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How can you tell if you’re an elitist?

Sarah posted this link in the comments. I just had to share this from the article entitled Obama’s Numbers are Tanking, by “Mr. Politics”:

Here’s how you can tell if you’re elitist.

If you believe that people will come around even though they are telling you they won’t, you just might be an elitist.

If you believe you know better than the people themselves as to why they don’t vote for you, you just might be an elitist.

If you think using terms like “typical white people” are perfectly fine and you don’t have enough respect to keep your own grandmother out of the national discourse, then you just might be an elitist.

If you think being an elitist has anything to do with money, you just might be an elitist.

If you think that personal associations aren’t important to voters, you just might be an elitist.

If you think that associating with political fixers and unrepentant terrorists makes for a good presidential candidate, you just might be an elitist.

If you think wearing your own country’s lapel pin isn’t a symbol of patriotism, you just might be an elitist.

If you believe that the only possible reason people don’t vote for you is because of racial attributes, you just might be an elitist.

If you don’t see how you anger voters when you tell them what they are going to do, you just might be an elitist.

If you believe you can carry red states with the help of a segment of the population that has always been on your side in previous elections, you just might be an elitist.

If you think delegate counts mean squat in the general election, you just might be an elitist.

If your opponent within your own party is beating you in swing states, yet you believe you are the stronger candidate in November, you just might be an elitist.

If you think insulting your own party’s only two term Presidential administration of the last 40 years is a way to unite the people, you just might be an elitist.

If you think blaming your own party for the Iraq war is a smart political move against the Republicans, you just might be an elitist.

If you think calling voters illiterate and racist won’t be used by your November opponent, you just might be an elitist.

If you think people can’t make the connection between Black Liberation Theology and the fact that this is about the liberation from the evil white people and you still wonder why white people won’t vote for this candidate, you just might be an elitist.

If you only look at delegate count and not the popular vote or how the Electoral College will shape up in November for getting a win, you are probably best friends with John Kerry.

Is there any way we could get this posted at DNC headquarters? How about in the U.S. Senate? How can we get Mr. Politics to send it to Steve Corbett for his Operation Turndown campaign?

88 Responses

  1. Charles,

    While I was driving home this evening, I remembered something I wrote in a comment somewhere about 3-4 months ago. I said that I was so sick of Barack Obama that I wished he would go away somewhere and never come back. And that was months ago! Honestly, the sight of his face, the sound of his voice is so grating to me now, it’s almost as bad as seeing or hearing George W. Bush. Obama is even making Bush-like mistakes with language (57 states? Arabic translators in Afghanistan?). I can’t take it anymore. And he hasn’t even been nominated yet.

  2. If you assume there is something wrong with people that don’t vote for you, you just might be an elitist.

    If you expect people to trust you based on slogans like “Change” and “hope” instead of a resume, you just might be an elitist.

  3. If you think you can get away with calling women “sweetie,” you are probably an elitist in addition to being a sexist jerk.

  4. boston,
    Me too. The stuttering and stumbling off the cuff speaking really reminds me of Bush. Calling reporters sweetie grates on my nerves too. I really just want him to fall off the radar screen. If he’s the nominee he’ll at least be off the radar after the first Tuesday in Nov. when McCain wins the election.

    Anyway, Larry Johnson says that the GOP has an October surprise ready for Obama. It’s Michelle in the pulpit of TUCC talking about how she hates white people. He’s toast.

  5. If you don’t remember that George Bush was the biggest “Change agent” of our lifetime, you are probably an elitist.

  6. Ga6th, if that’s true, I’ll bet they don’t wait until Oct. They’ll do it before the Super D’s officially hand this over to Obama. They can kill two birds with one stone that way. Make him even more unelectable and piss off more Clinton supporters by letting him have the nomination anyway. Early August maybe?

  7. Yes, very early on, lets say after the 2004 Democratic convention, I got the George Bush reaction towards Obama. Every time he’s on I turn the channel. If elected, historians will refer to the Bush – Obama years. They both have very similar ideas of the Presidency from what I can see.

  8. Here it is, credit goes to CB too in another post for alerting us:

    Michelle Obama rails against “whitey” at Wright’s church – GOP has video?


    Notice the quotations around “whitey.” Could she have really said that about white people?

  9. WS,

    I get a little bit uncomfortable with some of the stuff that Larry Johnson says. We have no way of knowing that it is true. But even if it is, what I would really like to see is more information being spread about Obama’s positions on issues.

