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The Presumptuous Nominee should take his own advice

The ultimate sweetie himself gave a little speech last night in Portland and encouraged his droogs, er, followers to “be nice to Clinton supporters”. Gee, you don’t think he’s worried that maybe they might have gone too far? Who clued him in?

In any case, it doesn’t look like all of his supporters got the message. I fished this out of the spam filter (I had to wear neoprene gloves and protective clothing):

Go_Bama_2008 | Obama_droog@hopey-changey.com | IP: foo.bar.foo

Who really cares what a few hundred or even a few thousand people say on this and similar blogs. Either vote for the nominee or leave the Democratic party forever. You will become even more irrelevant in the future. Nobody cares or is worried about your threats and attempts at electoral blackmail.
We dont want you or need you. Bye.

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  • Go_Bama_2008 | Obama_droog@hopey-changey.com| IP: foo.bar.foo

    And we don’t want you here. Any more of your BS and we’ll show you the door….

    Thank you. You are the bser, living in a fantasy land. WE are going to show Hillary the door next week. Haha.

  • Aww, I’m sure he meant well. He was just trying to show us his own special brand of “nice”.

I thought Obama had finally gotten the message and was going to rein them in. But, seriously, folks, this is the Obama Campaign we’re talking about. To them, it’s a “dog-eat-dog” world. They run an Enron style machine: Don’t wait to stab them in the back. Get while the gettin’s’ good. Do it to them before they do it to you.

So it came as no surprise that Obama still intends to carry out his “spiked football in the end zone funky chicken dance” before he’s reached the magic number of 2210. Yep. on Tuesday, the Presumptuous one will be in Iowa where it all began to deliver a giant “Fuck You” to all of us Clinton supporters and the great states of Florida and Michigan.

I’m sure he’ll be nice about it. He’ll call for healing and uniting and defeating the common enemy and he’ll call on his worthy opponent to help bring us all together, because he’s made a habit of getting other people to do his work for him instead of doing the “uniting” himself. If I were her, I’d say, “Oh, no, Barack, I couldn’t possibly stand in your way and steal your limelight. You go right ahead and do your unifying. Oh, sure, I told them to vote for you but there’s only so much I can do. The damn voters *will* behave like they have minds of their own. You gives’em books and gives’em books but all they does is chews on the covers.”

It is interesting that he’s actually thinking that he’s got some work to do to turn this thing around. He’s thinking that maybe his fans should take some lessons in etiquette. “It is perfectly acceptable to *think* you are better than her supporters but it is impolite to mention it in a mixed audience.”

But if I were him, I wouldn’t ruin this teachable moment with an acceptance speech until the balloons drop in Denver. Not only is it arrogant, unwise and premature, it just isn’t “nice”.

Anglachel seems to think that Hillary could show Obama a thing or two about civility and unifying the party.  Don’t count on Donna Brazile or Howard Dean to take notice though.  *sigh*

And lest we forget how he rode to this presumption on a wave of media sexism that he never protested, take a look at this and keep it in mind for Tuesday night. Of course, women weren’t the only targets. Apparently working class and Appalachians are also targets for derision now. Yep, he’s covered me in three different areas. Nice.

77 Responses

  1. That was really moving. How can I forward that to friends?

  2. RD, when you click on that email address it actually puts the real address in the email manager, at least for me….not sure if that’s what you intended. He might end up getting a lot of nasty messages…

  3. Do you think that Obama will mention how important it is for us to vote for him so that Roe v. Wade will be ok? Oh my old, bitter, Hillary-supporting brain forgot that he is into understanding the people that oppose my right to make my own decision. It is only the sweeties that come here and drop the Roe-bomb. I think that I need to make ” I’m not ready to make nice” bumper stickers.

  4. Forward what to friends? The video? Wait til it ends and then find the little box that says, URL. Double click on the text in the box and copy/paste into your email.

  5. Let’s see, I’ve got woman, working class, baby boomer, gay, live in MI. That’s five for me, right off the top of my head.

