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400 bloggers fighting for Barack Obama’s desperate delusion?

News is spreading that the Obama campaign has hired 400 faithful friends to “throw elbows” at Hillary supporting blogs. My original thought was that this was an Obama-inspired rumor (like the one last week that Obama’s already got a Paid Transition Team) designed to make us tremble and go home. But I got a message in my personal email last night that makes me wonder:


I read your comment on Talk Left about Obama declaring “Mission Accomplished”. Found it confusing and even a bit troubling that you’d compare Obama’s pending victory in the Democratic nomination race with the Iraq War.

Obama might be tired, but his millions of supporters and donors (including myself) are not.

I am tired of fighting my own family members. I am tired of defending against both McCain AND Clinton supporters.

I’m not tired of working for justice.

I’m not tired of reaching out to new friends.

I’m not tired of discussing the solutions to our nation’s pressing problems – economy, healthcare reform, educating our kids, training a 21st century workforce, stopping corporate greed, preventing torture, ending the Bush Doctrine approach to foreign policy, etc.

So, I look forward to getting acquainted. Feel free to visit my homepage on the Obama website – and feel free to ask questions.

Take care,


Ben Vos

Obviously, I’m devastated that my comment is so troubling for poor Ben (if his name really is Ben). Or I would be if this didn’t sound so much like something written from a template. He’s picked out one phrase from some comment I wrote (who knows when, there’s no link) and launches into a lecture that has no connection to the issue that concerned me.

Well, Ben (if your name really is Ben) — I don’t see a word from you about Fair Elections. I don’t see anything about how troubling it is that your candidate’s “victory” comes at the cost of denying then millions of voters in Florida and Michigan they’re say at the 2008 Democratic Convention. I don’t see anything about how troubling it is that your candidate’s “victory” is only possible because the suppression of those elections hid the fact that this primary has been a virtual tie consistently from the very beginning.

Issues? I’d love to talk about “issues” the second you and your goons stop heckling the merest mention of Hillary’s name. I’ll talk about “issues” when your candidate starts treating her with the respect and dignity she deserves. I’ll talk about “issues” when YOU back off and acknowledge that this election is going all the way to the convention. And Senator Clinton is NOT going to quit just to make Senator Obama happy.

You don’t like me mentioning the phrase, “Mission Accomplished” in connection with your candidates planned May 20th Victory Party? Well, that’s just too bad, Ben (if your name really is Ben) — Because that May 20th party you and your friends are planning will prove to be just as hollow as that party on the carrier.

And Ben (if your name really is Ben) — I’m “troubled” that you think our battle for fair elections is an insignificant issue. For me fair elections are the most basic issue of any election. You may not have learned that in the schools you went to.

But, pay attention — you’ll be learning it this summer.

400 Bloggers for Obama? I spit on ALL of you.

94 Responses

  1. Katie? So, you and Ben are on a first name basis? I guess he felt comfortable contacting you because you seem so nice and sweet and approachable and … dare I say, girly. That must be it Katie, yeah, you (we’re) so sweet and kind and girly. Can’t we sit down and talk about this? Hmmm.

  2. Oh, I forgot… SNARK.

  3. Katiebird, right on!


    We weren’t family all this campaign season, so what makes us family now?

    Hillary supporters have battered women’s syndrome, we are TIRED of the abuse and the DNC & Obama-fans had plenty of time to keep & make this civil, but you guys got rough frat -boy haka.

    Well hell hath no fury like a Hillary voter scorned.

    Like that Lifetime Farrah Fawcett movie, we burning the Democratic house down.

  4. We’re all seeing more trolling at all the pro-Hillary sites. I thought they didn’t care if we left the Blogger Boiz? Why do they follow us, then?

    Wonder if they’ll have the same reaction when they see some of us are serious about leaving Obama at the polling altar?

  5. So, I received an email today @ 6:34 a.m. from “lobby delegates” inviting me to visit their facebook page. Now, since I’m an old, undereducated (undergrad from Boston University), white (Irish blueskin) female I guess this might be an intervention from the 400 bloggers? I’m not sure, maybe I’m just flattering myself.

