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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Action Words

Here are some other things you can do to get your point across to the DNC:

You can send an email to the DNC expressing your thoughts on the FL and MI problem. Ask them to seat the delegations from both states as is as the solution has been obstructed for too long. Be polite but assertive in your email. Here is the link to the form on Hillary’s site. You might want to leave a little something in her tip jar while you’re at it.

Steve Corbett at WILK radio in Scranton, PA is kicking off Operation Turn Down at 3:00pm. If you’re tired of the media haka, the Frat Boys for Obama and the accusation that you are a racist just because you think Hillary is a better candidate, lend your voice to thousands of others. If you call in, be sure to have your talking points prepared in advance. It helps you deliver your message calmly. And I wouldn’t focus on Hillary as a victim in all of this. She’s not. She’s a presidential candidate and has to expect a lot of negativity. The fact that she’s a woman means she has to expect more than most candidates. sort of like Jackie Robinson when he broke the color barrier in baseball. The problem is that the sexist behavior directed at her will have broader repercussions on the society at large if the media and the Obama campaign aren’t held accountable. But the real victims in this primary season are the voters who are being held hostage to the proportional delegation system, undemocratic caucuses and last but not least, the withholding of delegates from FL and MI that will give the necessary critical mass to Hillary’s delegate count. She is being held to a higher standard than Obama. He only has to reach 2025 delegates to be considered a winner while she has to reach 2209. Is that fair to the candidate or the voters?

43 Responses

  1. I was writing a diary on sending a letter to the DNC at the same time, apparently, that riverdaughter posted hers. I’ve deleted the diary, as it was redundant, but here is what I wrote the DNC:

    I am stunned by news reports that suggest that the DNC’s rules and by-laws committees continue to think it is more important to “punish” the voters of FLA and MI — who have no responsibility for any change in their respective states’ primary dates — at the expense of of the fundamental principle of democracy: ensuring that every vote counts.

    Punishing innocent voters in order to preserve DNC “authority” for purposes of the 2012 primary calendar likewise makes no practical sense. Is that “authority” more important than maximizing the chances that the Democratic nominee actually wins the White House in 2008? If a Democratic incumbent is running for re-election in 2012, the sequence and timing of primaries is unlikely to be of significant import. Only if John McCain is elected this year, and Democrats are running to unseat him, will the DNC’s precious “authority” have any impact on the primary calendar. Is it worth sacrificing the White House, and protecting the American people from four more years of Bush policies, in order to ensure that the DNC gets to impose the 2012 primary calendar on the states?

    Barack Obama, if he is the nominee, will not be able to “change the map” enough to offset the loss of FLA and MI in the fall. Have you never heard that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”?

    I will not be giving any money to the DNC this year if MI and FLA delegates are not seated in accordance with the primary votes in those states. On that you can depend.

    Remember: 2209 or fight!

  2. I just stopped in at HRC’s website to make my Friday contribution and, while there, sent a polite email to the DNC with no virtual spitting (though I sorely wanted to, Katiebird!)

    Earlier today, I went to City Hall and changed my registration from D to U. I had requested they mail me the form, but after waiting a week for it to arrive, I decided to schlep over there with my toddler and do it in person. It felt good. Here (in RI), it’s an easy switch and not irrevocable. Should I want to vote in a primary later this year, I can do so; however, they would at that point put me back on the D voter list. Knowing that this is not necessarily a longterm change but a symbolic act made it easier to do. I agree with RD that a lot of us doing this makes a powerful statement.

  3. Further reflection on the DNC madness: Just finished reading Corrente’s excellent article on electablity arguments and the likely electoral college outcome (Clinton Election Juggernaut Accelerates), and one sentence, in particular, caught my attention:

    “Obama’s inability to put Clinton away, especially considering his huge cash-on-hand advantage and extremely favorable media coverage, does not bode well against an experienced and wily opponent like McCain.”

    If Obama can’t manage to “put Clinton away” in spite of lots of cash and great press, how is he going to be able to put McCain away in the GE, when we know that the press, at any rate, is likely to be far less favorable to him? Admittedly, more voters are likely to come out for a GE than for a primary, but the primary voters tend to be the motivated voters, and if the most motivated voters can’t swing it for Obama, why are the SDs ignoring Hillary’s critical victories?

    Sort of in line with what litigatormom is saying about Obama not being able to “change the map.” It is absolutely critical that the DNC award Hillary her popular votes and her delegates in MI and FL.

