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Friday: Fast II and call to action

Ok, folks, it looks like this ball is starting to roll. With HCFP doing a haka and Steve Corbett at WILK launching Operation Turndown today, we are seeing thousands of people finally losing patience with the DNC and pushing back against Obama as the inevitable candidate.

We know that Clinton is the stronger, more qualified candidate. We know that the Republicans would like nothing more than to be running against an unvetted, inexperienced weak candidate like Obama. And we know that Obama got to be where he is by suppression of Clinton voters by a.) undemocratic caucuses in heavily Republican states, b.) the active participation of the DNC Rules and Bylaws committee who imposed an unnecessarily harsh penalty on Florida and Michigan c.) the refusal of the Obama campaign to work towards a solution for those two states before the primary season ends , d.) discouraging donors from contributing to Clinton’s campaign or any outside group that might be friendly to her and e.) the unconscionable media narrative of the past two weeks that Obama is now our nominee with the clear intention of depressing voter turnout. In short, Barack Obama “wins” by suppressing the votes of his opponents.

In this, he is aided and abetted by a corporate media and Republican operatives in that media landscape and the DNC itself. The party has turned against Hillary Clinton in order to expunge the “old coalition” of working class, elderly, ethnic and female constituents for a smaller “new coalition” of affluent liberals and African-Americans. The purpose of this purge may be to install a more technocratic, more libertarian power base that is relatively unburdened by entitlements or to elect a weak executive who owes his power to coalitions lent to him during his campaign and to whom he will be beholden. This plan necessarily involves making sure that Clinton does not reach the number of delegates she needs to become the nominee. It involves sitting on FL and MI until Obama suppresses enough voters or pays off enough superdelegates to join his team.

Additionally, the working class, elderly, ethnic and women voters have been told they are no longer wanted in the Democratic party. Women especially have been under attack because Clinton is a woman. Media attacks on her have gone unchecked. Neither the DNC nor any party members have objected to the egregious behavior on the part of male commentators against Clinton. Obama’s campaign has also deliberately created a rift in the party by accusing Clinton and her supporters of racism. The repercussions of these two actions will be felt for years to come. Since no one was held accountable for the overt misogynism of the primary months, we can expect similar behavior to spill over into everyday life whenever a male wants something a female is obstructing and setting back the advances in gender equity that we gained in the past 4 decades. The charge of racism is character assassination and is intended to prevent voters from expressing their approval of the candidate of their choice. Instead of promoting a discussion of race as an important issue, Obama has used race as a weapon against members of his own party for his own benefit. The cynical use of race by a candidate of color may have unintended consequences for future African American candidates.

In short, the DNC and Obama’s campaign have pursued a scorched earth policy to install Barack Obama as the party’s nominee. However, they still fully expect the party rank and file to vote for Obama in November by telling us our vote is theirs.

Our vote is *not* theirs. We have something they want; they have to earn it. We can choose to give our votes to the Democrats, give them to the Republicans, write in an alternative candidates name, choose a different party or withhold them altogether. But one thing is for certain: The Democrats are NOT entitled to them. If they wish to pursue a trainwreck in November, they will do it without our help. The DNC and party members will need to address our protest immediately and before the nominee is chosen for us if it has any expectation of winning in the fall. In the meantime, we suggest that disenfrachised and disowned voters demonstrate their resolve by taking the following actions:

1. If you live in a state that has already voted, re-register as an “unaffiliated” voter. Tear up your current voter’s registration card and mail it to the DNC with a polite little note to tell them that if they don’t resolve the FL and MI delegation issue immediately, so that these states help determine the outcome, they can not count on your vote now or in the future. Also, encourage them to push Hillary and Obama to form a joint ticket with Hillary on top as this is the only viable option for averting an electoral disaster in November. They created this rift in the party. It’s their responsibility to unify it. Not ours.

2. Have a news moratorium for the next two weeks. For the next two weeks, turn off every network and cable news program and catch up on your gardening. Watch only C-Span. If you have TiVo or a DVR, the cable and satellite companies do disk diagnostics every night to determine what you’ve watched and they pass this info onto the networks for ad sales purposes. You will make an impact if you abstain for the next two weeks.

