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West Virginia Cocktail Party

Versacology. That’s the word my daughter made up to describe what’s going on when someone tells you to not do something when they really want you to do it. Like, “No, don’t go to bed now. Your eyes don’t look sleepy. Let’s stay up and play some games!” or “Don’t touch that big red button” or “The primary is over, Obama won, you hillbillies can go home now.”

Well, it looks like the Mountaineers showed them. And with Chelsea priming the punp in Puerto Rico and Howard Wolfson saying, “I don’t think there’s been anyone in the history of American politics who’s gotten out after a 30 point win.”, it doesn’t sound like Hillary’s getting out. Yeahhhh, baby! Let’s celebrate. Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Party. The bar is to the left of the door. Rico is tending bar. His featured drink tonight is a Mountaineer on Acid, which from the ingredients list sounds like it should look a little like radiator fluid. But you can order anything you like.

Tonight’s entertainment, Tim O’Brien, is from West Virginia and keeps bluegrass alive. This is kind of cute in its simplicity. Get your clogs on.

The words to the bluegrass hymm he sings afterwards, A Few More Years Shall Pass can be found here. Everyone is welcome here at The Confluence but we like to keep the barfights to a minimum. So, please leave your trigger words with Florence our lovely checkroom attendent. The waiters will be circulating with cornbread, green beans simmered with smoky ham. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait persons generously.

169 Responses

  1. I’ll have some moonshine, please. Good thing everyone is at the other thread, I get to hang out with Rico.

  2. Please post this picture that boston boomer found in the cnn page:


  3. Can I have a Knob Creek OTR, Rico? I love that caramelly taste.

  4. Wolf never remembers a campaign where all the pundits declare a candidate to be toast, but the candidate comes back to pulverize the putative nominee.

    You don’t say, Wolf?

  5. Lurker here. Gosh, this is terrific. Keep up the good fight!
    back to lurking. but before I do, I’d like a Manhattan, please. Last time I had one of those was….well, let’s just say it was probably before most of you were born.

  6. Is Rico Puerto rican?

  7. Hi HT! Welcome.

  8. Rico is from Joisy.

  9. Rico, a Manhattan for our friend HT, please! Glad to know ya’. pull up a chair.

  10. Like in New Jersey? ….Anyway, does he support Hillary?

  11. Katiebird,

    Yes, yes, yes!! 2209. She said it. We all have to keep saying that all the time everywhere. No nominee until someone gets 2209. Let the media say it’s “largely symbolic.” The media is “largely symbolic” and mostly full of crap.

  12. Upstate: Are you kidding?! Rico is one of Hillary’s biggest fans. He loves her universal healthcare and energy policies. Oh, yeah, he totally eats that $&(* up. I see him sneaking a peek at her position papers when he thinks no one is looking.
    Damn, Rico, you are so fine. Can I have a refill?

  13. Oh no!!!

    The vile eeeeevil witch is not conceding after The Chosen One suffered another humiliation at hands of Democrats.

    Why am I being punished with these GD mocktails?

  14. It’s about cocktail time here in San Francisco, so I’d like a Lemon Drop please, Rico. I like my drinks nice and sweet, like our gal’s WV blowout today – nice and sweet!

  15. BTD has CNN video up of Howard Wolfson cleaning Donna Brazile’s clock. Donna, please go away.

  16. This is a really good speech. I’m in awe.

  17. 2209. Is that what she said? Good for her. According to the NYT map thingey, Mr. Obama has not done well in most counties. He does a little bit better in urban ones, Huntington and Charleston but nothing amazing.

  18. riverdaughter,

    Is Rico gay?

  19. Was that a great speech or what?? She looked and spoke presidential and with such confidence. How could anyone not want to vote for her? Those supers better pay attention.

  20. I stand corrected, as the percentage of the vote increases in urban centers Obama’s margins diminish. These margins are bad for our de facto ‘nomenee’.

    heh, thank you WV friends.

  21. DCDemocrat: is this a Dumbledore moment?

  22. Upstate – BO has gotten creamed in the overwhelming majority of counties even in states he’s won. He wins a couple highly-populated urban counties, she wins everythign else, state after state. Sometimes that is enough for him to win the state if the urban areas are heavilypop’d enough. That plus the red-state caucuses of course.

