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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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It’s different this time

I want to come back to Bob Casey’s comment last night about how he’s heard about defections before but everyone comes around in the end and unites behind one candidate. That may have been true in the past, but Barack Obama will not be a candidate who will benefit from such good will. Not this time.

In the past, I was willing to embrace the nominee, even if he, and it was *always* a he, wasn’t my first choice. I was a Clarkie in 2004 but I got behind John Kerry. Mondale and Dukakis didn’t inspire me like some of the other candidates like Paul Tsongas or Gary Hart but I cheerfully pulled the lever for them. But the difference is that back then, the races were not that close. Someone was always a clear frontrunner and locked it up decisively. And so the messiness of the Democratic party was hidden. Ted Kennedy’s outrageous behavior at the 1980 convention was the only time I can remember someone trying to highjack a result and even then it wasn’t really a contest except in Kennedy’s head.

This year, however, we are witnessing the prejudices and contempt in our own party structure. And it is all directed to the benefit of one candidate at the expense of the better candidate. That’s the thing that is so revolting about this year. Barack Obama is simply not a very good candidate. He is unseasoned and inexperienced. Next to Clinton, he looks and sounds like a child when it comes to policy. And while she keeps going and going, winning on a shoestring budget, he can’t even eek out 30 points in a state where he had twice the resources that she had.

He has benefitted from a sycophantic media that has applauded everything he does. And everyone knows why they are doing it. There is no mystery here. They want the weaker candidate against McCain this fall. But instead of fighting the media, the party leadership is aiding and abetting it. It has tolerated and sometimes even engaged in blatant sexism. The candidate himself has also done this, dogwhistling to men and never once rebuked his media fan club for piling on Clinton. To her credit, she doesn’t complain. But it’s not like we haven’t noticed that and the lopsided double standard. Then there is the charge of racism directed at us.

But the straw that is breaking the camel’s back is the way that Florida and Michigan is being treated. Donna Brazile and the Rules and Bylaws committee seem determined to give voters the finger and deliberately suppress Clinton delegates with the expectation that they can swing the nomination for Barry. They are telling us all who voted for Clinton so go to hell and then simultaneously telling us we have to vote for Obama or else. That plus the gaming of the caucus states and the media haka proclaiming the race over is revolting.

The point is, we can see it all now. Nothing is hidden. If there were levers pulled before for one of the other candidates that I voted for, I was unaware of it. I thought the Democrats actually sood for something, like Democracy. Like giving everyone a chance. Like treating people like equals. And here I see the exact opposite embodied in the person of Barack Obama, a man who is willing to get to the nomination by riding this wave of Clinton media hatred and his own party’s contempt for voters.

This is supposed to make me want to unite behind him? By lowering the bar from 2209 delegates to 2025, the weaker candidate benefits from one of the biggest affirmative action programs there is at the expense of the better candidate. And I’m, supposed to approve of this when there is a very real possibility that repercussions will spread throughout society as a result of taking out the most powerful woman in America in such a brutal manner? That’s supposed to be Ok with me?

No, Senator Casey. I have to draw the line somewhere. You guys have gone too far.

84 Responses

  1. I confess that I am undecided about what to do. But for this yellow dog Democrat to be undecided is a disaster for the Democratic Party. I am a member of its slam dunk vote, and I’m not there this year.

  2. Amen!

  3. Yes all true but I would add that the Party is betraying us the country, not just Clinton, for what they believe is Party Power a return to Teddy Kennedy’s social justice left and away from the Clinton Centrist wing that ahs been good for our prosperity and they do it knowingly. Congress is at a whopping low at 18 percent approval that’s with this Party in charge and as we have seen the only thing dead on arrival for Pelosi is tax decrease. Its easy for us all imagine how much more harm a weak peevish President co enabled by failed politicians in the same Party also in control of Congress supported by a rabid blind base full of a chattering class and the harm he can do. For me the most attractive thing about McCain now is his fringe extremist Party Base hate him he is in town tomorrow I’m going to go check him out. Personally I am done with Party’s and manufactured wedgies and fringe political sects they are IMO destroying our country.

  4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’ll say it a thousand times a day. I’ll say it on behalf of every person who feels the way I do but doesn’t have the opportunity to say it for themselves:

    I will not vote for Barack Obama. Ever.

    I don’t care anymore if John McCain wins the election. I really don’t. And I’ve been a die-hard voting Dem for almost 40 years. But the boys have pushed this girl to the edge of the cliff, assuming I’ll turn and join them rather than jump.

    Watch me, boys. I’m jumping. But I’ll build my wings on the way down, and I’ll be just fine. Can’t say the same about you.

