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Indiana and North Carolina Primary Cocktail Party

What the heck, Champagne for everyone, Rico. We’re going to have fun regardless.

The polls have closed in Indiana. That was fast. Wolf Blitzer is reporting that with about 1% of the vote in, Hillary leads Obama 64% to 36%. As I understand it, Indiana processes its ballots very quickly so we should know fairly soon what the score is.

I read on some blog today (they did give us bathroom breaks) that Obama had a meeting with big money contributors. Maybe that’s what that single closed door meeting in NC was all about yesterday. I’ve been expecting this for awhile. Obama has to have a really high burn rate. He is spending money like a sailor on ads in a lot of states and the firm he hired to do them gets paid by the ad, hence the incentive to do even more. When NC commenters started saying there didn’t seem to be many Obama lawn signs, that suggested to me that they are starting to feel the pinch. Don’t be surprised if his money starts to dry up if he doesn’t win NC by a healthy spread.

Anywho, sportsfans, let’s party!

293 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter, Last night in IN, Obama pleaded for funds. He said “I need help.” I’ll bet those big money men were telling him to get some white working class votes or the money spigot will slow down to a dribble.

    Some polling places in IN are still open. The northern part of the state is in Central time zone.

  2. On the IN Sec of State site, two counties are reporting. Right now Hillary has 992 votes to Barack’s 433. May the trend continue!

  3. Hey, I’m talking to myself here. Donna Brazile is on CNN right now talking officiously about “the roolz.” Yucko. Go way, Donna.

  4. Shorter MessNBC:

    For fuck sake WWTSBQ already?

  5. Jeffrey Toobin just called Hillary supporters grouchy and irritated because she’s losing in delegates and popular votes. LOL! Too funny.

  6. boomer: Donna is demented. Really. I’m not kidding.

  7. Oooh, I’ll take some champagne. I’ve given up even trying to pretend like I’m actually working today. Luckily I have a job that requires I be on a computer at all times. :o)

    According to CNN election center, still 61/39 with 3% in, all polls closing in t-minus 2 minutes!

  8. Fox News says Indiana looks good for Hillary. She is leading among Democrats and Republicans, but Obama is leading among Independents.

  9. I think champaign goes with spaghetti, doesn’t it?

  10. I like the trend but Indiana is not evenly populated.

  11. I think champagne goes with everything. I’m having leftover chicken stirfry with brown rice.

  12. I was going to do some work this evening in the new house, but forget it….what the heck. Champagne, Rico.

  13. Yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    HRC easily wins IN.

  14. I went to the Times county thing and other than Fort Wayne, Hillary is doing fine (Indiannapolis and Gary not counted yet)



    but RD, he was electioneering, No Quarter has it, so does the news and so do I. He did it in Wyoming too, RD. I have the blog entry to prove it. God.

    Damn. Now I want a cocktail go HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & ps—-big troll problem at my place, today. Idiots.

  16. I thought it was too early?

  17. ps: I figured out what a HAKA is, as in Maori warriors, or blogs that team up! So glad I know you, RD & Co. And NQ too!

  18. 15 minutes until the polls close in NC….

  19. I feel so good about Indiana that I’ve girded my loins and I’m watching CNN. Donna Brazile clearly hates Paul Begala who just said he’s going to lobby her as a DNC operative to rethink the distribution of delgates in future races. Donna didn’t like that at all. Also Begala told Lou Dobbs that he thinks MI/FL shuld be counted, Donna got very pissy but Lou pressed her. Lou likes Hillary.

  20. Looks like Clinton still leading by 18 in Indiana.

  21. I guess the meme tonight is what is the definition of “doing well”. The BO campaign has changed the goal posts in NC from a huge win to a win. I’m hoping HRC gets within 5 of BO in NC – hopeful, but, possible.

  22. Whew! Just a win? They must be sweating bullets.

  23. I want new primaries for Michigan and to a lesser extent Florida. Michigan should be included in the process and they have a primary on Aug. 5th. Of course, Obama can quit before then too.

  24. Is somebody here able to explain to that gigantic imbecile John Kerry that Rush Limbaugh is not the reason Hillary is winning anything?

    To the contrary, if we had only closed primaries, this charade would be over long ago.

    What a buffoon!!!

  25. Hill’s people (according to CNN) say that they think they’ll lose NC, but by no more than five.

    I’m hoping for a lot better than that, but as I said earlier, I quit making predictions for this race some months ago.

  26. merciless: wow, if true that would be good news.

  27. Hillary won Democrats, Republicans, and 49% of Independents in Indiana. I think she’s the Unity candidate!!!

  28. Fox just said they were going to call NC as soon as the polls close???

    That sounds bad.

  29. Kbird: That makes no frickin’ sense. But then again, it’s Fox

  30. Who does Lou Dobbs favor? I never watch him but he seems to be hammering Donna B pretty hard on MI and FL.

  31. cnn just called NC for Obama, based on exit polls.

  32. They say Barack Obama won NC. Strong AA votes. Hillary just not strong enough

  33. Obama wins North Carolina based on margins from African American voters according to Fox.

  34. Obama won AA with 90%+ but lost All Whites

  35. And apparently everyone else

  36. He’ll have won by a large margin for them to have called it this early.

  37. FUCK!

    BO has won big in NC. I think it may be 12%.

  38. Now they’re divvying up the delegates, before the polls come in. CNN says Hillary is finished.

    They can all ride out to Albuquerque and kiss my …

  39. This is based on EXIT POLLS?????? WTF?????

  40. MABlue: What has he won? It’s the same pattern as with every other state in the south.

  41. I’ll have a champagne, and another champange, and antoher champean, and … let the numbers fall where they will.

    It’s still up to the superdelegates, and it’s up to us to bring them to the light of reason.

    That, and Obama’s electability crash:

  42. 93% of my people!


    The MessNBC boiz are soiling themselves!

    I’m back on pain medication.


  43. MABlue: It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? That’s why the delegate count probably won’t help him much.

  44. Using the calculator over here and CNN exits, I come up with Obama by 12 in NC. I’m still holding out hope that she pulls out an even larger win in Indiana.

  45. I’m off to have a few drinks soon myself. is she winning more of his usual voters? he is not seemingly winning more of her voters..?

  46. Obama lost white men in NC. How can he win the general election without white men, white women, and working class voters?

  47. She isn’t going to win that big in Indiana. Indianapolis is coming in now, but Gary will be toward the end. Gary is majority AA.

  48. bostonboomer – He can’t.

  49. BB: But the AA population in IN is something like 8% That’s not a lot.

  50. What’s the projected turnout for NC?

  51. John King is calling the Indiana counties that haven’t yet reported the “democratic” counties.

  52. I’m a bit suspicious of them calling NC solely on exit polls. I’m going to wait until the votes are counted.

  53. rd:

    It’s 14% of the electorate in IN, but HRC has won the state already!

  54. Per CNN exits, she’ll take Indiana by 8. CNN is reporting about 14% AA turnout in Indiana.

  55. Wow, I just go to read Captain Underpants with son for a few minutes and when I come back Obama wins NC?. No way….we knew he was going to anyway, right?

    Now, all the TV pundits will start sounding like the munchkins in the Wizard of Oz and celebrating the death of the wicked witch of the East….

    Margins, margins, that is what I want to know, not exit polls.

