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      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Thursday: Make them earn it

Many of you Conflucians are starting to realize that the time to act is now, not after the primaries are over or when the nomination is set in stone. You have the power, right now, to turn this train wreck around. Here is the opportunity for Barack Obama to show his quality. If he really wants the nomination, he has to come to YOU and address YOUR needs. If isn’t your responsibility to give up YOUR hopes and dreams to quell the panic of a bunch of Obama supporters who are trying to shove Obama down our throats whether he’s good for the country or not. Are the Obama supporters more afraid of McCain or Hillary? Time to make a choice.

On Tuesday night, the DNC mouthpiece essentially disowned us, the “Old Coalition” for the newer, fresher, young, affluent and post partisan. But we’ve been told that we have to put aside our concerns about Obama’s electability and qualifications and vote for him anyway. We’re on a path to disaster in the fall when the media gloves come off and Obama’s lack of qualifications are exposed for all the world to see. And the American people will never trust the Democrats again for giving the country yet another weak candidate who is going to get crushed by the GOP machine.

Well, “now is the time for all good Conflucians to come to the aid of their party’ and help it avert this speeding train. We have to unite ourselves and tell the DNC that we are leaving if they don’t come to reason. Here’s what you can do:

  1. If you live in a state that has already voted, re-register as an “unaffiliated” voter. Tear up your current voter’s registration card and mail it to the DNC with a little note to tell them that if they don’t resolve the FL and MI delegation issue immediately, they can not count on your vote now or in the future. Also, encourage them to push Hillary and Obama to form a joint ticket with Hillary on top as this is the only viable option for averting an electoral disaster in November. They created this rift in the party. It’s their responsibility to unify it. Not ours.
  2. Have a news moratorium for the next two weeks. For the next week, turn off every network and cable news program and catch up on your gardening. Watch only C-Span. If you have TiVo or a DVR, the cable and satellite companies do disk diagnostics every night to determine what you’ve watched and they pass this info onto the networks for ad sales purposes. You will make an impact if you abstain for the next week.
  3. Friday Fast: Save your breakfast, lunch and dinner money tomorrow and send it to Hillary. The Big Boyz have been very effective in discouraging people from donating and volunteering for her. If you send in $10 on Friday and everyone reading this does the same, we can help refill her coffers. Also, one day of fasting will give you presence of mind and remind you of what is so important here. There are millions of Americans who are one paycheck away from insolvency, who have to use a food pantry every month to feed their families and these people are going to get written off by the “new coalition”.
  4. Volunteer for Hillary in West Virginia and Kentucky if you live in one of those states or one of the surrounding states. Hell, you don’t even need to do much. Just go there and stand at the side of the road with a sign. Let the country know that you aren’t going down without a fight.

Stop the speeding train.

Pass it around.

Note to Obama Supporters:
You have a choice. If roe v wade is so important to you, if you dread 4 more years of Republican rule, you have an obligation to put you words into action and put the candidate most likely to beat McCain st the top of your ticket. It is not our obligation to continue to indulge you in your fantasy. We are backing the strongest candidate and if you continue to try to drag us down the road to destruction of our chances in November and our party, we are standing firm and will not join you. Savvy?
There are still three choices in this race. Choose wisely. It is not too late to seat MI and FL and save face.

109 Responses

  1. rd: “Well, “now is the time for all good Conflucians to come to the aid of their party’ and help it avert this speeding train. We have to unite ourselves and tell the DNC that we are leaving if they don’t come to reason.”

    And it’s not too late. Sure the WWTSBQ crew was in full force yesterday. But the Super Delegates still haven’t joined up. And why didn’t Indiana go for BO — they had the chance to make things obvious.

    I love the idea of joint Friday donations. Maybe that could be a regular thing.

  2. PS, riverdaughter: Is there anyway to fit your Invitation to Democrats in Exile onto the Tab Bar at the top as a permanent link?

  3. Kbird: I’m having technical difficulties with my browser at work. I may not be able to post between 9-5 there anymore. There seems to be some blocking software in effect. Can I count on you and the others to entertain our visitors during the day? I’ll try to check in from my iPhone at lunch.

  4. Yes, I’ve got something scheduled for 11:30 and I’ll put together an open thread to go up around 2:30.

  5. By “something” I mean a post.

  6. I downloaded the forms from my State office to change my affiliation. I hope you won’t mind if I reference you at No Quarter. I like all of your ideas, especially the first.

  7. In other words: “I’m taking my ball and going home.” Well done. Long live President McCain!!

  8. gratefulcub, so you’re saying that there’s no chance Obama (or his supports) will make a valid case for his Presidency? That he’s NOT planning to campaign for the votes of “The Old Coalition”?

    That it’s our responsibility to come to him?

    I don’t think so. (scratching my cheek with a sly grin)

  9. A reader at TM.com posted this email response she got from Donna Brazile. Apparently, Ms. Brazile and by extension the DNC want the base to “stay home.” I think I will. Read it and weep:

    From: Donna Brazile @brazileassociates.com>

    Subject: RE: Switching to Republican Party – I’m a Hillary supporter

    Date: May 7, 2008 7:48 PM

    Honestly, this is the 9th email today, so I believe you’re ready to not only destroy Roe versus Wade, voting rights, civil liberties and civil rights.
    Perhaps adding trillions more to the deficits through non stop tax cuts to the wealthy and 100 more years in Iraq.

    Yes, please join Rush and McCain asap. The train has left. Catch it.

    Please don’t send these emails to working people like myself. Notice you sent it to my campus address. I am a working class person. Can you find someone who drinks latte?

    Message to the base: stay home.

  10. Abycat,

    Wow…that’s all i can say. I’ve corresponded w/ Ms. Brazile by email and have received similar, although not quite as obnoxious, responses. There is something up, this behavior is more than just one crazy lady. And Dean’s out and out denial to acknowledge the MI/FL debacle is just palin eery. I know it sounds strange but I’m really concerned there’s a major backstory here and we don’t know it.

    Any thoughts?

  11. What is it that the ‘old coalition’ wants the he opposes? Not being snarky, just wanting to know.

    What I am saying is, after this is all said and done, we have to come back together. Personally, I don’t like the campaign hillary has run (that’s a personal opinion that I don’t expect everyone to share), I think she would be polarizing (not really her fault, but a reality) which would make her somewhat ineffective as president. But, if she were the nominee, I would volunteer for her, vote for her, etc.

    The most important thing in the world, at this time, is for a repudiation of conservatism as the current leaders see it. We have to show the world that we as Americans do not support what is going on. So, whichever half of the democrats don’t get our first choice as nominee have to swallow our pride, get beyond our distaste for the winner, and move on to winning in November.

    And of course some Dems are going to be bloviating about voting for McCain, or abstaining. It will happen regardless of who wins the nomination.

    Taking your ball and going home is not the way to win the bigger war. Our country is in trouble, and abstaining from Obama is not going to help. It is only going to make you feel better and more defiant.

  12. Looks like an action plan to me. Hear, hear! Count me in. I’ve already turned off the yammering heads on the tee vee. How much more BO cheerleading can a body take, anyway?

  13. As I’ve posted before, I submitted my “unaffiliated/unenrolled” card to the elections office yesterday. I’m feeling a whole lot better today. Now I need to get my old registration card and do as RD suggested, mail it to the DNC.

