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An Invitation to Democrats in Exile

Welcome all you newly “unaffiliated” voters! If you’re like me, you realized sometime in the last couple of months that you are part of the “old coalition” of the Democratic party. But you’re not cool enough to be courted by the “new coalition” because you’re working class, gay, hispanic, asian, a woman, old or a brilliant combination of an *uneducated* working class, sino-peruvian lesbian. And you said, “Um, that’s not really who I am” Actually, that’s NOT who I am, except for the woman part. (Lemme check *peeking down shirt* Yep, I’m a woman)

I’m getting kind of tired of being written off by my party except for the whole, “We need your vote” thing. I want my nominee to pander to me. I want him to make me promises he does not intend to keep. I want to sit at the cool lunchtable. So, today, I am registering as an “unaffiliated” voter. I mean, I’m a well-paid, suburbanite, college educated, working in a very creative field and I can shoot latte like the best of them. Plus, my boobs don’t sag so I will fit right in with all of the other Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture that Obama has in his plus column.

Now that I am “unaffiliated”, I’m like one of those really attractive singles on hot dating sites. Obama is going to want my vote big time. When I was just a Democrat, I was completely unsexy. But I have shed that old skin, sort of like dermal abrasion, and I’m brand sparkling new and beautiful and so much smarter than I was just a few minutes ago. And my mind is suddenly unburdened. Yeah! I’m no longer worried about Social Security because that was the *old coalition’s” problem. Or universal healthcare because shared responsibility means that I might actually have to acknowledge the working class. Or high gas prices, because if people are spending too much on gas to drive to work, they should just buy a house closer to each of their jobs. Duh!

Any day now, Obama supporters will be knocking at my door and ask me to get a membership in their exclusive club. I will be treated like a queen once they scan the voter’s rolls in NJ and see my name. It will be like, “Oooo, Riverdaughter is a “creative class” unaffiliated. Well, we must really ask her to do a round of golf with us or share a latte.” I will be pampered and courted and made to feel better than all of you losers who comment on this blog.

Soon, I will not be able to associate with you or will only be able to sneer disdainfully at you in passing. Who needs real Democrats when you can win without them?


115 Responses

  1. I’m no longer worried about … high gas prices, because if people are spending too much on gas to drive to work, they should just buy a house closer to their jobs. Duh!

    Correction, rd — they should just buy a house closer to each of their jobs.

  2. riverdaughter,
    I say someone should start a movement to get more people to re-register to show the DNC just how we feel.
    Here is where any of your Arizona readers can go.


  3. I’m no longer worried about … high gas prices, because if people are spending too much on gas to drive to work, they should just buy a house closer to their jobs. Duh!

    Correction, rd — they should just buy a house closer to each of their jobs.

    No, no, no. They should rent/buy (as if!) a place in the city and either bike/walk/catch mass transit to their jobs since obviously all the cool kids congregate in the urban centers.

  4. God- RD I like you so much more already. I was going to get a face-lift and lose 50 pounds, but on second thought I may just register as an independent.

  5. Heh. Doncha know riverdaughter that once the Chosen One is the nominee, the Rulz Committee of the DNC will move for a change of the party’s name to the Obama Party? After all, the “Democratic Party” is just soooooo passe. Also, didja know that Obama will be the first presidential candidate to have no running mate? There’s just no one worthy of being on a ticket with him!

    (snark—for those a little too tired from last night)

  6. Eh, re-registering won’t work for me. Obama’s going to take NY for granted no matter what.

    Saw on the prior thread that Obama has Bob Casey on his short list for VP. Is he THAT stupid? The guy helped him to a 10 point loss in a critical state, he’s anti-choice (and thus anathema to core Democratic voters), and he’s on his frakkin’ short list? Why? So he can attract the scads of Republicans who are just waiting to vote for him?

    Puh-leese. Last night and this morning I wrote comments talking about how I would vote for Obama in the fall, however grudgingly, because I consider McShame a frakkin’ nightmare. Party unity and all that. But if Obama is going to give me Bob Frakkin’ Casey, I’m going to write Hillary in. Seriously.

  7. I just got off the phone from talking to my dad. I told him, “I can’t vote for Obama, I just can’t” — he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “I can’t either, katiebird. Can we start a new party? I just don’t fit in.”

    He’s writing a letter about how his caucus was swarmed by Republicans and Out of State Organizers. He’s furious. He’s depressed.

    It’s not like any of us (in my family) started out with anything against Obama. It’s just this growing feeling that he’s not experienced or smart enough to handle the stuff that’s coming soon.

    And a REAL distrust of how he got where he is.

    Still, my mom got off the phone. She didn’t want to hear anymore bad stuff about The Precious.

  8. add gay to that “old coalition”. Donna and her friends have been working hard within the party to purge gays as well. I am sorry I’ve been AWOL today, this has been really emotional for me (plus I had a job interview today), but I am working on a post detailing how many in the African American contingent of the party have been working hard to force gays away from the table. Apparently our civil rights are secondary to theirs. The racial divide of the outcome here in NC sickens me. Brazile’s politics of exclusion also sicken me. Anyway, I’ll have more in my post, but i’m going to take a day off of politics, so it will probably be late tonight. Thanks again to everyones great feedback over the last couple of weeks.

  9. litigatormom — I think Obama likes kicking people to the curb AND THEN tossing them under the bus. You want to vote for him (he laughs) not so fast, sister!

  10. Litigatormom, I’m from NY, too. But someone would have to kidnap me, blindfold me and drag me kicking and screaming into the voting booth before I’ll vote for Obama.