  56. Riverdaughter,

    The AA vote is concentrated in Gary and Indianapolis. Gary is majority AA, but not as big as Indy. Indy is 25% AA. He will probably win in those two areas but nowhere else–like what happened in Ohio and PA. The middle part of the state and is Hillary country–lots of working class union voters. In the south it’s mostly rural and very small towns except for Evansville. Southern Indiana like KY and TN and should be Hillary country too.

    What I can’t understand is how the networks could call NC on exit polls alone. The exit polls have been way off this year, so it could end up better for Hillary than we think. Her people certainly thought it would be closer, and a party official I heard on the radio said he though Obama would win by only single digits. We’ll see.

    On CNN, they are already calling for Hillary to drop out. I didn’t even look at MSNBC.

  57. Oh, this is too much stress. I know NC was almost impossible but, this looks like Bill’s visits didn’t do any good at all.

  58. Indiana’s map looks a lot like MO, blue rural counties for Hillary and green urban/suburban counties for Obama. We’ll see what happens when Gary is counted.

  59. I’m going to hold on until I see the final margins in NC. I agree with others: the exit polls seem just a tad–off.

  60. MABlue,

    Exit polls have overestimated AA’s previously. I would be shocked if the IN vote were 14%. The state AA population is less than 9%. That would me a gigantic turnout of AA’s and incredibly low turnout of whites. I find that hard to believe.

  61. On Fox someone was interviewing Terry Mcauliffe and asked how Hillary would go forward and why would anyone care.

    Very disrespectful.

  62. Yeah, I’m with bostonboomer. I want to see numbers, real numbers.

  63. Upstate,

    Obama’s problem is that there are very few urban areas in IN, and no really large cities.

  64. They can call a state on exits plus a handful of confirming precincts where they have somebody on scene to get the numbers before they even go up the reporting chain. It’s fair.

    I still suspect HRC will do better than her exits.

  65. katiebird:

    It may have. I think BO won the Reasearch Triangle big and 90%+ of AA where it’s close to 40% of the electorate is just a killer.

  66. I was disappointed by how quickly they called NC. So far only 1% of the vote in, but they are projecting a “significant win.” After listening to Olbermann and Gene Robinson harumph about how this puts to rest the “jitters” about Obama, I switch from MSNBC to CNN. John King is not much better. “If Hillary Clinton can’t change the math or the psychology then its tough for her because there aren’t enough delegates left.” King is now talking about NC going to BO 55-45, although that’s just a made up number. Wolf Blitzer warns, “But Hillary Clinton won’t drop out.” John King says, “No reason to believe Clinton would win all the other contests until June, but even if she does, she can’t pull ahead…this is why the Cinton campaign talks so much about MI and FLA.”

    Uh, no. They talk about MI and FLA because they are being disenfranchised.

    Sadly, too many voters really don’t understand this. I spent some time with a younger colleague today who told me, with all seriousness, that the rules are the rules and that Clinton promised not to try to get the MI and FLA delegates counted. Turns out she didn’t know:

    1. the rules permit the DNC to seat delegates where the Dems were not responsible for or had tried to prevent moving up the primary, and that the Dems couldn’t stop the rescheduling of the FLA primary;

    2. the rules called for a penalty of halving the delegates’ votes where the DNC decideds a state should be penalized;

    3. that Obama can’t claim a victory at 2025 delegates without effectively disenfranchising MI and FLA because the magic number should be 2209;

    4. if MI and FLA aren’t seated, then victory cannot be claimed until the winner has 2209 votes.

    I was disappointed that she didn’t know any of this, as she’s a highly educated, intelligent young woman. I didn’t get into a real argument with her because she works for me — didn’t seem appropriate.

  67. I’m going to take a break and stretch out on the couch and read. I’m too, too nervous.

    Keep the champaign chilled!

  68. What kind of difference did Bill make in those rural areas? How much better than the exits I wonder..

  69. yeah, well i for one think it was planned. they want to make obama look like a winner at any cost. see, he got over his problems. naw, barrack, the voters are still here and we still don’t like you.

  70. daria, no mention of him at all. I’m really curious about the accuracy of the Exit Polls

  71. another, this just confirms that obama is the aa candidate. that won’t win the general. i have never watched a train wreck in slow motion before and saw people leaping off a cliff smiling. it is errie!

  72. Katiebird,

    That’s disgusting. I guess the half of the Democratic party that “cares” if Hillary goes onward are considered “nobodies.” Good luck getting this “nobody’s” vote in the general if Obama wins.

  73. Jamal whatshisname is saying that it’s all Hillary’s fault that she couldn’t get AA voters.

  74. Sugar’s “Chick On The Side” post rings true, thru and thru.

    CBS has just projected that Hillary wins IN.

  75. Be of good cheer … and have another champagne!

    Hillary could win this nomination if she hid under a rock for 10 weeks or so. (That might even be the optimal strategy … but it’s not her style.)

  76. Marion County (Indianapolis) is going 60/40 for Obama with 20% reporting. Nothing from Gary yet. Another factor that could hurt Obama in Indiana is that all the colleges have already let out.

  77. Good luck getting this “nobody’s” vote in the general if Obama wins.

    BB: I see myself giving BO the same “brush-off” he gave Hillary come November. Wishing and hoping Hillary can somehow turn the tide to right this ship. Because so far, it’s appears the DNC et al are content to sail aboard the next Titanic.

  78. Remember, it’s Indiana that’s the “tiebreaker,” per Barry himself.

    Everybody knew he would win NC, and it won’t suprise me if he wins it as big as SC. It’s even better for him than SC, with a big college population in addition to AAs.

    Indiana is the state he needs to win — remember Harold Ford said, “Barack, you MUST win Indiana.”

  79. Obama’s people are saying on CNN that Hillary was always going to win IN and it’s no big deal, bla bla bla….

  80. It looks like she will win by what SUSA predicted in IN.

  81. Oh, violet. That was then. Now, it’s irrelevant because somebody else won it, but it was really North Carolina all along that was the “must win” state.

    I’m guessing the cable shows won’t even break into regular programming for Kentucky results.

    The fix is in, kids.

  82. Socks — I think that was just Ford’s was of saying “Barack You”.

  83. I’m cool, going to have another Guinness. Yeah, I heard that too from Harold Ford..

  84. Indiana Democrats with 34% reporting, but at 8:00 p.m. it’s still too close to call Indiana:

    1. Clinton 209,057 57%
    2. Obama 157,360 43%

    On the other hand, with no solid numbers, ABC reports it is a blowout for Obama and not at all too close to call just based on exit polls.

    Isn’t objective journalism fabulous?

  85. PS: Exit polls also reported Obama got Republicans voting for the first time in Democratic primaries to vote for him. And I am sure they will continue to do this in the General Election.

    Here’s to Hillary for daring to be the real Democrat!

  86. BB, I told you before her victory would be portrayed as irrelevant and Obamas as transcendental, heh

  87. Lola,

    I can’t watch, I’ve abandoned the election results for American Idol. MSNBC pisses me off, and CNN pisses me off — is ABC projecting that INDIANA is a blow-out based on exit polls?


  88. Hola Lola: no way they are going to give any credit to Hillary, sad but true.

  89. mister’s playing Mario. And I’m NOT watching TV. Mario and Blogs that’s my election night strategy.

  90. I think it’s very disturbing that they don’t call Indiana on CNN with half the vote counted, and they call North Carolina without a single vote counted. Very disturbing.