    I love the $10 @ Friday bit, I’m definitely on that. And if anyone else is game, I suggest we set another donation day. I mean it’s only for about 4 to 6 weeks so if all of us pick Wednesday, for example, and donate $5 it’s easy, painless and approximately $30, our Gas Tax Holiday money!!!

    If it helps we can give it a cute name, call it the “Wednesday pick me up” or “hump day money”…then again, maybe no name.

  14. gratefulcub, I’m already home. It’s Obama’s job to talk me into getting out to the polling booth to vote. And sneering at me is the least effective way to accomplish that.

    (scratching my cheek with a sly grin) Get it?

  15. Grateful Club,

    We need to ensure that our candidate, whomever it may be, is representing our issues. Those being (thank you to FrenchDoc for this comprehensive summary):

    – Sit Mi/FL
    – take privatization of SS off the table
    – prosecution of the Bush crime clan
    – promotion of women’s and LGBT’s rights
    – progressive economic policies
    – Universal health care
    – repeal of no child left behind, no merit pay plan
    – out of Iraq / no bombing of Pakistan
    – reinstate habeas corpus
    – commitment to appointing progressive judges on SCOTUS, no waffling
    – commitment to repeal the partial birth abortion law, no waffling
    – no telco immunity

    That’s a great beginning and if he’s accomplished some of these, all the better.

    It is a democracy and he has to earn our vote.

  16. Donna ‘I’m walking’ B: so I believe you’re ready to not only destroy Roe versus Wade

    This propaganda again … The threats are such a huge turn-off. Particularly coming from people who threatened to leave the party if the SDs decided the outcome, LOL.

    *Where* were these ppl for Alito, Casey vs PP, etc?

  17. I like the action plan. I gave my money May 6. I think it is very important that this change in voter status be en masse so that it registers with Howard Dean. I would have said wait until Hillary is for sure not the nominee, but you have convinced me otherwise. What I do wonder is (and this is thinking aloud, nothing more) is whether or not it would be worth registering with another party, like the Green Party. If Dean thinks he might lose our votes for the Dems below president as well, it might be a more powerful stimulous. I think they have not figured that a lot of these “new” voters Obama is bringing in are not necessarily going to help carry in a Democratic Congress.

  18. Dean is so stubborn. I followed his presidential run very closely and supported him until close to Iowa and it became more and more clear as it went on that he wouldn’t listen to reason when his own advisors counseled him about strategy and maybe not shooting his mouth off like he frequently did. Such as giving that big speech that we weren’t any safer with Saddam captured.. true, but politically kind of a bad plan to do that.

    Perhaps the Clintons were some of the folks, [I know Rahm Emanuel and Schumer were,] who put immense pressure on Dean/DNC to pony up in 2006 when we had the chance to win plenty more seats than we did, and he held out and held out until nearly the last week of the primary season. Plenty of press about that and from what I hear the DNC has a fairly adversarial relationship with the rest of the party organizations..

    Oh and I believe Carville asked for him to step down because of incompetence not long after. That can’t have gone over well, though Carville was right as DNC fundraising and the MI/FL debacle have proven.

  19. Elixir,

    Thanks for posting “the list.” Grateful cub seems mystified as to why we “old Democrats” care about things like social security and universal health care. I’m mystified as to why you don’t care about them, gratefulcub. I can’t imagine why you are even a Democrat if you believe in privatizing social security and are against universal health care.

    Your candidate is a fan of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Guess what? Those guys are Republicans. I didn’t care for their policies one bit. That’s why I don’t like Barack Obama. Why do you you like him? Why don’t Obama supporters ever explain what there is about him that would make me WANT to vote for him?

    I don’t respond well to guilt trips, gratefulcub.

  20. That e-mail from Brazile is unbelieveable. I’m flabbergasted.

    There is definitely something up. These people do not want real Democrats like Hillary in office?

    OK fine. Nrxt week I’m going to do the “unaffiliated ” thing. I donated again to Hillary yesterday.

    Got to find my voter registration card……..

  21. Oh yeah…..they can’t earn my vote this time. Some of you may forgive…but not me. They must know there is a price to be paid for what they have done, even tho it is my little piece.

  22. Taking your ball and going home is not the way to win the bigger war.

    Actually, I think it is – Obama’s already split the party – four years of him running the country would drive plenty of people out of it forever. He attacks universal health care, voted for Cheney’s energy policy, defended voting for John Roberts, considers Bob Casey (anti-choice) a possibility for VP.. What Democratic values will he stand up for if it’s politically risky for him to do so? Who won’t he throw under the bus instead of standing up for them?

    Apparently his people are already discouraging some progressive groups from working for him in the general, so he can disassociate himself in favor of this “new politics.” The netroots blindly support the guy who didn’t bother to vote on the MoveOn resolutions (while trashing Hillary, who stood up for them), who posted on Daily Kos defending Democrats who voted for John Roberts, who went on Fox News and cited that as an example of.. why he’d be a good president and that should tell you something about what he’d do in office. Hey, progressives.. I know he used to do nice stuff for you.. but what has he done for you lately?

  23. Friday fasting- well I can do that- it’s an old Catholic habit. easily revived.
    I have come to think that the DNC is trying to get McCain elected. Weird huh?? I think they want to keep a Republican in and keep the blame for Iraq square on Republican Presidents. Plus, if they keep a Rep in, all those rich party bosses get to keep their rich people welfare otherwise known as tax breaks for the rich.

  24. so I believe you’re ready to not only destroy Roe versus Wade

    Could Casey balance out an Obama ticket?

    It’s this non-ideological lens through which much of the country viewed Judge Roberts’ confirmation hearings. A majority of folks, including a number of Democrats and Independents, don’t think that John Roberts is an ideologue bent on overturning every vestige of civil rights and civil liberties protections in our possession.
    Who’s going to stand up for Roe v Wade again?

  25. dear obama fanatics: you have a choice. If roe v wade is so important to you, if you dread 4 more years of Republican rule, you have an obligation to put you words into action and put the candidate most likely to beat McCain st the top of your ticket. It is not our obligation to continue to indulge you in your fantasy. We are backing the strongest candidate and if you continue to try to drag us down the route to destruction of our chances in November and our party, we are standing firm and will not join you. Savvy?
    there are still three choices in this race. Choose wisely. It is not too late to seat MI and FL and save face.

  26. I smell a movement. That didn’t come out right.

  27. gratefulcub wrote: “The most important thing in the world, at this time, is for a repudiation of conservatism as the current leaders see it.”

    I do repudiate conservatism and that is one of the reasons I can’t vote for Barack Obama. He is very conservative when it comes to domestic policy. On foreign policy, he wants to follow George H.W. Bush. Is that liberal? Not in my mind.

    Now you tell me what you see in Barack Obama that is liberal. Spell it out for us for once. You can’t just demand our votes. I need a reason to vote for a candidate, and Obama hasn’t given me any substantive reasons to vote for him. In fact, he has made it absolutely clear that he does not want or need my vote.

    If you want my vote, if he wants my vote it’s up to you to convince me. Guilt tripping me and calling me names won’t work. Give me some affirmative reasons to vote for him and I’ll listen.

  28. Yeah, I forgot to mention that I am for privatization of social security, no health care for anyone that can’t pay out of pocket, women being removed from the work force, union busting, an end to roe, and a large wall around all of our borders. Honeslty, acting like Obama is a republican is silly.

