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Dear Supers: The party has no one to blame but itself

Look, guys (and gals), you’ve been holding out for a long time now, seemingly scared of your own shadows. But when 64% of the party says that Hillary should stay in the race until the bitter end *in spite of* all the intense media haka demanding that she’s a loser, you’ve got a problem. The problem is this: you are letting the Rove controlled media pick the president. That’s not its job and we’ve seen how well that worked in 2000 and 2004.

The Republicans are licking their chops. They can’t wait to sink their teeth into Obama’s tender flesh. It’s going to be juicy and succulent. They’re going to make McCain look like a demi-god while Obama’s campaign will not be able to do anything right. And unlike Clinton, Obama isn’t starting off with a huge inevitable meme that can be gradually chipped down. No, he’s starting on the ground floor and his negatives are going to skyrocket. With Clinton, the worst is over. They can continue to pound her but voters aren’t buying it. What they do seem to be vulnerable to is that their votes don’t count and that’s not a message the Democrats should be sending in the fall, wouldn’t you agree?

There is no way for Obama to win this fall. *HE* has successfully thrown most of the base under the bus and many of us want nothing to do with him. Let me repeat that: HE and his campaign surrogates have disowned us. Not the media. Obama. He is the very epitome of a failed politician when he alienates the voters he needs the most. I don’t hear Hillary doing anything that suicidal.

Don’t go trying to pin this one on Hillary. She’s doing what she is entitled to do, what no one would deny Ted Kennedy, which is why you guys exist in the first place. And her case is much stronger than Kennedy’s in 1980. With FL and MI, they are essentially tied. It is her right and obligation to the voters, especially in Florida and Michigan, to take this fight as far as it will go. If it tears the party apart, she will not be the cause of that. You can’t suppress 2.3 million voters and expect everyone to kiss and make up after they’ve been raped.

You know and we know what will happen this fall. The AA voters will get diluted, as always. The states that Obama won by caucus will go Republican, as always. And the states that you desperately needed, like Florida and Michigan will probably also fall into Republican hands. Now, I don’t know what’s going on in the party behind closed doors but you have a choice. You can grow a pair and tell the Deaniacs to stick it where the sun don’t shine or you can face the voters this fall and have a weakling at the top of the ticket. And if he goes down, he may take the rest of you with him.

Time to speak up.

93 Responses

  1. “You can’t suppress 2.3 million voters and expect everyone to kiss and make up after they’ve been raped.”

    As a FL “victim of the DNC,” I thank you for this, because this is exacty how it feels.

    But to the lawyers that read/comment here, isn’t it unconstitutional to deny a vote (and at this large a scale)?

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t couch it in terms of being denied the right to vote since A) there’s no right to vote for president in the Constitution (this ugly fact came to light in Florida 2000 w/ the state legislature) and B) the primary process is an artificial process of a political party.

    It would come down to a federal or state civil rights violation, unless there’s something specifically in Florida state law about voting rights. But, again, presidential voting is its own “thing.”

  3. Excellent piece! thank you for writing it. A couple of things. Why is the media so pro-Obama? Is it sexism, anti-clintonism, or corporate interests (Nom Chomsky discussed this)?

    By the way, I make calls for Hillary, which I love to do because it allows me to speak directly to voters. Yesterday I spoke to voters in West Virginia who said that if Hillary doesn’t win the nomination, they don’t know what they’ll do. They are strong Democrats, but they said they can’t vote for Senator Obama. And they don’t want to vote for a Republican. The voters sounded very upset.

    Other voters have said the same thing to me in other states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc.

  4. I love how the supers who have already decided to vote for the candidate of misogyny and political suicide believe that the GOP and the media won’t expose Obama and his campaign of hate and disenfranchisement. Already Rove himself blurted out the truth on FOX “News” regarding MI/FL: The DNC rigged the primaries, cheating MI/FL, to knock out Clinton.

    Just wait until America hears the truth. If we’re pissed, imagine how they’ll feel when they realize they’ve been sold a lie. And that’s the beauty of it all: neither Obama nor his fans (including the DNC) will be able to counter it because it’s true.

  5. I think the Party leadership is thinking that we are monolithic Party-line voters, like the Republicans. So no matter what the DNC or Obama does, we will vote Democratic.

