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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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Thursday:Anything less than 2209 is Affirmative Action for the Token Male

Yes, I expect those words to get a lot of negative attention but hear me out. Feminists have used that term for years when it applies to men. Society is set up to reward men simply for having a Y chromosome. They don’t have to do anything special. They just take it for granted that they will rise to the top, paths will be cleared, obstacles removed. Isn’t that what the whole Angry White Male, Rush Limbaugh phenomenon is all about? Men resenting the fact that now they have to compete with women and “feminazis”? Their slice of the pie just got smaller. Suddenly, their future prospects are not so rosy. But let’s not fool ourselves. There is still a huge affirmative action program out there for men and far fewer breaks for women in the workplace and society at large. He can get profit from and get away with far more things than she can.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: if it weren’t for the fact that Barack Obama is the token male in this primary race, it is hard to see how he and Hillary Clinton would be sharing the same stage. Her CV is much thicker than his and her command of the qualifications for what it takes to be president far exceeds his. Their debate performances highlight how unevenly they are matched. Her presentation is detailed and fluid; his is sketchy, long winded and unfocussed. At the end of this long campaign season, she has seemingly boundless energy and is all but unflappable; he is showing fatigue and calls professional women “sweetie”. Yet, here they are, together. She is forced to share a stage with a male who is competing for the same position and it is a wonder to the rest of us how he ever got this far.

And this is where the Affirmative Action part comes in. Because the bar has been lowered for Obama. As a consequence (or perhaps by intent) of the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the DNC Barack Obama only has to reach 2025 delegates to snag the nomination. But Hillary Clinton has to reach 2209. Yep, let that sink in for a second. Despite all of the big and swing states she has earned, despite the fact that she’s still winning strong, the path to *her* nomination depends on Michigan and Florida while these two requirements have been conveniently waived for Barack Obama. With the “all or nothing” narrative of the “pledged delegate count trumps all”, none of her delegates count without all 50 states; all of his count with 48.

Now, the Obama supporters and Donna Brazile can scream about RULZ until the cows come home but this is the naked truth that the whole country can see- he is being given a 2.3 million voter break. It’s like a test score that we have lowered just for him. Not only does he not have to win any crucial states but he can get away with fewer of them and it has been this way the entire primary season where his campaign has been able to use this inequity to its advantage, conditioning the public to believe that she is behind him.

Enough is enough. Let’s call it what it is and let the DNC know that you will be watching on May 31 when the Rules and Bylaws Committee meets. Are they going to set the Obama Affirmative Action Program in stone and carry out one of the most flagrant abuses in power since the US Supreme Court ruled on Bush v. Gore? Or are they going to honor the wishes of 2.3 million voters and make the nomination a merit based system? One decision gives the better candidate a fighting chance, the other signals to society at large that this kind of behavior is ok and women are acceptable targets. What’s it going to be?

The whole world is watching.

One more thing: I served 3 years on my local school board before I resigned (too many committments). One thing I learned about politicians is that no matter how dug in their heels are, they are vulnerable to public pressure. The more noise you make, the more likely they are to yield. The problem is that this hs to be done face to face where they can see the anger and frustration. If they are out of earshot, it doesn’t work. You have to patiently and persistently get in their faces and make them listen and there is power in numbers. I can’t tell you hpw many times I saw the board start the evening with a perfectly good plan, like charging $18/month for courtesy bussing and after a couple hundred very vocal spoiled yuppie parrents have spoken, see them cave completely so that bussing is free for everyone with no distance standards. We just have to figure out a way of doing it. Email might work, phone calls might be better, in-person argumentation is best.

One more thing thing: So last night Dukakis endorsed Obama, eh? That makes Kennedy, Kerry, Edwards, Dukakis, Carter. See a pattern here? It starts with an “L”.

This song goes out to all of the tough women who aren’t backing down:


88 Responses

  1. Good Morning RD!

  2. So, this morning, the lead AP article is about a rep in IN, Ellsworth, who now claims that he voted for BO even though his SD vote is pledged to Hillary.

    Boy, they are really pulling out all the stops to push her out of the primary.

  3. Bonjour, myiq2xu. Cafe au lait? Croissant?

  4. Don’t you think that the Edwards’ endorsement and the release of his delgates to Obama is so that Obama can claim victory on May 20th with 2025 and then on the 31st agree to seat FL and MI when it no longer matters?

    Or am I acting like a conspiracy nut? Or am I acting like a woman that has seen the “boys” cheating to win for my whole life?

  5. kenoshaMarge: Timing is everything in politics. Karl Rove learned this and exploited it to great advantage. But the right meme can swing the voters to Hillary. There’s still 5 days left. If by Monday there are enough voices objecting, he’ll be forced to back off.

  6. Jeebus, y’all are almost over 500k hits. It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago you passed 100k.

    Unfortunately those are page hits, not bong hits.

  7. Pass it around, myiq, don’t hog it.
    Yeah, we’re getting up there. I keep wondering when wordpress will start asking for money.

  8. I’m not so angry at Obama himself as I am at his misogynistic followers. [I’m male, BTW] A horde of the little stormtroopers came over to Shakesville and left their droppings the other day, and THAT is what pushed me off the fence to support Hillary.

