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Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was my brother’s 40th birthday. We had a party for him but he had to leave it early. He’s in the Army Reserves and he’s been assigned to 5 months of training in Georgia before he is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. We’re not really sure if he’ll have any time off between training and deployment so yesterday was the last time we were going to see him for a long time so we celebrated a birthday and mother’s day.
Chaz and mum say goodbye
My brother has two little girls. When my little sister and I were kids, we often went through this ritual with my dad who was in the Navy just before he went on 8 month long cruises to southeast Asia. The coming home is the best part. They will have a chance to visit him a couple times in Georgia but it will be a long time before he comes home.
To those Obama supporters who rashly accuse the rest of us about not caring whether John McCain becomes president, think again. Some of us care very deeply about it. The last thing we want to do is hand the nomination over to someone who is likely to lose it, who can’t carry the states he presumably won and who, if he were elected, is going to need a lot of time to figure out what all the moving parts are. I want a person who is ready to lead from day one and who I can trust to stabilize our crumbling military while getting us out of our overextended committments as carefully as possible. That person is Hillary.

In the meantime,

Anglachel reinforces Bringiton’s main idea about electability in Percentages, Preferences and Defections. Oh, My!
Over at Corrente, Bringiton writes about the math and electability in Hillary Clinton Must Be the Democratic Nominee; Do the Math.
And rounding things out is this summary from TheCityEdition called Bamboozling the American Electorate Again, describing the strategy behind the unholy alliance between the Rove controlled media, the Obama campaign and its support machine on the left. This is where the the realy animosity between the Obama and Clinton camps originate. Once again, Karl Rove has figured out how to pander to self-interest, this time on the left. He figured out where our weak point was and he inserted a wedge there. The worst part about it is that everyone has always known we’ve been getting played but instead of rising above politics as usual as Obama’s campaign vowed it would do, it validated what we have always suspected about ambition and human nature- it got down in the dirt with the Republicans in order to take Hillary out. We’ve seen it. We knew it. This piece summarizes the whole shebang. We’ve gotten the weakest candidate as our frontrunner. Yep, people on the left are just as stupid and gullible but this time they did it with their eyes open. Thanks Karl.
(Hey, Obama, what goes around, comes around)

32 Responses

  1. riverdaughter,

    Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom and to all Moms out there.

    My brother-in-law, who is in the Army guard, came back from a year in Iraq in 2004. The good news (in comparison to the old days when I was overseas in the military) is that he had great internet access and could keep in almost daily touch with us and the rest of the family. Please send your brother my best wishes for a short, safe trip and a speedy return!

  2. RD,

    My warmest good wishes for your mother, brother and family.

    One small correction – I am the one doing the reinforcing. Bringiton’s excellent post was the inspiration for my own, and I am riffing off the detailed analysis BIO provided. I encourage everyone to click over and read that post, and then peruse the other impressive offerings at Corrente. It is (along with The Confluence) a daily “must read” site for me.


  3. Hi Riverdaughter, Best wishes for your family — especially your brother his kids and his wife.

    I just got back from visiting with my mom. She loves Hillary but, she still falls for some of those icky talking points. Like “Why does Bill Clinton keep saying those terrible things” or “Why did Hillary have to say, ‘as far as I know'” and stuff like that….

    So I spent Mother’s Day yelling at her.

    I’m a bad daughter.

  4. Beste wishes to all the mothers out there!

    RD, great links to some outstanding articles. Bringiton really nails it. I did 3 hours of phone calls to OR yesterday with lots of positive responses. I think we need to keep going

    Enjoy the day everyone!

  5. Arggghh, toric lenses. The new soft ones are comfy but they’re like frickin’ dinner plates compared the little hard lenses. It takes me 20 minutes to get the suckers in. What’s the secret?

  6. Happy Mothers Day!

    New state poll montecarlo mashups from Hominid Views — Obama now an 11-1 underdog vs McCain; Clinton a 5-1 favorite.

  7. RD: My best to you and all your loved ones. Please let your brother know he (and his family) will remain in the thoughts of many Conflucians. And THANK him for his service and support on behalf of this “democratic” nation … such as it is.

  8. RD:

    This link may help. It shows how to insert and remove soft lens contacts. I am trying contacts again, and I had a hard time trying to get my left one out a few days ago.