    And, bostonboomer, I’m not trying to get you to do anything with or without a guilt trip. I just have opinions that are contrary to yours. Not about policy as you assume with your giant leap of me asking what is obama not saying, to me not caring about healthcare, etc.

  29. I bet it won’t let me put a direct link to the big orange Cheeto site, but here’s what Obama wrote there –

    “According to the storyline that drives many advocacy groups and Democratic activists – a storyline often reflected in comments on this blog – we are up against a sharply partisan, radically conservative, take-no-prisoners Republican party. They have beaten us twice by energizing their base with red meat rhetoric and single-minded devotion and discipline to their agenda. In order to beat them, it is necessary for Democrats to get some backbone, give as good as they get, brook no compromise, drive out Democrats who are interested in “appeasing” the right wing, and enforce a more clearly progressive agenda. The country, finally knowing what we stand for and seeing a sharp contrast, will rally to our side and thereby usher in a new progressive era.”

    “I think this perspective misreads the American people.”

    He’s not going to stand against conservatism.. he’s caricaturing those of us who do.

  30. Yep, Obama has said he’ll emulate Reagan/Bush I foreign policy. For those who are too young to remember, that included: Hundreds of dead marines in Lebanon followed by a quick withdrawal, the invasion of Grenada, supporting thugs who raped and murdered nuns and thousands of others in Nicaragua and El Salvador, a murdered Catholic archbishop, CIA drug running, supporting Saddam Hussein, funding and arming both sides in the Iran/Iraq war, and sending a a birthday cake and autographed bible to the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    And, Ms. Brazille, I don’t trust the guy who blathers about how we have to have dialogue with “pro-lifers” to safeguard Roe v Wade. Especially when he was ready to confirm Justice Roberts until he realized it would hurt his political ass.

  31. Sarah,

    I won’t forgive either. I called the town hall this morning and found out how to change my voter affiliation. I just have to send a note in the mail. I plan to do it tomorrow.

    I am completely turned off by the Democratic Party at this point. It’s not just Dean and Brazile, it’s Pelosi and Reid and Kerry. They are dead to me now. I’ve even started to listen to some of McCain’s speeches, in preparation for surviving his presidency. I know that Obama can’t win, that’s already clear. If today’s so-called “Democrats” (FDR, JFK, and LBJ must be turning in their graves!) don’t even care about winning the general election, why would I support them?

  32. BB,

    You have highlighted the issue of the day, He Can’t Win. Even if every democrat lined up behind Obama, he will be taken out in round one by McCain. I’m convinced he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to battle this out. He certainly doesn’t have the debating skillz – oh, I can’t even imagine the first debate. Ugh.

  33. gratefulcub,

    You still haven’t explained why you affirmatively support Obama. Why am I not surprised? I’ve never been able to get any Obama supporter to give me a clear explaination as to why he’s the better candidate. I vote on issues, not personality. I assume you are being sarcastic with your comments on social issues. If so, why do you support Obama, who wants to privatize social security and opposes universal health care?

    You can get all pissy if you want to, but noone asked to you to come here and lecture us. If you have some real affirmative reasons why Obama is a good candidate, why not share them with us?

  34. So, what do you think Brazille did to Hillary before she ever ran for office? Why is she working over time? Maybe it is the AA issue and her time… but maybe she has done some things over the years that will put her in an uncomfortable position. Maybe Hillary told her she was a dumbshit at some point (right on the money) and the slight was never forgotten?

  35. Regarding FrenchDoc’s bullet points – just wondering if it would be possible for high-profile/celebrity Hillary supporters to have press conferences/media statements highlighting those issues?
    All these things need to be said very publicly, and forcefully; representatives from all the groups sporting tire-treads from the gigantic bus that is the Obama campaign should make him take an unambiguous stand (for a change – pun intended).
    Perhaps Gloria Steinem et al. could put together a diverse coalition and challenge him with “Want our vote? Here’s how…” Blogs alone can’t do it , It’s got to happen in the MSM .

  36. gratefulcub: Guess what? Democrats in congress, like Pelosi can stop that train wreck – look what a great job they have done so far.

    Do you REALLY think obama will be able to stop those things from happening? Do you REALLY believe he understands ENOUGH DETAIL to realize when they are done? Come on, there are so many examples of him surrounding himself with people – who he trusts (or uses – take your pick) – who have some pretty “interesting” views, who do you think will advise him?

    We all know what we will get with McCain. And yes, I’m pretty sure Pelosi and Co. will be caving in all over the place.

  37. bostonboomer @ 9:53 am – I am with you. I am resigned now to a McCain presidency. I don’t think the Democratic party can survive this and it started long before the primary/caucus season. I have long been frustrated with the Pelosi/Reid so-called “leadership.” I have often said they are worse than the Republicans because they have enabled the Bush/Republican agenda. It is heartbreaking to see what has happened, but at some point I have to draw the line. I am now an unaffiliated voter in search of a party.

  38. gratefulcub: Oh, and before I forget, the roe-v-wade thing?

    That is something *I* don’t need to worry about. I’m not a teenager or 20 something. The rights of women are SO equal these days (just ask an obama supporter), having a baby as a single woman at a young age won’t impact opportunity in the workplace, right? It won’t impact future mate prospects, right? It won’t impact HER ability to complete higher eductation, right? Oh, and child support laws are so very well enforced, she won’t even wind up in poverty anymore, right? Why should WE care about that?

  39. I smell a movement. That didn’t come out right.
    lol neither did that elixer.

    try more fiber in the diet.

  40. Great idea, rd! I am with you and the rest all the way! My tv has been off for the most part the last 2 days, 2 more weeks won’t hurt me. Besides, I can get the news on the web. I can afford another 10.00 for Friday Fast. Well worth it.

    I am astounded by Donna Brazile’s response. Talk about not knowing how to effectively court the outliers! Who do these people think they are? Never mind, we know.

    As for that gratefulcub: Typical Obamabot; unable to give a good reason to support his candidate.

    Another FYI: Obama will be on this week’s cover of Time as the “nominee”. I am cancelling my subscription which is in effect until Feb 09. Outrageous.

  41. Message to the base: stay home.

    Oh, the more this unfolds, the more motivated I am to vote in November. If for no other reason than as a “protest” vote. Nope, I don’t think I’ll be sitting this one out – ya scurrrred, Donna?

  42. Very nice, Lee Ann. And very unlikely to attract anyone to the Obama “movement.”

    Katiebird, do you think maybe we should delete Lee Ann’s lovely but somewhat OT comment? I wonder why these people are seeking us out, yet they offer no affirmative reasons to support their candidate?

  43. At this point Obama’s got to promise to push through *single-payer* universal healthcare for me to vote for him. Otherwise I’m voting for McKinney.

  44. Bostonboomer,

    I am honestly not trying to lecture. And, you will notice that I never said a bad word about hillary, just that I prefer obama. My only real point was that, come november, let’s all aim our fire in the same direction.

