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Clinton Cocktail Party: Free Milk and a Cow

Hey there all you newly “unaffiliated” voters out there and you Dems on the fence. Remember how it felt the other night when Senator Bob Casey said he’d heard that we were PO’d about Obama’s full on assault on the loyal Democratic base but that we’d all come around in November and vote for the Unity Pony? Well, Senator, lemme tell you a little story about free milk and a cow. We’re not stupid you know. We have something the Obama boyz want reaaaal bad. And it’s going to take more than sweet talk to get it. Oh, yeah, baby, baby, baby, we can keep this going for a long time but you’re not getting our votes until we get a weddin’ ring. You have to marry the old, uneducated, working class, sino-peruvian lesbians or you can just go home with Rosie. And here’s what we want in a pre-nuptual agreement (courtesy of FrenchDoc):

Sit Mi/FL
Now, on to the policy questions, because, as racist, bitter, old, low-info, etc… as we are, we actually care about substance:
– take privatization of SS off the table
– prosecution of the Bush crime clan
– promotion of women’s and LGBT’s rights
– progressive economic policies
– Universal health care
– repeal of no child left behind, no merit pay plan
– out of Iraq / no bombing of Pakistan
– reinstate habeas corpus
– commitment to appointing progressive judges on SCOTUS, no waffling
– commitment to repeal the partial birth abortion law, no waffling
– no telco immunity
Have I forgotten anything?

Oh yeah, stop abusing / insulting us… incredibly, it does not endear BO to us.

You can stop sending your friends over here with the “He really likes you, why don’t you give him a chance” stuff too. We’re not cheap or easy.
Anyways, we’ve found our sweetheart. She’s bona fide. She’s a keeper.

Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Party. This is the time of the day when we relax, kick our shoes off and revel in our newfound freedom from the party. To the left of the bar is Rico, our bartender with flair. Incredibly, he’s not worn out from all these parties. Nope, he’s still going strong and really looking forward to Hillary kinking McCain’s ass in November. Tonight’s special is Sex with the Bartender. I know some of you ladies and gentlemen have been dreaming of just that for months now (but please don’t hit on him while he’s working). But you can order anything you like.

Tonight, we’re featuring a sing-a-long from the Georgia Satellites. All you gotta do is imagine the Democratic Party trying to reach into your pants to get your, um, vote. Just push them away and say, “Don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself”

Ladies and gents, we are a friendly crowd and everyone, no matter your persuasion, is welcome. And to keep the party fine and mellow, we have Florence, our lovely check room attendant who will be happy to keep your trigger words safe while you’re here. The waiters will be circulating shortly with oysters, mini truffle sandwiches and chocolate. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

168 Responses

  1. If the women of Oregon choose so they can stop this train wreck, but I doybt they will.

  2. beer please.

  3. hey, Rico, another Bass draft, please. And a bag of peanuts. We’re in field box 112 at the left field line.

  4. I’ll have a cuba libre por favor

  5. I’ll have something strong. I am very upset tonight. BTD is over at his blog asserting that BO will end the process by narrowly winning the “will of the people”. Why couldn’t they just have let a close race play out, may the best woman win?

  6. Once again, the Dem’s seem determined to let Iowans decide.

  7. OMG Georgia Sats! I saw them in concert with John Cougar Mellencamp in 1988 at Shoreline Ampitheater, Mountain View CA.

    Was that really 20 years ago?

    Hillbilly Rock!

  8. melanie, it ain’t over til the balloons drop in Denver.

  9. myiq: are you feeling it? Know where I’m going with this?

  10. Riverdaughter? Blogging a game?

  11. Love it!

    I’ll have a beer – gotta be a micro since I wouldn’t want anyone to mistake me for a *real* beer drinker…

  12. Delurking once again to ask for a Manhatten. Rico, last weeks was just delicious.
    I will iterate, I only wish we had a candidate the calibre of Hillary in my country (of either sex regardless of skin color) We have a lot of parlimentarians of various ethnic and gender backgrounds, although we still do not have fair and equitable treatment, and females seem to be at the back of the bus.
    While I understand Hillary’s overwhelming love for the U.S. I wish she might consider moving here and running so I could vote for her.
    Keep the faith. I think she will do it, and her campaign has certainly exposed the problems that are inherent with the current system. Maybe they’ll fix them?

  13. Yep, im pretty buzzed. Grownup tricycle race was pretty good . I think we had a bad fourth inning but it’s looking pretty good right now. Well, just about everything looks good right now. The BFF is mighty fine, mighty fine indeed. The score will definitely improve. 😉

  14. I’ll have a Fuzzy Navel please and would love some of the chocolate.
    Yikes.. I just read about the million dollar reward (to be paid by Republican billionaire?) for the for “smoking gun” tape footage of MO? It’s on No Quarter.

  15. If you are all interested in a good laugh, and don’t mind bestirring yourself from the chaise, go on over to Taylor Marsh and read the excuse Obama is offering for not campaigning in KY. This guy is totally unbelievable! Do it soon before you start mistaking everyone with the Olsen Twins.

  16. (long sigh)!

    Rico, any alcohol-free beer if you would.

    How long am I gonna go through this humiliation? Mocktails, alcohol-free beer?

    If it wasn’t for the regular humiliations Democrats have been inflicting on The Chosen Nominee, I would say things couldn’t get any worse.

  17. Hi Pat,

    How is the kitchen coming along?

  18. OK, is this for real? Obama refuses to make any appearances in KY because the “hillbillies” there all watch Fox News and think he’s a muslim? Give me a break!

    Is this how it will be if he’s our nominee? If it looks like McCain is winning, he’ll just run off somewhere and whine and cry and diss the inhabitants of the state?

    Awwwwwww. Hey Barack, want me to call you a Waaaaaaaaamulance? What a whiny little titty baby you are!

  19. MABlue,

    I’m not drinking. I had my share long ago. But I’ll go for the contact high.

  20. bb: One little corner left to do. Am taking a break. Got company for dinner tomorrow so I really need to finish tonight. It looks pretty good though.

