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Full Scale Shmoozy Trolling Already In Progress

Look at what I fished out of the spam filter:

Madrugada Jones | xxxxxxx@yyyy.com | spinachflame.wordpress.com | IP: foo.bar.foo

I respect Hillary a great deal and think she’d make a terrific president. But I’m for Obama and I think you have to ask yourself, if the roles were reversed and Hillary was out ahead in the delegate count (not to mention the superdelegate count) and Barack was trying to get the delegates from MI and FL seated, do you honestly think she’d let them be seated?? You’ve got to be kidding me. She’d do the same exact thing he’s doing, which is well within the rules the DNC established. To me, this proves Obama’s political savvy.

New cartoons here: http://spinachflame.wordpress.com/

Not Spam — May 16, 2:36 PM — [ View Post ]

spinachflame | llllllllll@zzzzz.com | IP: Bar.foo.bar

I respect Hillary a great deal and think she’d make a terrific president. But I’m for Obama and I think you have to ask yourself, if the roles were reversed and Hillary was out ahead in the delegate count (not to mention the superdelegate count) and Barack was trying to get the delegates from MI and FL seated, do you honestly think she’d let them be seated?? You’ve got to be kidding me. She’d do the same exact thing he’s doing, which is well within the rules the DNC established. To me, this proves Obama’s political savvy.

Look, I don’t mind if you troll the site but could you at least be original and funny?
Now, I have to go wash the gunk off of my hands.

161 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter – Shmoozy? Yes. Invalid question? No. What if the roles were reversed? What would Hillary do?


  2. I’m listening to Steve Corbett and he is all of that!

  3. Watch Jack Cafferty today I’m sure he be highlighting many comments from this crowd they hang at CNN ..

  4. The Left: We have no way of knowing what Hillary would do. HOWEVER, Obama had the chance to “show his quality” and instead of being magnanimous and taking a small hit when he could most afford it and winning the affections of these two states, he decided to take care of himself first.
    So, there you go. You know what kind of character Obama has. For Hillary, the data point is still missing so it is impossible to assign a value.

  5. Well? How could taking one’s name off a ballot lead to anything good for voters?

    And which candidate did that?

  6. Thank god for your spam filter.

  7. RD:

    I saw the same verbage over at Taylor Marshes site today. It’s the cut and paste method to pacifying enemies and winning over new friends.

  8. Let’s not forget that Hillary stuck to the rules and didn’t campaign in Florida. Obama broke rules and campaigned there anyway. She still won. Smart people, those Floridians.

  9. RD – Doesn’t plaguarizing give you an F in school? The least they could do is paraphrase a little bit.

    It’s almost that they want to hypnotize you “listen to our words, come back into the fold Riverdaughter – come back…”

    If they say it enough then it must come true.

  10. You know what, it’s true. The trolls are saying the same thing at various pro-Hillary sites. The spiels sound so canned. I wonder if they outsourced to India? Now that would really piss me off. We have plenty of good trolls right here in the USA.

  11. Steve Corbett is on fire. Calls are coming in from all over the country. Keep it going. Don’t let it die down. I sent an email to Lou Dobbs to ask him to listen. Let’s see what happens. Maybe some of you will contact other news outlets to get this going further.

  12. Now, Jerseygirl — Look at their leader. It seems like plagiarism is a campaign activity.

  13. In case you don’t know you can hear Steve Corbett at http://www.wilknewsradio.com. Click on Corbett tab at top and then Listen Now button

  14. Maria, I think it’s from a template. That email I got this morning didn’t have anything to do with the comment that supposedly offended “Ben” — it was just used to high-dive into his rant (urr spiel)

  15. I tried gettting through but the lines are busy!

  16. Hi Nana. I’m listening right now. It’s fantastic! Thanks for first alerting us to this.

  17. […] Obama astroturf Published May 17, 2008 2008 , Democrats , culture of corruption , netroots You would think that a candidate with actual online support would not resort to this. […]

  18. Early on when asked about his lack of experience, Obama said he’d hire it. That was enough to make my mother (a lifetime Democratic activists) discount him.

    Again and again, however, Obama blames problems on his help. Good help is hard to find, better to vote for someone who has the expertise:


  19. I’m listening too. Thanks for letting us know about it, Nana. This is really raising my morale.

  20. Charles: Saw a report earlier which had him at 50 points, her at 45 in Oregon.

  21. They keep saying “what would Hillary do if the roles were reversed”? I’d be curious to know what would Obama (his surrogates and supporters) do if, indeed, the roles were reversed. There’s no doubt in my mind they’d use “handily winning several key battleground states and cross-section of the populace” argument to justify him remaining in the contest. And the MSM (currently shilling for him – front, right and center) would be only to eager to make the case for Obama and why (despite trailing in delegate counts) should continue fighting on for the nomination. Can we find something original now? Give me a break!

  22. I am reminded of a phrase Pres. Bill Clinton once used and I will apply it here: I wouldn’t vote for Obama to see a cow jump over the moon. These trolls can make asses out of themselves smoozing for Hillary supporter votes. I will never forgive or forget the disgraceful treatment we and our candidate have received. These shitasses can dream on – I’ll make my vote count by hitting the button for McCain. I’d rathr live with a Supreme Court to the right than with Barry and Michelle Obama and corrupt friends for 4 years.

  23. What if the roles were reversed? What would Hillary do?

    This type of “gotcha” question says a lot about where the questioner is coming from. Defending an action by crying, “well she would do it tooooo!” is not a defense. We don’t know what she would do. The question is not what would Hillary do but rather, is it right to disenfranchise voters?

    I say it is not and I will not defend ANYONE who says otherwise. That so many Obamamites are willing to try tells me they are less invested in a true Democratic process than their candidate. Good luck with that.