  4. Okay, how is this for a revamped missiion statement? Any further input is welcome.

    As Clinton’s supporters, we demand that votes of Florida and Michigan residents be counted in full in the contest for the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the United States. We believe in embracing the spirit of Democracy over the letter of the law, and the meting out of punishment. Further,we are deeply disturbed by the misogyny both displayed and tolerated by the media, Democratic party officials and office holders, and the campaign of Barack Obama. We demand the following:
    1. that Michigan and Florida be fully counted and their delegates seated before the nomination is decided.
    2. that the calls for Clinton to concede her campaign cease immediately.
    3. that the misogynistic rhetoric deployed against Clinton and her supporters be deemed unacceptable, ceased immediately and receive the same outcry that racist rhetoric would provoke.
    4. that Barack Obama not declare himself the nominee before the convention, and the media cease to regard him as such.
    5. that any discussion that labels statements from the Clinton campaign as racist, and assumes that Clinton supporters are racist by virtue of their support for Clinton cease immediately.

    As lifelong Democrats, we are fully prepared to skip voting in the presidential race if our demands are not met, and if Obama is the nominee. Further, if the Democratic party proceeds with the contempt it has thus far displayed towards Clinton voters, we will refuse to vote in down party races as well.

    We support Hillary Clinton in her quest for the Democratic nomination for the presidency because we feel she is the best candidate for the job, based on her decades long record of progressive accomplishment, her exceptional record as First Lady of both Arkansas and the US, her accomplishments as senator from New York, her platform and her performance on the campaign trail.

  5. Lori: I LIKE it! Excellent. You hit all the major points.

  6. I’m changing my registration to Independent. When I get my new voter registration card, I’m going to send a copy of it to the DNC and the state party headquarters. It’s just one drop, but if enough of us do it there will be an ocean of protest. Hopefully it will drown those bastards.

    Strange to say it, but being and indy makes me feel free. I’ve never been a joiner, so throwing off the constraints of the group probably explains my newfound sense of freedom.

  7. First step is to make Dean publically acknowledge what he acknowledged to this group:
    That the pop votes of FL and MI are valid and should be included in the pop vote tallies. This is probably the most significant way in which Obama used the media to control perception of the primary.

  8. thank you, riverdaughter, this is BRILLIANT!!!

  9. As one of the FL voters that are )&%#) off, thank you for that mission statement!

  10. @Litigatormom —

    Excellent letter! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Because we all need a laugh, even in the midst of this mayhem.

    Enjoy while waiting for our new favorite radio show.

  12. I took the plunge last week – I became unenrolled after being a registered Democrat since 1968. I notified the DNC that I had 2 concerns: their acceptance of misogynistic treatment by the press and Obama campaigns toward Hillary Clinton, and the refusal to count the votes in Michigan and Florida.

    I also think the Democratic party is going to need an “Intervention” in August or it is going to lose 1/2 of its voters. At this point both sides are talking at and past each other with no listening happening.

  13. riverdaughter,

    I think you should consider securing a top level domain name for search engine optimization purposes. I think blog readership is somewhat generational, just like my daughter’s generation is easiest to reach through social networking sites. Many HRC supporters in the boomer generation may not find you through blogrolls, but they sure could find you through Google. A top level domain is only $9.99 a year at GoDaddy, and they provide free redirects and masking, should you want to just keep on keeping on with the wordpress site.

    I also think you should set up a Paypal donation button to help with bandwidth costs. If there is money left over, consider buying some Google Adwords to pop The Confluence up in the search results.

    I believe there are huge numbers of like-minded people out there, which just need a place to gather for the exchange of ideas and to take action. We have to take concerted action to make our voices heard, and to do that, we have to be able to find each other.

    I’m willing to help in any way I can.

  14. The Obama surrogates has made race as an issue in this primary (with the blessings of the Obama campaign?) and race bait, too , as a counterpoint to whatever future controversies and scandals that Obama might have in the future. He has made race and race baiting the central portion of his campaign. It is with a certainty that Obama surrogates(with the blessings of the Obama campaign?) will answer every controversy and scandal with statements pertaining to race.

    Remember the time when the Somali tribal dress that Barack wore in 2006 and was leaked thru the Drudge Report? David Plouffe immidiately accused the Clinton team of ’shameful offensive fear-mongering’. Then there is the op-ed of Orlando Patterson in the NY times which tried to put race in the 3am ad of Sen. Clinton.To qoute the 1st paragraph of the op-ed:

    “On first watching Hillary Clinton’s recent “It’s 3 a.m.” advertisement, I was left with an uneasy feeling that something was not quite right — something that went beyond my disappointment that she had decided to go negative. Repeated watching of the ad on YouTube increased my unease. I realized that I had only too often in my study of America’s racial history seen images much like these, and the sentiments to which they allude.” And that is only the 1st paragraph.

