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Monday: Roe, Roe, Roe your own damn boat

I’ve heard rumors that the Obama campaign plans to roll out a new offensive (in more ways than one) on the rest of us threatening doom on Roe if we don’t all get into line with Barry, as if the battle is between just him and McCain now.

Yeah, like that’s going to work. Call me a skeptic. I mean, aren’t we the Grandma half? Forget about the fact that most of Hillary’s supporters aren’t grandma’s but we’ve been called old women for so long and everyone knows that old women don’t worry about unplanned pregnancies that much. It’s funny that Barry actually thinks we care about Roe.

How stoopid does Barry think we are? If the SCOTUS wanted to overturn Roe right now, what’s to stop it? Kennedy was only a marginal force for Roe anyway and without Sandra Day-O’Connor flattering his ego on the subject, he’s just as likely to pat the women on the country on the head and tell them it’s for their own good. After 12 kids, they’ll thank him for encouraging them to fulfill themselves as mothers. Roe is already in danger. All it needs is some lunatic state legislature to pass some batshit crazy bill intended to test it and the whole thing is over. We don’t need no stinkin’ second Alito.

The REAL problem on the SCOTUS is not the anti-Roe forces. It’s the Federalist Society members. And there were *two* of these charming individuals appointed under Bush. Roe isn’t the focus of the Federalist Society crew. No, they are more interested in returning the constitution to its original intent, whatever that means. As I interpret it, the federal government has been getting way too interested in protecting people. Not really its business. Oh, and business? We should let it flourish without so many federal regulations. We should just trust it. For example, here is a description on an upcoming Federalist Society event concerning the credit industry:

The recent consumer credit issues have generated a great deal of media coverage and spurred calls for additional government regulation. Please join us at the National Press Club on May 20 for a conference that will examine the subprime lending industry and credit card regulation. The two panels will address questions such as: What will be the likely impact of proposed new regulations if adopted? Can the issues in the credit industries resolve themselves without government intervention? Will proposed regulations benefit consumers?

You know, they may have a point there. Credit issues *should* resolve themselves. So all of the banks and brokers who used sub-prime mortgage speculative “instruments” to make and put at risk billions of dollars, should maybe just suck it up instead of running to the Fed for a taxpayer bailout. I’m sure the “issues” will “resolve themselves” even if the banks fail and the whole financial industry is put at risk. It’s not like anyone on Wall Street is going to lose their house. I’m pretty sure the last Bankruptcy bill protected rich people’s houses. Yes, I think I read about this somewhere. Ah, yes, here it is:

the bill would preserve loopholes that enable wealthy individuals who file for bankruptcy to shield unlimited amounts of money in complex trusts and in multimillion-dollar homes in states including Texas and Florida.

But we can depend on Barry to never put people like Federalist Society members on the Supreme Court, right? Who knows. With all of the promises of squishy goo-goos and post-partisan wonderfulishisness, it’s very hard to tell exactly where Barry will draw the line.

There is one thing for sure though. If the twenty somethings are truly concerned that McCain would nail the lid on the coffin of their abortion rights, they still have a choice. They could encourage the superdelegates to vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m pretty certain that she’s not going to tut-tut them on their morality. It’s a matter of responsibility.

And anyway, the way Barry has taken advantage of sexism to get ahead this primary season does not guarantee that he wouldn’t throw women under a bus- again- if the pressure were great enough. Voting present or being conspicuously absent for controversial votes is an Obama specialty. He has strategically covered his ass on many occasions instead of taking a stand.

The Senate is still not filibuster proof from the Republicans. They are always going to be a thorn in our sides. But we still don’t know enough about Obama’s political philosophy. He’s keeping a lot of it under wraps. We just know he is on record as saying he’s willing to toss his partisanship aside to work with Republicans to an unprecedented level. And when it comes to Roe, if it is really that important, it will be too late to choose the sure thing in Hillary after Barry is nominated. Why take a chance?

Note to Barry:  You havent’ won yet.  It ain’t over until the balloons drop in Denver.  There’s plenty of time for superdelegates to figure out you can’t possibly win it.