  6. Why don’t you just send this person an email back and tell him/er to “Go F#CK YOURSELF”?!!!??!

  7. I have convinced a Democratic friend of mine to vote for McCain if Obama gets the nomination. He was on the fence, saying he would write in Hillary’s name in November if that happened, but now he says he will defintiely vote against Obama.

    Stopping Obama is mission #1

    Half a league, half a league,
    Half a league onward,
    All in the valley of Death
    Rode the 400.
    “Forward, the Light Brigade!
    “Charge for the guns!” he said:
    Into the valley of Death
    Rode the 400.

  8. I wonder if there’s any significance to the Francois Truffaut film “The 400 Blows” and Obama’s 400 Bros (’cause we know it’s a guy thing). Maybe Obama’s campaign connects with the misunderstood, delinquent main character. I may be overthinking this one.

  9. This is a very quick note, but IMPORTANT:

    Operation Turn Down continues:


    Looks like Steve Corbett PA Radio host at wilk network has caught the attention of The DNC, yesterday Corbett launch Operation Turn Down campaign to let the DNC know that true Democrats where not voting for Obama. The phones lines lit up; calls came from state after state, blogger from a site called Confluence and others posted Corbett Operation Turn Down and the blog sphere was at a buzz. State after state voters calling and pledging they would under no circumstance vote for Obama this has to be the DNC nightmare. Operation Turn down continues Friday at 3 p.m. EST tune in folks this is going to be huge.
    PS Please Let Everyone Know to listen in, on the net or radio, call in we got the DNC ears let our voice be heard

  10. I’m more about just writing Hillary’s name in…I’d rather it be a victory for her than McCain, y’know?

  11. (jaw-dropping) Mawn & Elixir — With The One, there are no coincidences.

  12. Know what I’m tired of, Ben? Barack Obama.

  13. Has Obama now become Cyrano de Bergerac all of a sudden? Having his minions bombard the Hillary blogs with messages of “sweet nothings”? “He loves you, he really loves you. Give the guy a break.”

  14. Why is it that you don’t want to make new friends, katie? Obama is like, rilly, rilly nice.

  15. Kind of eerie isn’t it? Anybody here beside me find ths bit of the botbloggers following us reminiscent of being stalked by the ex?
    First we are stupid b****** because we won’t fall in line. Then some sweet talk trying to make us see sense and fall in line. Then back to we are dumb c**** and brought it all on ourselves. Finally, we leave and then it’s all about “If I can’t have you, nobdy else will either.”
    Creepy- and SOOOOO reminds me of my ex!

  16. Oh Ben, isn’t that just speshhhull, “sweetie.” Is that Kumbaya I hear playing in the background?

  17. Dear Sister Katiebird,

    You make me proud! What a great post! What a gorgeous slapping to “Ben”. These smug arrogant BO supporters are just like their hero. I wish we could organize huge visible demonstrations for this movement too. Remember in most smallish cities, the local news teams jump all over anything that has “footage”. You get this kind of thing happening simultneously, and boom–national news.

    i’m in Seattle and if anyone wants to help me organize, please! anyone else in other cities?

    let’s call in —and be SEEN!


  18. Melissa Whitener,

    Totally. I feel kind of creepy that someone who’s vilified my candidate and myself now wants to make nice.

    Hey, Ben, go fuck yourself and the candidate you rode in on.

  19. The blogs are alive with the sounds of Steve Corbett and the two women who were on Fox last night. A lot of editorials area carrying the message. This is not going away so easily.

  20. I hope these folks make a lot of noise between today and Tuesday.

    BTW, I noticed a serious lack of reference to HRC on my 1/2 hour of morning TV at MSNBC. W/out J. Scarborough on Morning Joe the rest of the crew have totally removed Hillary. Except for Pat Buchanan, he throws a reference whenever he can but he’s outnumbered by Tweety, Minka Pinhead… Ugh.

  21. Team,

    We really need to relax on the vitriol, yes, we have every reason to be more livid than the Obama supporters, but do we really need to give them more ammunition showing “how mean the Hillary supporters are”?
    Especially on a blog where everything can be taken out of context and posted elsewhere? I’ve read so many post that make me proud to be a Hillary supporter and then see the occasional “spit on you, f&&* you all” post that just make me sigh. There ARE nicer ways of saying foad while keeping our integrity intact.

