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Breaking!: Radio Talk Host Had it with Racism Accusation

This little ditty was sent in by commenter Nana. It looks like the Obamaphiles have pushed the envelope:

WooHoo……………….Wilk talk radio here in Scranton, PA is going wild this afternoon. Host Steve Corbett has had it with being called a racist for supporting Hillary Clinton and has stated he will not vote for Obama. The lines are going crazy with calls from people in NE PA who feel the same way. They will not vote for Obama and will vote for McCain if they have to to stop him. The mementum is starting against the Democratic Party. Keep it going all over the USA

125 Responses

  1. Send this to the supers. Clearly, there’s a lot of Democrats out there who feel this way. If given an opening, they will sing the Hallelujah Chorus.

  2. Is there a clip of the audio or an internet site for the radio show?

    Has anyone else picked this up or do you think it’s going to be ignored?

  3. There is no way that I will vote for Obama. I think he’s a budding fascist. This business of consolidating Democratic/progressive fundraising is just too ugly for words. I know that people are looking at his plans and figuring out that they can rich off of him – which is how he’s scoring the endorsements that he is – but how can anyone who thinks of themselves as progressive support this? We need lots of different well-funded entities. If Obama goes down, he takes his infrastructure down with him, and we have to rebuild what it is he destroyed in the first place. NARAL is going to be toast in some important ways. I’ve given them a lot of money and time in my life – never again. I’m not the only one who feels that way.

    I’ve been saying I’d never vote for McCain because I am a steadfast supporter of the Democratic party. But I’m starting to think it may be more important to defeat Obama than I realized. Everything I’ve worked on in my life may be dependent upon it.

  4. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

  5. Here – you can listen live.


  6. Good for Steve Corbett. Obama has gotten on my last nerve with his false accusations of racism. He cries racism so often that it’s obvious he’s never had a real taste of it.

    And I attribute everything said by his minions directly to him.

    Obama can’t get it through his thick head that a hell of a lot of people simply don’t like him or what he stands for.

  7. Since I’m home, I just switched to that show online.

    The Democratic Party has to be very very careful. There is a lot of anger among rank and file Democrats about the way HRC is being treated.

  8. Lori – Thanks for the link.

  9. My take: Whatever one might say about Hillary: She is most definitely NOT a racist…i know her personally and professionally, having spent some time with her campaign and thne interviewed her when she was running for Dem Senator from New York in 2000–I interviewed her at the Democratic National Convention in LA in August 2000…

  10. Wow – people are pissed! It’s gratifying.


  11. It’s defeinitely a “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore” moment!

    C’Mon Hillary!!!!

  12. YAY!!!!!
    I’m stuck at my workplace and can’t tune in, but I’m doing a little jig right here.

    And Lo and Behold, the Revolution started.

    Let’s show Barry what a REAL grassroots movement is :-).

  13. I have finally decided that I will cross over to the Dark Side and vote McCain to beat Obama, not out of vengeance, but to truly save the Party from becoming co-opted by Obama. I am dead serious.

  14. Lisa,

    You made the radio show! Congrats for speaking up for us!!!!

  15. I’m not votin’ for Barack Obamaaaaaaaaaa.

    Corbett just announced Riverdaughter’s link!!!

  16. @MABlue: It’s not even about her anymore: it’s how we’ve been treated. We’ve been smeared as racists, dismissed, disenfranchised, and absolutely hated by our own. We’ve had our voice be silenced in favor of someone who the Party is breaking every rule and principle for just so we can be slaughtered in the GE.

    Some of us need a president and they’re stealing her away from us.

  17. Yeah, I put Riverdaughter’s link in my email. RD I hope you don’t mind.

  18. Operation Turndown … We will turndown Barack Obama because we won’t let the DNC control us! Unity ain’t gonna happen!

  19. wow…..thanks for the link….so much common sense and solidarity on a new level….thank you!

  20. This is so heartening. I’ve just decided to vote for McCain too.

    Please send this along to others, especially if you live in a swing state.

  21. Also, let Michigan revote or keep the current results!!!

  22. Disclosure: I’m actually for Obama (i say here running for cover): But I really had to toss a coin a while back as to who to go for: Hillary or Obama. Guess who won…

    I believe that in the contest between race and gender, the winner actually loses–it should not be zero-sum (somebody wins, somebody loses) but nonzero-sum (everybody wins).

  23. @Biodun: You’re wrong to assume their equal in terms of their experience, policy positions, qualifications, and GE chances. We’re voting for her because she’s far superior and can actually win in November.

  24. Thanks for the link. I have no Democratic radio show anywhere in my area to listen to. I have bookmarked this one.

    I was so mad last week that I listened to Hannity just to hear some good Obama bashing. Then, I got ashamed and switched back to sports.

  25. This guy Steve Corbett sounds great:

    When tossed a hard, yet fair, question while campaigning in Scranton at the Glider Diner, all he could say was “can’t I just eat my waffles?”

    No, senator, you cannot just eat your waffles.