    Actually, approx 90% of his entire pop vote lead is due to IL. And 2/3s of that due to Cook County (Chicago). Hell of a GOTV vote for Obama his own (big) state. That’s the bulk of his lead.

  23. DCDemocrat: If you want him to be. What the hell. I’ve suspected for some time now that Rico is gay.

  24. Does Rico accept tips?

  25. Really nice speech.

    You know after listening to both their stump speeched for several weeks now through PA…..when Obama talks he often talks about himself and his experiences and relates them to his positions and so on.

    Hillary talks about people. Regular folks-type people. The elderly woman voting by mail ballot from her hospice bed. The KY kid selling his bike and video games to donate money.

    Those stories are much more accessible and resonate for me. Obama’s self-centerdness is getting way-old. At least for me.

    You have to hope the SDs are getting nervous.

  26. Pat: Of course! If he does his work to your satisfaction, you should tip him accordingly.

  27. Pat, give your tips to Hillary. I just did. I’m a believer (again).

  28. Sarah, I feel the exact same way. She speaks to us about us and he speaks about Obama.

  29. Sarah2: Versacology to the supers, “Resistance is useless. You will be assimilated”. Or “We’re the media concern trolls. We know what’s good for you. Go with Obama”
    F$^* that s$%*.

  30. Anderson Cooper was all, Obama has won more states, won them earlier (?) and has the overwhelming money advantage I really think this is all about the money. Someone on another station said that Obama was going to release scary-big money numbers tomorrow. Doesn’t he always hoard good news to use when he’s desperate?

    Also, Donna B, sneered about 2209, she said The Math = 2025. And everyone knows it.

    What a tool. Like you can seriously leave MI & FL out of the convention and still win in November.

  31. Give $$$$$$.

    Just heard some guy on CBS news say Hillary is losing the primary that counts, which is the money primary. Said no one has ever been this far in debt (I think she is running a 20 mil. deficit.) This guy ( sorry, did not catch his name) believes Hillary’s fundraisers, with whom she meets tomorrow, will tell her it is hopeless.

    So, send a little hope Hillary’s way. Donate whatever you can. Let’s give our girl a big overnight $$$ total to talk about on the morning talk shows.

  32. More states…my Dad is a political scientist(by education). He says NEVER has he heard someone argue more states. He says how about look at who has won more counties. 😉

  33. I am so psyched!!!! She was tremendous!!! I broke my rule of no cable but I did put on CNN because I love the John King board. She is so inspiring! Like Rosie O’Donnell would say, triple love her!!

    Rico, over here. Manhattan straight up and if I end up too paralized to walk can you come home with me??

  34. Rico, I’ll take a Mountaineer on Acid, straight up, por favor.

  35. Melanie: What you Dad says makes a lot of sense. I can feel another big win in Kentucky. She is unstoppable.

  36. Hillary gave a great speech and the audience was electric. Now they are re-running BO’s speech from MO. He’s getting a really tepid response. It sounds like there are about 10 people in the audience. Maybe they grabbed people on the street and paid them to clap? No, they would have to clap louder for money. The audience must be made up of the press and Obama’s staffers.

  37. Hey tabby (my half-siamese Bugsy says hello!) yeah you’re right on. Obama’s a narcissit. Hillary’s is a much more accessible message IMO.
    But there’s plenty of people who’ve fallen for the narcissist unfortunately.

  38. RD at 9:39 – WORD

  39. Platinum Rum and (diet) Coke for moi!
    And – Ka-ching!
    Another 50$ for Hillary.
    C’mon folks, get out the wallet and give her a boost tonight!