  24. And… we already know from the lips of that gem Jeremiah Wright what they will do if Hillary was the nominee “The Black people are going to make it rain for McCain.” He just sealed his buddies fate – Hillary supporters are going to Hurricane for McCain.

  25. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more. Has anyone else watched CNN today and seen the talking heads Briana, Frederika, and the one black male anchor (I’m not being racist, I just don’t know his name) making a joke out of people being upset about Obama calling the reporter “Sweetie”. They are making a huge joke out of it. They also made a comment about the two small planes that had an accident saying something “about a woman driver”. I’ve had it. Time to take our rights back. Enough of this attitude that has developed since Obama came on the scene.

  26. Wendy from Seattle is with Corbett all the way. She’s a died in the wool Dem who thinks Obama will ruin the party. She’s disgusted with the DNC and hates all the misogyny. She doesn’t know who she’ll vote for but she may vote for McCain.

    More commercials.

  27. Back from commericals. Corbett says that the DNC needs to listen to voters rather than the sound of fluttering dollar bills. Corbett is inviting people from all around the world to call him and email – mostly from the US.

    Roseanna in San Antonio – she’s outraged at the DNC for deciding that the Dem party is going to be an educated, effette party and has abandoned working class Dem voters. Says the caucus hasn’t been decided and they are taking it to the convention to get Clinton her delegates. She’s writing in Hillary if she can. She’s an MBA who makes 6 figures. Obama has ignored hispanics. Says Obama has played the politics of umbrage. He twists everything he can and cries racism. Furious with Kennedy for calling for Hillary to step down. Talks about how Kennedy had far fewer delegates than Clinton does now and he went to the convention. Corbett says that people want a bigger piece of the action and we don’t want the party to make another bad decision. Roseanna says that she’ll vote for regional offices.

    Liz in Bucks County – she’s objecting to John’s statement that Obama never criticized Clinton. She’s talking about the Annie Oakley comment which was insulting. The finger episode and the brushing off. Liz is independent but registered as Dem to vote in the primary. She just changed her registration back to the Independent category. Liz is voting for McCain.

  28. Lori,
    Thanks for the live bogging of the radio show. Keep it going!

  29. Haha!! BUSTED!!!

    Guess that Obamaninator Blogger Software isn’t working too good.


    Oh my god, this is so funny. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even explain it to the fab GF. I had to point at the screen.

    The fab GF was furious at this, but she’s a much more civilized person than I am.

    Plagiarizing they’re own crap and they can’t even be bothered to put a little check mark next to the name of the blog they’ve already splattered on. Honestly, buy a pencil already.

    Technical question: is this astroturfing or a drive-by plastic fruiting?

    And how do I get this job because I’d be so much better at it.

  31. Corbett is now talking about his radio program being picked up and put on the blogs. Getting calls and e-mails from all over the country.

  32. I’m listening to the show – HE’S MENTIONING THE BLOGS!!!

    I’m commenting on the ACTION NOW thread

  33. RD, please don’t print the Trolls again. Let’s not feed. The rest of the blog sphere is giving them plenty to eat.

  34. I can’t live blog anymore. I have a big client coming by. Someone is objecting to the phrase Turn Down and says out objection is ’emotiional”.

  35. RiverDaughter, PLEASE CALL IN to talk about the blogosphere – you more than anybody – can talk about the unfairness.

    OMG!!! AN OBAMA SUPPORTER…..yes! Tell him off Steve!

  36. Lori: Someone is objecting to the phrase Turn Down and says out objection is ‘emotiional”.

    Someone identified himself as an Obama supporter (of course).

    Corbett advises BO supporters to stop digging themselves in deeper.


    Barack will NEVER be President even if he manages to steal the nomination because he keeps paying off delegates.
    Like we don’t know he paid Edwards off with all the VOTER DATA he got from Barack, he wasted no time and was asking for money within 24 hours.
    Obamabots are like abusive men who come crawling back begging with flowers after they beat the crap out of you.
    Hey, Obamabots PAY ATTENTION! It will NOT WORK.
    You are a bunch of little facists who remind me of BUSHIES. You are brainwashed and refuse to deal with FACTS. He is UNELECTABLE. He is another LOSER just like all the LOSERS he surrounds himself with. It’s sorta funny, he has the WHOLE PACK of failed Presidential runs on his side. LOL
    Kennedy, Kerry, Richardson ( all betrayed the voters in their states who voted for HILLARY) McGovern(LOL) Mondale, Edwards. A carnival of losers. We know what the DNC is up to and we know that Barack is a CORPORATE PUPPET.
    Hillary is far and away the superior candidate and the STRONGEST candidate. He is too chicken to even debate her? It doesn’t get any wimpier than that.

  38. Corbett is talking about how wonderful Annie Oakley was.

    Grace from NC grew up in Chicago. Works on Hillary’s campaign. Won’t vote for him because of the sexism and racism he’s thrown in our face. Says Michelle’s speech at some church was race baiting at it’s worse – Oven’s Auditorium. Called Hillary “that branded” candidate. I don’t understand. She and her friends are starting a “write her in” movement. She says that Obama hasn’t done much and has kicked Clinton to the curb. She won’t vote for Obama.

    client isn’t here yet…..

    Sandra from Wyoming – Loves Corbett’s Annie Oakley comment. Won’t vote for BO is the fact that he voted yes on the energy bill – which written by big oil. Big Oil is ruining Wyoming. Wont’ vote for McCain. if she can’t write Clinton in, she won’t vote in the race. She may vote independent.

    Off to the commercials.

  39. Let’s just get ‘troll ahead’ warning signs, shall we? And promise to ourselves to never respond to their stupid statements? Please? We can still ‘bargain’ with the DNC for the demands on our petition, but please, not with the trolls who’re out to bleed us to death with a thousand pin-pricks a minute.