  9. Oh yeah, and a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all our resident mommies. There would certainly be no me without you – mom, I love ya to bits!

    And thanks to Hillary for showing the world and, more importantly, a lily-livered Democratic Party what true cerebrality, commitment, grace, fortitude and humanity looks like.

  10. Btw – don’t tell me I’m the only one thinking “How cute is RD’s bro?” 😉 LOL!

  11. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! Corsages for everyone! LOL

    Well, getting the troops out of Iraq with a minimum of danger is going to be difficult. Gettting DC behind the notiion of getting the troops out of Iraq is going to be damn near impossible. No one ever talks about the backbone and the tenacity that’s going to be required to bring our involvement in the conflict to an end.. There are huge numbers of people in DC making enormous money on this war. There are also people making their name and their career on this war and the end of our involvement would eliminate their easy career stepping stone. All of those people are going to see their life and livelihood diminished by our withdrawal and they are going to fight tooth and nail to prevent that from happening. These are very wealthy, very well-connected, very skilled, bureaucratic in-fighters and they aren’t going to allow their cash cow to be killed easily. The battle to get DC behind withdrawal is going to be much, much bigger and nastier than the effort involved in getting the troops out.

    Here’s my problem with Obama – he is a split-the-difference kind of guy that needs to be liked. He wants to rise above partisanship, but partisans are going to have a financial interest in opposing him and will use his efforts to withdraw as an organizing principle. What will he do when faced with a Republican haka on the subject of this war? His advisors are already creating papers that propose 40k to 50k troops still on the ground at the end of his first term. That’s before the military industrial complex goes to war against his plans to withdraw. Obama vs. the military industrial complex – hmmmmm, who do we think is going to win that battle? And inexperienced egocentric guy who needs to be liked or men who’ve been in DC for decades, have former cabinet members, presidents and senators on their board and who are making billions of dollars? I know where I put my money.

    I think Obama is going to go on a search for a latter day McNamara with the same intent LBJ had probably when he hired McNamara. Get the smart guy to figure out how to win this militarily to a point that we can declare victory – even if it isn’t victory in the WWII sense of the word. It’ll be a pop culture victory rather a traditional military victory. You know, we’ll roll out a new product in September – the end of the war. Didn’t work then. Won’t work now.

    One of the reasons I support Clinton is that she will be fearless on this front. She’s faced down a nationwide front that is much bigger and much deeper than the one she’ll face when she begins to withdraw from Iraq. She has ties that go back over a decade now in the Pentagon. She knows how to talk their language. They may not like or her or what she is doing, but they know she can hold her own in a DC knife fight. Imagine the political credibility she’ll have when she gets us out of there. We’ll get national health insurance that way. She’s committing to a brigade a month – I’m taking her at face value on that. Unlike Obama, there is no hesitiation when she says that, and she has the background and the resume to suggest that she can do it.

  12. Happy Mothers Day from NM!!

    My Local NM SDSteadfast for Clinton, Udall Silent; Breakdown on NM Count


    I woke up to some good news today as the paper reported that my local superdelegate, Mary Gail Gwaltney, is sticking with Clinton for as long as the latter stays in the race.

    She is also quoted as saying that Clinton has the “stamina and the will” needed as a leader.

    I’m so glad Gwaltney mentioned these qualities, because Obama, while he might have the will, doesn’t look particularly strong when it comes to stamina. As long as things are going his way, he’s bright as a penny, but it’s horror show time if he has to confront serious questions or has to debate. He also mispeaks about where lakes are and the number of states in the union, which doesn’t give me much confidence in his ability to actually do the job of President. But, of course, he will have advisers, just like Bush has had advisers…

    MORE including the updated breakdown of the superdelegates…Hillary only 4.5 behind with the hysteria about she should quit never-ending…

    PS–Jersey looks good, riverdaughter! (I lived near you once!)

  13. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

    RD, sincere wishes that your brother returns safe and sound from his tour of duty.

    Thanks for the link to Bamboozling the Electorate Again. It was a fascinating article, although about two-thirds of the information was not new to me. What was new to me was the link to the Erica Jong editorial supporting Hillary. What a powerful and superbly written piece!

