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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Hey! Sweetie, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

I guess I left NPR on the radio this morning when I got to work. And when I got back, it came right on, “I guess this just slams the door shut on a campaign where the door was already pretty much closed,” some guy said while thinking, WWTSBQ, I’m sure.

Yep, Obama getting beat by a record number of primary voters in a blowout-landslide was successfully overshadowed by the endorsement of a has-been Presidential candidate who didn’t have the nerve to make an endorsement until he was all but certain to be on the winning side (Fred Barnes just called it a Meaningless Profile in Caution). John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama today.

So what? Yesterday, Hillary blew Obama out of the water by the only measure that really counts: Votes. As ronkseattle said, it was, 3-1. Three to One. THREE to ONE. — don’t let THAT door hit you, Barack!

It’s pretty obvious that this endorsement was planned for the day after Obama’s Humiliating Defeat in West Virginia. And (Just like the New Hampshire Debate) the boyz are ganging up on Hillary in a way meant to show just how much more powerful they are than her. I don’t know how successful all this who-ha is. When I got home, they’d just finished showing The Sweetie Clip, it looks like Obama really can’t stop himself.

When will that stupid bitch quit? Well, you fucking, fuckers — Hillary’s NOT going to quit.

[UPDATE] I don’t know how I left this out but, it’s particularly disgusting that they did this in Michigan where both Obama and Edwards totally screwed us all by removing their names from the ballot.

And Edwards?  He’s not worth my spit.

166 Responses

  1. Well, I just got an email from John Edwards — BAM, I unsubscribed!

  2. what katiebird said. all of it. fucking fuckers indeed.

  3. Ya think it’s a coincidence that Naral and Edwards sent out monetary solicitations right before they endorsed Obama? You gotta hand it to them, they are at least transparent.

  4. Did Edwards give his delegates to Barry?

  5. I am done . hearing the boos when je was praising Hillary


  6. The Democratic party is actively campaigning against Hillary.

    I gave these guys my support? my loyalty? my votes?

    Boy was I dumb.

  7. Edwards can’t “give” his delegates, per se. Though I am sure the blogger boiz will be coming out with some new rulez that say it is so. Edwards delegates are free agents (as are all “pledged delegates”) and can choose to vote however they please. He can suggest to them whom to vote for, but most of have taken sides by now.

  8. That “sweetie” clip is infuriating. What if that reporter had responded: “No problem boy, just try to get your answer to me before you leave.”

    This is freaking infuriating. There is no way I’ll ever vote for that sexist piece of garbage. I’m now on the verge of voting for McCain (instead of writing in Hillary) just to double the hurtfulness of my vote toward him.

  9. I sent this email to J.E.’s press office. I don’t know if he’ll ever see it, and I’m sure he’ll be crushed when he reads it, but it made me feel better.

    Well, I’m ashamed to say that I used to support you, and I can tell you that I will never support you again if you choose to run for office. I don’t know what Obama has promised you to get this endorsement. If he offers you the Vice Presidency, you can rest assured that neither one of you will ever get my vote.
    This is why Hillary has to stay in the race. We can’t let the bad guys win, and a vote for Obama is the same as saying that it’s okay to call a smart, capable woman a “hateful, spoiled, egotistical brat” (according to one of the blogs that supports your man, Obama) as long as it helps the man get elected, or it’s for the good of the party.
    All of the people who’ve endorsed Obama as the “unity candidate, who can bring our country together” need to read the poisonous venom that comes from the minds of his supporters and ask themselves one question: Do I
    really want to be associated with this?
    I guess it’s too late for you. You’ve made your choice, but a lot of still have enough common sense and decency to know a disaster-in-the-making when we see it. If Hillary isn’t the nominee, I will be doing all I can to work for John McCain’s campaign.
    a North Carolina resident and former supporter of yours

  10. http://www.wxyz.com/news/story.aspx?content_id=13d1f66a-488b-46d3-9d3b-6632e0a8f1f7

    He apologized to the reporter by leaving a cell phone message. Just like his congratulations to Hillary for winning WV last night — a message on her ceil phone.

    Class act. sweetums.

  11. http://insightanalytical.wordpress.com/

    “John Edwards, MAJOR Disappointment…NARAL/Obama Doesn’t Surprise Me, A Perfect Fit”

    What must Kate Michelman be thinking at this moment….

    Edwards endorses sexist piece of crap, who Michelman had endorsed….

  12. That is it. I was going to register Independent if Obama got the nomination, but “good hair” Edwards is the final straw. To think I actually supported all of these fools. I am beyond disgusted at this point. She cleaned BO’s clock last night and they roll Edwards out. Do they think people can’t figure out what is going on? To hell with all of them.

  13. What *gets* me is the blithe unconcern for the votes of Michigan and Florida (why couldn’t they have given do overs? The campaigns could have chipped in the costs).

    The senior members of the DNC can no longer claim the moral high ground.

  14. John Edwards… weird, I tried to pay attention and listen to the whole thing – but it seemed like he said a bunch of nice things about Hillary, promoted his own agenda and then said that’s why I’m supporting BO and ask you (the choir) to do the same…

  15. Part Two of the Obama apology.

    “Second apology is for using the word ‘sweetie.’ That’s a bad habit of mine. I do it sometimes with all kinds of people. I mean no disrespect and so I am duly chastened on that front. Feel free to call me back. I expect that my press team will be happy to try to make it up to you whenever we are in Detroit next.”

    I cannot tell you how angry that offhand “sweetie” makes me — so patronizing, so arrogant, just assuming so damn much. Grrrrrr.

    Bill Clinton is a Southerner — did he ever address strangers who happened to be female that way? I can’t imagine it would have been ignored if he had, given his Gennifer Flowers problem.

  16. mister says, “It’s one lesson after another this year”

    I’m so glad Hillary’s a sticker. I really would be sick if I thought she could be forced out by two-bit shenanigans like this.

  17. Here’s my e-mail to Mr. $400 Haircut:

    Please send the $38 that I gave to your primary campaign last fall to Hillary. Hillary is leading among Democrats who vote. Obama is gaming the system with independents and Republicans. I have voted Democratic for 28 years, and I plan to vote for the candidate with the most experience in the general election–I’m writing in Hillary’s name or I’m voting for McCain. It depends. If Barry’s polling numbers look good, I’ll vote for McCain. If they look bad, I’ll write in Hillary’s name. Obama is tearing the Democratic Party apart with the misogynists who support him.

    Thank you for your time.

  18. Edwards reveals his true sellout self and strengthens the resolve of Hillary supporters.

  19. Yes, I agree, this only strengthens the resolve of Hillary’s supporters.

  20. Does anyone have the info on how we can contact John Edwards by email?

  21. sonya: Edwards reveals his true sellout self

    He’s abandoned health care for all in favor of ‘college for all,’ … drum roll … in Greene County and BO will help with fundraising.

    Incidentally, that’s the future of the Dem party — it’s another form of compassionate conservatism.

    Lot’s of feel-good charitable donations w/ high-profile celebrity self-congratulation over the generosity of the creative class. It’ll be a never-ending Oprah show.

    Problem is that just a few will get touched, and there’s a lot of people out there who are going to get left behind.