    They’re draining us of our usual energy and making this (and other lovely blogs) a sad, unoriginal place to visit, as long as we’re focused on them.

  40. I respect Madrugada J. a great deal and think she’d make a terrific (if not very creative) concern troll.

  41. Some Dem thinks that Clinton won’t get the nomination and taht Barack’s the better candidate. Thinks that Pubs love this stuff because McCain will win. Doesnt’ want four years of McCain. If Lieberman was McCain’s running mate, he might vote for him. Corbett’s talking about the fact that in his entire career, he’s never had a local radio show get this kind of attention from people all over the world.

    Tario in Williamsburg – 29 year old black man supports Hillary. Wants to know if it look bad on Hilalry if we don’t vote for Obama, and McCain wins. Corbett says no. Tario says that the media will say that it’s Hillary’s fault Obama lost. He’s worried about her 2012 run being hampered by her supporters not voting for obama now. Corbett is pointing out that this is a women’s movement – women feeling dissed by the DNC and obama.

    More commericals.

  42. A male caller identifying himself as a Hillary supporter is questioning if women withhold their vote in protest, and Obama loses, will Hillary be held accountable for the loss. Corbett says he is only interested in what he refers to as a “phenomenon” now. Says he has never witnessed anything like this.

  43. Pat,

    I’m willing to bet that guy was an Obama supporter. He was a classic concern troll, if you ask me.

    It was hilarious when that other male Obama supporter said women were being “emotional” and that this was just “hysteria.” And Corbett called him on both remarks. LOL!

  44. Corbett is predicting that other media outlets are going to start looking at this issue. He says that the Dems and the media went to far when they said he was racist for when didn’t vote for Obama.

    Free for all is coming up after the news. the callers can change the subject if they want but they can also continue the topic.

  45. UpstateNY, the irony is that I think most of us would make more creative concern trolls than the ones Axelrod has hired. Heck, I’d make a great concern troll…I didn’t raise two teenagers for nothing. I’d be the Mommy Concern Troll. Okay, I’ll vote for Obama if you promise to get an A in math.

  46. bb: I had the same feeling. He sounded a little too “concerned” for my taste.

  47. Maria Garcia: That is because we are a hell of a lot smarter!

  48. bb: How much longer is Corbett on? My computer is upstairs and I am getting hungry!!

  49. Someone should point out to “Tario” that if Obama wins, HRC won’t be running in 2012.


  50. Delaware caller backing Hillary. Hates the “double standard”, will vote McCain if she does not get nomination. Backed up by knowing the dems will take over the congress and hold him in check. Claims she is appalled by sexism.

    Corbett getting thousands of e-mail. Reading one of the e-mails she will not vote for Obama. Biracial. Been called racist. Points out Obama has done nothing to clarify his position. Will not vote McCain, writes in Hillary. Salt Lake City, Utah

  51. Jan in Delaware is thanking Corbett for giving us a platform. She’s dealt with double standards all her life. She says that the DNC is making a terrible choice – he’s inexperienced and doesn’t have the fiber to get stuff done. Hillary’s been dissed because of the double standard. Objects to the accusation that women are hysterical or emotional. she’s a professional woman who is appalled by how Clinton has been treated. She’ll vote for McCain because we’ll have a strong congress. She worried about all three entities being in Democratic control, with a weak president at the top, is a disaster.

    Email – Vanessa, Salt Lake City, bi-racial, PhD, says that Obama is patently unfit for the job. Furious at the treatment Clinton and her supporters have received by the DNC and Obama’s camp. Obama’s done nothing but flame racial division while he’s done the opposite. The Democratic party has left her.

    Alice in Johnstown – seconding what Vanessa said. Lifetime Dem had an autographed picture of Adlai Stevenson as a child. Doesn’t care what color Obama is – won’t vote for him. DNC has set it up to screw Hillary. voting for McCain is like getting to vote against Obama twice. The media and the blogosphere, obama is rude and crude – you cannot support this stuff.

    Donna in Kingstown – hasn’t heard Clinton comeup with anything taht will fix this country. If Hillary loses and throws her support to Obama, who will Corbett support? He doesn’t know. He doesn’t think Clinton should take the VP spot. Donna is voting for Obama. Says a true Dem will vote for the candidate. She thinks talk show hosts have done a lot of damage to the process.

  52. Lori,

    In case nobody has said it so far, you are doing a spectacular job with your play by play.


  53. Pat,

    Corbett is on until 7PM. Sorry I didn’t see your post sooner. I was reading the other thread with the Obamadroid trolls on it.

  54. Taylor Marsh has a podcast between Hillary and the bloggers on her site.

    Great job, Lori!

  55. Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore (sent to the DNC as well)

    Dear Speaker Pelosi,

    As a lifelong Democrat and the daughter of a Democratic activist, I cannot convey how disappointed I have been in the Democratic leadership.

    The trashing of the Clintons as racists (when the race cards have been played by the Obama camp), and the unrelenting misogynistic media coverage of Hillary Clinton have sickened me. There is one Senator, Barbara Milkuski, who has spoken out. Otherwise, a big silence. I understand there is a power struggle within the Democratic Party and, as a result , the most qualified candidate in my lifetime–Hillary Clinton–has been passed over in favor of someone who lacks the experience and judgment to be President of all 50, much less the 59 states he believes are in the union. Ophra Winfrey was savvy enough to realize that she wouldn’t have mainstream appeal if she stayed at a racist church like Trinity. She left. Now those earworms of “Not God Bless America, but …,” go through my head whenever I see an image of Obama.

    Why would I contribute to a Democratic Party that devalues woman and the voters of Michigan and Florida and counts the delegates from gamed caucuses in which a small percentage of voters participate? Too undemocratic for my tastes!