  91. Can Hillary Clinton and all her supporters boycott that louse infestation known as MSNBC?

    This is puke inducing!

  92. I’ve paused the DVR. No one is watching TV. TalkLeft is down. How are we going to know who won?

  93. Although it’s not fair to you guys that I’m relying on you for my news.

  94. DC Democrat:

    John King claimed a while ago, before I decided it would be more edifying to listen to Paula Abdul ramble on, that they weren’t calling IN because they hadn’t gotten returns from several of the big Democratic districts. He didn’t say it, but I am assuming at least some of them are AA districts. Still, since AAs are a small % of total population, I am not quite understanding the delay. Except for a tinfoil hat theory that the networks are trying to make IN seem closer than it is.

  95. I just tuned in about an hour ago and saw the “projections” via Fox. I’m still surprised how the opt to rely on “exit” polling data to make official projections. I found myself looking at a screen which had less than one percent of the NC precinct reporting — Hillary with a majority from that very early 1% count — yet everything is suddenly tallied and confirmed. Okie dokie then.

  96. rd:

    I declared IN for HRC long ago. I checked the last exit polling.

  97. Talk Left is down? I guess we’d better swarm Corrente…

  98. Congratulations to Obama and Hillary. He won where he was expected to and she did where she was expected to.

    Kbird: try going to Pilkey.com (creator of Captain Underpants) and fight a radioctive giant turd with the help of Super Diaper baby. It will make you feel better 🙂

    Tomorrow is another day.

  99. RD, My DD will have it. I guess Talkleft must have overloaded. Bummer.

  100. Lmom, John King not only called out those counties as predominantly AA (and hence why they’re not calling Indiana yet), he also called them “democratic counties,” and used the 2004 Presidential map of Indiana to show that those were the counties where John Kerry won (Bush creamed him everywhere else).

    I took it to mean that those counties are where the true democrats are, and so of course they’ll go for Obama.

    Maybe I’m getting a little sensitive. More wine!

  101. CBS called IN for Clinton.

  102. Is she honestly out now if she didn’t hold Obama to single digits in NC? Right as she’s heading toward WV, KY, and OR? And as he has (apparently) failed to show his demographic strength for the GE?

    Am I the only that seems totally puzzled by all this? She was only down by 5 according to SUSA and I just don’t see how the Clintons would waste so much time in NC if they didn’t think they had a chance to hold Obama down. Besides, just earlier today we were talking about how the tide has shifted post-PA and Wright (e.g., national polls, media coverage, etc.).

    Am I delusional for thinking this is not over?

  103. Upstate, I’ll try that later. Right now I’m flat on my back on the couch using the worlds shittiest laptop propped on a pillow on my tummy. I’m typing blind and have only that finger-pad instead of a mouse. I think any sort of game is beyond me. In fact the whole setup is probably illegal.

  104. This is now a racially polarized race and that does not bode well for the Democratic candidate no matter who the nominee is at this point.

    It is a good night if you’re John McCain.

    Charles, don’t forget: Barack is a “uniter”. His candidacy transcends race, creed, gender, orientation and all intergalactic species. You simply have to believe in the power of “change”.

  105. But you can’t expect them to give any credit. So factor that out.

  106. Davison: I do not believe it is over. Let’s wait and see what the numbers are when everything is counted.

  107. Davison=Davidson. Sorry.

  108. Davidson: They only just started to count NC. Only 11% is in so far. In Indiana, Clinton started with a 22 point lead and will finish around 10. As for the Research Triangle, well, we import most of our scientists these days. Chinese and Indian voters will go for Clinton, no doubt about that. Don’t know how many there are in NC or how many can vote. Lots of them become citizens as soon as they can.

  109. Hillary down to an 8-point margin in Indiana, per cnn.com.

  110. @Davidson, I’m going to do everything in my power to defeat Obama. If that’s delusional so be it.

    He CANNOT win in November. There’s something very bad going on.

    I was talking to one of my brothers today. He’s not bloggy at all. I asked him about the Ayers/Dohrn thing and he hadn’t heard about it. But just the barest outline of the issue chilled him.

    Is that story pure bullshit? Why isn’t it a bigger deal?

  111. Begala and Brazille are fighting on CNN. I hope someone youtubes this.

  112. To give you an idea how “big” the “cities” in Indiana are, Gary has a population of 103,000, rounded up. Indianapolis has 782,000. Evansville has 117,000. Fort Wayne, 206,000. South Bend, 108,000. That’s pretty much it for “cities.”

  113. Davidson, I think many of us are wondering how the Dems think they’re going to win the GE with Obama as the nominee. Have they completely written off the fastest growing population segment–the Latinos? Or the cross-over voters, who instead of voting for Obama are voting for Hillary? Obama will never win PA or OH, and without those two states, IMO, Dems lose the GE. It’s nothing but insanity if Hillary drops out or doesn’t get the nomination.

  114. @Upstate: Yeah, it’s just that NC doesn’t prove he’s a strong GE candidate–at all; probably the opposite. IN was the test for him.

    If the superdelegates flock to him tomorrow I’ll honestly vomit.

  115. Folks, we can’t let the Obamabots win the spin game.

    Indiana is on Obama’s spreadsheet as a win. His loss there will be the first time he’s lost a state he was projected to win. It will show that he can’t win the non-AA bedrock voters.

    That’s why Indiana is a tiebreaker.

    NC has ALWAYS been projected a win for him. Always. There’s nothing new there.

  116. @Grayslady: Yes, and again, he was always (virtually) guaranteed to win NC. And he was the favorite to win IN. This is all so absurd.

    And I don’t buy that whole “AAs will sit out” fearmongering: SUSA polls show her beating McCain on solid grounds.

  117. Do the cities go first in NC and then the country side? Wake County (Raleigh) has 77% in and thats where the Research Triangle is right?

  118. grayslady, or someone who could pass a high-level security check?

  119. Don’t forget Puerto Rico–probably more voters there than any of the remaining contests.

  120. One last thing: the only reason why he’s ahead is the arbitrary, antidemocratic pledged delegate system and those ridiculously rigged caucuses–in overwhelmingly red states. Pure batshittery.

  121. In Indiana, Indianapolis is 58% in. Lake County is still not in and that is where Gary is. However, many mayors in other cities in Lake County have endorsed her. Hopefully, they’ll cancel each other out.

  122. Yes, NC was the last major Obama state. Hillary has WV, KY, PR as well as MI/FL to go. I’m looking at the margins in NC right now.

  123. And shutting out Florida and Michigan. ALL his lead this spring has been due to that.

  124. Again, if you go to nytimes you will see how uneven the NC counties are. Some margins are as high as 30%, others are quite absurd considering they are only 1%. Obama has won, but lets wait and see by how much.

  125. Oh great!

    Another round of WWTSBQ.

    I want to thank my people in NC.


  126. @KB: Ah, yes: disenfranchising two crucial GE states as well. The Democratic “leadership” honestly think the GOP won’t bludgeon them with that.

  127. I mean the point spread is not clear when there is only 1% counted….

  128. I cannot wait till Puerto Rico. More champagne, Rico, por favor.

  129. A Dailycheeto:
    Kos – top of front page –
    North Carolina (Winner: Obama)
    17 percent reporting
    Obama 63%, Clinton 35%

  130. Have the rural NC counties come in yet?

  131. Charles, I’d agree with you, except for what I’ve said here before; if a deal is worked out to let Obama head the ticket with Hillary as his veep, she will win back all the democratic voters he’s pissed off (except for some of us, of course).

