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      Why would they? Hypocrisy is no big deal. Owning the libs is what counts! NEWS: Sources inside @HerschelWalker #GASEN campaign confirm to @dcexaminer: The Georgia Republican had "record-breaking" fundraising day after @thedailybeast story broke: Walker raised $182K, inclu $50K during his @seanhannity interview on @FoxNews — David M. Drucker (@David […]
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In the Shorts (as it were)

Clinton a 3-1 favorite versus McCain. Obama a 10-1 underdog.

78 Responses

  1. Hey Ronk! Why is there so much, it’s all over stuff. Surely Hillary won’t drop out. Are things really so bad after she just one a hard-fought state?

    Some guy at work said 9 super D’s declared for BO today. Is that true?

    (I’m scared and not ready to quit)

  2. Ronk – those are very telling figures. If the Democratic Party WANTED to win the election they could stop crapping on Hillary, count the votes for FL/MI and tell the belicose assinine Ted, Donkey B., etc to STFU.

    Who knew that was not their objective.

    I just donated to Hillary and got to send her a Mother’s Day Card at her site – it has wonderful pictures of her and Chelsea.

  3. God, that makes me want to cry. Part of me feels that the SDs must know this and that maybe that is why there are still so many undeclared. If Clinton had done better on the 6th, I think this whole thing would look much different. Many SDs wanted cover to go with her.

  4. katie, I just heard about the nine SD’s on the news. They must be trying to end it before he gets humiliated. I’m so mad.

    By the way, I hate Hannity, but he has a show Sunday night about Obama’s new preacher who according to Hannity, is as bad as Wright. We are so screwed in November.

    I hope the people of KY and WV come out in massive numbers to show the Super D’s that they don’t appreciated them deciding this race before they get a chance to vote. And the other states as well.

  5. Here is what is happening, according to a Lou Dobbs, panel most SDs want to go with the pop vote winner(including FL and MI) not the delegate leader, so Obama is working very hard to suppress the vote in WV. A friend emailed me and told me Camp Obama is calling WVers, NOT to GOTV, but telling them it is essentially over and asking for a donation for the GE. I think the suppression is working because I’ve heard a lot of phone bankers are being told, “my vote won’t count”. We need to get as many of those voters to the polls as possible Tuesday.

  6. Sorry for the typos. I’m just so angry. On top of Kennedy’s big mouth, I’m ready to join those sitting on the sidelines.

    The Sunday night show is also about Michelle Obama by the way. The big show is starting now that they feel he is the nominee.

  7. (shudder) Another Anti-Vote president. (sniff)

    Thanks for the news tabbycat & Melanie also waving at Boo and Honoria!

  8. katie, my four legged baby’s blood count has gone from 93,000 to 201,000 with his medicine. The Dr. is thrilled and so am I.

    Anna Belle, if you are around, I am thinking about you.

  9. Tabbycat,

    That’s wonderful news! I’m so happy for you.

  10. Kids, happy Friday evening to you all. May you have delightfully colored frou-frou drinks with the little umbrellas or plastic swords nearby.

    I raise a glass in your general direction.

    A toast:

    To the donors who give to Sen. Clinton today.

    To those who share with their local food banks.

    Another toast:

    To our friends who have not yet voted. It ain’t over till the votes are in and counted.

    To the canvasser and phone bankers and envelope stuffers. Oh, that’s me, too.

    Another toast:

    To your inner drag queen. May she stand tall and show you that it is completely possible to kick ass without smearing your lipstick.

    Last toast:

    To those who need Sen. Clinton to fight for them and need us to carry on.

    Drink up. And never forget: We are the fighters we’ve been waiting for.

  11. The Clinton campaign should run ads saying that its still close and every vote counts.

  12. katiebird — SuperD’s are trying to put a cork in the bottle before the magic evaporates.

    Honora — First, I don’t think the superD’s know how bad it is. This hasn’t received much attention, things could change, and they haven’t done the full calculus. Secondly, many superD’s expect an Obama candidacy to have favorable side-effects in their states or races or fund-raising efforts. And third, the Obama “movement” is prepared to do tremendous damage to the party if they don’t get their way; superD’s don’t have any attractive options.

    All — Remember, the SD decisions that count are the ones they make on the final ballot at convention in August, not the “commitments” they announce this Spring.

  13. If anybody could actually predict election results 6 months out with a modicum of accuracy well… there would not be pundits or political scientists.

  14. I can’t help but think something corrupt went down in IN. She should have won by a healthy margin. She went from “turning the tide” (e.g., PA, Wright killing Obama, FOX “News” interview,” ABC Town Hall, gas tax holiday, etc.) to being all of a sudden in a death grip. Something went down.

