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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Whew! eRiposte is back at TheLeftCoaster

I was getting worried there for a moment. He/She has a great post today titled, “It Ain’t Over Yet” that summarizes the state of the campaign. I especially liked this bit:

[Big bonus for Democrats if Sen. Clinton becomes the nominee: She is building a massive base of Democratic voters who don’t trust the media to tell the truth about Democrats (like her) and who have deep contempt for the gasbags in the media. This is a dream come true for me because building voter skepticism about the media has been one of the principal failings of the Democratic party for a long time and she’s almost single-handedly accomplishing what to me should be one of the holy grails of Democratic and progressive politics, i.e., making voters realize that the media is elitist and often dishonest in how it transmits false, often Republican (and increasingly fake “progressive”) talking points about Democrats. Another holy grail that she’s on the right side of – she has been long been firmly in support of funding alternative progressive institutions and groups outside the Democratic party apparatus that are critical to ensuring the long term success of the progressive movement; contrast that with Sen. Obama’s inclinations.]

Yep, she could be a winner for us in so many ways one of the biggest being making the media narrative completely useless. Therefore, Donna Brazile will have her crushed.

89 Responses

  1. After Donna announced for Obama last week in her notable temper tantrum, I had wondered whether CNN would keep her as a commentator. Clearly, announcing for candidate is only the death knell if one announces for Hillary.

  2. I just cannot believe what an incredible candidate Hillary is and what utter morons the party bigshots must be to want her out of the way. I’ll say it again, we would be so lucky to have her as our president. And the Democratic party should be begging her to accept the nomination.

    As a good friend of mine used to say, stupidity should be painful. It sure hurts the rest of us.

  3. So you have heard the rumor I am sure…Edwards endorsing BO in MI of all places at 7pm.

  4. @Melanie: Unbelievable. If true, I’ll be ashamed of ever having supported Edwards.

  5. And I’m just glad he dropped out before I had a chance to humiliate myself forever by caucusing for him.

  6. I’m not sure how valuable endorsements from the dead-candidates society are though. Any studies?

  7. Breaking my pledge of “no cable news” I’m watching D. Brazile on CNN just because I want to see if she’s changing her tone. She’s not challenging HRC for staying in the race. She did say that the rules committtee will straighten this thing out and it’s not her job to second guess the rules committee…really? Really, Donna? It’s not your position to impair the process ? Hmmm.

  8. Whomever the endorsement is it will be announced at 7pm.

  9. Well that’s truly offensive for many Michigan voters if that rumor turns out to be true. The violation of our Civil Rights by the DNC (with Obama’s blessing and cooperation) needs to be corrected before we are used for his publicity purposes. Just saw the video on HillBuzz where Obama again calls a woman “Sweetie” (this is derogatory and disgusting behavior).

  10. God, imagine if it’s Gore!

    If it’s Edwards it’ll be spun as the working class hero rejecting the evil witch. Whatever. If Springsteen couldn’t get the working class vote to check out Obama, I don’t know how Edwards will work–especially since he said poverty and health care were his top issues. Obama has dismissed those, undercut the latter, while Clinton has upped the ante by including a poverty czar in her list of proposals.

  11. I hope that’s not true of Edwards. He’ll have to be added to my list of Democrats I Can’t Stand – heretofore known as “DICS”.

  12. @Sarah: Ha! Too funny.

  13. Having a hard time believing that Edwards would endorse either candidate at this point, especially since he doesn’t believe endorsements are meaningful anyway. Is there a MI pol whose endorsement would be valuable to Obama?

  14. Want to blow lunch…watch this.

  15. Oh, it looks like obama announced a ‘major endorsement’ and John Edwards ‘got on a plane today’. Mark Halperin of Time and HuffPo report.

    Don’t know if it means anything – they didn’t say ‘Edwards got on a plane bound for MI’. This would be a strange time to endorse after waiting so long.