    Today I received an appeal to donate to the DNC. Not only will I not contribute, but if Obama is the candidate, I’ll vote Republican. I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. John Edwards and NARL asked for money the day they were pulled out of Obama’s hat after his crushing defeat in West Virginia. No money for them EVER!

    I volunteer, contribute, and always vote. The same goes for everyone in my family, except one Republican. Obama is finally being a uniter because we will all be voting for McCain. Heck, if Daschle and Kerry (both Obama cheerleaders) asked McCain to be VP in 2004, what has happened since that we should know about? Obama has no record. One year in the Senate bored him. His foreign policy experience is four years living in Indonesia as a child. He says he’ll hire the expertise, but why should this person even be in the running for the most difficult job on earth? He won’t carry any of the “59” states that count. McCain 26 years in Congress count. Florida and Ohio count.

    The new converts to Axelrod’s rerun of the Hope+Change (TM) ad campaign cannot equal the numbers who are fleeing. Had the campaign been fair, the media coverage fair, voting not suppressed, the Obama campaign not played race cards to impugn the Clintons–of all people–as racists, and if Obama had the character of even an average Chicago politician, I would have fallen in line–not contributed or volunteered, but held my nose and voted for him.

    What a disaster the current “leadership” has made of this party. Not standing up to defend the Clintons when the Obama campaign portrayed them as racists is one of the biggest mistakes ever! Letting the women of this party be treated like second-class citizens is equally bad. What profiles in courage have we seen in this campaign, other than the dogged perseverance of Hillary Clinton? The more we see of her, the more we like her. She is the candidate who can win!

    Former Democrat,

  56. I think it’s a template also. These people enrage me. It’s not enough that the TV and print media is swarming with these cockroaches, they have to come here too?

    They think a few smarmy words will make a difference? I don’t even read them anymore, they tick me off so much.

  57. Please go to Taylor March and the podcast following this broadcast. She is making her case very clearly. She is in Oregon and will be speaking to a Town Hall meeting tonight. He refused to go. She has been allocated the full hour because of this. She is addressing the crapola on the blogs. Excellent!!!!!!!!

  58. katiebird–If you check in, just wanted to say you did well on the conference call with Hillary. What a thrill it must have been for you to speak with her directly! I was impressed that Hillary knew who most of the bloggers were. What an incredibly gracious woman she is.

  59. WOW – Steve Corbett is swatting the Obama supporters like FLIES!

    After Steve, I’m listening to the podcast – THE AVALANCHE!

  60. I just listened to Corbett – he just finished. Love that show!
    We have to keep this movement going!

  61. I only got to listen to the first hour of the Corbet show and I was gratified that so many women from all over are feeling just like I do.

    Corbet said something about being in the business for 30 years and never having seen anything like what he’s seen the last two days.

    Keep it going ladies. If nothing else we are making our voices heard. Thank goodness there are a few, too damn few, media outlets that are willing to off something except All Obama-All the Time.

    Air America? They have no credibility anymore. Air Obama is more like it. I stopped listening a long, long time ago. Never did listen to Randi Rhodes. I have better taste than that. I did listen to Thom Hartman and Rachel Maddow. Now I am sorry for both those choices. She is a sad disappointment. Funny what the chance to have her face on television did to her integrity. Or maybe it never was there to begin with.

    Anyway, I want to thank whoever it was that I got the link to Corbet from yesterday. It really lifted my spirits to “hear” the voices and not just read the words. I thank whoever it was.

  62. Heh. “It’s the map, stupid.” LOVE IT!

  63. Thank you grayslady!

    She is so smart and gracious and energetic, don’t you think? I just got home but I’ll post something about the call as soon as I calm down (and can think)

  64. Just heard both katiebird and Lambert on the podcast! So great! Katiebird was wonderful!

  65. Katiebird,

    I’m dying to hear about the call. I hope you’re working on a post right now….

  66. Holy hemiola! I think I know what’s going on. Hold on to your seats guys. Daou’s triangle is starting to close.

  67. sarah: I agree with you about keeping this going. After listening to Corbett and the podcast I feel wound up! This thing is far from over. And katiebird, Hillary was wonderful! She was so calm and collected and confident on that podcast. You are so lucky to have spoken to her. She seemed to know her blogger supporters like Alegre who has been doing such a great job over at MyDD. You guys are great!

  68. riverdaughter, you would not complain about your trolls if you saw the sort of things I receive on an hourly basis. Most of this stuff goes unpublished on my humble blog, but I allowed the following through:

    ” You are devolving into a worse character than we expected. Your reckelss abandonment of true concern for this fragile nation is becoming more blatant as you crawl on all fours into NaziLand in your hate of a truly liberal agent for change, Obama, and your swinelike grunt, grovel, and groan into the enemies camp.
    Next you will be selling swastika filled artwork and pandering totally to the monstrous, slithering, lying, hate filled, blood sucking vampires of the right wing of the crippled eagle..but to no avail you pig, becase “We the People” are waking up and you and your new alliances with the Nazi camp has been noticed and the affidavits are in place. You are falling into the pit of snakes that you have admired because they “treat you like a son”. Yes, they have snared you Cannon, you are now in our lexicon a “son of perdition”.
    Go to Hell!”

    All because I won’t support Barack Obama.

    Obama’s supporters are acting in a fashion that can only be described as psychotic. Worse, they are so lacking in self-awareness that they cannot understand that their bizarre, cult-like behavior is undermining their own cause.

  69. Daou’s triangle? Please say more….what does your remark refer to?

  70. Pat,

    I’m psyched! I listened to the whole Corbett show. I just knew there had to be lots of other women out there who feel the way we do.

    I have to do something for about half-an-hour and then I’ll listen to the podcast. It’s so exciting to know that Hillary appreciates us. Of course I felt that way when they put my post on her site. That was a thrill. And then when she said something the other day about people giving up meals to give her money, I knew that she must have either read RD’s post or heard about it.