One more thing: Commenter Chevalier was in WV over the weekend and filed this report. It sounds like Obamaphiles are getting a bit testy. They don’t sound at all like Kid Oakland’s “casual poetics”

One more thing, the sequel: Anglachel starts to gel all of the pieces together in the puzzling power struggle in the Democratic party in Democratic Blind Spots. Hint: Jim Webb has the key.

71 Responses

  1. This is a good post, riverdaughter. You’re posts are great. I’m stewing over that Time magazine cover. And every time I try to write about it my brain freezes in rage.

    ‘Course it doesn’t help that my browser is goofing up and not displaying the Edit Post window correctly…..

  2. Kbird: I don’t look at that enraging stuff. It’s just there to piss you off and make you feel like an avalanche is headed your way.
    Which it isn’t.
    There isn’t a Obama avalanche. It’s more like a series of snowballs. You get hit, the ball disintegrates, you throw one back. What we need is one with a chunk of ice in it that knocks him out cold.

  3. rd, I REALLY shouldn’t either. I just followed a link from the TaylorMarsh site (don’t anyone do this) and it took me to a terrible place. With worse comments.

    Apparently we’re all just totally crazy for thinking Hillary has a chance. I guess I missed the memo where media pundits get the final say in deciding the nomination. When did that happen?

  4. Oh, spare us, Steve.

  5. Oh dear, the troll infestation has been all over the place these past days. Must be the sense of confidence and certainty they have in their candidate… otherwise, why the swarming?

  6. Melanie and Frenchdoc — I fixed it. We don’t have to look at that all day.

  7. Well, thanks for that.

    It doesn’t look like a sense of confidence to me.

    Looks like “Stop her before she wins again.”

  8. Thanks, Katiebird

  9. Thank you katie.

  10. Violent metaphors, see Obama talk about “kneecapping” the frontrunner last fall, talking about how he can throw some elbows, Keith Olbermann saying a supersuperD should take her into a room and only he comes out, a crap ton of media pundits talking about having her put down, etc. So, whatever. Also not getting the talk like terrible injustice and violence that went on for hundreds of years.. is equal to saying something that was interpreted badly for political reasons.

  11. I think protecting Roe is important, but it has been eroded significantly already. We need a justice who will stand up for all women’s rights and for the right of privacy, the penumbra protected by Griswold v. CT. That is what the Federalist Society wants to destroy (that case was about the use of birth control by married people). Somehow I don’t think a Clinton presidency would roll back Griswold. And Obama’s sexism is a concern, as is the bipartisanship message. I want Republicans OUT of power. Look what they have done to this country!

    I was getting really upset thinking it really is over for her, and then I told myself, it’s the same media trotting out the same crap. Keep the faith.

  12. Ah, I see the post is gone, you can delete my reply if you prefer.

  13. Ahhhh, the misogynists are worried about Roe now. How sweet.

    And once, again, I’ll say that if Roe is so important, why didn’t they support the woman who is unambiguous on women’s rights? Instead, they support the man who has arguably been all over the place on rights.

  14. Roe is important. That’s why Hillary must be President. Obama will just appoint more John Roberts type, big business friendly judges.

  15. I’ll be crossing my fingers for WV.

  16. The overturning of Roe vs. Wade threat is a tad old. We’ve had (correct me if I’m wrong) 5 Republican presidents since Roe vs. Wade, and it hasn’t been overturned yet.
    Obama needs to come up with something a little more current and close-to-home—like the economy—to fight McCain. But that’s right, Obama has nothing to fight with except for a bunch of empty promises.
    I’m not watching the news right now, but my husband said that some commentator said last night that a person inside the Clinton camp said that she’ll probably announce her defeat tomorrow night after West Virginia, so that she can go out on a high note. I hope that was just B.S. put out there to discourage the voters of W.Va from coming out in large numbers to vote for her.

  17. Actually, sometimes when the Court is out of step with the people, that can be the best scenario. They do something like overturn Roe V Wade, and the Congress steps in and actually creates codifies reproductive choice into law.

  18. Here is Ted Kennedy’s phone number:

    Please call and tell him to stop degrading Hillary Clinton. I just did. I am absolutely shaking. Especially if you, like me, are from MA, call.

  19. Melanie: They do something like overturn Roe V Wade, and the Congress steps in and actually creates codifies reproductive choice into law.

