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Irony alert and Open Thread

Ah, Donna. Have you no shame? Democrats? Are you nuts? Is there anyone in the Democratic Party Leadership who isn’t completely tone deaf? Make THIS go away:

Dear (katiebird),

With the 2008 Democratic Convention set to commence 100 Days from today, my friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) are excited to announce the winner of the DCCC Match-It-By-May Contest. Congratulations to Stacy Fredericksen from Menlo Park, California. Stacy will be traveling to Denver in August to be a part of this history-making Convention.

Thousands of DCCC supporters like you took part in the Match-It-By-May Contest. The excitement and energy was outstanding. So much so, that we think a fellow DCCC supporter should join Stacy in Denver by entering the DCCC’s 100 Days Till Denver Convention Contest.

That’s right, the DCCC is offering one more chance to win tickets, flight and accommodations to the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, August 25th — 28th. Do you want to join me in Denver for the Convention? Well, enter to win, it’s easy!

By contributing $35, $50 or more today, you will receive an official entry to the 100 Days Till Denver Contest. And every time you give, you’ll get another chance to win!

This is your opportunity to make sure we have the resources we need to win back the White House and strengthen our majority in Congress. This is going to be a history-making year and, with support from people like you, we have already won three special election victories in a row.

We think we can win big in November too. But, we know it’s going to take an extraordinary commitment from thousands of DCCC supporters to get the job done.

Contribute now — and enter our 100 Days Till Denver Convention contest.

So, come on, act now to make November 4th a day of victories.

We need your help to make it happen.

Thanks for all you do,
Donna Brazile

Donna — There is zero chance that I will ever contribute to anything based on a fundraising letter from you. In fact, there is a strong likelihood that I will never contribute to an organization that uses you as a fundraiser.

(Niceness qualifier)

My feelings on this could changes if (1) Donna endorses the seating (with full voting rights) of the Florida and Michigan delegations to the Convention in Denver (2) Hell freezes over.

67 Responses

  1. Does anyone know what’s going on a Corrente? Comes up as GoDaddy saying the name available!

    Lambert, you around?

    Katiebird, agreed. No FL/MI, no turkee (as Atrios used to write).

  2. jawbone, It looks ok now. Complete with Lambert’s post on the Conversation with Hillary (Mine will be up after lunch)

  3. KB,

    I am with you all the way to

    “you as a fundraiser”.

    Somehow my brain refuses, and I mean adamantly refuses to register anything you wrote thereafter.

    My relationship with anything “Donna Brazile” is completely FUBAR. It is so bad, it may actually affect my love for Brazil, the country.

  4. She should be fired, based on what she said about not needing so many who are staunch Democrats.

    I could use the C word, but I won’t cause of RD! I’m going to do a big pingy poo to try and get the word out to the Senate and Congress about who supports Hillary, webly.

  5. katiebird: Tell her to take this invite and shove it up her big fat tush! The hypocrite.

  6. My relationship with anything “Donna Brazile” is completely FUBAR. It is so bad, it may actually affect my love for Brazil, the country.

    MABlue, I’ve been thinking about starting a Comment Hall of Fame. I’ve got a bunch of Peace Sign Buttons that could be prizes. I think this comment deserves a Prize. Would you like one? I’m serious.

    THAT is the best thing I’ve read in weeks!

  7. I’m more inclined to go with #2, the hell freezing over thing. Because by now I am so pi$$ed off that there is nothing on God’s green earth that Brazile and Dean could say to make me give them one red cent. Or blue cent if you prefer.

  8. I made the mistake of turning on MSNBC this morning. — saw a discussion of what could possibly be motivating Hillary to “stay in the race to the end and continue to damage Obama.” Wanted to scream.

    Guest was guy from Congressional Quarterly, Eric somebody, who theorized that she was staying in to 1) get the VP slot, which he thought unlikley given the bad blood between Obama and Clinton (no examples given),
    2) she wanted to go out on a high note of wins bcz the Dems are traditionally unforgiving of their “losers,” and pulling out would brand her a “loser,” (IIRC, the Dems tend to not let a losing presidential candidate run again, ever since Stevenson.), and
    3) but, mentioned only as an afterthought, that she wanted to be viable in case Obama encountered big problems. Nothing about she believing she would be the best one for the Party and the country.