    LOL it’s nice to know there’s a media outlet somewhere that is hasn’t yet fallen into the Obama machine 🙂

  26. Biodun, with all due respect, but I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR OBAMA! Not now, not in November, not EVER.

    So all you Obama hired astroturfers (about 400 of you) got marching orders to “make nice” – well guess what, get over it – like the Timbaland song with One Republic. It’s too late to apologize, it’s TOO LATE!

    I’ve been a Democrat longer than most of you been alive and I’m here to tell you that this Hillary Clinton supporter will not push a button that has Obama’s name next to it.

    Keep up with your cult campaign, alieanting the BASE of the Democratic party, keep with the false charges of racism and menstrual induced rages.

    You’re gonna have to chop all of my 10 fingers & toes& nose, head off before I vote for your candidate.

    If Obama is the nominee, I’ll vote for every Democrat on the ticket and WRITE HILLARY’S NAME ON THE BALLOT for President.

    Signed, a Floridian who is fed up with people taking my vote away!

  27. I agree about the neo-fascism. And people who say, “we have to get behind the nominee” are just a bunch of bots in my opinion. If the nominee is PATHOLOGICALLY WRONG, we shouldn’t get behind the nominee, because if we do, we’re no better than the Bushies who voted lock step with dear leader.

    I get sick and tired at pretty much all of the other even Clinton-supporting liberal blogs of “unity tickets” and “you’re a bad Democrat if you don’t vote for Obama,” and “of course this blog supports Obama” etc, etc. Gawl, you’d exercise tough love on your kid, why not on the Democratic Pary when our country is at stake?

    Geez, there are more important things than endorsing the worst version of the Democratic party that I’ve ever seen. There are things like — supporting true women’s rights.

    And BTW, everyone please DVR O’Reilly. The Hillary supporter’s group that is planning on working against Obama will be on.

    We really have to stop this racing freight train before it runs over all of us.

  28. I’m actually for Obama (i say here running for cover): But I really had to toss a coin a while back as to who to go for: Hillary or Obama. Guess who won…

    I believe that in the contest between race and gender, the winner actually loses

    It isn’t a contest between race and gender.

    It is a contest between an awesome Democrat who has good issues and can take a beating without flinching, vs. a not so awesome party-wrecker who wants to centralize us into the Obama Party (and who wants to consolidate all the money into his campaign, as well).

  29. Davidson: it was a tough call for me to make…but the coin did it!! But look: If Hillary gets the nom, of course I’ll vote for her…be glad to…

  30. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Not only am I thinking about voting for McCain, I am considering changing my voting registration from Democrat to Independent. This, after being a lifelong Democrat. This is no longer the Democratic Party that welcomed a variety of views and people, and a Party that did not tolerate racism or sexism.

  31. Be careful of the write in vote- check to see if your state allows – sometimes they give it to the party of the person you vote for – thus a vote for Obama.

  32. Biodun: The country is too important for a toss of a coin. If that’s how you choose your candidate, then you might want to consider not voting.

  33. Yeah, in Washington, they apparently don’t allow you to write in the name of a person who ran in the primary. So if I write in Hillary Clinton my vote won’t count.

    So I may vote for myself ;-).

  34. Davison, you are truly correct in that!

    The reson why I chose Hillary is because he has the best plan for ALL people. Best Immigration policy, Best Green/Recyclable Energy policy, Best Healthcare policy (UNIVERSAL ONLY – NO IFs, ANDs, OR BUTs!) , Best Diplomatic policy,. Best Education Policy, ON AND ON.

    She is the best qualified for the job, and as woman, and a Latina one at that, she inspires me and my daughter to fight hard and to never, ever give up.

  35. Everyone – Hillary needs people to call for her in Oregon and Kentucky. Please sign up!

  36. this is what obama has instead of having the actual will of the actual voters:

    Technology. Fueled by people who will do anything as long as it’s technologically sophisticated. That must be what “creative class” is really all about?

  37. Bidun, if you use a coin to determine which candidate to vote for, then you got issues.

    Too much is at stake. I studied every candiadte that announced their candidacy, and the ones that resonated with what I’m interested in, is Universal healthcare, end Iraq war, Reduce Global Warming, was Clinton, Edwards & Kucinich.

    As time went on, Hillary showed that she was the smartest, strongest and most convincing candidate to not just beat the Republicans, but to heal the wounds that the Bush Admin. made and left open.

  38. I’m so glad that someone had the nerve to speak their mind on this issue. It’s gone on long enough.
    My unwillingness to vote for Obama has nothing to do with his skin color. I’ve voted for black politicians many times in my local and state elections. In fact, I voted for two black people (1 male and 1 female) in the primary on May 6, because they shared my views on issues that concern me.
    My decision not to support Obama is based on his lack of foreign policy experience. We’re in a dangerous and precarious time right now with our foreign relations, and we need someone who’s tough and experienced. Hillary has proven that she is. In the last debate, Obama was very wishy-washy in his answer about defending Israel and our other middle-eastern allies which led me to believe that he doesn’t really know what he’ll do when the time comes.
    I also don’t believe that he’s as committed to fixing some of our economic problems as Hillary is. Again, in the debates, he stumbled on his answers and wasn’t as definitive as she was about what she would do.
    And finally, I don’t like some of the associations and supporters who have rallied around him. As the old saying goes, “You’re known by the company you keep.” I think there’s a lot we don’t about Barack Obama, and I want to find out before he moves into the White House.