    They are in for a massively rude awakening in 2008 if they continue down this disastrous path.

    The SD’s are our only hope. Clinton as nominee or McCain as President. Those are our choices.

  6. “You can’t suppress 2.3 million voters and expect everyone to kiss and make up after they’ve been raped.”

    You got that right- I think of it this way- it’s just like a rape trial where they blame the victim. Let’s hope justice prevails and the jury (the voters) send the perp away for a long long time!

  7. Question: And what did Nancy Pelosi ever do for us, the party?
    She handed Bush a blank check as told him to go for it. No opposition there. She too needs to go. Looking to her for leadership is like looking for Bush to come clean.

  8. Over at RezkoWatch, there’s a post about Obama’s list of 1.5 million donors (those who contribute less than $200), which he may be using as a carrot for the nomination:

    They are ratcheting things up at NoQuarter — in a post yesterday by SusanUnPC, there’s a call for people to really start digging: http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/05/12/the-liberals-666-blog/

    Also, great graphic there, too:

  9. Sorry, the Rezkowatch link didn’t come out. I’ll try again.

  10. Yikes, the above should read: “INCLUDING those who contribute less than $200”, because those are not on file.

  11. In this post you have told the SD the crisp facts and I think they know it or they would have ended it….I think you will see them break with the DNC, just we have seen the voters say hell no…it’s a long time till Aug and Barry gets less voter support by the day and Hillary Clinton has become America’s Sweetheart by fighting those bastards

    Pat Johnson, on May 13th, 2008 at 10:19 am Said:
    Question: And what did Nancy Pelosi ever do for us, the party? She handed Bush a blank check as told him to go for it. No opposition there. She too needs to go. Looking to her for leadership is like looking for Bush to come clean.

    this is very well said . Usually the Dem base do suck it up fall in line. I know I did to vote for Kerry! .But not this time. HELL NO!! Pelosi and company have had nothing but contempt for the Dem base since she got in and we got her in! Stuff it Nancy.

  12. “You can’t suppress 2.3 million voters and expect everyone to kiss and make up after they’ve been raped.”

    That sums it up nicely. Obama has made it impossible for me to vote for him.

  13. This was fascinating in light of who it is who is pushing this Obama nonsense:


    No wonder they are so nasty on the Internet. (By the way, I found it didn’t work well on Firefox. I had to use IE.)

  14. What Obama needs is time to get acquainted with the American people. Right now, all his scandals are new and the Republicans won’t hesitate to throw attack ad after attack ad over his previous and future gaffes, his inexperience, and his shady connections. He needs time to get away from those.

    Also, he is just not going to win working class voters against McCain. Just like in 2004, working class people will not vote for pocket book issues if they feel that the nominee does not represent their values. And you can bet the GOP will keep cultural wedge issues front and center like guns and driver’s licenses for the undocumented if Obama is the nominee.

  15. Dear Super D’s

    How many times are we going to nominate the most “Elitist” and emotionally remote candidate?

    How many times am I going to let you convince me to vote for “HIM” no-matter my reservations?

    I tell you this: No More. It WILL NOT happen again.

    You (Super D’s) and I know that Barack Obama is unelectable. That certain weaknesses and facts about him have been hidden from the Democratic voters. That These weaknesses and facts will be exposed during the General Election.

    You (Super D’s) know that Obama has never held a full time job.

    You (Super D’s) know that rather than being a fine example of public service, that Community Organizing experience is a gigantic sword hanging over his head.

    And I know you know this. The election has been in your control for many weeks now. If you (Super D’s) wanted Barack Obama as our nominee you would have endorsed him by now.

    So, please — someone — tell America why you’re waiting. Let us know why you’ve held back your endorsement.

  16. Dear katiebird:

    As a super delegate I can’t disagree with your theory however there is much more at stake here.

    To begin with, I am being held hostage by current Obama supporters and some members of the DNC. You see they advised me that if I vote for Hillary they will not hesitate to offer assistance to any opponent I may face in upcoming elections. I was advised that they have the money and the backing to make certain that, regardless of how my district may have voted, I must pledge to Obama or I am toast going forward.