    Already done in a number of states: MD, CA, CT, HI, ME,NV,WA

    The following states have a stronger version of RvW in their state constitutions:

    NJ,NM,MA,IL,MI, MO, OR, TN,VT,WV,FL (except for minors).

    For all intents and purposes, abortion is already a states’ rights issue due to Casey vs. Planned Parenthood.

  20. Obama has chosen to stay out of WVa because he is throwing a signal that the race is over and he need not campaign any longer. Big mistake! You would think, even if he is that far behind in the polls there, that he would be at least courting these voters for the GE? This is a slam in the face to those voters who deserve to hear from the supposed presidential nominee. Is this what he thinks of them? I hope the GOP paints him as the smug no knowing he really is. The more I see of him, the more unlikable he becomes. But I suppose if you say often enough that you are the winner the more it becomes “factual”. I can’t stand McCain but I hope he defeats this man soundly in November if he is to be the nominee. He deserves to be.

  21. Pat, he is going there today.

  22. Just checked the weather in West Virginia. The weekly forecast has rain clouds everyday EXCEPT PRIMARY DAY. Sunny tomorrow, a good sign for Hillary. Drive those numbers up in WV.

  23. melanie: are you in WV? If so, what’s going on there?

  24. Melanie: I had heard he was making an appearance in one city. Not sure if I have my facts correct but she has been blanketing the state. One poll had her between 25 to 30 points ahead. Even after reading all the reasons the party has placed their support behind him I still fail to see his appeal. Unqualified, inexperienced, lacking in foreign policy, limited tenure. Could it be that he is just another tool to corporate interests and hidden agenda’s? If so, I weep at the outcome to this vicious race. What are the party elders thinking?

  25. I love the title–my sentiments exactly. Besides how do we know Obama’s pro-choice votes (if there really were some) weren’t the ones where he hit the wrong button. No Quarter has a new entry about Obama courting at least three women to be his V-P (Napolitano, McCaskill, Sebelius). It works for me; I despise all three. So, it hardens my vote against Obama even more.

  26. No, RD, I am in MA.

  27. melanie: yeah, I know. I just couldn’t wrap my head around why Obama would be there instead of WV so I figured you must be helping out down there.

  28. WAC: they probably think they can woo us back with a woman. It’s about as complete a repudiation of Clinton as you can get. What makes them think that’s going to work? It sounds like Reg joking about the feminust wing of the People’s Front of Judea. Nope, I’m not going back. I won’t be voting for Barry unless he’s Hillary’s running mate.

  29. Thanks RD for the great post. I found your previous advice to turn off the TV, donate and to phonebank for Hillary very therapeutic. I haven’t listened to cable news since after Indiana, I’ve been donating regularly – $10 here and there – and calling. Boy what a boost calling is, most of the time you get folks that are very respectful (unlike us newenglanders) and the majority supporting our Girl. I think I may have swayed one Oregonian into our camp.

    As you mentioned RD they are out in full force pushing the WWTSBQ chant at full volume and it’s because this small window before WV is their only opportunity to lock this thing up. After Tuesday the news will be filled with HRCs huge win, then its KY – another huge win. It’s hard to look like a winner when you’re limping to the finish line. Also the behind the scenes machinations to seat FL/MI are in full force and will be taking the headlines away from the Precious. This is his time to push, kick – club her and drag her – out of this race.

    Just look at the crap BOs campaign is throwing out there – Axelrod talking about Obama accepting McCain’s invitation to have town meetings on the road. It’s all part of the WWTSBQ and, as we know, it’s now igore her.


  30. What do you mean “be there”? He hasn’t been in MA, has he?

    If you are referring to my comment to call Ted Kennedy, that was in reference to his objectionable comments about Hill.

  31. Lucinda,

    I heard from my Mom a slightly different version. I heard that a Sunday morning pundit (“some lady with blonde, shoulder length hair”, OK, that’s helpful) said HRC will celebrate her big win tomorrow night and drop out for a while – but NOT out of the race – just drop out and work on FL/MI, raising big $, rallying the troops and possibly superDs – then she’ll be back in Denver. Again, I’m not certain about this version but that’s what I heard.

  32. …McLaughlin Report.. I’ll go check it out.

