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Senator Ted Kennedy Suffers Stroke

From the Boston Globe:

May 17, 2008 11:41 AM
Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts has suffered a stroke in Hyannis Port and is being transported by helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital, according to a leading poltical source.

Family members have been summoned to Boston, the source said.

The Confluence wishes Senator Kennedy a speedy recovery.

43 Responses

  1. Hopefully they caught it early. I wish him well.

  2. He could not be in a better hospital than Mass General. One of the best in the country. I wish him well.

  3. I’m not liking the “family members have been summoned to Boston” part.

  4. OldCoastie: Yeah, that triggered alarm bells with me as well. From other reports I’ve read, it appears that he was taken to a hospital on Cape Cod last night and was transferred to Boston General this morning. It sounds like it is serious. I hope I am just reading too much into it but I think we should prepare for the worst.

  5. Hopefully he will fully recover.

  6. I hope he is well.

  7. Summoning family members? That’s way more than confusion.

    I pray for a full recovery.

  8. Hoping for a full recovery. My thoughts are with the Kennedy family.

  9. As I said before, I hope he recovers quickly.

  10. The update in the NY Times reads differently:

    Updated WASHINGTON – Senator Edward M. Kennedy was rushed to a hospital this morning in Cape Cod, where he was treated for a serious – but unknown – illness.


  11. He probably got the best of care. If they gave him blood thinners right away, he might be OK. It’s surprising how much the brain can recover from. My mother-in-law had a very serious stroke and she did not get good care. She could not walk, speak, or write for some time, but she eventually recovered and did quite well for years afterward. She was about Ted’s age at the time, maybe a little older.

  12. This is from cnn.com.

    David Reilly said Kennedy was admitted to the Cape Cod emergency room around 9 a.m. ET. Massachusetts General said it had no information on Kennedy.

    The source said the 76-year-old senator had “symptoms of a stroke” at the Kennedy family compound in Hyannis.

    Kennedy had surgery in October to clear his carotid artery in hopes of preventing a stroke. Colleagues said he had recovered quickly and was working energetically recently.

  13. All the best to the Kennedys, I hope he’ll be well soon..

  14. Here’s the Cape Cod Times report:


    It doesn’t have too much new to report.

    Man, I hope he’s ok. I’ve been really pissed at my senior Senator these days but this sort of puts it all in perspective.

    Wishing Sen. Kennedy and his family and all us in MA and constituents elsewhere a speedy recovery for our long-time civil servant.

  15. CNN has Rick Sanchez yelling about a special tonight on Ted Kennedy. Sanchez is acting like Kennedy isn’t going to make it.

    But now they are saying that Ted called a friend at 10:30 AM from the hospital, so that sounds good. He was able to speak coherently. So if he was getting blood thinners, he could very well be OK.

  16. Shame on me, but I do not know who Rick Sanchez is…. I do not mean to be callous, but I wonder how the media is going to “play” this personal tragedy.

  17. Rick Sanchez is a very.. ebullient CNN news anchor.

    Surprisingly, Fox News just had Cal Thomas on the phone talking about how he and Kennedy got along very well & how Kennedy did such great work for people with disabilities among other things.. prior to that Brit Hume saying lots of complimentary things about him.

  18. @Upstate: I’m glad you mentioned what I was thinking. I fear they’ll tie it to Obama somehow–in a highly positive way, of course.

  19. I think he’ll be ok now. He got to the hospital early and its good that they’re saying stroke like symptoms instead of a stroke.

  20. One of our local Boston blogs did a blog roundup. I like these 2 responses, one from No Quarter:



    Both lambasting the media (CNN, mainly) for making this all about Obama…

  21. Where did my comment go?

    I like this response criticizing CNN’s response to this:


    No Quarter has something similar.

  22. Family isn’t usually “summoned” unless things are pretty dicey, right? But that could be an interpretation taken by a reporter…

    I almost wish we didn’t have minute by minute coverage. Community stress….

    Please be well or get well, Sen. Ted.