    With that depressing scenario dancing in my head like rancid sugar plums, I’m getting one more (final, really) glass of wine.

  132. my husband and I have been helping our daughter move since Saturday. I haven’t watched tv or been online at all during this time. flying home tonight, I suddenly realized it was Tuesday – primary day. oy.

    I have to say…..it was good to take a short break. for me, this is the most emotional election since I volunteered for Gene McCarthy back before I was even old enough to vote. I felt then like he *had* to win, much like I feel about Hillary now. he didn’t though. life went on. and I’ve always, since then, stayed informed and voted, but haven’t really been emotionally invested. suddenly, I am. weird since I started out supporting John Edwards and had doubts about Hillary. she’s just totally won me over, and then some. I think she’d be the best one, or maybe the only one, to start our recovery from the horrible Bush-Cheney years. and dammit, I just really like her. yes, she’s a politician, a good one, but I see a person in there too, a person I like.

    I was disappointed when Gore ‘lost’ and when Kerry did too. but this will be a whole new level of disappointment if Hillary isn’t our next president. it was nice to take a break from the media (I recommend it) but it’s good to be back.

  133. I couldn’t vote for Obama, even with Hillary as VP, sorry. But she wouldn’t accept it. She’d be crazy to do that.

  134. kiki, wow. me too. But this isn’t over. Obama is unelectable.

  135. WS, check the population figures I posted. Obama will take Gary, but the pop. is only 103,000. Indianapolis will go for him too, but she is taking most of the counties already.

  136. Jeralyn is up again. Hillary declared winner in IN with 8 point lead. Don’t know if this is good or bad. He blew it out in NC.

  137. Can I take my painkillers with cheap Vodka?

    Btw tell the guys @ MessNBC to call their physician preemptively, it looks like their collective erection is going to last more than 4hrs.

  138. dariag: yes, some are starting to come in. NC will probably go to Obama by a big margin when everything is counted (15 to 20 points?). If he gets less than 15, great, but I think he has scored a good victory.

  139. I haven’t seen any totals for NC yet. Where did you see them?

  140. merciless: Let’s get one thing straight- if Hillary accepts a VP offer from Obama, I will lose all respect for her. The only way I can even contemplate voting for a “unity” ticket is if she’s in the top spot. He will not win *this* disaffected voter by offering it to her. This man and his campaign has ruined my party. He has split it with race baiting and defiled the character of both Clintons and I for one, find it unforgiveable.

  141. MABlue, lol!!!!! literally. thanks for the laugh 🙂

  142. BB: at 20%, 37 Hillary , 60 Obama. Go to nytimes.com, nice map.

  143. Upstate: As I understand it, they are reporting the Obama friendly areas first. The rural vote supposedly went for Clinton in a big way but we shall see. It would be like if they had started out reporting only Philadelphia for the PA primary and then gradually got around to reporting everything else after you’ve given up and gone to bed. The whole coverage tonight appears to be geared towards making you think that Clinton hasn’t won anything. It’s disgusting.

  144. I said it before, if he is the nominee I will not vote for him. He and his people are stealing this nomination. I am convinced of it now. I will only vote the downticket and he can go F himself.

  145. if a deal is worked out to let Obama head the ticket with Hillary as his veep, she will win back all the democratic voters he’s pissed off (except for some of us, of course).

    merciless – Don’t know if it will pan out that way. Many of those that have a problem with Obama as the nominee (and have vowed to vote McCain if he’s the Democratic nominee) will continue having problems seeing him heading the ticket.

    Now, if it were the reverse, I could see serious inroads being made. But Barack leading the ticket will still mean he’s running for prez. And all the weaknesses that are sure to be lobbed against him in the GE won’t change because Hillary’s running veep. At this point, it’s just hard to imagine Hillary wanting to experience all that will be hurled his way – for the sake of “unity”? I dunno.

  146. On Talkleft they are saying that Donna Brazile is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She was so mad when she was fighting with Begala that she was literally shaking.

  147. Don’t forget, 2 million people voted in the Puerto Rico gubernatorial election and this would be the first time (I think) that they will help select the US President. She can get a lot of votes in Puerto Rico.

    Here’s where I read about it:


    Puerto Rico

    “That leaves Puerto Rico as the wild card. No one knows what will happen here. The Democratic and Republican parties don’t exist in the state. Hillary has the support of most of the politicians here; Obama had the Governor, but he was just indicted. Moreover, it is dicey using results from Mexican-Americans in TX and AZ here; Puerto Ricans are different culturally, linguistically, and even ethnically.

    Then again, PR has a strong connection with NY, and she performed well in the PR community in her primary, as well as in Hudson county in New Jersey. I haven’t seen any indication that Obama has performed well with Puerto Ricans anywhere. And there’s the FALN pardons. So Cost’s 25% victory for Hillary sounds about right, maybe even conservative.

    That leaves the question of turnout. This is the million dollar question. We have no way of knowing how many people will turn out. The island has 4M people. Cost put his default at 1M. I think it will almost certainly be higher. In 2004, turnout for the delegate to the Congress — a non-voting member — resulted in 2 million votes cast. FOR A NON-VOTING MEMBER. Imagine the excitement — in a state where American party labels mean nothing — to be able to pick a President. I think the 2004 delegate race is a floor. We’ll set it there, understanding that it might go higher.”

    And there’s always MI and FL.

  148. According to Mrs. Greenspan, Obama supporters think they’ve won IN too. Where are they getting that idea from? I just tuned back in after American Idol. (Go David Cook.)

    Tom Brokaw is talking about how Obama can’t call for Clinton to drop out. Todd says that Clinton’s lead in IN is down to 6% and there are “anomalies” in the voting in terms of where Obama has done well. I guess this is why Obamafans in NC think they’ve won IN?

    KO: “some promise for Obama in IN.”
    Is it time for me to get depressed?

    Did Obama really pull out a 20 point margin in NC, or is that based still on exit polls. As Obama prepares to come out to speak, Tweety advises him to talk about specific proposals, not just the audacity of hope. Thank you for waking up, Tweety.

  149. Good that she is having a nervous breakdown. This is what race baiting will get you. After 40 years as a Big D Democrat I will now register Independent.

  150. Let’s see: WV and KY are what NC was to Obama in terms of demographics and they want her out before she can blow him out of the water in those two states? Mind you, those states, she’s polling quite well against McCain whereas we have no chance to get NC (or IN)!

  151. Edit: WV and KY are to Clinton what NC was to Obama…

  152. I don’t understand IN at all. SUSA had her in double digits! What the hell?

  153. Charles: I just saw it updating NC a few minutes ago.

  154. Obama: “Some people said this would be a game changer, but today NC decided that the only game that needs changing is the game in Washington.”

    Why does Obama keep trying to pretend he is not of Washington? Are we still pretending that he is not a politician?

    Obama: “I want to thank NC for giving us a victory in a BIG STATE. In a SWING STATE.” Oh, how snarkilicious.

    I guess I have to keep this on to wait for Hillary. Obama, btw, congratulated Hillary for her victory in IN, but KO says it is “too close to call.”

    Now Obama claims that he is only 200 delegates from the nomination. Uh, which number, Barack? 2025, or 2209?