    Since I haven’t watched tv in years, I was also interested to read about Brian Williams fawning over Obama prior to the NH primary. This is the same Brian Williams that Glenn Greenwald has recently called out for his idiocy in saying that two of the Pentagon-planted, Iraq-war-supporting military shills that NBC employed were only “disinterested” military analysts. Just more evidence of how incredibly sycophantic our so-called journalists have become.

  14. Riverdaughter,

    I hope your brother will be OK. I’m so sad right now for his wife and children and for you and the rest of your family. May he stay safe.

    I wore hard lenses for years. Do you really mean the original hard ones or the semi-permeable? Hard lenses were so easy. You didn’t even have to soak them. When I got the gas permeable ones it was so much more trouble. But I can’t wear them anymore. My eyes are too dry now. That may be what the hard lenses did long-term.

    I’ve never tried the soft ones, and now I don’t need them. I had to get cataract surgery because my eyes were so bad they couldn’t be corrected anymore. Now I see 20/20 and just have wear glasses to read.

    Happy mother’s day to every mom!

  15. RonK,

    Is there any way to get the Hominid data out into the mainstream? Or is it out there and it’s just that I’ve dropped out of the mainstream?

  16. RD, pull your eyes as wide open as you can and just stick it in. It gets easier after a while. I finally gave up six years ago and had LASIK. The best thing I ever did for myself. I couldn’t even shave my legs without my glasses and now I can see without any help (except for driving).

    I’ll be thinking about your brother. My nephew is coming home from Iraq in mid-June from his fourth tour. Be sure your brother has a web cam available. It really helps. My nephew calls himself “Daddy the computer screen”.

  17. Happy Mother’s Day Riverdaughter et al.!!!

    RD – I have a cousin in Iraq. My thoughts are with you and your brother and your family right now.

  18. A Letter to the Editor (San Jose Mercury News)

    Clinton is proving her staying power

    To loosely quote former Gov. Ann Richards from Texas,
    Sen. Hillary Clinton is doing what men have to do to get
    elected, only she has to do it while dancing backward, in high
    heels. She not only has an opponent, but she’s running
    against the media. Clinton won in Indiana – a state that
    was predicted by many, including her opponent, to be a
    tiebreaker, yet the media clamors for her withdrawal.
    The pundits claim she is dividing the party, but they have
    no comment on his efforts to prevent new primaries in
    Florida and Michigan. If she wins by superdelegates,
    the media will say she will be turning over the will of the
    people, but will conveniently ignore that neither candidate
    can win without them. It’s a fact: whichever candidate wins
    will be decided by superdelegates. After his streak of 11 wins,
    she has won four of the five significant contests since
    Feb. 22 and he has won one. If anyone can overcome the
    obstacles, including media bias, that Clinton faces, it’s her.
    She is in it to win it.

    Fairfax, CA

    [Women I’ve spoken to recently say that if Obama is the
    nominee and he doesn’t win, his loss will be blamed on
    Hillary. We women can’t win, can we?]

  19. Tabbycat,

    I even got my surgery covered by insurance, because I would have gone blind without it. I’ve been nearsighted since the 3rd grade and now I can see better than I ever did with glasses or contacts. The only bad part is that my eyes don’t adjust anymore, so I need glasses for close-up. But it’s worth it to be able to see!

  20. Riverdaughter –

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family! I hope your brother stays safe – for your family’s sake.

    You’ll be okay with the contacts – it takes a little while to get used to the bigger ones. Just pull you lids apart (1 hand on top, and i use the 3rd & 4th finger on my dominant hand to hold the bottom lid and deftly put the contact lens in with my index finger)


  21. CB, that’s a great letter. Thanks for sharing. It’s pithy, accurate and to-the-point. RE your concluding observation about blaming Hillary: it’s mostly the men I know, rather than the women, who are superb at projecting their shortcomings onto others. In this case, it wouldn’t surprise me if the blame is cast not only upon Hillary, but upon all of us older, white women who want to vote for her. Seems to be happening already.

  22. Happy mom’s day everyone!

    I find hard contacts easy to put on but a pain to take off initially. It was the reverse for the softies. I remember the first week of contacts, cursing out loud because I couldn’t get thme on or off as fast as I’d like. Ah, memories.

