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Almost heaven, West Virginia

In my dreams all states are West Virginia.  What do you think?

81 Responses

  1. Thank you West Virginia!!

  2. She’s got the CNN checkmark. Have the polls closed yet?

  3. Why is our supposed nominee losing 2 to 1 in an important swing state?

  4. I’m avoiding cable tonight, what’s going on?

  5. Hmmm. According to the exit poll, women =51% of electorate. Hopefully that’s wrong, and the win is even bigger.

  6. I have the music to celebrate.

    If riverdaughter is around, she’ll recognize the artist: It’s Lisa Ono in her Bossa Nova rendition of Country Road

  7. gqmartinez — the voters are racists and have no teeth.

  8. Good, good, good. I cannot wait to see the margins.

    Today on NPR they kept saying how the majority of the population in WV is rural/white/uneducated….umh, in other words…lets take the results with a grain of salt…it is not like they know what they are really doing… or if they do it is because they are you-know-what.

  9. hlr: FoxNews put it at 71% women voted for Hillary. You know that CNN is going to downplay all of her margins. That’s Brazile country over there.

  10. But hlr, if she can win link this in spite of women being a smaller part of the electorate, doesn’t that mean she’s really improved with men?

  11. Lucinda — speaking of Donna, didn’t she threaten to leave the party if superdelegates decided the race? She should be long gone by now. Why is she still hanging around?

  12. katiebird — exit polls have MOEs just like any other poll. I wouldn’t be surprised if they undersampled women.

    Oh, and the 17% who plan to vote for McCain in Nov broke for BO, thus inflating his real support. LOL!

  13. Let me correct myself — the undersampling would be systematic error and not a random fluctuation. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m already into my third margarita — standard primary nite fare.

  14. Have they predicted the margin?

  15. (smile) I skipped last week, though. I was too nervous.

  16. MABlue: that Lisa Ono video leaves me disoriented. She has a lovely voice and plays a mean bossa nova but it’s a bit of an unorthodox pick for a song.

  17. Kbird: Early estimates are that she won by 2:1.

  18. (I’m slow) Is that 66% to 33%?

  19. On to Kentucky and Puerto Rico! Thank You West Virginia!

  20. O’Reilly just played that clip of Michelle saying “If you can’t take care of your own house….” and whether Michelle hates Hillary.

    It doesn’t make Michelle look good.

  21. WS — Yes!!

    But why is Oregon so hopeless?

  22. k-bird —

    if you go by the exit poll, it will be:

    (0.49)*59+(0.51)*71 = 28.91+36.21 = 65.1 Clinton
    (0.49)*37+(0.51)*27=18.13+13.77=31.9 BO

    = Clinton by 33 w/ about 3% going to Edwards, I’d guess.

    Hopefully, more women actually voted.

  23. Someone at TalkLeft says:

    “According to officials in WV, in 2004 the turnout was 30 percent. Today it was 60 percent. ”

    60 percent in a primary??

  24. hlr, wow. You’re good.

  25. I’m just hoping we keep it close in Oregon, but I’ll take a win there too. I think she has a shot in Montana too. South Dakota is a bit iffy since the state’s leadership is for Obama, but we’ll see.

  26. RD: That’s the whole point.

    A japanese woman who plays an American country song in a masterful Bossa Nova.

    Do you need any better definition for globalization?

  27. Those are exit polls and they can change as the vote comes in. In Indiana, it was estimated at 14-15% AA turnout and then at the end it was 18% AA turnout.

  28. just went to NYTimes to see if they had any numbers and found some article that states the following premise;

    “Would Hillary Rodham Clinton drop her bid in exchange for Barack Obama’s embrace of universal health care?”


  29. Those are exit polls and they can change as the vote comes in. In Indiana, it was estimated at 14-15% AA turnout and then at the end it was 18% AA turnout.

    And if the mayor of Gary had had his way, it would have been a much higher AA turnout, I’m sure.

  30. k-bird: 60 percent in a primary??

    How dare they. Obama said this was over!

  31. jacilyn! (snort)

  32. hlr, Yes, I should have said, in a primary with a “presumptive nominee” (who isn’t the winner)

  33. lol, jacilyn.

  34. I can’t believe Democrats keep HUMILIATING their “nominee”.

  35. Anyone know the turnout number? 60% turnout is astounding.

  36. Bob Casey is speaking on CNN. I think he really needs to stop drinking.

  37. MABlue: If Obama were to be the nominee, it won’t be the last time Democrats humiliate him.

  38. Howard Wolfson: “I don’t think there’s been anyone in the history of American politics who’s gotten out after a 30 point win.”

  39. Always remember that Hillary is ahead in the vote among rank and file Democrats in the entire primary. Shouldn’t Democrats pick the Democratic nominee???

  40. Riverdaughter, Wow. {{shiver}}

    I felt a tingle down my leg when I read that.