  155. I am at the NYT. NC is still very early in the counting. The totals aren’t in.

  156. IN: 67% reporting
    53% Hillary
    47% Obama

    NC: 27% reporting
    59% Obama
    39% Hillary
    2% Other

    What in the hell is going on? I noticed Indiana had some 300,000 new registrations and 300,000 “switches”. The Republicans are clearly sabotaging the returns b/c they want to run against Obama. I thought NC would be way closer, and I am not giving up hope on that yet. I think the news jiggles these results.

  157. He makes me sick. I WON’T vote for him. Believe it, Barry.

  158. Charles: ummhh,,, maybe you are right. I must have had too much champagne. Sorry.

  159. Obama is saying that he does not believe that people who supported one candidate will not support the other.

    Well, Barack, if you want that support, you’d better start working to get it back.

  160. riverdaughter, the great and wonderful unity ticket isn’t my idea. Let me make it clear that I am NOT IN FAVOR.

    I do think that Dr. Dean is smart enough to read poll numbers and that he’s shitting bricks, trying to figure out how to pull this thing off (especially without Michigan and Florida, which puts a cramp in their ground game).

    I also think that Hillary is being gamed, that they want her OUT, and have already decided on their nominee.

    If they annoint the precious and shut Hillary and her supporters completely out of the ticket, they will lose.

    And when and if the precious loses the GE, they will blame…

    come on, everybody!


  161. Litigatormom: how do you go about doing that? What does he need to tell Hillary supporters to gain us over?

  162. How come it is okay to call whites racist but not okay to call blacks racist when they vote 90+% for him? Double standard here,

  163. merciless: I also think that Hillary is being gamed, that they want her OUT, and have already decided on their nominee.


  164. I wonder what is happening to Chris Matthews’s other leg.

  165. “Obama is saying that he does not believe that people who supported one candidate will not support the other.”

    Right. Democrats have tons of party loyalty and motivaton to vote. That’s why we win every election, right?

  166. According to the NYT map, Clinton has taken most of the northern counties in IN. Lake county isn’t that big. I think the “creative class” bloggers and media people are under the mistaken impression that Gary is a “big city.” Sorry, but it’s the fifth largest city in IN at only 103,000.

  167. Indianapolis is 84% in.

  168. I agree with Upstate; she is being gamed. But if they want him they got him but he doesn’t have me. This is a sham.

  169. BB, also I think the other cities in Lake County will cancel out Gary.

  170. Charles, Marion County is 73% counted. That’s where Indianapolis is. Gary is in the later time zone. It isn’t big enough to change the totals.

  171. if Obama somehow becomes president, who will he blame for everything that goes wrong? he won’t have Hillary to kick around anymore.

    why can’t people see how Bush-like it is for him to pawn off the blame on her every time?

    one of the things I like about Hillary is she will make informed decisions and take responsibility for them. we need that. the buck hasn’t stopped in the oval office for seven plus years.

  172. What other “cities” are those?

  173. You guys are bumming me out with all this talk about Barry being the nominee. Maybe it’s because I don’t watch TV, but for heaven’s sake! All we needed was for Hillary to win Indiana, which it looks like she will.

    NC was always in the bag for Obama. All it shows is that he can win states with huge AA populations (and with a lot of college students sure don’t hurt).

  174. She’s also winning the other counties in NW Indiana, Jasper, Porter, and Newton Counties.

    I’m just not liking the media coverage tonight. They’re revving up the WWTSBQ machine.

  175. Sorry, that last reply from me was for WS.

  176. Mark Ambinder has a post out saying that the party has been divided. Thirty percent of Hillary supporters (that’s us) is saying they will not vote for him. Twenty percent of his voters are saying they will not vote for her. It is a long time between now and November but when they take for granted that some of us will just roll over and play nice they better not be looking my way.

  177. Per cnn.com, with 72% of precincts reporting, it’s Clinton up by four.

  178. merciless, why would Hillary accept the second spot? She’s too old to play patronized second fiddle to an arrogant know-nothing. Anyway, he’s too arrogant to allow it. Hillary supporters aren’t going to be conned that easily, either. Nothing could save him in a GE.

  179. RD, amazing how the media called NC at the stroke of 7:00 p.m. Makes you wonder how they were able to get everything so organized sooo quickly w/ 43% of the vote in now at 9:30 p.m. I’m just a skeptic.

  180. Indiana 48 52? ouch. Gary not counted


  181. I cannot even watch the commentary. The looks on the faces of these moderators is positively pornographic.

  182. I was really in hopes that part of Indiana that is near Chicago would not go for Obama, because of his histpry with Rezko, the slumlord who apparently really stiffed the AA’s in his projects. ( Apparently, they did not have heat in the winter, etc. due to what he did with the government aid he misused.) How did Obama skate on taking any kind of responsibility on that? I just don”t get it. Rev. Wright for 20 years? Come on! How could you manage to sleep through that guy’s sermons? And, let’s see, he ‘barely’ knew Ayers? Is there some kind of a pattern beginning to appear? I know the pattern appearing is that I am obviously a racist; it could not be that this guy who was elected to the Senate and, after 18 months began campaigning for the presidency of the United States and I have many many doubts about him! I personally believe he is going to the the first Affirmative Action Black President of the United States and I really am worried! Do we then start on Senators for affirmative action? If so, I hope we start with Massachusetts!!!!! No, I do not plan to vote for this man. I would go vote for the down ticket, but year after year I have done that here in Texas and no one I have voted for has won. Now Obama is giving his NC acceptance speech and he could not even be gracious; he just had to give HRC a couple of digs. He seems to think he is gving a huge acceptance speech so I know D good and well he has been speaking to the Delegates and knows a bunch are coming out for him now because he won with 91% of the AA vote and she could not compete with him for that vote. I do believe some people are racist. Boy, I wish I could believe in him, so I wouldn’t feel so darn frustrated with what is likely to happen to us yet again!

  183. WS, I know. Hillary even took Evansville, which Obama thought he could win. She has won all of the south, except for Bloomington and a close one in Brown County. She has won all of the north except for Ft. Wayne. None of that is surprising. Gary is not going to offset the numbers at this point.

  184. @Violet Socks: I don’t understand it myself. IN was the test. Let’s just see how NC holds up. I’m quite stunned by IN though; I thought she had an 8 pt. win in the bag (and I was legitimately hoping for a double digit win).

  185. BO lead in NC is now 17.7% – still, it projects a big win.

    Hil’s in IN is down to 4.7%, with gary still out.

  186. November may be the first time I vote for someone other than Democratic nominee for president. Still remember my ‘first time’ – 1992, 18 yrs. old – Bill Clinton! Wow! And now …

  187. It was Obama who called IN the tie-breaker, right? KO tonight said that was taken out fo context — was it?

    I’m feeling pretty down, but I’ve had a bad sinus headache for two days now, so that’s probably why I feel like roadkill….

  188. merciless, why would Hillary accept the second spot?

    Oh, heck, Gavche, I don’t know (haven’t talked to her in days, lol). I certainly wouldn’t. But I do know that Hillary is a loyal Democrat down to her bones, and if she thought it was a choice between her doing it or having Obama losing to McOld, she might do it for the good of the country.

    She’s made some of those kinds of decisions before, so I know it’s possible.