    Just sayin’


    From a West Virginia voter for Hillary,

  22. Trinity, your concern means all the world to us. But, unlike Barack Obama, I’m NOT spitting on voters.

    I’m spitting on 400 paid-professional bloggers hired with the express purpose of harassing, intimidating and silencing Hillary’s support.

    The Barack Obama campaign has already been successful in suppressing her vote. But they will NOT succeed in suppressing me.

    If you can’t stand the spit — get out of my thread.

  23. Remember the horror film “Williard” where a meek young man sent a rat to attack his enemies? There was a remake of the film called “Ben.”

    Now I have an earworm of the song “Ben” as sung by Michael Jackson:


    This is one of the worst songs ever.

    “Ben, most people would turn you away
    I don’t listen to a word they say
    They don’t see you as I do
    I wish they would try to
    I’m sure they’d think again
    If they had a friend like Ben.”

  24. (Wiping my cheek w/ the back of my hand) Rock on, Katie!! Nice, I don’t need no stinkin’ nice.

  25. I got a mailer from Obama the other day – he must have gotten my address from the DNC ’cause I have NEVER done anything from which he could have gotten it directly.

    Anyway…I wrote GO TO HELL on it and mailed it back in his own postage paid envelope (with NObama written all over the outside.). Along with two others from the DNC telling them to go Cheney themselves. I’m laughing, ’cause the more I send back, the more I get…they must be programmed to send -again once they receive an envelope…but they forgot to notice the message! I love it – just another way to make them spend the few dollars that they have left.

  26. ” Ben” sounds like a concern troll.

  27. Trinity: Not sure what team you are pitching for. Asking us to tone it down is another way of asking just sit there and suck it up. There is nothing that “vitriolic” on these postings, at least nothing reaching the level of hatred aimed at our candidate. It is just a little too much to ask us to soak up the bile and remain mute just because you don’t appreciate the tone of the comments. Too bad!

    We are not examples of those dutiful wives who stand at the podium alongside an errant spouse who has just announced he has been unfaithful. We have far too much pride to quietly allow our candidate and ourselves to remain on the sidelines and play nice. Tuck it.

  28. Trinity, it’s not time to be civil – it’s time to fight.

    And yeah Katiebird’s spit, my spit, everybody’s-who’s-mad-as-hell’s spit is going to turn into one big spitball until MI & FL are fully seated, that the candidate who is more qualfied & has the most popular votes will be the nominee.

  29. @Arabella: “Now I have an earworm of the song “Ben” as sung by Michael Jackson”

    Aaack! Bad Arabella, bad Arabella. Gee, thanks. 😉

  30. Go Katiebird!

    ps: You all must read No Quarter’s Branding of Obama–get this RD and co, he trademarked HOPE and CHANGE and Obama, too.

    and for all —- off MS.

    (umm, hmm—that’s a JUMBO tidal wave of a voting bloc, no?)

  31. Does anyone have a good e-mail address for the women who appeared on Fox? I tried the ones that they showed on-air, but can’t get anywhere.

    I would really like to join up.

    Also, is there a link for Operation Turn Down….I went to the station home page but don’t see anything.

  32. Kbird: As someone said last night, “You know your blog has arrived when you get assigned your own troll.”

  33. hey katie, what’s ben’s email address? I’m sure there’s about 400 of us who would like to let him know personally what we think.

  34. Understood,

    Again, I feel the same anger. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBama, ( just don’t know if I can bring myself to vote republican either) I know there are other options and I’m considering all of them. I meant no offense. I’m just sick of Obama and the media taking our feelings out of context. so… anyway on to the job of making sure Hillary gets the nomination that the voters demanded.

    thanks for the response and I’ll go back to lurking…. sites like yours and Cannonfire’s are a bright shining lite amid the storm.

    Even CommonDreams has turned 😦


  35. Yeah, yeah, give us Ben’s email address….

  36. Trinity,

    No one tells me what to say or how to say it. If you want civility, stay out of this race, becaue it has and will be, very UGLY. We are fighting for the soul of the Democratic party, and in a fight for your life, civility is the first casualty. Look at how Kerry fared after they urged Democrats to remain civil with the Republicans and George Bush. He LOST.