    The fact is he isn’t a “progressive” or a liberal at all. He’s a libertarian and based on his plans to centralize all the fund-raising and organizing of Democratic action groups, he’s an authoritarian as well. I find him frightening, not because of these side issues, but because of who he really is and what he seems to believe. I wish that kind of information would get out into the public domain.

  10. Charles,

    You heard that too? I hope it’s not true, but it wouldn’t be that surprising, I suppose. Well the Obamas should get it out there then, before someone else does.

    Of course, if you’re an elitist, and he is, you probably think no one will care.

  11. boston,
    Obama won’t get out in front of it. He didn’t get out in front of Wright did he? He just let that one hang for weeks before he finally made a statement on it.

  12. I thought those some of those descriptions were a pretty good definition of a “user”. Someone who uses or attempts to use people as though they were inanimate objects.

  13. Sorry to go off topic, but just to send out this sticky note before I forget:

    We all support ole’ Hillary and will forever hold fast
    ‘Coz in competence, every way she’s unsurpassed
    So pull out a spare ten dollars
    And pick up the phone, all ye callers
    Because tomorrow’s the day of the Friday Fast


    (sorry for butchering the meter – I trust y’all are forgiving folk)

  14. Henry Dubb:

    Obama and Bush have similar ideas about the presidency? Are you serious? Nah..you’ve got to be kidding…

    As far as elitism…don’t even know where to begin with that one. Could write a whole book ’bout it…*g*

  15. Is tomorrow the day we give our food money? Dang, I have in-laws coming from out of town and we are eating at a restaurant. I’ll match my meal money to Hillary though.

  16. Woah! Will Obama have to give a presser to denounce and divorce his wife? That would be awkward.

  17. riverdaughter:

    Now that would be n interesting scenario, wouldn’t it… This has been truly a bizarre election cycle, in more ways than one. I think the fact that for the first time in history, you have a woman and a black man in serious contention for the prez–has thrown Americans for a loop. For the first time, race is being discussed openly, as is gender…

  18. What is going on with the video you guys are talking about? I was out for awhile.

  19. 400 Bloggers? Have you seen the FOX story? I’d like to see the original story?

  20. Biodun: Race isn’t being discussed as an issue. It’s being used as a weapon.
    Know what? I think your unity efforts are wasted here. No, seriously. Before we can unify, we’ve got to identify and correct the people who divided us and caused mischief in the first place. I don’t think Obama supporters get it yet. But *this* you might get: people who make Conflucians uncomfortable are free to go elsewhere. And we will assist them in seeking other blogging opportunities.

  21. If you worry about the price of arugula at Whole Foods and your wife wears Jimmy Choo pumps, well my friend, you might be an elitist.

  22. I’m definitely a food elitist then…

    RD – got red highlights in my hair tonight – you inspired me….

  23. JerseyGirl: Ooo, can’t wait to see it. But red is a pain in the ass to maintain. The pigment must be some big honkin’ porphyrin that is too large to stay in the hair shaft.

  24. Others have alluded to this before: I honestly think Biodun is a paid troll to pretend to sweeten up Clinton supporters but you can spot them a mile away since they can’t help but expose themselves (e.g., attacking Clinton in another thread as a corporate Democrat while pretending Obama is grassroots without mentioning he’s backed by the DC and media establishment).

    Ignore him/her.

    Somewhat O/T: Does anyone have the contact info of superdelegates? Four more bastards sold us out today to join the Political Suicide Brigade.

  25. Darned Nintendo DSL. I think I just lost a perfectly good entry.

    Anyway what is it with all these ”true democrat” trolls lately? I want to bet you I was a Dem. before many of them even had any pubes.

  26. The fact is he isn’t a “progressive” or a liberal at all. He’s a libertarian and based on his plans to centralize all the fund-raising and organizing of Democratic action groups, he’s an authoritarian as well.


  27. RD – She said to get it “toned” again if it fades too soon. It looks good – but I’m doing double-takes as I walk by the mirror – it’s much darker. I like it.

    Maybe I’m a hair elitist too?

  28. Davidson: And of the four who defected, I think we can assume that there was boucoups bucks involved. jim McDermott has a huge legal bill to pay off (around a million bucks) due to some John Boehner nuisance lawsuit over something that happened 10 years ago. I’m going to assume the others had similary fundraising issues and seeing the money is just soooooo tempting.

