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The ONLY viable unity ticket is Hillary on top

I am reposting this from a few days ago because there seems to be a concerted effort to push this meme. There are polls that show that Democrats are in favor of a unity ticket and Hillry as VP. But until I see the way that poll was conducted, I am going to assume that the converse was never proposed. So I am proposing it. Here is the only viable joint ticket:

1.) Propose a joint ticket with Clinton on top, Obama as VP. She’s earned the top spot by capturing all of the big states and swing states. He is much more acceptable as a VP than she is. She is more qualified and experienced. You can’t afford to lose her supporters no matter how much you try to talk yourselves out of it, The AA community will come around because Barry can get experience in the executive branch, which he desperately needs, and run as her successor in 2016. They just want to see him get there. Why not do it in stages?
2.) Get the Rules and bylaws committee to waive the penalty on FL and MI so that Clinton gets the delegates she needs. You’re going to have to do this anyway. Ok, have Obama do this at a sunlit tableau surrounded by grateful Floridians and Wolverines. Just get on with it already.
3.) Negotiate the deal before the end of the primary season and before anyone hits the magic number, which is illegitimate without Florida and Michigan. If you wait until someone hits it, the possibility of getting the ticket you need starts to approach a limit of minus infinity.
4.) Fire Howard Dean and Donna Brazile ASAP.

It has often been said that voters vote for the person at the top of the ticket. The chances of the Dems winning in Nov. are increased by putting Hillary on top. Now, it could be that the party would rather lose than give her the top spot. Fine. But don’t propose something we will never accept what would essentially be a lateral career move- Hillary as VP. it’s a complete non-starter and she’d be a fool to accept it. She’s not a fool so she won’t accept.

46 Responses

  1. Please say no Hillary. You will get all of the blame if he loses and none of the credit if he wins. Plus, the media bashing will continue. Let them sink or swim alone.

  2. I’m voting for Hillary for President. I will NEVER vote for. And until I find out more information about how a man with the resume of a 27 year old got this close to the presidency, I not vote for any other Democrat.

    riverdaughter, your list is just a start to the clean-sweep that has to happen.

  3. Well done, we need to stop this crap right now. It’s just another diversion to get her off the stage.

    Phonebank for OR and KY, give money and talk it up. Hillary’s our next president.

  4. I agree, Elixir, even those of us who hate phoning should aim for 5 a day or something sort of painless. I’ve just got to stop playing Scarlett O’Hara though. For me, there’s always tomorrow. And that doesn’t help anyone.

  5. Holy Hemiola! We’re about 600 hits from breaking 500K!

  6. I want her to win and to fight all the way until the issue’s decided, but I wouldn’t want her or her supporters to rule out the VP slot if she doesn’t win. I don’t agree that it would be a lateral move for her. Frankly being part of an administration that can actually do something about our problems is way more influential than being part of the world’s greatest talk shop. I’m not all that sure that our other sitting 98 senators would think it’s a “lateral” move for exactly that reason. If she doesn’t win, I’d love to see her on the ticket, but first things first cuz it ain’t over yet.

  7. I am so relieved to see that Pelosi, Biden, Kerry and virtually every other Democratic leader has come out to blast Bush because Bush had the audacity to say something mean about Obama in Israel. When no one ever supported Hillary, I was afraid that the Democratic Party had lost their collective vocal cords.

  8. And so does Honora!

  9. scottreads: Sorry, it would be a complete setback for women. It sends the message that no matter how good you are or more qualified, you have to settle for second. that would be an image that many of us would not want to see for all the world. Much better that she declined and kept her dignity intact as a former presidential candidate. No honor lost there.
    And no, I don’t think putting a woman in the VP is going to help Obama with us.
    Sorry, Obama and the party bought this on themselves.

  10. Yeah, so sorry, there will be no “unity” ticket with Obama at the top. However, there may be a JOINT ticket. But to call it the “Unity” ticket is about as descriptive as “clear skies,” “healthy forests” and all of the other cynical terms to describe something that isn’t. If it were a unity ticket, I could vote for it, however I can’t vote for the Obama/Clinton ticket. After what we’ve all been exposed to, I could call it the “travesty” ticket.

    Honora: Yes, I agree. Would that the same voices felt outraged about how the media has been treating Clinton. However, karma is a beotch, and someday, they will be the victims of the the same crap they loved to see when it applied to Clinton. And I will laugh.