  40. Upstate, thank you for the warm welcome.
    River: I’ve been here for awhile, but I mainly lurk, trying to absorb the information. I do so on many other blogs, although my reading has been pared down considerably in the past few months. One really good result is that I’ve discovered so many worthwhile blogs, and I count yours as one.
    BTW, I’m a proud feminist. I fought the good fight in the 60’s and 70’s and I thought we had progressed. I was wrong, so Hillary’s campaign has done the old feminists a favor (or as they like to call us, the second wave??). We thought we had progressed, but we have been thrown two steps back to every step forward in this campaign. Feminism is not the only reason that I believe that Hillary is the best candidate, but as it relates to me, it’s the most pertinent reason. I have a daughter who just celebrated her “legal” birthday (old preggie here) – she is beautiful, brainy and a pain in the ass. She deserves better that what I had to contend with, as do all women. My son is also a feminist, and he deserves better.
    Anyway, Rico, another Manhatten please. The first just whetted my appetite. Do you have any munchies to go with the drinks? I really like smoked oysters on cream cheese on Paris toasts?
    I won’t bother your further. We old white women need our sleep, don’t we?

  41. Casey, I’ve got my checkbook out. OK, I sent in more (I gave her my birthday money this morning)

    Go Hillary!

  42. Riverdaughter. Sweet.

  43. Remember when she said that many of her donors made sacrifices to send money? She must have been talking about me when I gave up my lunch date and Cosmos. So as a result of her mentioning me, I am going to reach way down again and come up with another $25.00. She can thank me in Kentucky.

  44. Holy Hemiola! She’s got almost an 35 point lead on him.

  45. Bob Casey thinks we’re going to vote for Obama in the end. Dream on, Bob. This split is serious. We won’t forget.

  46. That whole “more states” argument is total BS. I have never heard it before. And winning the early ones is better???! Where the heck does that come from? It’s the momentum at the end that counts. I’m sorry, but is Anderson Cooper going to argue that If the Patriots score a bunch of touchdowns in the first half and then the other team comes back and is only a few points down, the game should be called because the Patriots were winning early? Give me a break.

  47. I just sent some $ her way for Mother’s day. Will repeat in a few days.

  48. What if BO doesn’t break 30%?

    How low can the front runner go and still be the “presumptive nominee”?

    And. I hate Donna B. Dean will pay for her.

  49. kbird; ‘I gave her my birthday money this morning”

    You put me to shame.

  50. HT, I think there are a lot of angry lurking women on blogs right now. I’m right with you…I don’t read as many as I did but the ones I do are much better.

    katie…I just gave too. I hope she get enough tonight to help with the big money people. I will help pay her debt if if takes me years.

    I despise Donna Brazile so much and I just pray they seat those delegates and shut her up.

  51. Way to go Pat. I actually made a contribution earlier in the day just because it made me feel good to do it.

  52. It’s not quantity, it’s quality as far as states won.

  53. I’ll have an appetini. Great news tonight.

    I hope we get some good press tomorrow. I’m off to donate money.

    I want Obama to just go away so that I don’t have to look at his mug anymore.

  54. Oh, and I agree with the whole “more states” BS. I thought it was a joke the first time an OFB mentioned it.

  55. katiebird–

    Thanks. And YEAAAAAAH for Hillary. I have never donated to a presidential candidate like I have Hillary this year. Can never send much. Living on disability here, but I find I can’t NOT give to her. She must win.

  56. Hey did you guys hear about the 11-year-old kid who sold his bicycle and his video games to raise $440 for Hillary?


    “I was thinking one day how could I make money for the campaign,” he says. “And I just went through my closet and found things I didn’t need.”

    “I thought he was raising vacation money,” says Vickie Hatfield, who along with Dalton’s father, Bruce Hatfield, accompanied him to the event. “When I found out it was for Hillary, I told him to go for it.”

    The result was a donation that for the most part left the former president, who is known as a great communicator, speechless.

  57. According to the IRS website, I get my tax rebate Friday so I’m in for some more. Come on you lurkers, help us out.

    katie…lol, we posted our Donna hate at the exact same time.

  58. Of course Rico is gay.

    If you can afford it, give to the junior senator from New York. Or volunteer to make those calls. Yes, it’s nervewracking, but even if you only do three or four a day, they make a difference.

    Contribution Details
    Date: May 13, 2008 9:49 PM EDT
    Contact: XXXXXX XXXX
    Amount: $100.00

    A round for the house, Rico. And something particularly wonderful my Internet-crush, MABlue. He’s a fine fellow, so pour him something fancy and give him a wink.

    riverdaughter, I tip my pom-martini in your general direction.

  59. Welcome HT!

    Go Pats!

    Boo Obama!