  21. Hey MABlue: I like the Sharp’s amber ale myself. I used to have one with my burger at the bar when I was pregnant…

  22. Oh, maybe they booked a stadium and couldn’t find an audience to faint and stuff…

  23. All kinds of recipes come to mind for an Obama-themed drink. But nowadays even the wrong ingredients get you banned.

  24. on my list: reproductive privacy

  25. OMG! Look at this:

    “What it says is that I’m not very well known in that part of the country,” Obama said. “Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it’s not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle.”

    Obama thinks that KY is near Arkansas? KY is just south of IN and IL. It borders his own state. Maybe Barack needs to go back to school and study geography?

  26. Rico, dry martini please and don’t stint on the olives.

    Larry Johnson has posted a new one regarding the tape that he says a former CIA friend admitted to viewing. Seems some billionaire Repub is offering one million dollars to anybody who has the tape. The guy hates McCain and he does not want McCain to win. The tape compares Michele going off in the style of Stokley Carmichael. If the guy does not find the seller, apparently Karl Rove has a copy and is planning to release it in October which will ensure an Obama loss and a McCain win. Larry says this information is slowly ekeing out.

  27. jjm:

    See what I say about my humiliation since the surgery?

    I have to take solace in the fact that I now confined to drinks “reserved” for pregnant women. Oh the pain.

    Only KY can help me out of this crisis, by thoroughly humiliating The-by-the-media-chosen-Nominee on Tuesday. If OR wants to jump into the fray, I’ll take it too.

  28. BB:

    Please send The Nominee a map and 50 lollipops to learn how to count.

    How many more gaffes until we start to seriously ask if this guy is stoopid?

    Dan Quayle had only one. Maybe BO wants to challenge his hero George Bush. He’s been running Georgie’s 2000 campaign anyway.

  29. They could run a video with Obama ice skating in the buff with Amy Winehouse while twirling cats over his head and the media would credit him for his fine taste in music!

  30. MABlue,

    Apparently, BO must also think that Ohio, PA, and WV are closer to Arkansas than to IL too. They aren’t. Do you suppose he thinks that Hillary is a Senator from Arkansas? Isn’t IL one of those states “in the middle” too? We cannot allow this man to be our nominee. He’s as bad as Bush.

  31. Pat Johnson: While I believe you are correct – I’d really like to know how you thought of that! I mean REALLY! I am pretty visual, I have to tell you, that one is the best ever!

  32. (shaking my head) This is the strangest election ever.

    I honestly don’t know where it’s heading.

    Do you think that maybe the reason Barack isn’t debating is to avoid talking about this sort of thing? But, how can he win if he doesn’t confront it?

  33. I think B.O. is another puppet like Ronnie Rayguns. I also think the missus is the one calling the shots, possibly writing the speeches.

    I would love to see that tape! I wonder if that is why she broke down bawling when B.O. was throwing his grandmother under the bus in an attempt to educate Americans about race. I’ll bet she has been fearing that tape would surface. If there is one. I’m just sayin’…

  34. jjm,

    I’m just guessing, I can’t speak for Pat, but being tortured by nuns tends to cause people to develop great imaginations so they can float away to more pleasant places in their minds. I developed one of those myself, lol.

  35. You know Zelda, it is sad state of affairs when the wives of nominees may be “running” behind the scenes. Why wouldn’t she pursue her own aspirations – if that were the case?

  36. It’s the cat twirling!

  37. This blog is great. Riverdaughter, you’re an awesome Hillary warrior!

  38. KB:

    Hasn’t that been his strategy all along?

    Any issue that may be harmful to him is a “distraction”. Anything you disagree with him on is “the type of typical bickering the people don’t like”.

    That was exactly Bush’s playbook against Al Gore.

  39. I too am surprised this tape has not surfaced. It cannot be that it is because they are holding it over his head since he has practically announced his own coronation come May 20th. From the posting it appears that Rove is waiting for him to get the nomination and then release it. The billionaire wants it in advance to ensure Hillary’s nomination because he wants to defeat McCain outright.

    It would not surprise me in the least that Michele would say those things since I agree with Zelda, Michele is the one with issues.

  40. Pat,

    I thought ABC had all of the church tapes. I don’t know what to think about what Larry is saying. I’m sure he does have good sources and I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle did that. Let’s face it, she has been pretty inappropriate in her campaign appearances with all her whining and complaining about her student loans and how the bar keeps being moved for poor Barack and how she has to spend $10,000 a year on dancing lessons for the girls, etc.

  41. There were tapes released by the church for sale that I think the media probably all have. I’m sure they have other videos taken by folks attending.

  42. bb: They may but the billionaire is offering to pay money to get his hands on them. He is looking for a seller. So I am assuming he knows they exist somewhere. Who knows, I started to zone out when I had to listen to “we are the ones we have been waiting for”.

  43. damn, it’s raining. We’re standing in the concourse. We might have to have another beer. Or maybe I can talk the BFF into a scotch at home.

  44. rd: You are plenty playful tonight. I think this relaxed persona could lead to something.

  45. jjm, yes, it is sad. But apparently, unlike HRC, Michelle accepts the assigned role of helpmate.

    Before they took down her thesis, I read it. She is a very bitter woman.

  46. fy, it’s not about the number of delegates anymore since neither candidate will be able to garner a majority of the delegates. Now it is up to the super delegates who will choose the candidate they feel is the most competitive against McCain. So you can count delegates until the cows come home but it’s a meaningless exercise.

  47. The Bush-Clinton era? You are out of your freaking mind.

  48. “Sweetie” alert.

  49. I too was beffudled by NARAL’s endorsement of Obama, especially at this point. But as a man, I tried to stay out of it, because I could not possibly understand or express how women felt.

    However, this blog post was too good to ignore.

    Huffington never approves my comments

    I don’t know why the Huffington Post cares so much what I have to say, but once again they denied my comment. In fact, I don’t think I have commented there successfully once. Shouldn’t that be a story in itself? If I had more time, I’d post here.

    Here is the comment I last attempted, oooooh NASTY:

    This comment is pending approval and won’t be displayed until it is approved.