  39. Thanks Riverdaughter for picking up on my comment and posting it on top. We need to keep this going. Join Operation Turndown. And keep listening to Steve Corbett every afternoon. He tells it like it is. Help him get this movement going so we can let the DNC and the Democratic Party that we will not be silenced. Hillary 2008.

  40. And Lori, thank you for posting the link to Wilk Radio. I don’t know how to do that. Keep it going. Again thank you and let’s work to help Hillary win.

  41. Let’s post this as many places as we can so that he has people calling in from all over the nation tomorrow. Email him. Let’s fill up his inbox with emails.

    He says he’ll cover it again tomorrow.

    The call in number is 1-570-883-0098

    Here’s the page to email him.

  42. Gee wiz, gang:

    Now you know why I said I was running for cover…*g*

  43. OK: another disclosure:

    Edwards was my candidate until he dropped out. He was the only one talking about poverty, an issue really close to me, and about corporate welfare…But when he dropped out, I was really really undecided between Hillary and Obama. Now I ask this: What do you think of Edwards endorsing Obama yesterday? What do you truly make of that?

  44. Now you know why I said I was running for cover…

    Don’t run for cover. Just switch sides! Hillary is a better candidate. Far better. And if you used a coin toss to choose, you don’t know very much about your candidate. The more people see, the less they like him.

    HILLARY ’08

  45. It was so odd to hear someone (other than Taylor M.) on the radio supporting Hillary. Plus Steve Corbett was not a shock jock about the topic . He was not disrespectful in his tone, only emphatic. Thanks for the tip to listen!

  46. Thanks to whoever posted the link to the radio show. I listened for the last half hour and felt extremely validated!

    Based on my own browsing habits of late, I predict another blog split in the next couple of weeks between those that will suck it up and support the Dem nominee regardless and those who are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

  47. Thank You ! Thank You! I am feeling much better and continue to support Sen Clinton and hope that she wins. I can not see myself voting for Obama. Thanks again

  48. Does anyone know how to contact the group mentioned on HillBuzz named Clinton Supporters Count Too. They are forming in Ohio, Michigan and other states and I’d like to find out more about them. I’m also interested in Project Turndown since I’m definitely not voting Obama if he is the Democratic nominee.

  49. I will NEVER vote for Barack Obama. He’s actually the only racist that’s running this year. How’s that for irony? We finally get a viable minority candidate and HE’S a RACIST.

  50. What do you think of Edwards endorsing Obama yesterday? What do you truly make of that?

    I don’t know how a man who is supposedly all about poverty could back Obama.

    But then, I liked him also because I thought he wasn’t a quitter, he wanted every vote counted – back when he was the candidate. He lost a lot of respect when he said he wouldn’t endorse – then he did.

    Here is what Businessweek says about how Clinton and Obama are exactly the same only not:
    Senator Clinton (D-N.Y.) argues that the role of the President is not only to provide visionary leadership outward from the Oval Office to the nation and the world but also to control and direct the federal bureaucracy downward to ensure that policies are carried out faithfully and effectively.
    In sharp contrast, Senator Obama (D-Ill.) declares he will do the chief executive’s job by focusing completely on providing leadership vision, judgment, and inspiration. As for controlling the agencies that would report to him, he says he will delegate that responsibility.

    That’s just one example of how Bushlike Obama is, of course. Businessweek regularly runs articles on how Obama is sooooooooooooo much better for business than Hillary.

    For instance, they also blasted Clinton for her plan to actually help homeowners sell their homes with govt asst. – that means moral hazard, you know, bailing people out. Can’t have that. But moral hazard is OK when it’s the banks being bailed out, so they like Obama’s plan of just using the govt to guarantee loans – so that banks experience less risk.

    What, did you think Hillary hicks can’t read?

  51. MaggiefromMichigan, I don’t know how to contact them, but they will be on O’Reilly tonight (if you can stomach him) and perhaps they’ll provide a link.

  52. em>What, did you think Hillary hicks can’t read?


    On the contrary, you have proven that Hillary hicks can read…/no snark….

  53. The toll free number for Steve Corbett is 1-800-437-0098. The web site is http://www.wilktalkradio.com. Let’s keep this going. This guy is 100% behind Hillary and is starting Operation Turndown (turn down Obama). Let’s give him all the support we can all across the country.

  54. Stilllife: If you find other places for those “mad as hell” let me know.

  55. Jacilyn:

    BTW: Hillary wants to govern from the top-down, not from the bottom-up…interesting, eh? The former is truly corporate, and the latter grassroots…

  56. correction to my last post. It is http://www.wilknewsradio.com. Sorry

  57. Yeah, I can tell how grassroots Obama really is: The corporate media is 100% behind him.

    Perception is everything and Obama practices that saying very well.

