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Wednesday: There is no unity without FL and MI, Don-na

Donna Brazile did an awful lot of eye-rolling last night. I caught her doing it on several occasions when Paul Begala pointed out the obvious. But it wasn’t Paul that made the outrageous statement of the night. It was Donna herself:

BRAZILE: Well, Lou, I have worked on a lot of Democratic campaigns, and I respect Paul.*** But, Paul, you’re looking at the old coalition. A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics. We need to look at the Democratic Party, expand the party, expand the base and not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

***There are a couple good reasons to respect Paul Begala, Donna. He has actually won the presidential campaigns that he’s worked on. You, unfortunately, have not. I think you ought to listen to him.

This is what followed:

Ok, now let’s think about what Donna has just said: *WE* are part of the “old coalition”. We are working class, hispanic, women, seniors, asians. We cut across all socio-economic and education levels. We are over-represented in Florida and Michigan. What sets us apart is that we vote for Clinton. Therefore, we MUST be white trash Bubbas and Archie Bunkers. You can almost hear the contempt she has for us in her voice. That word “old” probably has a double meaning for Donna. (BTW, I happen to fit the Obama demographic but at this point, I’m beginning to think my mom is right. He is the anti-Christ, just with a lot less experience and the inability to win a debate.) Just where does Donna think the “old coalition” is going to go? And how about all of the women in that “old coalition”?

But this is not the only thing that bothers me about Donna. No, I think the thing that bothers me most is her consistent threat that if African-Americans don’t get Obama, bad things will happen. As if race is permitted to triumph over every other criteria we should use to pick a president. And Obama’s campaign has done the most despicable thing you can do to a fellow Democrat He’s destroyed Clinton’s character by manipulating her words and calling her and her supporters racists. But as we can clearly see from the election results, it is the African-American community that votes based on color of the skin, not content of the character. This is the sordid truth behind his win in urban areas, NC and other southern states where he holds 90+% of the African-American vote. In IN, we have the Gary’s mayor deliberately sitting on votes for hours. We can only speculate what was going on there but it doesn’t look pretty.

And here is Obama’s “new coalition”: college students, DINKS, African-Americans and crossover troublemaking Republicans who will not vote for him in the fall. It isn’t a new coalition. It’s a losing one without us. And without Michigan and Florida, it’s an illegitimate nomination. As Begala said, “Count me out”. Oh, that’s right, Donna already has.

Donna needs to be fired.

One More Thing: This race is not over. There is still KY and WV next week. But the late call for Clinton for Indiana didn’t give her the moment she needed last night to make a triumphant speech and ask for money. Forgive my tin foil hat but for all I know, the votes were withheld for just this reason. Now’s the time to make up for that. If you have a few dollars, throw it her way. Contribute here.

One more thing x 2: Yesterday during one of the breaks in my all day meeting, I had several people approach me to say they would never vote for Obama. They are not politicos and the statements were delivered without any prompting from me. They just flat out said, “We’re voting downticket but will skip the presidential if Obama is on the ballot.” So, Donna and Dean better get control of this situation and soon. There are many, many people who do not appreciate being drowned out by caucuses and the monolithic racial Frankenstein’s monster that Obama created.

62 Responses

  1. Well, you listened to her so I don’t have to. And I thank you for that.

    riverdaughter, I went to bed thinking Hillary had lost Indiana, and almost didn’t bother to get out of bed. I’ve never been happier that Hillary’s a sticker (apparently I’m not so much) — because that’s exactly what we need this morning.

    I only wish that the part where they say “she’ll do anything to win” was true. (That’s a bitter joke. I’m actually very proud of her campaign)

  2. Donna Brazile is so emotionally invested in Obama’s campaign, she cannot see clearly anymore. But, that’s the problem with Obama’s racially divisive campaign. Obama, Axelrod, and Brazile are the ones who have tossed out the baby with the bathwater; only, in this particular case, the baby is the whole bloc of longtime Dem voting blocs: Seniors, Hispanics, Asians, Women, Jewish voters. Now, to be sure, some of these voters will be persuaded to support Obama in the fall. However, I will not be one of them. I won’t vote for McCain; I won’t vote for Obama. I’ll vote for known down-ticket candidates based on my knowledge of them, not party. This destructive primary season has caused me to re-think my ties to the party. I’ll never give money to the DNC, DSCC, or DCCC again. I’m completely disgusted by Donna Brazile’s hostility; and I’m dismayed by the Obama campaign’s despicable insinuation that not supporting Obama is “racist.” I believe there will be a backlash against the Obama campaign’s tactic in rising racial divisiveness in this country and that makes me both sad and enraged. I will not collude in the disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan, or the shocking exploitation of both states by holding them hostage to an Obama nomination! If they don’t count now; they are disenfranchised–and this was Donna Brazile’s trump card. They only get to count if Obama is designated the nominee. No thanks. Obama will do anything to win. Now, that’s a fact, and it is patently clear to me that the DNC has colluded in election fraud on the whole thing.

