2xu – Excellent point about Ayers. Remember when he used to say (during his student rebel days) “My dad worked for Edison.” Not with a hard hat and a shovel. Dad flew a desk. But young Mr. Ayers had to present some working class credentials for his followers.

    I’m finding that Obama’s supporters are surprised by Obama’s Exelon connection. I feel as if I’m taking Santa Claus away when I bring it up. They don’t want to believe it. Thank you, dotcommodity for your excellent post. I’m going to save the link to share with my young friends. You summed the issues up concisely.

    Al Gore is in a tought spot. I hope there is no such thing as Kryptonite flavored koolade.

  36. dot,

    I forgot to say, your diaries about Hillary’s energy policies were instrumental in my deciding to support her. You came across as so knowledgeable and competent that I started to pay more attention to what Hillary was saying in debates and speeches.

  37. Pat and Gary,

    Actually – I see it still as well lighted and grande, with its blogrolls and searchfunctions and threaded and huggable comments etc……so Grey Gardens is not quite…it was more like an Age of Reason era architectural grande folly…like the covered plaza in Milano? Imagine that now with rats scurrying across the inlaid marble… but all the chandeliers still blazing over the debris…..

    woops! I guess it had to end! Not too sustainable.

  38. gary: I kind of preferred Big Edie myself. When she sang it was well worth the wait. And the cats walking all over every surface, while it made me itch, just cracked me up. Those poor things were happy in their own little world though. You just never knew what Little Edie was going to be wearing on any given day. Kind of sad.

  39. dotcommodity: Then how about Markos as Miss Haversham?

  40. Here’s a little bit more about Axelrod’s astroturfing for Commonwealth Edison.

  41. dotcomm, this is terrific. Terrific.

    BTW, you all, being all totally gay and everything, I’d just like to point out the double-entendrey-ness of “she eats kittens.”

    Get where I’m going? Heh. My mind is so in the gutter, I’d have to use a ladder to get into the gutter.

    Ftr: IMO, the junior senator from New York can come play on our supergayfriends softball team anytime she likes. I will personally hand-deliver her toaster oven should she make a different lifestyle choice. Hell, I’ll mail one to her right now simply for being one of those, “Not Gay but Not Stupid About It” str8 gals.

    In fact, I will price one on Amazon.com and send her the cash.

  42. Ohio: I got your double entendre. Now go make a donation to Hillary.com as your penance!

  43. For the record, I want to say that I expect Gore to endorse what’s his face soon. Why? Because he’s the last big card left to play. Edwards landed like a lead balloon. And honestly, I’m expecting Gore to do the same.

    Think about it. Obama’s been endorsed by the most abominal losers to ever try for the field. McGovern switched. McGovern–Mr. “I lost 49 States”! And now Gore, I’m expecting. Gore, who was so afraid of being called a sore loser that he gave up. Gore who won the popular vote and lost the presidency didn’t support re-votes in Michigan & *Florida*!

    No, I expect nothing from Gore. He hates the Clintons. Threw Bill out with the bathwater and put himself in the position to lose. Now, he will likely endorse another guy who will either not win or will win by the very technicality to which he himself lost.

  44. Thanks for that link, myiq2x. That’s another keeper.

    dot – I bring up McCain’s “dirty energy” meme because I was surprised by it. They did some serious oppo energy on Obama. Distilling a comples issue (pardon the pun) down to two words that sound so nasty? Rovian.

    Already some Republicans are touting McCain the environmentalist. They must understand the demographics well. Turns out that Obama’s record on energy is wedge issue for some voters.

  45. Wow, bostonboomer, thanks.

    Thanks everyone, in fact!

    Its really nice to see so many familiar faces – noms de pixel, over here.

    I remember you bostonboomer in many eco diaries. Now I wish I’d found here earlier. Big hugs for all!

    I felt guilty about keeping my mouth shut. After I had a diary trollrated I got frightened to write. But, we do face the end of our civilization if the Supers pick wrong to go along. Its not just about who’s up and who’s down…

  46. If Gore endorses Obama I am replacing all my energy saving lightbulbs with 150 watt ones!

  47. Check out these electoral maps ….updated daily




  48. God bless Al Gore, I have to say, great picture because I do see Al Gore in a Clark Kent/Superman way –

    Like you said, GORE KNOWS that Hillary’s plan is the most eco-friendly plan.