  33. There aren’t many primaries left to campaign in, so I’m not sure what “dropping out” would mean.

    At any rate, this does’t look like a candidate about to quit:


  34. She is not going to skip Kentucky, Oregon, South Dakoda, Montana and Peurto Rico. There is no reason to do so.

  35. If you all think the blogs are bad now, just wait. I fully expect lots of nasty anti-Clinton remarks to be made here and elsewhere.

    If you ever question your own resolve to not vote for Obama, just visit Kos, HuffPo, etc and you will understand why you cannot vote for him. The comments will both anger and sadden you.

    I’m convinced alot of it is sexism and misogyny, because I have heard / read alot of put downs related to females and Hillary.

    The fact that the Dem party leaders are promoting this guy has contributed to my signing on as an Independent.

    No matter what, I will not waiver, however.

  36. I was referring to trolls coming here and making nasty remarks….not regulars to this site.

  37. Why be friendly and civil? Because Obama needs our vote?

    He and his supporters should have thought of that when they started dissing her all over the place. “You’re likeable enough”, brushing dirt off his shoulder, giving her the unobtrusive finger, saying she was “in her element” at the debate, whining racsim at every turn….

    get friggin real……

  38. Hillary is not the vacationing type. Just another reason why we need her to be the next President.

  39. A waste of time, no one is going to roll back a women rights to privacy, this Primary is a wake up call to women who have allowed their community to be divided by a male manufactured wedgies. You are correct Obama and Dem Leadership have no clue who we are and who they have pissed off and on by rigging this Primary for their guy and thinking we will rally by any jerk of the Roe nose ring is dumb. Anyone who has not should break from the Party and vote for candidates regardless of Party and for our community of interest instead of being divided like pawns women are the power in the electorate if they choose. If Hillary doesn’t make in now she can run in 2012 after the Party again goes down in defeat from placing another Kennedy crony on its throne.

  40. You know, Obama was going to vote for Justice Roberts because he admired his something or the other – can’t remember what. He said if he was president, he wouldn’t want his nominees opposed on ideological grounds. One of his aids had to point out that if he did vote for Roberts, it would detrimental to any presidential plans he had. So, that pretty much makes clear that Obama went into the Senate planning on runnning for president. It also makes clear that he isn’t going to see protecting Roe as a priority.

    Personally, I think he will appoint the judge that overturns Roe – and I think he’ll take pleasure in doing it. He’ll see it as testament to his bi-partisan triumph.

  41. Slave Revolt:

    Since your guy has already won, shouldn’t you go somewhere and celebrate?

    Me thinks you protest too much.

  42. Slave Revolt: Of course the Lamestream media will not querry Hillary on this–because it doesn’t fit the acceptable meme.

    Well, no.

    During the presidential campaign, she has faced little challenge on the issue, in large part because Mr. Obama has supported the 1996 law.

  43. Ugh, so much trash on the site today. Aaaaanywho, here’s a nice quote from a Boston Globe article on Hillary’s Mother’s Day rally. Dorothy Rodham said ” it isn’t over until the lady in the pants suit says it is.” Truer words were never spoken and this is right on so many levels. Hillary will determine the future of her campaign, no one else. Also, Dorothy kindly implies that pants suits are de riguer, as I have been saying for months now.

  44. Can’t we Democrats be friendly and civil.

    Hillary will support Obama as soon as she drops out and takes a bit of a vacation.

    oh but the day Hillary concedes I am reregistering as an Indie.

    So you Democrats can do whatever you like. If the Dems throw out the one excellent woman still standing who is willing to fight for the soul of what that party stood for, I consider the question of whether you guys get along Not My Problem.

  45. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/01/03/more-olympics-metaphors/

    “Everyone says I need to knee-cap the front runner,” Mr. Obama said, referring presumably to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. “You know, do a Tonya Harding on her.”