  3. I won’t bother to listen to her either. We will leave her and her ilk to November.

  4. Donna Brazile’s unending ‘baby’s to everyone in the middle of arguments is ridiculous. Anyone else find her direct accusation that Paul Begala’s losing his hearing unbelievably offensive?

    And she’s the one seeing everything from a ‘black/white’ prism, dividing people into buckets. “as if the Democratic Party will rely simply on white, blue collar male–you insult every black blue collar Democrat by saying that”. Since she’s a fan of The Math: 12% of this country is Af-am. 14.8% is Hispanic.

    And the results were heartbreaking; last night was a kick in the gut. I promised myself I’d stay off of all news channels today as they crowed and celebrated. It’s hard. I did actually go onto John McCain’s website to sign up, but his front page has him supporting Alito.

    Sheesh, what’s a regular, white-collar-college-educated-27-year old, non-post-sexual-feminist to do?

  5. Did you hear this morning that Obama is blaming Rush Limbaugh for his loss in Indiana? The man can’t take responsibility for anything. Yet, people like Brazile believe he can win in the fall. No way. The blacks and college kids in N.C. may have put him over the top here, but this has been a red state since 1972 and that’s not going to change in the fall. The people who gave Bush two terms in office aren’t going to vote for Obama, and Brazile is dreaming if she thinks they will. I’ve almost convinced my husband to vote for Hillary, but he’ll never for Obama—neither will I. If I can’t stomach voting for a Republican, I’ll just stay home.
    I was looking at my district of N.C. The county we border to the west went for Hillary by 51%. The county we border on the east went for Hillary by 53% (That county has a predominately native American population.) But our county went for Obama by 54% due to the fact that we have a large AA population, and the majority of white voters in our county are Republican.

  6. That clip represents why HRC will not be able to help Obama once he’s stolen the nomination: the media (and the GOP) will finally expose him and the DNC for their sheer corruption (e.g., MI, FL) and bigoted contempt for the rest of us. That will immediately neuter Clinton’s brave determination to fight hard for a “Democratic” win come this fall (Obama is many things: a Democrat is not one of them).

    I honestly don’t know how she can win anymore. Sure, the whole point of the supers is to ensure we’ll have an electable candidate, but they won’t do their damn job and I doubt it’s truly concern over the alienation of black voters, but damn greed (Obama = $$$…for now). When I saw Clinton’s speech, her eyes said it all: she feels it’s truly over. She knows the supers are cowardly, incompetent fools.

    And lastly: IN was rigged. They pulled out all the stops to rob Clinton of that much-needed, solid IN win. No way she went from a double-digit win to barely squeaking by. I guess we’ll find out how they did it after the stealing of the nomination is complete.

  7. I weep for my party.

  8. It’s not over. When Kentucky and West Virginia wake up to find that Donna and the DNC has written them off, they are going to be mad. Send her some cash.

  9. Without $$$ and with a media narrative screaming, “It’s over! It’s over!” I don’t see how Clinton can rack up the big wins she was set to have even if she had won IN by 5+.

  10. I’ll still keep praying for her, though, desperate for her to somehow pull this out. I’m maxed out so I can’t send her any more cash.

  11. I bailed last night from exhaustion (work) and disappointment (TV schmundits). I’ve slept now but the schmundits were worse this morning, with Timmeh announcing as if from Mt. Olympus that the Democratic nominee is Obama.

    Unlike some of you, I know now that if that’s what comes to pass, I will vote for Obama in the fall. Sadly, anxiously, even fearfully, but I will, because I do think McCain is that much worse. Obama is untested, but McCain has been tested, and he’s flunked. I am afraid of McCain in my very soul and bones. I don’t think we can afford four more years of Bush, and McCain is Bush on steroids. As a lawyer, I shudder to think of what McCain could do to the courts — not just the Supreme Court, but federal courts at every level — in just four years.