    If he endorses Obama – I’ll be his Krypyonite.

  49. An important and persuasive analysis. Clinton understands and strongly supports science, and is a passionate supporter of the environment, in ways that seem deeply intellectual and heartfelt. And none of which are apparent in Obama.

    Given the pressure of Obama’s Machiavellian machine and Gore’s resentment at sharing power with Hillary in the White House, I kind of expect Gore to take the low road.

    Mr. “Assault on Reason” is about to commit an assault on reason, I fear.

    Which is not going to help my growing cynicism one whit.

  50. God bless Al Gore, I have to say, great picture because I do see Al Gore in a Clark Kent/Superman way –

    Like you said, GORE KNOWS that Hillary’s plan is the most eco-friendly plan.


    If he endorses Obama – I’ll be his Krypyonite.

  51. We shall see what Al Gore is made of….staying neutral would be the best for the party….we shall see…

  52. Sorry, computer got stuck.

    Those damn pesky RATs!


  53. What scientists have endorsed Obama? Or are part of his inner circle. The Wright pseudoscience is frightening to me. I get the impression that Obama won’t stand up to creationists either.

  54. If Gore endorses Obama I am replacing all my energy saving lightbulbs with 150 watt ones!

    Now were talkin! Use force!!!!

    Hey Bo and Regency: be nice! I’m sending this to The Great One, and I was drafting him in CA till mid December. Talk nice please. He fought back, and I think one reason Hillary Won’t Stand Down is that she learned from his demise.

    He was never a coward, running after bipartisanship (snort!) like Daschle and the rest of those blowhards.

    Think strategic like Pat here. (And not like that nasty Ohio….!)

  55. what in the world would the orange ones do if Gore endorsed Hillary?

  56. Maybe that’s why Gore is silent, he KNOWS Hillary has the best plan, KNOWS she’s the one that has the best policy, but won’t come out and say it because of

    1) He doesn’t want to lose his Current TV college base that supposedly vote for Obama

    2) He’s still bitter over his VP years because Hillary didn’t stay baking cookies

    Hillary has proven herself without “super” endorsements. Sure, she needs every super she can get, but at this point she has the popular vote and if Obama is chosen despite Hillary being on top, Gore should speak out on her behalf.

    At least, I hope he does. Everybody thought Edwards would support Hillary since he’s 100% for Universal Healthcare, but as proven, he’s a tool.

  57. Well OldCoastie, I think Boxer is sticking with her. She used to post at Cheetopia, back when we were all smart people…

    That link in comment upthread at 4.43 pm shows how the clean energy states like CA support her.

    In fact a better naming of that info should be

    95% Of Obama Superdelegates Are In Little Red States Democrats Won’t Win !

    because thats where the facts in it take you….of course that diaryist gets it wrong, saying that 95% in red states proves “ignoring little red states causes their supers to endorse Obama.” hmm….

  58. So. Man the barricades, lets us !!!

    Whos with Pat?


    Endorse Hillary Or We Rip Out Our CFLs !

  59. Yeah, but Obama won’t visit red states like KY & WV.

  60. LOL!

    OT, but the Celtics are very close to winning the 7th game against the Cavs. I hope they hang on….

  61. I adore Gore, but I’m sure he’ll endorse whatshisface. The media spin is just too powerful. He also doesn’t like Hillary, and I don’t think he’s strong enough to put his feelings aside and judge rationally.
    It’s sad. Obama and his people have replaced democratic values like hard work and achievement with repiblican smear tactics. And knowledgeable folk have been shut out.
    If Obama gets the nom, I’m sure some will support him, because the alternative is unspeakable. But the party has become a republican creep fest that many traditional democrats wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

  62. I honestly think Al Gore cares more about the country and the planet than he does about fixing the mess the democratic party has made of itself. political parties come and go in the big picture.

    I think if he does endorse at all, he’ll endorse the one with a plan.