    I’ve always believed that one should for FOR a candidate, not against the the lesser of two evils.

  11. {{garychapelhill}} I wish I could hug you for real. I know the let-down from a campaign like you experienced is fierce. And I totally understand the need to get away.

    But, we’ll be here if you want to talk.

    You’re the best.


  12. I am a new Dem (registered so I could vote for Hillary) but I’ll unregister as soon as she’s out of the race.

    Oh, and don’t forget Asian Americans in your old coalition.

  13. I’m so sorry gary. I hope you will invite us to your wedding someday. Good luck with the job interview.

  14. riverdaughter — thank you so much for your wonderful work. I bow before your brilliant energy.

  15. gary-

    Yep, I feel your pain. (Are we still allowed to say that? Or has Bill Clinton now been voted off the island for being too “controversial”?). Obama knows better than anyone else how to throw LGBT people under the bus. I’m sure an Obama-Casey ticket would go great lengths to ignore us dirty, bitter, obsessed, clinging queers.

    katiebird & riverdaughter-

    May I join as well? Can I instantly lose 10 lbs., gain a PhD in architectural design, get a cool-sounding hyphenated last name to go with my trendy new Santa Monica loft, and become a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model? Maybe the Obamaniacs will like me more if I just “Decline to State” (what Indys are called here in CA). After all, Obama did win CA… Didn’t he?

  16. http://barackobamaisyournewbicycle.com/

    Click the text to get the next phrase. Repeat.

  17. Oh, and don’t forget Asian Americans in your old coalition.

    One of the things that really turned me off of Obama supporters was the backlash towards the Asian American community following the California Primary. I read and heard some pretty disgusting comments.

  18. atdleft — sure!

    In fact I just realized that once I do this, I can probably shut down my blog: Eat4Today, ’cause who needs to watch what they eat if they just have to register as Independent?

    All these years…. I had no idea how simple it is.

  19. They are so stupid. They don’t get the Catholic vote Hill is getting at all. It’s not about being Catholic. It’s the demographics; older white women, latinos, ethnic whites. Casey didn’t help in PA, and he certainly won’t help anywhere else.

  20. Modesty has forbidden me from mentioning this so far, but since the subjection has arisen…

    …as an advance-degreed winner of a beautiful scientist calendar pinup contest, with a private life Obama’s boyz could only dream of, I’m afraid that courting me as a new creative class unaffiliated will be challenging and very, very expensive. 🙂

  21. Hey, guys, can someone from Chicago way tell me what’s up with withholding election results? I’ve heard this is standard practice in the history of Chicago politics but what is it supposed to accomplish?

  22. I’m literally in severe depression now.

    For a few months now (I discovered this blog and TM in late March, I think) I’ve come here and found the kind of friendship, platform and exchange one can only get when you spend time in the trenches with someone. Even if my side lost the war, you guys have kept me smiling, upbeat and engaged with the whole process so far – as we make calls, travel (I traveled to Texas but couldn’t make it to NC sadly), blog, comment – we’ve been there through it all.

    Now, we need to – corny as it sounds – not lose faith. Not give up hope. And not give in to sweet nothings yet from the ‘Bots. As Riverdaughter says, let them properly convince us, engage us. And meanwhile, we need to fight and show that we supporters of Hillary are still alive, relevant, critical. And as always, the only way to get out of the sure depression that’ll set in (as it is already) – is action. The 16,642,328 people who voted for Hillary can, if we wish, shake up the foundations of this nation.

    Let’s DO something. Something BIG, dramatic, non-violent but assertive, and during a short period of time (so it looks like a spike and not like a gradual shift – or people will try explaining it away as due to other reasons). Suggestions?

    (a) tucsonlynn’s suggestion of re-registering – every one of us, within a space of two weeks.
    (b) switching off all the big news networks – MSNBC, CNN, etc en masse for a day to see how their ratings suddenly dip.
    (c) wearing black bands around our wrists to declare the demise of the Democratic party – one week post Memorial Day
    (d) a Gandhi-like mass fast – skip dinner for a day (looks like some of us anyway need to start doing that, with the economy so bad and no Hillary to help clean it up)

    More suggestions?

  23. I think I’m pretty bright, and yet I really don’t know what the platform of the new Democratic/Obama Party is. On economics, Obama’s advisors are mostly Friedmanites, more like the Reagan cabal in outlook. In foreign affairs, I know his staff is populated with anti-Israel types. Working class Whites are seen as bitter, antiquated, closet racists. I think that the platform is essentially a platform of hope. Oh, and change. Hope and change, the slogan of the new Democratic Party. I actually think it’s more of a cult than a Party, with Obama as “the one,” the messiah, the only person who can heal our broken souls. After Obama, what happens to the Party? What happened to Perot’s party after Perot? Well, maybe that doesn’t much matter. History is only about the last ten minutes in this brave new world. Grab your blackberry, tell your friends to celebrate the excitement of Obama winning; and then go on to some new venture in life.

    It’s bitterly funny: I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to vote for my personal interests in a major election. I usually subsume them in favor of what I think is the greater good. Now I’m essentially told to take a walk and get out of the way of the great new thing. As sure as I’m sitting here, the Obama presidency is going to be a brief interregnum between the total domination of the country by the religious right wing. By that time, the Democratic base will have been so insulted, marginalized and disenfranchised, that it will put up little resistance. Brazile and Dean will have the most pyrrhic victory imaginable. Actually, that’s not right; to them no victory is pyrrhic, because it’s all about them anyway. Arianna will go off to Greece to sun herself; Kos will take his money and start up another venture. We will wait for the next political messiah. Voting privileges will be severely restricted. Democrats will have no ground on which to protest, given their recent history of disenfranchising voters.