  189. I agree with you Violet. Hillary will still be the nominee. There have to be some superdelegates who want to win the general election. Nominating Obama would be suicide for the Party.

  190. Why doesn’t CNN have Clinton as the projected winner in IN? 48-52? WTF?


  191. I’m guessing that we’re not too distressed with the numbers thus far it’s just the WWTSBQ factor is bumming us out. We knew she had to win Indiana and she will, we knew he had to win NC and he will.

    The talking heads are going to make this ugly and it’s going to be hard for Our Girl to keep the message positive from here on out. Unless….HRC knows something about MI/FL we don’t.

  192. What else is still out?

  193. His big venue speeches always wind up sounding like Hitler Youth Rallies. Are they saluting him yet? ICK

  194. Is he still talking?

  195. The rural counties in NC are still not reporting and Obama is down to 17%. I’m guessing it will end up about 11-12%, which wouldn’t really be that bad for Hill. He was expected to win by 15-20% not long ago.

  196. I’m depressed bcz I still don’t know what Obama stands FOR–hope and change, nice, but, as always, to what?

    I’ve never dealt with a Dem nominee (still potential) who has mouthed so many ReThug talking points.

    Violet Socks — just goes to show how effective the MCM can be, even if we don’t believe them. They just keep saying the same negative things, and, eventually, it gets to you. Brain worms. Or WORMs.

  197. Thanks, elixir. That’s it exactly. More wine!

    ***no, no, no more wine. Must work tomorrow. Deep breaths instead….***

  198. IN by only 4%? Ewww. This former Independent and newly registered Democrat will be voting McCranky in November.

  199. Sec of state in NC has it 55-43 now..

  200. Does anyone know what happened in IN?

  201. A win’s a win — except for the popular vote she needed….

  202. Davidson: nup, and Lake County (Gary) has not been counted yet….Can Obama still win?

  203. My comments bottom of “Homestretch” thread worth a peek.
    Thought I was posting them here.

  204. She doesn’t need to prove her loyalty, but even she couldn’t save him. If he’s the nominee, then we lose in a landslide. I really can’t see her falling on her sword for him or for this party after how she’s been treated.

  205. Agreed, Charles. But we are now going to have to look at his even smugger face for the next 6 months. I am so angry I had a cigarette today and I haven’t smoked in 11 years!

  206. Fellow Conflucians. I am going to bed to read Capt. Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets to my son (he has been very patient and waited while dad was blogging….

    If tomorrow morning I find out that Obama won IN I will be disappointed. Oh well… such is life

    Buenas Noches.

  207. Gavche: You are right. She could fall on a Democratic landmine and he can’t be saved. If supers pick him as nominee, say helllooo to Pres McCain.

  208. Nighty night, Upstate. Hug your son and be of good cheer.

  209. Question: Is there something in this guy that we collectively don’t see what others see? Does anyone have an answer?

  210. Goodnight, Upstate! I know things will look better in the morning.

  211. Pat, no there’s much less. I firmly believe this.

  212. hey everyone. I had to shut everything done for a while….I can’t believe how off I was….well I should have known….I haven’t picked a winner since Dukakis. I have a job interview tomorrow, so I’m going to fixate on that for the rest of the evening. Maybe try to figure out what went wrong tomorrow. thanks to everyone for all their kind words : )

  213. Pat, I have no idea, because I never like the guy. I was impressed with his speech in 2004, but after that it was all downhill for me. I can’t even stand to listen to his speeches. He just shouts out platitudes with no modulation whatsoever.

  214. Gavche, fair enough. I want her to win the presidency, not be an afterthought in a White House that should be hers, cleaning up after his messes.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen. I really don’t.

  215. If the “Gas Tax Holiday” really turned out to be a game changer to his advantage, the we will have to bow one more time to Paul Krugman who this morning wrote this on his blog:

    OK, this has gone overboard.

    Hillary Clinton’s proposed gas tax holiday is not, in my view, a good idea. But the furor over what is, when all is said and done, a small and temporary policy proposal is entirely disproportionate. What’s going on?

    Part of it, clearly, is the fact that many people in the media really, really want Obama to win and Clinton to lose — read Kurt Andersen — and have seized on the gas tax as their latest proof that she is ee-ee-vil.

    Chris Matthews actually said on TV that it would cost us 300K jobs.

    I think I’m going to bed.

  216. Ambinder: Obama, In North Carolina, Calls For Unity.

    “Unity”, Barack? Fuck Unity.

    Doesn’t even know how to deliver the Unity call. He’ll be a bigger divider than W.

  217. I did a quick and dirty calculation of IN based on pop density and race and it looks like she will win but just barely. I’m estimating about 16K votes for Obama in Gary. It won’t be enough for him to win.

  218. Guess nearly 8 years of Bush has lowered our collective threshold on judgment and experience in a presidential nominee. SMH.

  219. Pat, they’re not seeing. I mean, sure they have eyes, but humans “see” things animals (say lemmings for example) don’t see–concepts.

  220. I just trekked over to the HuffPo and of course they are beating the drums. Many of the comments are priceless: for those of us still supporting Hillary we are mouthbreathers, nitwits, morons, uneducated, unwashed, old ladies, hearing deficient, stupid, GED holders, to name a few. Nothing like good old fashioned insults and slurs to keep this party together! Unbelievable. You would think this race is about a Dem and Repub rather than two people for the same party.

  221. PJ: The clothes have no emperor. I can see that, can’t you?

  222. Look if Hillary took Indiana by only 4 % .. I hat e to say it folks .. but …………

  223. Is Gary/northern Indiana crooked? I’m thinking of Chicago-style politics. Cook County was so corrupt in ’72 that the Humphrey fixers simply delayed reporting until the last minute so they could report however many votes were needed to take the victory away from McGovern.

  224. RiverDaughter, did you take turnout into account?

  225. Question: Is there something in this guy that we collectively don’t see what others see? Does anyone have an answer?

    I think it’s a combination of things:

    (1) He’s cool, he’s hip, and even though he’s a boomer he pretends like he’s not. The youngsters love this. They want their parents to STFU (and Hillary is nothing if not the Mother figure).

    (2) Oddly enough, his talk of bipartisanship resonated with a lot of people. I was shocked by this, especially how it was swallowed whole by the lefty bloggers who had spent YEARS denouncing any democrat who so much as had a smoke break with a republican. But I suspect that it has a lot to do with…

    (3) He absolves the former-republicans-now-democrats who thought the war in Iraq was a swell idea originally (see Kos, Josh, Kevin Drum, John Cole, Andrew Sullivan, and most of the MSM). He’s their get out of jail free card. They can paint Hillary with all the baggage of the AUMF vote, and use the mysteriously unavailable speech of Obama’s, along with his pledge of transcending these tedious political debates, to wash themselves clean in the blood of the precious.

    I’m not kidding.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post.

  226. Nah, on IN. It’s Obama’s neighborhood, Obama’s media market. He should have won.

  227. I’m disgusted with CNN because they don’t even include a scenario for counting Michigan popular votes anymore. They showed a scenario including Florida. I’m disgusted with the DNC for how they are treating Florida and Michigan. And I and many other Michigan citizens will be voting for John McCain if Hillary is not on the ballot. I’ve come to realize how corrupt the DNC truly is.

  228. I saw us fall in 2000 for Bush because he was such a nice guy, Gore “would do anything and wanted to win badly and was too much of a oiltician and knew too much and was too prepared”. Then I personally fell for another Axelrod product, I actually worked for Deval Patrick (where do I get my time back?). Now this?