  63. YES!

    I just brought down my energy bill by almost 50% – in FL, by not using my central heat/AC unit. I’ve turn it off during the winter months (even when it was cold) and now only turn it on AC when I’m in the house and keep it at 79 degrees.

    I even got an energy audit to save more energy.

    Gore, I’m WARNING YOU, I’m ready to turn my thermostat to 70 if you endorse the Unity Pony!

  64. Kiki, that’s the whole post of DotCommodity’s post.

    Hillary’s IS the best plan.

  65. bzzzzzzzz..

  66. Hey KO, before someone smarter than I am responds to you, I just want to let you know that Donna Brazile is not undecided as you said last night on Talkleft. She has stated on CNN that she is decided on her choice but is not making it public. Like we don’t all know anyway.

  67. Kid Oakland, fancy you following me here.

    Richardson is in NM like Bingaman.
    The nuke power connection.

    Seniors were children of the Depression. They know populism like Hillary is offering from a YOYO Republican-lite like Obama.

    When I was campaigning for Charlie Brown, (at your sufggestion in red counties/blue counties)

    I found the crispyest old darlings in nursing homes were far and away the feisyest Dems, who understood what we’ve lost.

    Like Hillary told O’Reilly, back in the old days they had 70% top tax rates and an infrastructure to go along with it. Thats what made them the good old days!

    And kid? I’ll be 60 next year.


  68. KO: Obama has taken the 48 state strategy and for that reason alone, he deserves to lose the nomination.

    Ok, I think we all know what you think about Obama and Clinton. Nothing we say is going to change your mind. But we cold-blooded pragmatists have no obligation to indulge your fantasy life. Perhaps you would make more progress at some other blog. You are just annoying us here.

  69. I’m thinking Gore is going with Hillary… I give him enough credit to put personal animosity aside and see just who can get the job done.

  70. Here we go with the RATs Sweetie software again….

    Oh hi there Kid Oakland!

    BTW, they endorse barack NOT because of his energy policy which is NOT as eco-friendly as Hillary’s, but becayse

    a) Richardson wants to be VP and supposedly can get him Latinos (WRONG!)

    b) Edwards got Obama’s donor lists (which he got from Kerry) for his College fund.


  71. Ah, great work, dotcommodity. I learned more about Exelon in particular from your links, including John W. Rowe. This one is interesting:


    **Since 2003, executives and employees of Exelon, which is based in Illinois, have contributed at least $227,000 to Mr. Obama’s campaigns for the United States Senate and for president. Two top Exelon officials, Frank M. Clark, executive vice president, and John W. Rogers Jr., a director, are among his largest fund-raisers.

    Another Obama donor, John W. Rowe, chairman of Exelon, is also chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute, the nuclear power industry’s lobbying group, based in Washington. Exelon’s support for Mr. Obama far exceeds its support for any other presidential candidate.**

  72. Oldcoastie, I sure hope so, but like I said, he may hold off because of Obama’s supposed hold of Current TVs core demographic.

  73. Thank you, RD. I feel like we’re being stalked.

  74. Kid:

    If Obama wants no lobbyists in his White House, lets see him ditch these guys advising him on energy here, at take gander at these at The BipartisanPolicyCenter…like the Exelon CEO, and both Daschle and Bob Dole who are ethanol lobbyists!

    Partners from the Atlanta-based law firm Alston & Bird donated $33,000 to Obama in the first 90 days of 2007.

    Alston & Bird has a large lobbying division in Washington. It billed its clients nearly $3.9 million in 2006, ranking 35th among Washington lobbyists. Alston boasts on its website that it offers clients “unique experience with how policy is made” and knows “the people who make it: government and agency officials; members of Congress and their staff.”

    Daschle joined Bob Dole (R) at Alston & Bird in 2003, and both now are Obama advisors through The Bipartisan Policy Center.

    …Obama’s biggest single source of corporate money – $160,000 – came from executives at Exelon Corp., the nation’s largest nuclear power provider, and its subsidiary, Commonwealth Edison, an Illinois utility.

    the CEO of Exelon is on the advisory board of The Bipartisan Policy Center

    Exelon spent $500,000 to influence policy in Washington last year.