3. Friday Fast: Save your breakfast, lunch and dinner money on Friday and send it to Hillary. The Big Boyz have been very effective in discouraging people from donating and volunteering for her. As a consequence, her campaign is heavily in debt and Obama’s campaign is using this as leverage to get her out of the race. She has funds socked away for the General Election but can’t use them now. The primary season has been unusually long and expensive. But we can help with small donations. If you send in $10 on Friday and everyone reading this does the same, we can help refill her coffers. Also, one day of fasting will give you presence of mind and remind you of what is so important here. There are millions of Americans who are one paycheck away from insolvency, who have to use a food pantry every month to feed their families and these people are going to get written off by the “new coalition”.

4. Volunteer for Hillary in Kentucky and Oregon if you live in one of those states or one of the surrounding states. Hell, you don’t even need to do much. Just go there and stand at the side of the road with a sign. Let the country know that you aren’t going down without a fight.

This election season is unlike any other we have seen in the Democratic party. Where we might have fallen in line behind the party’s chosen nominee in years past, we cannot do it this year because, *we*, the Democratic base, have been disparaged and attacked by our own party. We don’t expect Obama and the party to change after the wedding so we’re calling off the engagement. We might be old, working class and female. But we’re not stupid.

Pass it around.

53 Responses

  1. I think RD’s proposed actions are excellent.

    I also agree with her statement that “friends don’t let friends vote Republican.” I hope we all, working together here, can find a better path.

    Elizabeth Edwards must be in anguish over John’s endorsement; it saddens me.

    Here’s a wonderful op-ed in Wednesday’s Boston Globe by
    Michal Regunberg:

    “…Privately, some leaders of the Democratic Party would probably acknowledge the sexism that still pervades society and politics but is not talked about. We can more easily discuss historic racism and congratulate ourselves on how far we have come than we can begin to acknowledge that sexism still thrives, especially in politics.

    …And if you count the popular vote in Florida and Michigan, which has been certified and should be counted, she will be close or even slightly ahead in the popular vote. That may not suit the punditocracy, but it should certainly govern how the superdelegates and other politicians conduct themselves…

    Let’s remember Margaret Chase Smith’s admonition from 40 years ago – 2008 is about more than today – it is about the road we are paving for our daughters and sons and the campaigns yet to come.”


  2. As usual, riverdaughter your post is a joy and inspiration. My favorite days are the one’s that start with your morning post.

    In short, the DNC and Obama’s campaign have pursued a scorched earth policy to install Barack Obama as the party’s nominee. However, they still fully expect the party rank and file to vote for Obama in November by telling us our vote is theirs.

    Our vote is *not* theirs. We have something they want; they have to earn it. We can choose to give our votes to the Democrats, give them to the Republicans, write in an alternative candidates name, choose a different party or withhold them altogether. But one thing is for certain: The Democrats are NOT entitled to them. If they wish to pursue a trainwreck in November, they will do it without our help.

    This is a battle for the heart and soul of the Democrat Party — and we’re not going to lose it without a fight. Thank God, Hillary’s a sticker.

    Who knew that would be her most important asset.

  3. We may have to destroy the Democratic Party, in order to save it and the USA. If I were still a Democrat, I would be worried!

  4. Good morning everyone!

    I woke up energized this morning. Yesterday we started to see some signs that it’s not just the blogosphere 2.0 that is enraged by the DNC’s treatment of it’s core constituencies. The news of Steve Corbett’s pushback and the women who appeared on O’Reilly last night show that we are having an effect.

    And I don’t think I’m imagining it–in the past week, we have been getting a lot of new commenters here at The Confluence. I gave to Hillary after the Edwards announcement, because I was so furious that I had to do something. But I’ll send her some cash today too.

    We women, older people, Latinos, Asians, working people–we ARE the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. If they cut us out of the Party, they are no longer Democrats.

  5. Honora, If anyone threatened the destruction of the Democratic party it was the people threatening FL & MI — THAT was the nuclear option.

  6. Fasting sounds good. My fat cells will curse RD though.

    Andrea at MSNBC says Hillary’s campaign acknowledges it is over. If Andrea says it, it must be so.

    No self important BBC freelancers today?

  7. I’m shooting off my letter to Dean today. I’ve had it. I will donate to McCain and vote for him if Obama is on the top of the ticket. I’m beyond mad and I’m beyond tired of the condescending attitude of the Obama supporters. Get in line and STFU is will not work this time.

  8. Andrea Mitchell has said that it’s over time and again. Ignore that idiot.

  9. (shaking my head) Oh, Andrea — Dream On. Like we’re going to believe anyone in the Clinton campaign is confiding in you.