    This on the HuffPo: UPDATE: Another, perhaps more realistic, rumor has popped up: that Obama is being endorsed tonight by Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

    Now I need to take a shower…

  16. Dalton Caulfield for Clinton VP. This is the 11 year old who sold $400 of his “stuff” to contribute to HRCs campaign. This guy knows how to raise cash, knows how to get his 15 minutes of fame + more and has her agenda down to the basics – the economy, helping people and getting out of Iraq. This kid is great, sign him up.

  17. “Sweetie”? Oh. My. God. I guess I’m just a little reactive on this topic. Sweetie….

  18. It says here that it’s just Edwards’ campaign manager, David Bonior, who will be endorsing Obama. I hope that’s all it is, I’ll be pretty disappointed in Edwards if he endorses the weaker, less progressive candidate now.

  19. If Carl Levin did that I will NEVER forgive him.

  20. Bonior already endorsed him. That article is from May 8th.

  21. Edwards endorses Obama.

    Shame on him. I guess the haka has been ratched up to hyper speed. Stay strong Hillary, I thing this may work in your favor-everyone loves the underdog.

  22. So here it is…The Edwards endorsement:


    What a fraud.

  23. Yup, Edwards did it. Feels like a punch to the stomach.

  24. Does everyone realize that not one of Hill’s male competitors endorsed her. Some Party.

  25. O/T but


    Thanks alot, John.

  26. I wonder if his debts were paid off.

    Why wasn’t Elizabeth involved? Could it be a split decision?

  27. Is there any report of why Edwards is endorsing Obama?

    Did Obama change his healthcare approach? Or is that Elizabeth’s concern, and not John/s”

    Not good. Guess he felt he didn’t need to keep his powder dry any longer! But, why? and Why now?

    To give his delegates to Obama? Can he do that?

    Oh, crikey.

  28. If that’s true, then Edwards is a fraud. I believed that he really cared about ending poverty and establishing universal health care, and preserving social security–Obama will do the opposite. I want my money back, John Edwards!

    And if Carl Levin endorses Obama, Michigan voters should take him down. Obama blocks Michigan’s votes from being counted, and Levin rewards him for it?

  29. I was getting worried about eRiposte–asked over at The Left Coaster, got no answer. Well, one snide one from a commenter.


  30. I listened to Hillary’s interview with Wolf Blitzer at 4PM. She was wonderful, completely calm and dignified. She would make a fantastic President.

    Before the interview, Jack Cafferty announced his “question of the day,” by saying, “What is it about ‘go away,’ that Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand?

    Hillary explained, calmly and clearly, that there has never been a nomination contest this close and that she owes it to her voters to stick it out. She was magnificent!

    Afterwards, Donna Brazile said Hillary should stay in the race. It sounded like someone gave her a talking to. I’m sure it really galled her to have to say that.

    I don’t care how many endorsements Obama gets, he won’t get my vote.

  31. jawbone,

    Edwards can ask his delgates to vote for Obama, but he can’t make them. Some of Edwards’ delegates have already switched. There is really no such thing as a “pledged delegate.”

  32. The story from ABC news is that he is endorsing him in Michigan — land of the disenfranchised — to boost Obama’s support among working class voters. You know, the ones Obama has hitherto ignored, the ones Donna Brazile has decreed to be superfluous.

    I had thought Elizabeth would at least keep him neutral.

    I doubt that Obama is changing his health care plan, and I am shocked that Edwards would do this before Michigan and Florida were resolved.

    Maybe he wants another run at the vice-presidency?


  33. bostonboomer:

    What part of “sexist tool” does Jack Cafferty not understand?

  34. Oh. My. God. I just saw the video of Obama calling a reporter “sweetie” over at No Quarter. He also refused to answer any questions about what he would do to help out auto workers. I think this man is actually more arrogant than George W. Bush.