  22. I do it sometimes with all kinds of people.

    He calls all kinds of women “sweetie”! Awesome! (Because you KNOW he wouldn’t ever call a man that, it’d be ridiculous.)

    Also, did you all notice that the instant Edwards first mentioned Hillary Clinton, Obama’s entire crowded started BOOING? It was embarrassing. His whole campaign has been so dedicated to trashing her (often passive-aggressively but everyone in his crowd knows who he’s attacking, even if the media plays dumb).. that it was completely bizarre to hear a single positive thing said about Hillary at an Obama event. Utterly and completely out of place.

  23. Obama can stuff his apology. “That’s a bad habit of mine.” Does that excuse work for a white man who keeps calling black men “boys”?

    Here’s the correct apology:

    “The fact that I called you ‘sweetie’ indicates that sexism is deeply ingrained in my thinking. By calling you ‘sweetie’, I was dismissing you as someone of little power who needed my patronizing and paternal attention, rather than the attention you deserve in your capacity as a professional reporter. This is a deep problem that I, and many men, need to work on.”

    That’s a fucking apology asshole. Not this “I meant no disrespect” bullshit. Who gives a fuck what you meant. It was objectively disrespectful, independent of your fucking intention.

    What a complete fucking asshole. This is EXACTLY the moment where I changed from a Hillary write-in vote to a full fledged McCain vote in the general election.

    Can’t wait to see that sexist piece of garbage lose the general election.

  24. I suggest: don’t email Sen. Edwards and make a big outcry – let his actions speak for themselves.

  25. What a complete fucking asshole. This is EXACTLY the moment where I changed from a Hillary write-in vote to a full fledged McCain vote in the general election.

    That’s probably wise, but I want to see him McCain select a VP we also can get around.

  26. Nana: The only email addy I had was for his press office. It’s press@johnedwards.com

  27. Jeralyn at TL is hypothesizing that Gore will endorse tomorrow. That would really depress me. I really think the internal numbers coming in from KY and PR are scary and the big boiz are going to do what they can to muscle Clinton out. Nothing says Democracy like not letting people vote!

  28. Days like today, it seems like the whole world has gone mad. Why John Edwards why!?

  29. dar1a g: He calls all kinds of women “sweetie”! Awesome!
    As long as he doesn’t do Dubya’s “sneak attack” shoulder massage. 😮

  30. God, if Gore comes out tomorrow my heart will sink. Let the first serious woman candidate finish this on her own without people knocking her out!


  31. Ya know what?

    This is the best that they were saving for last, you know what I mean?

    I would love to see some national advertising right now featuring some of HRC’s most interesting moments from the campaign trail. She is an amazing individual that would do the USA proud.

  32. So, was the commenter at TL correct in that Obama was sitting over there grinning when his crowd booed Hillary? grrr.

  33. WHAT does someone like John Edwards see in Obama? What??? Davidson, I am with you. I can’t take it if Gore goes for Obama. I know we want to say this is nothing, but in our hearts we know it is something, Katiebird. People have been waiting for this. Mind you, I am NOT giving up on Hillary Clinton. Who wins, the tortoise or the hare? What ruins the hare? Arrogance! But this is major blow.

  34. The boys sure are afraid of a girl.

  35. Well, the JE endorsement will test Obama’s appeal among working class people in a state like Kentucky. I don’t think it’ll matter all that much in people’s choices. We’ll find out Tuesday if it has an effect.

  36. You know what? Either they are just trying to depress turnout in the remaining states, or the Dems are lining up to throw the party off the cliff. Either way, they can go *^$* themselves. Phone bank and donate folks! They can haka all they want, but they can’t stop people from voting.

  37. “really think the internal numbers coming in from KY and PR are scary and the big boiz are going to do what they can to muscle Clinton out. Nothing says Democracy like not letting people vote!”

    Someone said it that it’s not too stressful to make just 5 calls a day. Maybe? Maybe? We should try it? For the next 3 weeks.??

  38. WHAT does someone like John Edwards see in Obama? What???

    Cold. Hard. Cash.

    Edwards is fundraising for his College for Everyone program.

  39. Someone said it that it’s not too stressful to make just 5 calls a day. Maybe? Maybe? We should try it? For the next 3 weeks.??

    I will make calls to OR but my time zone is too far removed from KY and PR for me to make calls except on the weekends (have to work during the day). I will be sending more green love our girl’s way though.

  40. It does seem like the boys are ganging up on the girl – Dodd, Richardson, and now Edwards. I don’t think women will like this at all.

  41. How can John Edwards and Obama stand there while Obama supporters boo Hillary!? That was awful.

  42. Also, Kucinich, WS.

  43. huntingdonpost, I’d say it might be something except that these guys have literally been shoving her out before/during/after EVERY SINGLE primary since Iowa. Every single one.

    And she keeps doing better while Obama keeps sinking.

    We love her. And it turns out that we’re not that different than anyone else.

    Think back to a year ago. Did you think she mattered at all? Did you have this fierce concern and loyalty? I sure didn’t.

    Remember what happened the last time Obama and Edwards ganged up on Hillary? She took New Hampshire.

    So, bring on Gore — If he had any guts he’d have endorsed her long, long ago. Fuck him. In fact, I’ll spit on him now.

  44. cloudy03 — Oregon’s better for me too. ’cause of the time. And I think calls would help there too.

    I’m so glad you guys are here.

  45. I watched most of this on our local news. They interviewed a truck driver in GR who said Obama struck him as “wishy washy” and seemed to change his words depending on who he was talking to. He said he’d be voting for McCain. And they interviewed a GOP guy who said Michigan has a high number of Independents and he thought John McCain would appeal to them more. Edwards speech was a little confusing at first since he praised Hillary and some of the audience seemed confused by this based on the looks on their faces. All in all it was pretty unimpressive. I’m still disgusted that they did this in our state given our voting situation hasn’t been resolved? Hey could this mean Obama has violated his “not to campaign” in our state agreement and if so what is the punishment for that? Is the agreement published anywhere for public viewing?

  46. If Gore endorses Obama, I’ll know Gore is a phony too. I’ll never believe another word out of his mouth.

  47. OK EDWARDS is an official member of DICS – Democrats I can’t stand.

    What a slimy sleazeball – they really want to give this to Obama.

    Those DICS and others like them are disgusting sexist jerks, and they can have their little wankfests whenever.

    Totally ignoring the will of the voters….the Democratic party SUCKS~~~

  48. Well Obama can’t win without help from the boys.

    How lucky for him that the boys are so solidly together against the outsider.

    I am sort of not minding too much if Gore does throw in behind Obama. Obviously the entire Democratic party is uniting against not only HIllary, but also those who vote for her. They are uniting together to redefine the Democratic party as something that no longer “panders” to my kind.

    It is not real clear what politicians are for, if representing our interests is “pandering”. Perhaps it is not “pandering” when it is the super-rich whose interests are being served?

    But as for Gore – It will be the closure on all the pain I felt over him losing the other election – back in those days when I genuinely felt Democrats were better than, different than Republicans. I don’t believe that any more. I believe that real Democrats are as rare and as isolated as those real Republicans you see sometimes, who are so bewildered by what has happened to their party.

    Now I believe voting for Nader never made any difference, except in exactly when the right wing would execute plans that had obviously been made long before, long thought out and well funded.