  24. RD, the way it’s been done before is you hold back the vote, see how much vote you need to overcome it, and then that numbers of ballots magically appears.

  25. Hey, guys, can someone from Chicago way tell me what’s up with withholding election results? I’ve heard this is standard practice in the history of Chicago politics but what is it supposed to accomplish?

    I’m not from Chicago but I’m going to take a stab at this and guess, you can’t know how many votes you’ll need until all other votes have come in.

  26. Chevalier:

    I’ve already turned of MSNBC and CNN. I peek in very occasionally now, mostly to get returns.

    I like the idea of mass re-registering. Hell, there aren’t going to be any primaries for another four years.

  27. Chevalier, hang in please. I know this seems like a dark day. I do like some of your ideas….

  28. What made last night’s case even more special was the Mayor stating that Obama was going to catch up once his votes were counted. Doesn’t that smell nice!

  29. Melanie: Are there any examples of that? That Tom McDermott guy was pretty scathing. He pretty much accused the entire state of Indiana corrupt. I’m just curious as to how they thougth they could get away with it with the whole world watching John King playing with the big screen of Indiana.

  30. Did anyone catch Windbag Bill Bennett on CNN last evening? He was going on about all the ways that Obama has won. He’s won the most delegates. He’s won the most popular votes. He’s won (get this) all the big states.

    These people are not held to any standards.

  31. litigatormom, all —

    Didn’t mean to start a panic on Casey … there was an article about Casey as a VP option for BO in politico fairly recently … usually these things get floated as trial balloons to gauge reaction.

  32. Well, it was my idea to do the strike from Kos but I couldn’t join because,er, I wasn’t allowed to tell them I was going on strike. But mass re-registration does sound like a good idea. I’m just concerned that the party will think that we will come to our senses in November. But I’m going to note this day in my iPhone calendar and in the first week of November, I’m going to revisit these posts from today.

  33. Cloudy and melanie: So, where do those votes come from? Are they actual votes cast or are they conjured?

  34. riverdaughter, I’m not promising to strike in November because I don’t think Obama will be the nominee. I have every expectation that Hillary will get the nomination.

    And I’m “sticking” to that.

  35. garychapelhill: but I am working on a post detailing how many in the African American contingent of the party have been working hard to force gays away from the table. Apparently our civil rights are secondary to theirs.

    Here in MD we have a Dem gov, veto-proof house/senate majorities. My county has no Republicans in elected office — not even municipal. Same holds true for the county next door.

    Last year, MD’s high court punted on the issue of same-sex marriage to the lege. A no-brainer in a super-progressive state like MD, right? After all, we’re not like NY or MA — we’ve only had one GOP gov in about forty years, and that was due to an unforced error on ‘Team Dem.’

    The issue is that the AA faction of the happy Big MD Tent doesn’t want any part of marriage rights for all.

  36. hlr, I just threw up a little. That’s a terrible story.

  37. A little bit (5 minutes) of mildly relevanthumor here.

  38. Asolut touche.com I’m laughing too hard to be serious, but on a very, very serious noteI just came from Black Agenda report and you, all ye multi mxed bag o’ working dems need to read this. One time I tried my best to write about it (O & his labor law thing I had seen it at Savage Politics) but boy does this matter. To Dems.


    It’s a mashed potatoes and gravy kind of thing….umm hmmmm.

    What a writer she is, and there is also a piece on Black Feminism. See my take is that Feminism has looked very different for the growing up 70’s into ’80’s gen crossculturally. That is why we are not seeing women come out as a collective for Hillary. Maybe we can do something about that by engaging a whole bunch of women’s voices across the spectrum. Anyway, do not miss that read…

  39. Chevalier,
    I did the black armband thing both times Bush was elected. Since I am such an extreme partisan, everyone I worked with knew exactly what it meant.
    I will join you in that.

    Katiebird.for the sake of our country and my sanity, I have to agree with you.

  40. Re-registering en masse sounds like a good plan. I’m going to look into the process here ASAP.

    Katiebird: I love what you just said about Hillary getting the nomination.

  41. When I became a Democrat I signed in blood, so I’m stuck being uncreative and no-class.

    Too bad, because I wouldn’t mind being taller, thinner, hairier, younger and cooler.

    I’ll have to live with being unloved and unwanted.

    But since I’ll be a Democrat, Obama won’t want my vote. I promised to vote for the Democrat in November and I will.

    California allows write-in candidates. 🙂

  42. I got an email wants $$$s from the DCCC yesterday and talking about how the Dems beat back a nasty Repub attach in the Louisiana 6th and that the Dem won.

    I wrote them back and explained that the Repubs had nothing to do with that victory nor did Obama being the heir apparent; it was a nutzy Repub candidate. I further explained that as soon as I was back in LA I was changing to Independent and would not be voting for the Dem nominee for Prez if it was Obama. I said this would also affect my down-ticket considerations as well. They need to learn/know that actions have consequences.

    Heh…I can join the club with most of you all, older, white, (now salary was close to the desired Obama-range) and gay.

    Oh and folks! If you are going to change party affiliations by mail, do it before the postage rates go up! LOL!

  43. Yes, Pie Hole. that’s what my dad told me. he said he got interested in politics as a kid in the 50’s(he’s got a PhD in poli sci) becuase he was watching election returns and the analyst said if Lake County comes in late you will know which candidate is going to win. He knew immediately what was going on last night, long before we heard the Gary Mayor on CNN, just based on the fact that Gary said they would be several hours late with the vote count.