  75. On Taylor Marsh, someone cited No Quarter that one of the reasons he will declare victory on 5/20 is to pressure superdelegates to go to him in order to reach 2025 before FL/MI are decided on 5/31.

  76. BO has told his supporters in public now – to be nice to Hillary Supporters … well guess what , for me it’s too late .. as the Big Dawg said one time

    “Bill Clinton once used this phrase and I will use it now – I wouldn’t vote for Obama to see a cow jump over the moon” … ya gotta love it .. ;)))

    of course I found this from someone else, forgive me cause I don’t remember who .. I save it caused I loved it .. lol ..

  77. Kid, please, we know that you’re a Rent-a-troll part of the 400 blogger plan.


    We are not nubile voters. We are informed and skilled voters.


    And that choice is to fight for every vote 50 states and write in Hillary in Nov 08 if Obama is the nominee.

    Please, go back to the DailyKos where you are from and post another diary of how menstrual we are.

  78. Very good video making the case for Obama / Main Stream Media sexism campaign.

  79. Kid:

    The Gas tax repeal by labourday was indeed a pander.

    Nobody with any brains believes its

    a. possible
    b. desirable

    just like nobody with any brains believes its

    a. possible
    b. desirable

    to be bipartisan with the Rethugs ,


    half the country voted for somebody who promises to achieve that equally foolish and undesirable proposition!

    She was trying to peel off some of Obama’s pie in the sky supporters…there’s gullible people to be found in his base…

    Her eco policy advisors at The Center For American Progress took her to task for it:

    ” I write this post with some sadness. I would not have expected a major progressive politician who obviously cares about global warming to propose a gas tax holiday, which has no public benefits whatsoever, but at the same time undermines the entire rationale behind a national climate strategy that includes, as it must, a pricing mechanism for greenhouse gases.

    I try, however, to be as consistent as possible — and if such a proposal was cynical and hypocritical for Sen. McCain, it is equally cynical and hypocritical for Sen. Clinton. Kudos to Sen. Obama for opposing this absurd proposal”

  80. WS, Larry Johnson is on a mission!

    And he’s absolutely correct. It’s a major 5/20 Haka Dance.

    And this whole Obama quote “be nice to Clinton Supporters” – what tool. How dare he think that after the orders our annhilation, he now wants them to be “nice.”

    I want to see a cow jump over the moon – and THEN I could probably vote for Obama.

  81. “Obama has the broader coalition ” KO’s high on hopium again. Hill’s coalition includes the clear majority of working class, women, asian, latino, jewish, Catholic, and senior voters.

  82. Corn ethanol sucks. In fact, our focus should be on wind, solar and geothermal as Hillary’s plan does.

  83. Obama has no clue how to make it transitional. His plan is a sham. Yeah, kids think he’s the enviro candidate. Astroturfing works on kiddies. Education has been gutted. Critical thinking skills have been decimated. Joe Romm said in a post recently that only most have no clue which is the eco candidate.

    And by not using a Public Good advisory team like the Center For American Progress, but rather private gain hucksters, how can it transition?

    We already have technologies to be clean. Her plan transitions us to using them. His plan is…a parked car. (in Gavin Newsome terminology)

  84. dot,

    Sorry, I accept your amiable correction. You’re right that we should give him the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best. I should have added that he will always have my deep admiration for his amazing environmental advocacy.

    I based my cynicism on Terry Gross’ interview of Al on Fresh Air last week. I was disappointed to hear him use code language we have all come to know so well about “the math” and so forth, instead of discussing candidates’ qualifications and policies. Which to me is an excuse not to take the high road and support the real environmental candidate.

  85. Biofuels should even be on the energy platform.

    Look at how much it’s affecting our food costs!

    Obama = The NUCULAR George W. Bush, powered by Excelon.

  86. Ethanol is for drinking, not driving!

  87. SM – see, I take the exact opposite point of view… Gore only wants one thing and that is to get an effective energy plan in place – he doesn’t want to be VP, he doesn’t want AG… he doesn’t need to be popular with the orange boiz – what do they do for him? Gore is a leader, not a follower like these other people. I would be very disappointed and very shocked if he supported BO.