    @Melanie: I have no doubt he’ll succeed in suppressing the vote–big time. However, it’s still the duty of the supers to pick the best candidate to win the GE. When you have one that is so unelectable that he’s toxic to the party’s future and another who’s the exact opposite, it’s clear as day how cowardly these supers are. I’m tired of them begging for cover: do your damn job.

  15. That’s right Ron. They can change their minds in August and by then they’ll have a much better idea of what our chances are. I still think they’ll be too chicken to do the right thing though.

    BB – thank you. My heart is so much lighter except for my political pain. I have a dumb question for you. I tried to register at Corrente. I saw that you are online so maybe you can help me. It asks for my “home page” as a required field. What the heck is that? I don’t have a home page.

  16. Ryan, a Dem should be about 20 points ahead of the repub right now. That BO is tied or losing to McCain is a very bad sign.

    Davidson, it doesn’t have to work. We can double up our efforts and bring those voters out.

  17. ronk said

    All — Remember, the SD decisions that count are the ones they make on the final ballot at convention in August, not the “commitments” they announce this Spring.

    Exactly. They’re not pledged.

  18. tabbycat: Our first born is also a hairy four legged baby adopted from a cat shelter I used to volunteer at when we lived in Ohio. I am glad to hear yours is recovering.

    Katiebird: sorry I did not answer to you earlier, but got call from recovery room. I do not know if the GOP ad is meant for TV or just the web (seems to long for TV, they may have a shorter version ready).

    Yeay, finally we are back home. Wife doing fine. Damm micro calcifications in her breast…we are hoping they are not cancerous…. Thanks to all for your support and for keeping me going – and rambling 😉 – while waiting at the hospital (thank the gods for wireless access).

  19. Davidson, I agree about something bad in IN. But, we’ll never know.

    {{tabbycat}} That’s wonderful news. Give him (her?) a hug for me.

    Ohio, if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d get up and get a glass of wine. Sadly I’m a slug. So I’ll stick to my water (which is next to the couch with no work needed)

    Should we be sending love letters to Hillary encouraging her to hang in? I have a fear that she’ll get sick of the whole thing and quit.

  20. Upstate! I’m so glad your wife is back home. But, I hate that wait for cancer news. My mom’s a 3-time survivor so we’ve been through it several times.

    {{Upstate}} I wish there was something we could do….

  21. ronk: “the Obama “movement” is prepared to do tremendous damage to the party if they don’t get their way”

    Like what, besides withholding their vote or support?

  22. Upstate, I’m thinking good thoughts for you.

    katie, my little dog is a he and the sweetest dog ever. He’s a little black poodle who thinks he’s either human or a normal non-poodle dog. I also have a three year old white female. Am I with the times or what? A black male and a white female. I call her Hillary because she’s so full of energy and life but he is too sweet to call him Barack. 🙂

  23. They’ve already done tremendous damage by throwing all of us normal people out.

  24. katiebird, i don’t think anything could make her quit. she knows if she drops out, game over democrats (and frankly, blowing an election that should have been virtually a slamdunk when they just barely backed into a victory in 06 thanks to pedophilia and macaca, plus very likely facing wipeout downticket as well, it could possibly be the end of the damn party for good). She’s nothing if not loyal, nothing else could have impelled her to put up with all of this garbage from these horrible men like kennedy and KEEP trying to save their sorry, undeserving asses.

  25. Katiebird (and all Conflucians) you ARE already doing something. Keep up the good work with your postings. I often get good honest laughs from all your excellent and snarky comments.

    Enough already, let’s get back to getting Hillary elected and lets bring Universal Health Care to the US.

  26. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=63532

    Michelle Obama told The London Guardian that “she “wanted to scratch [Bill] Clinton’s eyes out.”


  27. Upstate: My thoughts are with you, your wife and the entire family. Strength, courage and peace.

    re: GE – Not sure what you guys are all worried about. The Democrats are gonna win no matter what. No way are we gonna lose to McCain. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for! Hope and change. Hope and change. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  28. Tcat: who are you calling “normal” 😉

    Thanks guys.

  29. jawbone: NO way!!!

  30. Upstate, I guess the non-Creative Class folks like all of us Bubbas. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d see people happy to get rid of a true liberal like me and most of us posting here.

  31. Jawbone, Is this new? Wasn’t she quoted saying that in the New Yorker a few months ago? Could she really be repeating it?

  32. tabbycat, our little guy was a white poodle, So now I can totally picture you guys together. Give him a hug for me.

  33. Asked how she feels about Bill Clinton’s use of the phrase “fairytale” to describe her husband’s characterization of his position on the Iraq war, she first responded: “No.”