  58. Biodun Iginla, on May 15th, 2008 at 7:32 pm Said:


    BTW: Hillary wants to govern from the top-down, not from the bottom-up…interesting, eh? The former is truly corporate, and the latter grassroots…

    No the latter is not grassroots. It’s pawning off responsibility to someone else if something goes wrong. It’s admitting that he doesn’t know how to lead is what it is.

  59. Biodun, if you looks into yesterday’s post titled “Sweetie” – click on the comments and you’ll see how we feel.

    Sell out looking for donation for his College program, just like the NARAL chairperson, SELL OUT.

    Edwards sold out Universal Healthcare (Obama’s plan is not Universal) and NARAL sold out women’s reproductive rights (Obama is NOT 100% choice, states should decide certain things, has voted “present” on 100s of women’s issue to not appear as pro-choice while Hillary has fought for women’s rights right after she got out of law school and never has backed down).

    Jacilyn, right on! We old/bitter/clinging Hill-supporters are very well informed where each of the candidates stand. Can’t bamboozle & hoodwink us – that’s why we are immune to the Unity Pony.

  60. ABC News


    Obama Helped Supporters Get Millions in Illinois State Business

    [the beginning is quoted below]

    “In a speech to the Urban League last July, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., boasted of his efforts in 2001 to help a handful of African American-owned investment firms in Chicago get a larger share of business with Illinois state pension funds. “And in six months, they got about a half-billion dollars’ worth of business simply on their excellence,” Obama said.

    What he did not say in his speech was that the owner of one of the investment firms, John Rogers of Ariel Capital, is a principal campaign fundraiser. Nor did he reveal that employees of the firms he helped have since contributed to or helped to raise more than $765,000 for his campaigns, according to campaign documents. Nor did he mention that two of the firms have allowed him to use their private jets. Nor did he mention that two of the firms have since been dismissed by the state pension fund for “underperformance.””

  61. My final disclosure on this thread, FWIW:

    I’m a black US citizen, not an African-American. I was born in London of Nigerian parents who came to NYC with my parents when I was 14 years old. I have US and UK passports and a different perspective from most folks…just saying…

  62. Obama is going to be a lame duck president, just like Dubya. His handlers are going to all the work for him.

    Obama repeated the “57 states” thing – TWICE!

    C’mon. Please – there is no excuse!

  63. OT (how about a thread on this?) but, did Obama just get completely baited by Dubya today? Bush uses that “some people say” construction ALL the time and there has to be a better way to answer it than what Obama did. I think.

  64. Biodun, I am a first generation American from a Dominican family. We share some DNA. We cool – we are just TIRED of being used & abused by Obama-fans. We are fighting back. And there is not a thing anybody can do about it.

    I was the most Democratic of the Democrats until my party kicked me, and many of us here on the Confluence, out. Donna Brazile went on CNN and said it proud “WE DON’T NEED YOU TO WIN.”

    So you know what? FINE.

    Once they saw that Hillary supporters are walking out, changing their party affiliation like RIverDaughter did, the Obama Camp hired Internet bloggers to make peace.



  65. Dar1a G:

    He’s so vain, he thinks that Bush was talkin’ about him, he’s so vaaaaiiiin…..

  66. Teresa234, will do. Right now it seems like Riverdaughter is Party Central for the Mad as Hell group. I’m sure we’re all familiar with most of the pro-Hillary blogs. No Quarter is still standing strong, but it looks like Taylor Marsh and TalkLeft (which has been my favorite blog) are going to fall in line for the sake of the Party. Which is their right, obviously, but I’m just not ready to do that. I think the Party needs a little tough love right now.

  67. SM–yeah, we cool. Let’s all keep talking to one another. Maybe we can resolve things. Maybe not. I believe in working across stereotyped categories…on all the issues, with all classes,genders, races, and sexual orientations… i really believe t hat. Coalition-building, not confrontations. Sometimes confrontations are necessary. Sometimes not. You pick your battles.

    I have met many people like me: people born in first-world countries of third-world parents. And yes, we all have different perspectives, even from one another…so yeah, cool. But most importantly: let’s keep the debate alive–on all sides…

  68. I just left an e-mail for Corbett. If we all do it he will mention receiving messages from all over the country tomorrow.

  69. http://www.creators.com/opinion/pat-buchanan.html

    Pat Buchanan: “Race Cards and Speech Codes”


    Even African-Americans critical of Obama are feeling the lash. In Saturday’s Washington Post article, “Black Community Is Increasingly Protective of Obama,” reporter Darryl Fears writes, “Standing in the path of Obama’s campaign has been dangerous” for prominent blacks.

    Bill and Hillary have lost luster and sustained damage to their reputations because, in the Democrats’ universe, such smears stick. The question for Republicans is whether they will let themselves be intimidated, as they too often are, from using legitimate political weapons to defend what they still have.

  70. I emailed Corbett and told him to count me in! I emailed the Congressional Black Caucus and asked them to show some leadership and all we get is silence.

    I have been called a racist for the last time. I voted on issues not color. I know for many Obama cultists that’s hard to believe.