  71. katiebird and Lambert did great at the conference call with Hillary, only Lambert forgot to mention that he hails from the Shrillest blog on the internets. All the bloggers present made us proud.

    I am surprised how emotional that conference call was. The media and their enablers among Democrats have been saying for so long that everybody hates vile Hillary Clinton, that they actually started to believe it. I think they discounted how much at least half the Democratic party passionately loves her.

    Maybe the DNC should assign someone to listen to the Corbett show. The passion, and the emotion coming from the callers should scare them shitless.

  72. I just found out that Taylor Marsh recorded it.

  73. The Clinton Conference call that is….

  74. {{MABlue}} Thank you! I want to listen to the recording. I was pretty shaky while it was going on…

  75. Joseph Cannon,

    Whoa! That one is a doozy! That Kool-Aide is powerful stuff. I appreciate what you’ve been doing on your blog. I couldn’t believe it when you said you were voting for Obama.

  76. Great job, ladies! I haven’ t been this excited since the I was in college. The people are being heard. Thank goodness we have a candidate like Hillary. Who else would have been strong enough to combat the madness.

    I’m so proud of all of you, and hte women who phoned in to Corbett.

  77. Joseph Cannon, dude, I’ve read your blog. Don’t worry that you’re going to hell. All the best people are.

    RD, you’re the shit. Seriously, baby, you rock the fucking house and you’re funny as hell.

    Lori, thanks for the updates.

    MABlue, hope you’re recovery is going well.

  78. Thanks Ohio.

    The week I just had is certainly helpful.

    We had Obama suffering a humiliation of epic proportions in WV, we had the Colbett Show, The Confluence going worldwide, and I just listened to the conference call of Hillary with “her” bloggers, with BTD, KB and Lambert among others.

  79. katiebird – you did great on the conference call. Loved your shout out for riverdaughter.

    I met Hillary a few days after Chelsea’s appearance at Duke and I talked to her about Chelsea in much the same way you did today. Hillary was very gracious and then she teared up. Then I teared up. Then the photographer suggested I move on.

    Hillary and Chelsea – two amazing women.

  80. Katiebird! I just heard the podcast on Taylor Marsh’s site – thank you for speaking for all of us – I felt like if it was too short of time but WOW.

    GREAT JOB!!!

  81. Oh my, this podcast has me in tears. You people are amazing. Katiebird, I feel as if I’ve known you all my life.

  82. Katiebird, anybody have a scan on the ad that Hillary spoke of in the USA Today?

    II’m doing a search for it and can’t find it.

    AGAIN, ROCK ON!!!!

    Alegre at MyDD/No Quarter/HillaryBloggers, BTD/Armando at Talk Left, Lambert/Corrente, & KATIEBIRD/CONFLUENCE!!!


  83. {{blushing}} SM, really? I was so nervous. And we’re working on dinner so we haven’t listened to the podcast of it.

    By the time I got back to my desk, Peter was already asking me for the link.

    I thought she’d like to know how impressed people are with her daughter.

  84. Arabella, Alegre made me cry, because she has documented her struggle with her first child and how Hillary’s program helped her – and then her saying that she’s going to bring her kids down to the DNC meeting is really telling.

    Katiebird you did AWESOME – and good for pointing out that you need material – I think the Obamanation Blogger Software is going to keep churning out more negative & good point on keeping things on the positive!

  85. Katiebird, for real! You were great! And yes, Chelsea is truly incredible – and I know that as a mother myself, we like to hear when our kids do great things.

  86. {{Arabella}} Thank you so much! It does seem like we’ve known each other forever, doesn’t it?

  87. SM – Allegre got me, straight in the heart. What wonderful people. Thank you, riverdaughter for creating a place for good souls to come together. This is just too overwhelming.

  88. {{Dee}} Whew, it almost over-set me to just talk to her — I’m totally impressed that you could speak coherently to her in person.

    And, if I wasn’t such a kind, gentle woman — I’d spit on that photographer. (sigh)

  89. katiebird: I am so proud of you and you didn’t once threaten to spit! It sounded like she knew who you were. So exciting!

    Joseph Cannon: I already chosen my spot in hell and you are invited to share it. Hope you like the chintz! Those Obamabots sound really scary. Be careful.

    Just sent off an e-mail to my cong., Richie Neal. He is a Hillary supporter. Asked him to check on the blogs to get a sense of what the feeling is out there.

  90. nodding Allegre was fantastic.

    So was BTD — it wasn’t emotional. Except that those of us who know how important that Florida and Michigan is to him — well, it was pretty intense that he got to have his say directly to power.

  91. SM and anyone else looking for USA Today:

    If your library subscribes to NewspaperDirect PressDisplay AND if they allow at home access (mine does) then it should be available online.

    I’ll see if I can figure it out (I’ve never used it)

  92. {{Pat!}} (shaking my head)

    Sad isn’t it? I give up spitting in public right before talking to the next President of the United States Of America.

    (laughing) It actually never occurred to me! Silly me.

  93. wow, congrats you guys.. I am listening to the audio now.. 🙂

  94. No I don’t have that NewspaperDirect. I’ll search the blogs, see if anyone scanned it.

    And Katiebird, KEEP SPITTING!!

    No matter how thirsty you get, you never run out of spit!

  95. Phonecalling for HRC right now…one voter said she thought Hillary has a real good chance out there, she said we’re going to be surprised. I told her we would be thrilled.

    PS, it’s 5:00 p.m. out there and it’s 91 degrees! She said they went from 60 to 90.