  10. Oh, I forgot. As someone mentioned, congrats on the 500K!

  11. Bo Gardiner, is that op ed about the letter from women in MA that says Dean acknowledges the votes from FL and MI count?

  12. Please don’t push BO as vice president.

    First, he is unvetted. The Republican smear machine would use his negatives to defeat Hillary in November.

    Second, if she won, he would be just a heartbeat away from the presidency. He is totally unqualified for that job. Also, it would give the elite a reason to take care of her like JFK was taken care of.

  13. Hi everyone,

    This post is wonderful and goes beautifully with an action I was thinking about starting.

    If I created an online petition to the effect that Hillary’s voters REFUSE to vote for Obama if he is selected the nominee, do you think people would sign it? I’m thinking of trying to get thousands of signatures, then printing it out and FedExing it to Howard Dean’s office at the DNC. Or something like that.

    Any thoughts?

  14. Katie- Believe me I am not worried for one moment about being ‘blamed’ for ruining the Democratic party. It is beyond repair at this point. My eleven year old son loves “Extreme Home Makeover”, he mostly loves the first ten minutes when they bring in the bulldozers. We are the bulldozers and this is “Extreme Democratic party makeover”. We will get rid of Pelosi, Kerry, Dascal, Dean, et al. When we get to the point where we all scream ‘Move that bus!” , the party will once again be something of which we can be proud. RD may even rejoin the party.

  15. I LOVE you guys. Really, truly, completely.

    A thought – should we start recording somewhere, maybe on a post on this site, the names of the down-ticket Democratic candidates in each state/county that still have their brains and are not complete Obamabots? As a reference page, for when we go to vote next?

  16. madamab: Go for it!!

  17. katiebird–I so agree that this election is about a fight for the soul of the Democratic party, a fight for what we, as Democrats, stand for. So, this year, I’m a “values voter,” strange as it may sound. I really feel torn, as so many here do, when I ask myself the questions: Can the country stand 4 more years of Republican mismanagement? Do I need to vote for McCain in order to save the Democratic party and its traditional ideals?

    But, equal in my mind to the concerns about the Democratic party, is my concern for the perception of women that this campaign has identified. As someone who is Hillary’s age, who marched for the ERA (we did, at least, succeed in getting a state ERA here in IL), and who has been a feminist since before the word was even coined, I am deeply disturbed by the misogyny that still exists, especially in the party itself. Women have been the backbone of the Democratic party, and I can no longer sit back quietly as I see our votes being taken for granted.

  18. madamab–I’ll sign.

  19. Cool – I’m going to do some research now. Will post a link here, No Quarter and TalkLeft when I’m done. 🙂

  20. I know I’m spamming – I don’t mean to, but no vote for McCain or Obama – PLEASE!

    There is a “Write Hillary In” website to give infor on how to do in your state:


  21. madamab- There is already a petition that has been floated at Taylor Marsh. I am not good at links but it is : ipetitions.com/petition/Dems_Who_Will_Not_Vote_For_Obama/intex.html If this does not work, you can google petition will not vote for obama and it comes right up.

  22. Mad: All I want is for the process to be fair to the voters and that the DNC gets its thumb off the scales for Obama. That’s the kind of petition I would sign.

  23. Guys, I am all for demolition if the house is beyond repair but it really will mean 4 more years in the wilderness. Before that happens, I want to give the party a chance to do the right thing. All we need is a deadline.

  24. RiverDaughter, we already have the deadline, it’s May 31st at 8am – Rules & Bylaws Committee meetings.

    Rumor has it in FL, there’s a few buses heading up there to protest outside chock full of FL voters.

  25. RD– Do you think that you have created a Frankenstein monster what you can no longer control? I too would give anything to support a fair and just election process. But how is that really possible at this point, without us getting our bloomers in a twist.? The DNC will only listen to us if they fear us. That is how we got into this mess, the AA leaders were able to convince the DNC that they would boycott the Democratic nominee, if it was not Obama. That threat coupled with the CDS brings us to today, I am not sure that we can afford to be anything less than extreme.

  26. I am willing to sit out the four years in the wilderness if it means that a stronger coalition is reborn from this primary upheaval. It appears that there is a grassroots movement taking shape within the last few days that may lead to a national effort of coalescence created among women voters who refuse to take this laying down. As we are seeing, this has become a national issue. For someone like myself who was part of the feminist movement I can see this outrage bearing fruit.