    Nader was right. Both parties are corrupt. The Democrats have not fought back. We have a chance here to have a candidate who can and will fight, and they will instead throw everything they have into her defeat.

    And where are our people? Where are the people who stand up for the working class? Are they not saying anything, or are they not being heard because the DNC owns the media? I suspect it is the latter.

    I’m gonna go find me a Nader voter to apologize to 😦 I was pretty harsh on them all.

  49. I thought Kucinich was still uncommitted? Didn’t he join with a group of Ohio superdelegates to push for fair trade policies as exchange for their support – is that group still alive? I know Kucinich encouraged his supporters to go for Obama in Iowa but a real endorsement?

    And yeah, KB is exactly right. I remember the NH debate and their tag team against Hillary.

  50. Are there Gore rumors circulating?

  51. I mean recently?

  52. I had NO idea Alxelrod was involved in the 2004 Edwards campaign….

    I found this by following a comment by AmberGlow at Corrente:

    Elizabeth Edwards, Wife Of John Edwards, Pointed To Axelrod As The Reason For Obama’s Rhetoric Resembling Her Husband’s Rhetoric In 2004. Elizabeth Edwards: “You listen to the language of what people say, particularly Obama, who seems to be using a lot of John’s 2004 language, which is maybe not surprising since one of his speechwriters was one of our speechwriters, his media guy was our media guy. These people know John’s mantra as well as anybody could know it. They’ve moved from ‘hope is on the way’ to ‘the audacity of hope.’ I’m constantly hearing things in a familiar tone.” (Ruth Conniff, “Elizabeth Edwards,” The Progressive, 8/07)

    The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank: “[T]he Boston Globe caught Obama red-handed after the new Democratic front-runner stole words from Edwards. … Coincidence? Consider that Edwards’s 2004 adviser David Axelrod is Obama’s 2008 adviser.” (Dana Milbank, Op-Ed, “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” The Washington Post, 1/7/08)</blockquote

  53. katiebird – let me say that I absolutely adore you spitting on all these wankers.

    I say we all have a giant SPITFEST – because that is exactly what we must do.


    I spit on them all too.

  54. I just got home to hear that Edwards endorsed Obama. I have no words to describe how I feel. Why? Hillary has laid out a far better healthcare plan to begin with, one that Elizabeth supports. He must have been made an offer he cannot turn down.

    This is awful. And Gore hates the Clintons. If he does endorse it will be for Obama. Gore may not need anything that the DNC has to offer but it would be his way of driving the last nail in. Edwards will be the last barrier for the supers to come out now en masse for Obama.

    I am heartsick. This has gotten so ugly. And all for an inexperienced, sexist, race baiting nobody. It is so upsetting I am even thinking of voting McCain. That is how much I want to stick it to this party.

  55. So where is everyone going to go when we’re supporting a third party or protest-voting for McCain.

    Riverdaughter, is this blog going to be friendly to folks like us? Because we really need to make ourselves heard, unless we want every election to be like this.

    Jeralyn says that people like us are welcome at Talkleft, but the reality is we probably won’t be.

    So where will we go?

  56. oh..and the reason it wouldn’t surprise me at all if gore endorsed Hillary (at the strategically best-for-obama moment) is because:

    1. look at how he disowned Bill last time around

    2. where has he been all this time, anyway? Certainly has not been using his considerable clout and authority to do anything constructive, has he?

  57. gore endorsed Hillary (at the strategically best-for-obama moment) is because:

    meant other way around – whoops

    if gore endorsed against hillary

  58. From eRiposte earlier today. This is why the Obama campaign is bringing out the big guns:

    In fact, there is simply no other American candidate in modern history that I’m aware of who withstood absolutely unprecedented and sustained levels of hostility in the media and blogosphere, was outspent by huge margins in state after state (even WV), was insulted and demeaned in the worst manner possible – sometimes by alleged progressives, and yet, stayed resolute and focused and revealed the true fighter that she is. Her blowout victory in West Virginia where she amassed an impressive popular vote gain under record turnout follows a series of victories in big states despite calls for her to drop out – this is particularly noteworthy coming as it did after the morale-depressing commentary in the media last week about how the race was over.

    In my opinion John Edwards is jealous. He got beat by a girl and he can’t stand to let her become President. Too bad, John. You’re gonna eat her dust.

  59. {{Teresa234}} I’m already saying goodbye to TalkLeft in my mind.

  60. Its not over Teresa. The JE endorsement will heighten the importance of KY as to whether Obama can win the working class.

    Here’s what Jeralyn at Talk Left said:

    “My take having heard the speech: The party leaders are concerned that Hillary’s win in W.Va. and her anticipated win in KY, although it won’t be by the same margin, is causing people to conclude Obama can’t win in November against McCain. They want to cut that argument in the bud and by rallying behind Obama now, they’re hoping to redirect the conversation.”

    Remember, KY is this Tuesday.

  61. I just donated $50. I wish I could give/do more. Yes, this is a tough blow, but last night was a great win and she’s going to kick butt in Kentucky!!

    No matter what the ‘boys’ try and throw at her, she keeps moving forward. Her strength helps to keep me focused and motivated.

    Go Hillary!

  62. if anyone starts a new third party, wouldja please name it the Integrity Party?

    The idea could be, a party based on the idea of PRINCIPLES.

    You could actually lay out the principles, even. Like a mission statement.

    (I know, I know…it would never work.)

  63. what katiebird said. all of it. fucking fuckers indeed.

    fucking fucking fucking fuck you fuckers…indeedie
    that feels good….i wouldn’t waste my spit either…

    gd pigs….just wait……fuckers

  64. katiebird said:

    “Think back to a year ago. Did you think she mattered at all? Did you have this fierce concern and loyalty? I sure didn’t.”

    So true. My wife constantly remarks to me: “In December, you didn’t even like Hillary that much. What happened to you?”

    Seriously, it’s been a transformation for me precisely because of all these guys trying to push “the girl” out of the way. It’s like they have no freaking clue how they make her stronger every time they do this.

    If all these guys could have restrained themselves from being sexist asshole pigs, Hillary would have lost long ago and I never would have cared. Now, I’m with her till the end and I’m so devoted to her you couldn’t pry me away w/ a crowbar.

  65. Hey BTD has the same idea

    Edwards Ups the Ante in Kentucky


  66. oh yeah and thanks to that member of DICS Edwards – I’m voting for McCain.

    Screw you DICS -I spit on you all.

  67. Why does Jeralyn think KY won’t be as big a margin for Hillary? The last SUSA poll had her ahead by 36 points.

  68. I think they see what a huge win in Kentucky could do to her momentum and carrying it to Puerto Rico. They better watch out!

  69. I think she’s talking about the 41 point margin. Thats a huge margin and Jeralyn was just saying it will be lower than that (probably due to the higher AA population in KY compared to WV) but I don’t think by much.

  70. Chinaberry Turtle: I completely agree about my resolve getting stronger as I see so many against Hillary. In so many ways, I am glad obama didn’t do some half-assed statement against the media or his followers against mis-treating Hillary on a personal level. That might have made my resolve less strong back when it would have counted.

    To obama: Thanks Sweetie!