    He reminds me of my three younger brothers at their most obnoxious. (But, Mom! I was just scratching my face!) Though even they would know better than to call someone “sweetie” in a professional setting.

  6. That was really intense. Thank you Riverdaughter. The damage that has been done to women and girls in this campaign is extensive. I will not forget.

  7. Gary, we don’t send nasty email. But to be “nice”, I delinked and put in a fake name.

  8. just watched an interesting video–kind of done in a newsreel fashion–and featuring the Mclaughlin report with that awful Eleanor Cliff— posted at


    Obama losing by 41% win at this point in the campaign in unprecedented.

    Hillary gets fewer delegates by winning PA by 200,000 votes than Obama does by gaming some same caucus state.

  9. yeah, but when you click it, even with the xxx it puts his real email address in the email manager.

  10. ah, sorry, there it goes

  11. This morning I saw a video that equated Hillary with Hitler in the bunker. Can you believe that? I swear I’m going to have her back from now on. I’ll donate to help pay off her campaign debts, as long as it takes.

  12. When I see “ha, ha, ha” included in a posting I recognize a person who thinks Jerry Lewis is a riot.

  13. Barry O is NOT the leader we’ve been waiting for!!!
    Hillary is.

  14. Elizabeth Edwards said she is not endorsing Hillary, just likes her health plan. These people are so full of crapola it’s mind boggling! Another blog said that the reason Obama is scoring is because he is “likable” and we are so intent on getting rid of the poor image that Bush created abroad that we are willing to submit an inexperienced candidate up for election because it is because of the “Sally Field Syndrome”. We are saying in effect, “you like me, you really like me”. I love it when someone is able to reduce the nonsense into commonsense.

  15. Hey Riverdaughter, how about the “Triumph” showing the Obama Sweetie Robots in full force on the net?

    The song is BEAUTIFUL, don’t know who does it, but hats off to Taylor Marsh who had it a few months ago & to the video creator.

  16. Just a reminder of how treacherous the witch image is – tens of thousands of women were burned at the stake for being witches. And while me and my pagan friends have more wholesome associations with the word now, it’s history is ugly.


    Women’s rights are HUMAN rights and human rights ARE WOMEN’S rights!

    It’s like an old phrase i heard someone at my old job say, “if mom is ok, everybody in the house is ok..”

    Women are the backbone to this party, to society and to the world. When we do bad, everything is bad. When we prosper, are respected, have equal fair treatement, all is good.

    Oops! I don’t know where my post went, let me try again:

    Please see this, Triumph video, explains the entire Net pesercution of Hillary Supporters if you haven’t seen it:

  18. CB, I saw that at NoQuarter. Pat Robertson, somebody I thought was the devil incarnate’s first cousin, is right on the money, and has been for a while.

  19. SM: Loved the video!

  20. LOL! Who cares about Obama and his mission accomplished moment? He can yell all he wants but when is he going to do this? Before the votes in KY come in? The voters are resoudingly rejecting him in these later states.

  21. Pat, that video said everything I felt because DailyKos, Democratic Underground and the Huffington Post & other “liberal” blogs were havens me. Even though I was a lurker, I felt they were places that carried the torch for Democrats.

    Not anymore. They changed the definition of what a “true democrat” is. And it ain’t anybody that supports Hillary.

  22. I think we can kiss Oregon goodbye. Appears that “The One” made a speech in Portland and 75,000 people showed up.

  23. Wow, oh wow.

    It will take a Vulcan mindmeld for me to forget the way Clinton and by extension her supporters have been treated by the media, the DNC and Obama/philes during this primary.

  24. 75K is a lot of people. Good for him.

  25. It’s Buchanon, NOT Robertson.

  26. Pat, 75,000 doesn’t count the state of Oregon. Portland is on the border with Washington, so many of those people there were probably Washington folks there too.

    Look, the margin went from 20% Obama over Hillary to 5% Obama over Hillary.