    I am withholding my vote now because, like you, I do not see Obama as a winner in the general no matter how hard they push the concept. Your arguments against him are based on facts but I have to live with the consequences. My seat in congress is more to me than backing Hillary Clinton. I am compromising however. Simply by not declaring I have angered fewer people than if I did. So until all the votes are counted I am playing it safe in the meantime. Either way I will appear as if my decision was based solely on the numbers. I am sure you will understand.

    Let it suffice that I appreciate you and all the Hillary supporters who have continued to stand by her and are willing to go the distance. This is very healthy for the Party. I am also hoping that come November if Sen Obama is our nominee we can put all these quibbling differences aside and work together to ensure a Democratic victory!

    Yours truly,
    Howard T. Coward, CYA
    Congressman, US Congress

    ps: I am not a racist! Pass it on.

  17. Katiebird or Riverdaugher, I posted a comment at 10:35 that’s still awaiting moderation. Too many links, I guess.

  18. If Super D’s do the job they were created to do they will not endorse anyone until they can clearly see which candidate is the most electable. I find this rush from publicity hogs like Kerry, Casey and other nitwits to endorse anyone an exercise in stupidity. If by the convention they can clearly see which candidate is the most electable it is their “job” to endorse that candidate. Their job is not to try and get on the shiniest bandwagon.

    However I do not expect that many of the Super D’s will do their job. How many elected officials do their job? How many care about the good of the country verse the good of their campaign finance chest. How many care about the good of the party if they can pay off some old grudges or help to take one party “machine” out while putting another “machine” in.

    I have been a Democrat for over 40 years and I never really understood that I was voting for and supporting misogny. I am now an Independent and will never vote for a McCain but I will never validate all the things that have gone on in the Obama campaign, the DNC and the Democratic leadership by voting for him.

  19. http://insightanalytical.wordpress.com/

    Williamette, Oregon Weekly’s HILARIOUS/Scary Portrayal of Obama

    This is the most over the top thing I have ever seen!!!
    And the editorial ends in drivel….

  20. {{{Shudder}}} Oh, Pat. Oh. Dear.

  21. Jules, I don’t see it anywhere. I wonder what happened?

  22. DCDemocrat: I have raised and managed that generation. I can tell you that the ones I managed were very hard working and caring (I’m not so sure about the one I raised – you should SEE his room!). They want to do a good job and be recognized for each accomplishment. They don’t handle being ‘beat up’ by customers very well. They also don’t handle being thrown under the bus by managment well at all.

    The moms & dads, coaches, teachers, and now managers helping them and clearing the way for them has created the expectation that people “in charge” will move obstacles and handle the heat when things go wrong. I don’t really see it as a problem – but I wish they weren’t going for obama – I’m sure they believe he will make the obstacles dissappear too. Again, I have seen this generation as easy to inspire but they can’t be allowed to be beat up by anyone or they loose motivation.

    I’m going to think on this one a bit – but I do think there is a way to craft a Hillary message of support that would appeal to the younger generation, I know my 18 year old (male) is very pro-Hillary and distrusting of obama… These kids really aren’t sexist, from what I’ve seen, they think mom can solve any problem.

  23. Oh, as a qualifier, I should mention that I worked for a well known NGO here in Washington – so they may have been ‘inspired’ before they arrived 😉

  24. katiebird: Did I come close or not? I honestly think that is what is happening.

  25. Pat Johnson – is that real?

    Or are you snarking us? I did read that jihn Lewis has been threatened.

    Slide your mouse over todays picture: it will get even better after tomorrow’s wins:


    Now look at what our DNC and the media is pushing us to accept in November: defeat by electoral college vote


  26. Pat, it felt real. And there has to be some explanation.

  27. snark but true Pat,
    John Lewis said it was a fact he was threatened.

  28. woops: heres the pictures to slide the mouseover

    or victoire!

  29. Thanks for looking, Katiebird. It popped up finally. BTW, I got a big kick out of your “Questions for Obama.”

    Pat, you are toooo funny.

  30. I feel there is some merit in their lack of response. Donna B, Dean and Pelosi are holding some sway over their heads. Very unsettling.

  31. dammit:
    this site used to show the exact URL in an image as you mouseover..

    Electoral Votes: Clinton 280 McCain 241

    defeat is nominating Obama:

    Electoral Votes: Obama 237 McCain 290

  32. I think waiting till June 4th is good, very good. No reason to sway the voters.

    I see Jay Inslee another clean energy Rep is a Clinton supporter.