  27. Thanks everyone – I checked out the link and the petition. Should have known I wasn’t the first to think of this! 🙂

    I agree with riverdaughter – I would like to make sure that the Dems will not nominate HRC before going totally nuclear. I think we have a chance to save ourselves as a national party if we reject the un-Democratic principles of the Obama for America Party.

    I may create my own petition anyway, but I’m glad to see these actions are taking off! Real Democrats for Hillary, unite!

  28. Mrs. Greenspan was questioned unusually aggressively by Matt “I’m Not Bald Yet” Lauer when she declared that “Clinton operatives” admit the campaign is over. “What’s the source, Andrea, there are always operatives who are thinking about what they’ll do next if a campaign isn’t unsuccessful, how do you know its high-up.” She said her source was high-up but of course would not attribute it.

    The reality is that the JRE endorsement is a blow. JRE was also on the Today Show this morning and he claims he only decided to announce 24 before the announcement, although he had privately decided whom to support a while ago. He claims it was his decision on the timing. He claims he is now satisfied that Obama is committed to universal healthcare. It’s all BS of course, but his endorsement takes the pressure off the DNC to do something about MI and FL. Or rather, the DNC will assume it takes the pressure off them, and they’ll use it as another excuse for their unconscionable inaction on this issue. That JRE has allowed himself to facilitate the continuing disenfranchisement of MI and FLA is nothing short of disgraceful.

    My “sweeties,” I don’t know if this can be turned around. But as far as I’m concerned, “it’s not over until the lady in the pantsuit says it’s over.” Mr. Lit-mom is making another donation to the campaign (I’m maxxed out).

    Sweetiely yours,

  29. Edwards is a wimpy sellout.

    How many debates have we seen him attack Obama because Obama’s plan wan’t Universal????


  30. Ohioans have been alarmed since before our Primary knowing we were a fire wall watching closely what had come before and very aware of the DNC’s unfair twisted rulz that provided caucus states and minority districts disproportionately rich delegate counts Strickland had called the DNC out on this in Iowa, add that the DNC undemocratically and maybe fraudulently striped two States with non Obama demographics one that is required and one wanted if a Democrat is to win the Presidency in 08, of all delegates something not even Republicans did.

    And wow a massive wake up call for Women who have been controlled by a Party who has very little of their own demographic in Power, who treat their group with distain for one politically manufactured issue choice believing they will jerk that chain and women will flock to their Prince. Any understanding of what has happened and what should be done by women is certainly not more grievance grudges not one issues alliance, we are an empowered group who long ago rejected victim hood one of the main reason Obama’s theme falls flat for us. We are the largest identity group in the electorate and if we choose to align for good governance no other group can defeat us, White women were 43 percent of the vote, 12 percent were Women of color in 2004, so always recall we are not the victims of this scam the DNC pulled a fast one tamper with the Rulz fixed the race stole 450 million dollars of our money along the way, that they must pay for. In 2004 49,806,807.79 white women cast a vote and in 14,577,602.28 women of color cast their vote and in 2008 that number will only be higher.

    As an Independent I see some pluses coming out of the shell game the DNC called a Primary, Americans now understand Party’s are businesses that they act in their own interest not yours not this county that should be our job by electing competent capable ethical leadership and demanding performance and booting them regardless a Party when they fail us.. Also Tabloid punditry has been shown for the trash talking wasteland it is, what fools they have emerged to be, think about it Chris Matthews was important in providing Obama momentum in the race that’s pretty bad.

    The bottom line ends up being the Obama can win without us if we stay home and pout he need not apply which is I guess the hope, but if we choose we can elect McCain and not the Party puppet again we can not allow our country to be controlled by one Party with a weak President again and not one that would screw over its Base fraudulently acting against their interest for Party Power we just did that. Our country is in decline that decline must be stunted.

  31. I’m a first time commentator here. I’ve been reading The Confluence for several weeks, and I have really grown to admire all of you that have had the courage to speak out against the “inevitability” of BO. Thank you so much for all the work you do in bringing us this site.

    Add me to the growing roles of Democrats who no longer feel the party represents me, and who will NOT vote for Obama in November. My entire extended family (a group of life-long Dems) has indicated to me that they won’t vote for Obama, either. If this dynamic isn’t unique to my family of Democratic voters, the butt kicking come November will be legend.

    We need a viable third party, now!

  32. Hi ginainkc — It’s good to meet you. Are you in Kansas City? I am too!!

  33. I’m in the metro area, actually eastern Jackson County just outside of Independence. It’s nice to meet you too, katiebird.