    So count the great state of GEORGIA in for Operation Turndown.

    Finally a voice of reason.

  71. I’m making calls right now. So far I’ve called all men from the Portland area. Good results thus far. Lots have mailed in their ballot already. Some refusals , but a good number have voted for Hillary. My fingers are crossed and I’m encouraged.

    The other day I called W Va and was asked to call women from Martinsberg.

    I also called Ohio and Pa voters. I have lots of free minutes on my cell phone, but they will pay for the calls if you sign up thru the site.

    Please do it – it is fun and she need us. We need her is more like it.

  72. New blog post on No Quarter. Apparently the Republicans have dug up video footage of Michelle Obama railing against white people in (Rev. Wright’s) church. Now, who’s racist?
    Here’s the link to the post:
    Larry Johnson of No Quarter says that his sources tell him that the Republicans are preparing to use it against Obama before the November election.

  73. Sometimes, with the big money media, I feel like I’m in some alternate universe. This story was a big “WTH??” moment for me:


    They hated Edwards when he was running. Talked about his house and his hair and how he was so very, very irrelevant. Now, he’s the big man since he endorsed Teh Awesome. He’s influential now, or so the big $$ media is telling me. And this report… Obama is contemplating shortlist VPs and Clinton is losing, in the red…

    I read stuff like this all the time, but honestly, this one just really did me in. I just stared at it. Why is the $$ media deciding our elections? Why are media conglomerates owned by big corps deciding our elections? All I can think of is 1984. We’ve always been at war with Eurasia, sweetie.

    It’s good to know I’m not alone in the middle of this Twilight Zone episode.

  74. Michelle Obama not pro-white? This is from No Quarter today–

    I now have it from two sources close to senior Republicans that they have video dynamite–Michelle Obama railing against “whitey” at Jeremiah Wright’s church. Republicans may have a lousy record when it comes to the economy and the management of the war in Iraq, but they are hell on wheels when it comes to opposition research. Someone took the chance and started reviewing the recordings from services at Jeremiah Wright’s United Church of Christ. Holy smoke!! I am told there is a clip that is being held for the fall to drop at the appropriate time. The last thing Barack and Michelle need is a new clip that raises further questions about her judgment and temperament.

  75. If I make calls for Hillary does it go on my phone bill? I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to call around the country. If I call through her site will I be charged on my phone bill?

  76. Nana: In a word, yes…??? of course you till be charged..unless it’s a toll-free number…

  77. Oy, CB, could that really be true? We’ll be toast in November if Obama is the nominee.

    Go KY and OR for Hillary (and PR too). We need a winner in Nov.

  78. BTW: I just lurked in at FireDogLake. It’s an echo chamber there, as usual..Jane Hamsher worship…

  79. My wish is that you guys wouldn’t engage with the trolls. I love reading what you have to say, and when you guys get caught up talking to a troll, it takes your creativity and intelligence and mis-directs it.– which is exactly what they want. I want to hear you, not them.

  80. Nana, no you won’t be charged. If you go through Hillary website, there is a special phone number and PIN number that you use. My sister made calls for her, and your phone IS NOT CHARGED.

  81. Michelle Obama rails against “whitey” at Wright’s church – GOP has video?


  82. This is wonderful news about the talk show host.
    Good for him and PA and all of you for spreading the word. Also good news is that being reported over at NoQuarter is that “reliable sources” say that Repubs have a videotape of Michelle doing a little anti-white rant at the Trinity House of Ick. Whether this is true or not– we kind of have to wait for the movie (as they say). But Larry Johnson seems to think it’s true. And I don’t remember him ever being wrong about a source.

  83. I usually lurk, but I had to share….

    I was just watching Fox (oh the shame of it all). They had on two women (one white, one AA). The section was… women are ready to bolt the party.

    They were discussing… throwing us under the bus. We have endured one insult after another, we are sending a message, we are an important part of the party, they don’t value us, we feel like we are being told to shut-up and get with the program. We represent millions of women.

    I have no idea how to get clips, but it was a great section. I sure would like to see it again. 🙂 They were very determined and passionate.

  84. WS, you beat me to it about NoQuarter. lol.

  85. On trolls: Google is your friend. If you have any doubts, just Google. Some use handles, and yet others use their real names as their handles..

    Said as obliquely and as subtly as possible…for those who can even understand that…*G*

  86. Nana,

    Phone calls through Activate are payed for my the campaign–but you have to have the code for the day. Go to this link for more information:


    [And I don’t know it someone really found anything out by looking through the videos of Wright’s sermons. MO should be cautious since she’s a politician’s wife. There’s supposedly a thousand-page dossier the Rove & Co. have on Bama, but rumors are rumors. If Bama has a sterling past, and the superior character/judgment that we are told he has, no reason to worry other than his lack of qualifications and some of his behavior during the campaign–traveling to 57 states can be tiring so some slack should be extended to him. ]

  87. angala, I bet they do have the video. I read they had a 1000 page dossier on Obama ready to be unleashed.