    Fool me once, …
    Fool me twice,…

    How does it go for fool me trice?

  229. Lambert, I was estimating turnout to be 20% in Gary based on Indianapolis. pop of Gary is ~97K, and 87% fof that is AA. So, I’m guessing he gets about 16K

  230. How’s NC? Is the rural vote still to come in yet and are his areas in?

  231. Maggir: when the DNC calls you for money, and they will because they call me every other day, tell them, “No money until FL and MI are counted-NOW!” I’m rather mean about it too. And that goes for DFA people as well.

  232. Meanwhile, has anybody not seen the vid where Grandpa Simpson channels Rev Wright?

  233. Question: And why have the MSM pundits not posed this: How does this “transcendent” and “unifier” intend to carry this promise out when he and his supporters have alienated her supporters who are already on record for either bolting the party altogether or sitting home? Does he have something magical up his sleeve we are to be made aware of over the next 6 mos?
    Sorry to be asking such rhetorical questions.

  234. merciless, there is something we don’t see. Because I look at that guy and I think you’d have to be nuts to want someone with zip experience who is basically lazy and glib, with no values or policies, to be the president of the United States. I mean, haven’t we had enough of that?

    I heard this great thing on NPR today. A guy asked Harry Reid if he would agree that Americans had become “a generation of great consumers and bad citizens.” I loved this: GREAT CONSUMERS AND BAD CITIZENS! Yes, that is what has happened. And that explains Obama. I don’t know who asked that question, but he had it pegged!

  235. WS: rural and coastal votes still coming in.

  236. Lola: I think he did well because there was no debate. He knows better now. He pales in comparison to her when they are on the same stage,

  237. Whatever the outcome tonight,
    BO is a 9-1 underdog vs McCain.
    HRC is a 4-1 favorite.

  238. Yes, Lola, there is that too.

    Well, every generation thinks the one that went before them suck and the one that comes after them blows. I guess I’m officially an old woman now.

    You kids, get out of my yard!

  239. My guess is that she wins IN. Except for Lake county, the demographics for the remaining counties are in her favor. And even Lake county, as skewed as it is, should provide her with some votes.

  240. ronkseattle: Hysterical! I love irreverance. One of my favorite movies was The Life of Brian.

    MABlue: I worked for Deval too. What a loser! Another Axelrod gimme. There is some talk that if The One gets the WH he is tapping Deval for either Atty Genl or to head up the civil rights section. I hope he takes him and gives the US a taste of Deval. Just hope his autobiography has gone to print by then and the multi million dollar home in the Berkshires is ready.

  241. Thats good. His lead is not looking as monstrous as it first looked.

    On IN, she’s won NW IN but I’d like to see how Lake County goes.

  242. I give up trying to convince people about Indiana. I only lived there and have family all over the state. The only part of IN that is in the same media market as Chicago is lake county and the very northwestern part of the state. Gary is not a large city. But, as I said, I give up. Nobody believes me obviously.

  243. Pat, I truly believe that BO provides a blank slate on which his supporters can envision their hopes and dreams. Maybe we underestimated the damage of 8 years of Bush, maybe folks are so shellshocked that he answers their prayers for a perfect world. Unity and ponies, that’s gotta be it. Keep in mind the MSM, DNC and majority of superDs are pushing him down our throats.

    We know from polls that it’s not his policies, it’s not his voting record and it’s not his debating skills.

  244. FWIW: Hillary’s margin in votes is actually increasing.

  245. Yep. My expectation, which was tendentious but not overly so was:

    Obama had to win NC by 15. He’s now at 14%.

    Obama had to win IN by 5 — to close the deal. He hasn’t closed the deal.

    And yes, MABlue, trending slightly upward.

  246. bostonboomer, tell me about Gary.

    I think Chicago — huge, the dead rising. Not so? Who did the Mayor endorse?

  247. I foresee that with Obama, we’d be throwing overboard core Democratic values in every possible way, either that or just incompetence.. And I work at an org. that would be supporting him.. my colleagues don’t seem to care about these things..

    Re: those polls vs McCain, I think he’s unelectable, I don’t know if the superdelegates care? do they?

  248. It’s not just the blank slate.

    Everyone knows where Hillary stands. More importantly, they know where they stand with HER … and some of the “Clinton people” know they’re not in line for plum positions (or kitchen cabinet niches near the cutting board, either) in a Hillary Clinton administration.

    With Obama, everybody can dream of being his Svengali, his Rasputin.

  249. I secretly love Lambert


  250. There are 2 counties left. If I just go by the pattern, HRC should actually cary them.

  251. I believe you BB!

    What a crappy week. We will lose in Nov., my precious dog is sick and I am seriously bummed. You guys get me through.

    Gary in Chapel Hill..if you read this tomorrow…good luck on your job interview. You are a hell of a guy.

    One good note – we found out today that my nephew should come home from Iraq in June after twelve months rather than fifteen in Sept. I am grateful for that.

  252. MA Blue and Pat,

    You’re good folks to work for the Patrick campaign, a great campaign with a strong result. I, like you, feel cheated. I voted for Deval Patrick, I bought the Yes We Can line and didn’t do my research – shame on me. He looked so shiny and new, no baggage, no nasty voting record, just hope and a positive message from a black man, no less. How could we lose? Well, it’s a year later and not much to show for his tenure except for new drapes in his office, a new car and no relationship with the state house. Will this sound familiar if we have an Obama presidency?

  253. Lambert,

    Gary and Lake County will go for Obama, but Hillary has already taken the surrounding counties. Gary has a majority AA population but a total population of only 103,000. That is not a lot of people, but it’s a “city” in Indiana, which is mostly rural and small towns. But even in Indiana, Gary is only the 5th largest “city.” The only other Obama areas–Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Fort Wayne are already mostly counted. So Lake County isn’t going to put Obama in the winning column.

  254. Me too katiebird. Lambert, I am delighted to discover your site.

  255. @bostonboomer: I believe you. As an Illinois resident, I’ve been in Indiana many times–throughout the state. You are perfectly correct in everything you say. Other than Gary basically being the first large city as you drive out of Chicago, Indiana is totally different than Illinois. Totally.

  256. LaPorte County in NW IN is now in and Hillary won 52-48. Lake County is the last county in NW IN. On Fox, a guy said he’ll win big in Gary (like BB said its not that big of a city) but the outlying areas of Lake County will lower his margins. Fox News also said Lake County won’t report until midnight.

  257. Yowza, the TalkLeft transcript of Brazile on CNN. I don’t get it. Complain, complain, complain about the divisions in the party, like Obama does in his speeches, being sick of the division – and to Obama and Axelrod, look who caused it, for crying out loud. Look in the mirror.

  258. tabbycat,

    That’s wonderful about your nephew. I know it’s so hard about your dog. I’ve been thinking about you guys with sick pets. I know how painful it is. I still think about my cats that I lost 20 years ago. They were like little people to me.

  259. elixir: This is how I choose a candidate: When my computer breaks down I want someone who knows what they are doing. Hillary could fix it in a minute. Barack would be standing by reading the directions. So that is an easy one for me.

    katiebird: The bar is closed.

    And just an added feature, I like my ex husband a lot more than I like the “transcender” if that puts into perception.