  71. Is Edwards on the ballot in Kentucky?

  72. How many of you think Barry Baby offered the VP spot to Richardson? (show of hands) and how many think he may have offered it to John Edwards? (another show of hands)

    How many of these guys have been offered spots in O-sham-a’s cabinet?? I mean we already know Chris Matthews has a lock on that treasured spot underneath the Oval Office desk……

  73. Katiebird and all y’all, I’m sure glad I came on over here. I just wrote a couple of pretty downward facing posts while trying to get upbeat, but basically feeling confused. Thanks for the cheer up fight song: Fuckin’ fuckers. Yeah, I feel better already. Again . . . fuckin’ fuckers.

  74. I love the idea of an Integrity Party. But whom would we turn to for assistance in formation? Has there been one well known woman out there who has come forward in defense of Hillary? The only one coming to mind is Maya Angelou and that is not a serious consideration. I know this sounds nuts, but this is beginning to remind me of how German citizens must have felt when they saw the snowball effect coming at them from the nazis. Powerless. There is something wrong with this whole set up.

    And before anyone calls me paranoid, sometimes they are not all that delusional.

  75. Frak all the boys! Bring on Gore and Carter and any other democratic looser.

  76. Chinaberry Turtle,

    Same with me. I didn’t really like Hillary that much a few months ago. But the Obama supporters were so horrible to her, that I started to look into her positions. Then her performance in the debates won me over. Every bit of abuse she has taken from the media, the other candidates, and the DNC jokers has just made me like her more. She has handled it all so well!

    As I told my mother a little while ago on the phone, this (Edwards endorsement) just makes my cold, hard, steely resolve even colder, harder, and more steely. I will never vote for Obama or for anyone who has endorsed him.

  77. Although, Hillary should definitely try to eclipse her 41 pt. margin she got in WV. Maybe this will galvanize more women to go to the polls in KY and OR and vote for her.

  78. KJMontana, (shaking my head) Whatever it was, it cost Edwards too much. It couldn’t have been worth it.

  79. jacilyn: “I’m gonna go find me a Nader voter to apologize to I was pretty harsh on them all.”

    Thanks for your intellectual honesty. I never voted for Nader but found it ridiculous the way Dems blamed him for Mr. Gore’s “defeat” (I say that as someone who volunteered for his campaign in KC, MO, up till the day of the GE. I still remember being told to stop calling at the union hall because Florida had been called for Gore, sad heh).

    Oh well… I do not know what to think of the whole Edwards thing. Why could he not wait till voting everywhere run its course?

    Are voters or SD going to change their minds now that he endorsed? We’ll see.

  80. KJMontana: Richardson will not be VP. Edwards, perhaps.

  81. question: If Edwards platform was aimed at the poor and working class and his admittedly disagreed with Obama’s healthcare plan during one of the debates, even agreeing that Hillary’s was better, how could he support a candidate who is not in sync with that constituency and completely disregard her healthcare initiative? This doesn’t make sense.

    I had the car radio on coming home and the announcer said that this is a “sure” win year for the Dems because most of the population is out of step with McCain and his platform. This must be why the DNC is so eager to put her away. They feel they are going to just walk right into PA Ave come January.

  82. Ok, trying to find the silver lining here.

    First off, as RonK reminded us earlier, we won WV THREE to ONE. The boys are scared and they should be.

    I am not from KY but I’m willing to bet Edwards (and Gore if he jumps into the mix) has nowhere near the clout that Bill Clinton does as a surrogate. Bill has a proven record with the folks of KY, they voted for him twice. Gore and Kerry/Edwards LOST KY.

    As someone mentioned on TL, with Edwards onboard the Obama express, this may resolve the MI issue (throwing all undecided to Obama). I’m willing to bet that this is part of the reason Edwards endorsed when he did, before May 31. Let him have uncommitted, if MI is seated, Florida is seated, and we can beat them in the popular vote.

    In fact, as much as I respect Edwards (started out as an Edwards gal) this is about Obama and Clinton. They boiz can gang up on her all they want. They can wring their hands and poo-poo and wail at the moon. They just look scared. There are only 3 weeks to go. WV has proven that people want to vote, so let’s work our butts off for our girl!

  83. I wonder what Elizabeth Edwards is thinking right now.

  84. With the stakes now becoming so high, I am thinking that the DNC will decide on keeping the 48 state strategy. I wonder how others think that should be approached?

  85. Honora: what couch he gets to sleep on?

  86. Look, guys, no one should support McCain. It’s a bad thing. I know how tempted you are to do it. Believe me, I too have to fight the urge to vote for a Republican. But now is not the time to lose our heads. We want a decent choice this fall and that means Hillary. Don’t get mad, get even.
    Now, let’s think of ways to get even.

  87. Five Thirty,
    They’re stuck. Hillary won’t get out unless they seat them full strength. But if they seat them full strength, she’s virtually tied. So the super delegates that are too chicken to make a choice will have to step up.

    It’s an interesting problem. I mean, they have to decide if they want to win in November or not. How do you choose? It’s really hard.

  88. edwards or gore endorsement dont scare me at all, such transparent desperation is actually quite heartening

  89. … though I think Cloudy03 is right about the uncommitteds of Michigan going to Sen Obama as part of a deal.

  90. I’m not sure the Edwards endorsement means anything at this point. All his supporters were voting for Obama anyway, weren’t they? I’m more pissed at NARAL–they could have waited just a few weeks longer until the primaries were over. They have got to be a collection of total morons to come out like this and alienate the majority of the voters who sympathize with their mission.

    I decided earlier today that although I’ve been a staunch Dem for decades, I can’t vote for Obama in November. The “sweetie” comment (and subsequent lame apology) affirmed that decision.

    Feeling very grateful right now for this blog and this community. I tried to post a comment on HuffPo this morning–explaining my view of BO as the political equivalent of a premature ejaculation–and they cancelled it. I guess we’re not allowed to talk like that about The Precious (as Anglachel so aptly labeled him) any more.

  91. Obama beat Hillary:
    60% to 35% in Maryland
    66 to 31 in Georgia
    66 to 32 in Minnesota
    65 to 36 in North Dakota
    79 to 17 in Idaho
    64 to 32 in Illinois [yes, he is Senator there. But this was a bigger margin than Hillary beat Obama in NY].

    My point? Obama has beaten her by bigger margins and no Hillary supporters seemed to care. One state does not make a nomination.

  92. At least Joe Biden has been quiet.

  93. RD, I don’t have any intention of voting for anyone but Hillary. And I know she has ever intention of being the nominee.

    But I can’t deny this is a bit of a rant.

  94. I’d bet if those states were to vote today, BO would NOT get the same margins. Since those votes, he has undergone a modicum (just a modicum, mind you) of vetting in the press and his polling among populations such as found in those states has slumped quite a bit. Witness the white vote in Virginia vs. North Carolina.

  95. Katiebird: Hillary won’t get out unless they seat them full strength. But if they seat them full strength, she’s virtually tied

    Also no one can say HRC really lost if they don’t count those states.

    I looked at one of the big blogs today because of the You Horrible Awful Human Being – You are Staying In the Race Deliberately to Ruin the Democratic Party! article. It seemed completely nuts to me that anyone would yell at someone else because they refused to concede in a primary *before* the convention!