    Why do I support Obama? My two big issues are foreign policy and healthcare. I am a supporter of a single payor universal health care plan. To me, from inside the industry, it is the only solution. Single payor, not government run hospitals. Neither obama or clinton come close to that. I think their plans are both extremely similar and very flawed. More importantly, no one is going to let either of them institute their broad reworking of the entire system. So, whatever differences there are between their two plans, they are immaterial. The president will need to forcefully and persuasively convince the American people that a drastic change is needed. The system will be re-designed by the industry, the congress, the lobbyist, etc; but not by a president instituting a new healthcare system. I believe Obama is more capable of doing this.

    I also believe he will be a sober thinker in the realm of foreign relations. I have no reason to believe that he is going to be a ‘bush retread’ as I read above. In my opinion, Hillary is more of the hawk of the two. I don’t hold the war vote against her as much as others do. I remember the time that we lived in, and many people made bad decisions because the country was caught up in a jingoistic surge. I held it against her and everyone else at the time, but I can get beyond it. I just happen to believe that Obama will be better than Clinton in this area. I believe she would be competent, and a 100% upgrade from the current group. But, I prefer Obama.

    And, I do like the idea of having an African American president. It hurts me to my core that I am not supporting the first woman, but I had to choose between one of the two. But, this was my point. We are part of a party that has had a long drawn out contest with massive voter turnout…….. between a black man and a woman. WE are the big tent party. We can disagree, we can debate, we can even fight. But at the end of the day, we have the better choice than the other side. I’m proud to be on this side. Not the side of Obama vs. Hillary, but the side that supports civil liberties, gay rights, etc.

    I was having some fun earlier, but I am honestly not here to offend. Most of us Obama supporters aren’t kool-aid drinking maoist. This isn’t all a cult of personality. I think he would make a damn fine president. But, I know he is a politician. He is going to do political things. He has cast votes that look political instead of made out of conviction. They both have. They all have. You have to comprimise to accomplish anything. Politics is a dirty game, and it always has been. He isn’t the magical unity pony, he’s just a man that I think would make a fine president.

  45. Pat,

    I turned my TV off weeks ago, and I haven’t even missed it. The only thing I’ve watched in ages is movies, sports, or animal planet. I’ve been thinking about cancelling cable altogether and sending the money to Hillary.

    I used to listen to “progressive” radio, but turned that off too. Now I occasionally listen to CNN, C-Span, and POTUS 08 on XM radio, but only when I need to know basic information. I shut off the “pundits.”

  46. I’m voting for Hillary, write-in if need be.

  47. gratefulcub: It isn’t up to you to convince us. It is up to Obama to make his case to us and he hasn’t. Instead, he has written us off. If he wants our vote, he has to dance to our tune. Got it?

  48. bostonboomer: Same here. The coverage is so lopsided.

  49. OK, I read somewhere that when you include the MI and FL delegates, there is a 20 delegate difference between them, but check this out, BO is going to claim victory before any decision on FL and MI. NEVER, NEVER, will I voted for this man:

    Obama plans to declare victory May 20

    By: David Paul Kuhn
    May 8, 2008 09:14 AM EST

    Not long after the polls close in the May 20 Kentucky and Oregon primaries, Barack Obama plans to declare victory in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    And, until at least May 31 and perhaps longer, Hillary Clinton’s campaign plans to dispute it.

    It’s a train wreck waiting to happen, with one candidate claiming to be the nominee while the other vigorously denies it, all predicated on an argument over what exactly constitutes the finish line of the primary race.

    The Obama campaign agrees with the Democratic National Committee, which pegs a winning majority at 2,025 pledged delegates and superdelegates—a figure that excludes the penalized Florida and Michigan delegations. The Clinton campaign, on the other hand, insists the winner will need 2,209 to cinch the nomination—a tally that includes Florida and Michigan.

    “We don’t accept 2,025. It is not the real number because that does not include Florida and Michigan,” said Howard Wolfson, one of Clinton’s two chief strategists. “It’s a phony number.”

    Wolfson said they intend to contest the DNC’s 2,025 number “every day,” as well as any declaration of victory made by Obama based upon that number, because it does not include Florida and Michigan.
    See Also

    * Clinton-Obama cash gap looms large
    * Clinton won’t quit; Obama doesn’t care
    * Tough road ahead for Clinton

    In January, Clinton won both states by wide margins when Obama did not actively contest them. The two states were stripped of their delegates for holding early primaries not sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee.

    Obama will not reach the 2,025 magic number on May 20. Rather, on that date he is all but certain to hit a different threshold—1,627 pledged delegates, which would constitute a winning majority among the 3,253 total pledged delegates if Florida and Michigan are not included.

    “On May 20 we’re going to declare victory,” said an Obama senior advisor who asked that his name be withheld to speak candidly, adding that after those contests they will be “the ones with the most pledged delegates and the most popular votes.”

    While the nature of that declaration of victory is “still developing,” in the advisor’s words, the Obama campaign contends that the winner of a majority of pledged delegates should be the party nominee.

    “Senator Obama, our campaign and our supporters believe pledged delegates is the most legitimate metric for determining how this race has unfolded,” wrote Obama campaign manager David Plouffe Wednesday in a memo to superdelegates. “It is simply the ratification of the DNC rules – your rules – which we built this campaign and our strategy around.”

    But the Clinton campaign’s insistence on counting Florida and Michigan would alter not only the overall delegate math, but the pledged delegate math as well. Because if the two states are included in the count, the total number of pledged delegates would rise from 3,253 to 3,566—which means the magic number for a majority rises to 1,784, not 1,627 as the Obama campaign asserts.

    By hewing to that interpretation, the Clinton campaign would thus be able to raise doubts about a May 20 declaration of victory by Obama.

    Since the earliest possible resolution of the Florida/Michigan dispute is May 31, when the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee will meet in Washington to address petitions from Michigan and Florida DNC members, the 11-day period between the May 20 primaries and the RBC meeting could produce a chaotic stretch where Obama claims to be the party nominee while Clinton argues otherwise.

    Already, the two campaigns are gearing up for the battle.

    “With the Clinton path to the nomination getting even narrower, we expect new and wildly creative scenarios to emerge in the coming days,” wrote Plouffe in his memo. “While those scenarios may be entertaining, they are not legitimate and will not be considered legitimate by this campaign or its millions of supporters, volunteers, and donors.”

    “You can declare mission accomplished but that doesn’t mean that the mission has actually been accomplished,” Wolfson said.

  50. wonder why these people are seeking us out, yet they offer no affirmative reasons to support their candidate?

    I actually voted for Hillary in my primary. I came over here because the invitation was to exiled Kosacks. I did not realize I had to agree that Obama was so terrible I could only tow the party line over here and help elect McCain if Hillary lost in the nominating process.

    Certainly too early for healing though.

    I now find the reading curious and laughed at the elixer post becasue it was funnier still. Lighten up.

    I’ll vote for the DEM nominee in the general.
    It that is Clinton I’ll vote for her again. If its Obama I’ll vote for Obama.

    I have plenty of affirmative reasons to vote for the DEM nominee. I have some for voting for Obama as well though sharing that here would do no good. I’m pretty convinced of that.

  51. I just talked to my state elections office and there will be “no problem” if I want to write in Hillary in November. I will be doing that on my “independent” declared ballot.

  52. I have every intention of supporting my local democrats this November. Those candidates I feel will best represent, and fight for, my interests in Congress. Well, about as much as any of the others have I imagine. lol

  53. “I have plenty of affirmative reasons to vote for the DEM nominee. I have some for voting for Obama as well though sharing that here would do no good. I’m pretty convinced of that.”