  46. Slave, you are about to entire the spam filter. But before you go, I’d just like to point out a couple of things. First, Obama is not my party’s nominee. As of last Thursday, I am an “unaffiliated” voter. Second: If you are a Democrat, he’s not YOUR party’s nominee either. He hasn’t reached any magic numbers yet, FL and MI haven’t been seated and the superdelegates haven’t all voted. Those who have endorsed him are free to unendorse before the balloons drop in Denver and I predict a great deal will once they see how the wind is blowing. That’s their job. Third: I’ll call Barry whatever the fuck I want . it’s my blog. If you find it disrespectful, keep in mind that this is the nickname he goes by and at least we didn’t call him a monster. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere. We don’t exist to coddle your delicate sensibilities.
    Hillary is a wonderful person and indeed she *will* want all of her supporters in the Democratic party to give their votes to whoever the nominee is, especially if it’s her. But we have free will, slave. She can encourage, we can do whatever we damn well please and WE’RE NOT VOTING FOR OBAMA! We do not support the Dean Democrats and you are wasting your time here. What do you think we are? Mindless 30percenters who do whatever they’re told?
    If I were you and all of the other SD’s I’d be pretty worried right now because we are serious and we’re not concerned with Roe. We know what’s going on. The jig is up.

  47. If you don’t vote for Barack you will have really disrespected Hillary.

    Um, how about no? That’s your opinion.

    Also, cite some actual data about welfare reform please, thanks.

  48. Lori: You are assuming he will do something if he is able to get into office. I have no confidence anything would be accomplished – maybe lots of meetings with dictators and vacations?

    Another thing – I have been a hostage of Roe for as long as I can remember. No more.

  49. Riverdaughter, I’m standing on my chair cheering!! I applaud everything you said.

  50. We could switch from Barry to Bastard? Now THAT would be disrespectful (although technically accurate)!

  51. Slave, How the heck do you know why Hillary stood next to her husband? How DARE you attribute it to political calculations, how dare you??

    Unless you are her, you haven’t a clue why she did it, and frankly it’s none of your danged business. Nor is it any of mine. Their marriage is their marriage and their reasons for staying together, including what looks to me like a deeply felt love, are theirs.

    ‘Sojourner Truth and Emma Goldman are ideological heroes of mine’

    So basically you are saying you admire women who are dead and long gone, but a woman dealing with the troubles and problems inherent in women’s situations today is not to be admired, because she didn’t do what YOU wanted her to do. What a sexist thing to say!

  52. @ jjmtacoma,

    Hey, I’m a little confused, why would we call Barry “Bastard” if his Mom was married to Mr. Obama? Just making sure I have the facts right.


  53. Can you even imagine the divorce rate in this country if all women (and men) left cheating spouses?

    Most don’t leave, by the way. To disrespect Hillary for staying also disrespects other married women who also made the same choice to forgive and try to salvage the relationship.

  54. Elixer: his dad was already married in Africa when he came to America. We don’t recognize the 2nd marriage – at least not how I understand it…

    His dad was married in Africa and left his wife there to come to America for college where he met BO’s mom.

    From Wikipedia: “Obama Sr. grew up in Nyangoma-Kogelo. At 18, he married a young woman named Kezia in a tribal ceremony. They had four children, two of them after he returned to Kenya from the United States. He never divorced Kezia, who now lives in Bracknell, England.”

  55. Elixir, his father was married to a woman in Africa before he ‘married’ his mother. He was a polygamist. I guess it depends upon the belief system if he is illegitimate or not. To me, doesn’t really matter, I find him illegitimate in other ways, as a candidate promising to work on women’s issues, for example.

  56. Slave, How the heck do you know why Hillary stood next to her husband? How DARE you attribute it to political calculations, how dare you??

    If I were a politician, and I found myself married to a cheating spouse, I would stay married. Here’s why:

    – if I genuinely forgave him, then that would be my right and my choice

    – if I didn’t genuinely forgive him, why should I throw away MY political career just because HE did something wrong? You know divorce hurts women more than men. I’d stay nominally married so that I could put my time and energy into the career I treasure.

    Either choice is IMO valid. So too is choosing to divorce for the sake of one’s self-worth, if self-worth in this case is defined by making the choice to stand independent from the man rather than self-worth as defined by having a meaningful career. But the point is: both could be legitimate paths to self-worth! It is for the woman to choose which path is right for her. So that is why I say it is sexist crap to get involved in her reasons for staying with Bill – she has NO obligation, to womankind, America, her daughter, whatever, NO obligation – to take one particular action, other than to choose to do what is right for HER.

