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Tuesday: In my mind I’m going to Carolina

Whoever keeps scheduling these training classes on primary days is a sadist. I’ll try to check in during breaks but I’m going to have to leave it to others to make posts for much of the day. You’re probably bored with me anyway and Kbird, BB, ronk and gary are my favorite reads these days.

So, Hillary should win Indiana. Of that we are fairly certain. It would be nice to win by 10 but we will be happy with winning. Carolina though is still anyone’s guess. Obama is likely to win it but by how much is just speculation at this point. Jerome Armstrong has been pretty good at predicting these things and he says Obama by 6. Or 12. *sigh*

Just keep sending good thots to Hillary. It’s going to be a good day for her.

In other news:

  • Obama tries to woo white working class voters by taking his jacket off and loosening his tie. This is to dispel the notion that he and Michelle are elitist intellectuals. Well, I would NEVER call Obama an intellectual. He’s smart, sure, but hardly an egghead. Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why doesn’t he stop calling them bitter and undignified? Or better yet, he could stop acting like an extra $30/month is pocket change. Or not call them cheap dates.
  • Gas tax? In Obama is wrong about the gas tax, George Frost at Salon says Obama was for it before he was against it. Obama voted to lower the gas tax in Illinois in 2000 and guess what? Some of that savings went into consumers’ pockets. Fancy that!
  • Joan Walsh talks about Michael Wolff’s sex life and projection. Apparently, Mr. Wolff thinks that we stupid old women should give up our sex lives like adults give up getting lots of gifts for Christmas. It’s just part of getting old for women. Men on the other hand, spend their middle age figuring out how they can have affairs with younger women and get away with it. And this is an explanation for what in this political season? That middle aged men can’t identify with any of the candidates and Obama is too young? Wha? Huh? How come Obama is the same age as me but he’s young and I’m old? Joan is right. The endless primary season is making people progressively sillier.

OK, Conflucians, here’s a fun little exercise. We know that Hillary will have a good day today so how will the media sing her death knell? Last night, Hardball raised expectations for her to stratospheric heights. If she doesn’t trounce him by 35 points in both states, she’s a loser. For some reason, they’ve also got it into their pinheads that she’s looking for a VP position if she doesn’t win North Carolina. That’s some mind reading because, to *me*, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why would tbe more qualified person want to take second place to a guy she’s beaten in the primaries? Oh, I forgot. Guam was an Obama win so it counts. Florida and Michigan were Clinton wins so they don’t. All’s right with the world.

So, predict the spin tonight. Will it be, “Now that she’s won Indiana and held Obama to a single digit win in North Carolina, her campaign must be trying to figure out how to concede gracefully. She can’t keep winning like this and actually expect the superdelegates to make her the nominee. Howard, what’s your take on this? Will she sweep the remaining primaries and THEN concede or will it be sooner than that?”

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  1. I do have a couple of things to post. Bizarrely you’ve touched on a couple of the issues in this post. But, I no one will mind….

    Isn’t that Clinton for VP just another form of WWTSBQ?

  2. Clinton for VP is certainly a sign that the Obama campaign and the DNC are worried. I thought that Clinton was to divisive and that no one likes her. Now, the upside-down dream ticket is starting to sound ok?? They can call us when they think the real dream ticket is a good idea, and we will tell them that it is to late.

  3. RD: See the Reclusive Leftist for examples of old Hillary supporters and young hot Obama supporters.

    Hell, if I had known that supporting Big O would make me young and hip I might have voted different.

    Now I’m stuck being a dirty old man instead of a virile studmuffin.

  4. Riverdaughter,

    You are amazing. You must have as much energy as Hillary. Thanks for posting all this great stuff before you have to spend the day trapped in meetings. I feel good about Hillary’s chances today.

  5. Well, I went out and voted in my first election here in NC this morning. GO HILLARY!!! And it was SO nice to vote on a paper ballot instead of the electronic voting machines we used where I came from.

    One thing I noticed afterwards on my drive to work, I passed 4 different groups of people out waving Hillary signs on the side of major streets – I saw no groups doing the same for Obama. Don’t know what that means, but I thought it was interesting.

  6. Where in NC are you, Velma?

  7. From a Hillary supporter:

    I have been in politics a long time (Baby Boomer) and I live in the midwest. All I hear is that no way is Obama ever going to win in November because our country is not ready for a black man to win. it is going to happen sooner than later, but not this time. Too many folks who do vote will not vote for him. There are not enough young voters to make up the difference.

    I disagree, but is this true and are we being set up? All I want is a Dem in the White House. I prefer Hillary but will not be unhappy if it is Obama. No one talks about the true hearts of white folks. If anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it.

  8. @ DarthVelma – I know what that means. It means Hillary is more organized and focused right now. Focused, that was the word this morning on Morning Joe and everyone on the panel agreed HRC has set her sites. BO..not so much.