    But I’m not writing here to try to convince any of you to vote Obama in the fall, because right now I’m too pissed at the DNC, the media, and everyone else who has been fighting one of the best fighting Dems ever <l
    precisely because of who she is. As the great sage said, it ain’t over ’til its over, and it’s not over yet.

    I am very concerned about the voting irregularities in IN, but I fear that no one will investigate, and Hillary pushing for it will be deemed sour grapes. I am beyond outraged about FLA and MI, and I fear that the DNC’s stupidity about those states could very well cost the Democrats the White House. Everyone who last night and this morning who has pronounced that Obama has won the nomination still seems to think that “winning” means 2025 votes, and that MI and FLA can be “seated in some fashion” (Timmeh’s words) after Obama claims victory without them. Wrong. Obama is not the legitimate nominee at 2025 without the MI and FLA votes counted, and no amount of invoking The ROOLz — or phony compromises — can make him so. For them, it’s all about shutting down Hillary, rather than putting Obama to the ultimate test.

    I’m sending some $$ Hillary’s way this morning. Or rather, Mr. Litigatormom is since I am maxxed out. Don’t give up, because Hillary hasn’t.

    Oh, and can someone just give Donna Brazile the hook? Please, Donna, stop telling me that we are the old Democratic coalition, the way Dubya condescendingly called France and Germany the old Europe. You burn bridges with the people who’ve been supporting you for years in favor of new allies with no track record, and you find yourself where the US finds itself internationally — all alone.
    Every time you open your mouth, you make me wonder whether I really can pull the lever for Obama in the fall. So just shut it.

  12. I know that a lot of people don’t think it’s a significant story, but I think the Ayers/Dohrn connection — that he began his political carrier announcing his State Senate race at their house (and likely raised money at that event) is a total campaign killer.

    I’ve read Anglachel’s Journal about “Radical Chic” in Chicago. But, that doesn’t make me feel more comfortable with it.

    We live in Bush World and while people are currently dissatisfied with HIM — have they changed so much they could elect a president who has accepted money from domestic terrorists.

    Now I know Ayers & Dohrn were never convicted. But, that doesn’t change what we think we know about them.

    Is it true or all some 60’s myth?

    I really believe that for Obama to have a shot at winning he has to clear their name. But his mishandling of the Wright situation gives me small hope for that.

    Speaking for me only — I’m not wasting my vote on a candidate who not only doesn’t stand for my Single Issue (Universal Health Care) but is completely unelectable due to the company he keeps.

    It’s impossible. And I think proof that Hillary won’t do “anything” to get elected that it hasn’t been discussed more completely by now.

  13. Count me as one of the citizens who won’t ever vote for Obama, as well as the other 5 people that I work with. The racial divide that this campaign of “unity” has brought out is as big as any I’ve ever seen.
    The Democratic Party will hopefully completely break up after this mess. I support Hillary and my country, I will no longer consider myself a Democrat.

  14. Look-you folks are falling into the media narrative.

    Remember she was supposed to lose NC by 25, and Indiana by 6+. She did very well last night and I’m proud of her!

    Don’t let them get you down. After Ky and W Va things will look up.

    Demographics control everything.

  15. Thanks Sarah. I haven’t given up yet. But I’m mad as hell at Brazile and Dean and the rest of the morons who want to nominate a candidate who will win fewer states than Dukakis. Frankly, I couldn’t stand Dukakis, but Obama grates on me more than he did. He won’t get my vote, and he won’t carry my state. Without Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, PA, and NJ, I’d like to see the “math” that makes Obama a winner in November.

  16. katiebird: Now I know Ayers & Dohrn were never convicted.

    That’s what being the son of a CEO/philanthropist gets you. Good lawyers get chargesdropped. Also, toss in a professorship.

    Talk about unequal justice. It makes me LOL that Black voters are supporting this bunch.

  17. Litigatormom: No one here is advocating voting for McCain. I definitely will not be voting for him. But I will not give my vote to someone who hasn’t earned it and who thinks I am unnecessary. So, I will work for downticket Dems but Obama can just go fly a kite as far as I’m concerned.

  18. @Sarah: Demos are the reason why I’m so damn suspicious of the IN “result.”

    @BB: Don’t forget: he’ll lose OH and likely CA.

  19. We need to remember that we have AA friends who are for Hillary. Unfortunately William Jefferson showed up in SC and now again in NC.