    Melissa calls the misogynistic “progressives” by the name “fauxgressives”. As it stands, the only tool we have to punish the fauxgressives is to withhold votes from their Precious Guru. The fauxgressives must learn that misogyny has painful consequences, or they will keep doing it.

  9. Good morning Riverdaughter!

    Your positive words have brought me back to my center again. You’re wonderful, do you know that? And good morning all you Conflucians!

    I just listened to Hillary’s interview with Katie Couric, and once again she was dignified, mature, and unfailingly polite to her opponent. She makes him look like a child.

    I do think all these endorsements have been ochestrated to make it look like everyone is in Obama’s corner and Hillary should just quit now. But she knows that too, and I trust her to make the right decisions.

    The problem for Obama and the powers that be who are trying to make him the nominee, is that he’s getting suppport from party “leaders,” but not voters. How inconvenient! And next week in KY, we’ll see a repeat of what happened in WV.

    Isn’t it amazing that this woman who has been reviled and disrespected by her own colleagues and by people whom she has helped greatly in the past is still standing? And that she is not angry or whiny like her opponent, but unfailingly dignified and courteous to those who have disrespected her?

    This morning, I’m very proud of Hillary Clinton. Last night I gave her $50.00 that I don’t have. And I’ll keep doing it as long as she keeps standing up for us.

  10. Riverdaughter,

    If WordPress asks you for money, just let us know. I will pay to keep The Confluence going and I’m sure many others will too.

  11. BB: we haven’t reached that stage yet and as long as it’s free or cheap, I’d rather keep it that way. No one will own us.

  12. Good Morning Riverdaughter (also I have a question for you after my comment)

    (nodding) It’s insulting to him really, that the DNC didn’t think he could get the nomination if Florida and Michigan particpated — even at half strength.

    I remember arguing with people at Ezra Klein’s blog about it in February.

    Saying that (I thought) if Obama really was a winner, he should be able to absorb the hit. That he’d look like a statesman and STRONG if he came out for seating the delegations — especially the full delegations.

    And that’s when I first heard The RULZ mentioned like they were The BIBLE. In all the years I’ve worked on Presidential campaigns, I’ve never heard The RULZ elevated in this manner.

    But I guess the DNC knew AND Obama knew AND his OFBs knew what we didn’t — Obama can’t win without the exclusion of FL & MI — and Obama winning is the most important thing.

    Also, I think his CV is empty — it’s like the CV of a 27 year old. Am I missing something? Because I don’t see ANY accomplishments. And (this isn’t snark) has he ever held a full time job?

  13. The Democrats are idiots. Does anyone, but me notice that Obama keeps losing? He just lost WV by 40 percent. If the roles were reversed and a woman was losing so badly, the media would attack.

    Also the Dems say the way to win is the gender gap. YOu think they would jump on the ship of a popular woman candidate who is winning big! but no they get NARAL to endorse Obama. That’s not going to help Obama win women. That pissed me off more!

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    (P.S. riverdaughter I adore you!)

  14. Hi Florence,

    I’ve noticed that THEY don’t talk about the Eleven Primaries in a Row any more. I guess ’cause it would remind us of Obama’s string of losses.

    There is something very suspicious about this.

  15. Katiebird,

    What happened yesterday really is a haka, as RD has described it many times. First they roll out the NARAL endorsement, then just in time for the evening news, we hear Edwards, and last night on Larry King (almost unnoticed), Mike Dukakis endorses Barry.

    And why is this happening right now? Because they are scared. Hillary’s win in WV is huge. It’s very important, and it scared them bigtime.

    If the Democrats are really this desperate to prevent a woman from being their candidate, if they honestly would rather lose in November than have Hillary as their nominee, then I’m even more determined in my support of Hillary and my decision to leave the party behind.

  16. Riverdaughter, you may find that you’ll need to buy more bandwidth soon. Ask for contributions if you need them. Anybody who thinks they could buy your silence or support I’m sure would be very disappointed anyway.

  17. Bostonboomer,

    I’m with you! If the Precious one wins the nomination, then I’m registering as an Independent! I will be looking for a party that treats women and working class voters well.

    In the meantime, I’m going to keep fighting for Hillary–making calls, writing letters to the editor, writing SDs.

    Here’s my letter I sent the NY Times, Post, and USToday:

    Dear Editor:

    Okay, I’m going to state the obvious. Obama keeps losing. He hasn’t had a blue or swing state win since Feb. Whereas Hillary has won Ohio, Texas, Penn, Indiana, and now West Virginia. And she won West Virginia by 40 percent.

    Why are the Democrats propping up such a loser? Wise up Dems! Obama is a sinking stock. Sure he’s ahead in delegate count, but the count is bogus. Urban areas get more delegates than rural area and to top it off we have caucuses.

    It’s time for Democrats to just admit that Hillary is more electable and join her, instead of fighting her.

    Thank you for letting me share.

  18. The bar has been lowered–outrageously so. It seems all Obama has to do is win OR and somehow all his fatal GE problems go away while Clinton has proved–without any doubt–that she’s, by far, the strongest GE candidate and supers are still flocking to Obama.

    I’m at a loss for words. The Democratic Party is throwing the election.

  19. I’m kinda speechless about it all at this point. That is why I hang out here, you guys continue to say what I feel.

  20. It looks like Hillary might be making some money off of yesterday’s endorsements — I’ve read nearly a dozen comments (here and at other blogs) where people are sending her money to keep fighting.