  33. Hi All: There is a question that keeps raising its ugly head and just won’t go away. Why are the superdelegates being allowed to declare their votes prior to the time that they actually are authorized to vote? Has this happened before in previous primaries? I don’t remember it being this blatant if it did.

    The reason I ask is, isn’t this “voter abuse” in the sense that since the superdelegates are the “Electoral College” of the DNC, should they not be allowed to influence the voters like they are?

    I am really upset about the way this DNC primary process has been so mishandled from the very beginning.

    What Howard Dean should be saying is “We want the people to be able to vote uninfluenced by the superdelegates so any superdelegate who declares their vote prior to the time they are authorized to vote, will be penalized by being removed as a superdelegate and a substitute superdelegate will be appointed.”

    I am more than a little amazed that we accept this manipulation by the superdelegates as if it is standard operating procedure. Is it? If it is, it is time to change it for the sake of the voters.

    Just a thought….

  34. Pat, you succeeded. The letter seemed real until about the last paragraph…but sadly all appears to be true. The Democratic Party “leadership” is close to taking the party down in flames. Yes, they can!

    How do we get rid of Nancy P. and the Pips, such as Teddy and Kerry? My rep is a close friend of Nancy’s and her endorsement for Bama came out just before the primary election. When I read it in a local weekly, I was stunned. It read like copy of an Axelrod press release, all hope+change (TM). Of course, I wrote to her and suggested that she and her fellow Obama supporters, such as Teddy and Kerry, follow Bama’s “philosophy” and step aside so that change can occur. I’m voting real change! Obama’s the bright new thing (a middle-aged man with little experience) versus Hillary who is my rep’s age.

  35. CB: I have heard and read rumors to the extent of my “fake” letter that this is what is happening. The supers should have waited until all votes throughout the primary were accounted for before they stepped forward in an attempt to push the voters into one camp or the other. But I think what is going on has some element of truth in my pseudo response. They want this thing over and they want Obama to have it. So much arm twisting is taking place. And the DNC is broke at this point and have thrown in their lot with his campaign who has the most money. I have stopped contributing to the DNC along with many others. Their tactics and one sidedness has pushed me further away. But I think what will emerge is that the supers were being pushed and some of those holding out may be just registering their independemucnce. Much of this is speculation but I’ll bet I am not that far off the mark.

  36. And speaking of kiss and make up…. Hey, come on! Where’s your sense of humor?

  37. patience grasshoppers. It’s a long time till Aug
    Also guess what SD’s ? It won’t save you to vote for BO. You won’t be spared . Obama & Co want it all . They will come after you anyway . They have less troublesome people they want in your place. By caving in you are just making it easier. So Vote Hillary and save your ass.

  38. Oh, and going after the people who protested the Vietnam war and smearing us with the “harassing returning vets” meme that the Bush campaign dreamed up in the late seventies – oh, geeez. It’s like he wants to alienate us. I really don’t think Obama or his coarse mouthed wife wants us voting for him. Why ruin the purity of the moment?

    This is narcissism run amok. You’re either one of the chosen or one of the damned. You’re either a post–racial progressive or a racist, pro-war corporatist.

  39. I think the Party leadership is thinking that we are monolithic Party-line voters, like the Republicans.

    and so many of us were, until now.

    I call it psychological protectionism, cuz this fight reminds me of my family fighting in the 1970s over whether it’s traitorous to buy a foreign car.

  40. @KenoshaMarge, 11:25 AM

    “How many [elected officials] care about the good of the country verse the good of their campaign finance chest. How many care about the good of the party if they can pay off some old grudges or help to take one party “machine” out while putting another ‘machine’ in.”

    I’m not even sure their stupidity rises to this level. The political genius of our Democratic party leaders already has been amply demonstrated, c.f., general elections in 2000 and 2004, Pelosi’s antics in the House. FISA disaster after FISA disaster–the whole sorry history. This particular clusterfuck looks to me like a case of throwing good money after bad.

    Heckuva job, Howie.

  41. Hey, everybody: CNN (Time-Warner) is telling us that a Clinton win in W. Va. doesn’t matter–it’s Obama the corporations have chosen! Did you see his self-satisfied smile on the cover of Time (I hope that cover was a joke).


