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What have we here? Hillary and the Senate War Room?

Do you guys remember the day that Harry Reid pulled that brilliant maneuver that took the Senate into a closed session? Ahh, how the Kossacks cheered Harry on. They *loved* it. Those were the days. Well it turns out that Hillary might have had a hand in shaping that little morale booster. The Hill tells the tale in Clinton was brain behind the War Room.

She was one of the proponents of the Democratic Senate War Room, a rapid response operation that was created in order to counteract the effect of losing several crucial seats in 2004. Of course, the Republicans claim that it just fueled partisanship but damn, what if there hadn’t been one at all? I shudder to think about it. We were getting creamed.

The piece also suggests that Reid isn’t necessarily a Obamaphile.

Stupid Kossacks.

54 Responses

  1. No good deed goes unpunished in the Democratic Party.

  2. I wonder why HRC isn’t highlighting this? Is she fearful that her words will be twisted just like Bosnia?

    This confirms that she’s ready on day one. But we knew that.

  3. Harry Reid’s son was the campaign manager for Hillary in Nevada during the caucuses. I would assume Reid is a Hillary supporter from just that alone. And I read an article somewhere that he really does not like Nancy Pelosi which may explain, once again, whey the dems have not broken any real ground in the past 2 years. Nancy is feared more than admired. Like we really didn’t know that.

  4. Hey, RD,

    Cokie and Steve Roberts wrote an article that says what you said (only you said it better): “Why the Dems Could lose.”


  5. MABlue, on May 15th, 2008 at 10:54 am Said:
    No good deed goes unpunished in the Democratic Party.

    Not if your last name is Clinton.

  6. Hillary’s request for a war room was reported at the time – Tom Daschel responded to Hillary “this is not hand-to-hand combat”.

    Tom lost his senate seat to a total tool. No wonder he endorsed Obama – he is stupid.

  7. Yesterday, I was at Starbucks getting coffee and a scruffy young fellow with a brown Obama T-Shirt was hovering over his computer. I thought, “You look like the kind of mongrel dog I have encountered at daily kos earlier in the campaign.” Unkempt and wet behind the ears. If it’s true that children should be seen and not hear, and if it’s true that the fellow I espied yesterday is a Kossack, then let me suggest that Kossacks should neither be seen nor heard.

  8. I am astonished by the accurate assessment from Steve and Cokie Roberts. They have laid out the most comprehensive reasons why he cannot win and she must be made the nominee. She will clean McCain’s clock both on policy and in any future debate. And I think she is winning over a lot of unhappy Repubs just by her sheer tenacity and toughness alone.

    They will make mincemeat out of Obama just with the “patriot” concerns alone. And if it should become a McCain/Obama matchup his unpreparedness is going to be an issue the DNC will live to regret.

  9. Before the Nevada primary, the word in the media grapevine was that Harry Reid had Nevada “wired” for Hillary..

  10. Biodun: I suspected he was a pro-Clinton when he made those cryptic remarks about how everything will be settled after the priomaries and that Dean, Pelosi and Reid would write letters to the superdelegates, possibly *separate* letters.

  11. riverdaughter: Yep…

  12. DCDemocrat: I am not surprised. Before I exited Kos and HuffPo I noticed that the retorts from the Obama supporters consisted of “nah, nah, nah,nah, nah” responses along with a lot of postings all in CAPS plus a mixture of misspelled words.
    Very few had a grasp of the facts and all ripostes, no matter what the topic, always included references to Bill and the intern.

    Many of these true believers have very little knowledge of anything going on outside of YouTube and Facebook. Their laptops are what gives them power. This is a generation of Ignorance bordering on the land of Stupid.

  13. riverdaughter: BTW, you’re welcome to cross-post at my blog anytime!

  14. @ Pat,

    Once again you’ve captured my thoughts with your carefully crafted writing. (Aside) Pat, are you a writer by trade?

    I love the “generation of Ignorance bordering on the land of Stupid.” Nice.

  15. Pat Johnson: Yep, yep, and yep! I got the hell outta Facebook when I found out I had 1000+ friends–half of whom I don’t even know…

  16. Pat: They can’t formulate a plan to leave their parents’ house, but they are convinced they’re competent to decide who is fit to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  17. Wow, riverdaughter, you’re fast closing in on 500,000.

  18. Perhaps it’s subsided now that most Clinton people have left but as I recall, just before Alegre’s walkout, but previously a fave tactic of some of the Kossacks was to respond to any diary critical of Obama with a long serious of nonsense comments, thus shutting down any conversation before it even got started.