    Why not give it a try, Lee Ann.

  54. votermom: do you really think he would do it?

    I personally don’t think he understands Washington well enough to do anything. I can’t remember anybody who has run for office saying, ‘gee, all this corruption and special interest money is super great, I won’t change a thing!’ That is the OLDEST promise since the beginning of time.

    I also think his lack of grasp of detail and demonstrated inability to comprehend different points of view, means somebody else will be in charge with him as the figure head. We’ve seen how great that was for 7+ years.

    I am hoping for a wake up and protest vote from W. Virginia and Kentucky. I am hoping for 20 point spread. I am hoping it would turn heads enough to stop this crazy thing.

  55. Why is he telling his donors not to contribute to a women’s voter group?

  56. That’s it! After reading this TL post I say: Let’s take this to the convention floor! I want a damn bloodbath if necessary to save the party from the cancer that is the Obama-backing “establishment.”

  57. I’d like to change my party affiliation, but (I think) in Washington, you pick the party when you actually vote – I don’t see where it is attached to the registration. Maybe RonK will know what I could do…?

  58. “gratefulcub: It isn’t up to you to convince us. It is up to Obama to make his case to us and he hasn’t. Instead, he has written us off. If he wants our vote, he has to dance to our tune. Got it?”

    I was being blasted for :
    “You still haven’t explained why you affirmatively support Obama. Why am I not surprised? I’ve never been able to get any Obama supporter to give me a clear explaination as to why he’s the better candidate. I vote on issues, not personality. I assume you are being sarcastic with your comments on social issues. If so, why do you support Obama, who wants to privatize social security and opposes universal health care? ”


    “gratefulcub. I can’t imagine why you are even a Democrat if you believe in privatizing social security and are against universal health care. ”

    So, I answered.

    It isn’t going to take a ‘protest’ vote in WV and KY for a 20 point spread. I live there, I’ve worked in the appalachian area. He’s black, and that alone is worth 20 points. It would be 50 is Hillary wasn’t a woman.

  59. gratefulcub,

    I appreciate your response, but you still haven’t given me any reasons why you think Obama would do the things you claim. He certainly hasn’t said or done anything to indicate that he would support single payer health care. This is the problem I have had in talking to Obama supporters. They simply state that he will do certain things and claim that he will “compromise” and “convince” without providing any evidence that he has ever done these things. Hillary, on the other hand, has actually “reached across the aisle” and worked with Republicans.

    I would like to see an African American President too. I’m very disappointed that Obama doesn’t support the goals of the African American community in the U.S. and that he has distanced himself from African American leaders and organizations.

    I am a supporter of gay rights and of marriage rights for all. This is the issue that first turned me against Obama. When he allowed Donnie McClurkin to represent him and threw gays under the bus, I was shocked and dismayed. That is when I really started to look into Obama in a serious way. I have read his books and have read every article about him that I could get my hands on. I know his views (such as they are) and his history.

    I don’t trust Obama to support liberal policies. Anyone who has read “The Audacity of Hope” would understand why. Obama made it very clear in that book that he supports privatization and market-based “solutions” and huge cuts in social programs. Furthermore, in the book and in speeches, Obama has announced his plans to continue George Bush’s faith-based initiatives. On foreign policy, Obama has so little knowledge and experience that I don’t believe he can be trusted. His foreign policy advisors are very conservative and hawkish.

    From what you have written, I doubt if you have looked into Obama’s policies and writings as extensively as I have. If you have, then tell me why I shouldn’t believe the evidence of my eyes and ears. Obama is no liberal. I don’t even know why he is a Democrat.

  60. The Democratic party sold us out. They aren’t stupid – politically unsophisticated people might seriously believe all that stuff about how Hillary’s people will “unite”, the way the media is telling everyone to believe it, but Dean and Brazile and Pelosi know better. They aren’t politically unsophisticated, and they are all old enough to remember Reagan. They know the great unification isn’t going to happen. They’re banking on it.

    There is no way at this point to really know why. But – for some reason – they are trying to throw this election. Perhaps it is because their real goal is this whole realigning the party thing – an attempt to hold on to their power in a world where they increasingly have less and less to offer., or maybe they genuinely do blame Kansas for the fact that they don’t appeal to mainstream Americans. Or perhaps they’re just plain corrupt, and there’s some sort of deal. Or perhaps it’s something else.

    But not only is voting for Obama not an option – but Democrats worked hard to make it that way. They don’t want the “old constituency” in the party anymore, and the old constituency is not going to be a part of the Democratic party any more unless somehow our people take back the party.

    No, I will not vote for Obama.

  61. Lee Ann,

    If you aren’t going to share any ideas here and you are going to post rude, tasteless comments about others, I’m not sure what it is you want. I’m here to share ideas with others. Apparently your goals are different and I’ll leave you to it.

    Best wishes.

  62. http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/050808N.shtml

    Does this mean the Precious is going to campaign in FL b/f its votes are held valid. Note the bias in the article when it says that Fl has already held its primary. If that is the case then FL’s count must stand.

  63. OK, gratefulcub. Best wishes to you too.

  64. “Note to Obama Supporters: You have a choice. If roe v wade is so important to you, if you dread 4 more years of Republican rule, you have an obligation to put you words into action and put the candidate most likely to beat McCain st the top of your ticket. It is not our obligation to continue to indulge you in your fantasy. We are backing the strongest candidate and if you continue to try to drag us down the road to destruction of our chances in November and our party, we are standing firm and will not join you. ”

    Really? If we obama supporters don’t want 4 more years of Bush, we must support Hillary. But, if Obama wins the nomination you will not support him, therefore helping McCain accomplish 4 more years of Bush.

  65. I will not vote for McCain. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but I will ABSTAIN from voting for the POTUS or write in Hillary Clinton. When I change my affliliation I am going to ask about writing in my candidate. I am AGAINST Obama. I am AGAINST McCain. I have voted before for Dems I didn’t like, because I was a Democrat. The party has told me they don’t want me anymore if I support the Clintons. I am young and multi-racial and they want me for lots of reasons, but not if I won’t faint dead away for a guy whose values are offensive to me.

    If the Democratic Party is going to die over this, sobeit. Parties are only as good as the people in them. Will it make the Republicans happy? For a while. But if a new party forms with a Hillary base (not around her, but one that shares what she stands for), a lot of moderate Republicans would gravitate to that. They are fed up with their extremists too.

    My party doesn’t have a name yet. So for now it’s unaffliliated. But it could have a name. It could have standing and it could have candidates. After 2000 and the failure of Democrats to stand up and demand Gore be president, I figured Dean might change things. He hasn’t. He’s backing a person who thinks he’s the messiah, even if his wife reminds us he is not.

    We mustn’t be afraid to leave the Democratic Home. It doesn’t mean we won’t vote for Democrats. I think instead of straying all over the place, we should take the points listed above by Elixir and form a party. I have no idea how you do that.

  66. Davidson: “Let’s take this to the convention floor! I want a damn bloodbath if necessary to save the party from the cancer that is the Obama-backing “establishment.” I like your style.

