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Visiting the Blogosphere 2.0 (An Open Thread)

I’m writing this up fairly early in the morning, so there’s probably been a lot of good stuff posted since now (smile.) Also, it’s more than likely I’ve missed someone or something interesting. So please share anything that you think worthwhile or interesting in the comments. Whew, here goes:

What’s Anglachel thinking about?

Taylor Marsh SAW Hillary yesterday:

When she came down the long rope line towards the stage she stopped and talked, took pictures, and you could tell that everyone was exchanging energy, feeding off one another.
HLF had a table right on the aisle, second from the front. What a seat I had thanks to her. The table she purchased at the event was in honor of her mother’s memory, as well as her sister-in-law, who was there and I got to meet. It was part of the $1 million plus raised at the event that included over 1,500 people, mostly women.

As Hillary turned to walk close to where I stood, I reached out to shake her hand. As I always do with people I don’t see frequently, I always say my name to them when greeting. We’ve met before, but she also knows and reads this blog, so I knew when she heard my name she’d remember. Instead, she took my hands tightly. She looked into my eyes, then said “Thank you. Thank you,” squeezing my hands even tighter. There was no doubt, the moment moved us both.

Jeralyn wonders why Obama did worse in North Carolina than Virginia. It does seem strange for the Presumed Nominee, doesn’t it?

At Corrente, BDBlue is not surrendering to anyone.

Sugar is breaking my heart

I don’t know how to link to a post at The LeftCoaster but, take a look at Kingmaker by Turkana.

And finally, the Ghost of Doctor Violet Socks isn’t going to vote for Obama. Find out why.

I’ve left out a ton of good stuff so I beg of you to post what I left out. Like I said, I’m writing this first thing in the morning and I’ve GOT to get dressed and out the door for work. Excuses, Excuses . . . .

25 Responses

  1. Awk! And now I find that it posted right on top of Riverdaughter’s post.

    RD, can you edit the post time to something earlier than yours? Or bump yours?

    I’m really sorry.

  2. Did you hear? They scheduled the Dem convention to coincide w/ the anniversary of MLK Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Gosh, you’d think the Obama coronation was pre-planned or something. Wait …

  3. Where did you hear that, hlr?

  4. Me, I’ve been talking about it here on my blog on 5/7 in “Hillary Wins Indiana! CNN Wins Bias Wars” and on 5/8 in “How the Big-Brained Woman Can Win.” I don’t know how to link to individual posts yet, so here’s my blog link: http://ladyboomernyc.wordpress.com

    Count The Votes!

  5. I have a good question for those who say we have to support Obama in the general because Roe hangs in the balance!!!:

    If they’re so worried about women’s rights, why didn’t they support the woman? Wouldn’t that have been more straightforward, given that the woman is all for women’s rights? Why did they instead support the man who has been completely wishy-washy on subject.

    In this particular election, these shrill types have absolutely no leg to stand upon.

  6. Anyone got a good script for deflecting conversations with loved ones who, inexplicably, adore Bambi? Because …

    Fiance: But we talk about everything! Why won’t you discuss the primary with me? (We are in a late-voting state.)

    Me: I love you to bits, but I’ve found that my skepticism about politicians doesn’t fit with the stated idealism of Obama supporters.

    Fiance: But he’s not a politician!

    See what I mean? This is a serious request. I don’t trust myself to shut the guy down tactfully.

  7. Ann On: Dump him!

  8. I have just read at MyDD and TalkLeft that Hillary is rejecting the Michigan delegate deal.

    I always have been impressed that Obama only signs on to deals that give him delegates he did not earn.

  9. @Pat, 3:00 PM

    Your suggestion actually makes a kind of sense, which just tells me how screwed up (and screwed) everyone is over this.

  10. Teresa23: I can’t quess what gets into them – except maybe they figure it is the right carrot to dangle.

    I say, let them pay child support!

  11. Ann On: I know. I think we are all getting a little nuts. Due in a large part to the efforts of the DNC and the MSM. I just cancelled my subscription to Time. Enough already!

  12. From the same article:

    Even some congressional Democrats who privately confide that they don’t think Sen. Obama can be elected president believe they can benefit from the new voters he’d likely draw in November.

    People, listen up. We don’t have to put up with any more fear cards from these idiots. Good grief, THEY are the ones willing to have McCain pick judges just to get ‘new voters’ for their own benefit.