  5. Well folks, you might be a Democrat but if wins you will need to accede to his folks taking over the Party. Without even having given his press conference acceptance he’s moving to replace the 527s that work to gather votes. He’s also tossing constituencies aside as he no longer needs them (see boomers in West Virginia and women since the beginning).

    Given his actual ineptitude this attempted takeover would normally be laughable. But the Party, along with DC and these MSM, has become a hollow shell of itself. In other words, it’s like a house that already been worked over by termites.

    I’ll admit I’m home today so not feeling that great. But I’m reminded of that great scene from Animal House where Bluto just tells everybody to go for it (it being a road trip). Yes, it’s not a complete match to the metaphor and it’s adolescent. But if I remember correctly, Bluto et al won in the end.

    As for Casey, we need to coin the following slogan: “McCain is not Santorum.”

  6. I’ve never voted for a Republican before, and won’t vote for Obama. If Obama is the nominee, I’ll write in Hillary’s name, which is the same as not voting at the top of the ticket,.

    Should Barry be told to do the unthinkable and offer Judas Richardson the #2 spot, I’ll vote for McCain with a vengeance.

    McCain was good enough in 2004 for Daschle and Kerry to ask him to defect and be Kerry’s VP. I worked hard for Kerry, although he lacked the fortitude that Hillary evidenced from the start. McCain definitely has more experience, and I’ll be on the winning side for once, which hasn’t happened since Bill Clinton ran for President–and I was twice a winner.

    Note to Barry: We don’t want you! Please drop out!

  7. I feel like I’m in a really bad dream. How in heck is this happening? I just can’t express the rage and general aggravation that I feel right now.

    I’m beginning to wonder how the convention is going to pan out. If no one has 2209 delegates on the first vote then I think it’s really going to be a free for all. What will it take for a candidate to amass the necessary votes? Who will be better at twisting the elbows needed. I really think that we need to start prepping for this possibility now. I think that the letter writing to the delegates that has been proposed by different websites will help a great deal. We need to really work the refs HARD.

  8. “The weaker candidate benefits from one of the biggest affirmative action programs there is at the expense of the better candidate.”

    This is exactly it. It’s very clear to those with a watchful eye.

  9. I feel so stupid…all these years I thought “the Party” had the same objective that I had…to nominate a really great POTUS candidate and win the WH and do good for our country.

    As with you, riverdaughter, my eyes have been opened this year and I am appalled at what I see.

    I keep asking the question…why, why is this happening? And the silence is deafening. The only answer can be that “the Party” will let their infantile power games be more important than the good of this country.

    For that I will never forgive them. I am a Democrat, but I am an American first. And I am sickened by what I have seen and learned.

    Shame on all of them.

  10. well, I’ll bet the Republicans now wish they had fought off the Bush Puppet and CR fringe sects instead of not surrendering their Party. The only good that comes from this is if disaffected republicans, Independents and disaffected democrats drop the name calling and Party manufactured wedgies and combine power against the fringe candidate which in this case ends up being Obama, now McCain VP makes a big difference, if its a goof from the wacky Right we would only then have divided government if he was elected which I’d take before Fringe Party consolidated power headed by a weak man. It is time for change but real change we must steer towards good governance Are we without a candidate or can we help move McCain to the middle, I don’t know the right hates him thats a plus.

  11. Riverdaughter’s post says it well. It is beyond obvious that the DNC, and certain “Party elders” have been determined to give Obama the nomination. From the way the delegate allocation system was set up in 2006, to give more weight to AA voters; to the encouraging of caucuses over primaries; to the willful disenfranchising of Florida and Michigan (if those primaries had counted from the outset, Hillary would had this in the bag by now); to the relentless narrative of “we must choose our candidate now,” it has all been fixed and controlled from the outset. All the time and effort and money we have spent has been overwhelmed by the desires of Dean, Pelosi, Brazile and the rest to get rid of both Clintons, and to nominate the more malleable candidate, who also makes them feel good by being African-American.

    We are doing all we can, and so of course is HIllary. But when you see superdelegates from states where Clinton won almost every county, come out for Obama, with some weird rationalization about how he (race baiter extraordinaire) will “bring the country together,” you know it’s a tank job. And don’t think that an Obama presidency won’t make sure that their control of the Party is complete. That is why I cannot ever vote for Obama, because if he wins, I have no political future. Further, an Obama presidency will be four years only, followed by a return of the extreme right wing. The “Obama coalition” cannot sustain itself. The people behind it don’t care, or are too foolish to understand what they are doing. They are making sure that one of the potential great presidents of the last 100 years is defeated, nay, humiliated. The insult to her is overshadowed by the contempt and disdain it shows for our country.