  19. Pat, every generation could fit your description around16-25.

    They are still wide-eyed and inspired, getting ready to take over the world! The warnings of the ‘old people’ will never get through the optimism.

    I was a republican in my younger days – I was so sure people could wake up one day and decide they wouldn’t be poor anymore – you know – they just needed to get jobs… I certainly lived in the land of stupid – AND VOTED!

  20. BTW, gang: Please don’t get me started on the subculture at FireDogLake these days…

  21. Elixir: Thanks, but I am not a writer. Both katiebird and rd are the true wordsmiths for this blog but their postings inspire and allow us to formulate our thoughts without fear. And when I reread the postings from other Confucians I am always amazed at the level of interest, knowledge, intelligence, and their ability to translate their own feelings and sensibilities into communication. This alone illustrates the level of support coming from this blog into the Hillary camp.

    We may be lowbrow but we ain’t dumb! Hillary supporters are just smarter.

  22. Totally OT but I wanted some input, if anyone’s inclined…

    I’ve been a lifelong Dem, donated lots of $ and done small things. After “W”, my involvement has increased each election cycle. But I’m still new to the inner workings of primary season and would love some feedback.

    Q: I was elected a delegate to my county’s convention during my first and only stupid caucus (usually the race was “over” by the time our state rolled around) but, I couldn’t attend at last minute. Somehow, I was changed to an “alternate” and invited to the CO State Convention/Assembly this Sat.

    Should I go or go tell them to F themselves?

    I’m still on the fence about remaining in the Party after all this happy HS. But it’s more at a nat’l level–right? ALL of my $ has gone to HCFP–not a dime to DNC.

    Just if anyone has an opinion–I know/respect many of you have done this, have the T-shirt and know if it’s worth going to. If I can do some good? I’ll do it. But if it’s just a show to solicit donations to state DP, forget it.

    Anyway–thanks guys. Keep the faith!

  23. KoaChick: Go and tell them to “fuck themselves”. Like going t confession, it will cleanse your soul.

  24. That Cokie Roberts article says it all. And, I won’t stand for it. We need to take this to convention.

  25. Pat–you crack me up…

    I’m leaning that way and know they’ll have FAR more delegates than spots b/c the convention’s here in Denver and people want to be a part of HIStory. We’ll see about that.

    BUT–if there was a chance my Clinton support could be hijacked by Pastor Obama’s flock, that was my only hesitation. Still–I’m only an alternate/not sure what help I could be to HRC’s chances.

    In my dreams I’d love to go to the convention and…well…you know, tear Michelle’s eyes out. DREAMS. JOKE–I sometimes speak that way, sweetie

  26. Pat Johnson: “This is a generation of Ignorance bordering on the land of Stupid.”

    Don’t forget that in young males the frontal lobe is not fully formed until about age 25. That’s why the discussion that the death penalty shouldn’t be imposed on young males (if it is ever imposed on anyone). The frontal lobe controls, among other functions, judgment, emotion, and impulse control. I have a feeling there are a lot of unformed frontal lobes out there among the Obama hordes.

  27. Koa: I would go simply to have the opportunity, if this goes to the floor, to rise en masse with other outraged women and walk right out the door while flipping the bird and singing, “I’m Not Ready to Make Nice” and directing the leftover spit in the direction of Donna B!

    (the spitting part with permission of course from katiebird, champion Confucian spitter on this blog)

  28. We need to be very conscious of the fact that they are pushing this unity ticket to distract HRCs supporters into a false sense of safety. We will not support a unity ticket, we will not discuss a unity ticket. We will donate and phonebank for Hillary.

  29. The unity ticket just pisses me off more. Hill is the better candidate, far better. Why should she play second fiddle to this guy simply because he had the better caucus strategy? The nominating process is a circus.

  30. “Pat, every generation could fit your description around16-25.

    They are still wide-eyed and inspired, getting ready to take over the world! The warnings of the ‘old people’ will never get through the optimism.

    I was a republican in my younger days – I was so sure people could wake up one day and decide they wouldn’t be poor anymore – you know – they just needed to get jobs… I certainly lived in the land of stupid – AND VOTED!”

    Heh, the thing is nowadays, “kids” don’t even pretend to care. They weren’t thinking at all. If they are, they are thinking of the next handphone, the next ipod, the next American Idol. I’m quite certain of that because I am one of the “kids” in this “age twenty plus” generation and the younger ones are even worse.

  31. (I apologize for hijacking the thread…I’ll release and thanks to Pat and anyone else with some feedback.)

    As much as I’d love to tell Dems to go unify themselves, I am a HRC alternate (bummed I missed out on keeping my delegate status). I don’t want some half-heart to switch when I know I won’t. I WILL spit and tear eyes.