    Dukakis? — That’s just perfect.

  21. WOw! Obama currently has a great bunch of losers endorsing him.

  22. Someone at TalkLeft asked, “How many guys are needed to take down the girl?” Answer: A WHOLE BUNCH and it still hasn’t happened.

    I think some of the Obamas really do believe — in their heart of hearts — that the only thing between Obama and “unity” is that the stupid b**ch won’t quit. And when they start to doubt this “truth,” they ask another white guy from their inner circle, and he confirms it. (Note that women like E. Edwards just say no.) It’s pretty sad, actually. Sad for them, sad for the country because their magic bubble won’t win them the general election when there’s a REAL adversary.

    And it’s completely true for me that Obama is GWB incarnate. And I’d rather vote for Flat Cat than GWB incarnate.

    And you’re right. The scale has been pressed for Obama. And pressed. ….And pressed. The DNC moved the convention so the nomination speech would fall on MLK I Have a Dream day. Of course, Obama, aka MLK incarnate, has to give that nomination speech. It will be cute, very inspiring too, and make everyone vote for the Democrat! God forbid that a non-MLK is the nominee (sarcasm).

    The best thing about an Obama loss will be the firing of Howard Dean….(saying that as an ex-Deaniac.)

    Just morning venting. Ah, I feel much better. I hope everyone is having a good day.

  23. Teresa: Don’t take this the wrong way but what did you ever see in Dean? He just never did it for me.

  24. Remember when the story was that Hillary needed to win OH/TX? Then, it was she’ll be the nominee if she wins PA whiched morphed into she has to win it to remain viable. Then the tie breaker was IN. She won everywhere they said she had to and AFTER all that, she is declared the loser and Obama the winner.

    Dems really don’t want to win the White House. That much is clear. Don’t the congress critters realize that Obama is going to drag them down too? What is their motivation? Is it money?

  25. I think they should re-do Michigan for August 5th or keep the current results (which means no votes for Obama since he didn’t even compete there) – Florida too if Obama wants to go there. As for the rules, revotes are allowed under the precious rulz and the June 10th deadline can be changed to accomodate voter enfranchisement.

  26. Has Dewey come out to endorse Obama yet?

  27. 1.6 million registered Democrats eligible to vote in Kentucky, a closed primary.


    PA had 52% turnout and WV had 50% turnout, I think (could be higher). I don’t know the exact turnout percentages in IN and NC but it also had record turnout.

  28. Honora,

    They still have two more losers waiting in the wings–Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. Am I missing anyone? Those two will probably endorse Obama over the weekend to try to influence Kentucky voters.

  29. Carter has all but endorsed the unity pony. Gore could be a biggy. But he wasn’t a loser.

  30. Gore will endorse Obama, I’m certain of it. I just don’t know when (before or after KY).

  31. Trying to pull that male white vote again and putting Edwards yes tokens the word, I am thinking it doesn’t get better than Edwards 7 percent he pulled in WVA, the white males I know have walked on Obama, funny they all have degrees and lots of money blah balh, I not sure I understand why now, but they are anti Obama. But something’s is going on to for Obama to be rushing this so clumsily and offensively declaring Mission Accomplished before he wins using a fake number hysterical on its face, my guess they know Donna Brazile is going loose come May 31 also that Clinton will have the vote. But really could also be stage craft to threaten the Party by inflaming AA’s if the faux nomination is then taken rightly by the winner. Every thing about Axelrod has been done is to exploit race grievance so … Edwards never had any use for him still don’t., I’m off to check out McCain he’s in town this morning wonder if I’ll know anyone, lol.

  32. Mondale is still good. He worked hard for Hillary in Iowa. Gore has been a good party elder this entire primary (as in staying officially neutral), but that could change in the next few weeks.

  33. I think some of the Obamas really do believe — in their heart of hearts — that the only thing between Obama and “unity” is that the stupid b**ch won’t quit.

    Oh, I’ve heard plenty of variations on this. esp from guy friends of mine.. they just want it to be over, they just want to unify the party, et blah blah blah, and.. that’s really wonderful that they want to do that and are so dedicated to unity, on the terms that they get exactly what they want and I give up. If that’s their idea of unity then it’s a good plan to fight it til the last dog dies..

    If they really cared about unity I think a better way to have achieved it would have been not behaving like jerks throughout the entire campaign. Not that all Obama folks do, but there’s a very loud subset that just don’t hesitate to take cheap shots, call names, etc., and then of course there’s the behavior of Mr. “You’re Likable Enough.”

  34. Just heard Tom Harkin on C-Span going on about the RULZ, blah, blah, blah. But he did say something interesting. Michigan is the outlier here. He doesn’t think they should be able to determine the result of the election because they broke the rules but some accomodation would have to be made for them but not to determine the result (wtf? Isn’t that the purpose of voting in the first place? To determine the result? Does it matter if you first or last? )
    BUT Florida, he says, is a differenct matter. Slightly different. He said something to the effect that Florida would not have a redo and that a solution would be found to seat them and then he mumbled something. This tells me two things.: They are determined to not let either of these two states actually count for much or “determine the outcome” and they are on much slippier ground when it comes to Florida. I have a feeling that Florida is going to be seated as is. That leaves Michigan. The best thing we cn hope for there is a redo. And, yes, it will determine the outcome. If they had taken care of this sooner, maybe it wouldn’t have. But there you go. Donna and Dean have FUBAR’d this to death.