    But, after a few seconds of contemplation, and gesturing with her fingernails, she told the reporter: “I want to rip his eyes out!”

    Noticing an aide giving her a nervous look, she added: “Kidding! See, this is what gets me into trouble.”

    The date of the post is 5/8 — I’ll check again.

  34. Aint Michelle the funny one?

  35. jawbone- I think the Guardian is recycling stuff. That sounds just like a magazine article that is rather old.

  36. Who knew you could run a campaign based on sarcasm and snark. But a depth of knowledge and experience? Not so much.

  37. tabbycat, that’s what makes me laugh! the biggest obama supporters on kos are some of the most right leaning people there, but clinton supporters are automatically right wing sellouts? I have to laugh at some of the people who are now the progressive vanguard.

    upstate; best wishes.

  38. @KB: Actually, if Obama is the nominee I think the GOP will make sure we all know what happened in IN come this fall. I mean IN was critical, especially right before she was about to go on a tear in WV and KY.

    @Jawbone: I believe it. What an asshole. This is just the latest reason why it’ll be impossible for the Clintons to effectively campaign on behalf of Obama. Besides, the Obamas and their rabid fan base have a compulsion to bash the Clintons and when the sh** hits the fan they’ll, once again, become the scapegoats, driving her Democratic voters away.

  39. Yes, that’s an old quote … and she may actually have been joking.

    No need to manufacture outrages here, when we have enough confirmed cases already.

  40. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2008/may/04/barackobama

    Honora, I went to the actual Observer article, dated 5/4/08 — but I have the feeling I’ve read this somewhere before, also. Anyone else recognize it?

    So it may be recently published from another source, but none was mentioned.

    I did not know the “rip his eyes out” comment (I misremembered the verb as “scratch.”

  41. My apologies! This is recycled, from a March New Yorker ;piece on Mrs. Obama.

    And, worse, and I am so embarrassed, I went to a World Net Daily site without recognizing it. I feel slimey.


    So, yes, old news, old anecdote.

  42. At TalkLeft: “Obama Has Visited All 57 States But One”

    It seems he mispoke. Really, 57, 48…. tell that to MI and FL

  43. ryan — Let me guess: “Nobody can really know anything.” In the bull sessions at your dorm, does the losing side usually end up in that fallback position?

  44. Gavche, you got that right. Social Security, health care, etc. I got sick of their selfish arguments months ago. I can’t wait until Obama disappoints them, not that they’ll admit it.

    katie, a hug and a kiss from you. Poodles get a bad rap. They are wonderful pets. I don’t have mine groomed like a poodle though.

  45. ronk: “No need to manufacture outrages here, when we have enough confirmed cases already”


  46. Upstate – he visited all but one…”Alaska AND Hawaii.

  47. tcat: I read that…heh.

  48. One of the things that makes me most annoyed, ok pissed off, is that the Democratic Party made the Convention really late so that the GE money would be concentrated and that the ‘buzz’ from the Convention would carry us, I mean the Democrats, into the GE. That decision changes everything. While it is true that the Convention Delegates have the final say on whether or not the FL and Mich delegations are seated, and while it is true that SDs only vote is the one they make at the Convention, the DNC , Obama, and the media will make it seem like the decision is final. That is what they are doing now. They are telling WV and Kentucky to go home and not worry about voting, They are announcing “Mission Accomplished” –they know that it is hard to put this stuff back in the bottle. (We now know that they accomplished their objective in Michigan when they took Obama’s name off the ballot. After he is crowned ‘presumptive nominee’ it will take a major EVENT to wrestle the title from him.

  49. ronkseattle, on May 9th, 2008 at 9:25 pm Said:
    ryan — Let me guess: “Nobody can really know anything.” In the bull sessions at your dorm, does the losing side usually end up in that fallback position?


  50. I find it bizarre to see the argument from Obama’s supporters that you have to choose Obama over Mccain because Mccain is horrible on the issues. Did they vote for issues in the primary? No. So, by their actions, Hillary’s supporters should vote for identity too. If they didn’t do it in the primary, railroading Hillary’s supporters, who did, why should Hillary’s supporters vote for issues in the general election?

  51. Ronkseattle, Maybe I should clarify, this is not a good sign for Obama. I am not suggesting nobody can really know anything. What I meant was, predictions of presidential candidates almost 6 months out mean very little. I also think the primary being still on-going seriously detracts from the predictive power of any prediction metric.

    I’ll be honest; Krugman jaded me this morning with his “Thinking About November” piece this morning. I’d link it but I think the NYtimes requires registration to view opinion pieces.