    She possibly can cut his 5% lead. If she cut his 15 point lead in a week, she still has a chance!

  27. Where did you read that, Pat? That’s pathetic.

  28. 75,000 in Portland? Not surprising. It’s his kind of place. Of course, I’m willing to bet that not all of those are his voters though. How many Republicans and Hillary supporters went simply out of curiousity?

  29. Oh! Sorry Melanie. I always confuse them. Is it because they are both Pats & Republicans?

  30. Look, only ARG had her as close as 5. BO does use a lot of stage craft so I am sure it was organized to make it look like he has more support than he does, remember PA? But, we likely won’t win there.

  31. Pat: It’s Portland. From what I understand, it is the very epitome of the Obama lifestyle. The interesting thing about Oregon is that it is vote by mail so the barrier to voting is very low possibly meaning a higher turnout from working class, senior and rural voters.
    We shall see.

  32. SM: After NC, I wouldn’t put too much faith in polls. She supposedly cut her lead to 5 there as well. Let’s just say that Oregon is unpredictable but likely to go Obama and leave it at that.

  33. I like the idea of a “Not Ready to Make Nice” poster, especially since the hysteria coming from Obamatons exactly mirrors the hysteria following Natalie Maines’ comment.

    There is so much about these neoliberals that mimics neoconservatives, right down to the landscape for both being littered with the refuse of the opposition (former Republicans Ariana and Markos anyone?). It’s scary. I’m working on detailing it in an article I’m writing that I’ll post on my new blog (not running yet) and at MyDD soon.

  34. Not Ready to Make Nice bumper sticker, I mean…sheesh.

  35. I’ve visited Portland – it’s bordering Washington State, a 3 hour drive from Seattle.

    Yes, it’s the most populous city in the state, but you have a huge influx of people in So. Wash State that work & party in Portland.

  36. The Clintons hit rural Oregon pretty hard, and I hope and pray that those Democrats can counter the big-city Obamas! The Oregonian’s Web site has a photo of little Barry O on his stage with a sea of humanity below him. Ah one, ah two, ah three: Barry O, Super Star, do you think you’re what they say you are?

  37. Riverdaughter, true, true.

    But we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m hoping that the 5% or less holds until Tuesday.

  38. Today’s headlines: Obama links McCain to Bush economic policies.

    It makes me so mad the way the entire media is behaving like they’re on the payroll.


    Thank you. Your contribution has been processed.
    We are at a critical stage in the campaign, and our online supporters like you are making the difference. The more people we reach, the more resources we will have to help Hillary win. Click here to send an email to your friends and family asking them to support our campaign by making a contribution.

    Contribution Details

    Date: May 18, 2008 8:58 PM EDT
    Contact: [deleted]
    Amount: $250.00

  40. I would be interested in finding out how they arrived at that 75k figure.

    Bushco has played a few games with over/undercounting crowds for spin purposes.

  41. btw the best youtube election video IMO is one you might have seen before, but if you didn’t/haven’t yet, there is an absolutely crack-up moment:

  42. Final KY and OR polls tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

  43. Does anybody know what happens to whatever money candidates have left (e.g $ earmarked for GE) if they do not make it as nominee? Do they revert to the DNC? Do they go to the nominee?

  44. Obama does massive rallies even in places they lost like in Texas, 40 K in Austin, and Pennsylvania, 35 K in Philly.

  45. I apologize for the OT comment. I just returned from a very busy weekend (I commented briefly last night before I collapsed from weary.) And now I am finally in from today.

    I just visited with a friend who asked me why Hillary doesn’t just quit now. (She voted for Hillary in the IL primary) but is listening to the MSM and reading the Chicago papers, I guess. When I asked her why Obama doesn’t quit for the good of the party, she was incredulous until I explained that neither person has the votes and neither can win the nomination before the convention without the votes of the superdelegates. And that those votes aren’t solid until the convention as they SD can change their minds and their votes several times before then. She asked why she hadn’t read that in the papers or heard it on the news. (She doesn’t have cable.) So I explained that the MSM are in teh pockets of the Reps until after Obama is nominated (IF he is nominated). And then they will, of course, begin their cooperation in the swiftboating of the Precious.