    So let me be clear, I continue to SPIT on Obama and his campaign.

  37. Well its not over for me, and I ventured back into the belly of the beast dailykos to diary my last stand for the good eco policy wonk with

    My Super Rep Jerry McNerney’s Difficult Decision

    hope you’ll check back there to help me fend off my attackers…


  38. OK,

    I take it back 🙂

    I’m not saying don’t fight! sorry it’s just a frustration with how the media turns everything against us. But I see the futility of that, if they can’t take it out of context then they will make it up. You’ve all convinced me.


  39. I am delighted that The Confluence has no hesitation when it comes to deleting Obamaphile comments that cross the line. MyDD used to be a haven for Clintonistas, but the Obamaphiles now infect its threads like an immunosuppressant retrovirus spreading through a formerly healthy body.

  40. yes that’s them, its always I’m confused pseudo BS pitch just like it’s always grievance, whats going on IMO is they are trying to suppress the threat of our vote so we stay home shut up. The part that always amazes me on this stuff is they honestly believe will stay home in Nov if they bully us, stupid.

    Maybe its true Obama can win with out our vote if we stay home, vote for a third party type, or write Hillary’s name in, ok that’s real but we also can make McCain President, if we choose my advice to Obama and the DNC Dem Leadership fools is BACK OFF the line has already been crossed and the damage for the party is this year or if they keep it up future years.

  41. Trinity, voters are looking past the media at this point, as evidenced by the 40 point win in WV. I wish I had not been such a good girl early on, and had let this empty suit have it the way the passive agressive bastard was giving it to Hillary.

  42. Whence this news of “the 400”? Rumor? Announcement? Hard count?

  43. The message from the guy sounded like it was coming from the ‘Stepford Wife’ of Obama…maybe that is his secret weapon……..

  44. ronK, I don’t know. I’ve read about it in comments on several blogs. But the most specific reference I saw was someone claiming it was on a Cable News Crawler.

    There do seem to be a lot of these guys commenting on Hillary Blogs this week.

  45. Dear Ben [if that is your real name]

    Can I call you ben?

    Well then, Let Me Call You Sweetheart….



  46. Each state gets assigned 7.0175438 bloggers. That’s why there are 400 bloggers. It’s the math.

    I am so happy I found you people. When I come in here I can kick off my shoes and set a spell, just being me. You keep it up, katiebird.

    I guess “the 400” are desitined to be part of history along with “the 10,000” in Xenophon’s Anabasis.

  47. There was an article on Yahoo about whether Obama had been trickling out the endorsements at strategic times. (Duh!) Then the campaign said, no, these were all spontaneous coincidences. No old fashioned politics. I have to admit, BO came up with something that rings with voters about OFP. Personally, I liked politics a lot better the way it used to be in America. This isn’t new, it’s just an updated version of Joseph Goebbels that began in 2000. I bet that ole Nazi is laughing from the grave.

  48. Let me call you hinges
    You are something to a-door
    Let me call you mopface
    As I throw you on the floor…

  49. Salty, I just don’t see how Obama can win if we stay home. It just doesn’t add up.
    I cannot and will not vote for 100 years in Iraq McCain and I wont’ vote for BO.
    I still have hope that I’ll be able to cast my vote for the strongest Democratic candidate in my lifetime who just happens to be a woman.

  50. My partner and I spit at them, too.

    My dogs would spit, but they can’t quite get their mouths to do that.

    $10 for Hillary Friday! DONATE!

  51. Trinty: Please don’t just lurk. We want you here…I just think that right now we are so fed up with kumbaya that we react very negatively to the idea – even when it comes from one of our own.

    This primary has been so hard to be a woman and a HRC supporters.

    So keep contributing – and understand how hard this whole thing has been.

  52. We need to flood Nancy P’s office with faxes telling her how the Democratic Party has its life on the line. Selling an unqualified candidate in all 50 (or as Barry says 59) states is not going to win an election. Treating women so shabbily and acquiescing in portraying the Cllintons as racists when we will all be able to recite Reverend Wright’s racists comments chapter and verse if Barry is the nominee. Typical white people are a large voting block. So are “sweeties.”