  44. Pie Hole: Usually, accusations of voter fraud go undetected and no one follows up on them because it’s a new newscycle. It’s like, “Nothing to see here folks, Move along” Bu that exchange last night was preceded by several hours of Lake county sticking out like some kind of French Foreign Legion hold out. I don’t know how many times I clicked the NYTimes front page and the sucker NEVER CHANGED! It was 0% even after everyone but union county reported. And there was John King tapping Marion and Lake on that huge screen and for all the world looked confused about what was taking so long. If you were the average viewer watching the margin close to within 2%, how could you have missed that little patch of stubborn white in the upper left hand corner? And I know for certain that more average Americans are following this primary season with the intensity of a major world sporting event. They have to know that something wans’t right. Combine that with the 87% AA demographic in Gary and the AA mayor AND another mayor pretty much coming out and accusing them of corruption and I don’t see how they’re going to sweop this one under the rug. People know what they saw. They saw an Obama supporter trying to rip off Hillary’s win in a major state primary and almost succeeding.

  45. Ok RD. this one’s for you to laugh to…



    I’m going to cross post you yay!

  46. Melanie: But I’m still confused. Do they conjure up new votes based on need or withhold votes? Both would be serious grounds for prosecution abd we caught it on tape. But I think manufacturing voters would be more difficult and a worse violation. So, which is it?

  47. RD: Who knew, when many of us were posters back on Brand X, that you would be the leader of a new movement? Because I think you have the beginnings of a new movement here, but whether or not it’s the beginning of a new political party or whether it’s going to be a move to re-take the Democratic party, I’m not sure. But it definitely has the one ingredient necessary to define it as a movement: it is starting from the bottom, not being dictated to by the top.

    I’ve only lived through three real movements in my life: the anti-Vietnam movement, the civil rights movement, and the movement to pass the ERA. I wasn’t involved in the first two, because I’m not into getting clubbed over the head for non-violent protest, but I was involved in the third, and it was exhilarating. When I read the posts of you and a couple of others here last night, defending yourselves against the troll who appeared, I felt heartened that there were still some Democrats so eloquently able to defend the core beliefs of (what I call) the traditional Democratic party. Unfortunately, like my moderate Republican friends, I feel that my party has left me, not that I’ve left the party. Since we aren’t registered by party here in Illinois, I can’t make a statement by changing affiliation, but I’d still like to be considered a part of the movement.

    By the way, in response to your question on vote stealing, just think back to Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000. Why were those states so late in reporting their results? Same reason, I suspect, as what we saw in Gary last night. Also, Indiana uses computerized voting, so I imagine it would have been relatively easy to change some vote totals if the mayor of Hammond hadn’t spoken out.

  48. I have faith in Hill winning, but if BO wins the primary & the presidency [!], he should select Mitch McConnell as his VP because we’ll still be saddled with Mitch. This was the year in KY to finally DitchMitch [and Chao], since his disapprovals are finally as high as his approvals. There is no way on God’s green earth BO can win in KY, even if McCain fingers the American flag!
    Ky would get BO & Mitch…. ugh

  49. myiq2xu: As an unaffiliated in NJ, I have the right to vote in the primary for either party. I just have to declare at the poll. But I don’t want to be assiciated with this incarnation of the Democratic party. It’s been highjeacked like the Republican party was. And how many times did we criticize moderate Republicans for putting up with it? We saw our share of Christie Whitman’s and Colin Powell’s get trampled by the crazy neocon-robberbaron-evangelicals. We begged and pleaded with them to intervene. They did nothing. I’m not an advocate of passivity in this situation.

  50. In case anyone was not informed, Miss Donna Brazile is considered gay. She has never confirmed this report. But Donna is a practising Catholic which may be one reason she has never come out. The black community does not wholly embrace gays which may be why the Obama campaign has stepped away from them. Remember SF and Gavin Newsom along with his reluctance to give interviews to the Advocate? If it is true about Donna, and as I said it has been floating out there for a long time, than she is even a bigger hypocrite than we have credited her. And incidentally, where is the outrage from the gay community who have also joined us in the pit?

    I am re-registering as an Independent although it is breaking my heart. A message must be sent.

  51. Pat Johnson: And incidentally, where is the outrage from the gay community who have also joined us in the pit?

    Here’s the deal: Every faction of the ‘Movement’ thinks they’ll be in charge once their man is in power.

  52. Beware credit card scam artists!

    I was called on Monday evening by a man who supposedly represented the Clinton campaign. He told me that the call was being recorded…etc.

    He then gave a brief spiel and mentioned that my last contribution was x dollars. There was a plea to give more. Since x dollars was recorded (and public record) for the end of March, I mentioned that I’d given x more dollars x number of times. When he asked me to donate more, I said I’d have to make some more money and hung up the phone.

    It all seemed very suspicious. I’d send in a check or donate online, not give John Doe my credit card number. I read here or on Taylor Marsh about someone else who received such as call.

    I did send in x dollars this morning…online!

  53. CB, yep, this is my standard response to all fundraising calls, “I’m sorry, I’d really like to donate but I don’t give my information over over the phone. Please send me a pledge card.”

  54. Obam can go to hell. I don’t give a rat’s ass about party unity, since I’m not part of the “new” Democratic party-a al Brazile.

    I’m a middle-aged , white, female, advanced degree holder. I have voted Democratic since 1971. I don’t fit in anymore.

    So, if and when BHO get sthe nomination, I’m going to register as an independent. It will be a liberating experience.