    FU Chris and KO!

  60. Congratulations on the win.

    Bostonboomer, yeah people have a lot of weird measuring sticks. For me its popular votes but according to the constitution it is electoral votes. The # of states, counties, geographic size, etc… means so little.

  61. That’s no drink for a mountaineer!

    I know Rico keeps a jar of white lightnin’ for customers with more sophisticated tastes, and I’ll hoist one in honor of my friend R. Byrd who took the red-eye into PIT this morning with intent to thumb his way down to Morgantown.

  62. My favorite WV county is Mingo:

    Hillary: 85%
    BO: 10%

  63. No shame from me. It would be the best present ever for Hillary to be our President. And the worst horror imaginable for it to be BO.

    Someone on Anderson Cooper said Hillary was meeting with her finance people tomorrow and they’ll “probably tell her to get out”

    Fuck them. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Them.

    I hope Hillary’s servers are totally swamped.

  64. Mr. Obama may not be able to hold his 30% disadvantage. Charleston is starting to look even worse for him.

  65. Just too darn excited about Hillary’s win tonight. Sent a little more green sugar her way.

    Oh, and Rico, a double JIm Beam Black OTR, please. And a round for the house. This is a night to celebrate. Tomorrow it’s back to work.

  66. Holly smokes! I just stumbled in and everyone’s half in the bag. OK, I’ll have a gin and tonic w/ twist of lemon. Thanks, Rico. Keep the change.

    Hey, the WV margin is now 65% Clinton 28% Obama. Not too shabby my friends, not too shabby. Another humiliating loss for Obama.

    Cheers, and here’s to Hillary! KY and OR here we come.

  67. Can anyone picture what this blog will be like if she gets the nomination? Totally out of control. We should pick our designated driver now.

  68. hlr, I have done an incredible amount of research across the expanse of West Virginia. Mingo County’s seat is Williamson. The Tug Fork divides Mingo County (and Williamson) from Kentucky. Mingo is the county where the Matewan coal rebellion occurred.

  69. Pat; that would be nice wouldn’t it?

  70. {{{Pat}}} I vote for you.


  71. Jeez, He might not even crack 30. Logan county is 84% Clinton. Amazing.

  72. Damn. I’ll commit to future donations to help pay the debt. Don’t let them make you quit Hillary.

    It’s all about money isn’t it? To the Super D’s and Howard Dean. No money from me to them ever.

  73. katiebird: I’ll drive if you promise not to spit and take up all the room in the backseat. You know how you love the couch.

  74. This must be why their suddenly talking about how important BOs money is to the SuperDelegates. His numbers aren’t going to get bigger in the small towns….. Can they?

  75. KatieBird,

    I heard the same crap on CNN…yes, Rico, I’ll have another..anyway, I heard the same stuff on CNN. When,how and when she’ll start to get the message. Ugh! Gloria Borger (sp?) had the nerve to intone that some of HRCs staffers might defect to Obama’s camp, he’d like to have them, she says. Puke.

    Enough of that. We agreed not to watch cable news and we shouldn’t have. That’ll teach us. Just enjoy the good vibes of this *historic* win and onward.

  76. What is the deal with Jefferson county (NE) They are only 4% apart Is this a college area? What about the neighboring counties. Anybody familiar with WV?

  77. I promise, Pat I hardly ever spit in cars. 🙂 Speaking of spitting, I was lurking someplace unfamiliar and someone said “I spit on xxx” I can’t remember what it was, do you think they got it from me? I didn’t recognize the name.

  78. What’s the story on HRCs post primary money, does she have any? I understand that you can have money you raise for the primary and money you raise for the GE and never the twain shall meet. Well, does she have GE money?

  79. Probably not Kbird. My wife and I always use that when we are impersonating someone very passionate about something. We also spit on things/people but not on the web 😉

  80. Holly Molly!

    The “Nominee” is taking a shellacking.

    It’s amazing how you can enjoy anything if you let the Prgogressive Blogosphere 2.0 watch the media for you.