    When I also told her I wouldn’t vote for him if he were the nominee, she asked what I’d do. I said I have to wait until then, but I will have a plan that I will share…
    She’s back with us again…..

  46. Jacilyn that was GREAT!

    And perfectly defining the Obama mob of fools.

  47. Pat,

    Not that Portland won’t vote for Obama–it ihas the pseudo+hip demographic that the Obama team targets, but it was an unusually sunny day and a lot of the crowd was bicycling or kayaking outside the confines. If I lived in Portland, I would have already cast my vote for Hillary but I’d ride my bike by after it started to see what was going on. I’ve met Hillary voters who traveled over 200 miles to see the Obama phenomena just to make a comparison before they voted. BTW, they fit into Obama’s demographic.

    Are rallies typical in American elections? I remember the footage from those in Munich during the 30s. A Russian woman told me that she saw the young German girls fainting in the crowd while Hitler screamed, and she was very afraid. I do confess to having been part of a large Hillary crowd and screaming my head off. It was fun! For some reason, I never got Obama. And the more I know of him, the less I like him.

  48. CB, I donated on Friday – I can’t do as much as you can, but I’m trying to do a weekly donation.

  49. This all goes to show: he knew exactly that his supporters were engaging in a campaign of anti-female hate and he chose to allow it to flourish than to combat it. If Reagan should be condemned for his Southern Strategy so should Obama for his overt exploitation of bigotry.

    Never before have I felt so strongly against a Democrat to the point where I consider it my moral obligation to see him defeated.

  50. SM,

    Any amount is appreciated. I got a check that was a windfall for me and decided to donate it to Hillary. Helping her win will bring me more pleasure than anything I can buy.

    Go HIll!

  51. Another thing Pat, Hillary had a great televised “town hall” on KGW. Obama was offered a 1/2 hour, and he refused (as usual because he’s SCARED) so she got a full hour, which the newsreporter said was too short.

    She was awesome as always, and got really specific especially on the green issues.

  52. Anybody among Conflucians wants to switch families?

    Because of a graduation, I had to have a big lunch here in Boston with my relatives, all Obama supporters safe for one. It wasn’t pretty.

    I was shocked how little informed they are, even well educated and well read among them were spewing such blithering idiocy, I needed a lot of self-control.

    Here are some highlights:

    – My nephew, student at Reed College in Portland, OR said I should be for BO because he’s much cooler

    – My cousin, an accomplished college Prof here in MA said Hillary is trying to ignore the rules because she wanted to win the nomination with the help of SD. “SO DOES OBAMA!”, I screamed before explaining to him that Obama didn’t have the required number of delegates either, and lecturing him about the process (great job MSM!)

    – My sister in law (a Mt Vesuvius of ignorance) actually said that Obama won TX

    – Nobody seemed to grasp that the pledge delegates was a farce as illustrated by NV and TX

    – Let’s not eve

    – I won’t even get into Obama is honest and preaches hope (as if others preach hopelessness), gratuitous racism charges, Hillary “lied about Bosnia” and Obama never lied about anything, worst of all FL and MI.

    In all this, 2 things jumped out:

    -I found remarkable was how much better informed my pro-Hillary cousin was. I really thought that this could be due to the fact that Hillary supporters spend so much time setting the record straight. Usually people rely on an impartial journalism and campaign coverage to do that.

    – Strangely, my non-Black relatives, especially females were awfully quiet. I don’t know if they are bullied by the loud and obnoxious BO supporters or they see no point into engaging the O-bots in our family.

    At the end of the evening, the Prof asked me if I would bring the same passion, should Obama be the nominee. My answer was very simple: “NO!”