    As someone wrote somewhere, lots of us feel he is “our last Kenndy.” Not that the younger generations don’t count, but, of the three brothers in public life, he was not taken from us by violence and untimely death. I felt so terrible about the Chappaquiddick tragedy, bcz that did take him from us as a presidential contender. He is a great senator, however.

    Be well, please.

  23. It sounds like he’ll be fine. Most people can survive a stroke if they get quick treatment. On CNN, they sound almost disappointed. They just about had Ted dead and buried and were preparing their tribute shows.

  24. Appears he may be making recovery. The “eugologies” are being paraded both by Fox and CNN. He is expected to make a full recovery. Good news. Back to cleaning my kitchen.

  25. cnn now reporting a seizure not a stroke…

  26. I wonder how it feels to realize that the media has already written your eulogy and has it ready to parade out at whatever life-threatening event.

    Must be really wierd.

  27. Seizure could mean brain tumor.

  28. BB, that’s so true. I wonder if they will cancel their special at 10 tonight? Talk about jumping the gun. Not that this isn’t serious but they really were ready to bury him.

  29. seizure could mean a fever.

  30. A seizure could also result from alcohol or drug withdrawal or just from changes in meds. I don’t know if Ted is still drinking or not. But from what I’m reading around the tubes, it’s pretty definite that Ted did have a stroke, so the seizure is probably related to the stroke. Even if they started giving him blood-thinning meds in time, he could continue to have brain damage for awhile. The process usually continues for quite some time.

  31. All the best to all the Kennedy’s even though this election has divided them. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Senator Kennedy.

  32. His father, Joe Kennedy had a stroke at just about Ted’s age and never recovered. In fact he was totally paralyzed and was never told that this son had been assisinated. Of course his mother lived to be 103.

  33. Host of WNYC’s Saturday music program just read announcement from Kennedy’s office that he had a seizure, is undergoing tests, and nothing will be known for 48 hours.

    Please do recover, Senator.

  34. I said a prayer for Senator Kennedy, and I wish for him a speedy recovery. God bless the Kennedy family as they rally round their loved one.

  35. He’s in the best of care. Let’s hope the media is respectful of Senator Kennedy and his family.

  36. My prayers go out to him and his family.

  37. I have the tv on while I am cleaning my kitchen and as pleased as I am that Teddy seems to be doing better, I have to shut it off since CNN and Fox keep shoving Obama before the cameras with his take on things. Hillary “Who” gets a mere mention. Ridiculous. Do we have any updates on the Oregon predications? Yesterday showed them 5 points apart, with his having dropped from his original 12 point lead.

  38. Clinton’s comments at a picnic:

    “We had word this morning that my good friend and a great champion of working people, Senator Ted Kennedy, was rushed to the hospital with symptoms of a stroke,” she said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, because he has been a champion for health care. Nobody has fought harder to make sure everybody got good health care. And I know that we all join together in wishing him well.”

  39. Heard on the news he is awake and telling jokes to people? Sounds like all will be well..

    Fox News anchor just now had Geraldine Ferraro on the phone and brought up how much some of their viewers wrote in to say how they hate Ted Kennedy, and Ferraro really let ’em have it, saying it was vicious and dumb and they were just off the wall. hah.

  40. I am hoping for his speedy recovery. He should think of retiring from th public scene because of his health.

  41. […] Obama that King maker endorsement. While the mainstream media already had his obituary planned, and Clinton blogs, and even NeoCrybaby ones wished him well, it was pretty quiet on the Obama […]

  42. personally i think they will keep the bad news out of the press. we can hope for the senator’s recovery, but i do wonder long term. kennedy is at an age where he doesn’t need to be barn storming for obama. let the young get out and do it. they claim it’s all about them anyway.

    i have to think with kennedy ill this may not bode well for obama. as i recall clinton had just had heart surgery when kerry was running. he did get off his bed to campaign for him. and yeah, kerry was so grateful(NOT).

  43. Rick Sanchez is the BEST!!!

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