  88. Biodin (whatever your name is) Of course, I use my real name, you idiot, and you don’t have to Google me. All you have to do is click on my name in the post, and you can go straight to my blog.
    And while you’re there, take a look at my novels, and please buy one if you’re interested. That is, if you can read. LOL! LOL! You’re hoot. You know that? Thanks for the laugh before I sign off tonight.

  89. Is that really true about paid bloggers trying to make nice with Clinton supporters?

  90. Stop engaging with the trolls

    they take up space and time

    and are not worthy

  91. Hey heard them mention your blog on Steve’s show KUDOS to you and could you let you views know tomorrow 3 pm OPERATION TURN DOWN will continue we are letting the DNC know we will TURN DOWN OBAMA Hillary supporters now have a voice that will reach MILLIONS Thank You So Much

  92. Lucinda:

    LOL!!! you’re a hoot, too.. Peace.

    BTW, tabbycat in tenn: am not under the payroll of anyone but BBC News World Service, where I’m a permlancer–online, anywhere in the world…

    I actually like this blog–at least i haven’t been thrown off yet for speaking my mind against the grain…

  93. I didn’t mean you Biodun..just in general. I have noticed a few extra nice Obama supporters lately. 🙂

    I sent an e-mail to the radio man. I will be listening tomorrow afternoon.

  94. It was posted that Obama hired (as in paid) for
    400 bloggers. They are to infiltrate pro-Hillary sites and persuade us with their charm and magnificent powers of intellect to somehow lose our common sense and get it line. Don think it gonna work.

  95. Many feel this way RD. I can’t VOTE for Obama after what he has done to my political party. He has insulted us all. Brazile has insulted us all. Between the two of them, they have set the Party back 40 years in terms of race relations. It’s almost insane how and why they would want to do that.

    We in California chose Hillary Clinton for a reason. And. as in Gary’s post above, you can see who we are as Californians. We don’t stand for racism, gay bashing and things of that ilk. It’s just the nature of our State, and its blue-green liberal tendencies. Mostly we are concerned with the larger issue of ending the war, taking care of the poor and so forth. Plus Global warming. We are the green edge of things out here, especially in our coastal cities.

    In this election though, Obama has shown his true face. I can’t support him as a Democrat — now or ever. The message needs to get through that we want Hillary Clinton, but the DNC seems bent on destroying her. I just came from No Quarter. You can read the subtext and how angry they are. It’s because all of us are so insulted by what has happened.

    Axelrod is a master of Alinsky-style agitprop and target marketing. He has done this to divide the Party, not caring how he got votes or cash. The FEC is closed in Washington, so no one is monitoring the massive cash flows to Obama right now. He, in part is responsible for that FEC shutdown. Isn’t that convenient? While he rakes in the cash.

    People will defect by the thousands and thousands come Fall, I have no doubt. It’s a sad day, for all of us. And, though they seem to support each other a joint ticket would never work with these two at this point.

    Anyone old enough, who has been through enough elections knows how unethical it is once you do a little research.

    So, I’m not a closet Repub by a long shot, but I’ll dance right over there if Hillary is not the nominee for us. She has won fair and square in many states. She hasn’t cheated by telling people to register as Republicans for a day. As he has. She hasn’t tried to spilt the Party by target marketing as Axelrod has. He’s despicable in my opinion. I think the whole thing has been rigged from the start–with big Chicago dirty Excelon/Treehouse money. Did you know that amounts under $200 aren’t even counted?

    My feeling is that Hillary Clinton and John McCain wouldn’t use doublespeak. With Obama that is a constant.

  96. Lucinda and CB thank you so much for your help with phone call info. I will start making calls tomorrow. I am retired so I can spare lots of time.

  97. Tabby & Angela –

    Here’s the link to the 400 paid Obama bloggers:


    Bioduon, then please send a message to the BBC:

    Democratic women of all shapes, colors, sizes, religious affiliation, ARE FED UP with their party’s silence with regards to Obama Supporters’ misogynistic, ageist and racial discriminatory degradation.

  98. Saw the post at NoQ – surprised that Larry posted it himself, putting his own cred on the line for that. Hmm. It’s funny.. whether something’s out there or not out there, it seems like hints are coming from GOP sources and some reporting (Wash Post last week) about Clinton camp sources suggesting some kind of October surprise may happen with Obama..

    And then if both sides have some especially damaging oppo.. the GOP will be planning how to dump it and blame the Clintons because really the smartest thing for them would be to hold off & hope Obama is nominated, then wait until October and and make it look like Hillary didn’t want him to win and was responsible for putting out whatever info they use to torpedo his candidacy.

    That’s a heck of a conspiracy theory from me, I know. I would’ve ignored if Larry hadn’t front-paged it..

  99. I phone called this evening to KY. I think it was a little late 8:30 cause I got a lot of answering machines or hang ups. But the folks I did reach are voting for Hillary. There was one voter leaning to Obama but she really couldn’t state a reason why, just a gut check thing. I tried discussing it with her but no luck.

    Don’t forget tomorrow’s money day!