    Any party or candidate can earn my vote or not. I owe none of them anything.

    The only question is if I will write in Hillary, or vote McCain.

  55. RD, ballot stuffing is as old as elections. I believe they use voters roles and fill out ballots. I’ll ask my Dad later how it works and report back.

  56. Sugar is having a meltdown over at her blog! And she has taken plenty of heat for being a Hillary supporter while her community blasts her for not following “the One”. You have to give her plenty of credit for sticking her neck out because it has not been an easy position for her to defend as a black woman.

  57. {{sarah}} We’re going to proudly pull our levers for the Democratic Nominee — Hillary Clinton. And she’ll sweep the rabble from the halls of the DNC.

    Let’s take our party back: Hillary Clinton for President!


    So Donna wants to throw my husband and me under the bus, 74 yr. old loyal lifelong democrats, party workers who always donate to dem. candidates??

    Old, white, middle class, educated, never been racist, honest, hard-working, doesn’t fit Donna’s model of the NEW democratic party.

    Goodby Donna and Howard, we stepped off your bus at the last stop. Any others “Stepping off the bus?”.

  59. Taylor Marsh is taking it on over there! You have to read her response to Tim Russert; absolutely hysterical. Feels good to laugh out loud.

  60. I definitely think we should do something en masse also.

    How about starting with a fixed date, (like as I said above, the day if and when BHO gets the nod.). Then all reregister as an Independent.

    That way it would all occur at the same time, and they’d get the message.

  61. Have fun. & please, don’t come knocking on my door when you want to reestablish the woman’s right to chose. I just love how you & Susie & lambert are the heart & soul & chef of the working class. What crap. Come up to visit me someday & we’ll go visit some of the disappeared welfare recipients that the Clintons managed to change. & we can also go visit my old boss & the graves of some of the woods workers who died of a lot of different stuff or the son of the bar owners who died of AIDS way back in the day. I’ve come to the conclusion that while you may be working class, you’ve swallowed the pie in the sky economic vision of the $109,000,000 Clintons (they made that money during the Bu$hCo years). Please, my candidate didn’t win either, but I’m going to vote for a centrist, Obama, because, while he’s not V.I. Lenin, or Mr. Zielder, R.I.P., of Milwaukee, or Hollis Brown, he’s way better than McLiar.

  62. The power of the closet is something that we cannot hold against Donna. I was a practicing Catholic before I came out, and I can understand the agonizing deliberation in trying to reconcile those two positions. I tried for a long time, and I simply ended up jettisoning the Catholicism. Her connection to the AA community further complicates this issue, as a formal queer identity meets significant resistance in that environment.

    I would not label her a sexual hypocrite, even though I think she is one politically: she is a victim of the cultural context in which we find ourselves. It is tragic, and she could rise above it. But I won’t (and advise others to do the same) judge her for not publicly declaring her sexuality. It’s a monumental task, and we should be sympathetic towards the anxiety and pain she must be feeling.

  63. sarah: I am in favor of doing something and I think someone gave some very good duggestions above. But the time to act is *before* Obama gets the nomination. Once he gets it, it’s too late. It has to be done soon. Like in the next couple of days so that SD’s take note that we are not fucking around.

  64. I made a mistake with my email address on my previous comment, but have corrected it with this comment. I’m sorry.

  65. grayslady, on May 7th, 2008 at 2:33 pm Said:

    RD: Who knew, when many of us were posters back on Brand X, that you would be the leader of a new movement? Because I think you have the beginnings of a new movement here, but whether or not it’s the beginning of a new political party or whether it’s going to be a move to re-take the Democratic party, I’m not sure. But it definitely has the one ingredient necessary to define it as a movement: it is starting from the bottom, not being dictated to by the top.

    I think that you are correct in that there is a new movement afoot. During this election women have been organizing together online and building a feminist infrastructure. The Confluence is just one example of that. What’s different between today and the 1970s is that women have more money and are in greater positions of power today. This means that we wield greater political clout than before and are actually not afraid to use it. Remember that letter to Pelosi from the large donors saying that they were upset at being ignored and shut out of the process?

    Last night I was so pissed off. I was thinking about what to do about it. Perhaps we should be identifying progressive women candidates at the local and state level to build a pool of women who will push the envelope and eventually compete at the Federal level. Last night I remembered a diary on downwithtyranny.blogspot.com that talked about a rich guy in Colorado who found progressive candidates running at the local levels and emailed his friends about his findings. They were able to influence a lot of elections with money because it doesn’t take as much money to win a city council seat as it does a state or federal senate seat. I would like to do something like that because I think that I would feel better fighting for something than being ticked at the Dems right now.


    Marc Ambinder has opened his comments for suggestions on how Obama can unite the party.

    Most of the suggestions amount to “give Hillary’s people a thumb in the eye, and blame it on Hillary”.

  67. {{ronkseattle}} I’m sorry you had to read that. But, maybe it will open Marc’s eyes a little to have to wade through that filth on his own blog.

    And Hey, Everyone! We’re having our busiest day ever. Nearly 11,000 visitors so far.

  68. hir-

    Isn’t something going on on Montgomery County regarding gay marriage/domestic partner rights? I thought I heard something about this.

  69. My favorite thing is that the concern troll Obamicans are going all over the place, say, “don’t you think it’s time for you to stop being so mean and unify?” and “Who’ll you vote for instead, McInsane?”

    If I’m going to vote for “Not McCain” I may as well make myself a cardboard cutout and label it as such.