    BO, seeing how thin his resume is, has very few votes for us to judge us on but his vote for Cheney’s energy plan is quite telling. How could Gore support that?

    and KO couldn’t possibly be one of the sweetie boiz! he surely wouldn’t get paid for today if that is the case…. implying that the people of Appalachia or seniors do not care about the future of this country (by not being invested in green energy) is just plain stupid and wrong… and doesn’t much future the sweetie biz…

  88. myiq2xu, Mmmm, pour me some! Hey while you’re pouring, I’ll get some fritters made with some great biofuel!

  89. future = futher

  90. Bo, I’ll have to listen to that…I gave up on NPR when they reacted like they were on valium as habeas corpus went down the drain etc, yet another thing I am glad Hillary stood up for in this interview in NH…

  91. SM, I think a KY drubbing will keep enough superdelegates to be uncommitted.

  92. OldCoastie, I’m not saying that he wants to be VP, I’m saying he may not endorse Hillary because he doesn’t want to alienate his core demographic from Current TV, which are college kids (who supposedly are for Obama).

    Gore knows her policy is exactly in line with what he would do. But he’s scared to, and that sucks. Because Gore know it takes a strong kick-azz president to push policy. And Hillary is a fighter, and Obama wants to build “Nucular” plants and burn up my damn vodka!

  93. myiq2xu,
    that was an interesting link on Axelrods astroturfing. The astroturf ABEC( Americans who just lorrve them some Coal) had ads that were very similar to Obamas ads…


  94. WS,

    KY always gives great “drubbing” – you should try the tingly kind.

    (Kidding, of course!)

  95. eh! Gore ain’t scared of nothing!


  96. Oh no, is he (KO) back? I guess someone already deleted the post. What did he say? Was it profane?

  97. You know, Kid, I resent you being here. I have been called so many names by Obama supporters, and I just like to come here and not be confronted with you guys.

    You and your cohorts have burned bridges in some pretty serious ways. I think you’re candidate is a lying misogynist. I resent his misogynistic rhetoric about Clinton. I resent that he didn’t distance himself from Rhodes’ routine. I resent that his idiotic supporters are explaining to me that I obviously don’t know misogyny when I see it if I think his “periodic” comment was inappropriate.

    This isn’t my blog so RD gets to make the call about these things and maybe she’ll tell me to go rather than you – that’s her right and i would respect that. But I want to emphasize to you that you, your companions in the journey and most particularly your candidate have left us feeling insulted and demeaned. and you coming here, and posting this insulting crap you posted, doesn’t help the unity one bit.

    You and your fellow kossacks pissed all over us at DK and not satisfied with that, you follow us here to piss on us some more. That’s how a lot of us see it.

    Here me loud and clear – your candidate has burned his bridges to an awful lot of people. What you’re doing here makes it worse, not better. Maybe your candidate will win, maybe he won’t. But there are going to be a lot of people like me that are going to work very hard to defeat Obama should he be the nominee. Before you come post here again, ask yourself, if it’s really in the best interest of unity considering the utter contempt with which your candidate is regarded here.

  98. and, SM, that is exactly my point… Gore doesn’t want anything to do with a government position.

  99. OT, but have you all seen this video:

  100. Oldcoastie,

    I think you are right, I think Al cares only about making the best of whichever of the 3 gets in, to see what is the very best he can get out of them in the way of decent policy.

    He was even willing, remember last March to go for breakfast with Inohofe, to try and do what he could…

  101. myiq2xu, I just saw your Axelrod astroturfing link.

    I can’t believe these people are that LAZY – they are so over-confident in their cut & paste skills, they think no one will see through the BS.

    Clean coal is like a light cigarette. Even if it’s a “light,” you still can get cancer from it.

  102. Sorry that was, Dotcommodity not myiq2xu!

    Those pesky RATs Sweetie software did it again!

  103. My two cents:

    It’s a choice between working for what you say you actually care about, or taking an ego trip.

    I’ve seen candidate and media personality one after another betray what their supposed “life work” or even fiduciary position dictates to go the the Obama parade.

    I was gonna list some of them, but I don’t have the stomach for it, anymore. I want to kick them to the curb with a really hard shoe.