    ‘Sojourner Truth and Emma Goldman are ideological heroes of mine’

    Ah both women who are associated with emancipation for males (in one case a race hero and in the other case a class her) as well as being women’s heroes.

    But it is not less heroic for a woman to “just” stand up for women. I have had about ENOUGH of this “white women aren’t really as oppressed as real oppressed people, so race and class issues should be counted as more significant than just sex”

    Clearly in 1855, a white woman living in the big house had a better life than the black man working as a slave. But today here in America white women are more likely to be slaves than black men! And that is because people take racism seriously – but they do not take gender issues seriously. It’s time to change that and we start with our attitudes.

  57. Saw Chelsea AM in Ashland, KY. Very nice turnout, people are confused by the news crap, but still want Hill. My sister got inside to hear the speeches, she says nice support for Chelsea, great intro by state rep Rocky Adkins. I stayed outside with overflow crowd, and shared with folks the need to get out the pop vote. Folks really upset at the media, party elders, inc Lt Gov who endorsed O this morn.

    Came home, cancelled long-standing Time subscription, told the rep my anger at slanting the news. Damn, that felt good.

    BTW, the video of Terry McBrayer at KyDem dinner, making joke of putting the missing O on milk carton, with cheers/boos? McBrayer is long-standing, important lawyer/pol [esp Lex & E KY], big plus for Hill that he is a supporter. Inside joke: there really is a Dean’s Dairy, but folks are very angry at Howard Dean, so the line of “…contracting with Dean’s to put a picture …” had a funny double meaning here.

  58. You could think of it as taking my ball and going home, but really, I will be taking my ball to play with kids who are nice to me.

  59. Slave: We are not going overboard. That attitude is what is getting you deleted.
    We don’t want to work together for a predetermined outcome. If you want us back in the fold, go tell Obama’s campaign to stop the meme that he’s already won or we will make him eat it in the fall.

  60. Whatever happened between the Clintons is nobody’s damn business.

    And calling BO a bastard is inappropriate, irrelevant and uncalled for.

    Please ignore the trolls.

  61. Frenchdoc: I was actually feeding trolls (they were being mean to Riverdaughter about using the name ‘Barry”) I should have resisted that temptation better. I believe the comment I responded to is gone but my nasty comment is still sitting there.

    Riverdaughter, please feel free to delete my comment made out of irritation. I didn’t want to offend any of your regular commenters.

  62. jimtacoma: no biggy.

  63. Today I have heard several radio commentators/hosts remark on how tired Obama is getting, of course, being sympathetic [it’s all her fault it’s gone on so long],but I wonder.

    One even mentioned BO saying he’d been in 57 states and then, repeating 57 states again. Now that’s tired! And there is that habit he has of running home to rest even before the ballots are counted in states he lost.

    Why is this seemingly strong, young male exhausted? Does it indicate a latent health problem? Stress may be making him tired but think of the stress in the Oval office or facing up to McCain in debates or enduring the firestorm of negativity from the right.

    On the other hand, there’s the Energizer bunny in a pants suit, a good 10 years his senior, looking and acting like the first day of the campaign. This is an amazing feat as she has been running with the msmedia, AARadio, poisoned blogs and the DNC on her back throughout.

    Not a peep from the cables about his seemingly weak constitution but just wait if he officially wins the primary and has old guy McCain dancing circles around him.

  64. Obama’s dad sounds like a piece of work. (I don’t hold that against Obama, btw, in fact, it inclines me to be sympathetic to him.)

    twandx, I agree, Obama (& his supporters) have been saying they’re tired, while Clinton just keeps going & going. I think the new president is going to need a lot of energy and stamina to fix our problems; another reason to pick Clinton over Obama.

  65. Riverdaughter, I think the core of your posts are often valuable and deserve consideration. But I wonder, why do you cloak them in such juvenile insults? For example, why is Barrack Obama called “Barry” or worse? Why do you echo the worst insults hurled at Clinton supporters (like “grandma half”) over and over again? I can count on finding the least constructive, most divisive, most insulting material from _either_ candidate on this site because you keep shouting it over and over.

    Is that really what you want The Confluence to be? Even the rivers of Pittsburgh aren’t that dirty, are they?