  35. It seems all our idols have feet of clay. For me, the first one was Ned Lamont endorsing Obama, even though Obama refused to lift a finger on his behalf after Lamont won the CT Democratic primary. Then it was Russ Feingold saying he didn’t think Edwards was a true progressive, proving to me that Feingold has a desperate need to be seen as the leader of the “progressive movement” rather than complement anyone else for running as a strong progressive. Now it’s John Edwards endorsing Obama. I just this minute took my Edwards button off my bulletin board and threw it in the trash.

  36. Goes without saying just how disappointed I’m feeling about John Edwards shilling for the Obama campaign. Sorry, but this does not persuade me towards Barack – not one iota. JE’s got some serious ‘splainin’ to do, imo. Makes no sense. Of course, not much of these “endorsements” have made much sense, considering what’s awaiting them in the GE.

  37. Another holy grail that she’s on the right side of – she has been long been firmly in support of funding alternative progressive institutions and groups outside the Democratic party apparatus that are critical to ensuring the long term success of the progressive movement; contrast that with Sen. Obama’s inclinations.

    This must be spoofery. Good show.

  38. Edwards. Does he suppose this is in the interest of unity?

    They should form an organization — failed presidential and vice presidential candidates for Obama.

    What a coalition of losers he’s got around him.

    BTW: I just got an email from the Edwards campaign. It’s going to be fun to tell them where to take their endorsement!

  39. Litigatormom,

    “Maybe he wants another run at the vice-presidency?”

    What else does Obama have to offer? Maybe Obama thinks Edwards can carry NC for him. I doubt it. More likely, Edwards will be in the history books as a four-time loser–twice for prez and two for VP.

  40. *Still SMH, profusely*

  41. Teresa,

    Would you please post the address from that Edwards e-mail, if it’s not too much trouble? I deleted it in a fit of pique.

  42. don’t know how Edwards will work–especially since he said poverty and health care were his top issues. Obama has dismissed those, undercut the latter,

    It looks like Edwards cares about Edwards.

    I’m so sorry I supported him. I thought he stood for Democratic party ideals. I thought he was sincere about poverty, and that he was angry with Gore for not fighting for the lost election.

    But … in the end … the Democratic party is every man for himself, and every woman for whichever man wants her.

  43. katiebird, on May 14th, 2008 at 5:24 pm Said:

    I wonder if his debts were paid off.

    Why wasn’t Elizabeth involved? Could it be a split decision?

    I think it was a split decision. IIRC Edwards said that he and his wife voted for different people.

  44. I am amazed – I guess obama signed on to his plan to fight poverty, or something. All in the name of unity.

  45. I wish Elizabeth would endorse Hillary then.

  46. “Maybe he wants another run at the vice-presidency?”

    The problem with that is Obama would still be at the head of the ticket. I don’t think the DNC gets that reality. Those “working class/blue-collar” voters who are against an Obama bid (and boy, there are many) aren’t gonna perk up and reconsider because JE is ‘bringing up the rear’ as VP.

  47. Bonior already endorsed him. That article is from May 8th.

    Oops, thanks Melanie! That was the first thing that came up in my Google search, so I thought that’s what it was all about.

    Well, I’m disappointed in Edwards. I really thought he cared about UHC. I don’t want to necessarily ascribe a more venal motive to his decision, but who knows? Bill Richardson might be sweating it out right now, since Edwards would probably make for a better draw as VP.

    Oh, well, I guess if you feel the need to pander to women you’ve alienated, you go to NARAL, and if you need to pander to working class voters you’ve alienated, you go to “the son of a mill worker.”

  48. BB, I want my money back too. My first donation went to Edwards before Hillary wowed me. More ganging up on her by the Democratic Men’s Party. They can all just kiss off.

  49. I wish Elizabeth would endorse Hillary then.

    Same here, BB.

  50. For the love of God, Elizabeth, endorse Clinton!

  51. Yes but Elizabeth hates Hillary on a personal basis. I have no idea why.

    But honest to god, what a punk Edwards turned out to be. As I said over at Talk Left, he couldn’t even do it before North Carolina. What a coward.