    I DO want to show my anger, disgust and my unwavering support for Clinton, but it’s still with this party that has told ME to F off, I’m too old/uneducated/a has-been/bitter/replaceable, etc… This is laughable to me b/c I’m in the Prophet’s demo, yet couldn’t produce more bile-filled yak for the man and his surrogates and supporters. The animus I’ve experienced is unbelievable.

    So it’s tempting to show them exactly who I am and what they’re tossing by the wayside IF they continue down this coronation path. Who knows, i might even get more Clinton supporters to turn to The Confluence, not give in to this Unity bullshit and fight all the way to the convention.

    And by the looks of our CO caucus back in Feb. I’m not so sure this is “Obama Country”–our caucus was split 50-50 and the EARLY Obamabots were so wishy-washy in their support…most couldn’t make their minds up with a gun to their head. AND–I bet now, with more Precious Bio/tactics released, most wished they had voted Clinton, esp. given her actions the last few months. Plus, Colorado voted Bush the last 2 elections and we have a huge Latino population that isn’t so keen on Precious. I could see Clinton winning, I could see McCain winning–but no way Obama. i fail to see their confidence on that one. Yeah–he won a CAUCUS–big deal.

    Who cares, anyway–we only have NINE electoral votes. Nothing to get in a lather about and say, “So what about FL & MI & PA & OH–we have CO!!!”

    Argh–I don’t know what to do. Never been to state convention–anyone have stories? Is it worth going or is it a cattle prod approach to politics?

    Anyway–thanks, Pat, and anyone else who has a comment–truly appreciate it as I’m a newbie at this level.

  32. HRC should not play second banana to Obama. When the information about Odinga and Kenya is finally reported to the American people, he will be over.

  33. You have to go. Every Hill delegate needs to be present and accounted for.

  34. Katiebird-

    You’ve crossed the line.

    “Finally, there is a rumor floating around in the escatological side of evangelicalism that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ.”

    To even bring this up is rather ridiculous. Paints evangelicals in a poor light. Jimmy Carter is an evangelical and he said he LOVES Obama.

    Everything is political, you are correct. Hell, Hillary transformed herself into a Baptist preacher and Annie Oakley in one fell swoop after the bitter comment. (ironically, before Obama made the bitter comment, he emphasized how important it was to protect gun rights for those who do hunt in rural areas – that we need to have common sense making gun law. Inner cities may have different restrictions than rural states, etc.)

    The comment above makes evangelicals look as if they are insane. Not all of them are. I doubt your family believes Obama is the anti-christ. And if they do, I’ll pray for them.


  35. To The Left

    Reading comprehension is obviously not your strong suit.

  36. Point taken. I cheated on the SAT and snuck into Notre Dame. They regretted as I ran around the only far-left liberal on the Roman Catholic 90% conservative campus. I’ve been opressed.

    The point is the anti-christ comment is crazy and you stuck in your comment for a specific effect produced, regardless of how it was packaged.

  37. (blinking)

    Oh, really?

  38. Thanks Melanie & Pat–truly appreciate the perspective.

    I’d like to tell them off, but feel I need to represent. It’s only one day–Hell, I can do that. And who knows what influence I can have on people who only watch MSM and are discouraged and willing to throw their support in the name of party unity.

    Blech. OK–unless someone else thinks going is NOT worth it, I think I’ll go. Just to be a solid Hillary supporter. I hate to sound so ignorant but I’ve never done a caucus and certainly never have been a delegate. I just vote, give $, do yard signs, arm twist my neighbors and write letters.

    So here I go.

    Oh, BTW–on the whole Obama Anti-Christ thing…I just found the pictures on this site incredibly funny. It looks to be written by some RW nut but I didn’t read the whole thing.

  39. (shrugging wide-eyed, head quivering, hands extended towards the heavens)

    Pray tell what was the intent? Did you truly intend to educate the masses on some of the misguided ideals of the Religious Right? When you really search within, I think you’d discover different motives – I mean really look under the hood. Not to play arm-chair shrink here. I could be way off and I am not inside your head. Just speculating.

    (how did you put blinking in italics by the way? Nice touch)

  40. K-Bird and KoaChick-

    Alright, I don’t need to be adept at reading comprehension on this one. The anti-christ link – that’s a bit much (sort of funny I guess). You guys are jumping in the sack with the Hannity’s of the world.

    C’mon now.


  41. The Left: *I’m* not claiming that he’s the anti-Christ. I find it completely stupid. But then, I’m not an evengelical who is obsessed with end-time theology. *Thay* think he is the anti-Christ. They seriously believe it.

