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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Questions for Obama

What full time jobs have you held since graduating from Law School?

What sort of organizations were they and how long did you hold the positions?

What were the 2 primary responsibilities for each?

What was your proudest accomplishment from each?

And if you manage to become President of the United States with the flimsiest resume possible (even with embellishments) who’s going to be your “Dick Cheney”?

58 Responses

  1. Oh, and what were the exact years you worked at these positions?

    I’ve NEVER seen a guy so vague.

  2. Katie, from what I can see, he has never held a fulltime job, except in his imagination.

  3. (blinking) Don’t you think that’s bizarre? Could there be a fuller-time job than the presidency? Who thinks they can start there?

  4. katies, Bush never worked fulltime rpior to the Presidency either. He used to take off at noon as Gov of TX.

  5. Had you asked W the same questions you would have discovered that his speciality was driving solvent companies into the ground.

    Politics is a career these days. Obama’s resume is no different from that of 90% of the other politicians.

    Stop bashing Obama. You ought to face the fact that we have created this political system. Mocking the candidates is a cruel way of avoiding the real issue. Politics is a career.

    Take McCain and Kerry. Two Vietnam Vets who spent entire careers in politics, and then financed campaigns with the wealth of their enormously wealthy wives.

    These petty personality attacks don’t mean a thing. Politics ought to be about ideas. Attacking Obama’s personality is an implicit admission that McCain has no ideas.



  6. I’ve well aware of the weakness of the Bush resume — that’s not quite a selling point to me.

    And I’m pretty sure that McCain & Kerry actually worked (and had to answer to supervisors as well as supervise and lead) during their time in the military.

    I’m not asking for much. Just a job resume.

    Sell him to me. Or don’t bother talking.

  7. Also? I’m not going to vote for Kerry (this year) and EXTREMELY unlikely to vote for McCain (I’ve NEVER voted for a republican) So their experience and resumes are Off-Topic to this conversation

  8. Would you hire a bank branch manager with 1.5 years expeirence on the job for the bank’s Chairman of the Board position?

    Would you hire a teacher with PhD with 1.5 years experience on the job for the head of Depratment of Education?

    Would you hire a doctor, 1.5 years after his/her residency, to be a college’s Dean of a medical school?

    Would you hire a senator with 1.5 years of federal-level experience, to become President of the United States?

    I sure wouldn’t.

  9. So it’s attacking Obama’s personality to ask him the kind of questions any working stiff has to answer in a job interview? Ooooo-kay.

    Everyone here is aware of G.W. Bush’s thin resume. That’s why we don’t want a repeat in the White House.

    As for “mocking the candidates is a cruel way of avoiding the real issue,” you mean like sneerinly comparing your opponent to Annie Oakley?

  10. I’m sorry, sister of ye — I deleted that post. I’m not going to allow this to become a site of flame wars.

    I probably should have left the stump though.

  11. walki-talki: Name one idea please. The fact that you are willing to overlook holes in a rather thin resume and hand over the presidency to an inexperienced politician at this stage of national crisis – the war, the economy, etc., – tells me that you have very little understanding of the issues but are basing your vote for a candidate for ephemeral reasons. Most of us here are reasonable voters and our support for our candidate is based on commonsense. She has offered solutions, she knows her stuff off the top of her head, she has served this country for years and has the paper trail to back it up, she is tough and is climbing an uphill battle against the party she helped formulate. You are pressing a candidate who is not what he appears to be. The difference is that we appreciate that our candidate has flaws, you are not willing to accept any in yours.

  12. The excuse that Obama supporters constantly refer to when critics bring up his “lack of experience” is Obama’s “wisdom.”

    News for the sheep: WISDOM is acquire through EXPERIENCE.

    So don’t tell me about Obama’s so-called “wisdom.”

  13. When one of my sons reached the age of 18 and got himself a full time job he announced quite proudly that he and I were now “equals”. After I stopped laughing I pointed out to this darling son of mine that he could come back to me in about 20 years and I would give it some thought. This is how I see the Precious. No experience but insisting on the same degree of “equality” in the political arena.

  14. That wisdom nonsense is a crock. It’s for people who want a messiah instead of a competent, experienced person at the helm. If Obama was wise he would have left Wright’s church, not let Rezco help him purchase his home, and stayed away from that Ayers nutcase.