  52. That all these folk are willing to fall on their swords for BO is mind-boggling. It’s like they’re racing to see who amongst them will drive the [Democratic] bus off the cliff first. My word.

  53. *Still SMH* Expect I’ll be doing this well into the weekend.

  54. BostonBoomer: I don’t know if a reply at this address will be read, but here it is: info@johnedwards.com

  55. NEWS FLASH!! John Edwards just endorsed Barack Obama.
    I’m ashamed to say that I used to support John Edwards, and I can tell you that I will never support him again if chooses to run for office. As far as I’m concerned he is nothing but an opportunist and there’s no telling what Obama has promised him to get this endorsement.

  56. hey, guys, I don’t know how much this is going to help Obama. The thing about Edwards was he said he the candidate of the working guy but working class voters had trouble identifying with a rich class action lawyer. Edwards real base was traditional white liberal voters. Those people have pretty much gravitated to one candidate or another by now. It might help him in Oregon but I doubt it will have an impact in KY.
    One thing is for certain though, he waited long enough until he saw which way the wind was blowing and even then it’s probably premature. I’m guessing that Obama begged him to step forward now because this working class thing is threatening to derail him.

  57. http://www.correntewire.com/i_cant_imagine_why_he_doesnt_do_better_with_women_voters#comment-88611

    Go watch this video — let me know what your reaction is.

    Curdled my stomach.

  58. RD,

    I don’t think it will help Obama at this point either. I can’t imagine there are very many Edwards supporters waiting around for him to tell them who to support. I wonder if that video of Obama making another sexist remark will make the news? Jesus, he is unbelieveable.

  59. Well, this “sweetie” ain’t buyin’ from Mr. Edwards.

  60. Does anyone have a list of how the former Dem candidates have endorsed?

    Someone said none of the guys has endorsed Hillary Clinton! is that correct?

  61. Again, does anybody honestly believe the working class voters who’ve alienated BO’s candidacy in droves, will suddenly do a 180 because of this endorsement – or as a “veep” mate? I don’t see it.


  62. NARAL endorsing Obama, as well. And I don’t see him as really having much skin in that game of protecting a woman’s right to choose.

    Good grief.

  63. That all these folk are willing to fall on their swords for BO is mind-boggling.

    I don’t think they realize there is the potential for backlash.

    They think we’ll come around. Are you gonna come around? Cuz I am not planning on coming around. But they think we will, so maybe we will.

  64. They’re absolute FOOLS if they think, for one second, there’s a way towards victory in November without the “HRC” factor. Boy, what a pack of numbnuts!

  65. Obama has been trotting out endorsements since he peaked in WI and none of them have helped.

  66. This is funny , well – not funny , but direct , truthful and unique..


  67. This will probably help a little with working class voters. At the least it will be the “big story” tonight (not Clintons WV win).

  68. Are you gonna come around? Cuz I am not planning on coming around.

    To quote a certain diva: “HELL TO THE NO!”

  69. It might help him in Oregon

    Isn’t that the only thing that counts?

    If he can take Oregon big time, doesn’t that negate WV and KY (which the media will spin as irrelevant, because white liberals don’t happen to like those states, and affluent white liberals are all that matter)?

    This is about party realignment. This is about kicking out the states that they don’t like. I remain convinced that the only way they could be doing something this crazy is if they are trying to rebuild a new 2nd Republican party – one Republican party for the churchgoers and another for the ones who don’t like churchgoing Republicans.

    They show how serious they are about disenfranchising us, and they pick up all the new voters who want a Republican party that isn’t all messed up.

  70. Could the Democrats get any more condescending or superficial?

    Little pieces of cheese, crumbs — NARAL for the women and Edwards for the ‘working class.’ Here, this is what you folks get, now get out of the way for the creative class metros.