    Then there is the latest “brushing the dirt off the shoulder” incident which the Obama surrogates(?) has linked to the Jay Z song, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”, a racially charged song (see this web link and judge for yourself.)http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jayz/dirtoffyourshoulder.html

    And now this:

    May 9, 2008 — WASHINGTON – First it was Bill Clinton dismissing Barack Obama as just another black candidate winning South Carolina.

    Now comes Hillary Rodham Clinton, splashing moonshine onto those smoldering embers by telling West Virginia voters that “hardworking Americans, white Americans” support her, not Obama.

    So “hardworking Americans” who support Hillary are racists, then? If that is Obamas’ position, then my vote will be Hillarys’ and will write that name in the ballot. Otherwise, other voters will have to decide but not me.

    This can be construed as race baiting tactics of the Obama team and surrogates. It only needs a spark.

    Please forward to your friends because it is imperative that the American people know who the real Barack Obama is and the way it is seen by me is he wants the race card to be front and foremost always. This could be his strategy up to the GE ( in case he wins the primary) and, heaven forbid, up to the presidency ( in case he wins it.)

    In order for me to change this perspective on Obama, he must prove to me by his actions that this perspective is wrong. Otherwise, it will just strenghten it.

  15. Hmm, this McCain-voting conservative who just called in sounds an awful lot like an Obamabot.

  16. Is that our Lori on WILK right now??

  17. Oh Man, if Lori is on reading our manifesto, we are going to break a site record today.

  18. Yep. And Allison was fantastic!!

  19. I missed the first part of her call — 3 loud boys in the house right now. But she spoke very well and was identified as Lori from LA.

  20. WE ARE NOT VICTIMS….we have choices…..

  21. Riverdaughter, we’re already almost at a site record. Luckily 🙂 we’ve got a lot of good stuff (and GREAT comments) to welcome any newcomers!

  22. RD – he ended the call before I could talk about this site. His lines are burning up.

  23. Can any listeners tell us about the show? I can’t listen.

  24. Holy Hemiola! I can’t listen in right now. What are the calls like?

  25. Was Lori the woman from Los Angeles?

    I just heard a woman with a New York Accent, she sounds just like my cousin Rosa. Rosa, is that you?

    I’M LOVING IT! Thanks Steve Corbett! (almost like Stephen Colbert)

  26. People are furious. It’s caller after caller talking about how offended they are by Obama and how they will not vote for him. He’s not allowing calls to meader because he has too many of them. He’s allowing people to express their outrage and then move on to the next caller.

    One funny comment – if you’re 45 and you support Obama, you’re young. If you’re 45 and you support Clinton, you’re old.

  27. Lori, I’m really sorry I didn’t get to hear all you said. You and Allison were awesome.

  28. Lori! You were AWESOME!!!

    And yes, as a 36-year old Hillary supporter, my woman parts are drier than the Sahara.

  29. They just had a disabled woman talking about how angry she is, and how she won’t vote for him. She won’t vote Republican though. A foreign man is talking about how worried he is about the country and he’ll vote for McCain over Obama.

    They’re playing The Circle’s Turn Down Day from…I dunno…1963. You know, The Red Rubber Ball guys.

  30. Lori,

    You were fantastic!! I wondered if that was you. This show is amazing. I’m so encouraged right now. There are angry people all over the country, just as I suspected. And they are not all women either (as we know from The Confluence).

  31. Riverdaughter,

    The callers are very articulate and although you can tell they are angry, they are very coherent. Corbett has been talking about all the sexist things Obama has said. I didn’t realize he had actually called Barbara Boxer a “cutie” at a public event!

  32. Terri is a conservative first, and Republican second. She was going to write in Fred Thompson because of her values, but if Obama is the nominee, she’ll vote for McCain to make sure that Obama isn’t the nominee. She has issues with Wright. She would vote for Colin Powell.

    Cody- a male college student who caucused for her in January. He was offended by the behavior of Obama supporters at the caucus. He doesn’t think Obama can win Pennsylvania and substitute western states instead. He’ll vote third party. On the Democratic Executive Board at his school. He may have to resign his position.

    George – thinks that Limbaugh is the smartest man in the world. Wants to change Operation Turn Down to Operation Turn Coat.

  33. Oh – Cody is Hawk over at 44!!!

    He was fantastic!

  34. A twice failed candidate and VP on a failed ticket endorses and candidate and check out what the media makes out of it:

    • ABC — World News began with a live picture with Charlie Gibson delivering the news of the endorsement saying, “we’ll go to the rally momentarily when the speaking begins.” He then turned to the earthquake aftermath in China. At 6:36pmET, Gibson was joined by David Wright at the event in Michigan and George Stephanopoulos in Washington. Including the Wright set up piece, ABC spent nearly six minutes on the story. “Timed for maximum exposure. Timed to coincide with the evening newscasts,” said Gibson. For the later feeds, Gibson led with the news including a short soundbite from Obama and the longer endorsement soundbite from Edwards.