  96. I wonder what Elizabeth Edwards is thinking right now.

    EE has said she is NOT endorsing Obama, which is why she was not there. Didn’t Edwards say he and his wife voted for different candidates in the NC Primary? At least that tells us who the brains are in the family! 😉

  97. MD: Obama has beaten her by bigger margins and no Hillary supporters seemed to care.

    Well, of course not. We’re laughing at the thumping of the ‘presumptive nominee.’ The results you cite are somewhat dated.

  98. It makes no sense for NARAL to support Obama this close to the end. Do they think the people of Kentucky care?? Edwards endorsement after NC also makes no sense, unless the Obama/ DNC people (they are one and the same) are more afraid than we realize. Maybe the SDs are looking for a reason to vote Cllinton and taking over the popular vote is one. I think that Obama/DNC is throwing the kitchen sink at her and it is a gamble. While I disagree with RD and will vote for no Dems this election, I agree with her that we need to be smart, be coordinated and be ruthlessly invincible. Fight smart and fight strong.

  99. rd: We need publicity. Surely you must have some connections that can help. At least in making our voices heard. How we cannot sanction this candidacy just on the sexism alone. How we will not support him should he be the nominee. Somebody outside the blogs must have an interest in this. We are not alone in how we feel. As it is we are just typists in cyberspace spilling our discontent amongst ourselves. There has to be some real progressive out there who can put this all into perspective and send a message to the DNC that we are not just spewing and stewing. Someone needs to take us seriously. rd?

  100. Dear MD,

    Teh math is hard, I know but I will try to help:

    60% to 35% in Maryland
    66 to 31 in Georgia
    66 to 32 in Minnesota
    65 to 36 in North Dakota
    all not a bigger margin than WV

    79 to 17 in Idaho
    A caucus, not a Primary

    64 to 32 in Illinois
    Why, yes he IS senator there. Also NOT a bigger margin than WV

    My point? I have a few. First, though one primary doth not a nomination make, neither does 48.

    Second, she has solidly beaten him in all the key swing states.

    Third, there are still 4 states and PR left to vote. So let them. That’s what makes our country great after all.

  101. Forget the Edwards endorsement. What is truly disturbing is the use of the word “sweetie” directed at a professional woman in a professional setting. I am an exact contemporary of Obama. People our age, especially professionals with graduate degrees simply DO NOT SPEAK THIS WAY! Where did he grow up? How has he gotten away with speaking like this in the allegedly progressive settings of Harvard Law and Chicago community organizing? If McCain said this, we’d be upset, but he at least is from a generation where this was permitted. Who is Obama inside that he does this all the time? Where I have worked in my life, particularly where you interface with the public, this is simply not done. As a matter of fact, except maybe when obnoxiously drunk in a bar, I don’t know any professional men who speak this way. This language directed at educated woman by educated men is simply not a part of our culture anymore. So where does he get it? What a freakin’ Neanderthal. What a condescending prick. She should have told him where to shove it.

  102. Didn’t Obama, in his introduction of JE, say that he felt guilty for not campaigning in Michigan earlier so he wanted to give them something special? I only heard the last part of it, and if I heard it right, his condescending attitude and pandering are so transparent, he’s not even trying to hide it anymore …

  103. Edwards must have been promised the VP too. I understand BO has promised the VP to lots of women.


  104. Honora: “It makes no sense for NARAL to support Obama this close to the end. Do they think the people of Kentucky care?? Edwards endorsement after NC also makes no sense, unless the Obama/ DNC people (they are one and the same) are more afraid than we realize. Maybe the SDs are looking for a reason to vote Cllinton and taking over the popular vote is one. I think that Obama/DNC is throwing the kitchen sink at her and it is a gamble.”

    Could it be that the Obamans are going full speed ahead to obtain the 2025 delegates he needs before May 31 when the DNC rules committee meets to decide what to do about MI and FL? They want to avert any seating of FL and MI delegates, and would be successful at this if they reached the 2025 number before May 31.

  105. Class of 77 wrote,

    I’m not sure the Edwards endorsement means anything at this point. All his supporters were voting for Obama anyway, weren’t they?

    um, no. I supported Edwards in 2004 and 2008. Then I switched to Hillary. So did plenty of other Edwards supporters. In fact I’d be willing to bet that more Edwards supporters went to Hillary than BO. Look at her votes from the working class. Duh!

  106. The “sweetie” remark is truly damning. It is a window into his asshole sexist soul. It shows what a true asshole the guy is, at a personal level. There’s no way I’m voting for a condescending sexist asshole for president.

    This “sweetie” thing is like a nuclear bomb to me. It hardens everything in me against him. It makes me hate him so much more than I ever did. I now lust for the upcoming general election to watch him get bashed and humiliated by McCain.

    It is unbelievable how he cannot understand how deeply offensive his remark is. Just a “bad habit” he says. Oh god I now lust for this man’s downfall. Not just for Hillary’s sake, but for the sake of every woman I know who’s been treated in this same demeaning manner.

    Hey Obama – you’re gonna lose in November. And I hope you know why you’ll be losing: because it will be WOMEN kicking you in your damn teeth. Sorry, these ladies just have a “bad habit” of doing that to assholes like you.

  107. MD – We’re also laughing at The Math you used. All of those margins are smaller than Hillary’s margin in WV … except Idaho, and that’s a caucus.

    And Idaho has a “beauty contest” primary coming up. Did you happen to notice Obama’s margin in last night’s Nebraska primary?

  108. What I found interesting was that the reporter called him on it. That’s gotta hurt Obama. Was that from Michigan? Anyway, she made it pretty clear that she didn’t appreciate it and it wasn’t edited out. Wow, does he have a talent for alienating his base or what?

  109. *Still SMH* John, John, John …

  110. Fuck Edwards and the pony he rode in on. I can’t believe I used to support that sell-out POS.

    But this make Kentucky a “must win” for Obama and Edwards.

  111. HRC’s platform is by far closer to JE’s than BO’s.

  112. And Riverdaughter, mister saw it on the news. He channel hops while he watches so we don’t know which one. But he saw it on TV before I got home. AND they talked about the 57 states thing.

  113. Mn is a caucus, the Dems have no chance to carry ga, nd, or id in the fall, etc. The point is, with the universal media and democratic establishment support he’s receieved plus the money advantage should have won *every* state by those margins. instead, he’s hard pressed to win any primary state that the Dems have a chance of taking in nov., and he’s alienating the exact voters we need to win. What would you call a blowout victory like this after one’s candidacy has been declared dead by the media and the democrats except a giant “FUCK YOU!!!!” to said media and party, and a warning of things to come in the fall? Do tell how Obama can rack up 270 electoral votes without ma, fl, oh, pa, wva, on and on and on. with all the advantages he’s had, her popular vote advantage is a miracle, and speaks volumes about her strength and his weakness.

    Oh, and you forgot Alaska, the mightiest victory of all, he won 75% of caucus goers there. that’s right, out of 400 total votes cast, he won 300 of them. And Alaska will get what, 20 delegates? 30, maybe 40? So that’s at least 5% of total voters going to Denver. 2 million people voted in FL, if we weren’t disenfranchising them they’d get what like .00000000000001% of delegates relative to the size of their electorate?

  114. BO can thank the media, because short of some serious ballot stuffing, he ain’t taking KY by any margin.

    Regardless, we have to work our hearts out to keep the margin high! Come on: call, write, blog, canvass. Do anything and everything you can. Time is of the essence.