    There is nothing brave about taking the dominant gender point of view and forcing the woman out of the way. There is nothing acceptable about betraying millions of women who have looked at NARAL as a feminist organization. Then posting here at Huffington Post, a media outlet that has proven to be anti-Hillary and anti-feminist is even more cowardly.

    All NARAL had to do was wait 3 weeks to let the people decide on the candidate. Hillary Clinton has devoted her entire life to supporting women, children, reproductive health and freedom, and women’s right to choose. In fact, Hillary’s campaign is all about women’s empowerment.

    I can only imagine that Nancy was promised something in a under-the-table deal from the Obama campaign. What a shame on behalf of those of us who have supported her organization for decades.

    When I was at Harvard Law School, I stood up at several clinic protection efforts in Boston. Although Barack Obama was on campus with me, he never supported me or the rest of the pro-choice movement on campus. He was never an active supporter for women’s rights on campus. The legacy he left the Harvard Law Review, where I too was an editor, was not a legacy of feminism.

    I am sad for NARAL, which is now losing many members, including me. I’m sure my post will be flamed by the Obamaniacs here — and I know that most of you are paid to post, but I’m not.

    (emphasis mine).

    Just the part in bold summarizes the story of this entire campaign:

    – Hillary Clinton never gets credit for anything.

    – Hillary Clinton ends up being betrayed by “her” people

    – Obama gets credit for something he has never done (like not “voting” for the Iraq war)

    – Obama cowardly stays away from any type of fight. This is truly the guy who has never found a fight he couldn’t duck.

  50. fy,

    Thanks so much for sharing. We adults know that it’s not “the math” that counts, it’s the map. But your candidate isn’t very good at geography, so he probably doesn’t understand that yet.
    Now run along and count more “pledged delegates.”

  51. Bama: You know, that’s not just garden-variety abuse coming from the Obama camp. You really *do* think that not supporting your candidate is a sign of mental illness. That’s the creepiest and least-attractive thing about the Obama campaign, in my opinion.

  52. Silly me, I commented on something that has (rightly) been deleted. A certain someone (obviously not from the paid side of the ledger) said we belong in a mental institution.

  53. C’mon, peeps. Don’t feed the uncreative trolls. Any troll who mentions “the ruleZ” or “the Math” is uncreative. We all know the absurdity of those arguments. No need to answer them again and again…and again…

    Off to get my decaf coffe and hopefully finish the last chapter of ye ol’ thesis. Wish I could sneak a little bailey’s in there, but alas, need to focus. Ciao.

  54. Can you guys get that preening buffoon out here?

    Good luck GQ. You’re almost there.

  55. Just returned from a Bill/Chelsea rally for HRC in Milwaukie OR (borders Portland & 5min drive for me). Blistering ( @90..for us that’s HOT) but mirabile dictu, BigDog was on time. Very focused on why HRC the best: 1) national security and 2) economy. Did not mention BO. Chelsea arrived 20 min into his speech & offered to stay after to answer any questions. I was a little surprised to see as many men as women in the crowd. Also, the two warm up speakers were young energized African-American women. Crowd was maybe @200-300 so you can feel them fight for every last vote. She has had little money left to spend here, but she has talked herself hoarse (including a 1 hour roundtable with undecided voters on local TV…BO declined to appear so she was given the entire hour). HRC strategy in OR has emphasized suburban PDX and the populated coastal cities and Wilamette Valley (where Statesman Journal in state capitol of Salem endorsed her). Seems smart, since Portland is ground central for virulent anti-war sentiments and a fertile Obamanation (of the latte liberal set) and the coast and other regions are hurting economically because of reduced logging and now the closure of salmon fishing due to the collapse of the Sacramento river run. BO had a big rally in Portland several weeks ago & is doing another tomorrow. I will turn in my vote by mail ballot tomorrow. There are a number of INTENSE local and statewide races with way too many great candidates to choose from, so a lot of us are taking time not because of indecision @ presidential race, but because of downticket races. If you can volunteer to phone bank there is still PLENTY of Time for voters to drop off their ballots at local libraries (tho’ too late to mail ). I don’t expect a win here, but hope for a better than expected showing.

  56. Yes, Huffington Post doesn’t allow pro-Hill comments. Oh, sure, sometimes the occassional “Hillary rocks”, but nothing substantive. I noticed that early last year. I would spend time crafting substantive retorts to the typical POS Hillary bashing post and my comments were never allowed to post. Got to the point I’d just post “I support free speech”, which would get through, but was later deleted. It’s like we are living in some kind of modern day so-called progressive facist atmosphere.

  57. Just playing with numbers here but with regards to Kentucky turnout:

    Talk Left has the KY figures:


    Total: 2,857,231 voters
    Dems: 1,629,845
    Reps: 1,040,438
    Indy: 186,948

    ARG’s Dick Bennett said that the turnout for recent states were:

    PA: 27.7% turnout of all registered voters (52% of all Democrats in thate- I read in another article)
    OH: 30.5% turnout of all registered voters
    WV: 30.1% turnout of all registered voters

    Since PA is a closed primary like KY, I’ll use that percentage to calculate the voter turnout. With 27% turnout of all registered voters, turnout in KY would be 771,452 voters. 50% turnout among just Dems would be a little bit more than 800K voters. I sure hope we can get turnout numbers from KY that we’re getting from the recent primaries. We’ll find out Tuesday if we get a huge turnout.

    Go KY for Hillary!

  58. MABlue, at that blog where you saw the huffpo thing, did you read the other entry? interesting stuff about the Texas caucus…this is the first year I paid attention to the caucus system and it just perplexes me.

  59. All work and no play make GQ a dull boy!

    C’mon and have a liitle fun comrade!

  60. kiki:

    The Dems chose their nominee is a sad farce.

  61. Rd, perhaps you could locate and include “Don’t With My Tu Tu” by Denise Lasalle. It seems rather appropriate for the circumstances as well.

    Thanks for all you do.

  62. Salmon, thanks for the report. a lot of us watched the town hall meeting last night. interesting that Obama couldn’t make that but has time for a rally. he really does not like to answer questions.

    hey, y’all are lucky having a hard time choosing among so many great local candidates 🙂

  63. salmonrising, do you know how many Dems are eligible to vote for the closed Oregon primary?