    The “where ya gonna go” trolling just isn’t going to work this time. I won’t vote for what the Democrats have morphed into. — the party of disenfranchisement, the party of Lake County, the party of reverse racism.

  70. lisadawn, I agree with much of what you’re saying. There really is no viable progressive movement at this point in time, despite what blogs like Brand X, Russ Feingold and others would like you to believe. Your idea about supporting progressive women is also a good one. Emily’s List was supposed to be the funding arm of the women’s political movement, but, as we all know, in recent years they may as well have been supporting Liddy Dole for all the lack of judgment they’ve displayed. We need to regroup and think about how we move forward.

  71. We, (myself, husband, daughter, assorted relatives in MA, FL, NC and various military installations) have pledged that if Obama becomes the nominee, the VERY NEXT DAY we will change our party affiliation. Here in PA, it’s no affiliation, in MA it’s independent, not sure on the rest.
    My husband, daughter and I will be going right to the county courthouse and we are taking the video camera with us to record the moment. We will then upload the video and send it to Dean and co. The party run by Dean is not the party my husband and I, my siblings and his, my parents and grandparents belong to, supported and voted for all our lives.
    Dean and company can take Obama and see is he can win without us.
    No Obama, no way, never!

  72. Riverdaughter- you are right we need to do something before the nomination.

    So – why don’t you pick a date and let’s see where we can go with it. How about June 1 or something like that.

    BTW, registering as an Independent has nothing to do with giving up a woman’s right to choose. I can vote for whoever I want and can pick and choose candidates. I want them to earn my vote, not take me for granted, or abuse the hell out of my candidate and expect me to come running when they call.

    So Riverdaughter….let’s see what the bloggers say about June 1 or thereabouts. How about it

  73. Has anyone heard of this petition not to vote for Obama?


    I found the link in a post on NoQuarter. I can’t seem to find out who’s sponsoring it and whether or not it’s legit.

  74. rd & all:

    thanks so much for maintining your bright outlook. with your posts today. after the disappointment of last night and the darkly dawning reality today, your posts and comments have been very therapeutic. this gay new yorker will prepare to be completely ignored by the Obamanation, and will think on how best to take action.


    hang in there…i for one am looking forward to you re-finding your voice. your posts the past few weeks have been filled with such enthusiasm and optimism. thanks for all your hard work in nc.

  75. grayslady – I need to brush up on EMILY’s List and League of Women Voters to see how local they go in supporting women candidates. I’m thinking very local candidates where a little money goes a long way.

  76. If anyone needs a break from the electoral migraine, check out some funnies and food for thought videos from Flineo—some are pretty clever!


    And snark time out….I both snark & lurk, but wanted to give a sincere shout out & “thank you” is in order to RD, K-Bird, Ronk, sarah, DCD, Gary, LtrGatormom, Pat Votermom, Elix, cloudy, Chuck, ET AL–the whole LOT of ya’s (and sorry for names escaping me) for keeping me sane, inspired, thinking and laughing my butt off the last 24 hours. Hell, the last couple of MONTHS. You guys are amazing and I only wish The Confluence would choose a couple of anchors and start broadcasting LIVE!

    Back to work! No one’s giving up here!

    Let me know when the Amber Alert is off and they’ve found the Democratic Party–I’m waiting to rejoin so I can vote some guy out this fall, if at all possible, and not have him replaced with SSDD.

  77. I just gave Hillary some more money – she’s not giving up, neither am I.

    She did WELL – she won in Indiana where she was supposed to lose, came from 25 down in NC, and lost in Guam where she was down by 11%, to 7 votes.

    Keep going baby!

  78. Sarah: I did, too. Check your inboxes – I’m sure you all have this email from Hillary:

    “Today, in every way that I know how, I am expressing my personal determination to keep forging forward in this campaign.

    After our come-from-behind victory in Indiana, there are just 28 days of voting left. But we’ve never campaigned with the stakes as high or the time as short as they will be over the next four weeks.

    And with you by my side, I’m going to keep fighting for what I believe in until every voter has had his or her say.

    From the very beginning, you and I have counted on one another, working through every challenge and seizing every opportunity. That’s not just the way our campaign works. That’s the way America works.

    As we enter the final four weeks of this contest, let’s keep working our hearts out.

    Contribute now to keep moving our campaign forward.

    In six days, we have the chance to show our strength in West Virginia. If you’ll stand with me, it’s an opportunity I intend to make the most of.

    There’s no question about it — we’ve got to make every one of these next 28 days count — starting with today.

    Contribute now, and let’s keep winning together.

    As we’ve told each other time and time again. There will be good days and not so good days in the course of this campaign. But there will never be a day that we can’t count on one another.

    As we enter the final 28 days of voting, I know you’ll give it everything you’ve got. And you know I will do the same.

    Thanks for being such a wonderful friend and ally,

    She is an inspiration.

  79. brings tears to my eyes…

    I’d follow her anywhere

  80. We gave her money last night.

    This isn’t over till it’s over and even then, it ain’t over.

    Suggestion: let’s steal the Republican party.

  81. We need to start a third party.


    Starting here, starting now.

    Who’s with me?

    Carolyn Kay

  82. Carolyn: Absolutely, bring it on.

  83. Most of the suggestions amount to “give Hillary’s people a thumb in the eye, and blame it on Hillary”.

    Hey, they don’t need Hillary voters. Votes for Cheetos–every Cheeto votes! One 10 oz. bag = 587 electoral votes.