  13. bird: Don’t sweat it. We are getting a ton of readers these days. They will find it.

  14. Taylor Marsh hits this posting out of the blogosphere:


    I think it’s one of her best.

  15. Ann On – I did not marry the democrats. They can nominate a reasonable candidate or not and I will vote for that person or not.

    As for the man question –
    This will probably be the least of the sins you will have to forgive in order to be married – to anyone! We all end up married to pretty much the same man, same complaints, same habits and life is over when the TV remote is lost.

    When all else fails, say, oh wow – you are just so right, now I know exactly why I (am) married you. that same man we all marry won’t even notice the sarcasm 😉

  16. Pat Johnson:

    I cancelled my subscription to Time when they made Dubya Man of the Year in 2004. Talk about adding insult to injury….

    BTD on TalkLeft thought the MI compromise was a relatively good deal for Clinton, because she would be getting all the delegates she won outright, and some of the “uncommitteds.” Unless I am understanding his post incorrectly. In any event, it’s better than the 50/50 they proposed originally. So maybe she has more leverage on this point than has heretofore been thought.

    Ann On: Fortunately Mr. Litigatormom supports Hillary. Elder Litigatordaughter has been supporting Hillary; she’s been holding out against a lot of peer pressure — including her erstwhile boyfriend. Younger Litigatordaughter just wants to watch “Gossip Girls.”

    Don’t dump your significant other. Yet.

  17. DCDemocrat: “he did not earn” Mr. Sense of Entitlement doesn’t think he has to earn this nom or our votes. Why, it is owed to him! After all, he is TheONE, no? Just ask the swooning hordes who have found their messiah. They are going to hurl themselves over cliffs come November 5 when they awake to news of President McCain. Do we get to say “I told you so.”

  18. I just read the article you linked to at Taylor Marsh and it strikes right to the heart. My Mom’s 67, a Hillary supporter. She doubts, seriously, that she’ll ever see a woman president. EVER.

    And she doubts I’ll see one, and I agree with her. When the primaries started she just said, ‘We have to fight for this, but I think we’ll lose. They will rig it so we lose. They will NEVER let a woman be president.’ Who’s they? Media, the Democratic bigwigs, the Republican bigwigs…

    In fact, I think if we ever do see a woman president, it’ll be a Republican. Only they can do it. We Democrats eat our mothers.

    There is no more qualified woman on the horizon. And while BO can skirt by without being qualified because he has the dangly bits, no woman can. She must be hyper qualified, superbly qualified, with more experience than God. Who’s that gonna be now? Pelosi? PULEEZ. Boxer? There’s a dream, but too far left. Murray? Hehe, talk about a pipe dream. So who? where? Noone.

    And Marsh is right, if we nominated Hillary women would be crawling out of the woodwork to get her elected. Republican women, Far Left women, Centrist women, Socialist women, all of them. Yes, not every woman will join, but so many will, it’ll be a huge wave.

    Anyway, if Hillary isn’t nominated I’m done with the Democrats. BO can win his election with his mysogynistic boiz supporters. My vote is not for sale, or bargaining and they won’t be getting money from me.

    I plan to vote for a woman for president. That’ll be Cynthia McKinney if it’s not Hillary.

  19. The media is trying to lower turnout by calling the primary over already. Clinton has a chance by lowering the popular vote to the point that MI and FL matter.

  20. I forgot to add that WV, KY, and Puerto Rico can do that.

  21. WS: I was thinking about the same thing. I don’t see what changed since they are in close to the same place as before PA. The NC vote was largely predictable and IN was where the big win was – they are just trying to walk it back now and we are getting sold crap.

    I am hoping OR isn’t too bad, but it is similar to WA and only the most resourceful knew anything about obama beyond the hopey-changey thing when we got to do our circus (caucus).

  22. jjmtacoma, 48+2=legitimacy

  23. She should demand revotes in MI and FL and she will have the moral high ground with voter enfranchisement. She should also shame the media for following along the MI/FL exclusion. The 4th and 8th largest states in the union should have a say in the nomination process.

  24. At Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, pro-Clinton writer ECB has reluctantly concluded it’s time for Hillary to concede — but still levels a withering blast of righteous feminist anger at the way our gal has been treated, using the Violet Socks post as a launch platform.

    See Women in Politics: Same as It Ever Was … and peruse the comments.

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