  35. RD, paragraphs 3 and 4 are brilliant! It’s like they’re saying Hillary has to get a perfect score on her SATs and Precious can scoot by with 10% less.

  36. I think that Obama is campaigning in MI points to a possible re-do. He says it’s for the GE, but I think it’s covering butt, just in case.

  37. Its not about winning the white male vote. That ship has sailed.

    No, this is about voter suppression. Plain and simple. Hillary’s plan, since late Feb has been to win the popular vote and take that, along with wins in the important states, to the super-ds. Nothing has changed except for the fact that Hillary has the chance to win the popular vote excluding MI. FL numbers are valid, but MI is tricky. If Hill wins the popular vote without counting MI, Obama and the Party look foolish for preventing revotes.

    This is all to lower turnout numbers and progressive blogosphere 2.0 should start bringing this issue up. We need more public relations and Hillary can’t make this charge. Disenfranchisement AND voter suppression. From the Democratic Party!

  38. Good morning Conflucians!
    How many of you received Edwards begging letter last night asking for donations to his scholarship fund???
    Apparently, (at least in my rural, white, working class, female opinion) the DNC bought Edwards. The price? The data base with all our lovely e-mail addresses on it.
    I blogged about it last night, but it would be better if a talented writer with large readership (hint hint folks) could do it. My reply to Edwards is good for your soul (I gave him a lsit of Obama friends and suggested he ask them for money)
    Sun is out here, garden needs attention.
    Have a wonderful day!
    oh- ps I heard there is a protest going on the day the rules committee meets- anybody have any details on that?

  39. The Democratic party can go to hell. I’m seething mad.

    I just wrote my congressman, Patrick Murphy, (the Iraq war vet) who is a shill for Obama. Obama gave him 18,826 reasons to endorse him. My county, Bucks, most of his region, went 63-37for Hillary. My state, PA, went for Hillary.

    I told Murphy that according to data I have seen she is more electable. She will win PA, Fla, W Va, and Ohio, and BO won’t. If BO is nominated and he loses, I’m holding him (Murphy) responsible because he should have known and used BAD JUDGEMENT in supporting him.

    Anyway, I’m registering Independent and writing the DNC too about what assholes they are for supporting this empty suit.

  40. I have been working in the field lately and I talk to all kinds of people as part of the job. The Obama campaign simply does not have any idea the depth of the problem they have with men. When Pres Clinton was called a racist there was confusion to a lot of these guys and they sort of blew it off. But when it continued and then the press joined in, the anger started and it has only gotten worse. When the Clintons’ are called racists and white trash, these men ask themselves “What does that make me? David Duke or Snuffy Smith” Then the Obama supporters go out of their way to do just that.

    Calling working white and Latino men racist is not a winning strategy. This bunch holds grudges. They also do not like the ungentlemanly behavior of Obama and followers toward Hillary and her supporters. The men I have talked to in the past 3 months are farmers, ranchers, truck drivers, every kind of service employee from tire changers to exterminators to tool pushers and engineers. A large number of these guys mentioned Obama’s rudeness to women. It is not just how he treats Hillary but also his grandmother and how his minister talked about the Clintons.

    Many of these guys have an old fashioned chivalry and see Obama as rude because he has trouble competing with Hillary. They also consider him a poor sport. One guy said he was the sort who would not shake hands after loosing at anything. I found their attitudes and observations very interesting.

  41. RD: Translation of Harkins’ comments: We’re going to make sure that the MI votes don’t give Hillary the victory.

    They’re putting the surrogates on tv already to try and make it look as though the insiders haven’t already decided the election instead of the voters. What we need to watch for now is how Wolfson and McAuliffe handle this from Hillary’s side. IMO, they need to keep harping on popular vote and swing state results.

  42. @Sarah: Come November, if Obama’s the nominee, each and every superdelegate will be held accountable for selling out the Democratic Party during an election year that was ours for the taking. The GOP will use that to label the party as beyond corrupt, which is true.

  43. The story as reported by nearly everyone (from my own observation I would except Fox News) is Completely Backwards.

    Looking at Hillary’s winning streak and the State’s she’s won from the beginning — the question should be, Why Won’t that Supid Guy Quit? And the REAL question?

    Where is he getting his money? Seriously. Look at the question from riverdaughter’s Affirmative Action perspective. Would any other candidate in his position still be in the race?

    Ok, maybe that’s harsh — he does have a lot of delegates.

    But, would he still be raising SO MUCH money he can apparently fund nearly every Democratic Campaign in the country?

    What IS behind that? What’s driving that? He is not drawing new voters to his campaign, but money (check) | male endorsements (check) AND (by the way) Where are the Women?

  44. rd: If you have to pay for this site I am more than willing to contirbute. We need The Confluence!

  45. Anyone else catch the charming repetition from John Edwards of how there was “only one man” who could do the job and unify the party and blah blah blah?

    How tone deaf can you get? Why didn’t they tell us the party was just looking for the one man all along?

  46. They better let Michigan vote and affect the outcome. Since when do we have to “accomodate” a state instead of letting its voters decide who they want?