  84. Hi, RD. I’ve been lurking here for quite some time. As a Hillary supporter, it’s been one of the few places online where I can feel like everyone else hasn’t lost their marbles. It’s not so much the fervent devotion to an underqualified, untried, deeply flawed candidate that weirds me out (okay, it is a bit), so much as the vehement and venomous Hillary-hate. I can take a lot of things, but having misogyny pushed at me by so-called progressives isn’t one of them. Anyway, I figured that today, when I’m feeling so low about this whole process, is as good a time as any to come out of the woodwork and say thank you for providing this space.

    For the record, my husband and I were both independents who always voted Dem until Hillary inspired us (because she’s good at that, too!) to finally join the party. Although I initially liked Obama, my husband was never crazy about him and the more I learned about him, the less I liked him. It’s funny, we’re what everyone seems to think of as Obama’s base. We are in our early thirties, liberal, urban. Heck, my husband is even a man of color (biracial, just like Barack) and yet he can’t stand Obama and has been refusing to vote for him since well before I got fed up and decided the same.

    If Obama is handed the nomination “over the dead votes” of MI and FL voters, we will see if we can get write-in ballots. I’m not sure if that’s allowed here in New York. If not, we just won’t vote for President, and that’ll be the first time for both of us. As a woman and a man of color, we take our right to vote seriously, but that includes voting our consciences. I never thought I’d see the day, but then, a lot of things about this primary have surprised me. I’ve been angry for months, but now I’m just sad. This election is breaking my heart.

  85. rd, My boobs do not hang either and I am an independent. Does that mean I am cool?

  86. Signing up for the “Unafilliated” party. Surely there’s room for a well-educated, 30-something, Black, “queer-as-the-day-is-long-Judy/Streisand-ticket-holding” gay Texas like myself? 🙂

  87. Signing up for the “Unafilliated” party. Surely there’s room for a well-educated, 30-something, Black, “queer-as-the-day-is-long-Judy/Streisand-ticket-holding” gay fella from Texas like myself? 🙂

  88. Here I spent all afternoon planning the new Coalition. The new party actually. We get one every 100 years or so and I was thinking that as I become unaffiliated and resign my post on the local democrat committee, there will also be many rethugs doing the same and many many of those Raygun democrats.

    We grab us a Newt and have some fun.

  89. In Illinois there is no “independent” designation. You’re either Democrat or Republican. I’m thinking of re-registering as Republican as I cannot fathom keeping my Democratic affiliation now that i’m no longer wanted.
    That said, whenever we re-register, why don’t we send an email to the DNC telling them what we did and why.
    I’m not going to vote for McSame. I am going to write in Hillary if she is not on the ballot.
    (I know, katiebird, I know.)

    I remain the “white trash” that my sister refers to when she speaks of Hillary and those of us who support her. I’m now signing my emails and snail mails to her with that deignation.

    I cannot believe she is swayed by the Precious. it is so unlike her.

  90. Brillantl Just Brillaint. Move over MoDo – Goldie is what you were many years ago. Listen up New York Times.

  91. leslie: can you not choose NO PARTY in Illinois?

  92. UpstateNY~
    unfortunately, no. And the only time we actually state a preference is when we vote in the primary.

    At least that is my understanding.

    But I am prepared to do that if I have to.
    I already notified the Obama campaign that I am not voting for him. I am notifying the DNC that I am not donating and will not vote for Precious.
    I am once again answering the phone at night so when the DNC calls, I can tell them directly, that I will not donate to them again – ever.

  93. Carolyn Kay ~

    I have been “with you” for years. 8a)

  94. ..re-register and I will be doing that as an Independent. I secretly have been wanting to do that for a long time because I have been sick of the Dems in Congress but I felt connected to what I thought was my party. Now I know that they don’t want me so screw em. I’ll vote how I please and yes, now they will need to pander to me!

  95. My sister refused to register as a Democrat for her entire adult life. I always urged her to register as a Democrat. Her husband was at the DMV and for some reason they allowed him to register her as a Democrat. She went ballistic and immediately reregistered unaffiliated. Though she has always voted Democrat, she’s thought the Party was pretty crappy at really working for the people and did not want to be labled a Democrat. She’s an ardent Hillary supporter and is not at all surprised that the Party is skipping the chance for a truely remarkable candidate and future President. Tomorrow, I will join her. I will be registering as unaffiliated. My father plans to stay with the Party. He is in his sixties and just feels like it is too late to make that kind of change. However, he plans to never give and red cent to the Party apparatus. From now on he will only be giving donations to certain candidates he supports.

  96. Melanie, are you in Illinois? I noticed that you had responded earlier to the questions re:the late vote reports in Illinois.

  97. I did it last week. It felt great, like getting out of a bad marriage. DB’s comments last night about out with the old and in with the new validated my decision. Hopefully it will be a trend.

  98. Couldn’t we also pick a day where we swarm the DNC emails and give them a piece of our mind? and can we have a “blog for a FAIR DNC” on that same day? And also email our respective state parties and let them know that their downtickets are jeopardized.

  99. I would like a Plan B, as I live in a state where we’re all unaffiliated. I wanna make a statement too!!!

    I was going to email the DNC but I think it would be cool if we picked a day and all did it at the same time.

    I’ve been cool towards the democrats since the 2006 election anyway. they were elected for a specific purpose and it wasn’t enabling Bush. I guess they misunderstood.

    they had a chance to redeem themselves and they didn’t do it. as my daughter and her friends would say, they are FAIL!

  100. has anybody looked at the Green Party lately? they’ve been around since 1984. they have ten key values:

    Grassroots Democracy
    Ecological Wisdom
    Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
    Community Based Economics
    Respect for Diversity
    Personal and Global responsibility
    Future Focus and Sustainability

    which are fleshed out here:


    they could be viable with a huge influx of dissatisfied former democrats. I think they would welcome us.