  100. Thanks angela. They can’t make up to me what is indefensible. My mother is the most yellow-dog Dem I know and I’m right there with her. We have decided to sit this one out. I live in a really red part of TN and I only know one Obama supporter and her husband is die-hard Hillary! Not one of my group of Hillary supporters is voting in November.

    It’s the only way we can have our voices heard…by our silence in November.

  101. elixir…what’s money day? A special Hillary giving day? I gave Tuesday but I get my tax rebate tomorrow and can send more.

  102. BTW: Hillary wants to govern from the top-down, not from the bottom-up…interesting, eh? The former is truly corporate, and the latter grassroots…

    No, it isn’t.

    Obama is the one currently organizing all the Democratic party’s money under his campaign, telling people not to donate to other groups such as moveon etc. …if that is not top down, I don’t know what is.

    Obama’s party is all about Obama being in control and controlling EVERYTHING. Edwards looked like a puppet. You could practically see Obama’s hand up his…well you see my point.

  103. Jacilyn,

    Move on really screwed themselves, didn’t they? I won’t be donating to them anymore either, lol. I wonder if Obama will tell people not to donate to NARAL and give the money to him? This guy is as much a facist as Bush and Cheney.

  104. BTW: Hillary wants to govern from the top-down, not from the bottom-up…interesting, eh? The former is truly corporate, and the latter grassroots…

    No the latter is not grassroots. It’s pawning off responsibility to someone else if something goes wrong. It’s admitting that he doesn’t know how to lead is what it is.

    I am not sure if the initial post was referring to what I said about management style, or whether it was addressing the myth that Obama’s campaign is driven by millions of voters sending two hundred dollar bills through the automated system. (Where are all these voters come election day, anyway?)

    But if it was about management style, then I can only say, I don’t care if it is ‘economically efficient’, I do not like the leadership style that consists of the politician limiting himself to “inspiration” while someone else handles making sure that intentions operate as planned.

    That sort of idea is very popular with the business books and schools and magazines right now – so much so that perhaps someone who reads that stuff might not realize that people don’t necessarily share their views.

    But working class stiffs don’t care about what’s “economically efficient”, when that means a slight gain in productivity … and that translates into record profits for CEOs, and stagnant wages for workers.

    Really it’s the business school grads who are “low information voters”. The latest neural science stuff shows that record profits do NOT lead to happiness. In fact, generous people are more happy than rich people.

    Sorry for talking so long. I don’t think fast on my feet or talk good in sound-bite snippets, unfortunately,. but I know what I believe to be right, and I believe that abandoning its commitment to the poor and the mistreated, in order to boost productivity margins, makes the Democratic party into the Republican party. NO THANKS.

  105. First post here, I am a regular at Taylor Marsh. I saw the interview with the women on Fox and they were terrific. They stood their ground against O’Reilly and his needling questions. I think it would be great if people could send them a love note of support as I am sure they will get plenty of hate mail:





    I wrote the Ohio address and it seemed to work as nothing bounced back, but I hear people have been having a bit of trouble with the FL address.

    Let them know you appreciate their courage and that we stand with them and want the DNC to know that women matter.

  106. Move on really screwed themselves, didn’t they? I won’t be donating to them anymore either, lol. I wonder if Obama will tell people not to donate to NARAL and give the money to him? This guy is as much a facist as Bush and Cheney.

    As always the big flaw is that men fail to realize it is women who make the world go round, and we know that we aren’t getting counted in their economic forecasts. If we acted according to our own economic self interest, we could stop the world.

    The reason that the Democratic party is big and strong (and worth hijacking), while the Libertarian party withers, is because it is driven by values, and therefore built by people who care.

    Obama people don’t get that. They are building a beautiful new world for themselves, not for everyone.

  107. To jacilyn:

    I think that we may have gotten our wires crossed somewhere but I’m not sure.

    I’m arguing against Obama’s intended style of leadership. My impression from his words is that he’s not interested in the nuts and bolts of governing. That’s he’s going to pawn off responsibility of directing the executive branch to others with little oversight.

    Now, as a 20 year member of the military I know a little about micro-management and I don’t like it. It implies a distrust of your staff and creates hard feelings amongst the chain of command. But you can sway too far to the other side of management also by delegating responsibilities and having no interest in keeping tabs on people. In my experience this type of leadership can be just as damaging. No interest, no oversight to ensure that your people are enacting your commands results in divisions run amok and large clusterf*cks.

    I’m betting that if Obama actually become President he’ll dump responsibility for running the executive on others and then plame them if something goes wrong. But that’s just my read on it.

  108. NANA, you won’t be charged if you go thru http://www.hillaryclinton.com

    Don’t listen to that asshole troll….he wants to discourage you from supporting her.

    It won’t cost you a thing to call. Nothing zip nada

    and you will be energized

  109. I won’t vote for Obama/enable the misogynist party any longer.

    But I won’t vote for McCain…I’d probably write in Clinton!

  110. Just curious…..why do we have to wait for the repugs to dig up that video of Michelle/”whitey”? If it really is out there, can’t it be leaked by someone (anyone?)before it’s too late?