  47. Also?

    I think voters understand that this campaign doesn’t make sense. Where IS Obama — No Debates. What’s he afraid of.

    And — Why does this guy they never heard of before this year have so much power?

  48. Katiebird,

    How do we know that Obama is still raising big money from small donors? When is the last time we heard a specific amount he has raised in a month or week, etc.? My guess is his donations have dropped off a lot.

  49. Davidson- IMO they should all be held accountable and I intend to hold them accountable here in Maryland when I vote for all non-Democrats this November. I can not get Pelosi’s ear , but my congressman and two senators can. My governor can call the stupid Prince George’s County Exec., who said that he supported Hillary, was named a Clinton delegate and then a week later announced that he had seen the light and changed his vote.

  50. Good Morning Everyone!
    Does anyone know why the DNC didn’t penalize New Hampshire and South Carolina for having primaries before Feb. 5th? I googled it and read some articles that where written at the time and they basically stated the DNC would not dare to disenfrancise them.

  51. Those were the same words I used in a post over at the HUFFPO about a month ago and needless to say, they deleted not only that comment, but all the comments I made over there for the last 3 months!

  52. Honora: Prince George’s County Exec., who said that he supported Hillary, was named a Clinton delegate and then a week later announced that he had seen the light and changed his vote.

    Honora — Jack Johnson is term-limited in PG, so no ‘wealth-building’ opportunities if he doesn’t switch. This is his second switch — he only went to Hillary when she was flying high in the fall. Why he was trusted as a delegate is a mystery to me — everyone knows that he’s a bit shady. He only narrowly won his re-election.

  53. I’d be interested in seeing your source for thee difference between the delegate count required for Obama to win the nomination, and the delegate count required for Hillary to win the nomination. On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to make any sense – if the delegates count, then they count. If they don’t, then they don’t. It’s kind of a sideshow, anyway. Barring some kind of disaster, it is extremely unlikely that Hillary can catch Obama under either metric.

    I also find it highly amusing that part of your argument is that there is excitement about Obama because he is black, and that he wouldn’t be where he was if he were white. Well, I think that’s obvious. It’s probably safe to say that if Hillary Clinton was not a women, she could not have been married to the most successful democratic president of the past 30-40 years, and it is unlikely that she would have become Junior Senator from a state which she didn’t even live in prior to deciding to run for Senate.

    It is also probably safe to say that you wouldn’t still be strongly supporting Hillary Clinton were she not a woman.

    I should note that I think Hillary has the right to stay in the race as long as she wants. She’s earned it.

  54. Obama apologizes to MI reporter for “Sweetie” comment. He calls “people” “sweetie” a lot, he says.http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24643711/
    If he called one of those bitter, gun-toting, religious nutters male steel workers in PA “sweetie,” no wonder they wouldn’t vote him. That might work with Andrew Sullivan…

    I am sick of Obama. I sent Hillary more love today.
    That is amazing about SC and NH. I didn’t know they did anything wrong.

    The governor of MI has told Howard Dean she and her delegates will be seated at the convention. Good for her.

  55. “Urban areas get more delegates than rural area and to top it off we have caucuses.”

    And, even more to the point, Obama is poised to “win” the nomination (and LOSE the general election) with gerrymandered African American congressional districts, which favor him in the primary and cost the Democrats in the general. (The AA districts skew heavily Democratic, but, given “white flight” from the inner cities, the surrounding congressional districts, where Reagan Democrats live, are more conservative.)

    It’s fitting that Obama was preening and strutting around Michigan yesterday. The DNC is poised to turn the Democratic Party into another Detroit.

  56. Fact – Obama has never raised big money from small donors. He has stated things such as more of are donors give small donations, but that’s not the same thing. Most of his money comes from large donations and bundlers – someone explain how that’s different from a PAC, they just happen to be a minority of donors. Nothing to brag about really.

  57. Fred: Clinton is the strongest candidate in the race; Obama is not even in her league. To dismiss her and shame her voters by saying they’re voting on the basis of gender reveals your misogyny. Why is it so impossible for you to realize that the best candidate for president might just be…a woman?

    What women are reacting to on this site is the open anti-female intolerance and hatred. There’s no legitimate excuse for choosing Obama over Clinton–especially considering that Obama will lose in a landslide come November while Clinton is a strong bet to win–so it makes the misogyny that much more obvious.

  58. Also: does anyone honestly think Bill would’ve become president if it were not for Hillary?

  59. Hillary’s strength through all of this has been amazing. It’s hyperbole, but it’s like she’s a sacrificial lamb to be cast on the altar of misogyny; calm, collected, sharp as hell, ready to be and do what she has to for women.

    Like I said, hyperbole. But I know if I were in her position I’d be, well like Obama. Showing it bad and running with my tail between my legs, and begging anyone around me to save me.

    Anyway, I don’t think there is any way she can give in. There’s too much riding on this. If they force her to give in before the Convention too many women will be murderously angry. Their little party will go down in flames. They HAVE to let her take it all the way, and let the chips fall. Only when she holds up her head, tells us the voters and delegates have spoken, can any healing start. And it can’t start early, it can’t start with premature ejac… err pronouncements from the Obama team, with half-assed endorsements by other possessors of dangly bits (Edwards once I loved you, you cad). It has to go all the way, to the ‘bitter’ end or the glorious beginning.