  15. Melanie, Look at Reclusive Leftist’s, Write Your Own Caption.

    Obama’s baggage keeps me awake at night. It’s become an issue of not just his judgment, but the judgment of all Democratic Leaders who’ve endorsed him.

    He is unelectable based on his baggage.

    But, what is truly astonishing to me — he doesn’t have any credentials to balance the baggage. He’s actually an empty suit. And I don’t get that at all.

    It’s not like we didn’t have an abundance of qualified candidates this year. And it’s not like we don’t have the MOST qualified candidate I’ve ever been exposed to….

    Why Obama? And who will actually run things if he somehow squeaks through (why worry? he won’t)

  16. I’m thinking about helping Ed O’reilly defeat Kerry here in MA. My only request is that he doesn’t bash Hill. He doesn’t have to support her. He just can’t bash her. I’ve sent him an email.

  17. katiebird:

    This question has been niggling at me as well. Biden, Dodd, Edwards, Hillary are all qualified and experienced yet this neophyte rose to the top. Why? We have a candidate who comes with years and years of experience, much of it with the black community, and yet a majority of the media has been pushing him since Iowa. Biden, Dodd, and Edwards were hardly covered after that and Edwards, who practically lived in Iowa for two years came in second. Then came the racial charges in SC. Begs explanation.

  18. Obama is less than zero in experience, in that his flagship experience is something that, unfortunately, doesn’t work. “Community organizing” has been wonderful for the self-image of community organizers, but it hasn’t helped communities except when there’s a specific goal, e.g. get that chemical plant outta here, rather than a general goal of bettering deprived communities. The idea of taking this failed, vain model and running a country that way is beyond laughable; I’m somewhat comforted by the fact that Obama is too smart to really believe any of it, but that’s a very cynical comfort.

  19. Honestly, Obama’s resume reminds me of one of my college roommate’s attempts to make his summer of running errands at a local law office into “research analyst.” But even then, the kid was 18 and desperate.

    How could anyone hire Obama based on his resume? His accomplishments are anemic, at best, and his hostility towards hard work and responsibility are red flags.

  20. Rich in PA: Your last comment that Obama is too smart to really believe any of it may have once been accurate but I think he now believes his own publicity. He has been compared to MLK and JFK, his supporters salivate during his appearances, the press does nothing but canonize him and beat down his opponent. If I were Obama I probably would begin to see myself in their image. Face it: someone must have told Paris Hilton she had “talent”.

  21. Before he was elected to the Illinois state senate, he may have worked full time at his law firm, but I don’t know that for a fact. I do know that the Illinois legislature only had 55 mandatory days per year when he was in the senate and a maximum of about 75 days (the schedule changed slightly each year) – but on those non-mandatory days, they didn’t take roll call. Once he joined the senate, however, he was working part time at both.

    What’s staggering to me is that Obama graduated from Harvard law, editor of the Harvard Law Review, goes to work at a civil rights firm in Chicago and. Does’t. Do. Anything. Significant. Once. He. Gets. There. He doesn’t go out and find a civil rights case to make his name on. He doesn’t lead any cases at his firm. How is it you go from a prestigious position at Harvard Law and then do nothing of real value once you get out? I don’t get that. Larry Johnson was trying to figure out why he went back to Chicago after graduating a few weeks ago – I don’t know if anything came of that. I wonder why he never found a way to make himself stand out as a lawyer once he graduated. There’s nothing substantive in his resume there.

    How is it that a Harvard Law School graduate has a resume that befits an attorney who graduated from an unaccredited night school? If there are any attorneys, I, for one, would appreciate some insight.

  22. Pat: Call me a dreamer, but I think Obama knows it’s all a crock.

    Talk about making lemons into lemonade!

  23. Rich in PA: Maybe. But I suppose if a whole group of people kept telling me that I was a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie, even though I knew this not to be true, I may start to believe it after awhile since I would have to question how I, only one person, could be wrong while so many others insisted otherwise. He passed being humble a long time ago.

  24. It’s the power struggle within the Democratic Party. Kennedy, Dean, Pelosi want the Clintons out. If they have another empty suit, he can be manipulated just like Bush. Some part of the electorate has been sold Axelrod’s ad campaign of Hope + Change (TM), which elected Deval Patrick,but whose lack of experience hasn’t worked for the Mass. voters (who having seen this before went for Hillary in spite of Teddy and Kerry).