    There’s just 3 more weeks to make history and they’re trying to make US history.

  115. “64 to 32 in Illinois [yes, he is Senator there. But this was a bigger margin than Hillary beat Obama in NY].”

    Your math is off and there is no Cook County in NY. Also, these were all pre-peak February elections, and you have at least one caucus in there.

  116. Obama’s going to lose in AUGUST — that’s what that ‘sweetie’ thing shows me. I don’t think he can watch himself all summer.

    Hang in there Hillary, you’re our only hope.

  117. RD,

    The reporter also pointed out that BO never anwered her question about what he was going to do for autoworkers.

  118. Y’know, HRC should just start dragging members of the MI delegation on the trail with her. They can go out and get everybody fired up.

    “My vote doesn’t count, but yours does! Are you gonna do the right thing with it?”

  119. I tell ya, it’s like watching the plethora of high-profile entertainers, along with heavyweight Dem statesmen, coming out to stomp for Kerry in the fall of 2004.

  120. Effect of NARAL here in KY? Hell, that will probably help Hillary.

    As for Edwards, he was treated politely here, and some people desperately need help. But lots more are just tired of pols coming in every 4 years. We liked JFK & Bobby, but since then the joke in EKy is every time a Kennedy comes, a Repub gets his political wings [my apologies to Kerry, who did a beautiful book, but many folks here just hate that crap anymore]. “Aren’t there poor people anywhere else?” Comments like that.

    Jeez, we love Bill, though. They’d stomp over JE to see Bill.

  121. BB- Obama does not have to answer questions, it tires him out. Didn’t you feel the Hope and Change?

  122. Edwardian, it was the stump of doom. As is this.

    They sure know a kindred spirit when they see one. They’ve pegged the loser and haven’t let go yet.

  123. I always had some qualms about Edwards, despite his 2008 version.

    Have you checked his senate records? It ain’t pretty.

  124. !! Riverdaughter,

    It looks like tomorrow Confluence has it’s 500,000 visitor!

    Wow. THAT’s an accomplishment, congratulations.

    You’re the best!

  125. Guess who’s on Larry King right now talking about how the Dems can win in November? Mike Dukakis. He says the people in WV don’t really know Barack Obama, and they need to send people door to door and explain who he is.

    Oh goody, another loser for Obama.

  126. Honora,

    Uh huh. That seems to be the way it is all right. But that woman reporter didn’t sound too happy. She might decide to look into things in Chicago, who knows?

  127. BB – now the jokes are just writing themselves.

  128. Lets make sure Obama has another humiliating defeat in Kentucky.

  129. The Fellowship of the One – Dukakis, Kerry, Kennedy, Edwards, Richardson, McGovern, Dodd, did I forget anybody else? They all have something in common.

  130. Well – the Edwards endorsement means nothing…you’ll see.

    What fun it will be when those two yahoos (BHO and JE) get their comeuppance in KY.

    His endorsement doesn’t make the nothingness we know as Obama into something. It just makes JE a fool – and a member of DICS (Democrats
    I can’t stand)

  131. (snort) Here’s a good comment from TalkLeft:

    “And the absence of Elizabeth was the biggest endorsement in the room – for Hillary.”

    Just what I was thinking myself.

  132. WS:

    It’s worse than you think.

    – Bill Clinton campaigned for Dukakis and was key note speaker at the Dem Convention in 1998.

    – Bill and Hillary Clinton campaigned hard for Kerry. Remember that Bill Clinton didn’t even take the time to recover from a heart surgery b/c he had to go out and campaign for that loser. Chelsea Clinton joined Karena Gore and Caroline Kennedy to campaign for that doofus.

    – Without Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy would have lost against Mitt Romney in 1996. Bill and Hillary campaigned hard for him here that here b/c Romney was a serious threat. He was still a young, successful moderate Republican. The Clintons put their entire weight here to save his ginormous ass. When he endorsed Obama, the Boston Globe here had a long article reminding Kennedy what an ungrateful bastard he was.

    – Richardson was somebody Bill Clinton plucked out of obscurity and gave lots of great jobs

    – Bill and Hillary Clinton were in their 20’s when they spent time in TX of all places campaigning for McGovern, a state where no major Dem wanted to be seen with him.

    As you can see “no good deed goes unpunished”.

  133. cloudy03

    The point is not who has the biggest win but who has had more bigger wins. Clearly Obama has.
    Don’t forget DC where he won 75% to 23% [Does that count?]
    Also Virginia he won 63 to 35.
    And not all swing states have gone Hillary.
    Don’t forget Colorado, Missouri, Vermont.

    But, yes, Hillary has a right to stay in to the end. I am not disputing that. I think it is good for the party that she is there fighting for the nomination.
    I just don’t think she will convince the super delegates. And, trust me, they are looking closely at all the math including FL and MI. As well as electabilty issues.

  134. I just came home to find an email in my inbox from JOHN EDWARDS asking me to contribute to some scholarship fund he and Elizabeth have formed.

    Worthy cause, I’m sure, but what timing! Unless he assumed that I would want to contribute out of gratitude and excitement for his endorsement of Obama.

    I love the scholarship fund, John, but you’ll excuse me if I find some other way of helping poor kids go to college.

  135. this is from dick bennett at americanresearchgroup.com:

    “Conventional wisdom has it that Barack Obama’s primary victories are based on his ability to increase turnout.A look at what happens when voter turnout increases in the primaries proves that this notion is wrong. In fact, Obama has had his greatest primary (and caucus) victories when turnouts have been low. Obama received 66% of the primary vote in Georgia when 22.7% of all registered voters in the state voted in the Democratic primary…..Clinton, and not Obama, tends to win in the states where turnouts are higher. The relationship is strong enough that Democratic primary turnout can be predicted using Clinton’s share of the vote.”

  136. My reply to John Edwards, loser of two Presidential Campaigns, begging for donations for his worthy causes.

    (I want to begin by thanking each of you for all of your support and commitment over the last year. It has meant so much to Elizabeth and me.)

    What a bunch of bull manure!!

    I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in your decision to back a man who is not up to being our President. With all the baggage he is carrying into our White House, Ayers (terrorist) Wright, Farrakhan, etc., how could you in good conscience support this empty suit.

    Then we have look at his angry wife every day. Nothing nice ever comes out of her mouth. She just recently became proud to be an American.

    You’re like all the other dishonest, unprincipled politicians. Of all the dirty tricks for you to pull. Senator Clinton has a huge landslide victory in West Virginia and you and and the DNC decide it is time to bring out another big gun. I thought you were a decent and honest human being who genuinely cared about the poor and America. I looked up to you and supported you. You gave me hope and now you have stolen all hope from me and many other Americans. I am completely disillusioned by you and the Democratic Party.

    I will no longer call myself a democrat. I will vote for John McCain in the General if Hillary is not the Democratic Party nominee. I pray she can win. She is the only one that can bring this country back from the brink of distinction and can make us proud again to be Americans.

    How dare you ask me for a donation. You can go to Hell.

  137. Cloudy03: Your points about the math in poor befuddled MD’s treatment are correct. We should not neglect, however, that it is not simply Idaho that was a caucus. So were both Minnesota and North Dakota. If memory serves me, about 30,000 people attended the caucus in Minnesota and about 19,000 people attended the caucus in North Dakota. Yet in a state where more Democrats voted in the primary than voted for Kerry in 2004, Hillary won a 41 percent greater share of the vote that the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party.