  60. John Edwards’ & NARAL’s endorsements at this juncture speak well for neither Edwards nor NARAL.

    Earth to Obama: did you not know that this would deeply offend all the people you really don’t need to keep on offending, sweetie?

  61. “It is also probably safe to say that you wouldn’t still be strongly supporting Hillary Clinton were she not a woman.”

    You’re dead wrong.

  62. Fred,

    Boooorrrrrinnnngggggg! We’ve heard all the arguments before. You’re wasting your time. Go on over to Obama’s website and contribute. He’s not getting my vote or my money, that’s for sure.

  63. Davidson
    Bill would have never made it without her unwavering support.

  64. Couple of things,

    @HLR – you nailed it. I was wondering why MI for Obama’s November start? He knows their going to do a redo there and is trying desperately to have a good showing. THIS makes sense. He’s scared.

    As RD said the whole NARAL, Edwards stuff yesterday is a ratcheting up of the “WWTSBQ?” machine to 12. It’s humming so loud right now I can hardly hear my fingers tapping on the keyboard. “Get out, get out Hillary”

    As Tom Harkin alluded to, Florida will be seated as is, MI will have a redo, Hillary will eat Obama for breakfast in KY and PR, she’ll come very close possibly taking him on in OR….all of this being too scary for the BO camp. They have 5 days to push her out before BO’s “mission accomplished” speech.

    One thing doesn’t make sense. If they need Edwards for the “hillbilly” vote why didn’t they bring him on earlier? They certainly could have used him in PA and WV…hmmm. Maybe BO and JE couldn’t finalize the terms of their agreement in time. I suspect Barry was holding out on an issue and after WV he said f#%@ it, John, you can have it just help me.
    What a party.

  65. “Also: does anyone honestly think Bill would’ve become president if it were not for Hillary?”

    That’s brilliant Davidson. I honestly never thought of that before but of course it’s true. She has ALWAYS lent him a good deal of gravitas. Without her beside/behind (whatever) since 1969 or whenever, he would have come across as too much of a good ole boy to be taken so seriously.

    I think Bill would be the first to agree with you. He has always been so gracious and admirable in his public demeanor and words about his wife (i know i know, not so much in his private demeanor, but that IS private).

  66. Chimera,

    Don’t forget Iowa and Nevada. They moved their primary dates up against the rooolz too.

  67. BB asks a good question, what are Barry’s $ numbers right now? Is he raising a lot of green?

  68. “Fred: Clinton is the strongest candidate in the race; Obama is not even in her league. To dismiss her and shame her voters by saying they’re voting on the basis of gender reveals your misogyny. Why is it so impossible for you to realize that the best candidate for president might just be…a woman?”

    If Hillary is the strongest candidate, why is she losing? If the answer is misogyny, then why is she a strong bet to win in November? Is the general electorate less misogynistic than the voters in the Democratic primary?

    Note, too, the context of my argument. I mean to say that counterfactuals on the basis of identity are ridiculous, on either side. It may be the case that Obama wouldn’t be in the race still if he were not a black male. If he were, say, a black female, or a white male, it is possible that he wouldn’t be a serious candidate. It may also be the case that Hillary Clinton would not be in the position she is in, if she were say, a white male. But those aren’t strikes against either candidate. If say, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, or Bill Richardson (who all, by the way, have MUCH more experience than Hillary), were white females or black males, it may be that they would be frontrunners in the democratic primary. But this is a stupid argument to have.

    And for the record, yes, Bill could have become president if it were not for Hillary.

  69. As Bostonboomer said, I’m probably wasting my time engaging fellow democrats with dialogue and argument. Carry on.

  70. “But this is a stupid argument to have”

    why yes, yes it is. So why dont you stop having it with yourself?

  71. I think I’m correct in stating that not only MI, FL, SC & NH moved up their primaries, but also Iowa. Can anyone verify?

    I was especially angry with Donna Brazile Tuesday night because she kept repeating that out of 50 states, 48 complied with the rules. As I understand it, that is a blatant lie, since 5 states broke The Rulz.

    She kept saying FL & MI must be penalized, or it wouldn’t be fair to the other 48. Wolfson battled her on the stupidity of this reasoning, which I agree is the most important point, but no one challenged Brazile on the accuracy of her statement.

  72. Fred, “Sweetie,” this site may not be a good fit for you. If you can’t fix your tone, I’ll send you to the spam filter for a time-out.

  73. River, hang in there. They are about to do to you what they did to Geraldine. Anytime a woman brings up the unfair preferential treatment that the DNC and others give Obama for his gender it becomes a race issue.

    But we have your back. Plus at a certain time you (us) get immune from it.

  74. The token male — Oh my, this made me laugh. How they will clutch their pearls and how their heads will explode over such heresy! Everything about Clinton is a joke… where’s your sense of humor, sweetie?! But to dare to say such things about The Chosen One? The one the corporate media and party establishment has **told us** will be our beloved leader? (Even though all those people keep voting for the other person… how DARE they?)

    I agree, it is about the timing. They need to orchestrate supportive drama for the MSNBC annointed one, to disguise how weak and fractured his position is. The pressure is actually starting to amuse me, because the more they pull out the heavy-handed endorsements, the more desparate they look. “Hey, look over here… over heeeeere…. pleeeease!”

