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There’s plenty of room in the foxhole Tardis . . .

Where I’ve got a little prayer

Dear God Please

Remind every Hillary supporter in Indiana and North Carolina to vote today. Make it possible for them to get to the polls. And let their voting machines work.


The foxhole Tardis first appeared in an open Pennsylvania Primary thread at Corrente. And I’m very excited that it stopped by here today.

44 Responses

  1. A little troll repellent:

    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

    Bertrand Russell

    HRC ’08!

  2. We are rooting for you, Hillary. We live in Hong Kong and will catch the results when we wake up tomorrow morning. Many people here in Asia are so excited about this primary season and are following the ups and downs of the campaigns eagerly. We think universal health care is an important issue, and hope that America’s standing in the world will begin to improve once a Democrat finally reaches the WH again. All prayers and love to you.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with the voters today in NC and IN. They can truly make the difference. The country needs Hillary!

  4. I pray that I can hate Obama supporters a little less. Fight them just as hard, but hate them less.

  5. Honora — speaking of which, did you see that they dredged up Parris Glendening as an add-on delegate for BO?

  6. Honora- Believe me, I deal routinely with the worst of the worst when it comes to Obama supporters. On their worst day, they’re better than Republicans because they don’t want plutocracy and endless war. It’s too bad they have exaggerated and irrational love for the empty suit that is Barack Obama, and a mirror-image hatred for our candidate, but there are a lot worse sins out there.

  7. Katiebird: Thanks for the prayer. I said it just now!

  8. If good thoughts and sixth senses count for anything, I think HRC is going to do well. Best of luck IN and NC, good weather is a good omen.

    Go Hillary!!!!

  9. Juan Williams is quoted as saying that in speaking to someone in the DNC he was told that they are “pushing” an Obama win because they fear an immediate backlash from the black community. It appears they are more fearful of a singular constituency then of losing in November to a weak candidate. If it appears that the nominee has not won fair and square, there will be defections from either camp.

  10. We’re expecting record voter turnout here in NC, about 40%, which is double the normal turnout. About 400,000 people voted in early voting on the democratic side. According to the SUSA poll they make up 25% of expected voters, making turnout somewhere near 1.6 million. John and I are going to vote before lunch, around 11am. I’ll send a report and pics of my polling place afterward. Article cited above:


  11. Pat Johnson: Yes, we certainly have a recipe for disaster here. I commented the other day to a friend that Obama seemed to me a McGovernesque figure. He looked a little pained, and then I added, but who knows . . . maybe this is the year that we could elect McGovern.

  12. more local coverage:


    Bill Clinton is still at it. he has 4 GOTV events scheduled this morning!

  13. DC, I think he is looking more like Dukakis. Indeed same set of circumstances.

  14. Katiebird,

    Look at this and if you would like to add the picture of the candle and the shot of the prayer on the back, send me an email.
    my email is

  15. For political junkies that can’t get enough, here’s a link to some video of local coverage from WRAL.


    The second part of the video is about our Dem senate primary. Although Kay Hagan is expected to win, I am proud that the dems could field an openly gay candidate for US senator (Jim Neal). He is trailing Hagan in the race, but to my state’s credit Neal’s sexuality has not been an issue in the campaign (they don’t even mention it in the coverage). Just the fact that the dems have offered up a woman and a gay man for US senator speaks volumes to how far NC has come lately. The sad part is that probably neither can beat Elizabeth Dole (our do-nothing, Bush lackey junior Senator) in the fall. But maybe Hillary’s coattails will help…..

  16. Dearest Sister, what a beautiful prayer! the kids and I have recited it over breakfast–three times. And I will add this finish:

    “….and God, please bless Bill Clinton and continue to give him god-like energy”.


  17. Great piece in the NYT by Jodi Kantor, “With Right Props and Stops, Clinton Turns Into Working Class Hero ”

    This piece highlights a subtle but critical point about HRC, even though she doesn’t live the working class life, doesn’t pump her own gas, doesn’t make her own coffee and hasn’t had to worry about a paycheck for years – she gets it. She understands what people are going through and connects with them. That’s the difference between being “elite” and not. Elite is a mindset not a balance sheet.


  18. Gary, your coverage has been astounding! It seems that no matter how this election turns out, a major breakthrough has been accomplished when race, gender and sexual orientation will have little or no effect on future voters. It will be the ideas and integrity of a candidate that will be the issue dominating an election going forward and I hope to see those barriers disappear altogether in my lifetime. Progress to some extent is being achieved.

  19. Am I the only one that finds the Mcgovern/Obama comparisons insulting to McGovern?

    Obama isn’t the man McGovern was. Not even close. I get the nomination comparison, but it still makes me cringe.

  20. @Joaniebone: Yes, me too. McGovern was a man of principle. Even comparing him to Dukakis isn’t right: Dukakis had experience and served in the military.

    Obama is in a league of his own.

  21. In Indiana they say they expect 50% voter turnout! They usually only get about 9-10% in a primary election, but this year they are so excited to be important. I heard on the radio at about 7:30AM that they had lines “out the door” to vote!

  22. Look, Dukaksi was my last good Governor. Has nothing to do with that. The comparison is if you look at what was supposed to be. it was an easy win for the Dem’s, or it was supposed to be.

  23. I have never seen a creepier candidate with a shot at the nomination.

    I’m sure katiebird has described the fevered political climate in our house. My parents (and our beloved young Katiebird) worked feverishly for McGovern. Whether or not he was electable at the time, he truly did represent our liberal values.