    McCann’s 26 years in the U.S. Congress to Barry’s having been bored after one year (and he was practically given the office). Barry’s international experience of having lived four years in Indonesia as a child versus McCain’s years as a prisoner of war, Armed Services Committee tenure, and need I repeat–26 years in the U.S. Congress.

    Daschle and Kerry asked McCain to be VP in 2004. McCain refused. What has he done so awful in the past 4 years? What has Barry done other than be the product for Axelrod’s rerun of the Hope+Change (TM) campaign? Oh, he bills himself as a uniter!

    P.S. Pelosi’s daughter Christine told a group I was in that the ABC debate was a collective waste of tens of thousands of hours. Not to me, the comparison between the two candidates in terms of qualifications was night and day.
    Pelosi’s daughter said she is going to vote for whomever has more delegates on June 3rd. In contrast, the super delegate who has committed to Hillary was really really impressive and projected a solid integrity. She takes her role seriously and has thought long and hard about its implications. Ultimately, she is a person of her word, and if she has to be out for 4 years, so be it.

  53. If you stay home or vote third party, BO will win. You have to cancel each vote for him, which means a vote for MCC. I know it sounds bad, but that is the only viable choice…otherwise the votes are too split and BO wins.

    Anyway, McCranky just announced that 2013 all the troops will be home, he will begin making withdrawal plans in his first term — he is opting for the Vietnam-esque “declare victory and leave” strategy. That’s fine. He’s clearly “courting” disaffected Dems, making moderate noises about the war and trumepting his environmental record (which is better than BO’s btw), and it’s a smart move.

  54. I want to know how much they’re paid!

  55. BMC,

    I love that piece from the Dame Domain. That sites’ a keeper, I’m bookmarking right now.

    I never thought of the argument that Barack is NOT a black candidate, he’s a black and a white candidate. I feel better already. Thanks.

  56. DancingOpposum, I’m not certain about your math, how does “not voting for Obama/staying home” still allow Obama to win? If enough HRC supporters don’t vote the top of the ticket, he loses. As we all know, he doesn’t have the popular vote now anyway.

    I think I’ve been McTrolled.

  57. The trolls are here to tame our anger. We must never forget. This is from Jeralyn at TL this morning. When you read this remember ….

    “Meanwhile, Obama had to apologize for his “sweetie” crack. But this was not an isolated incident. Remember, this was the candidate who used phrases like “when the claws come out” and “when she’s feeling down periodically she launches attacks” in reference to his opponent. When language like this is part of the vocabulary of a candidate (one who is so exquisitely articulate), it is worth asking if there is something going on here.

    The language and tone of the media have become so condescending and disrespectful toward Clinton that, I think, Obama’s camp has picked it up. When “she-devil,” “everyone’s first wife,” and “Fatal Attraction” become acceptable means of description in the mainstream media, why would the candidate hesitate to use them himself ? In short, Obama’s media fan club — those open-minded and inclusive liberals — have systematically removed inhibitions about the use of startlingly sexist language.”

  58. sarah,

    Thank you for saying it so well. You are much more articulate than I am.

    I just want to say F*** You to the btards.

  59. Rich in PA, on May 16th, 2008 at 11:43 am Said:
    I want to know how much they’re paid!

    Remember the Bush administration gave Armstrong Williams $200000 to shill for No Child Left Behind.

    In my opinion, Obama bloggers are probably a lot easier to get. Cult members are always doing things for nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they worked for free having been promised a cabinet position or something. Secretary of the Blogosphere

  60. “400 Bloggers for Obama? I spit on ALL of you.”

    whoohoooooooooooo!!!!! boy was that satisfying. heh, thanks katiebird. 😀

  61. Yes, thanks to Katiebird, I’m spitting on all of them with both spite and glee all the way to November.

    I adore katiebird and her spitting.

    I’m taking a spittoon into the voting booth with me too, as I spit profusely on Obama.

  62. Hey Rich in Pa, I also love the Secretary of the blogosphere line.

    I’m in PA also, and I just called voter registration. We can write-in for Hillary if we want here in PA in November and it will count for her.