    They’ve been pushing this creep on us from Day One. The primary is over in just over two weeks, but no, still working hard to depress Hillary’s numbers.

    I’m GenX; super core creative class and appalled.

  71. The 10s of Mio of Americans who voted for Edwards will now move en masse to Obama. This endorsement is the key to… Oh wait! Edwards doesn’t really have a constituency at this point?

    Ok never mind.

  72. Count me as a very disappointed ex-Edwards supporter. I lived in NC for about 4 yrs, and I don’t think think this endorsement will help much there. Obama is already strong in the areas that support Edwards.
    I worked on the E Carolina coast in 2004, and Edwards didn’t even bother to campaign anywhere close, just wrote it off.
    This campaign is so surreal, like nothing is solid or trustworthy. I had dreaded NARAL. Can’t decide whether to help start a new party, or go off to a cabin in the woods. This is the way the late 60s & early 70s felt. I’ve been kicked out of the Democratic Party, and they don’t care.

  73. This will probably help a little with working class voters.

    The MSM coverage will be there. But methinks it’s alot of wishful thinking to think those same voters are gonna flip over JE’s endorsement. They can’t get past the Obama factor. How’s that gonna change with him leading the Dem ticket?

  74. Well Dem party is a lot like Disneyland. When you want to see a particular ethnic group or gender or orientation, they trot them out like a ride.

    Most of us have ignored that for years because it came around to doing the right thing.

    The real question for us is what’s next? Hillary would be natural leader of third party but she doesn’t seem willing. But if they keep pissing her off

  75. Ryan,

    Dream on. I guess maybe it could help with the 7% of WV primary voters who went for Edwards. Working people aren’t stupid.

  76. LMBO @ MABlue! Thanks, I needed that. 🙂

  77. BB – Just spoke with those 7%’ers of WV voters and they are offended. They insist you retract. 😉

  78. Cafferty sucks.

    Yuck, I didn’t think of the John Edwards for VP slant. I’m hoping that won’t happen, not a pretty ticket. Edwards just isn’t strong enough.

  79. Well, this is good at least. According to a commentor on Talk Left, EE did not travel with Edwards and says she is not part of the endorsement. I wish she would just come out for Hill already.

  80. http://thepage.time.com/obama-pool-report-from-scranton-pennsylvania/

    Here’s the story of Obama trying to sweet talk a Hillary supporter. A kiss for wearing his button.

    This guy reminds me too much of BushBoy, with his patronizing sexism.

  81. These “endorsements” remind me of the endless array of heavyweight high-profile figures, out in full force, stomping for Kerry in the fall of ’04. Remind me again, how that turned out?

  82. I sent an email to info@johnedwards.com and an auto-responder came back. It said to direct your emails to press@johnedwards.com

  83. Obama had here in MA the endorsement of the 2 senators, the governor, the largest part of the Kennedy clan. As a result he suffered a biblical humiliation.

    Btw, why does Caroline Kennedy get an op-ed page in the NY to tell us whom she’s endorsing. What is she again?

  84. I have to say it; Edwards is just one more name to add to the Losers For Obama T-shirt – Yes We Can….Do It Again.

    That T-shirt just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  85. jawbone:

    Someone said none of the guys has endorsed Hillary Clinton! is that correct?

    I don’t know if it’s true. I just know that the most successful Democratic president since FDR has endorsed her 😀

  86. Lucinda,

    Thanks for the e-mail address. I gave John Edwards a piece of my mind.

  87. It figures. Hillary blows Barry away in WV, and now Edwards makes his Barry endorsement. I hate to break it to Edwards, but his supporters found a hell of a lot better candidate and his endorsement is too little, too late!

  88. Look at Obama’s list of endorsers

    Tell me again what “new politics” means?

    Looks pretty familiar to me. Looks like a LOSS.

  89. Too little, too late, yeah. But the timing was such a great way to steal her West Virginia thunder. I can’t stand many more elections like this one.

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