    Just curious… to me, it would be an act of patriotism to fully expose this creep and his baggage now.

    speaking for me………

  111. I think that we may have gotten our wires crossed somewhere but I’m not sure.

    when I said the original post, I meant the one you were responded to. S/he said something about ‘grassroots’, so I took it to mean about campaign styles at first.

    can sway too far to the other side of management also by delegating responsibilities and having no interest in keeping tabs on people. In my experience this type of leadership can be just as damaging. No interest, no oversight to ensure that your people are enacting your commands results in divisions run amok

    Exactly. But not only that – it is also the language that the ruling elite has been using for the past several years to justify letting the foxes guard the henhouse.

    When the commander in chief isn’t going to accept responsibility for results, then that means the government is going to be run by unnamed, invisible persons who are granted a free hand to do what they like…you know: more of what we have under Bush. And all that goes with it.

    I want my government leader to be accountable. I want my leaders to take personal responsibility for making sure that anything taxpayers might end up bailing out is not going to be allowed to get that out of control. The business magazines call that micromanagement (but then again, their name for me is “unit”).

    I am sick of things collapsing and the bad guys walking off with their cash in their pockets and nobody knows the name of the guy who was supposed to be in charge.

  112. Teresa234:

    I’m mad as hell over at

  113. why do we have to wait for the repugs to dig up that video of Michelle/”whitey”? If it really is out there, can’t it be leaked by someone (anyone?)before it’s too late?

    Just curious… to me, it would be an act of patriotism to fully expose this creep and his baggage now.
    Well I am not saying this tape is out there. The tape may or may not exist.

    But if it does exist, it is probably as hidden as all the racially inflammatory crap that used to be on the trinity web site.

    Other things have disappeared, too – the Asa eulogy and Michelle’s thesis are among those things that don’t come up where you’d think they would on a standard Google search.

    But please – if anyone knows where to look for it – do. Because if such a thing exists, it definitely changes the game. But the time to look for it was back before the Rev. Wright scandal broke. The media knew about that scandal for a lonnnng time before it actually broke full force.

  114. Obama’s supporters seem to love the idea of having a grass-roots kind of president. How can anyone believe the job of the most powerful executive on the planet is to encourage grass roots movements? But lots of them do. Scary.

  115. I’m going to start voting my economic interests, so I will be voting a straight Republican ticket in November. I have never voted Republican in my life, and I have voted in every Election, primary or general since 1988. I want to send a protest vote to the Democratic party which I believe is becoming something I don’t recognize, and nothing I want to be associated with.
    If Hillary is the nominee, I will vote for her, but I will be voting Republican for every other choice. If Obama is the nominee, I’m actually going to volunteer for McCain.
    I consider myself a pretty average person, so I believe if I am feeling this way, a lot of other people are too.
    Everyone now is saying people should vote their economic interests in this election. Well, I have no kids, I am too old to go to war and I make good money. This puts me squarely in the Republican voting block. If Democrats won’t stand up for disenfranchised people, why should I? I gots mine.

  116. CB Wrote:
    …traveling to 57 states can be tiring so some slack should be extended to him.

    I agree. Dealing with (pretend) sniper fire is equally as exhausting. Distribute slack all around!


  118. Steve Corbert is a raceist. he is also a bigget towards
    Italians. He is living in the sixties , with his ashes of Janis Joplin in the beach sands of Santa Barbra.in his jar at home.
    He favors gun control but he hails Shinfen and long may it live, of which he has a medal broken .from his father,fhat he should throw in the cesspool.

  119. I agree that Obama is a racist. All of that hype about “uniting America”, please it would be more divided than ever. I am a Clinton supporter, but if Obama and McCain were my only choices, my choice would not be Obama.

  120. The Obama File

    Barack Hussein Obama

    A privileged African-American, who has not shared the black American experience
    By birth, blood and training, a Muslim, who has been a member of a Black-African church for 20 years
    A socialist whose politics are rooted in Marx and whose methods were developed by Alinsky
    A master at shaping his own mythology and completely unqualified to be Commander in Chief

    “.. they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

    Beckwith on Obama
    ( Jeff & Mike Show )






    State Senate

    US Senate

    The Wife











    © Copyright Beckwith 2008, all right reserved. Best viewed at 1024 X 768 pixels, small fonts.

  121. search “The Obama File” for details

  122. This is just schtick from this Corbett character. The proof is on his blog today quote
    “Some powerful people even suggested that I head up a national movement with a web site and an address and appearances all over the country. But although an organized and unified voice that Democratic Party bosses ignore is very much needed, I must humbly decline.”

    He doesn’t really care who the nominee is. He isn’t ready to do the work to get his “message” out. It is just a ploy to boost himself.
    How can we take him seriously if he doesn’t take himself serious enough to actually do something.
    Corbett is all talk, no action. He wants to leave the heavy lifting up to real democrats.
    What a disappointment.

  123. Wow! I feel I’m at home here. I will not vote for Obama and I will use all my might to defeat him. Democratic Party needs a revamp. Howard Dean should be kicked out fast.

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