    I also checked and we can register as Independent. We could also register as non-affiliated, or whatever. I did that this AM and mailed it off, registering as Independent.

  63. BTW: Alegre was also “400-bloggerized” check out Larry johnson’s blog at No quarter & HillaryBloggers links.

    The MyDD admins forced her to censor the info she was reporting about the “400 Bloggers.”

    Any bet that MyDD is on the Unity Pony payroll?

  64. Well, it’s the familiar cycle – denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance.

    We need to fight VERY very hard to not go down on that route – even with our own selves. It is human nature to get used to every kind of injustice over time, every kind of hardship – it’s a coping mechanism. But what is necessary for one human being to forget pain, is harmful for one society needing to change. The pain is necessary, the anger is critical. We need to constantly shake ourselves and others out of this collective slump that we’re going to get into.

    So, while I love the idea of being fact-based, so we know what battles are being fought, we still need the anger and the emotion needed to “move the mountains” before us.

    I don’t know about y’all, and I’m in no way being prescriptive when I say – my motto from today is “I WILL NEVER FORGET”.

  65. Ahhh, they are a cult. They sound like the moonies when people would go off the program. This is so creepy.

  66. is this supposed to help? fuck them, fuck them right in the… this is the victory of the astro turfing sock puppets over the netroots. the netroots are truly dead, and i weep for us, these so called A list bloggers have become the thing they set out to rail against, as i informed kos and aravosis the last time i visited their sites (months ago)

  67. Charles, Yuck! and to think this guy has my email address. (which I deleted this morning from the two sites that make it public)

  68. (nodding) Charles — it was a real shock. I’ve had my address posted at dKos since 2003 and never a bit of trouble. Talk Left, not as long — but still….

    I guess we’ve entered a new world. At least until November.

  69. Hey Katiebird & Riverdaughter-

    IFor the record, I’m blogging for Obama but I take NO PAC money and am not tied to lobbyists and AM NOT an operative for Obama campaign.

    A premeditated campaign to pontificate responses on others blogs does seem a bit underhanded and cheesy. I think it’s rather stupid. Do they really think going on a pro-Hillary blog and posting comments is going to change minds?

    Peronally, I do it because it’s fun and I learn – I realize I don’t know it all – and your site shows extreme pro-Hillary support that, truthfully, I haven’t seen elsewhere in the media. But I’m not delusional to think I’m going to change anyone’s mind – that’s bullshit. When Bill Press argued with Novak on crossfire, for example – I don’t think any mind-changin was a-goin on.

    As a matter of fact I did work for the Obama campaign in Indianapolis and they stressed the point that they did NOT want folks blogging AT ALL. But I did go to the site and I agree with you that it looks suspicious – considering it is directly linked to the Obama site.

    But I’m no Obamaton – i’m a pragmatic Obama supporter. I realize he has a short resume and used Jeremiah Wright early in his career for political purposes and is no different than most politicians. But he’s an idiot for sitting there or not sitting there for 20 years. And is very stupid to keep pretending he’s won the nomination. Tactically they’ve done a good job – except they’ve given up on WV and Kentucky. Which alienates voters and the truth is he’s getting his ass kicked in blue collar segment. They should have aggressively pursued MI and FL re-vote. His bitter, gun, church comment was beyond asinine. Don’t get me wrong – I rip the shit out of Hillary on my own blog but I know Obama has some serious flaws himself.

    I think Hillary would beat McCain in the general by a slightly higher margin than Obama (white blue collar vote – I call em like I see em). But I think Obama can also beat McCain. And will. (he thinks we can win in Iraq by 2013 – please).

    THE LEFT – NOT one of the 400

  70. “If you can’t stand the spit — get out of my thread.”

    I like it. Nice ring to it. I just said it to someone at work today and they think I’m crazy.

  71. I think Steve Corbet is cancelling out and then some whatever these 400 ‘bots are doing. I’ve been listening the past hour, and his phone lines are burning! People are calling in and they are pissed. Not just women, either. I’ve heard several men. And they are bringing up every stupid thing Obama has done and said over the past few months. As much as this radio show has been mentioned the last 24 hours, I would bet his listenership today is breaking all his station’s records. Shainzona, to listen just go to:


    Then click on the Listen Live button at the top middle of the page. You’ll get a popup window for listening to the show.