  53. MABlue, I’d be blue too in that reunion!

    I think that Hillary supporters are policy wonks by nature, we want the nitty gritty.

  54. MABlue: I too thought my family was crazy when they all voted for Bush- twice. And they really weren’t nice about it. They got over it when they finally saw what an idiot he was. It just took an uncomfortably long time.
    That’s why it is so important for us to make Hillary the nominee. I just don’t think I could take 4 more years of Republican or Republican-lite.

  55. If Barack is it, he is going to be a uniter.

    My Democratic activist mother will be heartbroken. She’s worked her entire life for male candidates who don’t hold a candle to Hillary.

    My brother (Ph.D. and college professor) is a big Hillary supporter. He’s the one who told me to pay attention to her when she was first running for the Senate.

    One brother is Republican. He still defends Bush, and works in a law office with all Republicans.

    Should Hillary not be the candidate, my family might finally unite behind the Republican candidate and vote for McCain.

    If McCain was good enough for Kerry and Daschle to ask him to be Kerry’s VP in 2004, what has he done in the last four years that I should know about?

    Obama is not qualified. His campaign has been highly divisive and disrespectful of woman, and the Clintons — remember which Democrat won twice in recent history, Obama?

    Your wife said she’d like to “scratch his eyes out…just kidding.” NoBama!

  56. Unelectable (A Tribute to Barack Obama) with music

  57. I don’t think too many of BO’s supporters took his advice. They’ve been pestering the heck out of everyone over at No Quarter, calling Hillary supporters a**holes and idiots. One of them repeatedly posted, “Shut up!” and “Duh!” to every pro-Hillary comment. I said, “Well, at least we know that Obama has the little kid vote.”
    One lady replied to all of their posts with this gem. “Thank you for reinforcing my decision not to vote for Obama.” Amen and amen!

  58. At this point, I think BO’s supporters annoy me far more than the candidate himself, and that’s quite an achievement.

  59. MABlue: heh

    I can send some of my in-laws your way if you want them. They, like Obama supporters, think Hillary is a demon, but at least they are Republican so it hurts less than hearing that talk from fellow progressives.

  60. I visited HuffPo this evening.
    Boy are they editing the hell out of that site. The posters over there are talking up Hillary and talking about mending the party – and all this unity bullshit.

    It is so sickeningly sweet , and artificial as hell, after reading Hillary is a lying bitch who will do anything to win. They really really want our votes, and think if they suck up and just print nice stuff, that we’ll forget that Obama is a sexist, racist pig.

    Gawd, I hate them.

  61. At this point, I think BO’s supporters annoy me far more than the candidate himself, and that’s quite an achievement.

    I think they both equally annoy me, but at least I can change the channel when Obama is on TV. Meanwhile, friendship and collegiality have seemingly gone out the window among people I know, because they are such Obama fans, they just can’t help but constantly take petty cheap shots at Hillary. (And they are always petty and personal, never about real issues.) It’s difficult discussing politics with someone whose argument is that your candidate is Evita. WTF.

  62. I think this comic sums up a lot of what is wrong with internet debating nicely.

  63. dar1a g:

    You know how you get into a screaming contest with your relatives, get angry at them, but at the end you love them because it’s your family?

    Well for me that’s no longer the case. At least not now.

  64. Davidson is right —Obama says his gremlins should be nice to Clinton supporters. meaning he knew they were being buttmonkeys but said and did nothing.

    Does he even realize he just gave the whole damn show away?

    MABlue, you can join my family.

    I may have a little graphic with a crown if you want it, riverdaughter. Email me and Ic ans end you a GIF. Let me know what size you want.

  65. MABlue, you are also welcome to join mine. No BO supporters here.

  66. Come to my familty too. You would have a grand old time. We all can’t stand the precious and when he comes on TV we start screaming at him like we do with Bush.