  41. katiebird: I think having a tingle go down your leg is a symptom of a serious emotional problem.

  42. My second wine glass wants me to repeat what I said in the previous post:

    Hillary is our “Eva Peron” and WE are the “descamisados.”

    ¡Que viva Hillary & que sea nuestra Presidenta de los Estados Unidos!


  43. DC, I was kidding. Really.

    What’s not a joke:

    I need a photo of Hillary for this post, if anyone has one to share, my email is katiebird@gmail.com

    This post is too empty….

  44. Neptuna are you Puerto Rican???

  45. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones is amazing !

    About 10 minutes ago she basically slapped Chris Matthews with his own words, handed him his hat, and rebutted evrything he said…..while joyfully smiling and beaming.

    She is a delight and a fantastic asset to Hillary and to us.

  46. Charles,

    whichever bozo in the Obama campaign came up with that idea should be taught how to use a calculator.

    NV, NM, CO, MT have between them 20 electoral votes combined. That’s fewer than OH (20), fewer than PA (23) and fewer than FL (25).

    Nice going there guys. Ever heard of dyscalculy?

  47. katiebird — I’ve got a nice one to send you (I had a media pass for the event). Give me a few minutes …

  48. Thanks, hlr! That sounds perfect. !!

  49. katiebird, I am so relieved. I thought you were going to go a little tweety on us.

  50. MABlue, don’t forget Michigan.

  51. I LOVE this new, new math — it’s so silly.

  52. DC, no fear of that. I do think it’s funny though. So you’re likely to hear me say it again. ..

  53. @Charles: These people are delusional if they think they can take on McCain in the West–especially considering how Latinos will vote McCain over Obama by a huge margin.

    The more I think of the Latino vote, the more I think it’ll be McCain’s trump card. I don’t think Obama will even hold onto CA, I honestly don’t.

  54. Is Hillary speaking?

  55. KB, not yet. I’m watching CNN but its on Mute until Hillary speaks.

  56. (shudder) I was stuck on Tweety for a couple minutes looking for it. But now I’m on CNN.

    I guess Obama had a really big night. They’re really impressed with his showing.

  57. I’m doing this on the web, and CNN is highlighting a report on North Korea! I like NK as much as the next guy, but what about West Virginia. I tried MSNBC but I did not last long. How are they even on the air, they are so horrible. Speak, Hillary, Speak

  58. WS, no, I’m not but I am Hispanic, but I lived there for a few years while working and the feel from my friends there & the media is HUGE for Hillary.

    NYC, 4 million Puertoricans there, PR, same love for Hillary.

    Let’s just say this, the governor of PR, Anibal Acevedo Vila, is an Obama Supporter who is being investigated for voter & campaign fraud. HUGE upset right now, not looking very good AT ALL.

  59. hlr,

    This year, I think the exit polls have consistently overestimated BO’s results. Isn’t that true?

  60. bostonboomer — yes, except in AA-dominated states where he has generally outperformed.

    The consortium has a stock set of precincts they use as representative of the state based on past primaries — I’m sure they need to retool. This is uncharted territory.

  61. Great. I’m listening to the supposedly neutral POTUS 08. They say that “Hillary Clinton coasted to a largely symbolic victory” tonight, “hardly slowing” Obama’s march to the nomination. Are there any superdelegates out there with the brains of a newt?

  62. If hillary ends up with the popular vote and does not get a fair superdelegate vote, I am going to donate money to McCain.

    sorry if saying that offends anyone.

    I’m really ticked about this ‘largely symbolic’ thing. They are doing their best to suppress voter turnout.

  63. The longer this race goes, the younger and more radiant Hillary looks. Look at the picture on CNN’s page.


  64. Neptuna, thanks for the update!

    Hillary got 28% of the AA vote in WV.

  65. Thats an awesome picture, BB.

  66. And the winner* is…. HRC in WV. Ala Time magazine.

    Hillary’s my winner, she’s going to rock WV, KY and PR. Hopefully she’ll have BO on the ropes in OR and MT.

  67. Wow, listen to the crowd! They love Hillary.

  68. Here she comes in a bright red jacket, classic necklace and radiant smile. Go Hillary!! She looks terrific and refreshed. No 57 states for her.

    “it’s almost heaven..” “Overwhelming vote of confidence”

    I’m curious how small or large the crowd is, the audio is odd.

  69. Keep in mind, Hillary was asked to leave the campaign (and go back to the kitchen where she belongs) right after WI. The Obama was then declared winner of the Dem primaries.

    Since then Democrats have come out in droves and HUMILIATED Obama over (thank you RI), and over (thank you OH), and over (thank you TX), and over (thank you PA), and over (thank you WV) again.

    Btw, I just looked at the horizon and saw further HUMILIATIONS.

    Why do Democrats keep humiliating their “nominee”?