  64. salmonrising, I feel pretty discouraged about Oregon. I just finished nearly an hour of calls (still have a little over an hour of my commitment) and I’ve never had so much rejection in my life. Thank God, I got a lonely heart — she cheered me up. But, I’m not sure how she’ll vote.

    Salmonrising do you think she really has a chance to close the gap?

  65. Sorry should have been : “Don’t MESS With My TuTu”.

    I am a lousy blogger. but I read rather well.

    Guess I should stick to the reading!

  66. kiki, and he’ll meet McCain or Bush anytime, anywhere to debate National Security.

    Does no one in his campaign have ANY pride? Or sense of Irony?

  67. gq I think I had the most creative troll on my last post. He pretended to defend Chris Matthews. That confused me so much I actually answered him. Didn’t take long to figure out what he was up to, but I give him credit for creativity.

  68. salmonrising,

    Thanks so much for the report from the field! Some of us watched Hillary’s roundtable last night via the local station’s website. She was great. What did Chelsea have to say at the rally you went to?

  69. katiebird, I do not understand how the voters in OR can just hand someone their vote who wouldn’t even agree to a debate. Did you get any Hill voters or all BO?

  70. HuffPo doesn’t sanitize the language, only positive references to Hillary. If you are willing to post slap happy comments about Obama you’re in. If not, they disappear. I have no use for that blog other than Sunday mornings when Jason Linkins does the talk show round up. Pretty funny since no one gets a pass. He absolutely cannot stand Tim Russert and when he gets going on the McLaughlin Group it is laugh out loud funny. The only reason I bother going in there. They are impossible.

  71. katiebird, do you know where you were calling in OR? My friend is there and he feels like they are doing well.

  72. I can’t get a post accepted on Anderson Cooper’s blog. Anyone who knows me from Daily Kos or from Talkleft as Teresa (the plain Teresa one) would know that I have never posted anything mean. They do let some Hillary posts in but I’ve never got one through. I don’t know what their criteria for posting is.

  73. my toy poodle could win a debate with Bush. as for McCain, it would be interesting to see a one on one debate between him and Obama. but only vaguely interesting – not enough to nominate him.

    if he had held his own against Hillary, I’d say he could probably debate any republican. but he didn’t, did he? and the msm won’t prop him up against McCain.

  74. tabby, I don’t know but I know several posters on Hill’s blogs can never get their posts through either.

  75. McCain could scream during those moments when Obama was hee’ing and haw’ing trying to come up with an answer. Might be fun to watch but painful too.

  76. Melanie, I’ve had a lot of hang ups but just now had a wonderfully positive conversation. With a woman who wants her to go all the way. Then a man who hung up. So Ups and Downs.

  77. Melanie, I don’t know where I’m calling. It’s an automated system. I don’t even have names.

  78. Oregon has more than 750,00 registered Democrats. Bill spoke at the Tuesday HRC rally in Klamath Falls, and most of the people in line said they were voting for Hillary. (I was handing out registration tickets.) Some Republicans said they re-registered as Democrats in order to vote for her. Bill and Chelsea are in Oregon today and tomorrow. I hope Hillary can get within five points. She has done better in closed primaries.

    An Obama supporter rang my doorbell tonight. I told him I voted for Hillary in the primary, and will be voting for her in the general election.

  79. cat lady, wow (between calls) 3 hang ups in a row.

  80. It might be me? I miss phone banks. You can hear what works and what doesn’t.

  81. Found the Oregon registered Dem numbers as of April 2008 (deadline to register to vote was April 29th):

    Click to access apr08.pdf

    Dems: 869,538


    According to this article above dated May 15th, Oregon SOS said turnout could be as high as 70% in their mail in closed primary. If it is 70%, 608,677 will vote in the OR Dem primary. 80% turnout would be 695,630. Jay Cost at RCP predicts OR turnout to be 740,000 based on 78% of Kerry’s vote get.

    237,000 Dems as of May 15th have already voted.

  82. katiebird, you are probably calling people in Eugene or Portland. Small city people are friendlier.

  83. According to The Oregonian, 40 percent of Democrats have returned their ballots as of mid-day Friday.

  84. i’m watching an old sat night live on E! from 2004. very surreal. All the jokes about the primary and Dean and Kerry etc….

  85. Wow, cat Lady. That’s great — I hope they all voted for Hillary.

    This is what I said to the DNC on Hillary’s FL & MI petition:

    To the DNC —

    The Democratic Nominee will not be considered legitimate without the full voting participation of all the states.

    YOU have already envoked a significant punishment on Florida and Michigan by making their elections irrelevant throughout this election season.

    You are close to having gone too far. You’ve exposed the Democratic Party as an undemocratic procedure-bound institution.

    I’ve even heard the words “Illegal Election” tossed around about those extrememly legal — indeed certified — elections.

    Exclude or further punish Michigan and Florida at your peril. Their voices will be heard.

  86. I did a lot of calling in the last (2006) election. I was calling Ohio (I’m in IL) and had more hang ups than anything. But there were people who were nice enough to talk about how tired they were of all the phone calls and that they just wanted it to be over. I think these fine folks have also been called repeatedly and my be beyond their limits. Frankly, the calling is better than going door to door. I campaigned for Kerry & Edwards in Wisconsin in 2004 and had doors slammed in my face, was called numerous hateful names, and some people threatened us with bodily harm. Now that was fun 😦
    I know it is difficult to make those calls. Good on you for doing it. I made some during the week, but my weekend has been demolished by errands and tasks that had to be done this weekend. So no calls for me.

  87. If the DNC goes through with the plan to suppress 2.3 mio Democratic voters, I’ll never ever want to hear anything about FL 2000 and how Al Gore should have been the POTUS.

    That would probably help me to finally digest that abomination. Democrats would have proven to me that as soon as they can, they’ll shamelessly suppress their own voters.

  88. Hello, my name is abycat, and I have been an unaffiliated voter since May 12, 2008.

    What I am looking forward to most is Hillary kinking McCain’s ass in November. That is going to be worth the price of admission, no matter the cost.