    The real issue is we are electing a president based on race and not qualifications. This causes people like me to stop overlooking some of the issues in the AA culture. So Reverend Wright is no longer forgiven. Here in Detroit the High School Graduation rate is 25%. Yet the newspapers spend their time on the Mayoral Sex scandal. In my mind, the 25% high school graduation rate is the real scandal. I am not willing to cut them some slack as I have all of my life ( now 66 years old).

    Furthermore in MI our vote is not being counted. In the Donna Brazille environment this is ok. Gee isn’t that what we emphasized all these years to get the poll tax eliminated?

    Today McCain is in the Detroit suburbes and he is getting a lot of media attention. I to will be paying attention to him. Obama is just not qualified to address the problems of this country

  20. Sarah:

    Yes, it’s true, the media narrative is part of what is depressing me. Yes, she was supposed to lose both states. But I fear the SDs are going to buy the media narrative. They won’t have the guts to look past their noses to the GE.


    Yes, Obama is math challenged in the fall. I’m not sure about Massachusetts, but he definitely has no chance in FLA and MI. NJ he could possibly pull out — if (and its a big if) the MSM decides to take its tongue out of McCain’s arse. But I’m afraid they won’t. Obama is going to be surprised that the MSM prefers McCain’s arse to his. One of the things I love about Hillary is that she defies the MSMs tongue.

    That sounds really weird but you know what I mean.

  21. hlr — I told the story to one of my brothers who doesn’t spend time online and I think that’s about the only way to know about it at this time. He’s very liberal and very open minded and forgiving.

    In fact, he was a professional bartender for nearly 30 years and his whole life he’s made friends with people who don’t necessarily agree with him politically. And being a bartender, he’s talked to EVERYONE through this last 30 years of elections.

    I go to him when I’m ready to hear what America is thinking.

    So, yesterday I told him about Obama’s relationship with Ayers/Dohrn and before I could ask what he thought he said, “Oh, that’s not gonna work.

    Now this brother loves to talk through scenarios to see both sides of a story. And his only question about this one is: “Is it documented” — the part about Obama announcing his campaign at their house.

    Because if that event (or any other political events) did happen at their house — Obama is unelectable.

    So says my brother the bartender.

  22. fiscal: “Obama is just not qualified to address the problems of this country.” And there you have it, in a nutshell.

    Why, oh why, is the Democratic party once again shooting ourselves in the foot? This time, I think the foot is being shot clean off. We’re hobbled.

  23. Its over..America has rejected 4 more years of Republican politics, gas gimmicks and bombing Iran. Bye Bye Carville!

  24. There was a major political event in my town yesterday, a man I’ve campaigned for in the past who’s starting his run for US Senate. I’ve had it on my calendar for weeks. I’ve been looking forward to campaigning for him. I simply couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to go. The spirit has gone. After a lifetime of working for the Democratic party, I have been thrown under the bus. This is what I feel I’m being told:

    “Yeah, we know, we KNOW already… you dedicated your life to the environment, to minority rights, to women’s rights, to the first amendment, to economic justice, to peace, to the Democratic Party. But we’re taking it from here and we want you to go away. Really, really far away. By the way, we’re just going to discard some of those silly old things you worked for because they’re just not cool anymore… and by the way, we hate, hate, hate you… oh yes, and we expect you to keep your mouth shut and support us while we lie and attribute the most horrible motives, sins and crimes to you. We know you’re not racist but we just like to hear ourselves say you are, over… and over… and over… ’cause it’s just so awesome to tell ourselves we’re morally superior to half the Democratic Party. It’s too boring to fight Republicans; besides, we don’t even know any. It’s the new cooler politics… you just wouldn’t understand. Oh, and did we mention we hate, hate, hate you?”

  25. litigatormom: But I fear the SDs are going to buy the media narrative.

    They don’t need the media. Reality is that many Dem seats rely on the Black vote. Let me run through some of the “uncommitted” SDs in my state:

    Steny Hoyer (MD-05) – his district is somewhere in between 30%-40% Black. Do the math on a primary challenge.

    Chris Van Hollen (MD-08) – I grew up in this district. For a very long time we had a moderate Republican, Connie Morella in this seat. To oust her, the Dems had to redistrict and add a chunk of the neighboring majority-Black county.