  101. Hey all, I’ve been carrying around a “change of party” voter registration card for about four weeks now. After last night, I filled it out “independent” and dropped it off at the elections office today. Guess I jumped the gun but I’m glad I did it. If I’d known we were planning a blitz I would have waited.

    I’ve already emailed the DNC, DCCC, Dean and Brazile about how unhappy I am about FL/MI and that I left the party.

  102. Forgot…I’m writing in HRC in November.

  103. […] An Invitation to Democrats in Exile Posted on May 7, 2008 by riverdaughter Welcome all you newly “unaffiliated” voters! If you’re like me, you realized sometime in the last couple of months that you are part of the “old coalition” of the Democratic party. But you’re not cool enough to be courted by the “new coalition” because you’re working class, gay, hispanic, asian, a woman, old or a brilliant combination of an *uneducated* working class, sino-peruvian lesbian. And you said, “Um, that’s not really who I am” Actually, that’s NOT who I am, except for the woman part. (Lemme check *peeking down shirt* Yep, I’m a woman) […]

  104. It’s Not My Party & I’ll Cry If I Want To.


  105. I am livid. The democratic party and especially the media are such sexists. Women are the backbone of this party and taken for granted. I’ll be declaring myself as unaffiliated in the coming days. This is very ugly, but I am also furious with the women who have aligned themselves with the other candidate. Why don’t they get it?

    One of my friends pointed out that when our granddaughters become our age, they are going to ask, why hasn’t America had a woman president? Let’s not let that happen!!

  106. This movement is starting to snowball. The DNC thinks that we will all just fall in line…well not this woman. I am switching to Independent along with some very dear friends (CH). I will not be voting for Obama if he is the nominee. I am writing in Hillary, clicking a pic of the the ballot and sending it off to the DNC. Never again will they be able to count on my vote or money. I AM Woman….hear me roar!


  108. Thank you everyone. I have been so depressed it’s been hard to get up in the morning. Finding a bunch of fervent Hillary supporters helps. I think joining the Green party is a great idea; if we have no world we have nothing, and feminism is one of their core values. And from feminism you get educated women, and from there you get reduced population, social and political reforms, and altogether a positive trend globally. I think we should all be publicly defiant together.

  109. Please do not give up; write the DNC and let the leaders know what you think of their new party. As long as Hillary Clinton is in there fighting, we have to have her back. They want us to quit; please don’t do it. A candidate like Clinton doesn’t come often. She is the best one, better than McCain, better than Obama, better than both of them put together.She is smarter than her husband, and I really believe she cares. Who would take the abuse she has shouldered, if they didn’t care? Can’t you see what a great POTUS she would be?

  110. In case you missed Obama telling MSNBC that he can win us over go to:


  111. What an Oasis! I was getting ready to scream at a blank wall! Is this man SO stupid that he doesn’t even realize how REALLY, REALLY fedup we all are with the Dem Party? He just will not shutup…OMG! It’s like being in a time warp and all the ‘good ole boys’ from the 50’s and 60’s are back on the news! I think it might be more effective to focus on the male-ID’d women in the Party…like Claire whats-her-name from MO…and Gov Napalitano in AZ…we could start a mail campaign to elected Dem women with copies (or lists) of our UN-registrations and dismissal of ‘THE Party’ as a non-entity. What name would Mary Daly use for the villain political party that has indeed dismissed the power of women AGAIN? I’ll have to think on that one…time to dust off “The Wickedary”!

  112. Voting irregularities occurred in the counting of NC votes. Seems that Obama got at least 38 thousand fewer votes than first declared. They counted Obama votes twice in most of the counties. How does that happen? LOL. First its the allegations about Obama’s people at the caucuses, then its Indiana’s Lake County, now this. You can read about it here:


  113. Now the Obama camp is calling voters in Ky and WV and telling tham that the election is over so they don’t have to vote.

    I always thought it was suspicious how Obama came into this race. I truley believe that he is a decoy to derail the democrats. and screw the people for corporate gain. He acts like someone whose ambitions are not really to win the general election. Lately he has openly alienated many core democratic voting groups. He has only started doing this openly since he has decided that he has already won.

    I think his role is to divide the dems so that McCain, who has no chance against Clinton, will take the general election. They used him because he charismatic and black. MSM, who sold us the Iraq war is behind this. General Electric who own MSM stands to lose $ if a dem wins. Time Warner is also in on it. Fox is pretending to be nutral, because they would be too obvious. It is corporate manipulation of the electorate. Call it a conspiracy, but it sure seems to be the case!!!! I just don’t know why so many Dem Leaders are falling for this shit. The public maybe, but the players? I can only think that they have been bought.

  114. My father believes Obama is a plant, too.

    I will vote for Hillary Clinton, only — and the day she’s out of the Democratic Party race for President (or the day Obama is anointed the winner by the ridiculous actions of some “superdelegates” who should know better), so am I. I am looking forward to registering as an Independent.

    Barack Obama will never get my vote.

  115. Hey friends, remember that the best thing to happen to Bill Clinton was for Ross Perot to enter the race as a third party. What if Hillary declines the VP slot and runs as a third party? By then, more people will have caught on to Obama’s darker sides (e.g. lies, corruption, inexperioence, unqualified, Affirmative Action candidate, etc.) and will turn toward Hillary. McCain will shoot himself in the foot by talking up Iraq and Bush. This could be Hillary’s historic climb to the summit!

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