  12. I get a lot of sh*t for saying that I won’t vote for Obama because it would simply be a vote validating misogynistic attacks against females—-by fellow democrats no less. If you ever wonder why the democratic party doesn’t care who it props up there…it’s that so many democrats fall into this trap each election. Fellow democrats get angry and incredulous with me…it’s like mob mentality and they are accusing me of treason.

    You know, I’m a male and I’m infuriated at the attacks in Hillary and women by extension. I can only imagine how that must feel for women who have waited their whole lives to see a viable female candidate. .

  13. Very well-stated and powerful post, Riverdaughter. It is different this time. Don’t count on me, Casey, Dean, Brazile, et al. Nuh-uh.

    Shainzona: “Shame on them” is right. But I think they’re shameless.

  14. Once upon a time during this election cycle, HRC was “inevitable,” and not coincidentally it was also a foregone conclusion that the Democrats would easily win back the White House. That is, until Barack Obama decided to break his pledge to serve out his Senate term and throw his hat into the ring. His candidacy has cleaved the Democratic party in half, exposing bitter factions that in past election cycles managed to hold tenuously together. Now we’re white vs. black, men vs. women, blue collar vs. white collar, old vs. young, college educated vs. not–all as a result of the Obama candidacy.

    For the first time I can recall, one presidential candidate is flipping off the other, relying on ridicule as a major campaign strategy, using hip-hop gestures, and appealing on a frat-boy level to his real frat-boy supporters. Frankly, I find this behavior astonishingly puerile and embarrassing to us as a country.

    To me, Obama is the candidate of passive aggression. He assumes the moral high ground at the top of his campaign organization, while his surrogates proceed to race bait, ridicule the opposition, spread misinformation and distortions, and stoop to name calling. All the while, the candidate himself pretends he doesn’t know what’s going on.

    I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but if Obama is the nominee, I’ll vote all Dem down-ticket, but skip voting for president. The way I look at it, with a Democratic majority in congress, a brief McCain presidency won’t be that bad.

    The Obama candidacy reminds me of nothing quite so much as the Miley Cyrus phenomenon: it spread like wildfire, rakes in money, appeals to children, and is totally inexplicable.

  15. Well done, RD. Spot on. I’m right behind you.

  16. Casey’s “unite behind one candidate is Code Yellow in the Pocket Guide to OFB Talking Points. The game is easy when you just spin the wheel…

  17. A lot of eyes have been opened this primary and what we see is an ugliness we never dreamed lurked under the hi-faluting rhetoric our party leaders spout constantly. Problem is we don’t believe them any more.

    Most, if not all of us here voted for John Kerry like good little Democrats/Liberals. Many of us not only didn’t like him, I personally loathed the big gasbag. But as a loyal Democrat I voted for him.

    I then watched in disbelief as he caved in Ohio. He hadn’t the guts or the integrity to fight for the votes in Ohio. Perhaps disdainful “Elites” like Kerry don’t realize that fighting for votes means fighting for the voters that cast them. Does anyone believe that should the same kind of circumstance arise again that Obama would fight for votes or voters? Or would he, like his buddy Kerry, fold like a cheap lawn chair?

    The elite, misogynistic members of the Democratic party may think that we, the undereducated, duped, ill-informed working class have no place else to go. Wrong, oh wise ones! We don’t have to “go” anywhere. We can just sit home. Or we can, as I shall if Obama is the nominee, write in Hillary, vote for a couple of Dems and one Green Party candidate I respect and then go home. Having done my civic duty by voting and having obeyed the dictates of my conscience and heart, I will be content.

  18. RD, I’m sorry to see you adopting the “affirmative-action candidate” meme. Yes, Barry is severely underqualified. Yes, he is African American. Yes, the Democratic leadership and many of his white followers are supporting him largely if not exclusively because of the color of his skin–they’ve said so themselves (John Kerry, Chris Bowers, et al.). But affirmative action, as I understand it, is an effort to level the playing field all other things being equal,, and you can debate that program if you want to. But clearly all things are not equal in this case, given Senator Clinton’s superior qualifications and the misognynist bigotry arrayed against her from every quarter, so I think the “affirmative-action candidate” meme muddies the waters in a way that is not constructive while also minimizing the real injustice being perpetrated against the better candidate. It’s the misogyny, not the racism. IMHO.

  19. I think Kerry would have made an ok president and our country’s problems weren’t as deep 4 years ago. At least I had no doubts that he was a real dem. But he was a horrible campaigner. My SO, who isn’t political, said after Nov 2004 that it looked to him like Kerry had been paid to throw the fight.