    Anyway, it appears that camp crazy-obamaphile
    has got some sales pitch which appeals to the egos of weak minded folks. I can practically see the lot of them going into a restaurant giving each other high fives and tell each other how cool they all are. I can also clearly see the people at all the other tables saying to each other, “god, those guys are such assholes.” Sort of like people on cocaine think they are so damn cool and everybody else thinks they need to be flushed down the nearest commode.
    Perhaps there’s coke in the kool-aid. Or perhaps it really is trying to be cool-aid. Regardless…

    I don’t know enough about Gore to have an opinion as to whether he really cares about his version of “life work” or he would like to have a black suit to wear everyday like Obama.

    I’m not real impressed that SDs are incapable of judging the two candidates after months of primaries.
    I’m not impressed that the SDs are leaving all the class to the Clinton AAs who are taking all the heat
    standing up to this ridiculous political climate.

    It is obvious Clinton is the only democratic candidate out there–Obama is a hybrid experiment gone incredibly wrong. By the way, since no one seems to have a birth certificate, has anybody checked to see if anyone in Chicago had a creature rip it’s way out of their chest? The SDs are playing the coward game.
    I wish they wouldn’t– after all I think this might be important to, I don’t know– maybe our country and the world?

    Sorry for the long post… Sadly, I could go on.

  104. KO: While I realize that you aren’t perpetrating the misogyny and hatred that are the trademark of Obama supporters in the blogosphere, you hang out with the ones who are.

    While we don’t like your candidate, we denounce racist statements (the real kind, not the imaginary ones) from alleged Hillary supporters.

    Most of us were driven out of other blogs (like the big orange cheeto) by Obama supporters. We didn’t go looking for hatred on obscure blogs, it came and found us. It even followed us here.

  105. Big wins in caucuses. Don’t fool yourself KO. Look, can’t you show any intellectual honesty at all? Hillary isn’t just winning the white working class vote, she is winning the working class vote sans african americans. She’s won the entire appalachian voting block, she’s brought the Reagan Dem’s home. Obama’s coalition is younger voters, upper income whites and near monoloithic support from african americans. That’s simply a smaller base of support for a general election.

  106. OT, have you seen this video:

    McGlaughlin nails it, IMO. BO=black John Kerry. I’ve said that for two years.

  107. Maybe Al Gore should be Obama’s VP? Check out Big Orange and make sure there are no liquids in your mouth, or you’ll mess up your keyboard.

  108. Lori, RIGHT ON!!

    KO, please take your talking points to someone who’ll listen. You will not apologize for the rabid fascism, sexism and extreme race-baiting of the Obama campaign, as well as the persecution and villanery of Obama supporters. You and your minions refuse to abide by democracy by not counting MI & FL votes, and that means a lot to me because I also am a Latin woman who lives in FL. I got thrown “under the bus” three times by Obama & DNC. Latino. Woman. FL voter. 3 times!

    Edwards & Richardson have ZERO respect from me, as I was rooting for Clinton and/or Edwards.

    Edwards sold out Universal Healthcare. He sold out the people that need it most by siding with the candidate that doesn’t cover Universal Healthcare.

    Richardson sold out the people who gave him a start in his political career and sold out the majority of his state who chose Hillary Clinton. That’s why James Carville called him Judas, and rightfully so.

    We know the Obama talking points left & right. We made our choice.

    You and your RAT Sweetie software should pick another website. How about iVillage?

  109. None of those are out west. I swear you said out west. Yes, KO, all in February. He peaked in WI. The numbers speak for themselves.

    By the way, there are several places he didn’t win the youth vote, or won it monolithically among african american voters but lost it among white or latino voters.

  110. Lori – me too – !!!

    “You and your cohorts have burned bridges in some pretty serious ways. I think you’re candidate is a lying misogynist. I resent his misogynistic rhetoric about Clinton. I resent that he didn’t distance himself from Rhodes’ routine. I resent that his idiotic supporters are explaining to me that I obviously don’t know misogyny when I see it if I think his “periodic” comment was inappropriate. ”

    and you whole post from the beginning to the last paragraph .

