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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Bob Barr announces run- Who does he hurt?

JerseyGirl5555 mentioned to me during lunch that Bob Barr is seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party:

Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr announced today in Washington that he would seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination for president.

At the National Press Club, he said he decided to jump into the campaign, despite efforts to dissuade him by some Republicans, because he believed voters needed a choice. He had formed an exploratory committee last month, and his Web site already features prominent fund-raising appeals.

Mr. Barr, who was a Congressman from Georgia’s 7th District from 1995 to 2003, switched his enrollment to Libertarian two years ago, citing his disillusionment with his longtime party. He has expressed opposition to the Iraq war, and today reiterated his wish to bring American troops home.

More fun and merriment in this already topsy-turvy primary season. So, my question is, who does his entry hurt? I don’t think Hillary suffers at all in this scenario. But both John McCain and Barack Obama could take a hit. Obama is running as a Libertarian Democrat (Oh, he won’t say it out loud but Donna Brazile pretty much admitted as much). There goes the mountain west that Obama was hoping for. Colorado? Nahgahappen. John McCain will sweep up the Republicans in the fall. They’re mad at him now but whisper sweet tax cuts in their ears and they’ll follow him anywhere. Barr will probably get all of the poor deluded Ron Paul voters. There seemed to be plenty of them in PA but who knows if they’ll get pulled into the Republican fold. But Obama can’t afford to lose his formerly Democratic base of stupid, old working class, sino-peruvian lesbians AND those tasty Libertarians from the Big Sky country that he was counting on to pull this off. To get them, he’d have to overtly declare his intentions to go libertarian and I’m not sure how the latte sippers are going to like that.
That leaves Hillary to sweep up the people who just want a functioning government again. Party on, Bob!

11 Responses

  1. rd: I am not sure I can completely agree with that scenario. No self respecting Dem is going to vote for Bob Barr, Libertarian or not. He was one of the major architects behind the Clinton impeachment. As for the Repubs, he could do some harm to McCain but not much. Bob Barr is old news and jumping in now won’t vary the landscape to any degree. In fact, it may even work in Obama’s favor if he is the nominee since those votes Barr may syphon from McCain may just barely help him get through. And does Bob Barr even court a constituency out there? Doubtful. This announcement will not have the supposed power a Perot candidacy had. The only potency for a third party run would be if Hillary announced her own. And she won’t.

  2. Without Clinton, Barr would give me someone for whom I could actually vote. No Precious. No McBush. Hillary first!

  3. Pat: I’m not saying he appeals to Democrats. But Obama is post-partison, transcendental, right? He’s counting on attracting libertarians and independents away from McCain. That’s why he is so intent on winning mountain states.
    You’re right that Barr doesn’t appeal to Democrats so it doesn’t hurt Clinton. But if you want to ditch the Democratic party and snag some swing voters who are libertarian, it could be problematic.
    I think Barr is doing Clinton a favor. Maybe he’s trying to atone.

  4. What about Bloomberg — is he still considering a run? How would he affect the race?

    I’m still more inclined to write in Hillary than vote for anyone else.

  5. rd: I just don’t see where his appeal lies elsewhere either. Barr has shown in the last two years his disagreement with the Republican brand on several issues but I can’t see him actually pulling many Obama supporters to his side. I just don’t see him having that much clout to undo Obama if he is the nominee. We know that Hillary is the only decent choice to completely put McCain under. She will plow right over him in any debate and her policies are perfect for the grass roots level. But if it is Obama and McCain, it may get way out of hand with both sides attempting to muddy one another. If there is any defection I could see it going to Barr against McCain but Obama, not so much.

    Isn’t awful that neither of us has the stomache for an Obama win?

  6. Well, he works for a group that wants to legalize marijuana. I think he’ll get a lot of votes.

  7. Katiebird,

    Bloomberg is (literally) a fascist.

    He said Feb. 28, in a New York Times op-ed, he’s not running, which I think was his last public statement on it. But he was repositioning himself.

    Scary scenario is: Obi wins the nomination. Obi has a thousand tons of scandal drop on him from the corporate cartel media. Obi finally becomes widely perceived as unelectable. A gazillion obibots left confused and angry and ripe for the picking. Elmer Fascist arrives on the scene, promising change and unity, and all things wonderful, ideally with a VP partner who is a real vote attractor. Yada, yada… Hello fascism, it can happen here.

    Or, our beloved billionaire could ride into power as VP under McCain, who, suffice to say, is not physically not up to the demands of the position. He might even try to position to run under Hillary, He could pay off the campaign debts with less stress than most people filling up their gas tank.

    He already and still has active political operatives in all states. And we could trust Governator Arnie Schwarzenegger to be a vocal supporter.

    It would seem he’s trying to stay covert until after Denver.

  8. Melanie,

    Barr has also spoken out about the domestic spying, torture, and habeas corpus. He’s a conservative, but also a civil liberatarian.
    I certainly wouldn’t vote for him, but I agree with RD he appeals to some of the same libertarian types that Obama does. A lot of those Obamadroids at the orange place are Republicans, you know.

  9. “sinoperuvian lesbians”? lol. shit. I had to look in two dictionaries– and sinoperuvian wasn’t even in my OED (concise–maybe that’s the problem). I’m guessing the sino is for Chinese and Peruvian is Peruvian. I didn’t know whether to be insulted as I looked for the dictionary, or not. But I guess you’re saying I’m old dem base… so that’ s okay. You can call me anything… just don’t imply I’d vote Obama.
    lol. No self respecting lesbian would go near that sack of poo. I’m also from Big Sky country and Obama can’t have either half of my vote– neither lesbian nor Big Sky.

  10. Sinoperuvians are a disconcerting bunch, as I recall.

    In ’88, I discovered that many Chinese and Japanese had come to Peru years ago and many went into the restaurant business. It doesn’t get much more startling than looking up from your menu to order from an Asian man asking for your oder in Spanish!

    Then… Sinoperuvian? …what about Fujimori and that wacky wife of his…talk about getting headlines!

  11. Obama is not going to win whether Barr is in the race or not.

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