  52. Upstate….sending positive vibes to you and your wife…

    Tabby, our ‘grandson’ is a black toy poodle. we love him to death! best pet we’ve ever had the privilege of living with. he’ll be 8 in July but he’s like an eternal puppy – just so enthusiastic and sweet. our daughter moved to Florida recently and wanted to take him (he IS hers) but we talked her out of it, at least temporarily. guess there’ll be a custody battle coming up 🙂

  53. Hi everybody.

    I hope WV goes well and the gound teams gets the voters out. I agree that Hillary should run an ad saying that their vote WILL count.

    Has anybody thought about if Obama’s the nominee whether we should work to actively defeat him? Or are most people just going to hold their nose and vote for him? Luckily I live in a deep red state so it won’t matter what I do. Gosh darn, I think that’s the first time in my life I’ve been glad to live in a red state!

  54. Tabbycat,

    On Corrente, Just put riverdaughter as your home page. That’s what I did. It accepts anything. It took Lambert about 6 weeks to let me and some other new people in. So don’t be offended if you don’t get a quick response. I even sent him an e-mail asking if I did something wrong. But I guess he gets behind and also worries about letting in trolls.

  55. violet red,

    I don’t think it will be necessary for us to work to defeat Obama. I think he has already defeated himself. It’s all over but the shouting. I used to think it wouldn’t matter what I did because I live in one of the bluest states in the union–Massachusetts. But I suspect that if Obama is the nominee, Mass. will go for a Republican for the first time since 1980.

  56. violet, I know what you mean – my state went for Huckabee. yikes

    it is a serious problem about getting the voters out in WV and KY. it’s such a low tactic, to tell them their vote won’t count anyway.

    and the precious has already announced that he will declare victory on May 20th. wtf???

  57. great post by Iphie on Talk Left, it is quote from Susan B. Anthoony in 1872 and the Suffragettes picketed the 1920 Republican Convention using it “No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her self.” We have our battle cry. The Democrats are denying the importance of women to the party and we will not wish or work for their success!!

  58. kiki, I don’t have any human children so mine really are my babies. I do have a step-daughter who lives with me, though. My husband and I would definitely have a custody fight over ours. Seriously. My little guy just turned eight and I hope to have him many more years.

    BB, thanks for the info. I mainly wanted to join to support his site. I’ll send him an e-mail and tell him that I post here and at Talkleft (as Teresa).

  59. Upstate,

    I hope all goes well for your wife and for you.

  60. re: May 20th, I don’t know if it was posted here, but did you see New Hampster’s Mission Accomplished photoshop?

  61. for all those considering a write in vote (if it comes to that), I found a website with state by state roolz:


  62. I think TN allows them. They did according to the 2000 results anyway. We have these weird new machines where you turn a wheel to make a choice and then push a button. I guess I’ll be spelling out Hillary Clinton like I’m on Wheel of Fortune.

  63. I think Washington might be in play if obama is nominated. I’m strongly considering voting against obama. I’m also *considering* voting republican down ticket – just to be super evil – but I probably couldn’t bring myself to that level of self-loathing. I just like to consider it in my most spiteful moments – I’m pretty sure THEY will work for my support.

  64. OK – so I am pretty peeved with the party right now. I can’t believe they would think obama can survive the life choices he has made and become president. I guess I could be wrong here too – but that would really piss me off.

  65. jjmtacoma, I was talking to my mom about Obama’s friends (the Ayers thing) and she’s totally indifferent to it. And she seems to think that because it doesn’t bother her, it shouldn’t bother anyone else. And it won’t. ?? Can that be?

    I know Obama slid through that debate question. But, I can’t believe he can slide through the whole election season.

  66. katiebird — Different details push different voters’ buttons. The most important thing to know about politics is that everyone is different.

    The “Ayers thing” is nothing to some voters, it’ll be everything to other voters, and to still others it will be a sensitizing item that will lead to a more decisive reaction over something else.

    For me it’s not a big deal, but it’s part of a drip, drip, drip eroding his “superior judgment” claim … one of a long line of people he’s had to disassociate himself from already, while bidding for a job that calls on him to make 20,000 or so relatively significant appointments.

    It’s also a sign that he treats matters of visceral significance to many American voters with nothing more than intellectual detachment . (That can be good or bad, but when it’s bad it can be horrid.)

  67. tabbycat

    Just type in “I have no homepage”.

    I had to email lambert to figure it out 🙂

    The approval may take awhile, I know lambert’s been swamped.

  68. ronkseattle, I guess I’m personally more like you. It’s part of the drip, drip, drip.