  70. The tone is great…asking for cash…OK, I’ll do it tonight. “we’re in the home stretch…she’s in it to win it.”

    The race isn’t over yet. current tally 60% Clinton, 33% Obama.

  71. The CNN video emphasizes the delegate “finish line”? They suggesting that Obama is going to win via pledged delegates now.

    I can’t finish watching this stuff. They are so biased, doing everything in their power to manipulate the outcome. And there isn’t a thing I can do about it (I doubt I would seriously ever donate money to McCain).

    I don’t even have a good threat. 😦

  72. I want to take a break from all the yuckiness I’ve been feeling over the BS in this election and just enjoy the happy vibe that the WV primary in general and this post in particular are providing. And I just have to say it: I love Hillary! I love her intelligence and dedication and guts and, despite what the media and the bots would have us believe, the gracious way she has handled all the ugliness thrown at her lately. She is presidential material of the highest caliber and we as a nation will be so lucky to have her.

  73. How exciting this is! What a humiliating loss for Obama. He didn’t campaign in the state so he could say “well, she did so well because I didn’t campaign there”. She’s bowling him over and looking and sounding great.

    What a fool BO is, campaigning in MO. Trying desperately to look presidential in a November state.

    I’m asking people to think hard about where we are in this election..this is a solemn and crucial decisions…just an instant in time when compared with the lasting consequences of the choice we will make in November.”

    Boy, this sounds more and more like a speech you make when your accepting the democratic nomination.

  74. What an amazing speech.

    Hillary is the reason my daughter is now invested in the political process.

    Hillary is the reason for us to keep our heads high and our phones activated and our checkbooks open.

    And donna brazile is the reason for us to continue to let the DNC know that if they screw FL and MI, we’re taking our votes elsewhere.

  75. Charles,
    I agree, but you shouldn’t forget that Hillary will force McCain to pay more attention to TX. I’m pretty sure Hillary will win NM handily and can keep AZ from being a blowout. I don’t see Obama being able to do that.

  76. Go to hillaryclinton.com and throw some Hillary some Wednesday Money.
    Look at this great photo from her website on the contribution page:


  77. WOW!!!!



    Amazing – I cried, I am more confident than ever.

    I will not regret for ONE SECOND writing Hillary Clinton’s name in the Presidential Election if she is not the nominee.

  78. May 13, 2008

    By Eric Eyre
    Staff writer Charleston Gazettle

    Clinton makes a stop for ice cream on Election Day

    Now we know what flavors of ice cream Hillary Clinton likes on the campaign trail: Butter pecan and espresso Oreo.

    The Democratic presidential candidate strolled through Capitol Market for 30 minutes this afternoon, stopping at the Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream stand outside.

    Alison Cowley, who wore a Young Republicans T-shirt, served her two scoops of ice cream in a paper cup.

    “Let’s see. Who’s got my money?” Clinton said with a smile, realizing she didn’t have a purse or wallet with her.

    Thank goodness for political handlers.

    One rushed to her side and whipped out a wad of $20 bills, paid for Clinton’s two scoops, and bought a round of ice cream for the candidate’s assistants and security personnel.

    “It’s delicious,” Clinton declared, sampling the homemade ice cream with a plastic spoon. “Thank you, guys.”

    Clinton made her way past hanging ferns, begonias, marigolds and geraniums, stopping to pose for pictures, signing autographs and thanking everyone over and over.

    Several shoppers were stunned to see the woman expected to win West Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary by a wide margin.

    Adele Groom of St. Albans and Jackie Paine of Hurricane were pushing a shopping cart full of flowers when Clinton stopped to chat.

    Groom also had someone use a cell phone camera to take a picture of her with Clinton.

    “Isn’t this awesome?” Groom said afterward. “The one and only Hillary Clinton. I just think it’s a statement how she cares about people to come to the farmers’ market in Charleston.”

    Groom said she voted for Clinton earlier in the day, and expected most of her family members to do the same.

    “She’s extremely educated,” Groom said. “She values the common person. I’m just a schoolteacher enjoying the afternoon, getting some container plants.”

    Clinton also stopped to talk to Tammy Arthur, who wore a shirt that declared, “January 20, 2009: The end of an error.” President Bush’s term ends that day.

    For Arthur, that day can’t come soon enough.

    “Hillary loved my shirt,” Arthur said. “She’s a strong woman. I told her I have a picture of me and Bill, and now I have a picture of her.”

    By the time Clinton exited the market into a sport utility vehicle, word about her appearance had spread. Supporters shook campaign signs.

    “Thank you for making West Virginia count,” one man shouted.


  79. Peg, Thanks for that. I can almost tastes the ice cream. 😛

  80. @Peg: That woman who says Clinton values the common person really struck me. I loved that.

  81. She’s gonna win this sucker by 40 points.

    KMA Obama.

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