    Both Obama and W. have incredible egos that are covering up deep insecurities. Play to their egos and get whatever you want! The Clintons already have a power structure in place.

  25. Off topic but important. Please go to CNN and vote for Hillary.


  26. Pat: Nah, he was never humble. There’s no transformation. This gets us back to the very first kerfluffle, about Obama wanting to be president since he was in kindergarten. That turns out to be the one overwhelming thing to know about him.

  27. Hah, why does the American Morning site look like the two anchors are standing in front of an atom bomb explosion?

  28. I think the Big Dems have been so freaked out by being defeated twice by GWB that they think the only way to win is to run someone just like him.

  29. plural: That is the first thing I’ve heard about why the support for BO that made sense. They should probably follow that up with a bit of study about the voting patterns of the people: women, elderly, non-AA minorities, white middle-class blue-collar…

    GWB never carried the AA community or the ‘creative class’, but he sure did get a good chunk of the rest.

  30. Rich, I know we both agree that he is the least acceptable candidate in this race in either party. At least Huckabee and Romney were elected governors and each served out their turns. If he makes it to the general the Right is going to go for broke. The scrutiny will be intense and they have Fox News in their back pocket. I live in MA, a very liberal state, and a lot of people I talk to are going over to McCain if he is the nominee. They just don’t like or trust him to lead. I could never go McCain but I can not vote for Obama for those same reasons. And after 18 months of Deval Patrick as governor I can tell you that another Axelrod candidate will be a disaster.

  31. I think it’s bigger than just wanting to manipulate the empty suit. If Obama loses this nomination, a whole wing of the Democratic party loses its power – and will never get it back. Kennedy, Kerry, Brazile – they know their own personal power is gone if Clinton wins. So they will take a loss to keep her out, because they don’t care about the party, they care about their own sorry selves.

  32. The Dems have also (via the media) compared Obama to Reagan.

    But the Reagan Democrats are voting for Hillary.

    The Big Dems apparently think it will be easy to get Hillary’s voters to vote for Obama, but the Reagan precedent shows it won’t be so easy. McCain has too much crossover appeal to make it easy for anyone to defeat him. But Hillary has by far the best chance.

  33. Apologies if I’m repeating a comment I’ve made recently here, but.. I think Obama’s plan for the general is to smear McCain as senile/crazy and hope the voters lose their trust in the guy enough to vote Obama. Wonder if McCain’s people see it coming.. there was Obama’s “losing his bearings” cheap shot (announcing what they’ll do just like the Hillary can’t be trusted stuff early last year..) and it’s probably already being pushed on the blogs more than I know.

  34. Plural, both the Reagan AND McGovern elections showed that you can’t make people vote in elections. Sometimes they just stay home. And lots of people switch parties.

  35. daria — I didn’t see it if you did. But, it can’t be said often enough. In fact — I’m guessing that since Obama can’t stop himself, that stuff will come out this summer.

    And I’m hoping that he pisses McCain off enough that McCain starts spilling the beans on Obama’s past associations BEFORE the convention. When there’s time for the Super Delegates to change their minds…..

    Unless Hillary crushes Obama in Oregan.

  36. daria – Your are probably right but they need to reconsider how hard they want to push the age issue. There a lot of Hillary supporters who are over the age of 60 and who may resent this slam. Especially those who may become neutral should the empty suit get the nomination. Most people over 60 do not consider themselves “old” at all and having that rammed down their throats could create a serious backlash. Personally, the thought of either Obama or McCain in the WH is causing me agita.

  37. jacilyn–I agree that there is definitely a power struggle going on inside the Beltway. What has so astonished me is the way that people like Kerry and Kennedy have “bet the ranch” (something an early mentor of mine told me I should never do). Their endorsements of Obama have been outright repudiations of the other candidates–totally ungracious for members of a political body that is supposed to depend on “collegiality.” What scenario do they envision if Obama is nominated, loses, and then both Obama and Clinton are back in the Senate? The Democrats may still get a numerical majority in the Senate, even with a loss of the White House, but then where does that leave them? It’s not a pretty picture.