  111. People – don’t feed the trools. Ignore the sweeties.

  112. Here is a fellatious* argument:

    “To address your point, Clinton can’t simultaneously play the “I’m stronger with the white working class in OH / PA / WV and KY” card as her Super Delegate argument (which I think she now sees as the major mistake that it was, since Super Delegates are not swinging her way) and then also say “I’m the Al Gore Energy candidate.”

    It’s not that voters in Appalachia don’t care about energy policy, we all do and we all have a stake in it. However, political history shows that legislators from the districts Clinton claims strength in have not been on the forefront of passing environmental laws and have abetted policies like mountain top removal. Is she saying that is going to change?

    Why not? Because the legislators in that region vote a certain way? does that mean the voters agree with them on every issue? You say they care about energy policy but then contradict yourself and say they don’t.

    BTW – Your smarmy attitude isn’t gonna make you any friends or converts around here.

    *it sucks

  113. Oh yeah.

    Obama is a racist and a misogynist. There is no persuading to be done.

    He is a WEAK candidate, and a big time electoral LOSER! (I do mean to yell that.)

    He will not exist on my ballot.

  114. 50 states? Less Florida, Michigan and now Kentucky? You really need to drop that talking point because even you can’t believe that one.

  115. SM, now I’m even more excited for our KY win, lol.

  116. tabbycat, Don’t forget WV, that one didn’t count either. And BO thinks the reason he can’t win in KY is because it’s closer to Arkansas than to Illinois!

    Bwaaahahahahahahaha! What a dope!

  117. Bostonboomer: He thinks he can win Oregon because he does well in the Great Lakes area (except Ohio and Michigan)

  118. WS,

    KY always delivers great satisfaction: great horses, great borubon, great electoral smackdowns!

  119. Gah! BOURBON!

  120. About Al Gore, apart from everything he HAS to know that Hillary’s being pummeled by the exact same people in the media using the exact same techniques as they did on him. If Maureen Dowd & co. hadn’t happily torn him apart on his wonkishness, we wouldn’t’ve been looking back on eight years of George Bush, of the Iraq war, of a frittered away budget surplus and an economy perched on the edge of destruction.

    If Gore forgets all of this and goes on to endorse Obama, we’ll know for sure that he’s not really that wonkish, but actually a little dumb.

  121. Hey myiq2xu, i recognize you from the Slate Fray….good to see you here.

    I was in LOVE with Slate until a few months ago, and left that site back in Feb/March after the whole site kept going crazier and crazier in their anti-Hillary-Clinton-dom, and ferociously encouraged stupidity.
    The ladies at XX Factor seem to have some very serious issues with self-esteem….they were THRILLED when Obama did the Jay-Z dogwhistle, and were tripping for joy saying ‘what a cool guy this is’.

  122. I’d be surprised if Al Gore didn’t betray everything he believed in and endorsed Obama. I have lost total faith in the Democratic Party. I will not lie, though: Gore endorsing Obama would hurt like hell; he was the first presidential nominee I could vote for and I worked for his campaign–in FL.

  123. I wish Al Gore would do the right thing, but I’ve just about lost my faith in any of the DNC leadership doing the right thing.
    This was funny. Last night, Dennis Miller comment on the Edwards’ endorsement. He said, “Talk about lightweight, Obama might as well have had Ryan Seacrest endorse him.”

  124. Al Gore’s endorsement would be the only one left that would really hurt. I really admire him and I need a hero, dammit.

  125. riverdaughter, and everyone,

    thanks for such a welcoming atmosphere where we can discuss and share what we know and think.

    Like Elixir, I feel that I am finally tucked up in the big girl bed with soup and toast. Nourishing nourishing community.

    me too, I was trying to draft Gore till mid December…

    I believe Gore, like Hillary does, really cares far more about the country – and duh: the planet – more than his personal needs. And he was eviscerated by the oligarchic punditocracy in such a similar way as she was – it has to resonate!

    On the other hand if he feels it is an unfightable battle, just as he did the best he could with Inohofe, I really think and pray, actually, that he will play some serious hardball.

  126. and next time I won’t feed straying trolls. It helps to have a refuge from the overwhelming Orwellian atmosphere that has turned the nightmare of the Bush years into something suddenly truly sinister.