  42. I’ve just been reading a series of articles by Evelyn Pringle at Scoop Independent News. It outlines, chapter and verse, Obama’s career, connections and donors in Chigago. As the author repeatedly points out, the Republicans have every bit of information on these connections, and the minute Obama is crowned as candidate, the repubs will be screaming “corruption” from the rafters. And for once, they’ll have the evidence to back up their accusations.

    After reading these reports, I no longer see Obama as an “empty suit”. I see him as a very expensive suit that is bought and paid for by, arguably, the most corrupt political machine in the country. And he is demonstrably adept at paying back “his base”.

    I never, ever thought I’d even think it, but now it looks to me that, if Obama gets the nomination, the best thing the country can hope for is a McCain presidency.

    (Yeeeeeeeesh! Now I’ll go wash my mouth out with soap and water.)

  43. Riverdaughter – I shall speak.

    I agree with some of your argument. Obama and the media should let this thing play out. Play by the rules that were established at the outset and shut the hell up. Obama needs to aggressively campaign against Hillary and prove to everyone he’s the better candidate until this thing is over. Then it is up to the superdelegates to do whatever the hell they want. it’s the rules and we should play by them.

    However, part of the rules is that FL and MI do not count. If Hillary were in the same position as Obama should would also be “disenfranchising” MI and FL voters as well – so let’s not delude ourselves on that point.

    And if you vote for McCain you are truly betraying the party and I question your committment to democratic principles. McCain will keep us in IRAQ forever, does not care for the middle class or universal health care. He does not care about anything that Hillary Clinton represents. Hillary herself says you must vote Obama. Follow your leader goddamit.

    But you guys will enjoy the opinion of a conservative, ironically enough, who slams Obama and the media for asking Hillary to bow out ebtilted “A Win is a Win”


  44. Riverdaughter – FYI – The last comment was left by THE LEFT – i was accidentlly logged in with my partner’s login – that wasn’t left by THE RIGHT. But the RIGHT has the pro-Hillary article on my site.

  45. If Hillary were in the same position as Obama should would also be “disenfranchising” MI and FL voters as well – so let’s not delude ourselves on that point.

    Hillary was astute enough to make sure that she wasn’t put in a position to require the disenfranchisement of FL & MI. Do you think this is the first time states have been threatened with such punishment?

    It’s not.

    Obama’s campaign exercised “The Nuclear Option” by insisting on this punishment through the entire primary season. And Obama’s campaign can live with the results.

    Eat it.

  46. The corporations and media have now managed to program elections like a reality show. Keep the interest going for a while, but then wrap things up, and be sure that the person they want comes out on top. So they wanted anyone-but-Hillary (big threat to big oil, pharmaceuticals, lenders). Obama was their best bet in a year in which the Republicans might not be successful. So they pumped him up, inflated his caucus wins, minimized her primary wins, called her a racist. It was going well. But then she started to win some big states, so they had to get her out. And now, with a couple of routs for her upcoming, they had to do what every corporate totalitarian does in such situations–act like it doesn’t matter. It’s over, over. This doesn’t count. Pay no attention to those voters., we’re telling you what’s really happening. Obama is the nominee; we’re off to cover other things now. We do want you to watch the conventions, though.

    The biggest threat to what’s left of our democracy is the media. Apparently today we have the story of a bunch of female “reporters” giggling about Obama doing a crotch-shot twirl for them. Of course, these are not journalists, they are sorority girls (and fraternity boys) who could write a few intelligible sentences and look decent on TV, so they got in the business. High School which never ends. What are you going to be wearing to the inauguration? Do you think they’ll let Hillary in?

  47. There is no way McCain beats anybody. I could run and win.

    Why are you here to say stuff that’s just dumb?

  48. Trollish comments will be removed and placed in the spam file.

    daria, I’m sorry that left your comment hanging this time.

  49. I have workmen in my house today so I am unable to do much else besides sit on the computer and read. Went to MyDD and Howard Fineman apparently said that Obama is “acting cute by half” for not going to WVa and KY to campaign because he may well need those “white” votes in November. Someone else commented that he is beginning to lose support with that demographic and may face some serious loss as a result.
    Good. He must honestly believe that he has this thing so sown up that he needn’t bother to show his face any longer unless it is in front of an Obama cheerleading section. And if FL or MI ends up in the loser column he can kiss off a lot of those voters as well.