    Ben Cardin (Senator) – To get this seat, he narrowly defeated Kweisi Mfume, 43-41 (18-person race). Then he had to defeat Michael Steele. Our local columnists are already pointing out that if the election had taken place 18 months later, Mfume would have won the primary (and we’d have a Black senator regardless of GE outcome).

    Part of me is pleased that Black voters have organized around a candidate because white male Dems have taken their coalition for granted for far too long. I just wish it were a different candidate — one that I could get behind.

  26. That’s MD-08, the 8 plus a ) got converted to a smiley.

  27. litigatormom: And you know and I know exactly how McCain can win NJ. TAXES.

  28. Isn’t it crazy – the facts I mean. BO won NC because of the AA votes. He does not get the white vote, the blue collar vote, Hispanic vote – but Brazile says he doesn’t need them. I wrote her to point out that when her emits these steaming piles and alienates those other pesky demographic voters BO is not left with much. It is really deja vu time – the drama of waiting for six hours for votes that should have been available much earlier – this is so Dubya like. Since the MSM is not going to mention that BO failed to reach those other voters once again, who is going to tell the party “elders”?

    I can remember being so appalled at the first go round with Bu$h and how the MSM acted out – hey, if someone would have told me what “My” party was going to try to pull, I would not have believed them. My bad – who knew they could go lower than the rethugs. What an original idea – call the voters racist – that will sway them.

    Since the Democratic Party is no longer democratic, I have to change to Independent. Since they want to lose so bad – I am going to help them lose as much as I can. I can never vote for BO – he has no ecomonic plan, his health plan sucks and his advisor has already let the cat out of the bag that he really is not going to rush getting out of Iraq. So, if they want to elect McCain – so be it. BO is too much work – I cannot in good conscience prop him or the DNC up – vapor man is unsupportable, unqualified and unnecessary – he is a party “elder” PRODUCTION and I am not buying it.

    I will continue to support, donate and pray for Hillary – she’s the best and the brightest. Rise Hillary Rise!
    I would love it if she went nuclear and demanded the FL/MI voters be counted – it is still her’s to win. And there are millions of us who will lose if she doesn’t win.

  29. I’ve just contributed again, and hopefully hubby will do so this evening. I turned off the TV, and even my computer, early last nite. I am starting to feel a pit deep inside my stomach…can we really be on the verge of rejecting knowledge, experience and liberal values for an untested “Phenom” with troubling connections and troubling campaign tactics?

    I’ve always been a Democrat but I am seriously considering going Independant and would definitely support the “Women’s Party” were we to go Lysistrata on the boyz club this fall.

  30. As Sarah so accurately points out, I think we can take away from last night that HRC achieved what she was supposed to, win IN and eat into BO’s lead in NC. We (I) got so wrapped up in the polls indicating bigger momentum for HRC that I expected more. Maybe that was happen chance or planned, but, I know a lot of folks on the blogosphere were expecting bigger margins for HRC.

    My concern right now is the superDs. We’ll know today, this morning, if they start en masse demanding HRC step out of the race. This will be hard to ignore but then again, a lot of this race has been hard. I’m also concerned about the state of HRC. I didn’t see her entire speech last night but the parts that I saw were not energized or positive, she sounded resigned.

  31. I just signed up for a $20 monthly contribution. That’s my heartfelt commitment and prayer that she stays in to win.

    Hillary, I’m counting on you.

  32. I was just watching one of those old World War II movies on AMC. I started crying to think that all of those boys died so that we could have a country run by a megalomanical news media and hedonistic celebrities whose two worlds often collide.
    The people in my church believe that we’re living in the end times and Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. I used to laugh when they’d say stuff like that.

  33. Lucinda, about your church’s “antiChrist” fears… I do not believe in that, and strongly think that we’re all just human and flawed, some simply more so than others. There are plenty enough reasoned objections to Obama and the very real new societal fractures he’s creating; we should resist adding religion-based fractures to his damage.

    I was touched by your reference to WWII.

  34. Envirowonk this morning has an amazing picture from Obama’s campaign in Kentucky.

    I thought it was some kind of a photoshop eco protest, but his actual campaign apparently put this nasty thing out!!!


  35. Superjude,

    I’m all about the Women’s Party.

    In my state we don’t register our party, so I hereby make my virtual declaration here of officially withdrawing from the Democratic Party.