  72. {{{The Left}}} Thank you, you are my new best friend. (The rest are all mad ’cause I’ve spewed so much coffee all over their clothes) 🙂

  73. Well, Obama is losing the race as far as I am concerned lol


  74. march1234-

    Obama needs to use that Rezko connection more effectively. He’s getting creamed in this department.

    Insert smiley face here.

  75. Great Katiebird! Obama’s the Misogynist that we all knew the little Media Darlin’ to be from Day #1. He knocked off the ballot in Chicago his benefactor-mentor AfricanAmerican Sen. ALICE PALMER, showing her his ungrateful, viciously sexist, abusive self. Nothing will stop this CHAUNCEY THE GARDENER (remember 70s movie ‘Being There’ with the empty suit–it’s Obama’s story!) from grabbing power. Remember his “Her claws are comin’ out”~! and “She’s likeable enough”. “Hillary CAN (gee thanks!) stay in race as long as she wants to””

    Rev. Wright was not wrong when he said: “Barack’s just another typical politician…will say what he says and do what he does!”

    Barack went on stage in N.c. after his pathetic loss in the debate in Pa., and “flip-offed” Hillary! L.A.times/Youtube has Barak’s juvenile antics under: “Obama gives Hillary the F*nger”! How presidential is that? Is this how he respects his fellow (female) Senator?!

    He campaigned last year acctively in Kenya with Dick Morris for his marxist SHARIA LAW advocate Cousin Odinga. Last Dec. after losing election, Cousin Odinga’s murderous thugs rioted, rapin girls and women and burning churches. The then pres. of Kenya told Barack to stay out of his sovereign country’s affairs. Barack wrote a Healing Speech for Cousin Odinga instead! Now, Odinga is President of Kenya!

    Recommendation: Barak Hussein Obama become the Vice-President with Cousin Odinga President of Kenya!

    Now, that’s a real DREAM TICKET, right “sweetie”?!

    P.S. My gay friends use “sweetie” constantly with boyfriends, girlfriends, moms, dads, everybody who’ll endure….so cheeerful, eh?!’

  76. CB – you mentioned Barack was ‘bored’ after one year in office and he was “practically given the office”. I believe it is a fact that he had to step over bodies, female body being that of his mentor and benefactor who helped him with money and other support, black Senator Alice Palmer. Her reward and how Barack got the office? By knocking Alice’s name off the ballot with his gang of legal-eagle thugs in Chicago! She was heartbroken. But our media darlin’ “SWEETIE BARACK” didn’t give a snub! Nope! And guess who Sen. Palmer (now retired) is supporting? SENATOR HILLARY RODHAM-CLINTON!! Now that’s what I call a real “sweetie”!!

    P.S. O

  77. KATIEBIRD, THANK YOU FOR YOUR POSTS….they’re the best….Steve Corbett is a real find…thanks!

  78. good article k.b. …

  79. river said,
    “Let me call you hinges
    You are something to a-door
    Let me call you mopface
    As I throw you on the floor…”

    and on top of everything else…you are a poet..

  80. “I’m not tired of discussing the solutions to our nation’s pressing problems – economy, healthcare reform, educating our kids, training a 21st century workforce, stopping corporate greed, preventing torture, ending the Bush Doctrine approach to foreign policy, etc.”

    Maybe Obama could start doing the same? IT would sure beat hearing the words “change we can believe in” echoed endlessly.

  81. I found this article when I opened up wordpress this morning…

    I guess I just want to say four things:

    1. I am a woman

    2. I am an Obama supporter.

    3. I can see how angry you are.

    4. I don’t know what to do about it, and I am sad and worried.

    I can see that any attempt of mine to argue that we must reconcile for the good of the party come November, will only be seen by you who have posted here as patronizing. And I don’t wish to patronize you. I guess all I can express is the hope that, when this nomination has been decided, we two camps of Democrats will find a way to reconcile ourselves. If there is anything that I may do to further that, please let me know what it might be.

  82. Diablevert,

    It’s a long time until August. Personally, I’m just going to do what Hillary talked about yesterday in Oregon–just keep on going until the convention and see what the superdelegates decide to do.