    What is his problem? Supers, wake up!

  50. katiebird: Note how some of them kind of tiptoe in and ask for advice. “I am uncommitted, how am I to make my decision?” Help me Confluence people. You are all I have left.

    Then bam. Out it comes.

  51. (nodding) And I fall for it now and then. But enough is enough. This isn’t a site for that sort of shit.

  52. jjmtacoma: I just read your comment. I think there is also a sort of Calvinism in that generation, a sense of the saved versus the damned. We Boomers, of course, are the damned, and we have been subjected to their relentless vitriol on the Internet since they set their sights on Barack Obama.

  53. katiebird: You are funny and on a roll today! Your mother or the mister is going to have to introduce your tongue to a bar of soap.

  54. (sticking out my tongue)

    There’s something liberating about desperation.

  55. (hanging my head) I think I went too far…..

  56. katiebird: No! Too funny! These workmen are making enough noise that I could swear at the top of my lungs and no one will hear me. Driving me nuts. And here I sit.

  57. Whew!

    Did you say what they’re doing? Will it be wonderful when it’s done?

  58. Michelle, Don’t bother with more comments.

  59. katiebird: New furnace and a/c unit. Sitting here you would think they are hacking up the foundation. On second thought maybe they are! Drilling, banging, hammering. I am on the second floor and you would think they were in the next room. I can’t read, watch a movie, leave the house. I am being held hostage!

  60. Ah, well that will definitely be wonderful when it’s done. !!

    Do you have any earplugs?

  61. katiebird: No. I have my cd’s playing up here. Janis, Stevie Nicks, Mamas and Papas. Poor Nat King Cole is getting drowned out.

  62. Emerging from work crisis. The good thing about swearing off Keith Olbermann and Tweety and other TV pundits is that it frees up a lot of time. For the last week or so its been freeing up time for work, but now the “surge” is subsiding.

    So I heard on TV this morning that Obama is already “looking beyond” WVA and is campaigning in MI and FLA. HA! I hope voters there give him a piece of their minds. If he really wants to win MI and FLA, he could start by insisting that the DNC enfranchise those voters.

    Because, you know, if you throw away their votes the first time around, they’re much less likely to give you their votes in the GE. Just sayin’….

  63. The Right: The voters of Florida and Michigan aren’t responsible for what happened to them. It’s also pretty clear that the penalty was unusually harsh and didn’t need to be applied at all. In any case, if the Democrats want to win in November, it’s not a good idea to piss off 2.3 million voters.
    As for whether Hillary would have disenfranchised voters too, we have no way of knowing that. I sort of doubt it. The temporary hit she would have taken in asking the DNC to waive the rules would have been paid back in good will and respect from the voters.
    But that’s immaterial because while we don’t know what Hillary would have done, we know for sure what Obama has already done. He deliberately obstructed any opportunity for these two states to count. We already *know* what kind of person he is. He’s selfish and ruthless and he doesn’t care about the voters of those two states. In fact, Obama has gotten pretty far by suppressing the votes of his opponent. Along with dissing FL and MI, his fan club has intimidated voters at caucuses and he’s gone full tilt using the media to make his nomination look all but inevitable hoping that will keep voters away from the polls in remaining primaries. I guess he’s hoping the popular vote margin stays favorable for him because he knows he’s in trouble if it doesn’t. Because even if the delegates in FL and MI don’t count, the vote totals do.
    And we saw what happened the last time Florida was the determining factor between the delegate leading candidate and the popular vote leading candidate.

  64. A little OT but I was curious if anyone knew anything about the political leanings of Bill & Melinda Gates? I guess I’ve never heard what they’ve done/who they’ve supported in the past.

    I’ve gathered MESSNBC is in Obama’s pocket–just cuz I’m quick that way.

    But I just wrote to my former Gov. and DNC chair, Roy Romer, on why his decision today to endorse The Precious was in premature, classless on the same day as WV primary, myopic and just wholly unnecessary.

    But one thing I found curious is that several of the places I visited to try to find the Hare Obama’s contact info, several had some link to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    SOMEONE is filling those campaign coffers and while some of it is from The Oprah, the rest ain’t no $25 donations by Kid Oakland & the rest of the superfabulouscool new voters they’ve acquired.