  36. The anti-christ? Goodness, goodness.

  37. I choose to have my morning coffee with you guys this morning. No interest in putting on the tv and watching the talking heads gloat over this outcome. Yesterday the national polls indicated that Hillary would beat McCain by 48 to 40 while McCain would be beat Obama by 50 to 41. What happened? What changed? Makes no sense. So I am taking a sabbatical from the news and will rely only on this blog for updates. They must be swooning in pairs now that they think he can be crowned before June. Enough. He does not get my vote and Donna’s comments, while irritating last night, are making me pretty angry today.

  38. Good heavens, dotcommodity, it’s hard to believe that ad, with that huge barge of coal, isn’t satire! Huge Obama blue-collar pandering in Kentucky.

    Apparently he can’t decide which he loves more: coal or nuclear power.

  39. Hi, Pat. I called in late to work this morning so I can moan here. I’m one of the many who allowed our expectations to be raised too high in just these last few days; otherwise I’m sure I’d be less glum.

    You’re right about the odd disconnect between the national polls and last night. Jerome Armstrong gives one explanation at
    http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/5/7/8249/04946. He attributes the narrow Indiana win to the gas tax holiday, which cost too many liberal votes. I tend to agree in part; I understood her thinking in doing it, but it was a mistake. I would have to add to Jerome’s causes, though, the enormous burden on her of Obama’s misrepresentation of her proposal, his vicious and dishonest attacks throughout, his astronomical spending, coldly ambitious party leaders, and an unethically fawning media.

  40. Riverdaughter,

    The transcript (not including her most offensive comment though, thank you for posting that one) is on talkleft. Of all reporters, Campbell Brown asked her if she has a preference. Donna’s response? “I am not undecided” (emphasis mine), then Cambell persists and Donna says, she is undeclared and says “words matter”, and she is trying to unite her party. (sorry I am rushing, so no links, it’s all on TALKLEFT).

    Remember the emails she exchanged with one supporter of Hillary (masslib), which was posted on TaylorMarsh?

    Who the f*** does Donna think she is fooling? Stop with your ‘uniting’, which seems to be of EXACTLY same kind as Obama uniting the party. If by Party, she means the coalition she meant, then Begala is right. Be his guest, but count him (and many others) out.

    Donna is an utter disgrace. She should QUIT if she is interested in the good of the Democratic Party.

    Yeah, it’s a big IF.

    Seems like Working class Americans have nowhere to go. Honestly, if Joe Scarborough is serious about what he says and not trying to get ratings, he should start a NEW party. It should be the party of democracy, common sense and common good. Many disaffected democrats and republicans will join.

  41. Bo, do you think its pandering to blue collar? I don’t they are the audience.

    I think he is the astroturf candidate, and in that ad he is dogwhistling his real base (dirty energy) to cough up more money.

    My sense is that the folks whose mountains are being mowed down around them are um…hoping for change?

  42. start a NEW party. It should be the party of democracy, common sense and common good. Many disaffected democrats and republicans will join.

    ghost, I just finished saying that exact sentence not 5 minutes ago to a co-worker.

    I think the first step is a walk-out.

  43. I went to bed last night after hearing Hillary won IN. It was waay past my bedtime as I am a “typical” Hillary supporter….60+ years and working in social services to provide support to the impoverished in Chicago.

    The withholding of voter returns is a typical Chicago election strategy. And Lake County adjoins Chicago to the east. You do the “math”.

    When I awoke this morning, I stepped into the shower wondering how it is that to my sister, I have become, “white trash” and to my “liberal” neighbors I am now seen as a “racist”. I wondered what kind of world we will find after McCain beats the sh*t out of Obama and the DNC. Frankly, I don’t want to know.

    Thanks to Donna I might just as well crawl into the nearest hole and cover myself up before I can be seen. Because the bus is a-comin for me.

    I will not vote for Obama. Period. I voted for him as Senator and he’s done nothing to make me proud of that vote. Nothing. Downticket, maybe; but there’s no promise there either. Where I live I’ve seen more divisiveness in the past 15 months since Obama has been campaigning than I had seen before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    I know I am rehashing what others have said. I came to work early today to get things done, and I have not been able to think of anything except last night’s outcomes. I had the radio on and turned it off this morning – and will not turn it on again until the baseball game – if there is one tonight. I am here at the Confluence because this is my homepage. and I feel safe here. I am sad and angry and completely disgusted with the DNC and the whores powers that be in the democratic party. (Democratic my a**)

  44. Listen people the real story IMHO is that Hillary lost over 200K in the popular vote last night with the big result in NC.