    My parents now in their mid-eighties recognized Obama immediately for who he was–a Republican in Democrats clothing.

  24. @Melanie: Dukakis didn’t deserve to be slaughtered; Obama does.

  25. Yes, by all means lay off of McGovern. If he ran today, however old he is, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

  26. We already voted using absentee ballots, but my vote simply cancels out my husband’s in terms of president. Most of the others we voted the same for – there may have been a little difference. We both definitely voted for Jim Neal, considering that Kay Hagan is simply a Republican pretending to be a Democrat.
    I know that NC is important in terms of who wins the primary, but seriously, I doubt my blue vote will count much in this seriously red state come fall. *sigh*

  27. Melanie, I do understand the point regarding the nomination. The head-scratcher for me is why we would hand the win to the repug by offering up another -unelectable–repug-lite.

  28. joanie, that’s the point. The Dem’s ae often left scratching their heads.

  29. True. So True. But even if we play a really bad game of chess over and over again, I can still visualize (though not agree with) the concept off holding out for true liberal values. With Obama- the whole thing is incomprehensible.

  30. Davidson:

    “McGovern attended public schools, then left college to join the Army Air Corps for World War II. He flew 35 combat missions over North Africa and Italy, and won the Distinguished Flying Cross for piloting his damaged bomber across Yugoslavia to a remote island runway that was far shorter than the minimum length to safely land. McGovern had his crew throw all their non-essential equipment overboard, then both pilots stood on the brake as the plane touched down.”


  31. @KateNC: I thought the context was clear: I was comparing Obama to both McGovern and Dukakis. The “he” is Obama. I knew McGovern was a war hero.

  32. Edit: It should be “him” not “he.”

  33. The problem with Obama too is that we don’t know who he will seek to surround himself with in January. I believe the man is a patriot and does not agree with Rev Wright’s outrageous views. Not wearing a flag pin has little effect on me. But I do question his judgment with Rezko and Wright.

    Whoever gets in next January has a huge mess to fix. He will be totally dependent upon people who should be equipped to help sort through the sludge. If he wants experience then he will need to depend upon the insiders whom he claims to be running against. If he goes the other way we could possibly be looking at people like Deval Patrick from MA who also got elected with little experience and has been a huge disappointment in this state. In other words, his nomination, and possible election, is a major roll of the dice.

    I would rather not be in the position of having to “hope” for “change” when I know I am supporting a candidate who will be ready to go on day one.

  34. Juan Williams is quoted as saying that in speaking to someone in the DNC he was told that they are “pushing” an Obama win because they fear an immediate backlash from the black community.

    Pat, it’s a dogwhistle. I’ve been reading this a lot, and I think they’re implying riots, looting, Watts and Chicago ’68 combined.

    They want us to be afraid.

    Just my $0.02.

  35. @Merciless, I agree. This dogwhistle is just another way to scare us into voting for BO, nice try. They want BO as nominee because if he actually makes it to the WH, which I don’t think he can, he will be four years of making committees, moving the furniture and painting the oval office. The congress can breath a sigh of relief, no work for four years.

  36. Merciless: What can $0.02 buy nowadays? I remember when they used to sell penny candy and we would cash in our nickel coke bottles for the refund.

    Elixir: And Nancy Pelosi can continue to have her nails done without worrying about breaking one since The One We Have Been Waiting For will be too busy finding the location of the WH bathrooms and avoiding all press conferences. Probably appoint Al Sharpton as press secretary. That ought to do it.

  37. Pat,

    We have a pretty good idea of Obama’s future advisors from those he has chosen to advise his campaign. They are generally a conservative bunch, many from the DLC. He has advisors who favor privatization of social security and hawkish foreign policy. I can’t imagine what any liberal or anti-war voter would see in him.

  38. merciless,

    I’m not afraid of their threats. I don’t believe that AA’s will riot in Denver. The “creative class bloggers” might protest, but they are too up-tight to stage real riots. Maybe Bill Ayers will organize one?

  39. @PJ: Yeah, sounds good. Oh, don’t forget that He Who’s Name Shall Not Be Spoken needs to get started on that basketball court in the WH. That’s a bigee, could take a while. Oprah, hold my calls.

  40. Every IN voter I’ve talked to(I’ve got lots of Hoosier family) says they’re voting for Hillary!!!

  41. Merciless: What can $0.02 buy nowadays?

    LOL! Yeah, not even penny candy nowadays. It buys only my opinion, and I suppose that’s about what it’s worth.

    boomer, I also don’t think there’s going to be any conflagration in Denver. For one thing, the Denver police would not take kindly to it. For another, I don’t believe the fanboiz have the cojones to actually go out and riot.

    But we’ll see. I quit making any predictions about this race since about New Hampshire.

  42. Wait a minute…

    I posted on Obama’s White House basketball court, using the same “measuring the drapes” trope you use when you want to say that somebody’s acting like they’ve won when they haven’t yet.

    Naturally, I was accused of racism — “scary black people” ….

    But isn’t “the AAs will sit this one out “scary black people” too”?

  43. Lambert — of course it is. I’m not saying some AAs won’t sit it out. I’m guessing the passionate among both sets of supporters are considering it. But MOST Democrats are more than ready to vote for the nominee. (I live in Kansas so my vote as a Democrat actually doesn’t matter)

  44. I don’t think the AA community will riot or sit out the election if BO isn’t the nominee. The trolls and thugs are infantile and probably won’t vote anyway-it’s just a high school hate game to them. The elites will be mad but won’t risk their image by participating in an actual demonstration.
    Oh, my vote doesn’t count anyway-I live in Florida.

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