  34. Well, I say this as someone who loved Edwards and even now has a hard time breaking with that love… this statement makes me furious: “[Edwards] claims he is now satisfied that Obama is committed to universal healthcare.”

    Oh dear god. What a spindly, snivelling lie that is. He knows perfectly well that Obama doesn’t care about UHC — we all do. Obama certainly doesn’t have to worry about the cost of bringing his children to an emergency room and why should the creative class dirty their hands with we peasants who worry about medical bills? I hope Elizabeth is giving him an earful.

    The irony is, the media is so biased towards pushing Brand Obama on us, now Edwards is relevant and significant. While he was a candidate, he was ridiculed and dismissed. But the moment he endorsed Brand Obama, the media and party establishment suddenly changed their minds. Jeez. Subtle, they are not.

  35. I wont vote for Obama.

    I tried this like to no avail:

    Tell me how to catch the bus. i WILL protest anywhere about this.

    Please help me to get connected! I am from Illinois… Birth State of Hillary!

  36. YES!

    I have one word for those who think that we should roll over and vote for Obama. That is:


    Says it all, doesn’t it? We’re just all a bunch of sweeties to them, just the little women. Talk nicey-nicey and everything will be fine. We’ll vote for them AND bake them some cookies. We’ll succumb. We always do.

    No we won’t. I am determined that everything WON’T be fine. If he is elected, it will set women’s rights back decades.

    I am also a “Sweetie for a new Democratic Party.” We have to do this. We MUST do this.

  37. Sharon,

    Try this link:


    Riverdaughter, can we use html in the comments here?

  38. Think we can get Hillary to run as an Independent?

    I just donated to her campaign…. again!

  39. Here is my petition…it’s different from the other one in that it focuses on the unfairness of the nomination process. It also tells the DNC quite plainly that if Obama is nominated, they will lose a large chunk of Hillary’s voters and that McCain will be the nominee.

    It doesn’t ask you to pledge not to vote for Obama.

    What do you think?


  40. alice, I once loved John Edwards, too, but now I realize it was Elizabeth Edwards I loved all along. I used to say if Elizabeth thinks this man should be President that’s good enough for me.

  41. Thanks, madamab. I signed and gave them a lady like piece of my mind. Felt good.

  42. Thanks, SweetSue! 🙂

  43. madamab,

    Signed, sealed, and delivered with a heaping helping of righteous indignation. Thanks for starting the petition.

  44. […] Riverdaughter has a terrific round-up post this morning with more suggestions on what we can do right now make our voices heard: Friday: Fast II and Call to Action. […]

  45. Melanie,

    No, the Boston Globe op-ed is a a very broad and excellent statement about the entire issue of Clinton, sexism, and the need to count FL and MI. The link to the Globe story is at the bottom of my comment.

  46. Below are exerpts from an interview NPR’s Robert Siegel did with Howard Dean on Mar. 5th. Dean clearly states the DNC wanted South Carolina to vote before Florida so African Americans would have an impact on who our nominee would be.

    Dean also vehemently states “So we’re not going to do it” regarding counting these votes. He doesn’t mention that the republican controlled state legislature changed the primary date, not democrats.

    Did the DNC purposefully push Florida voters over a cliff to enable black voters to choose BO as our nominee?

    Dean’s comments: “The problem with Florida, moving forward, was not only was it incredibly disrespectful to all the other states who voted for and kept their word, it also stepped on South Carolina which was our way of including large numbers of African-Americans in the process to select the Democratic nominee, who cannot become president without a large number of African-Americans winning in November”

    “We’re not interested in disfranchising Florida and Michigan voters. They’re important to us. But what we are saying is we have to be respectful of the other 48 states who stuck by the rules, played by the rules and we most certainly have to be respectful of the candidacies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who knew what the rules were, and changing the rules halfway through the game is incredibly unfair to both of those candidates and frankly would split the Democratic Party. So we’re not going to do it.”

  47. I am another person that will not support DNC or Obama if he becomes the nominee.
    this has gone to far- Hillary has been treated badly and so have many of her supporters.

  48. Hillary had a really good Town Hall tonight in Portland. It was televised by the NBC station which reaches most of Oregon and southwest Washington. If she doesn’t win, I will have no other option but to vote for McCain UNLESS Hillary runs on an Independent ticket.

  49. I (and several others I have spoken to in the last few days) believe that the MSM has overdone the “Hillary is finished” routine. A lot of people, especially women, are really turned off by it and are organizing campaigns in response. I’m glad to see that.