  29. riverdaughter:

    I think you’re forgetting that i already have my very own successful progressive political blog: http://www.bioduniginla.com…where I cross-post the stuff the stuff that I do for BBC News website: check it out..technorati and others love my stuff…

    Paid troll? LOL!!! Don’t need that sh*t…my hands are full enough as it is…

  30. JG5555: Some things are worth the high maintenance.

  31. You are an elitist if you “whine” about having to pay over $10,000 a year for your kids to take horseback riding lessons, dance lessons, costumes, gymnastics, etc., while sitting with a group of women who are probably getting by on $50,000 or less annual income and whose biggest worry is putting shoes on their kids feet.

  32. Biodun – no comments on any of your blog articles? Are you trying to drum up some business?

  33. That’s me – the high maintenance one… Was it preference by L’Oreal “but I’m worth it”????

  34. Biodun: I checked out your blog earlier. Very impressive. But if you’re so busy, you probably don’t have time to promote Obama anywhere else. We aren’t interested in switching here.

  35. Yeah with Andie McDowell. She still looks great.

  36. Davidson: Some have links. I e-mailed two uncommitted Oregon SDs today to urge them to endorse Hillary.


  37. If you call women “sweetie” to connect with working class white guys, you might be an elitist and your probably pretty dumb.

  38. If you think no one will hold you accountable for your constituents living in rat-infested slums with no heat in the dead of winter while you move into a million dollar mansion that the slumlord helped you purchase, you just might be an elitist.

  39. JG5555:


    Nope: I get comments on the BBC website—i have so many posts a day on my own blog..that i’m not sure people have time to read it all…my blog is a mixture of news analysis and bulletins—i do get privaate mail however..and through blog stats, i know CNN and MSNBC pick stuff from my blog—

    I have the advantage in this: since I sync with London Time, I lead on Breaking News that happen while people in the US are still sleeping, so when they wake up, my blog already has the scoop…so media folk in the US go to my blog first to see what’s happening…

  40. Obama will just call her a “typical black person” and throw yet another constituency under the bus — his immediate family.

  41. riverdaughter:

    you really think i want you to switch? Nah–just interested in healthy debate. I know I will never change minds here. But maybe I can get people thinking a little bit…*g*

  42. and riverdaughter:

    i really like your blog…kinda refreshing. Mean it. Congrats…

  43. mystic4hill, and if you’re a successful elitist, you just might get away with it.

  44. Biodun, I think you are one of Obama’s 400.

    There is no reason on God’s green earth to nominate a man who peaked in WI. No VP is going to prop him up. He’s unelectable. He’s going to lose enough women, jewish, white working class, latino and asian voters to get creamed in a GE. This Party has the duty to nominate a winner. Hillary is the only one.

  45. I found L’Oreal was a bit pricey (yeah, I’m cheap) so I switched to Garnisse. Easier on the wallet and lots of shades. Seems to be pretty gentle on my lovely locks.

    Anywho, what’s up with this?!


    After OR and KY, Obama is planning a three day campaign visit to FL to start the healing?!!! What the fuck is going on??!!! What do they know that we don’t!! Oh, the hubris. Do you think there’s a potential FL redo in the near future and Barry wants to mend bridges? I’m so confused.

    PS, I’m convinced that haircolor seeps into your brain and diminishes your congnitive skills. At least that’s my story.

  46. Do any of these Obamabots have any idea why they are voting for him? Do they think they know this guy? They don’t.

    Also, rumor out there (I sound like Anthony Pelicano now) that Bob Novak appeared on some Fox show and admitted that he knew of some damaging information that the Clinton camp is holding on Obama but that they are not yet disposed to disclose it because they will get hammered for it in the end. According to what he said, it is damaging enough to cost him the campaign and his reputation. Not sure if this is the same information Larry Johnson is talking about.

  47. Biodun – go to some blogs that interest you

    There are plenty of blogs you can visit

    we’re not interested

    ignore him everyone

  48. Larry Johnson at No Quarter says the Obama campaign has hired trolls to come make nice so they can get our votes now .

  49. Ruh roh. Looks like Michelle will be joining grandma and Rev. Wright under the bus. Getting crowded under there!

  50. @RD: The supers will have their asses rightfully handed to them come November. If the nomination is stolen from Clinton, the GOP and the media will make sure everyone knows the supers sold us out for a landslide loss during a year that should have been a cakewalk for us.