    I’m astonished and impressed that Senator Clinton will not back down. I see my more story more and more: I was not originally a Clinton supporter, and I am a working class progressive that felt that both Clinton and Obama were the same creature, representing the centrist and establishment wing of the Dem party. But as time went on, and the party establishment and corporate media I distrust so deeply (I thought we all did!) went a relentless quest to push Obama and I was increasingly turned off. Obama seemed to be revealed as all about Obama, all about himself and his campaign as phenom, while I wanted someone to work on our crumbling public education system, our shameful disgrace of a “health care” system, the job market. Everything I hear the Obama fans throw at Clinton as a criticism, I see in him, which only underscores the hypocrisy and turns me off further. It seems to me that Clinton is the one addressing the actual issues. Obama is addressing his image.

    I will not support Obama. His campaign is ugly and self-absorbed and his followers come off as trendy and superficial, chasing the latest fashion. I don’t need a presidential candidate who makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I don’t need to fulfill my emotional needs with politicians. I want someone who will square his/her shoulders and get to work.

    Honestly, I can just picture the first few months of an Obama presidency. Corpoate media fawning 24/7 and endless Obama preening. Self-congratulatory emptiness. In the meantime, I can only afford the “catastrophic” heath coverage at work and I can’t afford to take the time off to go to the urban center where the specialists for my “health care plan” are based to get a pelvic ultrasound. But, Michelle Obama understands… it’s SO hard to juggle camp and piano lessons these days.

    Feh. Keep standing, Senator Clinton. You’ve got more guts than your entire party.

  75. Well, Fred, that’s not what Bill says . . . he has always credited Hillary for his success.

    Plus you keep saying that she is losing. Where have you been since February? Oh, right hanging in North Carolina or a Texas caucus. If you look up a bit, you will see her storming through some of our biggest swing states turning out huge numbers of voters. Oh and doing so with less money, a hostile press, and crooked refs.

  76. Cdalygo: Thanks for the support but you have to remember that I cut my teeth in blogging at DailyKos. There’s very little they can say to me that’s going to get my knickers in a twist or make me shut up. I was born this way.

  77. I’m happy to see so many positive posts about Hillary’s chances as I have lost all optimism about her being the nominee. That’s not what I want – I want to vote for her in November, and I have put my money and time into trying to make that happen for her and for all of us. But right now, I just don’t see how it’s going to happen with so many SDs hopping onto the Obama bandwagon. The better she does, the more they commit to Obama and desert her. She gets punished for winning primaries. John Edwards’ endorsement just sickened me, and I’m sure Gore and all the others will follow suit soon.

    So, what are we to do when the establishment is fully prepared to cheat her out of the nomination by disenfranchising FL and MI, or reenfranchising only after they have crowned Obama? I feel pretty hopeless and helpless. You don’t have to register in my state (GA), so I can’t reregister as an independent. I have written angry emails to the DNC and told them they won’t get any of my money until FL and MI are resolved fairly. I’ve unsubscribed to moveon.org, declined Edwards invitation to donate to his cause, and my husband and I have maxed out our donations to Hillary.

    I think the only way to show them that we won’t stand for it is to vote for McCain this fall. McCain is clearly courting us now as he moves to the center on certain issues (global warming, immigration). I’ve voted a straight democratic ticket since I was old enough to vote (I’m 40 now). It pains me to think I may (probably will) have to vote for McCain, but he seems the lesser of the two evils.

    This is so depressing. Hillary is amazing, and I know she will work her heart out to convince her supporters to vote for BO this fall, but I just don’t think I have the stomach for it.

  78. This is just bizarre.

    Clinton win leads to Obama boost

    Hillary Clinton’s decisive win in West Virginia caused John Edwards to throw his support to Barack Obama, the Illinois senator’s aides said.

    Edwards was concerned that the Clinton storyline — that Obama can’t win white, working-class voters — was becoming too damaging to Obama and the party, aides said.

    Obama had been courting Edwards for four months. Since Edwards abandoned his presidential bid in January, he and Obama have talked regularly, Obama said.

    As late as Monday, Edward’s told CNN’s Larry King that he wasn’t prepared to make an endorsement.

    “What I don’t want to do is contribute to the divide,” he said. “At least for this moment, I think the reasonable thing for me to do is let voters make their decision.”

    But Clinton’s crushing win in West Virginia on Tuesday highlighted Obama’s weakness with working-class white voters, a segment of the electorate that may prove pivotal in November.

    So, the more Clinton proves her electability, the faster we have to strangle her and boost Obama? Somebody tell me I’m dreaming!

  79. I don’t agree with everything Larry Johnson says. But this is something that I think we should all keep in mind.

    Hillary needs to stay in the campaign till the end because by the time August rolls around the damage to Barack will be so significant that rational folks will realize he is unelectable notwithstanding the mess Republicans have made of things.

    My advice? Patience. Let Barack have his codpiece, “Mission Accomplished” moment. Like George Bush, he will rue his strutting and preening and declaring premature victory. Reality will intrude.

    Obama has been making more and more embarrassing mistakes, e.g, talking about 57 states and the latest, saying we need Arabic translators in Afghanistan where they don’t speak Arabic. A putative nominee losing a primary by 40+ percentage points is unprecedented. August is a long time away. A lot of water will go under the bridge before the convention. I’m really angry right now–smoldering with rage actually. But I can wait.