    I do not think she can close that gap with the remaining states, despite the big wins she will likely have in WV and KY.

    My biggest problem is I don’t know how I can talk myself in to voting for Obama in Nov. Too much water under the bridge(s) for this Pittsburgh girl now.

    But in PA which really needs to stay blue, my vote will actually count.

    Help someone!

  45. riverdaughter, anyone here:

    Is there video of Brazille’s intiial remarks about white blue collar and Hispanic voters?

    The CNN transcript has the word “just” before she names the groups the Dem Party doesn’t have to depend on anymore.

    When people commented on this over at TL, they said there was no mediating “just” in Brazille’s comment — some thought CNN might have give her the right to “revise and extend.”

    So, it would be great to have the video to clear that up.

  46. Bo: I can’t resist adding the religious factors, because that’s part of what’s going to bring Obama down in November. These same people that I’m talking about gave GWB two terms in office and still (inspite of everything he’s done) defend him to the end. It’s going to keep coming up even if I never mention it again. They’re preaching it already on the INSP and TBN channels. Sorry if I’m offending anyone, but the religious right is still alive and well, and they’re voices are loud.

  47. Poli sci prof on WNYC this morning said Hillary’s “coalition” is primarily made up of the backbone of the Dem Party and they will come back. The old “where else will they go” argument. WHich is true: I could never vote for McSame. I would have to be drugged and hypnotized to do so, and if I learned I did vote for him, I might commit suicide. (That’s just to show how strongly I can never vote for him.)

    (She is an Obama supporter, which was revealed on her last appearance as an analyst.)

  48. Well I’m not in danger of voting for McCain, but I might write in Hillary.

  49. Well, those comments by Brazile tell me that she does not want my vote in November. I am old news. Let’s see, I am from a lower middle class upbringing, I am Hispanic, and a veteran (so is the wife). I may also be college educated with graduate studies in security policy, and my income (alone) is over $100K. But, I don’t drink the same Kool-Aid!

    Must be time for me to go Independent. I will not be a facilitator to these people by simply rolling over.

  50. Katie, I believe Bernadine Dohrn was convicted and served probation. She said a lot of violent and ugly things in the ’60s and early ’70s that will come back to haunt Dean and Brazile if they go through with forcing Obama on us.

    Allie, Sounds like you think the election is over with the nomination. How old are you? Maybe you should have taken civics. Sorry, dear, if Obama wins the primaries he’ll have to face McCain. And poor Barack has zero chance of winning.

    Lmom, Right now McCain beats Obama by quite a bit in MA. If he can’t carry MA, he’ll be another Mondale/Dukakis. He has no chance unless something really dramatic changes. There are a lot of Dems, especially women here in MA who are royally PO’d at Kerry and Kennedy not doing anything to count FL and MI.

  51. riverdaughter:

    There were a few posters on the threads last night who claimed they would vote for McCain in the general if Obama is the nominee. I’m hoping that they don’t mean it.

    I live in NY, so I could sit out the election and just vote for the downticket, because NY will go Democratic no matter what. I started the primary season thinking Obama would be a decent alternative to Clinton, and now my vote for him would be strictly of the holding-my-nose variety. Still, I’ve never not voted in a presidential election, and I’m not sure I can withhold it now, however painful pulling the lever will be.

    Anyway, I don’t want to argue about that because I understand and respect your unwillingness to vote affirmatively for Obama. As of now, he hasn’t earned your support. You, in NJ, are a much more important voter than I am this fall — your vote really matters, and it ought to be earned. I suppose that NJ really could go for McCain because of the tax issue though its been trending Democratic for a while, especially if there are a lot of New Jerseyans like you too alienated to vote at all. Obama has a lot of work to do if he wants to capture all those “old Democratic coalition” votes. It remains to be seen if he even tries.

    The thing that could keep me from voting for him is if he tries to claim victory at 2025 delegates, while continuing to invoke The ROOLz about MI and FLA. (Based on, of course, a misreading of The ROOLz.) His nomination will be completely illegimate if MI and FLA don’t count, and he’ll pay for it dearly. I don’t think he, or Dean (and certainly not Donna “undeclared but not undecided, words matter and I can make up their meaning at will” Brazile) have even the faintest idea how much that matters. I ain’t sending a penny to the DNC. Nada. So don’t be thinking you’re going to be awash in money in the fall, guys.

    Anyway, as I said, I don’t want to argue with the folks here about how to vote in the fall. It’s an individual decision, and we each have to decide what the deal-breaker is for ourselves.