  20. kenoshaMarge,

    I personally loathed the big gasbag. But as a loyal Democrat I voted for him.

    Me too.

    And I stayed up Election night looking at the footage of the long lines of voters waiting to vote in Ohio in the rain (and God knews what the helicopters did to the rain while they waited) — Didn’t some people wait 7 hours or more to vote in that weather?

    (shudder) And Kerry — who had bragged about his army of lawyers and a special fund just for fighting the post-election battle — caved in by lunch the next day.

    I SWORE I’d never hold my nose to vote for a candidate again. And I won’t.

  21. All posts this morning are spot-on as usual! I have said it, and not just in the heat of anger, that under no circumstances will I vote for Obama. The Democratic Party has walked away from me, not the other way around. Do we want to remain in a party that celebrates Nancy Pelosi who has not carried out the 2006 mandate? There should have been an immediate action for impeachment the moment the 2007 session began! Instead she has done nothing but appease. If this is what she is doing now with the travesty of an Obama election than we need to escape.

    I will re-register as Independent. When a party can so casually blow off a candidate who has the years of experience and the potential clout to complete her mission in favor of some unknown, untried, unqualified, inexperienced candidate, that says more than enough for me. The race baiting that has been flung at the Clinton’s is just one of the reasons I will defect. Casey and the like, apologists all, who are unable to identify with a level of decency towards women are buttheads!

    There is something not quite right in Denmark!

  22. Two graphics have summed up the whole primary mess for me.

    First if all, Lambert’s wheel. I love it.

    Second of all, the painting accompanying the Willamette Week’s endorsement of Obama:


    Art is liberating.

  23. Casey sounds like one of them “old” Democrats. I thought he was part of Brazile’s “new coalition.” Nope, Bob. It won’t be like before, and you can take that to the bank.

    Write her in!

  24. Over at TalkLeft, BTD started talking about “Uniting the Party”. Honestly, I think he has something of a cognitive disconnect himself, given that we don’t HAVE a party anymore.

    And if we now “unite the party” behind all of the horrendous and downright scary things that have happened, we will never again have a party.

    We can’t let this atrocity win. Period.

  25. Oh, and have I mentioned that Riverdaughter owes us a song? 😉

  26. rd – One precedent may have slipped by you.

    1992 — when Bob Casey’s father went to convention with the intent to hijack the sewn-up nomination from Bill Clinton, who he viewed as “unelectable”.

  27. Even if they block MI/FL the superdelegates still have the opportunity to pick the nominee and they have the duty to pick the strongest GE candidate (who just happens to be the only viable Democrat left).

    There is no damn excuse not to pick Clinton. The media hates Democrats no matter what and AAs will not be comforted by sending the first black presidential candidate to a GE slaughter.

  28. Marc Rubin has a terriffic posting over at Taylor Marsh.

  29. Noone can take my vote for granted even though I have been a Democrat since my 1st vote in 1968. I just sent the election committee in my city the request that i become “unenrolled”. My husband couldn’t believe it. I believe, as I’ve said earlier, that we should form the Women’s Party (enlightened men welcome!!!) and do the Lysistrata thing. I won’t vote for McCain but neither can I pull the lever for Barack Obama.

  30. I think what BTD and many other loyal Democrats just cannot see is that the misogyny that has been directed at Hillary Clinton by the Obamacrats is so unacceptable to many of us that we feel voting for him, with or without Hillary as VP would validate all that hatred directed at women in general and Hillary in particular. I like and respect BTD and love his posts but on this issue I disagree vehemently!

    To me it would be saying that the hate, the rabid unrelenting hatred of women was excusable and forgivable as being “politics as usual”.

    I have 7 granddaughters and I owe them, and myself and all other women more than that. It’s not okay, it will never be okay and I will never validate it with my vote.

  31. Classof77, good call on the Miley Cyrus comparison,

    I likened Obama to “New Coke.”

    Coca-Cola wanted to “change the old formula,” spent millions of dollars to have their consumers outraged and demanding “Coca-Cola Classic” – and the worst part is that the Coca-Cola bottling company couldn’t believe that consumers were that upset. Months later, and hundreds of millions dollars wasted, Coca-Cola Classic was re-instated.

    Obama = The New Coke flavor you can’t convince me to drink.

    Hillary = Coca-Cola Classic – and I’m sticking to it!

  32. In case you were wondering, here’s what gets you zapped by 10 people on Daily Kos. (Remarkably, five people even went into the Hidden Comments to zap it some more, just so they could be seen to be part of the censorious mob!) I stepped on the Thrid Rail of Kos: don’t impugn Obama’s blackness.