    Then, he was asked how the blogosphere was thinking about this inabilitiy to recognize reality. The guest did say it was actually a close race, even tho’ Obama was “the presumptive nominee”!!!! Then he said the blogs across the spectrum were criticial of Hillary. When asked if any supported what Hillary, was doing, he said sort of–and lots of voters wanted her to conitnue (no reasons given)– but even the
    supportive bloggers realized she had no chance and was probably staying in to be ready for 2012 in case Obama lost to McCain. That she might not work against Obama (after implying over and over that she would undermine him), but wanted to be “ready.”

    At no point did he mention that some people actually think she would be the better candidate for the Dems and the better president of the thrree! No mention of bloggers who feel this way.

    Are we that much a minority? Or just so far out of the MCM narrative that we cannot even be recognized by them if they read our blogs?


    No more MSNBC,

  9. http://www.correntewire.com
    This page is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com

    This is what comes up for me, alas.

  10. Kbird: “Donna — There is zero chance that I will ever contribute to anything based on a fundraising letter from you. In fact, there is a strong likelihood that I will never contribute to an organization that uses you as a fundraiser.”

    Why are you so unreasonable? Don’t you care about our country, like Donna inc. does? You unpatriotic one…;)

  11. jawbone: the “damage Obama” meme is getting so old. I am not trying to minimize the stamina of any candidate, but what is his candidacy an exotic orchid that shrivels ouside the media/DNC green house?

  12. (slapping my own face) And I don’t wear flag lapel pins either.

  13. When calling folks in Oregon, keep this helpful information handy:
    LGN or the Bush-Cheney Energy bill of 2005 that Obama voted for and Hillary opposed. The bill cut the states out of the decision-making process re: what energy arrangements would be made within their boundaries. Repeat: Obama voted for it, Hillary voted against it.

    LGN or Bush Cheney Energy Bill LGN is Liquid Natural Gas pipeline that will run along our coastline and private farmlands (eminent domain). They will condemn the land for the pipeline right of way and pay what they consider is a fair price which is always really cheap. There is not one thing the property owners can do if they do not stop it early on. The state has no say because its a federal bill. Hillary will give back the state the right to make its own decisions.

    As outlined on this site, one of the many issues is that like with any type of pipeline, engineers want it sitting on at least 75 feet of dead land, which cuts off habitat. Also, the specific problem in Oregon is that the pipeline is running out of Wyoming across southern Oregon onto the coast to get LNG to Calif. This is being protested by Oregonians, who do not want more habitat wrecked, trees cut down so heavy equipment can access, risk of disaster, and expropriation of land — all without Oregon being able to legally intervene or negotiate on behalf of its residents.


    Several people I talked to knew nothing about this, and it really caught their attention. So it is good to have some details, because not everyone knows about it there.

  14. katiebird: how about this…

    HRC bloggers and friends hold a contest to identify the stupidest things Brazile has said or done – but the winner of two free tickets to a strong working class county in Clinton country is DONNA BRAZILE.

    It might be fun!

  15. Actually, we’re the groundswell that no one saw coming.

    We’re the unpredicted and unpredictable tsunami.

  16. jawbone, do you have another browser that you can try? Maybe your cache is messed up?

    I wonder if one of the Internet Hubs is down? I don’t know why that would send you to GoDaddy though.

  17. jawbone: Those are the verbal subliminal messages they throw out there. If you say something often enough it tends to become true. So if you continue to enforce the fact that he is the “presumptive candidate” and that Hillary is angling for a vp slot. it begins to take hold on those viewers who are not political junkies like us. Therefore, when and if the time comes when it appears that she could overtake him fair and square, enough people will assume she has somehow “manipulated” the system and is “stealing” this away from him.

    There is always a method to madness. You are watching it take root.

  18. Ted kennedy has had a stroke?
    Or having stroke like symptoms

  19. marie3548, do you think offering to email a link to more information would be helpful? Or would they consider it an invasion of privacy?

    As a former Reference Librarian, I think many people are reluctant to start their own research but are happy to have someone bring the information right to them.

  20. Jawbone, I posted a comment at Corrente with this as the subject:

    Lambert: Some people are getting sent to GoDaddy instead of here

    Since it’s in the Subject, maybe someone will see it in the Recent Comments list.

  21. T/U, Katiebird. I tried through Firefox, get same message.

    I’m on Verizon DSL — but that shouldn’t matter….right?

  22. fyi – its “LNG” (not LGN) for liquified natural gas…

  23. KB,

    How and when did you get on Corrente?

  24. http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/us/kennedy-hospital.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

    Here’s the very brief Reuters report of Kennedy taken to hospital with stroke-like symptoms.