    As Hillary said, Democrats have a long history of taking fights to the convention–often just in the hopes of affecting the platform, which Edwards could have done with his few delegates. Now that so many (former?) Republicans are supporting Obama and seemingly trying to take over the Democratic Party from it’s base voters, we see these demands for regimentation.

    If you are a Democrat, why not just let the process go forward as always? If you are a Republican trying to tell us lifelong Democrats what to do, then do what you will.

  83. I’m here for Hillary!

  84. madmong…stop whining….

  85. I am not so sure about bloggers.

    What I am sure of is these Obama demi-god crats seem to cry when some bit of news does not go the way they think it should. They boo hoo over the fact that the media is to blame or Clinton is to blame and pay no attention to the actual negative news becuase it might hurt the little cult they have formed.

    They cry: “Well those are the rules” but will be the first to complain about Puerto Rico getting a say even tho the law (not just DNC rules) says they do.

    I find it quite funny that these so called democrats want to alienate all these groups while at the same time blab on about how Obama will unite everyone.

    This same group of Obama fanatics will be the first to jump and say the election was stolen if Clinton wins and complain about the rules even tho weeks earlier they proclaimed “those are the rules”.

  86. DAMN right!! You preach it, sister. I’m with you all the way. Those MAKE NICERS can kiss my big fat ass–the time to “make nice” was when they were using all the disparaging, misogynistic and hateful language against Clinton, not now.

    I’ll vote for a dead dog before I’ll vote for Obama. And he can thank his shitty little “supporters” for that.

  87. Dear Ben, does this mean you will be rounding up the busses to go vote for Hillary in Oregon in the interest of the “party”?? Just wondering? Since this is all about peace out and all that now right?

    After months of being battered online, driven off even Hillary’s OWN site with the most VILE, repugnant posts…and not one word from any of you oh so dedicated liberal democrats voting Obama against the blatant sexism, forgive me if I find you insincere. Bros before ho’s anyone? I don’t fucking think so. Not this time. Not without merit and not on the wave of sexism he rode in on.

    Four hundred PAID bloggers huh? This is exactly like the abuser showing up with hearts and flowers after he just beat the shit out of you the night before. I won’t make nice…I learned my lesson. Tried that months ago when you all were too busy being sexist pigs and trashing Hillary supporters to care about my legitimate concerns. Too late now. Far, far too late.

  88. sheesh madmong…are you still whining?…get over it already you are embarrassing yourself…again…

  89. That Barack, he is truly delusional, he thinks there were 75,000 people at his rally in Portland today.

  90. According to the AP and city fire officials 75,00 is a pretty accurate number. How many did you count?

  91. That should read “75,000”. Sorry for the mistype,

  92. nezzie watts
    come on you guys to say you would cross over and vote for JOHN MACCAIN is down right crazy.why would you even want george bush back in the chair.i would love to see CLINTON and OBAMA on the ticket together no matter who is on top.mrs.myers iam just ashamed of acting like a big baby.i dont think the media is being sexist.

  93. we all need to join together and take the white house back.

  94. Red tape is slow when it comes to any government agency doing an investgation. I read all these different blogs Sen. Obama this, and Sen. Clinton that. When Sen. Obama the winner, and why Sen. Clinton should step down. I request the Senate Ethic Code manual, 2″x10″x14″ to bring Ethic code charges against both AZ Senators for letting down Veterans in need. As I read the manual, I found that there is a moral cause in the ethic code, so when the news surfased about Sen. Obaba, in April I filed Ethic Charges against Sen. Obama…Did you know that the FBI classifies a person who sets bombs as a terrorst. Did you know that both Lee Harvey Oswald and William Ayers having in common, they are both domestic terrorst, only Ayers is the worst terrorst as he has commited more acts of terrorst that Oswald. Did you know for a Senater to befriend a domestic terrorst is a major ethic violation code. So if the democrates would push for Sen. Clinton to be able to fight to the Democratic Convention, the best democratic candidate can be choosen. OPtherwise democrates will hand Sen. McCain the win, because who would vote for a senator who ends up being censored by the Senate because he has befriendsed a domestic terrorst?

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