  89. Oh, and I also have many, many wonderful stories from those campaigns.

  90. MABlue, that part about the 2000 election illegalities is what I said to the DNC early this morning when I wrote to them. I said if they didn’t seat FL and MI, then they would have nothing on the Republican Party.

    Of course they “thanked” me for my comments.

  91. MABlue,

    If the DNC goes through with the plan to suppress 2.3 mio Democratic voters, I’ll never ever want to hear anything about FL 2000 and how Al Gore should have been the POTUS.

    That would probably help me to finally digest that abomination. Democrats would have proven to me that as soon as they can, they’ll shamelessly suppress their own voters.

    Was it Donna B who decided to request recounts in just a limited number of counties in Florida instead of THE WHOLE DAMN STATE?

    (sorry for yelling)

    Has anyone else made calls through this automated system. Is there any way to tell how long you’ve called? ‘Cause I’d swear I’ve done my 2 hours — 🙂

  92. Hi Abycat,

    Congratulations on your new unaffiliated status. I still haven’t made it down to the Town Hall, but I will do it soon.

  93. KB,

    Funny, I had a similar experience phone calling yesterday at @ 5 PT. I thought maybe the hang ups were because it was dinner time. I didn’t get any nasty comments, just a ton of hang ups, several nice ladies voting for Hillary and one Obama, a guy. That was my third time calling OR and I must say they are very nice in general. I did KY one night and the tone was less warm, not mean, just less friendly and little more wary.

  94. bostonboomer – Thank you. I am still going through withdrawal after 35 years but I am feeling better every day.

  95. How many more of these is it gonna take until we seriously ask ourselves if we’re not dealing with a doofus?

    A week after his 57-state remark, Obama puts himself in the wrong city

    For a politician, especially one running as a uniter for president of these 57 United States, it’s something else. And just now it happened up in South Dakota which is right next to Iowa, which means they are different states.

    The Democratic frontrunner Sen. Barack Obama of another state, Illinois, had an enthusiastic double-barreled stump introduction from two local luminaries, former Sens. Tom Daschle and George McGovern, who was an equally enthusiastic supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton until recently. But he changed his mind.

    McGovern knows a little about presidential races, having once been the Democratic presidential candidate himself way back in 1972. He lost though.

    Both South Dakotans lavished all sorts of praise on Obama, according to reporters present, including The Times Nicholas Riccardi. As the large, enthusiastic crowd of some 7,000 supporters roared and waved “We can do it” signs and Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” blared, Obama bounded onto stage, grabbed the microphone and said, “Thank you, Sioux City!”

    Trouble is, Obama was in Sioux Fall


    Talk about a perfect picture:
    – a national landslide loser
    – the only Senate majority leader in the history to lose a reelection
    – a candidate who doesn’t know his geography, the number of State, and by Golly who doesn’t even know where he is. Did I say he bowled a 37?

  96. kbird: Don’t get too discouraged. When I was calling PA from Hburg, I also got a lot of hangups This close to the election people are tired of phone calls, even the people who want to vote for Hillary. Many people don’t like out of state calls and I had to prove I was really calling from and really *from* PA to several people. “So, where did you go to school? Where were your parents from? Where are you calling from? Where in Harrisburg?” They also might think you are a robocall. Clinton makes use of a lot of those. i don’t think they’re particularly effective. Anyways, the thing that counts is that you didn’t get more Obama supporters than Hillary supporters. So, who outnumbered who?

  97. From WP

    As the front-runner for his party’s nomination, Obama can start to win over Casey Democrats by endorsing the Pregnant Women Support Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Casey. This legislation would, among other things, provide adoption information to pregnant women, give lower-income women free sonograms and require abortion clinics to obtain informed consent from women seeking to end a pregnancy.

    Endorsing it is sure to alienate many cultural liberals. But supporting it could help win over many Casey Democrats — and possibly a few key swing states this fall.

    Have you noticed that the only thing Democrats seem to come up with is threatening or harassing women? There is no support of pregnant women in that Act.

    If they go down this road, I plan to *organize* for McCain.

  98. RD, more Obama supporters than Hillary. But it might be close. The Obama supporters were so much more traumatic. Way more hang ups than anything else.

    I think I’m done for the night.

    But, I’ll do my 2 hours again tomorrow. I promise 🙂

  99. hlr, well I say : Go for it Barack. Do it tomorrow.

  100. MABlue,

    That is just sad. Won’t someone give this poor guy the hook? He ran out of energy and enthusiasm in February. I’ve been to Sioux City. You could tell you were there by the smell from the slaughterhouses–maybe that’s changed.

  101. leslie: I had the exact opposite experience when canvassing. NO one slammed the door on my face. Everyone was really super nice, even the Obama supporters. Everyone stopped what they were doing to take the literature and many of them talked to me for several minutes. it was sooo much better than phone calling. And I think it helped that I didn’t look like an old, working class, uneducated sino-peruvian lesbian. I actually look like a normal, suburbanite with my EMS shell jacket and Merrill trail shoes.

  102. Kbird: maybe you hit a college town. Don’t let it get you down.

  103. elixir — I did take a break after my first set of calls to get a little paste the dinner time.

    Tomorrow, I’ll start earlier. Maybe do 15 minutes an hour for 8 hours (giggle)

  104. riverdaughter, what do you think of Obama’s total avoidance of the stealth attacks? (naming no particular issue) do you think that will be successful — Bush managed to avoid talking about the Drunk Driving thing and the National Guard thing.

    But one thing that came up in the calls is that People Have Heard Things — 3 people anyway — that they don’t want to think about. The say, “The Wright Issue and things Michelle has said and other things” — they REALLY don’t want to touch it. But what they know, they (3 people anyway) don’t like.

    Is non confrontation going to work? Or would he do better to have a debate and let people ask about “it all”

  105. I’m sure everyone has seen this ‘polished like gold’ video, but it’s worth watching again. I just watched it for probably the 30th time but it always makes me cry, in a good way, and reinforces my feelings of support for Hillary.

  106. You are all too serious tonight. so…before I go to bed, have you seen this “pie chart”? Someone at TLeft offered the link to the “Pocket Guide to the Obamaniac Behaviour Cycle”.