    Barack Obama has as much connection to the historical and cultural experience of African Americans as Vanilla Ice…perhaps less. His appeal to whites is based to a depressing extent on that fact. This is why he didn’t start the race with any identity-politics advantage among African-American Democrats…and it’s why he proceeded to generate that advantage, through the steps that Wilentz, Henderson, and a lamentably small number of others have pointed out.

    Obama started out as what he could legitimately claim to be: the post-racial candidate that Sullivan praised to the skies. This was a little creepy, since the white search for post-racial blacks is something I’d rather leave to Republicans, but at least there was a unity between how Obama really thinks and the appeal he sought to make. I’m quite sure that Obama hasn’t changed, but he’s permitted his appeal to change quite radically, at least to black voters, for the oldest reason in the book: there are votes to be had!

  33. kenoshaMarge: That’s what did it for me. I will not validate a campaign of (violent) anti-female hate, especially from the left. Seeing my mother–a member of Clinton’s generation and a fellow Wellesley alumna–break down in tears after the post-NC/IN misogynistic feeding frenzy killed me. How can I say I love my mother and yet vote for Obama? I can’t.

    My mother broke through barriers, becoming a doctor, and she remembers the visceral hatred she and so many others encountered. To think that the Democratic Party hates women so much it’s willing to throw an election is too revolting for words.

  34. Okay, you said EXACTLY what I feel, and what the women around me feel.

    Great post.

  35. Teresa234:
    Over at TalkLeft, BTD started talking about “Uniting the Party”. Honestly, I think he has something of a cognitive disconnect himself, given that we don’t HAVE a party anymore.

    Frankly, I’m highly offended by BTD’s remarks about “uniting the party”. Obviously he is totally oblivous to the shameful denigration of all women by Obama, his supporters and the DNC. There does need to be a third party…and it should be called the House of Ruth.

  36. I agree with all previous postings! And how dare you, Rich in PA, even think to criticize His Holiness!! They came after you like sharks!

    It is amazing that not one reporter or anyone in the MSM has attempted to gauge the level of outrage we feel as women and women supporters. There is a big story out there if anyone wishes to examine it. Oh wait, that would not be a good thing for the “Transcender’s” campaign. Sorry to even mention it.

  37. You can keep saying it, Casey, but that won’t make it happen. I’ve voted in every election since I’ve been eligible to do so, and I’ve always voted for the Democratic presidential candidate. Not this time. Unlike so many in the MSM and Dem party leadership, I have a conscience and it will inform my vote, even if that means abstaining. Tough knuckles, Bob.

    But affirmative action, as I understand it, is an effort to level the playing field all other things being equal,, and you can debate that program if you want to. But clearly all things are not equal in this case, given Senator Clinton’s superior qualifications and the misognynist bigotry arrayed against her from every quarter, so I think the “affirmative-action candidate” meme muddies the waters in a way that is not constructive while also minimizing the real injustice being perpetrated against the better candidate. It’s the misogyny, not the racism. IMHO.

    I agree, Palomino. True affirmative action is meant to level the playing field between traditionally institutionally privileged white males on one side and traditionally under-represented women and racial/ethnic minorities on the other. In this case, both candidates fall on the under-represented side, so affirmative action does not apply.

    It was a wonderful opportunity for the MSM and voters to look at the misogyny and racism that exists in our nation’s soul, examine it, and finally repudiate it…and, from there onward, judge the candidates on their ability, policy, and character. Instead, it became a case of “Hmm, I can only have one. Which shall I choose, misogyny or racism?” The majority have reached for misogyny with both hands. I would have preferred that they had chosen neither, but apparently we, as a nation, are not there yet. And what people like Dean and Pelosi and Brazile and Casey need to realize is that some of us will not just bow our heads and accept that.

  38. There does need to be a third party…and it should be called the House of Ruth.

    Sorry for the double post, but oooh! I love that, slim! I’m not a Christian anymore, though I was raised Catholic, but Ruth is still my favorite book of the Bible. I do believe that Hillary is too committed to the Democratic party to leave it, but just in case she’s not: Whither thou goest,Hillary, I will go.

    (Just as long as it’s not on an Obama-led ticket, please. I don’t think it would be, but it has to be said–NO!)

  39. If Maureen Dowd can summon the ghost of Dr. Seuss, so can I:

    I do not like him, Sam-I-am.
    I do not like that horrid man.

  40. Anyone talking about the party uniting . is chugging that kool aid hard. When Hillary talks about coming together and supporting the nominee, she means herself . She has most of the voters now! Being able to get the Scotch Irish away from the GOP is gold!!