    @elixir: He can’t claim the nomination without MI/FL. And the hell he has any chance in FL so I don’t know what he’s up to. Seriously, even if Jesus was his VP, FL would pass on The One.

  51. Melanie:
    am truly of two minds about all that…i might identify with Obama since, without going into details, I look like him, a product of two races..I just don’t know…white mother who is Jewish, black father…

  52. sarah:

    so you want an echo chamber? anyone who disagrees with you should be banned? That’s what happened at Firedoglake. I hate to see that happen here…

  53. Does Obama think everyone has a memory of about 5 minutes? First that Church Flier — like anyone wants to hear about his church? How could there be a benefit to that?

    And now visits to Michigan and Florida while he’s still negotiating to keep them out of the convention?

    I wonder who he’s got lined up to endorse him in Florida?

    This is almost impossible.

  54. Riverdaughter: I don’t think trolls should ever be fed.

  55. elixor…that’s interesting. He might need to get his butt to PR to keep that popular vote loss down.

    It would just figure that they’ll decide to do a re-do when Hillary doesn’t have the money for it. It sure would be interesting.

  56. let him go people……………………………………….

  57. Sarah: I don’t think the trolls are nice at all. I think they’re downright annoying.

  58. me too…………………………

  59. Biodun, despite your personal feelings, the last time a Dem won a GE with less than like high 60’s among Jewish voters, was Woodrow Wilson. Obama’s polling around 50% among these voters re: McCain.

  60. Okie doke, I’ll stop feeding him. 🙂

  61. @ Davidson,

    I know he can’t get the nom w/out FL/MI but how can he justify going there w/out addressing that issue? Again, do they know something we don’t?!

    BTW, Hillary will be on the conference call for the activate phonebankers tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. Here’s the info for dialing in to hear HRC.

    To join the call just dial 1-888-373-5705 at 7 PM Eastern Time and enter the pass code 904132 when prompted.

  62. The troll was on the other thread too.

    Question is he paid to come here and make nice? Remember these ” reasonable” Obamabots trashed Hillary, called her a liar, called her a racist, made sexist remarks, etc…why engage them in conversation?

  63. Please stop feeding me–then I’ll starve and you’ll have that on your conscience..just another poor fella with no food to eat…/big snark…

  64. not picking on you Melanie, just reminding -these people are insidious

  65. Have a nice evening, folks..see ya tomorrow—you won’t get rid of me that easily..

    riverdaughter has the option of banning me though..after all, it’s her blog…*g*

  66. elixir, he’s trying to salvage his anemic poll numbers there. Won’t work. He’ll still lose Florida and Ohio, and I think PA in a GE.

  67. We won’t get rid of Biodun too easily. Prolly one of BO’s 400.

  68. Over at No Quarter – Johnson says Obama has paid over 400 bloggers to waste our time.

    Roaches-an infestation – ignore them – talk around them – insidious bastards.

  69. Ah, riverdaughter has the power — if it must be done, it will….

  70. Has anyone seen the original of the 400 story?

  71. Well if Corbett’s radio show movement grows, and if the women at HCFP keep going, there will be a HUGE grassroots movement to Stop Obama – and it can’t happen soon enough.

    PA will be lost to him – and that’s good.

    When you have longtime loyal Dems leaving the party – like me – you know that campaign is rotten to the core.

  72. Biodun: I’m afraid you are annoying the guests. We are going to have to ask you to leave. But come back and talk after Obama has satisfied our demands. Frenchdoc has summarized them:

    Let’s list our conditions, shall we?
    – Sit Mi/FL
    Now, on to the policy questions, because, as racist, bitter, old, low-info, etc… as we are, we actually care about substance:
    – take privatization of SS off the table
    – prosecution of the Bush crime clan
    – promotion of women’s and LGBT’s rights
    – progressive economic policies
    – Universal health care
    – repeal of no child left behind, no merit pay plan
    – out of Iraq / no bombing of Pakistan
    – reinstate habeas corpus
    – commitment to appointing progressive judges on SCOTUS, no waffling
    – commitment to repeal the partial birth abortion law, no waffling
    – no telco immunity
    Have I forgotten anything?

    Oh yeah, stop abusing / insulting us… incredibly, it does not endear BO to us.

  73. My demand is that he drop out so we can, you know, take back the White House.

  74. katiebird: He’s been successful up til now, but I’ve got a feeling his success will be short-lived. It’s HIS memory that doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes! He can’t even remember what lies he’s told and who he’s told them to. He probably doesn’t even remember that he doesn’t need my vote because I’m white, female, over-50, Jewish, and working class, and elitists don’t need voters like me.