  23. Happy Mother’s Day!

  24. As I sit here wondering if I should go into the other room to get my purse where I think my computer glasses are….I’m so ready to get laser surgery. I really don’t understand why erectile dysfunction is covered by insurance and corrective surgery for severe myopia and astigmatism isn’t. Oh yeah, I look at the people who make the decisions and actually I DO understand.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all, and especially to those of you like me who are not biological mothers, but who have served in a mothering capacity as aunts, stepmoms, childcare providers, big sisters, godmothers, teachers, coaches, counselors….

  25. I love my soft lenses. Couldn’t weat the hard ones. I’ve had problems putting them in- they float if they are outside in and I can’t peel them off if I’ve left them in too long and my eyes have dried out. Best advice- make sure you use plenty of solution to get them in and out. All the best to your brother. i can only imagine how stressful this is for all of you.

  26. I wrote one of the uncommitted NC superdelegates, and one argument I pressed is electoral math. We often hear that Sen. Obama “changes to map”…but no one has yet to tell me how.

    And while this isn’t gospel, this is the website I check for polls. Here is what Obama/McCain looks like:


    And here is Clinton/McCain:


    The difference (and this is a gross generalization, of course) b/t Clinton supporters and Obama supporters is that Clintonistas want to “win” whereas Obama-ramas want to prove a point and feel good. As long as Sen. Obama is nominated, they feel like their work is done whereas we actually want to win the White House and really change things.

    But, back to electoral math, only Clinton wins Florida and, I would argue, only Clinton wins math. Someone PLEASE tell me what states Obama picks up beyond the Kerry/Gore states. I’m sorry…Colorado turning blue does not an election win…

    McCain is a very weak GOP candidate, but the map doesn’t change from 2004 in McCain/Obama…

  27. How delightful to read the following in today’s NYT:

    Mr. Obama’s aides said they would highlight Mr. McCain’s opposition to abortion rights to try to stem the flow of disaffected women who backed Mrs. Clinton in the primaries and whom Mr. McCain’s aides said they would aggressively court.

    Perfect for Mother’s Day — another godawful election where two men parry over women’s reproductive health.

    I’m very ready for a third party.

  28. Hey River – I was about to say somebody is using your name elsewhere but I see it was you.

    All 4 of my borther served in the past – not this go round – and all volunteered. Nobody did GI bill – they went to college on scholarhsips – with the exception of the one who did not come home.

    I think your brother for his service to his country and will pray for his safey and quick return.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  29. sorry – was moved when I wrote the above.

    I “thank your brother ” is of course what I meant to say.

    Have a great day y’all

  30. Mr. Obama’s aides said they would highlight Mr. McCain’s opposition to abortion rights to try to stem the flow of disaffected women who backed Mrs. Clinton in the primaries and whom Mr. McCain’s aides said they would aggressively court.

    I saw a diary over this show up at MyDD quickly enough after Tuesday. Pretty insulting.. it was like, ladies, forget everything that happened before, this is all about the SCOTUS, look here’s a coat hanger! (Yes, there really was a picture of a coat hanger.) Are they saying that Democrats in Congress, Speaker Pelosi won’t fight that fight if we don’t elect Obama? Really? What kills me is seeing Obama fans now posting diaries and comments trying to win our votes and many of them manage to be just as condescending as before, slap each other on the back for the courage to educate others, all with the usual blog snark + sarcasm that drives away anyone who doesn’t already agree.

  31. Delurking to wish every mother, whether it be biological or not (step parent), father taking the place of, or grandmum, or grandpa or aunt. or uncle…well you get the drift – HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY.
    Anyone who is raising a child in a kind, compassionate, knowledgeable way, and whow spends the time with that child to impart kindness, compassion, empathy, knowledge and critical thinking deserves accolades. Raising kids is not a walk in the park – and I’m an old preggie (first at 40), single parent, sole support female. I have nothing but admiration for any mother, be they male or female, be they biological or otherwise, because it’s no walk in the park.
    Riverdaughter, I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, and you are now a daily stop. Please give your brother my best wishes for a safe, and speedy return.

  32. Good wishes to your brother and to your family – it’s VERY hard living away from a loved one travelling for work even for a few weeks, let along months – and I can only imagine the pain when that separation is accompanied by fears and stress over that loved one’s welfare.

    Hope this war ends soon and everyone American AND Iraqi is safe.

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