    • CBS — at 6:30ET Katie Couric led with the story with correspondent Dean Reynolds live in Grand Rapids. It was not treated so much as a live news event, but rather as a backdrop for their lead story. For the later feeds, Couric’s follow-up Q&A with Reynolds occurred while Obama was speaking, then at the end of the West Coast feed (around 6:56pmPT), Couric repeated the news paraphrasing Edwards’ endorsement of Obama.

    • NBC — at 6:30pmET Brian Williams also led with the story with correspondent Lee Cowan in Grand Rapids, but with cross-talk only. The updated version of Nightly News had Cowan using an endorsement soundbite from Edwards.

    Somebody tell me the media have not become part of the Obama campaign.

  35. Remember – MSNBC fired Phil Donahue, their highest rated show, in the ramp up to the war, because they didn’t want to be stuck with the anti-war guy while the rest of the news channels were “waving the flag”. They’re selling us Obama just as they did the war.

  36. Oh, and remember Mother Jones – whatever your fight, don’t fight it like a lady. The good lord in heaven made women and that gang of Rockefeller thieves made ladies.

    Nikki Anne won’t vote for Obama, and she thinks that Hillary is the stronger candidate. Why have they allowed us to vote in the primary if they don’t intend to listen to us? Angry with Casey, disgusted with Edwards.

    Corbett is married to Daly’s cousin. LOL

    Lots of commercials. No air time meandering – he’s moving right through the calls non-stop.

  37. Greg in Forest City read an interview with Gore Vidal who talked about the Us and the United States of Amnesia. Talks about how the divisions in Germany led to the Nazis getting 40%. Thinks the discussion is “hysterical” because it makes Rove happies. Corbett is objecting to being compared to the Germans whose divisions led to Hitler’s triumph. He’s bitching about Clinton not consulting with working class people but with big Pharma instead. Whining about her voting the authorization, the patriot act and nuking Iran. Corbett busts him on misquoting. Corbett is pointing out that women don’t want to be called hysterical either.

    Nellie from Enid Oklahoma – learned about Operation Turndown from Email – thanks him for being a voice for us. She’s in tears. Talks about how hurtful it is to see Hillary treated the way she is. She’s thanking him for speaking up for us and speaking the truth. Corbett is talking about how is he’s hearing from angry women from all over the world.

    More commercials.

  38. What’s up today with the Obama – McCain tiff on security and “appeasement”?

  39. Anthony at Pittston is a Republican in college but he says that his friends who support obama try and bully people who support other candidates – including Republicans. Corbettt agrees. That he felt that whenever he talked about supporting Clinton, he felt like he was doing something wrong. Anthony thinks Obama sounds ignorant when he talks. He thinks he’ll be called racist. Corbett thinks that the obama campaign calling people racist is what’s put people over the edge.

    John asks if he created it? Corbett says John helped him make a decision. John is objecting to Dems saying they’ll vote for McCain, and hopes people who are threatening to vote for McCain are thinking (yeah, our pretty little heads aren’t up to it, I guess). John says that Obama has always been cordial to Clinton even though she attacks him. Corbett is saying that he won’t be told by the party bosses what to do. Corbett says that Obama has contributed to the burning coal that is getting hot and stronger and we’re now starting to feel the heat.

    Back to commericals.

  40. I had to run out and get my daughter and come back – this is AWESOME!

    I want to hear RiverDaughter & Katiebird talk about the blogosphere!

  41. If Hillary has this nomination stolen from her and if McCain selects Carly Fiorina as his Vice President, I will vote for them in a nanosecond. So will millions of women.

  42. I sent a message to the DNC:

    Count every vote. Disenfranchising voters in Florida and Michigan disenfranchises voters in New York [my state] and other states, too. If Democrats do not believe in counting every vote, they are no better than Republicans.

  43. This is just schtick from this Corbett character. The proof is on his blog today quote
    “Some powerful people even suggested that I head up a national movement with a web site and an address and appearances all over the country. But although an organized and unified voice that Democratic Party bosses ignore is very much needed, I must humbly decline.”

    He doesn’t really care who the nominee is. He isn’t ready to do the work to get his “message” out. It is just a ploy to boost himself.
    How can we take him seriously if he doesn’t take himself serious enough to actually do something.
    Corbett is all talk, no action. He wants to leave the heavy lifting up to real democrats.
    What a disappointment.

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