  260. What the H-E double L is the problem with Lake County. They finished voting at 7PM eastern. Maybe Lambert is right and they are bringing out the graveyard vote?

  261. We all need to buck up! Lambert is right. She was supposed to lose both contests by double digits. The MSM, crafty partisans that they are, called it for Obama early so it could do a quick LOOK HERE while the margins were huge with the hope that NO ONE would stick around to watch the numbers tighten. It’s a mind game. For the same reason, they will drag out Indiana as long as possible to lessen any impact of a Clinton win. Don’t let them mess with your heads! We are taking this race to WV and KY where she will win by huge margins and on to OR. This isn’t over by a long shot.

  262. katiebird, tabbycat: This exiled member of the “creative class” [cough] appreciates the kind words. Drop on by….

  263. What? (hick) Nooooo

  264. Katiebird,

    I love Lambert, too, not secretly. I’m a sucker for a great sense of humor and strategic sarcasm.

  265. (batting eyes) Hiiiii, Lamberrrrt…..

  266. They are messing with my head. So far.

  267. Fox News said the Clinton campaign is suspicious of Lake County officials needlessly delaying their count.

  268. BostonB, shhhh (hick) don’t tell anyone….

  269. cloudy03: Thanks for the boost! It isn’t over.

  270. There’s one thing I can’t stand more than BO: His supporters. All of them.

  271. Repeating my question from waaaay upthread, still worrying about this:

    Violet Socks, on May 6th, 2008 at 9:58 pm Said:

    Is Gary/northern Indiana crooked? I’m thinking of Chicago-style politics. Cook County was so corrupt in ‘72 that the Humphrey fixers simply delayed reporting until the last minute so they could report however many votes were needed to take the victory away from McGovern.

  272. I can summarize what Chris and Keith Obamaman will say:

    What a terrible speech. How horrible is this woman? Shameless. Vile.

    Thank you.

  273. Violet,

    Simple answer: Yes. But probably not more crooked than a lot of Indiana.

  274. And most of Northern IN is already counted. Lake is the only county that is still out. And I’m suspicious too. They are up to something.

  275. Bostonboomer, that’s what’s making me think about Cook County in ’72. The returns just didn’t come in and didn’t come in and didn’t come in. It became obvious the fixers were at work.

  276. Thank you BB. It really helps.

    Lambert, you are terrific and no matter what happens in this primary, you have a new reader.

  277. Is Gary crooked like Chicago? Yeah! Gary is the biggest hole you have ever been in. You can smell it from Ohio because of the pollution. They couldn’t do that to white people, which is why all African Americans live there. It’s disgusting. But all of northern Indiana is tied to the machine. The thing is, African Americans in Chicago are not that crazy about Obama. Or they weren’t.

  278. Yes, it’s crooked, but it’s not that populous. I wonder if Obama didn’t do as well as they expected and they are trying to fix it for him. I don’t see how there could be 350,000 votes missing. That doesn’t make sense. There can’t possibly be that many people in Lake County. I don’t know about Union County, but that is in a completely different part of the state. I’ll see if I can get the population estimates.

  279. OK, Union County is only about 7-8,000 people. Lake County has 494,000. That surprises me. But a lot of it has to be suburban. Crown Point is in Lake County, with 22,000 pop., only 1% AA. Anyway there aren’t 494K registered voters in Lake Cty unless they have dug up all the graveyards and registered the inhabitants.

  280. OK, enough with the Lambert lovefest. If we want to keep him just as sweet as he is, we shouldn’t be pumping him up. Alright, alright, so he’s witty, insightful and has impeccable timing but that’s it. Sounds like our girl Riverdaughter, too.

  281. So this is not a problem?


    “… Gary Mayor Rudy Clay said just now that it might take a while yet to finish counting the vote in Lake County, which includes Gary, and said that his city had turned out so overwhelmingly for Barack Obama that it might just be enough to close the gap with Hillary Rodham Clinton. …”

  282. My prediction: Obama will “win” IN (by corrupt means, of course). Clinton better fight this out. Those entire IN results just seem so damn fishy. SUSA couldn’t be so outrageously wrong (They had her at +12 yesterday).

  283. He could be right. It says that Kerry got 188,000 votes in Lake county in 2004. Right now Hillary is leading by less than 100K. If that happens, I’m going to cancel my cable TV and completely ignore the GE. I don’t want to watch the destruction of the Democratic Party and the establishment of permanent one party rule.

  284. Stuffing ballot boxes is soooo New Politics!

  285. Times 11:25PM 0% in Gary. How odd.

  286. It isn’t over till it’s over.
    You’ll never know
    When she hits a homer.
    Ignore those rows
    Of television pundits,
    History will write
    Them down as bandits.
    She sees our plight
    And listen to our fears.
    She took on the world,
    Spur on by our tears.
    She shines like a pearl,
    Fearless through the crucible,
    She’s ours and we’re hers!
    Keep fighting,
    Keep talking,
    Keep writing,
    We’re the history for which she’s living!

    Rise, Hillary, Rise!

  287. in 2004 lake county had 353,856 registered voters with 55% turnout.

  288. Seems like the server is slow today

  289. I can’t wait up, I was up at 5 am today and was in court all day. Disappointing, and rather odd that Gary is still out. Counting the dead, are they?

    I will say one more thing before I go. If this is the beginning of the end of Hillary’s campaign, I will be very sad and very disappointed. I firmly believe that she’d make the best president, on every level.

    But I would strongly urge all of you who’ve suggested tonight that you would vote for McCain in November if Obama is the nominee to reconsider. Hillary herself has urged that her supporters should support Obama if he wins, and that she will actively campaign for him. According to her, “anyone who votes for me or for Senator Obama” should be wiling to vote for the other, because of the huge chasm that divides Clinton and Obama from McCain.

    To me Obama is a bigger risk as a presidential candidate than Clinton is (indeed, I see little risk in a Clinton presidency). But a McCain presidency is CERTAIN disaster. It must be avoided at all costs — even at the cost of voting for Barack Obama.

    At least, that’s what I think. Hopefully, it won’t come to that, and Hillary will emerge victorious. But if she doesn’t, Obama is my Plan B. McCain is not on the list of alternatives.

  290. Heh, can someone just delete one of my double post up there. It’s quite embarrassing to see my poor attempt posted twice. >.<

  291. Dear Litigatormom:

    4 months ago I would have been on the same bandwagon vote democrat in November no matter what….Now I’m not so sure….I started to change about the time the blogs and media, specifically the so called progressive, such as Air America and Huffingtonpost became the mouth piece for Prince Obama…that was ok as well…they crossed the line when they started attacking Hillary….that is unacceptable…My thing was its ok to like one candidate over the other but that was not the case…there whole attitude was to destroy Hillary..and these are. fellow democrats…..and what sealed the deal from me is when they called the Clintons’ Racist ….and Obama said nothing….in fact our current Lame ass President stated that the Clintons where not racist.

    Howard Dean has stated,,,that whomever the looser is must unite the party….my question for Howard Dean…why would the DNC want the racist Clintons campaign for Obama since they obviously hate African Americans…oh maybe they can drink the Obama Kool-Aide and the racist gene will be purged from there racist body and be saved.mmmmmmmmmmm ya that would work.

    oh ya…litigator mom….even if old ass McCain gets into office…we will have a democratic senate and congress…so if he tries to stack the supreme court he will have a hard time.

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