  38. grayslady: Consider that both Kerry and Kennedy come from a state where they hardly have any true competition when they seek reelection. They feel safe in their support for Obama. Kennedy may be running out the string due to age but I will work for any candidate opposing Kerry. As for Pelosi, she is looking to strengthen her hold on the House by backing Obama (like she has done such a stellar job since elected Speaker). Someone commented that her opposition to Hillary is based on the fact that she wants to be the “top female dog” in congress and Hillary poses a threat to that title if elected. Reminds one of high school days doesn’t it?

  39. Well, here we go…HRC will crush Obama tomorrow, and what will his answer be to her getting at least 60% of the white vote again?

    I don’t believe it’s racism at all, by the way – I believe it’s the fact that people are seeing through his marketing.

    But here’s what kills me – no matter WHAT the problem is, it’s still a problem. Why are Obama and his campaign completely ignoring it?

    I’m not optimistic about the GE if the Democrats nominate Obama. He will lose 40 states to McCain, and we the people will be the ones who suffer because of the short-sightedness of the Party leadership.

  40. Pat: Nah, Obama is far more acceptable to me than McCain. There’s sucha large gap between Democratic and Republican positions on significant issues that even a contemptible figure like Obama is far preferable to a standard non-insane corporate Republican like Romney…and when you start getting into eternal-war Republicans like McCain, I’m just at a loss for words.

  41. Rich, I hear you. The only thing I can hope for is that the dems sweep in November in the congressional races thereby holding McCain in their stranglehold. We have no idea whom Obama will place in cabinet positions, probably Deval as Atty General, along with others of that ilk. Remember, he is running on this new coalition in DC so how does he go about doing that? He cannot place the DC regulars in those positions since that is the argument he is making with the “hope” and “change” crapola. So if you believe him, he has to go outside the traditional placements. Look for people like Jesse Jackson Jr. to head up some cabinet agency and possibly Donna Brazile for communications. Eh gads!!

  42. Pat Johnson, you said, “Obama’s baggage keeps me awake at night. It’s become an issue of not just his judgment, but the judgment of all Democratic Leaders who’ve endorsed him.”

    Right. Really, really ‘how could you do this?’ bad judgement. We’re having elections here in California on June 3, and I have been contacting candidates to find out who they support, Clinton or Obama. Those who support Obama, some of whom I’ve been voting for for years, will not get my vote.

  43. Pat: Nightmares are relative. Venal, incompetent Democrats still (generally) don’t wake up in the morning thinking about how they can redistribute wealth and well-being from the poor to the wealthy, and they don’t see the world as a big board game where the object is to put our pieces all over the board. This isn’t about how good Democrats are, it’s about how depraved Republicans are, at least the ones who would get to run (keep running) the country.

  44. Here in MA the NE Patriots were in position to win the Super Bowl. I even bet on them winning! But Eli Manning cleaned their clock and took that inevitability away. That is how I see Hillary; as the Eli Manning of this primary. She is going to come from behind and stick it to them at the last minute. As for the NE Patriots, oh well, there is always next year.

  45. Democrats still (generally) don’t wake up in the morning thinking about how they can redistribute wealth and well-being from the poor to the wealthy, and they don’t see the world as a big board game where the object is to put our pieces all over the board.

    Obama will have to convince me of that before I take it to be true for him, because he does not identify as a Democrat – he identifies as an outsider come to reform the Democratic party.

    As near as I can tell, that means making Democrat mean ‘more like Republicans’, except on certain select issues.

    The whole reason I started opposing Obama was when his own words and actions started throwing serious doubt over whether he shares Democratic values and whether intends to implement (or actually destroy or sabotage) Democratic priorities.

    The Democratic brand name has earned trust – but I don’t like how Obama is spending that trust.

    And look what he actually says about Democrats. When he talks about “change”, he seems to be saying we – Democrats – are what need changing. Not the ruling class and not the Republicans (those groups we’re supposed to want “unity” with).

    I’m sorry – but people with his lack of experience simply don’t become President unless they’ve got someone behind them manipulating the puppet. It isn’t him making the media sing like a Greek chorus – he’s just not that inspirational. It’s someone’s agenda at work. I don’t know whose, but I’m sure that somehow it will benefit the same guys who brought us all that economic prosperity, NONE of which went to working class Americans.