  11. I agree Honora. Don’t anyone say a bad word about Obama the precious chosen one.

    I saw this headline from the Chicago Sun-Times today:

    “Can’t Hillary Take a Hint? Time to let go”

    Damn. Can’t the media take a hint? The VOTERS want Hillary to stay in it and win it. They disgust me, every last one of them.

  12. Scott, if she runs as VP she won’t be part of any administration save McCain appointing her.

    RD, you are spot on. If Dem’s want to win, it’s Hill or bust.

  13. Melanie: That’s the problem. It seems like there are people in the know at different sites who think the goal of the party is to purge the Clinton and FDR Democrats. I understand Anglachel’s arguments about the two wings being at odds with one another but I still don’t get the animosity directed at Clinton. Is it the party machine they object to? Because that might have been instrumental to her wins in the bigger states but, dayum, she’s frickin’ earned that support by now. Sometimes, they actually pick a good one.
    But how successful will the Deaniacs be in forcing us out?

  14. Do you think that Hillary would take the VP, if Obama did offer it to her?

  15. People vote for the President—not the Vice President. If Hillary was the V.P. on a ticket with Obama, I still wouldn’t vote for him.
    NOW, if she’d cross the aisle and be McCain’s V.P, they’d wipe the floor with Obama. The map would bleed red on election night. Ahh, it’s nice to fantasize.

  16. Is there an addiction to losing thing going on? Because the Clinton’s were part of the McGovern campaign. Did they have a falling out with Gary Hart (McGovern’s Campaign manager) —

    Since she’s so clearly earned their support (and respect) and isn’t getting it (at all) there must be something going on in the background that we can’t see.

    This whole election year doesn’t make any sense.

    I’m not wasting a minute thinking about the VP slot — Ever since the Cheek Scratching thing, I haven’t thought Obama could contain himself. And yesterday with the “Sweetie” thing reinforced that idea.

    Hillary will get the nomination. And Barack will implode.

  17. Well, if it is the machine, then they should know they are trading off the so-called Clinton machine for the Chicago machine.

  18. 4. Fire Howard Dean and Donna Brazile NOW!. In addition please take the Blackberry away from Donna.

  19. katie, I wish I had your faith. I think they’ll give it to Obama no matter what. That would produce two results they seem to want: 1) get rid of the Clintons before another one of them accomplishes something that they couldn’t and 2) lose in November so they won’t be held accountable for the worse mess that Iraq will become and for the economy headed for disaster. I’m convince they don’t want to win. If by some chance they did, at least they’ve rid themselves of those awful Clintons.

  20. Well said, what the tabloid punditry Obama and his cronies Edwards and Richardson fear are Women specifically White Women as we are 41 percent of the electorate and are the true king and queen makers if we combine and drop the wedgies that tether us to Party’s. In 2004 55 percent voted Republican and 45 percent voted Dem. Obama, Kennedy and Dean are trying for every other group but us, arrogantly thinking we will come when called by using the NARAL hysteria around choice as a reason to rally shows how out of touch they are..

  21. OT but sometime in the next hour or two this blog is going over 500,000 page hits.

    Not too shabby for a start-up that’s only a few months old!

    Props to Riverdaughter, Katiebird, Bostonboomer and the rest of the exiles!

  22. Well, there are only 2 ways for Barack to win:

    1 — Keep Florida and Michigan out of the convention.
    ** If they do this the country will explode in outrage. It is inconceivable that Barack can win by denying 2.x million voters representation at the convention.

    But that’s the only way he successfully gets the nomination unless

    2 — He successfully suppresses the vote in the remaining states in such a way that either Hillary’s supporters stay home and Barack wins OR the popular vote in the states is low enough that they can claim it doesn’t matter.
    ** If like West Virginia there is record turnout and anywhere near landslide wins for Hillary? Barack is in deep trouble.

    WWTSBQ? Why should she. I spit on the Vice Presidency. That’s just Big Tent Democrats dumb plan.

  23. It looks like it could roll over any minute!

  24. And RonK myiq2xu.

  25. katie, if the media didn’t hate Hillary and all things Clinton, I have no doubt BTD would be a Hillary supporter. I sort of think he’s rooting for her anyway just to stick it to the blogs and the media. He certainly admires her fighting spirit.

  26. We are over 500,000 now.

    RD, I told you back in February that you would be successful at this. Congratulations to all of you.