    We also enjoy getting together now on Tuesday evenings so we can watch primary results and scream th the sexist MSM over their rotten coverage. We do have a rule- no MSNBC. That crap is too much to take. CNN is vary bad, FOX is OK – but MSNBC-NO WAY!

    We even use some of the same words!

  67. One thing that isn’t mentioned in the Oregon coverage is the fact that (popular band The Decemberists) also played at the “rally”. This got loads of local press, and since the state newspaper is likewise in the tank (see http://www.twitter.com/oregonian2008 for examples), I’m not surprised so many people showed up for the free concert. Whether they voted for Obama is another story, but I am increasingly distrustful of the media framing. I can even remember when fellow progressives used to feel the same way. Sigh.

    Re: attendance today I could make a crack about previous candidates who prefer rallies of adulation [Nuremberg] to town hall meetings where they must think on their feet, but I don’t want to invoke Godwin’s law. It creeps me out, though.

  68. Jack, you are not alone in noting the creepy factor.

  69. it is too bad that every woman who rabidly supports Mr O is not required to sit down and view this video. Such a moving account of the female struggle should make every woman think twice about what she is throwing away for her daughter and her granddaughters. Shame on them for their lack of insightfulness.

  70. Isn’t it bad when Fox is the more balanced of the stations????

    I commented on another blog and had a breakthrough thought: Obama is just doing the same old strategy he’s always done.

    When you ask for specifics, most supporters are unaware he was for nuclear energy, voted against equal pay, voted for gutting class action suits, wants to throw social security to wall street. He did what corporatists and wall street wanted him to do. He gets more money from wall street than Clinton does. How often do the young folks hear all of this?

    In a single year of service. He got the office because the other guy was in scandal. He’s never ran a hard race where people didn’t greet him as a wonderful thing in opposition to an evil bitch/bastard. That sort of campaign does not require original thinking or leadership or the best ideas of a generation or the qualities of experience. It requires that the other person be throughly demonized. That is all. Show up and smile.

    But the argument “vote for me, because the other woman is evil, because McCain is…well, is McCain what you want…” That is not an argument, but this is how he’s historically run for ALL offices in his short career. What does he offer? “hey, I’m not the worst and I’m pretty and gosh darn it, people like me” and “don’t you want to support promising black candidates?” is a shameful thing when you are applying for the job of president. There is little substance.

  71. @tonva: Those women, especially the young ones, believe somehow all this anti-female bigotry doesn’t apply to them. Yes, it’s absurd denial, but it’s how they protect themselves from realizing they’re surrounded by people who hate them–violently so.

  72. the Roe v Wade thing is a joke – remember a few years back the republicans controlled the entire federal government? what did they do about repealing Roe? absolutely nothing. why? if they overturned it, what would they use to lure ‘family values’ voters to the polls? gay marriage maybe, but that’s never had the rallying strength of Roe and becomes less powerful every year. flag burning? only brings out the nutcases. Roe, on the other hand, has staying power and they’d be crazy to lose it. they never will. the far right wing would thank them briefly if they overturned it and then ask what they were going to do for them next. they’d have nothing. it’s a sick little situation but they have to have Roe to rally the base. it’s an empty threat.

  73. wow, that video is powerful. it makes you wonder how any woman could be a part of the Obama campaign. I don’t have a problem with anyone liking him if that’s their choice, but the fact that he has not condemned this crap should make any thinking person stop and…think.

    when Bush made remarks that seemed to be dissing Obama, Hillary denounced them immediately.