    Humiliating. Absolutely humiliating.

  138. md, vermont is not a swing state in a Presidential, and you’re defining ‘big wins’ in a really interesting way. i’d have to say that a landslide in OH and one in pa and one in fl is worth about 10,000x an 80X margin in some caucus state the democrats can’t win. Obama’s ‘strength’ come from caucuses, he also does much better as the turnout gets smaller. Where people live and vote, he loses. With 17,000 total votes in a 10 minute long state caucus of the 40th most populous hardcore Republican state, he does great. Maybe he’s won 32 caucus states by 70% margins–but he’s not winning the popular vote by a 70% margin, in fact he’s losing it. problem with popular vote and problem with electoral math and a pretty severe lack of caucuses in nov. does not a winner make.

    If our supers care more about idaho than PA and OH, then we might as well disband this party anywway.

  139. Missouri was a draw. It would have gone Hill has there not been a flood in the rurals,. where she decimated him. BO has zero chance of winning MO. He lost all but a handful of counties(all Democratic strongholds). Colorado was a caucus. You can not compare caucus to a primary.

  140. DCDemocrat

    Well, your math is off a bit in more ways than one.
    Minnesota had 214,066 show up for the caucuses.
    And atlhough you are correct about North Dakota Hillary is still so far behind nationally and with delegates she cannot catch Obama.

    BTW I didn’t say Obama won by a bigger margin in other states than Hillary won in WV. I have the figures handy and look at them often – so I can see to the exact figures the margins were won by. I meant Obama has won by big margins BUT WHO CARES. That’s the overriding message.
    I mean when Obama won by big margins it meant nothing to Hillary supporters. They soldiered on. As they should. But when Hillary wins WV it’s suddenly the biggest news of the year and Obama should quit or something.

    I’m hoping you can see the forest for the trees. Hillary cannot catch Obama, period.
    But, you know what? If she gets the nomination I will support her. I don’t dislike her a bit. I’m a Democrat.

  141. May 2008 be the year of Pissed Off Women—POW!!!

  142. MD,

    You look at the figures often? Eeek! How creepy. Do you have a signed picture of Barry that you like to look at along with the figures?

  143. MD: Are you party building today?

    Good choice.

  144. far behind nationally according to what calculus? she’s winning the popular vote. You mean, if we disenfranchise all states but GA and IL? if we pass a rule that says only votes for Obama count? if we decree that Democrats are out and we’ll only count Republican and indy votes?

    you guys are getting practice at this vote suppression thing, but I’d still bet on the republicans on that score. It’s a new thing for our party, they have more experience.

    “But when Hillary wins WV it’s suddenly the biggest news of the year and Obama should quit or something.”

    you mean like last week, when her come from behind win in IN, a state she should not have taken, was nothing, and nc, a state where he was ahead all along and where it was impossible for him to lose suddenly became the most significant state in the union, like ia and SC before that? It’s significant because the demographics highlight all of Obama’s weaknesses and how he’s already got a tremedous problem on his hands before he’s even been brushed with all his negatives. It’s significant because it’s a huge repudiation of the person who’s been annointed by the party and the media as our “putative nominee.” And it’s significant because of the astronomical turnout, with everyone in america earnestly assuring these voters that it’s over and they needn’t bother.

  145. Gavche
    Hillary is only leading the popular vote by 29,471 if you count MI and you don’t count the 238,168 uncommitted votes in the state that would have gone to Obama and Edwards.
    Let’s be honest. This is not Hillary’s game. This is not Obama’s game. This isn’t even a game – it’s reality. And the reality is that if all parties agree that a state should not count – as was the case with MI – then you cannot suddenly count it just to make a point because your candidate is behind.
    Hillary and her team said nothing when MI fouled out. They cannot now take the high ground and say, ‘Oh, well yeah it counts.”

    The Super Delegates are pretty smart. They see the numbers that Hillary sends to them. They full well know the vote count in MI and FL. But too they know Obama was not on the ballot in MI so they most certainly will take into consideration the 238,168 uncommitted votes. When they do that Hillary is no longer ahead.
    More importantly I do not think the Super Delegates [who know more about the math than anyone] will give the nomination to Hillary even though she may be more electable.
    They might, of course. Let’s wait and see. I’ll support them in their decisions.

  146. Hi MD, I think it is great that you are a Democrat. I used to be one too. Good Night.

  147. MD,

    We’re not buying what you’re selling. Why don’t you run on over the the big orange cheetos place. You’ll fit right in. We actually like Hillary here. And we don’t like Barry.

  148. Yes, party building.

    At some point Hillary will endorse Obama as well. When she does I hope you all [or some of you] will too.
    We don’t need 4 more years of Bush politics. Please.


  149. I will not be threatened anymore. I’m done. I’m just a lunch bucket carrying “low information” voter that the creative class doesn’t need anyway, and I’m done.

    I will not be threatened anymore. If the Democratic party establishment stands up for me and when they condemn the ugliness against Senator Clinton, I may listen again. Maybe.

  150. Here’s a website I found which requests and challenges the mainstream media to fully vet Barack Obama for the American voters: http://investigatebarackobama.blogspot.com/
    (Better late than never?)

  151. “This isn’t even a game – it’s reality. And the reality is that if all parties agree that a state should not count – as was the case with MI – then you cannot suddenly count it just to make a point because your candidate is behind.”

    You’re right, it is not a game. And ‘the parties involved” don’t make a damn bit of difference unless they’re the people of fl and mi. they never agreed to be disenfranchised, and sleazy deals between politicians holding their fate in their hands don’t change that. You can’t disavow millions of votes (;et’s count Idaho 100 times to make up the deficit, that was a big win) and then fall back on lame ass arguments about ‘rules’ and ‘all the backroom cigar chompers agreed to this crazy, immoral scheme.’ That ‘point’ people are trying to make is about the fundamental principles of the Democratic party, regardless of who the candidates are. If, before this election began, you headed some organization called “The Freedom Delegates Were Drama Queens, No Right to Participate, Disenfranchise Forever!” then you’re acting on principle and while I strongly disagree, I respect that. But if you’re like one of the Obama supporters i know who talked endlessly with me about the ridiculousness and immorality of excluding fl and Mi until the day you drank so much kool-ade you started muttering, “anything that helps Obama is an objective good, there is no right or wrong unless obama makes it so,’ well, then, don’t talk to me about the difference between Democrats and Republicans, no morals, no ethics, no principles, just a naked power grab is all I see.

    “Hillary and her team said nothing when MI fouled out. They cannot now take the high ground and say, ‘Oh, well yeah it counts.”

    Wrong and wrong. And regardless, yes, anytime there’s an election and sleazy party hacks try to disavow it, it’s sort of a universal obligation to step forward and say, ‘Yes, it counts.’ there’s also the fact that Mr. Sleazy Dirty Corrupt chicago politician was given the opportunity for a do-over. He declined, because sleazy old politics hacks are okay with benefiting from breaking fundamental principles.