  67. Sorry Boomer. I didn’t know I was on a 10 minute time limit. And, I know this will be taken as, “He can’t think of one thing good to say about Obama!”, but I have meetings for the next 4 hours. I wasn’t really suppose to be here today anyway;) I assure you, I will be back someday soon, a bit less snarky than I began yesterday and today, and I will let you know all of my reasons for supporting Obama.

    And, I know, no one is really going to be missing me the rest of the day. Good day to all. I actually enjoy these conversations. It isn’t much fun to talk to people that agree with everything I say.

  68. gratefulcub: While there are certain pockets of the country where race is still an issue, the vast majority of DEMOCRATS do not use race as a factor when they vote. REPUBLICANS do and this is where your support for Obama is going to lose the election for you. Because right now in the primaries, you are facing Democrats who are basing their decision by and large on Clinton’s readiness and Obama’s unreadiness. I spoke to enough of them in PA and NJ that you will just have to believe me on this. And in the primaries so far, Obama is barely holding a lead and with MI anf FL counted, has virtually no lead at all. That’s with virtually every AA in America pushing the button for him. He’s barely ahead. AA voters represent about 12% of the population in the US and in just our half of the electorate, they can’t swing it to him. What are you going to do in the general when their numbers are further diluted by more white voters? I’m not saying it’s fair. i’m trying to get you to see reason why he can’t possibly win this even with every AA in America voting for him
    But in the General Election, you are going to face real, genuine, honest to god racism with Republicans. And they can’t wait to take him down. Couple that with the voters who will vote against him based on his inexperience, lack of foreing policy credientials, writing off of the working class, raving maniac elitist Jacobins who support him and all of the disaffected Democrats like us who really feel it is time for the Democratic Party to get what’s coming to it and will leave the presidential slot blank or will fill in Hillary’s name and you are looking at disaster.
    This is cold-blooded pragmatism. If you find the prospect distressing, I suggest you write to the DNC and get them to seat MI and FL NOW so that the McCain presidency doesn’t have a chance.

  69. Elixir, to your list of the things Obama needs to do – sorry you are way upthread – I should have copied your list – essentially your list =

    he would have to run left in domestic policy to regain all the real Democrats now being excluded from the new other party: domestic policy YOYOs.

    May I add his clean energy policy/climate change legislation.

    Obama would need to also adopt Democratic not Republican energy policy. Like a Democrat he does admit global warming requires us to change, but he goes on to favor the dirty energy solutions of nuclear, “clean coal” and way too much emphasis on ethanol.

    My requirement would be all her clean energy advisers MUST replace his team entirely , and Al Gore HEAD the table, not be grudgingly allowed to have “a” seat along with the Exelon CEO and his other minders.

  70. I am going to give explaining my Obama support a shot here. This is not all of it but it is an attempt at concrete justification. For the sake of clarity here I am not attacking HRC’s plans. When I look at her plans vs. BO’s plans it is often hard to discern differences. I am going to skip energy for now because it has come up a few times already in other threads. I suppose I also run the risk here of splitting hairs since many of their policies are so similar.

    I really see a lot of similarity here between HRC’s and BO’s plan. One area that stands out to me with BO is a key acknowledgement. Our military (particularly reserve forces) are at a critical breaking point. This somewhat relates to our country never collecting on the cold war dividend but our reserve forces have been deployed across the globe after their successful showing in desert storm. Broadly paraphrasing both candidates their strategy could be described as start withdrawing while attempting to bolster diplomatic initiatives in the region. The first component of McCain’s plan is to bolster our ground forces in Iraq; we do not have the troops to do this.

    As far as pre-K goes I like HRC’s plan a little better. Teaching parenting skills could be a good idea and universal pre-k is very important. I prefer BO’s approach to NCLB (I think). Does “End the unfunded mandate known as No Child Left Behind” mean that we should fun the mandate (good) or just ax the whole thing (bad)? Either way, NCLB at its core has some good parts to it. Establishing testing and standards is a good thing. Pres. Clinton started this move towards standards when he put the suggestion into his reauthorization of the ESEA that states should test their students and have standards.

    The two main problems with NCLB are that every state develops its own test (which is expensive and “unfunded”). The second is that it assumes failing schools are failing not because of inadequate funding but because they are not trying hard enough. One part of BO’s plan that I like that is not really present in HRC’s plan is the acknowledgement that in order to recruit and retain good teachers we are going to have to pay them more. While I like this idea he does not specifically say how he is going to increase teacher pay (should be federal funding). Neither candidate is really signaling that they would like to move in the direction of stronger federal roles in k-12 education, a direction I think that we need to move in.

    I kind of see HRC/BO’s college programs as a wash. They both seem to want to simplify financial aid applications. One of the largest barriers to college education is cost for everybody but the upper class. HRC seems to be a bit more in tune with this reality but neither candidate explicitly addresses the problem head on. Federally funded aid (not loans), need based (not merit), would go a long way towards fixing these problems. I like HRC’s commitment to increasing the Pell Grant but her plan also has some useless stuff in it. Challenging selective schools to increase low income funding sounds nice on paper but what does it mean? The most selective private universities already are and state universities are decided upon at the state level (not the school level). Additionally keeping costs down is too vague of a goal and probably not going to happen anyway. I like her idea of colleges being required to report standards.

    Overall I like the specifics and understanding of the problems in BO’s plan more than HRC’s. However, I perceive support for the continuation of local in k-12 education which I do not like. HRC seems ambiguous about this but in the back of my head I think that she would be more likely to lean towards federal involvement. McCain does not have either a plan or a clue. So this is part of why I support Obama (though I still like HRC); he has sound educational policy.

  71. ack, I think my post was really vague. 2nd paragraph is about Iraq. The rest of the post is about education policy. The quote is from HRC’s website and it is a bit vague.

  72. If Obama emerges the nominee, I could stay home come election day. Yet, I think I’ll enjoy voting Hillary (write-in if need be) so much more than sitting this one out. Go Hillary!

  73. >>I really see a lot of similarity here between HRC’s and BO’s plan

    This is a piee of shIIIIIt @@@@

    Now their plans are similar? Go away man. You guys are making me sick.

  74. gratefulcub — You were “having some fun earlier”, eh?

    Your idea on fun — like Obama’s flipping Hillary (and us) the furtive finger — is part of why we’re not coming back.

    “I know he is a politician. He is going to do political things.”

    You are wrong. Turkana is wrong. Obama didn’t play by the rules, doing things politicians do.

    Obama is not a politician. By the norms of political life, Obama is a scoundrel (putting it in the mildest possible terms). when scoiundrels rise to power, they bring disaster.

    Obama’s “movement” is a hate movement, and it hates on most of the things real people do to create real change in the real world. It will be interesting to see what it hates on after it turns against Obama (which it will, as a matter of course).

    I’ve been hearing – mostly in confidence, but some in the open – from lifetime, fulltime, overtime democratic political pro’s … people who wake up thinking of of ways to turn the tide, and go to sleep thinking of ways to turn the tide, and have done so for decades … who will not vote for Obama, who cannot vote for Obama, who cannot believe what they’re witnessing, and see their lives’ work going up in smoke.

    Have your “fun” with what lies ahead, but don’t come whining around here with your “can’t we all get along?”.

  75. RD – I must shield my eyes from the glow of your newly metamorphosized self! It’s incredible what being one of the sexy, latte-drinking, independent voters will do for you!