  81. MABlue: It’s just so embarrassing when the nominee is disowned by members of his party.

  82. Maybe I got it from you, then?? It’s fun, isn’t it?

  83. MABlue, I think it was Wolf B who said that a “presumed nominee” hasn’t ever lost this badly.

  84. elixir-

    She does have GE money. Last I heard it was around $20-25 mil. This was after PA. Don’t have any more recent numbers.

  85. 2209! is that a prime number?

  86. katiebird: You have the patent on spitting. No one can take that away.

    elixir: I am not sure where that money comes from in the general. Didn’t Obama say he would not take money because he had his own and this infuriated McBush.

    And while I was waiting for Hillary to speak I turned over to Fox. O’Reilly was promising somebody that he had people working on the Chicago connection to Obama. He really has a thing about him. Says he will dig and report back when he comes up with something. And we all know Billo if he has to invent it he will report it.

  87. She thinks NJ is in play! sounds right to me.

  88. Mom’s Apple Pie for me Rico!!

    (That’s moonshine steeped in apples, with some cinnamon, for all you high class people out there!!)

    I’m hoping to get to do some canvassing here in Lou-Uh-Vul this weekend, if gas prices will allow it.

  89. Pat, I saw him talking about that yesterday — He started with a discussion of Ayers (not much depth, just a clip from an old Connie Chung Interview With Ayers and Dohrn where Dohrn said she wished they’d done more and how lucky they were to be born when & where they were) and someone talking about Community Organizers and how they follow some guy’s Instruction Book.

  90. Holy crap. This is embarrassing for our nominee. This is why he needs people off the ballot (Alice Palmer, hillary Clinton). He doesn’t do as well when they are off.

  91. KB, are you gettin tipsy? :)))))))
    Ya’ know they’re changing the script because the “ignore her” plan didn’t work. So now they’re going to say, even if she can win the remaining states she won’t have the money to finish.

    Bastards, I say, bastards. Another round for the house!

  92. kbird: I agree with Pat J. You are the spitter in chief !

    Just saw the Donna/Wolfson interchange at Taylor Marsh. She does not sound happy.

  93. Greta van Sustren can’t understand why the Democrats think that Obama can win the presidency when he has only won caucuses in blue states. She says it seems like the Democrats are handing the election to John McCain. Howard Dean, are you listening? At least someone is willing to speak the truth in the media. Now Juan Williams is explaining why Obama can’t win anywhere there aren’t a lot of black voters.

  94. Great Speech! She mentioned supporters giving up their dinner out. Yes, I feel another Friday Fast.

  95. (dragging right eye) (dragging left eye) (squinting) elixir? Why?

  96. kbird: heh.

    Aeryl: Apple pie (said like Homer Simpson does say Donuts0. That sounds delicious.

  97. Is this for real?? She’s ahead of him by some 38 points right now. Unbelievable.

  98. A Friday FAST …… Oh, NOoooo


  99. I have no doubt that Greta is a Clinton supporter. I wonder if she can admit it to her buds at Fox? I know she’s a Democrat and she is always taking Hillary’s side with her panels without being mean toward Obama.

  100. Riverdaughter, it’s been 28% for a long time hasn’t it.

  101. UpstateNY: What is the deal with Jefferson county (NE) They are only 4% apart Is this a college area

    It borders MD. There quite a few ppl there who live there while eating a heck of a commute to their DC-area jobs. It’s creative class on the cheap.

    Also the county where Harper’s Ferry is located, for those who are familiar.

  102. He’s below 30 now….28 to HRC’s 65%.

    Wonder if she can break 70.

    She really needs to make up the pop vote.

    Man I hope the SDs are going out an dbuying some Depends!!!

  103. Since sticking to my resolve of not watching cable for two weeks I have no idea what these beauties are saying unless I go to the web. Not that there is much to miss but Juan Williams is black. I doubt that he is an Obamabot but it is very telling that the does not speak more highly of His Highness.

    Another posting on another blog mentioned that Chris Matthews denigrated the WVa voters by saying something to the effect that they were undereducated. Why someone has not thrown a hook out on that guy is a mystery.

  104. tabbycat, I’ve wondered. She had a great interview with Hillary a couple of months ago. That was part of the turning tide, I think.