    May he be well.

  25. At the very least they are planting the story that Hillary cost BO the White House….it’s not that he’s another unelectable egg head Dem elite loser…. and is an actual empty suit. The other egg head losers did something besides constantly run for higher office.

  26. MABlue — Wow. I didn’t do anything except click on my bookmark.

    I think anyone who can’t get in should send a message to their Internet Provider giving them as much information as possible (complete URL)

    Also, tell them that a friend using EverestKC.net in Kansas City can get in with no trouble.

    I’ll send a message to Lambert but, from his recent post, he might not be online.

  27. Never mind.

    I can on Corrente with my PC but not with my Mac. Strange.

  28. I’m getting the same message as jawbone and others. Here’s a link to one story on Ted Kennedy:

  29. I just sent Lambert a message….

  30. I’m getting the GoDaddy message also using firefox on Comcast.net

  31. Having the same problem with Corrente.

    katiebird – you were great on the call yesterday. Gave me a big smile. I think Hillary really loved hearing your comments about Chelsea. Way to go.

  32. first of all, MABlue’s Brazil comment is soooo funny! destined to become a classic….

    secondly, as to the three special elections, even conservatives believe that the republican party ‘lost’ those. I don’t think anyone except Donna is giving the DNC particular credit for those contests. but it does illustrate that this is a really potentially good year for the democratic party if they don’t insist on blowing it.

    and last, McCain is a presumptive nominee. he has the pledged delegates but nothing’s official until the convention. the democrats do not have a presumptive nominee. they have someone who wants to presume he will be the nominee, but that’s different.

  33. If some people can get there and some can’t.. uh.. I don’t know precisely technically what is happening but I suspect it takes some people’s internet service providers longer than others to be able to find the site again, if it was down and pointed to GoDaddy for a while.

    So yes it may depend on your ISP, if some people can get in now.. just a matter of time and everyone should be able to get in again. I can’t get to it now (Comcast high speed access).

  34. Although I am really angry at Teddy right now I wish him the best. He has done an awful lot of good for the working class and I wish him a speedy recovery.

    DB Contest: how about “there will be a bloodbath in Denver”?

  35. Have had no trouble getting onto Corrente this morning. I am on Comcast as well in MA.

  36. Sending prayers to the Kennedy family

  37. Check this out
    So much for the change candidate
    Looks like politics as usual

    Obama Economic Controller
    Is Skull And Bones Member
    Austan ‘The Ghoul’ Goolsbee, Yale ’91

    By Webster Tarpley


    WASHINGTON DC — Barack Obama’s top economics adviser is a member of the super-secret Skull & Bones society of Yale University, of which George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John Kerry are also members, reliable sources confirmed tonight. Goolsbee is widely reported to have told Obama not to back a compulsory freeze on home mortgage foreclosures to help the struggling middle class in the current depression crisis, as demanded by former candidate John Edwards. Hillary Clinton has advocated a one-year voluntary freeze on foreclosures. Obama has offered counselors to comfort mortgage victims as they are dispossessed, citing the ‘moral hazard’ of protecting the public interest from Wall Street sharks.

    By adding the infamous Skull & Bones secret society to his campaign roster, Obama, who bills himself as the candidate of change and hope, has attained a prefect trifecta of oligarchical and financier establishment backing for his attempt to seize the nomination of the Democratic Party for 2008. Obama’s main overall image adviser and foreign policy adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the co-founder of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, and the mastermind of the disastrous Carter administration. Obama’s wife Michelle is reputed to be closely linked to the Council on Foreign Relations. Behind the utopian platitudes dished up by the Illinois senator, the face of the Wall Street money elite comes into clearer and clearer focus.

    George Will, in an October 2007 Washington Post column saluted Goolsbee’s “nuanced understanding” of traditional Democratic issues like globalization and income inequality; he “seems to be the sort of fellow — amiable, empirical, and reasonable–you would want at the elbow of a Democratic president, if such there must be,” wrote the arch-oligarchical apologist Will.

    From Wikipedia: ‘Austan D. Goolsbee is an economist and is currently the Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He is also a Research Fellow at the American Bar Foundation[1], Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a member of the Panel of Economic Advisors to the Congressional Budget Office. He has been Barack Obama’s economic advisor since Obama’s successful U.S. Senate campaign in Illinois. He is the lead economic advisor to the 2008 Obama presidential campaign.’

  38. It’s not your computer.. the Correntewire.com domain expired today, and I assume someone at Corrente knows that and paid to renew the domain, so the site is coming back up..