    But, being a “Republican” doesn’t make you a racist and being a “Democrat” does not mean that you are not a racist. It’s not a matter of race or gender, it’s about who will fix the mess the country is in right now (without making a worse mess).

    Also, if I remember correctly, in NJ, the majority of the voters are “independent” or “unaffiliated”. It’s not going to be a matter of Republicans not voting for Obama (although there are many friends of mine who aren’t happy about McCain being the nominee). What it’s going to come down to in the General Election is 2 things: 1) Can BO get the Democratic base out to vote for him and 2) can BO appeal to the independent or unaffiliated voters (like our brand new riverdaughter).

  76. votermom: do you really think he would do it?

    jjmtacoma: When pigs fly.
    I think he’s in the pocket of Wall Street and Insurance companies. He’s not going to go against his patrons.

    Sure, Hillary gets money from them too, but she doesn’t let them call the shots. She knows how to get things done.

  77. RonK: I want to change my Washington party affiliation, but it seems like we declare when we vote… am I missing something? I’ve googled this a few different ways and haven’t found a thing.

  78. I will not be bullied into voting for Obama. I find the level of misogyny and the continual threats of violent attack on Clinton and her supporters (threats of rape, sodomy, physical harm, along with the other intentionally misogynist and mean- spirited verbal attacks) by Obama supporters to be not only deeply troubling, but indicative of the kind of hateful Presidency Obama intends. At no time did Obama talk back to the burgeoning ugliness and misogyny of his supporters. So, Obama and his supporters think they can win the GE, even while alienating the core of the Democratic Party? Go for it then, and let’s see how it goes. In solidarity with generations of women, I am not going down that violent, misogynist hole with you!

  79. jerseygirl5555: The racism I’m talking about is largely absent in NJ, regardless of party. But I lived in the south as a kid and I know that there are still racists there. Heck, when the Clinton canvassers were working Schuykill county in PA, they said they passed many houses that had confederate flags waving on the porches- in Pennsylvania. Those addresses weren’t on their canvassing sheets because they were Republican households.
    This is something your party has to come to terms with. Many Republican candidates have won by pandering to residual racism in America. We can go to youtube and find many, many Republicab candidates ads that will prove this. The problem is very small with Democrats but inextricably tied to movement conservatism associated with Republicans.
    Now, I know why you are a Republican and it has nothing to do with race. But that is how your party won the south and will continue to win it. Sad but true.

  80. Ryan,

    You and I have different priorities. Unfortunately, I don’t think either of these candidates will do what I want in terms of foreign policy. They will both continue to see the US as an imperial power in the world. However, Clinton knows the ins and outs of DC better, she has more support from military leaders and has worked with them longer, and she knows more foreign leaders.

    I am more worried about Democrats who want to sell us out on domestic policy. I trust Hillary to defend social security and to stand up for women and children and health care. I don’t think Obama has the slightest interest in any of those things, other than to privatize and cut programs in order to help his corporate contributors and his lobbiest friends. I don’t trust him to appoint liberal judges either.

    I see no affirmative reason to vote for him EXCEPT that he is black. I’d like to see a black President, and that is why I examined him so carefully. When I learned how corrupt he has been in the past, when I saw the money people who are backing him, and when I saw him sell out African Americans, gays, women, and older people, I knew I could never vote for him. I could never live with myself if I voted for someone who wanted to dismantle what remains of FDR’s new deal legacy.

  81. RD – You are right – a Republican here in NJ may be called a liberal heathen in many other states.

    Seriously, my reasons for being registered Republican have eroded significantly also. I thought we were the party who was fiscally responsible – now all we’re doing is spending money we don’t have (oh – I forgot – not their mantra is “let’s just print some more!”).

    Maybe I’ll metamorphosize into a beautiful independent like you!

  82. jjmtacoma — As oldpro points out, we don’t have party registration in WA state.

    The “pick a party” ballot applies only in primary elections – and even that appears to be going away with the Supreme Court decision on the “top two” (fully nonpartisan) primary election scheme.

    For those of us who are established Democratic activists, there are lots of things to unplug, and lots of people who will hear our cries. If you’ve never joined your Legislative District Democratic organization, and you’re not on the email lists for Gregoire or other Obama-endorsers, your options seem limited.

    I’ll give some thought to more overt “Democrats in Exile” exrpession for people in our state (and roughly half the states nationwide).

  83. My family is from the OLD South – I KNOW they won’t vote for obama.

    I also know that obama will mobilize the republican way-right base better than Hillary. The MSM likes to tell you otherwise. They don’t know the history, those folks have less to fear about a woman in charge. Plus, there are those in the South who believe Hillary for president is really a clever way to put Bill back in charge.

  84. What I am saying is, after this is all said and done, we have to come back together.

    No, we don’t, actually.

    I haven’t supported the Democrats for 30 years because I have a fondness for the letter ‘D’. I’ve supported them because I believed that they would push the issues I cared about. These last 7 years strained that belief to the breaking point as I’ve watched the Dems in Congress roll over for Bush and the Republicans again and again, refusing to fight even on Alito and Roberts, taking impeachment off the table without even making a public case, a thousand other things.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re (1) too gutless to fight without a certain win, (2) in the pockets of the lobbyists as much as the Republicans are, (3) completely indifferent to the issues I consider central to what used to be the Democratic Party, or (4) all of the above.

    I was willing to give them another chance if they nominated someone willing to fight. (That person wouldn’t have had to be Clinton, BTW; I started out as an Edwards supporter). Instead, it looks like they’re going to nominate a “unifier” – someone who makes a point of saying that partisanship is bad and the Republicans have good ideas and pro-choicers have to acknowledge the moral dimension of abortion and the Democrats shouldn’t be so mean to religion and a shitload of other Republican memes.

    I’m done. I won’t support a party that doesn’t support me. Loyalty is either a two-way street or it’s nothing more than obsequiousness to the powerful. You may be willing to bow to your betters. I’m not.

  85. RonK: thanks! I’ve pretty much worked hands-on grass roots efforts for causes I believed in (GLTG issues, serving free dinners on Hill Top, etc) but didn’t work at any party-level activities. I wish I had at this point because then I could at least DO something.

  86. Well, I can’t unregister as a Dem because I live in Tennessee, which has no Party registration – but you bet your ass I’ll be standing by the side of the road with a sign near Paducah, KY, starting about the middle of next week. Will bring a camera! Thanks for the moral support, everyone.

  87. Chimera, my thoughts exactly:

    Will it make the Republicans happy? For a while. But if a new party forms with a Hillary base (not around her, but one that shares what she stands for), a lot of moderate Republicans would gravitate to that. They are fed up with their extremists too.

    Better to stand for what you believe in, than to just bow down.

    And you’re absolutely right about there being a lot of Republicans who are fed up with their own extremists.

  88. Damn! jerseygirl5555, you are looking fine today. Did you just get another PhD? Let me guess, Architecture, right?

  89. once again at this site i must apologize for sockpuppetry. This account was supposed to be my nice, non-political self! But no matter what I am supposed to be doing, I keep crawling back to the blogs…it is horrible.
    – jacilyn

  90. Gratefulclub: I’m laughing my arse off. Did you really say foreign policy is one of the areas where you like Obama? Can you explain to me how living in Indonesia for four years in elementary school, traveling to Pakistan in college, and having african relatives qualifies as foreign policy experience? By the way, those are his words (from the same speech where he refered to blue collar workers as bitter and bigoted) not mine. You’re hysterical. Keep posting I need a few laughs today.