    I don;’t know if the Dems really believe we will vote for BO or they just say that while they are glad we won’t ., in that they are lying down for the GOP. Since it’s the Dems ,I still can’t figure out if they want to win or not.. Can they believe he’ll win?? They can’t so WTF?

    It’s Bambie or the White House. And again because it’s the Dems , they may insist on Bambie.

    Really Hillary was never going to be offered the VP because that Cheney spot is reserved for the actual power in the wind mills of their minds …Kerry/ Nancy?? They are doing her a favor of course . That VP offer is a trap that has gather many in . I think it’s up to 15 people being offered

    Casey is a Kennedy guy and will do as Ted tells him. He’s an even bigger zero than his dad and is only in because he’s not Rick.

  41. NARAL is “all in” on the healing:

    They said the board decided to back Obama over Clinton because he is overwhelmingly favored to win the nomination and to heal what the organization viewed as a growing rift between black voters and white female activists that the protracted Clinton-Obama contest may have caused.

  42. NARAL will never see one red cent from me. What a bunch of losers.

  43. Sorry folks, here is the link.

    Happily, I couldn’t give a hoot about what NARAL has to say.

  44. Melanie — I never had any use for the national, esp after reading a book by Saletan about NARAL’s strategies in the 80s/90s.

  45. And even us voters are clearly having second thoughts:

    Nebraska went 60/40 for Obama, now in last nights election Clinton is essentially tied with Obama !

    Look at these numbers!


  46. I’m typically a slam dunk for the Democrats too, but not this year. I just don’t think I can bring myself to vote for Obama. I honestly think he will do the country more harm than McCain, whom I also can’t imagine voting for. I might have to skip the presidential ballot this time around and just vote for down-ticket democrats. This is so depressing.

  47. To think that the Democratic Party hates women so much it’s willing to throw an election is too revolting for words.

    Well said, even though too many think they don’t really hate <allwomen, just that woman.

    But the other, more serious, more tawdry, and all too banal problem is that so many supers don’t seem care what happens to women, working people, the Democratic Party, the country, or Obama himself as long as they can get their hands on his cash. He will be quite expendable after they get his Rolodex.

  48. What did I miss? Why so much gloom and doom after Hillary’s huge win last night?
    As long as Hillary is in it, I’m right there with her.
    And you’re right, Anne, peeling the Scotch Irish away from the GOP is pure electoral gold since they are among the swingiest of the swing voters.

  49. His cash is going to dry up really fast once he’s a flop in the GE. How hard is that to understand?

  50. This time IS different. Lines have been crossed that were never crossed before.

    And even if Hillary books a bunk at Unity Camp, a bunch of us are gong to spend our summer nights stayin’ out late with the wrong crowd, picking up the wrong habits and learning to use the wrong kinda language.

    They want a “new kind of politics”? We’ll show ’em a new kind of politics.

  51. I wasn’t trying to denigrate BTD. I like and respect his opinion.

    I was only trying to say that the notion of “uniting the party” at this point is whistling past the graveyard.

    The party won’t be united around hate, especially hate of two people whom many of us like and respect and feel proud of. Period.

  52. Theresa234,

    I love BTD, but my stomach turns everytime the discussion turns to making Hillary VP. I can’t accept that. I just hope she won’t take it if it is offered. My guess is the Obamas are not big enough people to ask her.

  53. NARAL just announced their endorsement of BO. Wtf? 😦

  54. ufa: remember that these orgs rely on big donors, many of whom are in the BO camp.

  55. ufa: I knew this was going to happen when all of these groups were waffling over BO’s IL votes. It was a strategy! Really!

    I’m sure certain elected Democrats and donors pushed them into this. This has been in the works for a while.

  56. ronkseattle: I would never vote against Hillary. Even if she were the vice presidential nominee, I would vote for Obama for president as an incidental act to voting for Hillary as vice president.

  57. Tell NARAL what you think of their betrayal to women.


  58. “They said the board decided to back Obama over Clinton because he is overwhelmingly favored to win the nomination and to heal what the organization viewed as a growing rift between black voters and white female activists that the protracted Clinton-Obama contest may have caused.”

    OK, that was funny! I especially like the part that wasn’t there–you know, where they say they endorsed him because he was the candidate more in tune with their positions.

  59. I’m guessing that NARAL “endorsement” is being touted by the media as proof that even pro-choice women somehow hate Clinton. I knew Obama was going to trot something or someone out to distract from his colossal failure last night.

    Whatever. NARAL is a joke: they have no integrity when it comes to choice (see: Alito nomination).