  80. MABlue,

    That makes sense–not! Working class people are voting for Hillary because they know she’ll stand up for them. They trust her. So now the guy who couldn’t win over these voters is telling them to trust Obama instead? Apparently these Democratic “leaders” think working class voters are stupid. We already know they aren’t stupid, or they wouldn’t be voting for Hillary even though the party elders keep screeching about how she can’t win.

  81. At the risk of going off topic:

    What if Obama “wins” the nomination, and then the Corporate Holodeck Media CONTINUE to fellate him the way they have been doing, PLUS actually turn on their old buddy McCain, and start pointing out his advanced age and questionable health?

    That will indicate that the fix is in–WALL STREET WILL HAVE SWITCHED PARTIES. Just maybe enough members of our misruling class have awakened to the facts that:

    [1] The GOP (or as I like to call it, the Elephascist Party), outside of its hard core of true believers, has become somewhat less popular than syphilis.

    [2] For many years now, the economy has performed better under Democratic administrations than Elephascist ones (compare both Bushes with Big Dog).

    [3] The GOP has become alarmingly theocratic. The neo-Puritans want more than lip service these days.

    If Obama is the elite’s man, what will they want from him? A possible, chilling answer comes from Obama’s repetition, at times, of right-wing talking points about “reform” of Social Security–code for “turning it over to the Wall Street jackals”.
    No GOP President could abolish Social Security as we know it; only a “Democratic” President could do that. With Obama, they have the advantage that you CAN’T criticize him when he kills Social Security, because that would make you a “RACIST”.

    Obama seems to be cultivating a strategy of winning with a coalition of AAs [the masters would need someone who could claim one major ethnic group by virtue of belonging to it], “creative class” members, and gullible youngsters, with just enough women and working-class folks to round it out. However, women and WC folks will end up getting short shrift, including the AAs and youngsters who fit one or both of the shorted categories.

    Obama, as Wall Street’s puppet, may be charged with the task of keeping the working class down while purging the Democratic Party of its last remnants of populism, turning it into the Neo-Libertarian Party, under whose rule you’d be free to smoke pot and have sex with consenting farm animals–none of that spoilsport church stuff–but if you get sick or injured or just can’t find work, fuck you, hop in the truck to the Soylent Green factory while the creative class lives on the high floors like in “METROPOLIS”.

    Whaddaya think?

  82. the CNN headlines on my Google screen when I started up the internet: “Clinton win leads to Obama boost”.

  83. ivorybillwoodpecker, I absolutely agree:
    Obama, as Wall Street’s puppet, may be charged with the task of keeping the working class down while purging the Democratic Party of its last remnants of populism, turning it into the Neo-Libertarian Party, under whose rule you’d be free to smoke pot and have sex with consenting farm animals–none of that spoilsport church stuff–but if you get sick or injured or just can’t find work, fuck you, hop in the truck to the Soylent Green factory while the creative class lives on the high floors like in “METROPOLIS”.

    Except for one thing. I think the creative class isn’t going to be as financially secure as they think, either. The real divide in this country is between wages vs. capital. Don’t the creative class types mostly live on wages?

    Aren’t wages sort of so last century now?

  84. MABlue, I missed your comment (I was so mad when I saw that CNN headline I only read about half before I said, I have GOT to say this)…isn’t it revolting?

  85. ivorybilledwoodpecker – that’s the only scenario I’ve read that rationalizes the crazymaking behavior of the DNC, the SDs and the MSM.

    Florida and Michigan jumped the gun?
    But they didn’t vote first. Iowa and New Hampshire did, just like always.

    Obama has won more states?
    In the states where Primaries have acted as a “quality control” mechanism for the caucuses, it’s apparent that his stellar wins were not-so-much.

    Hilary’s wins immediately followed by the howling winds of WWTSBQ?
    How many ways can the BigBoys say “Da Fix is In!”

    The one thing I know about bullies is, they only win if the target quits. Thank you, Hillary, for standing up to the biggest pack of bullies imaginable. (Actually, if this was a movie or play, it would be soundly panned as beyond imagination!)

  86. Edwards did it for me…I am now registering as an Independent. Hay, what do you think will happen if the women in the Democratic party stop giving them money, organizing to get out the vote, and spend our time and money on real causes? We thought the Dems were for us, hah, just because they didn’t call us “femanazis.” The funniest part of it is that they don’t even recognize their own misogyny.

  87. ivorybilledwoodpecker:
    This scenario is one that I’ve suspected for awhile, but could never articulate it as well as you did here.

    Ever since I saw the line-up of Republican candidates I started to think “these guys can’t be serious” about keeping the WH.

    And then along comes Obama, virtually selected by the msw corporate propaganda machine, and given a free pass thru most of the primaries. He’s another version of GWB isn’t he? A front man who can give a good speech but otherwise doesn’t have much of an agenda of his own (but can crib from others like HRC or JE when necessary).

    I know the conventional wisdom is that the msw picks Obama as a weak candidate that McCain can defeat, but what if what you argued is in fact the case, that wall street/corporate interests just want another front man after seeing how badly the R’s have screwed things up.

    Scary thought, no?

  88. I am so disappointed in Edwards.

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