  91. THANK YOU!!!
    (I was in silly work meetings all day and almost missed this. Now, YAY!!)

    We DO something. We ACT. WE CHANGE the world. We ROUSE ourselves, and we help Hillary. Rise, Hillary, Rise.
    There’s 16,642,328 of us – and more. DROWNED OUT so far by a misogynistic media, SMOTHERED by a cocky candidate and a campaign, SHUNTED OUT by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY elders, our candidate DECLARED DEAD, DRAINED by fighting those we considered family, friends and compatriots. Our dreams, desires and policy requirements IGNORED.

    Now they want us to go through

    Let’s remember this: WE SHALL NEVER FORGET.

    I, for one, will remember that post grief, ANGER is followed by BARGAINING, DEPRESSION and then ACCEPTANCE. And I will pull myself back from that healing process, and keep myself angry. Hungry. Motivated.

    I will now tell myself everyday, I SHALL NOT FORGET.

    And meanwhile, I will fight tooth and nail. I will NOT go gently into the night. I will show that supporters of Hillary are still alive, relevant, critical.

    And approps nothing: https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/05/07/an-invitation-to-democrats-in-exile/#comment-15743

    Thanks for incorporating the Friday Fast – it’s a Great way to send a multi-level message – about the world hunger crisis, about the economy going down, about keeping the personal political, and about saving money to send to Hillary.

    Please, everyone, spread this missive far and wide!!! Let’s aim to get our fight into public consciousness and into MSM.

  92. Gratefulcub: By the way if you do return, you still never responded to Bostonboomer’s post. She knows your candidate better than you do. Go do your homework and come back when you’re prepared to debate, like Hillary not Obama.

  93. Gratefulclub – aim our fire in the same direction in November?
    You really don’t want me firing in November, trust me. I will be aiming where you don’t want me to aim.

  94. Oh yeah, unity my ass.

    Like Michelle Obama, I’ll ‘think’ about it. (and that’s all I’ll do about it)

  95. Love this post, RD! I’m with you on all points.
    Question: are we going to pick a day for mass disaffiliation, or should we just go ahead and do it?

    I’ve been boycotting the news nitwits for a while now, though I occasionally “cheat” and take a peek at Morning Joe. I get most of my campaign news from you all!

  96. I like the idea of a protest. My feet are up on the ottoman for while though I will give HRC continued financial support. But I wonder how much the DNC cares? I think they are banking on so much cross over as well as so many new people coming in that they think it will make up for some fallout.

    I do wonder at the dissing of Latinos though – that is a karge number of people they dont seem to mind losing.

    I see Judith above ignored my request that she respect my being here first – even if I am not an ex- dkos. No biggie – . I will take that as my right then to post as Judith on the boards she has asked me not to and will point to this board as my reason.

  97. Gratefulclub,

    I appreciate the sentiment, I do, but that argument won’t wash with me. I am well past being held hostage by my party. And I AM focused on the bigger war here, the war against sexism in this country. I want he rest of the world to know that, since they tried, we’ll show we won’t take it anymore. It’s much more important to me than foreign relations or even Roe V Wade. My opinion is fuck the SCOTUS. If Democrats really want it, they’ll do what’s right, instead of acting like a bunch of teen agers following the latest American Idol. I refuse to cede the political ground to such shallow interests, but if they insist on trashing the lawn, they’ll find their necessary coalition in pieces. I’ll vote “present” by voting down-ticket only. I wouldn’t even do that, except we have a damn fine female Democratic candidate for Governor this year.

  98. My voter’s registration card is in the mail. I was planning on registering “I” anyway, but I hadn’t thought to do that — great idea. Thank you for this site!! I LOVE how the media is pretending that it was Obama “who closed the gap in IN.” Talk about turning into the Ministry of Truth!!

  99. “Your idea on fun — like Obama’s flipping Hillary (and us) the furtive finger — is part of why we’re not coming back.”

    That never actually happened, but hey! Don’t let that stop you from pushing the smear.


  100. Jules: I sent in my voter’s reregistration form already. if I were you, I wouldn’t wait. Time is our enemy.

  101. TJ: It looked like the bird to me but reasonable people can disagree. However, the “brush the dirt off your shoulder” gesture a couple minutes later? That he did several times? And followed up with a “get that dog poop off your shoe” gesture? That is beyond dispute. And, yes, we know what it means. And no, we are not amused.

  102. Obama was scratching his face with *two* fingers, not “flipping Hillary the furtive finger.” It’s even more obvious in this video here (at 20:56):


    Interpret the other stuff however you like, but this simply DID NOT HAPPEN.

  103. TJ — This is perhaps characteristic of Obamanism. You present a piece of evidence that demonstrates one fact, and claim it proves the exact opposite.

    Examine the shadows of the two fingers. The index finger in the photo shows unequivocally DOES NOT touch Obama’s cheek.

    Further, the index finger is angularly separated from the middle finger; it is curved while the middle finger is extended (requiring deliberate articulation); and (from other views) the proximal phalanx is elevated above the plane of the hand.

    This is not a gesture anyone with normal anatomy can execute rapidly and without premeditation. Try it yourself. As quickly as possible, give yourself the “two-finger scratch”.

    Did your index finger touch your cheek??? Too bad. Try it again – again quickly in as close as you can simulate an “unconscious” manner as if brushing your cheek while concentrating on forming your thoughts into words and delivering them to a live audience.

    Happened again, didn’t it?

    Tell me again about stuff that “simply DID NOT HAPPEN”?

  104. TJ — The whole point to that gesture is deniability. No one scratches with that finger.

    It’s an insult that you’re pretending to think that was a scratch.

    I can assure you as the parent of a Trouble Boy — that’s a classic trick. However, If I didn’t know for a fact that he did it deliberately? His smirk immediately after told the tale.

    Sure — you can deny it. That’s the whole point.

    What an ass.

  105. It didn’t happen and you are being silly to claim it did.

  106. don, it happened. and i award the gold star for silly posting to you.

  107. This is what my partner and I sent to Hillary Clinton this Friday morning with our $10 contributions:

    “Today I am joining a group of people from The Confluence (https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com) who are changing their affiliation from Democrat to Independent. We are contributing $10 to your campaign today, and will have designated days to make small donations in addition to our other contributions. We are writing to the DNC and we are sending them copies of our new voter registrations. We are telling them, they must win us back. We will vote for you, because you can bring home presidency in November. If Obama is the candidate, he will have to work very hard to prove to us he can do so. We believe you will be the candidate. We will write to superdelegates. We will show them what the electoral map will look like in November if you are not the candidate. Moreover, we agree with the principles you have outlined in your campaign, and the policies you have developed, and we will tell this to the DNC, our state democratic parties, and the superdelegates. Thank you for continuing to fight for us.”

  108. To all you clinton supporters threatening to vote McCain if Obama is the nominee, good, get out of my party, the dems survived the defection of the dixiecrats, it can survive without you.

    Just go and take the witch with you, oh and make sure the door hits you on the way out

  109. Don — Have you examined the photo as I suggested?

    Have you conducted the experiment I suggested?

    So, where has your finger been?

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