    “But too they know Obama was not on the ballot in MI”

    yes,a nd they also know why he wasn’t on the ballot. They know his history of sleazy tricks to knock his opponents off the ballot and clear the field for himself. They know this this disgusting chickanery is devestating for Democrats in the fall, and they know that when presented with the opportunity for a revote, Mr. Sleaze chose to tell the voters of MI to eat cake, putting Democrats in the worst possible light in sleazy opposition to democracy for one fraud’s personal gain, exposing our entire party as unprincipled phonies who can’t back up our ‘principles’ with action in the process.

    “will give the nomination to Hillary even though she may be more electable.”

    Well, like you say, they’re pretty smart. Edwards doesn’t have to face the electorate. Let’s see if the ones who do want to fall on their swords and put their seats in jeopardy.

  152. We don’t need 4 more years of Bush politics. Please.

    Then get on the phone and start persuading people in Oregon to get out there for Hillary.

  153. Whenever I get down or angry by this race I phonecall. I did an hour tonight to Oregon (pronounced “orygun” as I was told by many a nice older woman) and all my calls responded that they were voting for HRC except for the one man, who’s voting for Obama. I asked one gal what was the tone out there, she said it’s pretty much divided as best she could tell.

    I guess we should all continue to donate and phonecall to get Hillary as much help as possible in Orygun. Let’s do it. Edwards isn’t going to do much for BO.

  154. MD, we will hold you and other Obama supporters responsible for another 4 years of Bush politics. If he takes the nomination by disenfranchising key states, disrespecting women (a key constituency), and dissing our last successful president then both he and his supporter deserve to lose.

    Of course what he did to win will not be why he will lose. He will lose because he is not prepared and incompetent.. Most voters saw through his act weeks ago as shown by the recent votes. But our leadership’s refusal to admit their mistakes caused them to foist him on us.

    The Party’s mistake was believing that its members will blindly support them regardless of their inanity. Frankly it reminds me of how the Catholic church handled their priest scandals in terms of ineptitude and arrogance.

  155. Re: The Edwards endorsement

    I smell $$.

    Hasn’t Bambi been buying SDs? Obviously he bought NARAL. Am I hallucinating, or was there a trial balloon sent up a couple of weeks ago about how the Oborg might pay off Hillary’s campaign debt if she dropped out? How much was Edwards in debt last weekend when he said he wasn’t going to endorse? And how much in debt is he today?

  156. MD says “Please” — Does that mean you think you need us now? Beg harder.

    If Barry wanted my vote, he’s had many opportunities to get it. I’d feel a lot better about him fixing his broken universal health care plan than him wheeling out John Edwards for to win a single news cycle.

  157. A commenter at TL said that Bill Schneider on CNN (?) said that the people at the Grands Rapids rally this eveing were not Michiganders, but people bussed in from out of state.

    Could that be?

    Anyone have any info on this?

    Anyone seeing local MI media on the rally?

  158. The “sweetie” habit Obama says he has. Really do wonder where he would have picked that up.

    Is it a Hawaiian thing? West Coast? NYC? Don’t think so….

  159. A commenter at TL said that Bill Schneider on CNN (?) said that the people at the Grands Rapids rally this eveing were not Michiganders, but people bussed in from out of state.

    Could that be?

    (shaking my head)

    Wow. Just thinking about this has me dizzy. Obama is known for busing people around.

  160. Well I was an Edwards supporter. Maybe I will be again, but I doubt it. I hate the view from under the bus.

    I want UHC, I want better policies for the poor and middle classes. I want higher taxes and a balanced budget, dammit. All, but the last, Edwards said he was for. Not so much, I guess. Or maybe it’s just I’m not willing to give up my goals to ‘win’. Does a win in name only taste sweet? Doubt it. Of course, after this primary season, my main issue is women’s rights. They all interrelated, women’s rights, UHC, better policies, reducing racism. All interrelate. Why can’t the big ‘guys’ see this?

    Anyway, keep fighting Hillary. You can’t stop now! I’ll give more money on Friday and make calls this weekend! Go Girl GO!

  161. I do really like the idea of a walkout at the convention. And I mean a walkout…..and never come back. Catch the bus, catch the train, catch a plane…. walkout. Go. Don’t want no part of this charade, you fools can do this without us.

    Ya think they might notice???

  162. I just fired off a nasty note to Edwards–when I saw him saying a few days ago on Larry King Live that he didn’t feel obligated to endorse NOW (5/12/08.)


    What a phony–just like Precious.

    I should’ve known JE was like that when HRC had a moment of intense emotion right before NH (not a flipping “cry baby scene” like the media pundits reported) and when asked about it by reporters as he was getting off his bus, Edwards said,
    “I think what we need in a commander-in-chief is strength and resolve, and presidential campaigns are tough business, but being president of the United States is also tough business,”

    I remember thinking, “Wow–what a prick!” His wife is battling cancer and as strong as I know she must be–as both of them must’ve been dealing with the loss of the their son, they still are so cutthroat that they take a jab at Clinton for just having a moment of intensity.

    What–like neither one of them ever experienced that? Riiiiiiight…..

    So, yeah–JE is a big, fat asshead. Sell out. Prick. Everything RD and co. said earlier in the thread.

    I want to know just how many people Precious has promised for VP?
    1.) Kerry?
    2.) Pelosi?
    3.) Dean?
    4.) Richardson?
    5.) Bayh?
    6.) McCaskill?
    7.) a dual VP to those 2 numbnuts, Roland Martin & Jamal Simmons?

    Ah–looks like it’s Edwards…but he has to get in line.

    Don’t know about anyone else but this whole campaign has certainly “outed” the lame MF in the Dem Party. i guess I was just too much of a team player to notice but my eyes are WIDE OPEN now–the above and many more are absolute, sell-out losers. Never again.

    The more desperate they get with endorsements and stunts and BS like this, the more I’m confident some internal numbers or…oh..I don’t know…LOSING ELECTIONS?…is getting their knickers in a twist.

    Both BO and Edwards can go…well…you know

  163. I not only spit on the Fauxgressive Boyz Klub, I fart in their general directions! Their mothers were all hamsters and their fathers smelt of elderberries! I unclog my nostrils at them! I wave my private parts at their aunties! Now go away, Fauxgressive Pig Dogs, or I will taunt you a sec-AWN time! 😆

  164. MD said: “Yes, party building.

    At some point Hillary will endorse Obama as well. When she does I hope you all [or some of you] will too.
    We don’t need 4 more years of Bush politics. Please.


    Better the devil you know, “sweetie”. I’ve seen enough of Obama to know that I don’t want to ride on his bus—excuse me—get run over by it. I’m going to stick with Hillary until she decides to drop out and then I’m switching my support to McCain and that means working as hard for him as I’ve worked for HIllary.
    I stayed home in 2004, because I couldn’t stand Kerry but couldn’t stomach voting for Bush. This time, I’ll make my vote count and voice heard loud and clear.

  165. I saw local coverage of the fisasco last night but I didn’t hear anything about people being bussed in. Here’s an article which also includes coverage of some protestors which from Grand Valley State University (located in Grand Rapids). http://www.mlive.com/elections/index.ssf/2008/05/seen_and_heard_obama_visits_gr.html

  166. […] in the democratic party. Try The Confluence, where one of the authors writes of Edwards “He’s not worth my spit.” Nevermind that Edwards was the candidate who did the most to make this primary about who […]

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