    Just curious…

  65. And I have always been suspicious of those caucus votes and wins. Caucuses need to be outlawed. They are the least democratic form of voting.

  66. KoaChick, Bill Gates is father is a Dem. He spoke out publically against Bush in at least ’04 and perhaps ’00. I believe Bill Gates supported Bush one of the terms at least. Gates gave money to Hill’s campaign(and perhaps Obama’s) last summer.

  67. Bill Gates was a big George W. Bush contributor. I tend to put him in the McCain camp — although if McCain was good enough for Kerry’s VP, one does wonder who will be the corporation’s best tool.

    Al Gore is on the board of directors of Apple Computer (I saw the back of his head at the last shareholders meeting).

  68. There are larger versions of the image of Obama and I’ve put one up at my updated blog post on the subject. There, you can see the “crosses” but I’ve also put an image of the Wounds of Christ. Someone is equating Obama to Jesus Christ now, I;m sure of it.

    Maybe I’m nuts, but no more nuts than this particular Obama supporter who created this picture…I’m not a Bible scholar but this is what I think is there. It’s very disturbing to see people go so far…


  69. This is OT and not sure someone has mentioned it, but the latest Oregon SUSA poll has Hillary down only 1% amongst those who have already voted, but she’s being blown out by those likely to vote. Let’s make calls to Oregon and bring in another win for our girl! I would love to see Obama plan his “victory” speech on May 20 and lose BOTH contests! Oh, that would be sweet.

  70. litagormom: I am still on self imposed hiatus from tv. Made one or two exceptions but I just cannot hack it anymore. It is pretty liberating and I have cleaned a few closets in between but not hearing KO and Tweety pile on is at least keeping my blood pressure in check. Her big win tonight will get eviscerated in some form or another by these talking heads. Ridiculous!

    Poll out in Oregon has him 15 points ahead. I guess they mail their ballots in by May 20th for count.

  71. Thanks, Mel & CB–interesting. Still, would like to see who BO’s really big donors are. I can guess at a few but this nonsense that it’s all from quarters an

    Ah, here we go—interesting. Yep–pretty much grandma sending in $5, just like Barry said:


  72. @ Gloria,

    What’s that in Obama’s hand? It’s either a shameless product placement for Motorola cell phones (do they make cellphones?) or a McDonald’s gift certificate.

  73. Pat Johnson:

    From what I hear in the background from The Today Show in the morning, the current MSM meme is “Hillary’s WVA Blow-Out Won’t Change Anything.”

    WVA is, apparently, the new MI and FLA, despite the fact that the DNC will generously seat its delegates.

  74. @ Pat Johnson,

    Is that why Obama picked 5/20 to declare to all the land that he has been crowned democratic nominee? Maybe he has some magical way to know that he will clean up in OR by those early ballots? Doesn’t sound plausible. I’m still can’t figure out where he got the 5/20 date.

  75. Gloria:

    I was just able to open that link to the Obama picture.

    Either the artist is picture Obama glistening with bodybuilders’ oil, or s/he thinks Obama As Messiah is not just a metaphor.

  76. BoGardiner in a comment at TalkLeft found something interesting:

    I was amazed to see the CNN headline just now, “A Clinton win in W. Virginia could raise doubts.”

    But when you click on the story itself (http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/05/13/wv.primary/index.html),
    the headline changes to the exact opposite thrust: “Likely Clinton win in
    W. Virginia won’t derail Obama.” Which has almost nothing to do with the content of the story.

    The morning after the NC and Indiana primaries, the websites of the NY Times, WA Post and LA Times all had anti-Clinton headlines suggesting all was lost for her. Depressed, I decided to view the archived image of the print edition for each of these. I was stunned to see that the headlines were all PRO-Clinton, suggesting it was a big comeback.

    It would appear that headlines are deliberately spun for marketing purposes and the target demographic; online geared toward Obama fans: paper for us Net-illiterate unwashed masses who support Clinton. The idea that headline writers are intentionally spinning a story for marketing purposes is shocking to me. And I keep thinking my shock at the MSM has maxed.

    Interesting: the CNN headline has changed again. Now it’s: “Analyst: Obama’s likely W. Virginia loss reveals a weakness.”

    Maybe a HUGE-GIGANTIC win (not that I’m counting on it) could change things. For a day or so.