  74. […] The Presumptuous Nominee should take his own advice (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) The ultimate sweetie himself gave a little speech [Saturday] night in Portland and encouraged his droogs, er, followers to “be nice to Clinton supporters”. Gee, you don’t think he’s worried that maybe they might have gone too far? Who clued him in? In any case, it doesn’t look like all of his supporters got the message. I fished this out of the spam filter (I had to wear neoprene gloves and protective clothing): …”Go_Bama_2008 … Who really cares what a few hundred or even a few thousand people say on this and similar blogs. Either vote for the nominee or leave the Democratic party forever. You will become even more irrelevant in the future. Nobody cares or is worried about your threats and attempts at electoral blackmail. We dont want you or need you. Bye.” […]

  75. […] The Presumptuous Nominee should take his own advice (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) The ultimate sweetie himself gave a little speech [Saturday] night in Portland and encouraged his droogs, er, followers to “be nice to Clinton supporters”. Gee, you don’t think he’s worried that maybe they might have gone too far? Who clued him in? In any case, it doesn’t look like all of his supporters got the message. I fished this out of the spam filter (I had to wear neoprene gloves and protective clothing): …”Go_Bama_2008 … Who really cares what a few hundred or even a few thousand people say on this and similar blogs. Either vote for the nominee or leave the Democratic party forever. You will become even more irrelevant in the future. Nobody cares or is worried about your threats and attempts at electoral blackmail. We dont want you or need you. Bye.” […]

  76. kiki

    “what would they use to lure ‘family values’ voters to the polls? gay marriage”

    they are doin exactly that here in CA. This is actually a ridiculously close state for Obama, despite the CW.

    We elected the Governator, remember, who actually is bending to the will of our excellent Democratic legislature on climate change/clean energy.

  77. Unless Democrats want to guarantee the next President of the United States is a Republican, you better read all of this. As the CNN News had repeated ignored what the DNCC, GOPC, Sen. Clinton, Sen. McCain & Sen. Obama know that the Senate Select Committee on Ethic received a legal brief in April 2008, where Sen. Obama has been charged with violation of the Senate’s Code of Ethics.

    As it not a frivolous charge, the Senate Select Committee of Ethics is conduction their investigation. Because of red tape, and time, if the Democrats want the next President of the United States to be a Democrat, time must be given for their investigation to conclude. Which means those pledged delegate for Sen. Obama need to hear from those Democrats in their district, and States, otherwise what will happen will be Sen. Obama will be selected as the Democratic candidate, then as the evidence against Sen. Obama, (see below), is so overwhelming, there will be no choice, but for Senate to censure Sen. Obama for unmoral conduct for befriending a domestic terrorist. Hey you better read on, because as you read, you will see that while you may have already voted for Sen. Obama in your primary election, you may see that the only way the next President of the United States, will be a Democratic, is if Sen. Clinton is given the time to fight on to the Democrat Convention. There is always the slim chance Sen. Obama will not be censored, but there no want to know, unless the Senate Select Committee of Ethic have the time to complete their investigation. So call your pledge delegates and tell then that time is needed, that those delegates should announce that they will wait until the Democratic Convention to choose who they vote for. Time, is needed. Other wise you will guarantee a Republican as the next President of the United States. As do you really think a lot of those who previously voted for Sen. Obama, will vote for him in the General election when he has been censored for his friendship to a domestic terrorist?

    The FBI classifies that the act of setting a bomb is a terrorist act. Do you know what both Lee Harvey Oswald and William Ayers have in comment, both are domestic terrorist and neither was convicted of their crime. Oswald was killed after he assassinated JFK, and Ayers admitted that he got off on a technically, even though he set many bombs and should of set more bombs. As Oswald only committed one act of terrorism, and Ayers have committed more acts of terrorist, William Ayers is technically a worst domestic terrorist than Lee Harvey Oswald was.

    There is a moral cause in the Senate Code of Ethics, that Sen. J. William Fulbright stated in the U.S. Senate in the early 1950s, that when a Senator’s gives the “implied behavior of The Moral Deterioration of American Democracy”, that that is a violate the Senate Code of Ethics.

    And to think that Sen. Obama compared his friendship to William Ayers, (domestic terrorist), to his friendship with Sen. Coburn. (A highly respected Republic Senator).

    To all Democrats, unless you call your delegates and tell them that time is needed, and let the Democratic Convention decide then who the Democratic Candidate is, you will be guarantee the next President of the United States to be a Republican.

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