  52. I’m voting for Hillary, as a write-in if necessary. Down ticket there is my Congresswoman who is a friend of Nancy P’s . She endorsed Obama before we voted here. Her blurb in a local paper was a carbon copy of Axelrod’s ad campaign (the rerun of Deval Patrick’s), citing “hope” and “change.”

    I’m voting for change, too, and she’s Hillary’s age and has been in a long time (her seat is secure). I won’t be voting for her again, but I won’t vote Republican. Just not vote.

  53. bostonboomer: Thank you for that information. I am very concerned with how out of step the managers of the Democratic Party are with so many fundamental issues. The fact that Donna B dismisses so many voters with such disdain is an indication of how entrenched those feelings are with the “in crowd”

    Thank God for Hillary. And that she’s a sticker.

  54. I think you should include gays and lesbians in the “old coalition.”

  55. “Bo, do you think its pandering to blue collar? I don’t they are the audience…I think he is the astroturf candidate, and in that ad he is dogwhistling his real base (dirty energy) to cough up more money…My sense is that the folks whose mountains are being mowed down around them are um…hoping for change?”

    It’s both; the mining heritage runs deep and Obama wants to put on the hardhat and tap into that sentiment. But you’re right, the the wink-wink nod-nod to the energy people is definitely part of it, just as he did with Exelon Corp. But that ad will turn off many WV and KY people, surrounded, as you note, by heartbreaking mountaintop removal.

    Lucinda, I share your awareness of the strength, sincerity and passion of the religious right, and it’s a force to be reckoned with, for sure. But I disagree with their beliefs to the marrow of my being and dislike giving credibility to them or using their talking points. Religion divides in a way that’s deeper and more enduring than any other social force, more, it seems, than race, gender, nationality, class, etc.

  56. I plan to do exactly what your co-workers said they will do. I will vote for down ticket Dems, but no Obama. We do need a viable 3rd Party. A Centrist Party…because the majority of us are right in the middle. Donna Brazile has helped me realize that the Democratic Party is not a good fit for me, as it stands right now. She has a huge chip on her shoulders and is always just waiting/daring someone to knock it off. Obama seems to be that way, as well. Too easily offended by the slightest things, when he was growing up. His wife is just plain Radical. How anyone can compare her to Jackie K. is beyond me. He possesses no grace, no charm…and she speaks “commie-speak”. So it’s NO to Obama ( or Barry the Bird Flipper, as I have come to think of him). If Dems control the House and Senate…it won’t matter if McCain is the President.

  57. Obviously I meant “SHE possesses no grace….”

  58. Bo,

    I’ve been listening to Liberal Voices (on computer) a WV based real Democratic talk show (as a respite from the all-Obama networks), and I do not think there is any support among WV Democrats for removing mountains.


    Bob Kincaid is the one dissing mtr.

  59. […] You Believe In Magic?Dear SD’s, here’s the only viable solution:The Game has Changed [UPDATE]Wednesday: There is no unity without FL and MI, Don-naLake County Mayor McDermott says vote count looks improperThursday: Make them earn […]

  60. Well, Bill Clinton was one of the great leaders of the New Democrats. So maybe it is time to just split off and start the New Democratic Party.
    Bill told us early in the primary season that Hillary would win the nomination, but that it would be a hard-fought contest. I have not stopped believing that she should be our first Madame President. She is so smart, and so much a part of the good of our party.
    I will not vote for any man, when we have such a good woman who should be our next president. I have always voted, and have always believed in our party, but this year may begin a big move away from it all.
    P.S. We need Hillary to get rid of No Child Left Behind. That mess is killing our schools, our students and teachers.

  61. By the way, after Obama’s long interview with Blitzer the other day..


    DONNA BRAZILE, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, as a neutral superdelegate, let me just say that I thought that he was very substantive. He answered all of your questions, some difficult questions, clearly — foreign policy, as well as domestic. He was at ease with himself. He told the story about his life. And yet he was able to, as Paul said, counterpunch on some of the difficult issues, especially against the Republicans.

    Come on, now. I know there’s been some really nasty stuff said about her on some blogs, but why is she on CNN all election season claiming to not take sides when it’s clearly not the case.. and Carville was forced off?

  62. […] a throwback to that famous fight between Donna Brazile & Paul Begala when Donna came as close as possible to throwing virtually the entire party under the bus, it seems […]

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