  27. If it is me, do I get a life-time subscription!!!

  28. And a Great Big Hip-Hip-Hooray! To riverdaughter. Compared to tabbycat, I’m a newcomer but, I love it here. I’m so thrilled to be a part of Confluence.

    Thank you, riverdaughter — very, very much!


  29. OK, that’s just plain weird. The counter said, 500,015 and now it’s back under 499,977 ??


  30. Yeah! We did it! 500K. Let’s wait til tonight to celebrate,. Gary just posted again and he needs the spotlight.

  31. katie, BTD has been doing WWTSBQ v 2.0 for a while now. He’s already admitted that his Obama more electable argument is no longer valid. He’s given no reason why he thinks Hillary won’t win (she’s received more popular votes!). he just assumes she lost, which is WWTSBQ v 2.0.

  32. I agree about BTD: He assumes that it’s impossible or beyond unrealistic for Clinton to be the nominee. He replies with, “Unity now!” or “Don’t you want to win in November?” I responded that I did, which is exactly why Clinton had to be the nominee.

    And what’s with all this blind faith–denial!–that Obama can improve magically by the time the GE rolls around? Every other item is what Obama needs to do to win and I keep thinking, “Clinton already does that!” and “Obama can’t win that demographic!”

  33. (nodding) ggmartinez, I know. I read a thread where he opened up about that in the comments.

    But, he picked himself right up and started pushing this VP thing (almost like he’d scared himself)

    My view has been pretty constant about this since before I settled on any candidates — Obama is unelectable. Since the Super Delegates have the swing votes, it’s very possible he could squeeze out the nomination.

    But we learned yesterday that even pledged delegates can change allegiance — so The Bad Stuff (which people keep hinting but I don’t know what it is — I’m not on any crack-pot-mailing lists if I give you my email would you send me some hints?) comes out then who knows — maybe HIS pledged delegates will melt away.

    Look back at everything that’s happened since February 1st. That’s about how much time we have until the convention.

    Think about that.

  34. Exactly, Davidson. Obama peaked in February. Damn it, give us the stronger candidate. Did you read Cokie Roberts peice? Does anyone know how I can email her?

    What does this “WWTSBQ v 2.0.” mean?

  35. Our motto should be Anything Can Happen At The Convention. No matter how many superdelegates Obama gets I think that we should be pushing the idea that anything can happen at the convention. Make them take the vote. Who knows what will happen. If no one gets 2209 then it becomes a free for all with delegates who may have buyers remorse changing their votes for the second/third/etc round.

    We must make it to the convention.

  36. Right on, Lisa. This goes to convention.

  37. Melanie, WWTSBQ v 2.0 means:

    When Will That Stupid Bitch Quit volume 2

  38. Hillary really needs a VP who will be willing to work. As Katiebird has pointed out, there’s not much to indicate that Precious would fit that bill. He’s likely to be another Quayle. (At least Obama knows how to spell “potato” — but someone really should tell him how to pronounce and spell “Massachusetts.” Sorry, is that too mean?)

  39. Not really, jules. She could handle the job just fine with a baked potato as her VP.

  40. WooHoo……………….Wilk talk radio here in Scranton, PA is going wild this afternoon. Host Steve Corbett has had it with being called a racist for supporting Hillary Clinton and has stated he will not vote for Obama. The lines are going crazy with calls from people in NE PA who feel the same way. They will not vote for Obama and will vote for McCain if they have to to stop him. The mementum is starting against the Democratic Party. Keep it going all over the USA

  41. Good one, Melanie. You’re absolutely right!

  42. Slightly off topic–y’all check out the “Pocket Guide to the Obamaniac Behavior Cycle” over on No Quarter. 🙂

  43. Damn right, riverdaughter.

    Hillary on top is the only democratic ticket I’m voting for, and I mean that.

  44. Girls on top! Woohoo!! 😉

  45. More importantly, however, is a number the Obama campaign and many media outlets haven’t discussed: Clinton has now won the popular vote in 195 US Congressional Districts. That number is important because of the relative equality of each congressional district. This number is important because too date Barack Obama has only won the popular vote in 187 congressional districts. If you include Florida & Michigan’s 2.3 million voters who showed up in record numbers on Election Day despite being disenfranchised, the congressional district victories look like this:

    Clinton – 227 Congressional Districts
    Obama – 195 Congress…

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