  105. If it’s 65-28, who are the other 7% voting for?

  106. Sarah, I haven’t seen a single hint of a popular vote number. Have you?

  107. Rich: I think Edwards is still on the ballot.

  108. Deep thought of the day:

    If a Democrat vote for Hillary Clinton, s/he’s a racist. If a State humiliates “The Nominee”, it’s a racist State.

  109. Pat, I consider Juan Williams partially responsible for the whole Iraq thing. He did interviews on NPR in the fall and winter leading up to the invasion that almost had me crashing my car. I could repeat some of them verbatim — they’re burned in my skull.

    I don’t understand how I’ve come to rely on people I hate for information. This is THE weirdest year of my life.

    I appreciate what he’s done for Hilllary. But, I still have to hate him. Am I wrong?

  110. hlr; thanks!!

  111. katiebird, since Super Tuesday Williams has asked “where’s the beef?” and said Hill had a better GE coalition. He’s also the only AA pundit I have heard calling out the race baiting bs. So, yeah, I don’t hate him.

  112. But for the networks math doofussness, Obama would be reported at 27% (0.2745)

  113. k-bird — based on results already in, the gain in pop vote will be +135K for Hillary.

    That assumes that the precincts which have reported are representative of the state overall — there’s no reason to assume this, of course.

  114. katiebird: Absolutely not! Look, she has been harpooned by the MSM so when one offers to at least show some respect (remember how we got all choked up over the Billo interview because we saw he had some respect for her?) we cling to that person’s viewpoint. Face it, we are in a desert here. Very few have come to her defense. Look at the names we have been quoting lately: Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan, Greta, Juan Williams. The only person I can honestly think of who give Hillary any good reviews is Craig Crawford. Other than that they are few and far between. When these men act like human beings we fall apart.

  115. UpstateNY — oh, there is a college there, Shepardstown. Don’t think it’s too large.

  116. Rich,

    Edwards was still on the ballot in WV. That could be part of the 7%.

  117. Fine, now you have done it. I just donated. Happy? I was raised Catholic. Cannot live with the guilt!!!

    It took a little bit longer than other times for their site to send the receipt/acknowledgment. Busy server? A good sign? We’ll see.

  118. hlr: wow, you are good!

  119. (nodding) Pat, I think that’s it. Boy, is it weird…

  120. Thanks for the tip on Greta. I didn’t realize she was a fan.

    KBird, I’m tired, heading out shortly. Let me know if you need a ride, I can drop you at your house.

    What a great night for us, Hillbillies. Sleep well and dream of a win in Oregon.

    Thanks, Rico, take care.

  121. Yes I’ve seen the pop vote pickup for HRC in the 130K+ territory depending on turnout.
    Unfortunately that does not begin to erase even the loss in NC.
    Bottom line, she is really down to an electability argument now. Pop vote is becoming a pipe dream even should MI/FL be counted which they won’t be.

    And BTW, I quit the Dem Party last week and re-registered Indy.

    It felt so good! Everyone should try it!

    I’m going to tear up my Dem reg card and mail it to Donna Brazile along with my best wishes for her and her New Coaltion in November. Oh, and for keeping Roe V. Wade. Good luck with both Donna.

  122. BB: I think they should give Obama any Edwards votes, a la MI, don’t you?

  123. WashingtonPost has a pretty nice map. Edwards did get 7% (so far) and Obama is down to 27% (so far)

  124. Yah Upstate!

    Pat…I’ll bet that Tweety statement will really help him in neighboring Pennsylvania if/when he runs for the Senate there.

  125. The guy is a fruitcake! And KO is just plain mean. I know I can be snarky but he could open his own school for God’s sake.

  126. Sarah, she’s up to 159,300 with 68% reporting. So won’t that go way up when the other 30% goes up?

  127. Wow, 11 pm! All right, must go now. Sweet, sweet dreams.

  128. rd: How did you get that picture of me on this blog? I debated about the red rose thinking it was a little over the top. But it works.

  129. Sarah2, not when you include MI and FL. There was a 103k vote advantage for BO before tonight when you include those votes.

  130. Oh my!

    “The Nominee” is unable to reach 30% in a State victorious Dems have been winning since 1916?