  60. Last night Nebraska reversed itself on the 20 point lead they gave Obama back when they voted – last nights election has a 2 point difference…!

    Obama 49, Clinton 47

  61. From her mouth to God’s ear…
    President Bush was just speaking at the 60th Anniversary of Israel celebration. When he was finished the FoxNews anchorwoman said, “You just were listening to President Clinton’s speech…” She turned about 40 shades of red and said, “Please don’t send me any emails. It was a slip of the tongue.”
    Personally, I think it was a “Freudian slip” of the tongue.

  62. And now he’s got yet another superdelegate! Jesus! Clinton better start saying that this ain’t over until the convention, but my God, the Democrats are on a suicide mission. Even if they somehow decided to abort that mission, it makes it extremely difficult for Clinton to mount the necessary campaign to take on McCain in the GE.

  63. Edit: I meant to add that if they decided to abort that mention at the convention it would make it very hard for Clinton in the GE. They need to pick her now.

    God, I’m going to have to start praying again, arent’ I?

  64. NARAL has been a pain in Jane Hamsher’s side for a couple of years now. I wonder if the enemy of her enemy is now her friend?

  65. NARAL betrayed us long ago. They backed Joe Lieberman too. But Alito was unforgivable.

  66. What do we do if the supers come out for Obama right after OR?

  67. rd: NARAL has been a pain in Jane Hamsher’s side for a couple of years now. I wonder if the enemy of her enemy is now her friend?

    the whole point of all of that was to cut off small donations to interest groups, leaving them dependent on the big donors. In turn, a number of big donors are ho-hum about funding them in the future.

  68. Davidson, we force them to vote that way at convention.

  69. Davidson, Hillary picked up a superdelegate today, too. My husband heard it on the news, but doesn’t remember who it is.

  70. Davidson, Hang in and wait for the convention.

    Do you really think Obama can get through the summer without doing something stupid? McCain doesn’t have the Party Unity sword hanging over HIS head….

  71. Melanie: What can Clinton do to combat the big media lie (Obama’s inevitable!)? I hope to God she tells people she’ll take it to the convention because, if not, people just might well give up on her and not give her a dime. She needs to mention how a pledged delegate of hers switched to Obama so they can switch to her at convention as well.

    However, if they’re not convinced now that Obama is unelectable I don’t know what will. And, again, if they leave Clinton’s GE organization hanging until nearly September, she’d go into the election at a disadvantage (to say the least; I suspect the DNC planned this to make sure whoever was the “nominee” in June would remain so until the convention). She needs people to keep on believing in her until August just to keep a respectable GE organization ready in the case they vote for her.

    Jesus! I can’t believe what’s going on. They’re going to take the entire party and country out with them!

  72. Maybe it never really was the party we thought?

  73. WOMEN’s GROUP-NARAL Pro-Choice America– endorses OBAMA! LET THEM HEAR FROM YOU!


    Please write NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) even if you have never contributed to them to question them about their endorsement of Obama. Remind them of Obama’s support of John Roberts’ until his chief of staff stepped up. Roberts is an extremist, anti abortion right-winger. http://www.naral.org/

    “It was the fall of 2005, and the celebrated young senator — still new to Capitol Hill but aware of his prospects for higher office — was thinking about voting to confirm John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice. Talking with his aides, the Illinois Democrat expressed admiration for Roberts’s intellect. Besides, Obama said, if he were president he wouldn’t want his judicial nominees opposed simply on ideological grounds.

    And then Rouse, his chief of staff, spoke up. This was no Harvard moot-court exercise, he said. If Obama voted for Roberts, Rouse told him, people would remind him of that every time the Supreme Court issued another conservative ruling, something that could cripple a future presidential run. Obama took it in. And when the roll was called, he voted no.”

  74. We are back in a new unglided Gilded Age. This only underscores for me the necessity of firmly recreating that grand electoral coalition of FDR and reviving the spirit of the New Deal and the Great Society.

    I just really don’t want to have to go through another Great Depression to get back to solid values.

    Why don’t people realize that shared prosperity is good for business? Trust makes the economy grow. All this tax break garbage is no good. IMO it is greed that is making the Democratic party behave this way. I think the reason they hate the Clintons is because the Clintons want to return just a bit of power and prosperity to the American people, and the elite don’t want to let go of ANY of it.

  75. I keep hearing the money issue raised about Hillary. Seems to me, she really only needs to raise something around a third to half of what it costs obama to loose these days!

  76. katiebird: “Maybe it never really was the party we thought it was.” That’s why this year is different, and that’s why Casey is wrong.