    What I think is happening is that some Internet Service Providers will take a little bit of time to recognize that the address correntewire.com should point to the Corrente site and not the temporary GoDaddy.com page. It’s the cache at your ISP probably..

    Anybody who can reach Corrente now could you get the IP address of it?

  39. As I said,

    you can access Corrente with the PC but not with the Mac, at least as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m also in MA and I have Comcast.

  40. daria, Correntewire.com is:

    Tracert took 17 steps — I’ve never seen that many.

  41. kind of OT, but has anyone noticed the little smiley face on the upper right hand side of the page?

  42. Donna is a charter member of my group DICS – Democrats I Can’t Stand.

  43. Gary, Yes. I think of it as my little friend when things get slow around here. We just lean back and grin at each other.

  44. sarah, (nodding)

  45. I can’t get on Corretewire. I have Comcast in MA too.

  46. It can take as much as 48 hours for a site to propagate through the ‘net if the domain expired and was parked. If you can’t get in now, you’ll probably be able to access the site later today. I am viewing a post dated today via at&t DSL in KC, so the site has been renewed.

  47. kiki, on May 17th, 2008 at 11:58 am Said:
    the democrats do not have a presumptive nominee. they have someone who wants to presume he will be the nominee, but that’s different.

    The Dems have a presumptuous nominee!


  48. I see Corrente just fine off RD’s blog link also in G search off bigG w/ the foxiest. I wouldn’t put it past them, tho — one of the 400 henchtrolls?

    &%&*%&^%$(*&^%#@@%%!!!!!!!!!!! BRAZILE. and so forth….
    ps: Barack “Shifty Sandals” Obama


  49. Even Bill Moyers has climbed on the O-Bus, and seemingly believes that every Hillary vote is a racist vote.

    Question: when you check into the Obama campaign, do you automatically turn in your critical thinking skills?


  50. jackyt, I think that the media are supporting Obama because they want to erase their culpability for cheerleading Bush and the Iraq war from the permanent record. They are all now anti-war democrats and all you need to get your anit-war cred is to support Obama. Plus, as an added bonus they get their anti-racist cred too. What’s not to love?

  51. Oh Donna….Donna!!

    Somehow the image of you with rice bowl in hand begging for $$$s is pathetic and I cannot image what they were thinking when they put your name on anything going out. They must have truly lost their minds!

    Anything received like that should be sent back with: sorry, wrong demographic for you. You told me I’m not needed or wanted so surely you would not want my $$$s either.

  52. Hi My Name is Earl (I’m about to give up on that show by the way)

    I put it in the spam filter. If I could figure out how to get off those lists it would be the best day of my life. Dean’s stuff come’s with this thing that says, click here to remove your name. But it’s “just words” — not a link at all.


    My parents are not racists.

  54. I got that e-mail from “Donna”, too. You know, I really can’t repeat here my reply to her. Seriously, it was that bad. Damn, of all the crap e-mail I get from the DNC and DCCC, that one infuriated me the most. And they won’t unsubscribe me, no matter how many times I try.

    Let’s hope someone on the other end is actually reading the responses to “Donna”. Is anyone in the Democratic party actually listening?

  55. Listening? ufa — I seriously doubt it.

  56. They are not listening. Hard to hear over the bells and whistles coming out of the Obama camp.

  57. Hi, thanks for asking about Corrente. I was away (you’ll know why when you read my report on the telcon) and we not only had a database failure but a DNS problem. Both are now resolved, thanks to quick action by other Correntians.

  58. Hoo boy. I won a trip to Boston in 2004 courtesy of the DCCC for fundraising. But that was then. I wasn’t interested this year. I’m not raising money for these clueless idiots. I’ll donate directly to the candidates I support. Not one dime for the DNC.
    Donna needs to take a long vacation, maybe permanently! “Oh! The rules! The rules!” I don’t think she’s read the rules lately. And to find out she’s on the Rules Committee, that’s too much. Just shoot me now.

  59. Got the same message and sent it back with a nice FU thanks
    It’s like drunks at a party ignoring the sober around them.

  60. Brazile *nut* could hardly contain her Hillary disdain on television and was gunning for Obama all the way back to 2004.

    I got the email too. Send her back a few choice reasons why she need not contact me any further.

  61. […] May 17th, 2008 at 11:32 am, marie3548 said on The Confluence: LNG or the Bush-Cheney Energy bill of 2005 that Obama voted for […]

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