    To appreciate the full extent of the humiliation, here are 2 fun facts:

    – In 1980, while Carter was getting his ass handed to him by Reagan, he won WV

    – In 1988, in what turned out to be an embarrassing GE performance, Dukakis (yes that’s right, Dukakis) won WV

    Why do we have these Super-Duper-Gold-Delegates again?

    Just askin’.

  131. lol, Pat.

  132. I just read on Talkleft that he’s down to 25%?

  133. Lambert (chocking and laughing) What-a-guy. I swear, If he’s elected, we won’t miss Bush at all.

    In other news, I think Hillary’s going to win every single county in West Virginia.

    Anyway to know how many counties she’s won across the country?

  134. Lambert: Love your wit!

  135. “Just heard some guy on CBS news say Hillary is losing the primary that counts, which is the money primary”

    *shrugs* The only way that money is useful is if it translates into votes. Obama spends and spends and spends and still loses. giving him money is the equivalent of seting it on fire and throwing it into a black hole. Seems still being able to win without much cash would be an advantage against a party that has more money than god.

  136. Gavche, didn’t he outspend Hillary even in WV?

  137. I see 9 counties where he’s in the teens! (And just barely in the the teens in some cases.)

  138. “Unfortunately, that does not begin to erase even the loss in NC.”

    Yeah it does, she was ahead by over 100,000 votes before nc, he moved ahead by about 100,000 there but this should put her back on top.

  139. He outspent her by at least 2-1 from what i’ve heard katiebird.

  140. (snort) And shouldn’t THAT enter into the “Money Primary” How many states has he lost after outspending her like that?

  141. I haven’t seen 25 yet, but he’s now at 26 and we might reasonably project 25 based on current trend through the final 23% of precincts.

  142. And remember … that 26% got a shot in the arm from the voters who will vote McCain in Nov but broke for BO in the Dem primary.

  143. Just got back from primary watch party…I invited local press to our get-together to show that Clinton supporters in NC are still truckin’!!! Though…note to self: Don’t talk to press whilst drinking. I’ll be praying when I open the newspaper tomorrow to see my quotes. 🙂

    okay, okay, I can’t say no to women…off to donate!

  144. @KB: Yes, by 2-1. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

  145. Contribution Details
    Date: May 13, 2008 11:42 PM EDT
    Contact: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Amount: $50.00

    Skeeeeeeeee….41 point lead!

  146. Well, if you remmeber after PA, analysts like Schneider broke it down and explained that Obama did great because some groups he lost in PA by 45% he’d lost in OH by 60%. so they could point out that while he massively outspent her and lost by 40%, he could have spent less and lost by 80%. also, he beat john edwards by a 4-1 margin, and edwards once vacationed in w. va. and pumped at least $1000 into the state then.

  147. LOL, Mingo county: 88-8.

  148. If any of you are still awake out there please go to Taylor Marsh’s blog and read another communique between Donna B and a young girl. Amazing.

  149. You know, i don’t want to bring tehhe party down, but i am sick to death of these jerks talking about the racists in appalachia. i’m sorry, but there is a fierce union tradition there, there was probably less racism there than in this high falutin’ upper class liberal college towns. And I know, I’m from a liberal college town, it’s not nearly as tolerant and progressive a place as these smug backpatters like to contend. Don’t disguise classism as anti-racism.

  150. Heh, it’s a good night, a good night indeed. Good for Hillary!! Every insult spat on us, and we rise. Every time the corp-MSM beats her down, she gets back up, no matter how hard they push their golden boy on us.

    If he’s so unbeatable, so much Teh Awesome, why can’t he win already? Oh, that’s right…. because so many people are voting for Hillary!

    Don’t mess with the progressives with lunch buckets…

  151. good evening yall. I was out having a few glasses of wine with some of my smart feminist friends.. we finally put on CNN and that was a very nice surprise! I knew she’d win.. very proud of West Virginia right now.

    I know Rico keeps a jar of white lightnin’ for customers with more sophisticated tastes
    a v powerful state official, from my hometown out there in the appalachian region, kept a jar of it under the counter at the bar he owned for when his friends stuck around after hours. nasty stuff from what my dad says. but if they hadn’t started running it, none among us would have NASCAR..

  152. Once again, late to the party!
    I’m a really wimpy drinker, but if Rico could make me a frozen Mango Margarita, I’ll be happy.