    It started in 2004, with Edwards wanting to fight for the OH votes and Kerry not wanting to fight. Then it was 2006, with Repubs and Dems both voting for Dems to end the Iraq war and bring some accountability to the presidency–didn’t happen. Now it’s 2008, and we learn that the “new Democratic coalition” doesn’t include working women, older women, Latinos, Asians or blue-collar men. In between, we had Justices Roberts and Alito, FISA issues, massive firings of US attorneys who didn’t want to play politics–the list goes on and on. We’re now like the former Republicans who say “I didn’t leave my party; my party left me.”

    The candidacy of someone as unqualified as Obama, combined with the abusive treatment of Hillary, have been the proverbial last straws. Why vote Democratic if Democrat doesn’t mean what it’s supposed to mean? Why elect another person who won’t have the interest or the courage to solve our problems? Since 2006, we’ve seen that “just voting for the Democrat” is no longer enough.

  77. I have been a Democrat for 37 years. I have voted for some of the most Gawd-awful candidates ever to walk this earth – Dukakis, McGovern, Kerry – because I believed in the ideals of the party.

    I , like Kansans, have voted against my economic interests for a number of years, just in the other direction.

    Well no more. Obama’s incessant race baiting, the misogynistic treatment of Hillary by the press and THE PARTY (for chrissakes) have sealed the deal for me.

    NObama is my watchword. I’m changing my registration to Independent.
    I have also developed a list of Democrats I really Can’t Stand Anymore – Dean, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Brazile, Richardson, my own congressman, McCaskill, Dodd…the list goes on.

    So I will not vote for Obama and will not vote for my congressman either. He isw a shill for Obama (Barry gave him 18,826 reasons to shill for him) even though here in PA my county, which he represents, went 63-37 for Hillary.

    I suggest we send a message to every downticket Dem, where possible, that there is a price to be paid for this betrayal.

  78. BTD stated that he wants her as VP to take the media heat
    off of him. That idea makes me shudder. We have got to
    start the drumbeat that her as VP is unacceptable. Prez or
    nothing! I couldn’t stand to see how badly they would treat

  79. NARAL endorsement = another talking point for the Republicans in the GE

  80. I mailed my vote for Hillary last Monday, and received a call from the Oregon Obama campaign on Tuesday asking me to consider voting for him. I told the young guy that I’d already voted for Hillary, and wouldn’t be voting for Obama in the general if he were the nominee. The guy was surprised, and said, “Really?” When I responded, “Not a chance in hell,” he hung up on me.

    Then this Monday, I mailed my new registration card to change my affiliation from Democrat to Independent, and on Tuesday, I sent a copy of it to Howard Dean along with a letter explaining my reasons for leaving the party – the misogyny and character assassination of both Hillary and myself as a supporter of hers – and wishing him luck with his Shiny New Coalition. Today, I got a call from the DNC asking me for money. I told the guy I wouldn’t be giving him any money since I wasn’t a Democrat anymore. He said, “Independent?” When I said, “Yes,” he hung up on me, too.

    So, do the Obama campaign and the DNC just really not care if a 40 year old professional woman who has been a registered Democrat for 22 years cannot support them anymore? Or have they heard the same exact thing from so many other people fleeing the party that they just don’t even try to change minds anymore?

    Unity in November? I think not …. And I don’t even feel bad about it anymore.

  81. I love this site; everyone clearly understands the misogyny that has been directed at HRC by the DNC and MSM. I have nothing but contempt for both. I worked for Kerry in Chicago and watched him fold like an accordion in Ohio. I’m still waiting for his promised reply to the swiftboaters.

    Truth be told, Hillary Clinton is the best candiate of my lifetime. and the DNC is ready to take her out for their own gain. I knew the media would do its dirty work for the corporate suits, but I wasn’t prepared for the DNC to sell out for Obama’s campaign money . When push comes to shove it turns out that you really can’t tell one party from the other,

    If Hillary is not the nominee, I will not vote Obama and I will not write her in. I do not want him as the POTUS.
    I will vote for McCain. After all, Kerry wanted him for his running mate, and he will have a Democratic Congress. I haven’t decided what to do with the rest of my vote….

  82. I think it is time for a revolution! I am ready to march in the streets. We are watching as our country is being taken away from us. If Obama and his supporters in the liberal elite get away with this coup we will be headed in the direction of becoming a very large banana republic ,ruled by a global elite. In November we should all write in Hillary .That would make a clear and unmuddled message.I want to start the movement now and get it out to all my Hillary supporting friends.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to see the gasbags trying to explain millions of votes for Hillary.!

  83. It looks like of Dems want Hillary to run as an Iindependent.

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