  66. Why, exactly, was my comment deleted?

    No critique of tone allowed on The Confluence?

  67. Rice? Nope.

  68. Rice: I’m afraid you are wasting your time here. By some accident of nature or nuture, I am immune to most peer pressure. I don’t care if you find my use of Obama’s nickname disrespectful. So, what?
    The Grandma thing doesn’t offend me or the others on this blog one little bit. We know who we are. We’re very diverse. But if there are some grandma’s here, so what? It isn’t the label that bothers us. It’s the people who think we can be moved by it to think less of ourselves.
    And if you find us a clanging gong, maybe that’s because we’re effective. We didn’t start it. We are only calling attention to what is going on and if that seems divisive, so what? The people doing the division should be more circumspect or we wouldn’t have to expose them.
    As for the rivers of Pittsburgh, I come from a family of swimmers. My grandfather used to swim them for fun and profit. He was famous for it. If a tributary wanders off, it’s my job to bring it back, not chase after it. But I am not afraid of the current. And I give as good as I get.
    You’re going to have to try a lot harder before I give a royal fuck what you think.
    Hit the road, rice.

  69. Rice: Your time would be better spent making sure all those new voters BO registered show up in November.

  70. RD, These Obama supporters are kinda pathetic, aren’t they–fanning out all over the web trying to “heal” the divisions and then inevitably giving themselves away with their passive aggressive digs. This one can’t even spell Barack Obama’s name right. What a tool!

  71. Unless Democrats want to guarantee the next President of the United States is a Republican, you better read all of this. As the CNN News had repeated ignored what the DNCC, GOPC, Sen. Clinton, Sen. McCain & Sen. Obama know that the Senate Select Committee on Ethic received a legal brief in April 2008, where Sen. Obama has been charged with violation of the Senate’s Code of Ethics.

    As it not a frivolous charge, the Senate Select Committee of Ethics is conduction their investigation. Because of red tape, and time, if the Democrats want the next President of the United States to be a Democrat, time must be given for their investigation to conclude. Which means those pledged delegate for Sen. Obama need to hear from those Democrats in their district, and States, otherwise what will happen will be Sen. Obama will be selected as the Democratic candidate, then as the evidence against Sen. Obama, (see below), is so overwhelming, there will be no choice, but for Senate to censure Sen. Obama for unmoral conduct for befriending a domestic terrorist. Hey you better read on, because as you read, you will see that while you may have already voted for Sen. Obama in your primary election, you may see that the only way the next President of the United States, will be a Democratic, is if Sen. Clinton is given the time to fight on to the Democrat Convention. There is always the slim chance Sen. Obama will not be censored, but there no want to know, unless the Senate Select Committee of Ethic have the time to complete their investigation. So call your pledge delegates and tell then that time is needed, that those delegates should announce that they will wait until the Democratic Convention to choose who they vote for. Time, is needed. Other wise you will guarantee a Republican as the next President of the United States. As do you really think a lot of those who previously voted for Sen. Obama, will vote for him in the General election when he has been censored for his friendship to a domestic terrorist?

    The FBI classifies that the act of setting a bomb is a terrorist act. Do you know what both Lee Harvey Oswald and William Ayers have in comment, both are domestic terrorist and neither was convicted of their crime. Oswald was killed after he assassinated JFK, and Ayers admitted that he got off on a technically, even though he set many bombs and should of set more bombs. As Oswald only committed one act of terrorism, and Ayers have committed more acts of terrorist, William Ayers is technically a worst domestic terrorist than Lee Harvey Oswald was.

    There is a moral cause in the Senate Code of Ethics, that Sen. J. William Fulbright stated in the U.S. Senate in the early 1950s, that when a Senator’s gives the “implied behavior of The Moral Deterioration of American Democracy”, that that is a violate the Senate Code of Ethics.

    And to think that Sen. Obama compared his friendship to William Ayers, (domestic terrorist), to his friendship with Sen. Coburn. (A highly respected Republic Senator).

    To all Democrats, unless you call your delegates and tell them that time is needed, and let the Democratic Convention decide then who the Democratic Candidate is, you will be guarantee the next President of the United States to be a Republican.

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