    I thought it was funny. Buenas noches.

  107. kbird: It’s better to stay away from rumor and innuendo. The people doing it have an obligation to put up or shut up. Eventually everything will come out. But not from us.

  108. Here in Washington you would think that we do things democratically. Not hardly.
    Washington has a make believe primary which doesn’t count. Hillary got more votes than what the caucus showed. As in all caucus’s Obama does better by having the youth vote which flood into the precincts and bully the Clinton supporters.
    I feel that we should honor all the votes including the Washington state primary.

  109. I think you misunderstand. I’ve got no interest in the innuendo — I’m just interested in campaign style and technique. And how to counter not just swift-boating, but the stuff like the photoshopped photo supposedly of Jane Fonda and John Kerry at a rally.

    What’s the best way for Barack to counter the stories he’ll be (and maybe IS) fighting?

    I’m wondering because Hillary isn’t hiding from anyone. And I think if she was facing a whispering campaign, she’d set up an interview and talk about it. — Shine some light on it and move on.

    Would that work for Barack. And is he the sort of guy to do it?

  110. KB:

    Bush was successful at it because the MSM protected him and the RW media was intimidating everyone. Moreover, there was no Letfwing media (and there is still none, it’s just anti-Hillary from the Left).

    The RW will beat anything uncomfortable for Obama to death.
    Remember that Sean Hannity by himself put Rev Wright on the map more than a year ago and never let up.
    Rush Limbaugh by himself can force the MSM to cover a story.
    Now there are Rightwing radio hosts all over the place, even here in MA, the bluest of all Blue States.
    Have I mention Matt Drudge?

  111. Katiebird,

    If he were that kind of guy, wouldn’t be be in KY right now having town hall meetings and clearing the air about the supposed e-mail campaign against him and letting them get to know him? Instead he’s making excuses for not making appearances in KY. This guy is scared. He’s starting to look pathetic.

  112. Did HIllary get more votes than Obama in the Washington primary?

  113. My party has left me folks.
    I thought that this was and is the year of the woman.
    I’m glad to see you all rise up to fight this bias and sexism.
    Guys like me are man enough to realize a great President in Hillary based on the merits.
    The media have played the sexist card. The Obama people have pulled the race card.
    I have also been alienated
    As a bitter white Irish/Italian Catholic male who clings to my FDR heritage and theClinton’s it will be McCain in Nov unless Hillary is on the top of the ticket.

  114. florence:

    No. It was close but I think BO won by 2%.

  115. MABlue – So how does/will Barack fight back? Does he have a media genius on his staff?

    I agree with riverdaughter about spreading rumors. That’s not what I’m interested in here.

    I’m just curious about process. Because Obama seems to handle things very different than I’d expect. And he might be in for a very long summer.

    Also, I didn’t hear ANY rumors about Wright until March (?) when now and then Jeralyn would say “do not mention a certain minister” — and I didn’t have any idea what she was talking about.

  116. Thanks. I always wondered.

    SeattleMoss, thank you for your great words.

    About the MO tape. I wonder if it really exists.

  117. In reply to several questions: 1) don’t know what Chelsea had to say since she arrived late & I had to leave early, but she cut quite a favorable swath when she was here before & attended a popular gay ball. 2) No tea leaves readable by moi about HRC closing the gap in OR. My ‘hood is bluest of blue SE Portland and tho’ OB signs predominate, I’ve been struck by how FEW signs there are in general. Ditto for bumper stickers. OR is actually a purple state. Metro Portland’s (Multnomah, parts of Washington and Clackamas counties for those of you watching returns) vote can often dominate the state….but if HRC does better than expected here she might come close. There were a lot of Edwards supporters here and his endorsement may have interrupted the little momentum she was building. PS: If BO really is that popular among Republicans, he ought to do well in most of eastern and southern OR…where he has focused some effort. Be interesting to see the voting patterns…and you should see results fairly quickly here from our mail-in voting combined with optical scanning. Keep your fingers (or fins) crossed. .. SR

  118. KB:

    BO’s problem is that he has received kid gloves’ treatment. He has been pampered like a little baby by the media, in large part because those guys want the Clintons’ heads on sticks.
    Hillary Clinton couldn’t even sneeze without being accused of attempted murder.

    Once he is out there against McCain and the powerful RW machine, it will become a very unpleasant ball game.

    Even if I end up voting for him, I have no energy left to even get angry at any abusive treatment he could receive.

  119. McCain is blundering all over the place and is getting a pass overall because all the attention is on The One. The MSM is hardly paying attention to her and she is out there busting her butt. Do you realize that there is only between 2-5% separating them? This is so wrong.

  120. My right-wing Republican friend swears that press will turn on McCai rather than Obama. (He hates McCain so he is torn over issue.)

    But interestingly enough all the things we say about Obama and press – short-lived affair – is how he described McCain. Of course, he’s hoping that dems take out McCain so they can nominate more conservative candidate in 2012.

    Hugs to everyone making calls.

  121. Let me start saying what I will keep saying until it’s too late (i.e. Nov. 2008).

    Hillary needs to go independent. If the Party gets away with what they have done to her, then there is nothing to salvage for 2012. She certainly can point to having tried everything within her power to work through Party system. Moreover, she can point to a real dereliction of duty by the leadership.

    Back to hanging out in the tea and chocolate portion of tonight’s bar.

  122. I think if Obama gets the nomination, the press will turn on him. McCain is loved by the press.

  123. Pat, McCain was just on SNL and he was pretty funny. Poking fun at himself. He sounded very genial and open.

    For what it’s worth. I thought He and Hillary were the funniest candidates.

  124. Question: What will be our collective reaction on May 20th if he declares himself the winner?

  125. kb: I am serious. There must be a reaction prepared. How does he just walk up to a mic and announce that this is over? Do we know of any organizing that may be taking place to at least address this?

  126. Charles — incoming email

  127. “For what it’s worth. I thought He and Hillary were the funniest candidates.”

    Yes, both quite funny, one also smart.

  128. I’m serious too. I think we should collect it and send it to Howard Dean.

    (slap face)

    OK. I’m sorry.