    RD, I think we were all thinking the same thing over the past 12 hours. The bar has been raised and “can she make it”. David Shuster (barf) was practically foaming at the mouth, spitting out that HRC has to win both IN and NC decisively to warrant staying in the race and if BO loses IN but wins NC by a decent margin the SDs will be asking HRC to step down tomorrow, a.m., before the coffee run. WWTSBQ???!!!!!!

  9. Melanie, I’m in Raleigh. I saw a group of three on Glenwood by Crabtree Valley mall. Saw someone at the corner of Glenwood and Peace, saw some young guys on Peace Street who looked like they were moving to a new location, then a bigger group on Salisbury. It was wonderful.

    Elixir, I was thinking the same thing. So much for Obama and his “ground game”.

  10. Downriver Dan: I am not sure if what you are inferring is altogether true. Sure there are some “white folks” who will harbor animosity toward a candidate of another race but I don’t honestly believe that is the singular reason to reject Obama. We have some huge issues looming ahead for whomever becomes president and his background and qualifications, in my opinion, are not enough for me accept that he is the best candidate to assume that role. And if your assumption holds true, then you have to factor in the majority of black voters overwhelmingly supporting Obama into the same argument. The black community is voting 90% for him in each state. This also implies that they are voting less on the idea of experience and qualification then because he is of the same ethnic background. This too is a form of racism. It is my strong belief that Hillary is the most qualified at this point in time and I would like to believe that I am not basing my vote on the simple fact that she is a woman. I live in MA and voted for Deval Patrick for governor so race did not enter into my selection. I can tell you that he also came with little experience but a lot of “hope” and “change”. He has not delivered so far. Just a thought in answer to your question.

  11. Let’s see, so many to choose from – my prediction for BO’s losses as per MSM – the repugs came out in droves to vote for Hillary – they are so afraid of the unqualified, no policy for any issue, just fill in blank as you wish – BO. Using logical positivism BO is your dream come true – only if you are sleeping as is the Dem “elders” and MSM. It really sends a message when our party and corporate America denigrates the best and brightest for Vapor Man. What are they afraid of?

    I am off to vote for Hillary here in NC – rise Hillary rise!

  12. Mr Obama, as a working class person who carries her lunch to work, I don’t want you to woo me. Though it might go a long way if you told your fanbase to stop calling me an old, racist, backward, hope-and-puppy-hating, Archie Bunker. I know I’m not “cool and hip” enough to be a part of the popular kidz’ club, but then again, I’ve got bigger worries on my plate.

  13. And why are Obama supporters of the opinion that Hillary supporters are their enemy? His supporters are very naive. I still say we are being set up for a big loss in November if Obama wins the nomination.

  14. Why does the sight of Obama rolling up his sleeves with the “common folk” give me flashbacks of Kerry goose hunting trip in Ohio – complete with camouflage jacket? Dear, oh dear, oh dear.

  15. Been making calls to NC for Hill all morning, so far all POSITIVES! Not one saying they were voting for BO or said anything negative about Hill.

    Ok y’all, go make some calls now!

  16. edwardian,

    Isn’t it funny how some people just seem more natural with people? Kerry was bred to be a New England aristocrat. You’d think Obama would be more natural, but he comes off as an elitist too. I guess that’s what happens when you attend private schools as a child and then move on to the Ivy League. If he had actually had more contact with the AA community before his 20s, maybe Obama would have more of the common touch. Bill and Hillary have it because they have lived and worked with regular people forever and they simply aren’t snobs.

  17. I just came back from working the polls. I had a bunch of Hillary posters and gave away all of them (as well as my flyers). My husband laughed at me, but I walked up and down Main Street in front of the NGArmory (our county’s biggest polling place) carrying my Hillary poster. The traffic was heavy, so a lot of people saw me.
    At the polls, it was hard to tell how it’s going. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s very tense here. A lot of people don’t want to talk, and it wasn’t just about the presidential candidates. They weren’t taking anything from the local candidates either. They were waving everyone off and saying, “I don’t want any of that stuff. One lady was giving out candy for her candidate, and she couldn’t even give that away!”
    The people who did talk to me were enthusiastic about Hillary. One man challenged me and asked me to tell him why I supported Hillary. I said, “Because I think she really cares about people and wants to do the things that she’s promised.” He said, “Good enough,” and went in to the cast his vote. I hope I convinced him.

  18. “Chris, winning by double digits and losing North Carolina in single digits may allow Clinton to survive another day… but we all know she’s lost the popular votes and all the reaining delegates are lined up for Obama. She won’t quit now… but that’s just prolonging the agony and making John McCain invincible.”

    “Oh wait, with these new vote totals, it looms like Hillary may have eked out a squeaker in North Carolina. What say you now, Chuck?”

    “Well, it doesn’t change my basic point. I mean good for her that she got some Republicans to cross party lines… but she still doesn’t have a shot.”

    This is usually when I switch to CNN. 😉 Because Donna Brazile is just, you know, so fair and evenhanded. 🙂

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