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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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The Clinton Stretch

Get yourself something cool and powerful to drink, grab your guitar and let’s play a little tune with Valerie June. Her mother, Maybelle Carter, was one of the pioneers of country music, known for a neat little guitar trick called the Carter Scratch. Don’t ask me to describe it. It sounds like it’s a little bit like plucking and chording at the same time, but I’m a singer not a guitarist. Valerie, later known simply as June Carter, then June Carter Cash, always claimed that her sisters were the better singers but she was quite a proficient with the autoharp. Her voice is hard to categorize. it’s not unpleasant. it just sounds like it came straight out of the mountains, slightly off key and wobbly vibrato but full of strength and courage.

How fitting for Hillary in the heart of Appalachia.

Keep on the Sunny Side

Forecast for tomorrow in WV: Sunny, high of 72°.

33 Responses

  1. RD, Thanks for that lovely video. I just love that song. It made me feel very happy and peaceful in the midst of the primary storm.

  2. Oh, BB, I hope so.
    In my world, the good guys always triumph. Every day is another opportunity. I learned it from th BFF.

  3. I like the new poll that says most Dems want her to stay in the race until the end. She needs to get close enough for Florida and Michigan to matter and then demand representation for those states.

  4. Thanks for that! I love June Carter Cash! Brought a smile to my face. :-}

  5. Ahhh, vodka and tonic with a twist of lime!

    Last week I sent my mail-in ballot for Hillary. Previously I was registered as an Independent, and today I re-registered as such.

    Also today I got a call from one of Obama’s telephone canvassers. I listened for a couple of minutes. His campaign represents the biggest grass-roots blah blah blah, and a contribution of $150 is the suggested minimum.

    “No thank you.”

    “Are you for Clinton, then?”

    “Yes, that’s right.”

    “Well, you can contribute to the Democratic Party. You’re still a Democrat.” (Note the implication here.)

    “Not if they run Obama, I’m not. My first choice is Clinton, and McCain is a far second. Mr. Obama won’t be getting my vote in any case. You have a good day now.”

  6. Thanks, listening to that reminded me of my youth and days singing bluegrass and folk songs. must be the Scots/Irish in me! lol

  7. Ann On — you just reminded me to take the collection of ‘grassroots surveys’ from the DNC, DCCC and other shady outfits and send back the envelopes w/ play money inside.

    $150 is the suggested minimum. LOL! Who is making these suggestions?

  8. Beautiful, I love this song but never heard JCC do it. Love her too. Thanks for the reminder. It felt good to sing along and remember the real heart underlying all these issues is why we seek them so fervently.

  9. I am such a pushover for a real love story.

  10. Is everyone feeling the unity tonight? ;-).

  11. We feel the unity and JCC makes us feel the love for Hillary. Thanks for the video

  12. That sounds like Mother Maybelle to me, not June. June’s voice was a bit more shrill, Mother Maybellewas a bit more earthy.

  13. Here’s an even better one:

  14. I like the “O Brother Where Art Thou” version 🙂
    Good night, RD. Hope it goes well tomorrow.

  15. Just like Pat Johnson, I’m a sucker for a beautiful love story. And weren’t they in love forever? They were, indeed.

    I just wanted to say that today, where I work (a psychiatric day hospital), the patients put on a program in which “Take Me home, Country Roads” was signed for the deaf. It was so beautiful to watch. And every time “West Virginia’ was signed, it gave me chills. I can’t describe how graceful and lovely it was. And each time, it gave me added hope for this race.

    I must sound loony, but I just kept saying to myself,
    “It’s a sign”.
    (Truly, no pun intended…)
    I found myself thinking about Hillary and the race, and the Confluence and the concern we have for our country.

  16. How did that smiley face get there?

  17. This was the first song I learned on the autoharp, and it makes me want to go roust it out of the garage and tune it up!

  18. Leslie, I think it’s the magic closing parenthisis.

  19. Off to bed. Tomorrow a big day in WVa! Fingers crossed she pulls it off big time.

  20. It’s actually called the Carter scratch. I think it’s a fairly common compromise for those who learn to play by ear. It’s something I arrived at independently as a kid when I was learning by ear and trying to emulate both rythm and lead simultaneously.

    Dare I say it … I imagine that women of her time had a difficult time getting a band together (hey, it’s hard now). Necessity is the mother of invention …

  21. Riverdaughter: I think you should sing for us !

  22. Hey folks. Look at the details of the SUSA poll. It’s tied among people who have already voted. Obama’s lead is only among those who haven’t voted, so there is still time to change minds. Make calls!!!!

  23. thanks, katiebird.

    I’ll try to remember that for the future.

    G’night to all…

    and onto Victory in WV and KY.

  24. What that SUSA tells me is that the media crowning BO is having the intended effect in OR.

  25. YouTube, the gift that keeps on giving. I had no idea that you could find all those Carter Family videos. When I was 15 years old my friends and I would take the bus and the el all the way from the south side of Chicago to the Old Town School of Folk Music for guitar lessons. They had a songbook that had been compiled by Win Stracke and it had a bunch of Carter Family songs. At the end of the lessons all the quitarists, banjo players, and even a couple of fiddlers were gather for a group sing. We ranged from rank beginners to awesome musicians, but we all played and sang together. It was my version of church service.

  26. Yeah, I agree, hlr. I won’t link to this article in the NYTimes because it is depressing, but I get the feeling Hill maybe wants to at least be VP. And, no, I’m not for that. But for christ sake, hasn’t she at least earned that? Johnson was Kennedy’s VP. That’s how it works in primaries when two candidates are anywhere near close, much less when won is essentially down by 100k votes. Where do these people get off?

  27. OT. I donated again today to Hillary. Please donate if you can.

  28. Melanie: I won’t link to this article in the NYTimes because it is depressing

    Good, thanks 🙂

    But for christ sake, hasn’t she at least earned that?

    I don’t see it that way. Fact is, she has a world of opportunity open to her — much more so than probably any of us.

    That AAs want her in the second slot — who cares what they think? They’re not her base. Of course they’d like the Clintons to help Obama get the presidency. He clearly needs assistance — he’s new; unknown; inexperienced.

    She ran a campaign based on experience/qualifications and supposedly, to break glass ceilings. Sliding into the position of the new flashy guy’s assistant to help promote him is pretty much what professional women don’t need to set an example. Ugh.

    Like I said, she has a world of opportunity open to her — groveling for the VP slot is pathetic.

  29. Hi Kate, I sent $50 this morning. Birthday money.

    And I didn’t send it for her to be VP, I’ve got no interest in that.

  30. Again, hlr, not what I want, what she wants, And, I am getting the vibe that she wants top ticket, but at worst, second spot.

  31. PS I still think she will get the top spot, but that mofo if he snakes into the top spot had better at least make a sincere offer.

  32. SUSA — they oversampled men. When has a primary ever resulted in 50-50 men to women.

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