  75. I am flicking Biodun off my shoulder in the same manner that Obama did Hillary. Flick, flick.

  76. You know your blog has made it when you get assigned your own full-time troll

  77. This blog just passed 500,000 hits.


    Perhaps time for a party complete with balloons! Riverdaughter, Katiebird, RonK, BostonBoomer, Garychapelhill, thank you for this little refuge amidst all the craziness.

  78. congratulations and thank you

    to all of you who put this blog together…you’re great.

  79. Can someone tell me what has changed from late February until now? Hillary’s strategy for nearly 3 months now has been simple: win the big states and tie or win the popular vote. She’s done that. Since the March 4, Hillary has received over 300,000 more votes than Obama and will add to that. She has won OH, which she had to. If she won PA she was supposed to be the nominee; she won handily. If she won IN, the “tie breaker” the nomination would be hers. She won. She won the most recent primary by 41 POINTS. And people are declaring her candidacy in its last throes? WTF?

  80. They’re declaring her over because their position is tenuous.

    Her continuing popularity with the voters undermines their snow-job — that everybody hates Hillary and everybody adores Teh Awesome. Edwards didn’t get enough votes to be a factor. Hillary does, handily. It sabotages the idea that everyone wants Obama…. ’cause evidently, plenty don’t.

    The longer this goes on, the more she disproves their storyline and undermines the marketing of Brand Obama.

    So, all they’ve got left is either (1) whining that she’s done or (2) claiming her supporters are merely poor or dumb or bigots, unlike the creative class overlords. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  81. Alice, They’ve been saying WWTSBQ since the morning of New Hampshire. Including Florida and Michigan she is virtually tied in Popular vote AND delegates.

    It is bizarrely insulting that anyone thinks she’s going to quit.

    But, it’s EVEN more absurd since there is nothing different this week than any other week.

    Hasn’t Hillary proven to be a sticker? /rant

    I’m sorry.

  82. Mostly I’m a lurker. But I have to say that idiot who votes based on the toss of a coin was starting to make me feel ill. What was that, anyway?

  83. Hi Zelda,

    That Biodun troll was a real drag, huh? Good thing we don’t have to put up with him/her anymore…..

    I’m glad you decided to post something.

  84. The media thinks that if they keep talking as if “elite” and the amount of money in a bank account are the same thing all us “low-information” people will promptly decide the Clintons are elite. Working and earning so much money over the course of their lives is so “American Dream” nonsense.

    I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to get a college education. Over the years I tried to keep myself informed. I spent years with a kid on one hip, keeping an eye on another kid and the other eye on the book in my hand. I may not have a college education, but anyone that calls me low-information is looking for a fight.

    Many of the women of my generation have lived the same blue-collar lifestyle that I have lived and we know when the “elitists” are being condescending. We may not always be articulate enough to explain our feelings to suit some of the better-educated “elitists” that like to look down on working class. But sadly for they’re over inflated self-esteem and arrogant attitude, we all get to have one vote just like they do. Imagine that?

    You want to take up the cause of a disenfranchised people? Try working and caring about the woman of this country of all colors that get up each day and so what has to be done without support, without enough money, with little hope that things will get better and knowing that they are of little interest to the elites in both parties except when their vote is needed.

    Yeah, we know who cares about us. We know and that’s why we support Hillary Clinton.

  85. Apparently the video Novack (aka, the Prince of Darkness) is referring to is VERY different, and it involves Obama in a private setting doing something that won’t be appealing to the electorate.

    When Larry Johnson says he has three private confirmations of the Michelle video, I believe him. When Bob Novack says the sun comes up in the morning, I take a wait and see approach.

  86. Thank you, Bostonboomer.

    Novak=Prince of Darkness=Novakula

  87. This is just schtick from this Corbett character. The proof is on his blog today quote
    “Some powerful people even suggested that I head up a national movement with a web site and an address and appearances all over the country. But although an organized and unified voice that Democratic Party bosses ignore is very much needed, I must humbly decline.”

    He doesn’t really care who the nominee is. He isn’t ready to do the work to get his “message” out. It is just a ploy to boost himself.
    How can we take him seriously if he doesn’t take himself serious enough to actually do something.
    Corbett is all talk, no action. He wants to leave the heavy lifting up to real democrats.
    What a disappointment.

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