    It’s time that we women (and good hearted men) stand up and speak out against all the Hillary hate that’s been going on. It is really aimed at all of us, and we need to respond. I saw the USA “Just a Minute” ad, placed by a new coalition today. Initial donations collected within a period of three days totalled over $200,000. The ad itself was impressive. It is going to run in several papers in Oregon, the NEW YORK TIMES (on Tuesday, May 20) and in other papers.

    One good thing is that a majority of the American people don’t like being told what to do and are not quite as stupid as the DNC and the Obama campaign assume. What’s more, Americans tend to respect an independent, feisty person who stands up to “the system” and refuses to “go along to get along” (to quote Al Gore). Most people have a sense of fairness that is being violated by the heavy handedness of the MSM and the Democratic leadership. We want a a real voice in the selection of our presidential nominee, not a coronation. We’re feeling very rebellious and ready to fight for that.

    NARAL threw their stupid and premature endorsement of Obama in our faces, and are now paying a heavy price. I’ve read letters from many people talking about having written NARAL out of their wills, etc. NARAL got over 3200 e-mails immediately after their action was announced, mostly from irate women like me, with the result that, reportedly, their e-mail crashed. Many people are demanding that the executive director resign and several state NARAL groups have publicly disassociated themselves from the endorsement, and it’s not over yet.

    The NARAL endorsement of the “petulant prince” has started a firestorm among women who were already fed up with the media’s abuse, including misogynist comments of Keith Olbermann and others–and with the reports of the “Bros before Hos” t-shirt and “fingergate” (the incident that included Obama’s “flipping off” Hillary, an incident which many thousands of women saw but the press and Democratic party ignored).

    No. No. No. It ain’t over. Fact is, it ain’t even begun. I’m one of those older women who helped bash down doors for equal treatment of my gender in the 70’s. Many of us had “cut our teeth” in the black civil rights movement and learned a lot. We used what we had learned to fight back for women’s rights against odds that were even greater than now, and we won some big victories.

    Well, guess what? We’re ready to do it again, and Howard and Nancy are going to wonder what hit them. There’s a tidal wave of righteous indignation among women (and a lot of men) out there, and it is about to crash on the DNC. Watch out and stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, we’ll keep writing letters and e-mails and calling voters and doing our best work for Hillary, because she’s still in the race. We have a WINNER and we know it.

  50. You’re not alone. Our family regrets its vote for Edwards and his ambitious faux rhetoric.

    My sisters and their families across America and friends all plan to boycott the vote for Obama on the issue of trust. While some plan to write in Hillary, the majority plan not only to vote for McCain but also to fully campaign for him. We too feel that the party has discounted our votes and interfered with a viable candidate’s chances for nomination.

    Obama’s voting pattern in the state legislature is a mockery of an elected position. While Republicans and Democrats were in unison on giving sexual crime victims the right to seal their records, Obama’s vote was the sole dissent. He claimed that it was unconstitutional. He would often vote and change this vote the day after (according to the New York Times.) I say it was most likely to have it recorded by newspapers before he changed it. This pattern of behavior is a red flag to what lies ahead.

    If anyone can post anything on the buses on May 31, please post it, and some of us will be on it.

  51. It is incredily gratifying to hear so many with pretty much preciely the same abashed feelings as I have had wrt the primary and the foisting of the Obamination on us!!! So what does someone like myself (in VA) do in a concrete way to promote our cause. I’ve given considerable amouts of $ and can give more, and have writeen and signed, etc., but the time is short—we must identify leaders to collect our sentiments so that they build into GENUINE ACTION! Advice appreciated.

  52. Love this site. The story is an old one: we watch a qualified woman rise up in a corporation through grit, determination and hard work. She has been promised the CEO-ship by upper management, who are mostly men. They promise her their support. But then…wait, a man is brought in from outside the company…a new shiny toy, and he is anointed the CEO, at the last minute, despite logic. Well, the woman all asks us to ignore this, and get behind the company anyway. That just makes her look spineless. This has been going on for centuries, folks. I’m registering my protest vote with John McCain, and I urge you all to follow. He’s been pilloried and hated by the Republican Party for a long time—sound familiar? They have much in common.

  53. I just found this website and I signed the petition. I want to do all I can to help Hillary; I hate what they are doing to her. I can’t even turn the news on anymore. I feel as though when they attack her they are attacking me because I believe in her. I think she is the only HOPE we have. So I’m with you’ll.

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