    But, another part of my brain thinks – oh, shit. How is THAT going to play. (Why, it bothers me when I don’t particularly want him to be president)

    The chilling thing is that when we watched FOX news tonight it seemed like everyone on that news crew KNOWS there’s something else out there. Is it just the Ayers thing? Or is there something else?

    Because they said (again and again) that Hillary has to keep her hands clean. But she has to hang in for a “possible” Obama melt down.

    Someone on TalkLeft says there’s a 1000 page document listing stuff about Michelle too.

    I wish someone in one of those debates would have asked him this stuff. But, it probably wouldn’t have mattered.

    For me the big issue is experience. I’ve been looking but, I can’t find any record of a serious full-time job. In all seriousness, he has the resume of a 27 year old man.

  69. Ronk, “It’s also a sign that he treats matters of visceral significance to many American voters with nothing more than intellectual detachment .”

    It didn’t work that well for Dukakis.

  70. And the media will be all over the Obama scandals once he’s the nominee. They want him to run against McCain, since he’s most beatable, so they’re being nice. Once he’s the nominee, they’ll morph him into McGovern-slash-terrorist sympathizer. It will be quick!

  71. katiebird,

    There’s a lot more out there. They have kept Obama’s name out of the Rezko trial, but there was testimony that Obama met with or talked to Rezko EVERY DAY. Yet Obama claimed he hardly knew Rezko. There was testimony that Rezko kept large amounts of cash in his home safe to give out to politicians. Blagovich the former gov. who is now in jail–the witness testified that he personally handed Blagovich cash to pay for something for his house. Obama went to Rezko for help in buying a house he couldn’t afford. Put the pieces together. The money that paid for Obama’s house very likely came from an Iraqi billionaire who supplied arms for Saddam Hussein. How is that going to go over? Wait until the names of all Obama’s bundlers come out. Some of them are mafia connected. Obama and Michelle are both insiders in the Daley machine. Michelle’s father was part of the Daley machine. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you.

  72. I do have a problem with the slection of people “he doesn’t know very well” who gave him money – at a point in his career where he would actually need to know people to get that kind of money, or at least it would seem that way…

    I am actually more suspicious about why it doesn’t seem to impact his popularity with the democratic leadership. I have seen greater people’s political careers destroyed over less – even super stupid things that I couldn’t believe anyone cared about.

  73. Katiebird,

    One more thing. The law firm that Obama worked for as a “civil rights attorney” represented Rezko and other slumlords, helping them get public money to pay for tenements–the ones that Rezko didn’t pay the utilities for. Obama personally wrote letters asking for money for Rezko and other slumlords.

    This campaign is going to be really ugly if Obama is the nominee–much much worse than anything the Republicans can throw at the Clintons.

  74. It’s also a sign that he treats matters of visceral significance to many American voters with nothing more than intellectual detachment .
    Yeah.. one thing that might wreck his candidacy.. W was not very bright but I think even he got this. Obama didn’t seem to get why Wright upset people. And the media is totally cool and will cover for him when he takes cheap shots at Hillary (and yes, he did give her the finger) but they’ll cover cheap shots at McCain probably. I’m just waiting for Obama or one of his people to say something snide about McCain’s service in Vietnam. Oh, and that adviser of his who had to quit today because he met with Hamas.. Fox has been all over that.. drip, drip, drip..

    The chilling thing is that when we watched FOX news tonight it seemed like everyone on that news crew KNOWS there’s something else out there.
    I definitely remember when he went on there for interviews immediately after the Wright issue blew up, several commenters on blogs I read observed that some of the questions hinted that they knew something more and were trying to get him on the record as flat out lying about it. Such as being present when something especially inflammatory was said.

  75. By the way –


    Transcript of Obama’s first interview on CNN as presumptive nominee (to them). Anything of interest? What struck me was this comment, just the way it was phrased..

    The world wants to see the United States lead. They have been disappointed and disillusioned over the last seven, eight years. But I think there is still a sense everywhere I go that, you know, if the United States regains its — its sense of who it is and our values and our ideals, that we will continue to set the tone for creating a more peaceful and more prosperous world.

    Now.. #1 maybe the GOP will go after him for talking about what the world wants instead of what we’ll do, #2 a lot of people would be surprised to hear we’ve lost our values and ideals and need Obama to lead us back to them.

  76. Thank you Aeryl. I’ll do that.

  77. […] In the Shorts (as it were) (by ronkseattle at The Confluence) Clinton a 3-1 favorite versus McCain. Obama a 10-1 underdog. […]

  78. […] In the Shorts (as it were) (by ronkseattle at The Confluence) Clinton a 3-1 favorite versus McCain. Obama a 10-1 underdog. […]

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