  77. elixir:

    I believe Obama believes that on 5/20 he will have racked up 2025 delegates. Which, as you know, is only the magic number — 50% of the total number of delegates, plus 1 — if MI and FLA never count.

  78. I’m not counting on a huge win in WV. BO has already proclaimed the vote irrelevant and the media has agreed. This is intended to suprress the vote and very well might.

  79. I think he’s announcing mission accomplished because by 5/20 he would have the majority of pledged delegates.

  80. WVA is, apparently, the new MI and FLA, despite the fact that the DNC will generously seat its delegates.

    but what can be done about it?

  81. OK LitigatorMom, I see you point. I guess I still don’t see the importance of 5/20, it really doesn’t hinge on anything in particular.

  82. Ah, you guys never took The New Math — did you?

    It turns out Obama did. And he takes it VERY seriously.

    May 20th is the day Obama expects to have 1,627 pledged delegates.

    So what?

    That’s 1/2 the total pledged delegates — if you don’t count FL & MI.

    (giggle) Ain’t it a hoot? !! Who ever dreamt of an election like this?

  83. The Willamette Week picture is hysterical. The only thing missing are the angels flying out of his ass!

    Whoever painted it is, a: untalented, and b: nuts! A blue light special on aisle 5.

  84. Although I’ve been crowing about Obi’s unelectability for a while now, a plausible victory scenario has come to my attention.

    1. He picks Richardson for veep.

    2. Richardson puts NM in the Obi camp. Richardson also keeps California’s Hispanics from defecting, which means that Obi won’t have to spend much money in that state.

    3. Obi repeats Gore’s electoral map performance from 2000 — with one exception: He gets NM and CO.

    That creates a tie. Congress decides.

    Not a very comforting scenario, is it?

    And all of this presupposes that every Hill voter won’t make good on threats to switch or stay home. If one out sixteen do make good on that threat — game over. It’s 1972 all over again.

  85. May 20 is also important for a couple more reasons (beyond teh math!)

    First, the DNC Rules committee meets on May 31 to discuss seating Florida and Michigan.

    Second, Puerto Rico votes on June 1. According to this PR could have record turnout. If Hillary wins PR by double digits, it could be the push she needs to solidly win the popular vote (in all metrics that include FL and without MI).

    Obviously the Obama camp wants this to be over before these two things happen.

  86. Joseph,

    I guarantee you that I’ll make good on my threat. I will never vote for the corrupt, lying, wimp. And Bill Richardson isn’t going to help with Latinos against McCain. Obama will lose by more states than Dukakis.

  87. I was reading some comments on ABC News site blogs and one poster was referring to people speaking against supporting Obama as “non believers”. I couldn’t resist and pointed out in a comment that we’re voting for our next President not our Messiah. My favorite screen name to use there is “ObamaNOTs”.

  88. […] Dear Supers: The party has no one to blame but itself […]

  89. Last question: What is “Trolling?” (relatively new to the blagosphere I am).

  90. To those talking about Puerto Rico – PR doesn’t vote in the general, so although she’ll win delegates and popular vote – it doesn’t bolster electability argument.

    Well, I will admit that PR isn’t important the way Guam is. But be kind: not every state can be Wyoming.

    Some voter groups are doomed to eternal irrelevance. Like MI and FL and WV. And KY. And PA. And OH.

  91. Because if he’s polling like this before the Republican attack machine gets to him then were in trouble if Obama is the nominee:


    Remember, Kerry was ahead by 13 points over Bush during the primary.

  92. It just kills me when KO, Jack Cafferty, or Matthews harden their jaw and state that if Hillary does not come over to the Obamabot side and start pushing him over tthe line to win, everyone will know that it is her fault (not exact words, but words to that effect.) She is his alibi if people do not want to vote for him. Maybe she should just glide across the stage and announce that she is giving him all of her delegates — would that be enough?
    We need to have new bumper stickers, :Democrats – the most UNDemocratic party.

  93. WS-

    Obama is not John Kerry. Polls do not reflect the unregistered that will become registered over the course of the next few months. Plouffe and company have a good ground game. A ground game that has them on the doorstep of beating the Clintons. If Obama can beat Hillary Clinton, he can beat anybody. The irony is that Hillary has made Obama a stronger candidate not a weaker one.

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