  96. CALLING OREGON—this one is for YOU!

    Blinders off and Kool-Aid DOWN!
    Posted by Puget Sound Island Girl at 1:57 PM

    Sen. Obama voted for the 2005 Energy Bill, written in secret by Vice President Cheney and the energy lobby. Thomas Friedman referred to the bill as “the sum of all lobbies.” U.S. PIRG noted that the bill’s “heavy tilt toward big oil companies reflects the influence of Exxon Mobil and other oil companies on policy-makers in Washington, DC.”

    The Washington Post editorialized that the bill was a “piñata of perks for energy industries.” Indeed, the bill contained $6 billion in subsidies to the oil and gas industry and $12 billion to the nuclear power industry.

    Although Sen. Obama voted for the legislation, he has spoken as if he opposed it on the campaign trail, criticizing it repeatedly. At a presidential debate he said “You can look at how Dick Cheney did his energy policy…he met with oil and gas companies forty times, and that’s how they put together our energy policy.” He’s attributed the failure of our current energy policy to Congress’s “failure to stand up to the lobbyists.”

    Sen. Obama’s rhetoric blasting the policies of Vice President Dick Cheney and energy lobbyists can be stirring. But Obama’s actions haven’t matched his words. (From here.)

    Why should Oregonians care about this Bill?

    Cheney-Bush Energy bill is responsible for no fewer than 3 LNG facilities threatening Oregon coastline, rivers, forests, fish, fishermen, farmers, and neighborhoods up and down western Oregon, and most of that natural gas will ultimately go to California.

    (Link to 3 LNG Facilities in Oregon http://www.blueoregon.com/2007/08/lng-pipeline-ba.html )

    Let’s see who was for this mess and who was against it:

    Opposed the Cheney-Bush Energy Bill
    Hillary Clinton
    Ron Wyden
    Earl Blumenauer
    Peter DeFazio
    Darlene Hooley
    David Wu

    For the Cheney-Bush Energy Bill
    Barack Obama
    Gordon Smith
    Greg Walden

    The vote information is here and here.

    FYI: Gordon Smith and Greg Walden are both Republicans. You would expect them to vote for this energy bill. What’s Sen. Obama’s excuse?

    Blinders off and Kool-Aid DOWN!
    Posted by Puget Sound Island Girl at 1:57 PM

  97. Okay, we got to give the rent-a-trolls a good nickname.

    1. cut-n-pasters
    2. The Pasting Edge (ha, that’s the fab GF’s)
    3. sloggers
    4. cloggers
    5. unificaterers (Unity! Now with 33% more stupid)

  98. Anglachel has a great post up on the machinations of the current Democratic Party and what it means. God, that woman can write! Brilliant post.

  99. Ohio: There is a Boston right wing radio host who refers to his callers who do not agree with him as “moonbats”. What do you think of that label for the trolls? I think they will be making more visits.

  100. Spam-barackers?

    AstroTurfing Obaminators?

    Fascist pigs?

  101. moonbat is pretty good. Stepford trolls.

    I want to get the money in there, though: 7-centers (figure they get paid 7 cents a word).

    I’m trying to make a joke here because this really strikes me to my core. Free flow of information, informed electorate, free press…and now we have a political movement of personality that demands its supporters not support non-profits doing GOTV and other work, as well as paying people to splatter its message all over places that it has decided are the enemy.

    Must use the funny to battle my own despair.

    ‘Member when being a liberal meant you were against that sort of thing? I guess thinking for yourself is so 1990s.

  102. To me the key detail is that the Obama campaign has to pay bloggers to be conciliatory. There is, obviously, no shortage of pro-Obama bloggers, so if the campaign has to pay someone to blog on its behalf, that’s because the campaign is asking them to do something they wouldn’t do for free, out of conviction. Just so you see how artificial the idea of conciliation is for them–it’s so outlandish that they (a) won’t do it on their own, and (b) won’t even do it under advisement from their own candidate’s campaign. Money has to change hands, since it’s such an Indecent Proposal!

  103. Pat, the right wing has been calling progressives/liberals “moonbats” for years. It probably hearkens back to Jerry Brown being called “Governor Moonbeam” by his conservative detractors.
    I wouldn’t use it.

  104. I just finished listening to the call. Katiebird, you were fabulous! I loved what you said about Chelsea and letting them know that we need more positive ammunition like those videos. Lambert was terrific and Lance Mannion and BTD too. Allegre was wonderful and she must have been so happy at the way Hillary reacted to her name.

    You know what folks? What WE are doing is a REAL grass roots movement!! And we didn’t need to drink any Kool Ade.

    Hillary Clinton was just brilliant on the call. You can tell that she is talking naturally, and she doesn’t hesitate and bumble around. The woman really knows her stuff. Also, since I’m a midwesterner, I just love that she sounds so midwestern. I’m so inspired right now.

  105. Rich: Agreed, and some of us here did make our own small sacrifices to contribute to a candidate we believed in. And we don’t go around from blog to blog stirring up trouble because we are totally aware that this would reflect back on our candidate which obviously has little or no effect on the Obama worshippers.

  106. The Politeness Trolls sound like those faxes from scam artists in Africa asking for help in retreiving their family fortunes by sending them your own money.

  107. Boston, she was great! She knows her stuff in her sleep, and that is exactly what this country needs, not this frat-boy glorified underachiever that enhances the most mediocre of accomplishments.

    I don’t know if you heard the “Sweetie” voicemail Obama left the MI reporter her called “Sweetie,” but I counted at least 10 “uhs” in a 30 second voice mail!

  108. We could just refer to them as “Sweeties”. That would upset them.

  109. Sweeties–I like it! Because I’m about to go into a diabetic coma reading them.

    Listening to the Hillary/blogger call. Is Rico around?

  110. Want a good laugh (and maybe a good cross post?):


  111. Remember that time, far, far away when the Obama campaign argued that anyone that had the “popular” vote was automatically the people’s choice, that crowning a nominee simply because “she” had a majority of delegates or those weasely superdelegates would be an outrage, would provoke riots and mayhem?