    Prosperity goes hand in hand with power. Poor people are politically weak people.

  46. Jacilyn has expressed much of what I have been so inarticulate to do. When she quotes, “Democrats are what need changing” it hit me between the eyes. Exactly. He is laying much of the blame on the party, not on the opposition who has been so successful in blocking reform. In this instance the argument that he is merely a cut out in going forward to purge the current party of its standard supporters makes sense. However, what is their ultimate goal at the end?

  47. Hah.. Pat, that game broke my heart but if the analogy holds for this primary, I’ll take it..

    so who’s our Tyree then?

  48. Also, this is a little random but the media bias continues.. I was listening to the Kojo Nnamdi show (NPR program out of DC, not sure where else it broadcasts) and they had some pundit on there, who first griped about how awful Hillary’s remark was about white voters, wondered who she was trying to appeal to that way (huh? she was talking about poll numbers), said more about how horrible blah blah blah, and then.. later on an older woman called in to say she supported Hillary because of the experience issue, and thought Obama had a very thin resume and was pushed by others as the candidate.

    Nnamdi replied, “So, he’s a made man, then?” And the lady didn’t realize this was a figure of speech and agreed, and then it was “Oh, a made man is in organized crime, so is that what you think then?” and she had to correct him and explain what she was really saying. Then the pundit came back on and made the whole thing into a race issue and completely avoided the point of whether or not experience mattered. It was unbelievable.

  49. A little OT, but here are some encouraging figures for you. AOL’s poll today asks how people feel about Hillary not giving up the race.
    47% said THEY ADMIRE HER FOR IT; 36% said it frustrates them (my guess is that those are Obama supporters); 17% don’t care one way or the other (probably Republicans). There have been a total of 135,922 votes. (The votes aren’t stacked, because it records your IP addy, so you can only vote once.)
    When even the right-wing conservatives are starting to say things like, “She’s a class act”, why can’t the Democratic leadership see it? I think that the DNC has been top-heavy with incompetence for so long that someone as smart, tough and persistent as Hillary scares the crap out of them. Obama, on the other hand, will fall right in line with the same old, same old and his “hope” and “change” will go right out the window.

  50. daria – Wish I could come up with a sold name to insert for Tyree. How about “Voter”?

  51. Experience versus wisdom. The yang to l’ying.

  52. daria-g — Then the pundit came back on and made the whole thing into a race issue and completely avoided the point of whether or not experience mattered. It was unbelievable.

    This is the phony ‘power’ BO’s followers enjoy — a pc police run amock, looking for racists in every nook and cranny.

    I’m suffering from liberal fatigue.

  53. It’s a long time till Aug…the Dems will literally run to Hill before that …and I urge her to be merciless and chop out the dead wood of which there is so much.

    it is either Hill or it’s the end of the Dem party….
    It would have ended years ago but for Bill Clinton.
    These egg heads are losers… they like it!. They see BO as a their puppet, but have no idea of the strings coming out of their shoulders…. they will run to Mama Hillary to save them.

  54. You are so right, Anne.
    Maybe we can start a Reality Based Party, apparently the “Progressive” Democrat moniker has been taken over by leftist teenagers with an agenda and a mean streak.

    The writing is on the wall, nominate Hillary or LOSE in November.
    What a chilling thought that is. The DNC did this to us all.
    Kennedy( HE has the audacity to speak of nobility),John (because he’s a black man)Kerry, Richardson(Judas)Dean and Brazile.ALL betrayed their party base.Kennedy, Richardson and Kerry ALL betrayed the voters in their states as I am sure many of the delegates Barack has did also.

  55. actually,

    W had 2 terms as a Governor of Texas under his belt.

    Clearly a lot of people dont care how slim Obama’s resume is…yet.

    Gonna be fun to see the returns to tomorrow!

  56. Speaking of Obama’s past experience, O’Reilly’s going to be talking about his Ayers & Dohrn relationship in a few minutes.

  57. That O’Reilly show was pretty interesting. Not much new for us. It touched on Community Organizer = Saul Alinsky instructor. And O’Reilly promised that he’s got people researching everything about Obama and it will all be exposed. By November.

    (sigh) I can’t wait. November, great.

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