    This is the tragedy of losing the answer to Lambert’s question. That call with Hillary was cut off at just the wrong time.

    Maybe a blog-conference here tomorrow afternoon?

  129. Melanie, why I worry for Barack Obama, I don’t know — he doesn’t deserve it But I think that sense of humor could get McCain a long way in a debate against Barack Obama.

    Not so much with Hillary. Since (as you said) she’s BOTH funny- brilliant – AND smart.

  130. Funny; I figured that Hillary deliberately ducked Lambert’s question. (Note: In other words, she wasn’t willing to share it just yet.

  131. Cdalygo — wow. That didn’t occur to me.

    Did everyone think that?

  132. katiebird – What was the unanswered question?

  133. Regardless the response we should take is to split screen it with the Supremes shutting down Florida. Then link him to Bush. (Yes, we’ll catch hell for it but it’s the “god’s truth”

    Here is an excerpt of the letter my partner and I sent the DNC announcing our resignations.

    >>It now stands poised to deliver the nomination – prematurely and illegitimately – to a candidate who has refuses to count votes in two of our biggest swing states, Florida and Michigan. It is especially galling considering that this same candidate has failed to win the major states and constituencies necessary for victory in November.

    We have seen this behavior before and know where it ends. The last time there was a mass cover-up of a candidate’s inadequacies and active voter disenfranchisement, it brought us the Bush II presidency. This time, it’s coming from the Democratic Party, and we find that unacceptable. <<

  134. lisa, Lambert asked about what she thinks of Obama’s (planned) May 20th announcement. And the more I think about it, Cdalygo’s theory makes sense.

    Except that it seems more in her public character for her to say she’s not ready to say anything yet — rather than sneak off.

  135. I’m in the Western suburbs of Portland, where there are lots of highly-educated techies (think: the guts of your computer). It’s a lot like Research Triangle in North Carolina–a largely male, youngish work force, many of whom like to think of themselves as belonging to the creative class. Despite this, the very few bumper stickers and lawn signs I’ve seen look to be split about 50/50 between Bambi and Hillary. As salmonrising pointed out, this is a purple state. There’s a large rural contingent of voters, and Big Dawg has been visiting them for at least a couple of months.

    I wonder what will happen in the likely event that Bambi goes ahead and declares victory after the votes are counted here on the 20th. Hillary has a good response up her sleeve, I trust.

  136. “Thank you, Sioux City!”
    Well, here’s to more Spinal Tap moments at his rallies.

    I can’t believe I’m the only one who noticed the hilarious typo in the cocktail hour post?

  137. lol, I did daria. She’s gonna kink him good in November.

  138. I’m starting to get really worried about what happens as Obama’s people are trying to take over the party. Cutting off the money to 527 groups, for starters.. what next, what will the effects be? how effective will that be? I have friends who work for some of these nonprofits and such (and were all gung ho for Obama, funny that).. is their funding going to dry up?

  139. Hey ladies, we may not be stuck with Napalitano, Sebelius, or McCaskill after all. From a new WaPO article:

    “There’s gale-force pressure for Obama to choose a Clinton loyalist as a running mate to heal the party but avoid putting her and her formidable baggage on the ticket,” said one Obama ally in Washington. “You hear the names [Ohio Gov. Ted] Strickland, [Indiana Sen. Evan] Bayh, and [retired general] Wes Clark almost constantly, and it’s no secret that Jim Johnson and Tom Daschle are purveyors of that wisdom.”

    Now, I don’t want Hill to accept VP and I do want her to take this to convention, but this just leaves me completely cold. Her formidable baggage? Like what, the Appalachia voting bloc? Seriously, I dodn’t leave my Party, my Party left me.

  140. Melanie,

    Those three guys would be idiots to take the VP spot. They will get tainted with his loss. Or if he pulls it out, they know it will be because of them and yet they can’t take credit for it.

    I only see it happening if HRC asked them to do it because she doesn’t want to run again. But it’s a gift Obama doesn’t deserve.

  141. If Obama is the one who is out there representing the Democratic Party as president (which he doesn’t deserve to be), he is going to be a punching bag, just as Hillary would be. I don’t believe I’ll be able to dig up any sympathy because as a Hillary supporter I’m cast as a (sore) loser and a racist. Also, I think people who try out for jobs for which they are obviously unqualified bring problems upon themselves. It’s about judgment and character. The Democratic “leadership” is also responsible if it has not thoroughly vetted their candidate.

    I saw a recent You Tube video in which it appears that Bill O’Reilly is thinking he is going to expose the entire Chicago Daly machine corruption, of which Obama is a typical politician. O’Reilly had better pause and catch his breath.

    Chicago corruption runs across party line and interfering might be bad for one’s health. Rezko is the little fish. Democratic Gov. Blag the bigger fish (he was Rezko’s first choice for President). Having the Dem. governor who came in after the corrupt Republican gov. was ousted will not make Dems look good, esp. if their candidate keeps the same company.

    Investigative reporter Elizabeth Pringle:

    Obama is a political psychopath. He exhibits no shame, no matter where his money comes from. On September 5, 2007, the New York Post reported that, “Alexi Giannoulias, who became Illinois state treasurer last year after Obama vouched for him, has pledged to raise $100,000 for the senator’s Oval Office bid.”

    “Giannoulias is so tainted by reputed mob links,” the Post noted, “that several top Illinois Dems, including the state’s speaker of the House and party chairman, refused to endorse him even after he won the Democratic nomination with Obama’s help.”

    I guess having the Chicago political scene go national is a change of sorts, but the cronyism is Shrub like.

    Pringle continues: Obama now wants to bring this dog and pony show to Washington. I can see it now. His former boss, Allison Davis, at the Davis, Miner & Barnhill law firm, that served as a hub for Rezko’s thriving slumlord business for a decade before Davis quit and became partners with Rezko, will be appointed to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  142. Am volunteering in Kentucky and it’s going fabulously well. Tons of people streaming into HQ asking for signs, etc. All three Clintons have been in western Kentucky the last couple of days; at the Friday stop, in small towns Murray and Hopkinsville in the afternoon, we heard folks lined up to see President Bill at 9 AM!