    But if I knew you’d delete all the kid oakland posts I would not have gotten so snippy with him. It is a lot left over from the outright lies – about eco matters he knows zip about – and it rouses my ire. Makes the old ptsd act up.

    Now theres just us left snapping at a ghost, we look cranky…so next time, I’ll be wiser.

  127. How can we contact him and send him this article? All I can find are inconvenient truth e-mail address for him. It’s related so maybe he might here about it. If we all sent a copy with a personal note as to why he should endorse Hillary. He must do the right thing. If he endorses Obama I will lose all respect for him and question his commitment to global warming.

  128. I am so disappointed in Edwards but I am still holding on to my hope in Gore. He’s railed against the media (Assault on Reason) and he’s sincere in his fight against global warming.
    (Please Saint Al, don’t endorse. Please please please)

    Great post, Dot!
    (Love the kitties line too)

  129. thks, votermom@10:08,

    and LaurenCali + anyone who wants to email The Gorecle –


    and heres what he uses to push congress to pass specific eco legislation: unlike AlGore@algore.com which has been deluged by non eco nincompoops at Cheetopia

    and now

    I do not want him to speak up till all the voters have, and I think he will honor our right to vote unfettered by undue influence of pre- June 4th Supers.

    But I do not want him to cave to the one with the “continue with Bush policy” energy plan. (Bush also – pre election – mouthed the good fight on Global Warming, while doing something completely different once under the thumb of The Oiligarchy)

    For all his words about making change

    (and that is good: at least all his deluded supporters imagine he will make the changes needed – they simply haven’t looked too hard at his details)

    We need Al Gore to save us all from Obama’s advisors.

    Oh, and Al:

    I know both include 60 billion gallons of ethanol by 2030 (like the Dems generally), but only Obama depends on ethanol for 1/3 of his $150 billion dollar plan.

    For Hillary she realizes corn-ethanol is just a stepping stone to algae-ethanol and does not rely on it to turn things around, for her its just one of the 12 Socolow/Pacala wedges.

    But you knew that.

  130. I wonder if Obama decided not to declare himself the nominee Tue night because Gore balked on joining him? just my hope. I mean someone has to see it’s political , no all credibility , suicide to endorses this guy …right? The worry is ( besides the Clinton hate) is Gore wants to do the environment thing via corporations and Hill wants to do it via government
    and that is a night and day difference . So he may indeed come out for Obama….but I hope he is smater than that.

    Hillary represents a stop to the tamanui of privatization all the corporations want to replace the government.
    Hillary is fighting her heart out for the right to fight her heart out for the next 8 years. That she knows this and still fights, makes her even more amazing. There is no resting place for a Clinton President

  131. Very nice job, dot.

    As for Al…I would love to be surprised but after his Brazile-managed losing campaign keeping the Clintons at arm’s length, I don’t expect it…

    However, as I have said any number of times, if it looks like Obama will have the votes, I hope Hillary will save us from that debacle by nominating Al Gore and asking her delegates to vote for him for nomination for the presidency.

    Result? Gore/Clinton. Winning ticket.

    It could happen….

  132. Anne, I don’t think it is Gore wanting to get it done via the biz world.

    He wants to get it done. Period.

    In an earlier time before fascism, he could have got it done it within government, it used to make sense to work for the common good within public service.

    Me, I’ll probably go back to trying to persuade people to drive electric cars etc, once the One is coronated to continue the puppetmasters will.

    But God! I would so much prefer that we 17 million take our country back before hitting tipping points!

  133. thanks oldpro…yeah or even Gore/Clinton. I don’t think Gore would be VP again!

    …but unlike working as VP under the Sweetie, a powerfull VP ( like LBJ was) could get a lot done that NEEDS DOING!

    We need at least two strong tickettoppers to do it! So much to clean out – the enormous mess in all the Bushcrony infested bureucracies like the EPA, DOE, FEMA, FDA,

    United wonk ticket!

  134. No way, there are other ways of being in politics besides holding or running for elected office. He is very much still in politics and should be endorsing Clinton. After all this time surely he sees what an empty suit Obama is.

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