    Now we have that situation in reverse and we’re told that we should accept the votes of “these 48 states” and that the candidate who has the “delegate” majority is automatically the “people’s choice.”

    Color me dumb, but do I see a wee bit of confused logic in all this? Or is it just the great lie to cover the fact that Barack Obama has the delegate math but not the map. Not to mention the heart & soul of the electorate. You know–those blue collar, lunch bucket types who like to cling, cling, cling.

    I will not get in line. Not today, not tomorrow. Fight it to the finish, Senator Clinton. We’re counting on you to do just that because we belong to the “Democratic” party, not the Caucas Party-line.

  112. Pleasee vote for Hill and tell this SD why she should vote for her:


  113. Sweeties. Oh, bless their evil little hearts.

    Rich in PA—right on. Add to it that I’ve been lectured that I shouldn’t hold Obama responsible for the crap his supporters spew. Well, now, how am I supposed to tell which ones are the paid ones (and employees of his campaign) and which are just the dumbfucks?

    I guess I’ll ere on the side of caution and assume they’re all Sweeties until proven otherwise.

    Wow. That was easy.

    Anyone else find this whole Sweetie thing creepy?

    Oh, and I’m going to listen to the blogger call later with the fab GF and a cocktail.

  114. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast.

    Other nickname ideas:
    Mercenary Trolls
    Clingy Trolls
    Hired Trolls
    Rent-A-Troll (mentioned above)

  115. Maggie…where in Michigan are you from?

  116. SM,

    I did hear the “sweetie” apology. I can’t stand to listen to that man with all the uhs and the rambling.

    I just loved it when Hillary talked about how he won’t debate her and how she’s getting a whole hour of TV time in Oregon, because Obama wouldn’t appear–even though they would have been interviewed separately. What a wimp he is. He’s afraid to face the media because he doesn’t know the answers to their questions. And he knows he might commit another gaffe at any minute.

  117. See, Rent-A-Troll has a great acronym: R.A.T.

    And it’s like ratfucker.

  118. Katiebird- Life has an annoying way of getting in the way of my blogging!! Just heard you and Hill chatting it up, I am so excited to kinda know you!! You were great. We need to be there for Hillary, we have her back. I love that woman, she so has to be our President. (I would sleep like a baby, if she were taking the 3am calls.)

  119. Shainoza: That link was hysterical along with the posts! Obama such a loser.

  120. standing and applauding katiebird

    You rocked the house, katiebird! I teared up listening to you. The raw emotion in your voice really conveyed how much Hillary’s campaign means to all of us.

    I’m so proud of you, even if you are a Jayhawker. 😉

  121. Shainzona — Western Michigan

  122. Maggie: I”m out at Payne Lake – south of GR.

  123. TPM has a posting that explains why Edwards threw his support to Obama. Seems before he backed out the had the Obama and Hillary promise to conduct a “poverty tour” when nominated. Now that it appears that Obama is in the lead he came out to announce his support. He and Obama will take this tour sometime before November. Unless Obama reneges.

    Wondering if they plan on making Obama’s home district a part of that tour since Rezko was supposed to rehab (but didn’t) while those people went without heat. Just another example of Obama’s championing the poor and downtrodden. Edwards is an idiot!

  124. Wow, you did such a great job katiebird. I would have been tongue tied if I was in your position but you came through!

    All the other people like lambert and alegre also did a great job. I’d just like to say Count Florida and Michigan voters!

  125. Ohio, That’s a great term!

    Boston & Everyone: Speaking of Oregon – HIllary will be doing the Oregon townhall meeting at kgw . com

    I’ll be listening – no date on a Friday night!

  126. Or for a direct link to Hillary Town hall is

    http://www.kgw.com, starts at 10pm EST, 7pm PST

  127. SM,

    Do you have to join to listen in? I can’t find any button to stream live on the KGW site.

  128. Shainzona: Hey we’re kind of neighbors. Grand Rapids is a nice town.

    Ohio: the R.A.T. acronym reminds me of the “Low Brow” video on NO Quarter (rats on the ship and all).
    Here’s a link if you missed it.

  129. {{Gina}} and {{Honora}} Thank you both so much.

    Whew. I just finished listening to it. I didn’t remember it at all. In my memory I babbled incoherently and (in my memory) interrupted her.

    So, it was a relief to find out that I actually did manage to keep my mouth shut while she spoke!

    And to discover that I actually made some sense? whew.


    The rest of the conversation was wonderful. Though.

  130. Rico, Rico–where is Rico. I want to buy Katiebird a drink!

  131. Katiebird,

    You made total sense. You sounded incredibly articulate and with it.

  132. @Arabella re the Politeness trolls. LOL True, True!
    There’s a doozy of a polite troll diary up at mydd. The new and improved bambi bloggers. Ugh. I think I liked the old shithead versions better.

    @Ohio: The ratfuckers still live!

    @boomer: Imagine having to listen to the uhs and ohs for four years. Aye yi yi! I find it akin to water torture to listen to him speak.

  133. SM: With me it is Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs. Pretty pathetic.

  134. Boston, I don’t see it either, but I’m assuming it’ll be up once 10pm hits.

  135. And yes, Katiebird, you were simply grand. I feel like I’ve had a virtual handshake with Hill through you. I’ll never wash my keyboard again! 🙂

  136. Don’t use “moonbat”. That’ originates in a garbled rightwing reference to leftist George Monbiot.

    I’m good with “sweeties”.

  137. All the KGW site says is:

    KGW Newschannel 8 will carry the event live on television and it will also be streamed live on kgw.com.