    I can’t *tell* you how many people have told me they’ll vote for McCain if Hillary doesn’t win the Dem nomination.

    Sure wish some of you could be here to see this; Dems here are NOT AT ALL demoralized and they are determined to fight like hell to the finish line for Hillary!

    Will post some campaign photos if I can find a few minutes to stop making GOTV calls….though the most fun has been visibility….people are stopping in the middle of the street (after honking with thumbs up) to ask us where to get yard signs…It’s really been a blast.

    Hang in there Conflucians! Another big victory is coming verrrrry soon!

  143. Thanks Eleanor!!

  144. Signing off from West Coast side of bar — though Elanor puts me to shame. (For various reasons away from computer during this weekend’s days.)

    Here’s what I picked up from tonight’s postings (with apologies if already known). He’s moved the “victory” announcement from Oregon to Iowa (probably because he fears a loss). I suspect he will time it so it comes either in the middle of or before her victory speeches on Tuesday night. Of course, press will cooperate with him. (Though any station that doesn’t will have a major story to develop regarding competing narratives (ah yes, it’s late and I’m getting silly imagining they have journalistic ethics).

    Latest meme from Obama bloggers — Hillary agreed to Mich/FLA rules back in October 2002. (I’ve fruitlessly been dealing with one over at Anglachel’s site, which is used to be free of this type of stuff. If you can get over there in your am and clean up my mistakes. :>)

    As others have stated here, we need to treat his announcement with withering contempt on Tuesday. (I’m just waiting to see if he puts on the flight suit.)

  145. Late, on this, but I say if BO does declare that he’s ‘won’, we just ignore it and continue on as normal. Follow Hillary, so to speak.

    And mock, mock, mock. I myself am declaring myself the nominee on Wed 21 May. Maybe we should have a mass ‘declaration nomineeism’.

  146. “Oh, yeah, baby, baby, baby, we can keep this going for a long time but you’re not getting our votes until we get a weddin’ ring.”

    I couldn’t stop laughing after I read this part. I’ll have to come back and read the rest latter-maybe.

  147. ““Oh, yeah, baby, baby, baby, we can keep this going for a long time …”

    That IS hilarious. Now, about your bill of particulars: I think you did leave something out. Something important.

    The next time Markos Moulitsas (he’s not Voldemort; I will dare to say the name) gives one of his yearly parties, NO CANDIDATES SHOW UP.

    By the way, some of you may be interested in my take on the alleged video in which Michelle screeches at “Whitey.” I think such a tape exists — but I also suspect a fake. The whole controversy reminds me of another “tape” scandal from the ’80s.

  148. Morning Conflucians.

    Oh that Florence (the lovely check room attendant, keeper of trigger words)!!!

    Last night I posted a link to a “pie chart” that shows the behavior cycle of Obama supporters towards us.
    I guess Florence did not like it so I will try again.

    I think it is quite funny (hopefully Florence will let it through this time)

  149. Yeah, it went through. Thank you lovely Florence!!!

  150. I love the O.P. post! I’ll have Kentucky bourbon on the rocks please.

    And I think I’ll declare myself the winner on the 21st. too!!

  151. About that typo, I do proofread before and after I post, sometimes half a dozen times but every once in awhile, a typo is unintentionally funny so I leave it in.

  152. Upstate- I love it , I may print it out so that I will be able to predict what the O supporters will do next. Sima, are you are you claiming the nomination in the morning or in the afternoon? I was scheduled for ll am, but I could rearrange my schedule if that interferes with your hoopla.

  153. Upstate: I love the pie chart. I hope the authors don’t mind if I use this morning.

  154. I think on the 20th we should ALL declare ourselves The Winner! (because it makes just about as much sense as BO doing it)…

    but, I really just need some coffee…

  155. I am checking the internets:

    Obama/Cinton fundraiser merging?

    Taylor Marsh telling us that politics transcend candidates?

    oh my.

  156. RD: I found it at TLeft (somebody posted the link there). Don’t know no nothing about no authors.

  157. Hi Riverdaughter, I’ve seen that chart on several blogs so I’m sure it’s ok to use (Corrente & TENNESSEE GUERILLA WOMEN, I think)

  158. OldCastle, How Funny — His campaign proves that anyone can run for President (even if you’ve never really held a job) and now we’re learning that anyone can win. All you have to do is declare it yourself.


    Actually, I think we learned both of those lessons in 2000 — didn’t we?

  159. Riverdaughter,

    The author of the pie chart is Lavender Liberal, and he/she gave permission for anyone to post it on their blogs. The original post is here.


  160. Here is the message from Lavender Liberal.

    (Yes, of course, feel free to download and post to your own blog provided you leave it as is. A link back would be very much appreciated, too!)

  161. I’ve noticed that we are getting fake Hillary-Supporting comments that go WAY over the top in language and theory. They also have a stilted form and odd formatting — random all caps that don’t make sense as emphasis.

    I’m taking them out. I’m sure the point is to paint us as conspiracy-frothing crazies.

    And we’re not.

    I’m more than willing to discuss HOW Obama will handle these attacks. I think Kerry LOST the stealth campaign. But I’m NOT willing to participate in spreading them.

  162. kbird: you should see my tinfoil hat collection…

    Thanks for filtering that cr*p.

  163. Katiebird,

    I agree with you. I’ve been reading some of the older posts this weekend, and I deleted some troll comments. I don’t think we should be spreading the rumors either.

  164. All caps is a tell tale troll sign.

  165. Honora, you declare at 11 am. I’ll declare at noon. OldCoastie, pick a time!

    We are all winners, and on our way(s) to be President!

  166. Your list of “demands” is cogent and thoughtful, and should be applied to whomever is the Democratic nominee.

    I’d also add: Net Neutrality, and end to domestic spying, cancellation of all Halliburton contracts and a solemn oath NOT to “obliterate” Iran. And where’s No More Torture?

    Apart from those omissions, it’s a darned good start!

  167. […] Out with Sarah-ccuda Posted on September 5, 2008 by riverdaughter We played this song a few months ago. It spoke to us. What is the artist trying to say? No, no, don’t tell me. It will come to me […]

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