  42. (shaking head with brow furrowed, longing to type action in italics)

    Great. Here comes the tag-team of riverdaughter and katiebird. I’m dead.

    RD – You’re probably right, but I would think there are alot more candidates out there for the Anti-Christ. I could see maybe believing that Obama is the Anti-Christ’s herald or little helper or valet, but the Anti-Christ himself, that’s a stretch. Hillary against the Anti-Christ – sounds like a South Park episode.

  43. I’m sorry, The Left — I didn’t mean to laugh (in fact I deleted it)

    Do you know how to do HTML formatting? The simple ones work. Just put the code between the < & the > signs.

    I’ve tried to do samples but they don’t take.

  44. The Left: Hey, it’s not my crazy idea. I’m merely reporting it. I don’t give a flying f^&* about end time stuff. But this is their current belief. According to some evangelicals, Obama is the anti-Christ and he’s going to get us into some kind of trouble with Israel. There are *SIGNS*! There are more of them than at any other time. The rapture index must be pegging 11. It’s ridiculous. But don’t blame it on me.

  45. Let me try to show you how to embed a link. I doubt this will work because I can’t find the esc character.
    \ text_to_link_to \

  46. Ok that didn’t work.
    Kbird, in the sentence below, replace the gt with > and lt with <.
    lta href=”url_of_page_to_link.com”gt text_you_want_to_highlight lt/agt

  47. Thanks RD and KB for the help – I’ll try it out after my boss leaves me alone. Y’all arent’ so bad. That’s why I have a link on my site to “The Confluence”.

    But I am frustrated because my right-wing partner and some independent nut keep defending Hil on my own site. If this goes down to the convention floor, I am going to Denver. I’ll try to sneak in with my Daley connections. Maybe I’ll see some of you there.


    Again – i’ll try the HTML tricks and the link advice.


  48. ? riverdaughter,

    I know, I do it all the time here’s how I do it:

    < a href=”” >Confluence< /a >

    Then I go back and past in the URL between the quotes (It keeps me from getting lost in all the code)

    < a href=”https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com” >Confluence< /a >

  49. Take out the spaces 🙂

  50. The Left-
    I’m not saying Obamatante is the Anti-Christ…I don’t even believe in such a ridiculous thing. Seriously–if someone doesn’t do the works of God, the Devil is going to punish him? I’d think the Devil would celebrate. It doesn’t make any sense.

    Anyway–I was merely pointing out the ridiculousness of the pictures OBAMA himself is distributing in KY and how HE is in bed with the likes of Hannity. The similarities (sans narritive) are striking.

    Me? I couldn’t give a toss WHAT spiritual beliefs a candidate holds PRIVATELY. But I’d rather they be just that–private. If they pray? Great. If they chant? Super.

    But this overt attempt to claim he’s some kind of uber-Christian should be insulting to anyone who takes the Christian faith seriously. I mean, look at those stupid pictures! He’s actually at the altar, looking down on us peons! Isn’t he supposed to be in a pew? Oh, right–he wasn’t there that day…

    And any Christian worth his salt wouldn’t treat another as viciously and disrespectfully as he and his surrogates have against Clinton and her supporters.

    Christian my ass…every passing day he does NOTHING to disprove my initial assessment that he’s basically a liberal version of “W” but with better English and less work experience.

  51. I think you may be right about Reid. I saw him on the tube the other day and he was great! They kept hammering him with “aren’t you worried about the party crumbling” stuff and he kept saying “not at all.” It will be fine, etc.” He was cool as a cucumber.

    What would be the best way for us to let Hillary know that there are many of us who don’t want her to be VP? Or does she have hordes of people scouring blogs for opinion info?

  52. KoaChick, hope I’m not too late with this. You have to go to the Convention, even as an alternate.

    When we had our local caucus and then Convention, many of the Hillary delegates didn’t show up. This was partly because the Obamaites controlled the process and didn’t let them know they had to show up and on which day (the day was switched from what was given in our literature). Anyway, in that case Alternates were crucial, because they could have taken the place of the no-shows and given Hillary a bigger margin. But they didn’t show because they weren’t notified… yes, corruption, Obama’s people? NO! Get me to the fainting couch.

    So please go, you never know, you might be in the thick of things!

  53. I’ll see y’all at the convention. I might bring a right-winger with me so that we can unite and pounce on. That will bring us together. He also has alot of money and when he gets hammered likes to buy everyone shots. Might be a good guy to hang out with as well.

    See you in Denver

  54. i agree!

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