    Here’s the article link:


  138. I don’t know how it happened, but it turns out I was already a member. So I logged in. I can’t imagine why I would have signed up there. Hopefully we’ll figure it out when the time comes.

  139. I like “sweeties” too. The next troll that comments, we should all call “sweetie.”

  140. What’s the “moonbat” and “sweeties” stuff? And WHERE is Rico — Drinks all around!

  141. I couldn’t find any spot to stream Hillary’s town hall meeting in Oregon either, anyone know where to find it?

  142. Herewith a schmoozy-troll sighting at Political Voices of Women.

    Schmoozy-troll backhanding seems oddly pleasurable so far. 😉


  143. What? No cocktail hour? I have to live vicariously through ya’ll as I finish up the ol’ thesis. C’mon folks!

  144. Katie, that was a wonderful call!! you sounded great 😉

  145. They put the button up!!!

    Live Hillary Clinton Town Hall from ORegon:


  146. {{kiki}} Thank you! It was the honor of a life time.

  147. Music Suggestions welcome — I’m going to open the bar, but I’m music impaired.

    Got links?

  148. Kathyrn,

    There is a link on the KGW page right now to the Hillary town hall. Refresh your page and see if it comes up.

  149. She’s on – I don’t think I can live blog – I have a crappy laptop.

  150. It looks like Hillary is wearing a mango-colored jacket with a sort of brick colored shirt and pants.

  151. She’s wonking it on Universal Healthcare – YES!

  152. Thanks to the wonderful Katiebird, and also the wonderful Riverdaughter.

    In fact, I am so greatful and thankful to “know” all you people – who help me get through everyday with hope and laughter.

    You teriffic folks are some of the only people I’m NOTspitting at these days. None of you are DICS – Democrats I Can’t Stand.

    Oh yeah ,I like rent-a troll – rat.

  153. Katiebird, PLEASE put on a “strong woman” song –

    There’s a beautiful tribute to Hillary on YouTube – Alicia Keys’ SuperWoman

    Or you can put “Apologize” by One Republic/TImbaland – dedicated to the Obama Spambots.

    It’s too late to apologize….it’s too laaaaaate!

  154. How about The People Have the Power, by Patti Smith? I’ll look for it.

  155. how about Dixie Chicks “Not Ready to Make Nice”

  156. I love this song by Patti Smith, but I can’t pick out which one is best because I’m listening to Hillary.


  157. I watched the part of the Town Hall that “technology” allowed me to. I saw probably 80 % of it.

    I am in awe.

    This woman is so brilliant.

    I would hate to be part of a country that did not recognize her as the best potential president we have had since… FDR perhaps.

    After 8 years of Bush, we really really need her. After that, the beautiful suits and smiles and thin resumes will be okay (not progressive, but not destructive).

  158. Well I guess there is alotof people like me and others i know that are outragedby the DEm. party and the media.Call MSNBC,CNN. everyday and let them knowhow you feel about their nonstop blitz for Obama.The Dem party too we have to make them listen! Maybe if they know howq widespread they will finally get it! I don’t want to vote republican or for Obama what has he done? We have talked about writing Hillary’s name in if she isn’t considered our pres. candidate. Don’t we count? it seems like Obama is like a favorite child and then we will have to face the consequences! WE are all pissed and we need to make it known, even if its just to make it harder for them to steal this election we had it done before but at least it wasn’t done by our own! The other thing I hate is if you disagree about anything Obama says or does you are branded a racist! Never have been and never will be but we still have the right of disent don’t we?

  159. SM, Thanks for that link. I guess I just caught the end, “High points and low points?”

    What an amazing person she is. Actually, there are a great number of gifted hard-working, amazing people in this world… but only one as a candidate for the leader and commander in chief of the United States of America.

    Low points of the campaign: She answered with great energy that being sleep-deprived was one, not being to get everywhere and meet all the great people was another.

    I think I’ve got a pretty good bullshit detector. It registers zero with Hillary… sincerity, no nonsense (though fairly frequently I sense that she holds herself back from going as deeply into a topic as she could; an admirable and necessary approach for anyone in her position.)

    Wow. What a woman. And what a great role model for young women.

  160. I am so insulted by the “sweetie” bloggers coming out of the wood work now. The kinds of slamming they engaged in before this was beyond the pale. The worst I’ve EVER seen in ANY election. One post described in great detail how this “blogger” would “kick you in the cunt” and then went into even worse detail about how he would rape said person because she simply tried to ask a question about Obama.

    This guy was a group LEADER on the Obama official blogs. I reported the post I saw and he’s still there. Give me a break!

    It’s smarmy and insulting after the types of attacks we’ve seen to come back. Yes, it’s just a like an abusive man who beats the shit out of you and then shows up with flowers the next day, all sorry and all. It won’t work. I’m not into trauma bonding for the sake of the party. Forgive ME if I have more sense of the self preservation and dignity of all women, and those who love them than that. Obama will not get my vote.

    Maybe some more of those “grass roots” donations would be better than pretending to be a young sweetie appeasing us now. You can’t win without us in November and we are NOT coming back. You figure out why….but, don’t blame it on Clinton. It was your own wanton abandon and hate speech that fueled it……and a few other things.

    Saying how you respect Clinton now?? Do they send you guys to a camp where they drill you in saying the exact same lines over and over and then send you to to the blogisphere?? Because that’s what it sounded like for months on end when you all had the same NON talking points and it still does. No real reasons, no substance except instead of the insults we are being romanced by the very people who harmed us and condoned sexism and verbal abuse?? Not buying it.

    The DNC has truly messed up big time and no sweetie talkin is going to fix this.

  161. […] expect to see more “Sweeties” drop in on us in the next several days.  A Sweetie is a Rent-a-Troll (abbreviated R.A.T.) whose job it is to lay on some syrupy guilt trip to make us feel like […]

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