    It takes me a while to read all the comments. but

    Pat, (I think), I turned on and then immediately away from MSNBO when Tweety was spraying the “white, uneducated, blue collar voters”. I had to do that to save my old teevee that won’t be worth a whit when television goes digital next year.

    and Katiebird, I remember nearly crashing my car as well whilst listening to Juan Williams urging on the war. I even wrote about it at one point. I swear I thought I was going to run right into a tree that day.

    I wrote to DNC last week and really let them have it.
    and told them a) I had stopped donating money to them last year, and b) I’d never give them another penny.

    I’d love to shred Donna Brazile into little bits and pieces. but I’ll have to let Michelle “scratch her eyes out” when BHO loses.

    My nextdonation

  153. see, I told you I was a wimpy drinker ! !

    My next donation goes out on the 16th when I get paid again.

  154. 2209 = 47 * 47

  155. She’s gonna win this sucker by 40 Points

    KMA Obama

  156. Does anyone know the total number of voters that came out today? Sorry if anyone already posted it.

  157. BFF, really? Why does that look like the meaning of life?

  158. t Chris Matthews denigrated the WVa voters by saying something to the effect that they were undereducated.
    Tweety was spraying the “white, uneducated, blue collar voters”.

    You mean the same people Tweety was absolutely making a fetish of, when the question was, how can we get the ones in Philadelphia to vote for Obama?

  159. dar1a g ~
    You mean the same people Tweety was absolutely making a fetish of, when the question was, how can we get the ones in Philadelphia to vote for Obama?

    Unbelieveable, isn’t it?

  160. Yep. Chris Matthews is constantly slobbering over this ideal he has of a tough, blue collar regular working stiff kind of guy.. he absolutely loves ’em and thinks he’s just like them (except for the posh house in Bethesda Potomac Chevy Chase).. and yet, they’re mostly voting for Hillary. The cognitive dissonance might just cause his head to explode by the time Kentucky rolls around.

  161. arrgh, strikethrough tag no work? I mean, not Bethesda, not Potomac.. he lives in Chevy Chase. oh well.

  162. It doesn’t matter to me where Tweety lives.
    I just want to see his head explode. .)

  163. I used to give the DNC a monthly contribution (the Democracy bond program). A couple of months ago I stopped giving to the DNC and started sending the $$ to Hillary’s campaign. On Monday I called the DNC to ask about seating the delegates from FL and MI. I was forwarded to Dean’s voicemail. I told them I wouldn’t give them another dime. If they want my money or my vote they have to seat the delegates from FL and MI. If not, they can live without my help, my money and my vote. Not another penny to the DNC.

  164. I gave up lunch for the week and donated another 25$. It’s not much, but being ‘under’ employed, it’s what I can do.

    Had a run in with a friend over my Hillary t-shirt. It wasn’t about Obama, and the man isn’t even registered to vote, but still he gave me hell. And that was when it really cemented in my mind, that this isn’t about who’s best for president, who has experience, who’s black/white/green. It’s about the audacity, the sheer horribleness of a woman running for president.

    This guy is a good friend, and my husband almost punched him over what he said. Me, I was in shock, I mean, a friend? Doing that? But I’ve decided if he does it again, I’ll punch him first!

    Anyway, 25$ more to show my friend he’s full of it!

  165. {{katiebird}} The meaning of life *squared* !

  166. {{BFF}} hugs right back!

    Except that after a good (the best) night’s sleep — The meaning of life is 42. (sniff) not 47. Still, was nice to imagine. I guess it was a Douglas Adams sort of night.

  167. KJMontana — Wow, Coward Dean’s voice mail – amazing that it wasn’t overflowing. I did the same thing. Cancelled my Democracy Bond and I’ve been giving it (and more) to Hillary. They wouldn’t stop sending me email so I finally had it go straight to my spam filter.

    I’m done with the DNC until Hillary takes over and reorganizes it.

    Sima – that’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard. But remember your friend is supporter a guy who runs for president by “throwing elbows” — which is the most brutal campaign technique I’ve ever heard of.

    I think the brutality of his supporters can be traced directly to that.

    I’m really sorry your friend lost his mind over it.

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