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I am coining a new term today.
Mitchellism: The tendency of the media to see American politics through its own eyes and to over value its impact on the voting public.

This tendency has been noted before by other bloggers who have referred to the Washington DC press corps and pundits as The Villagers, that self-selected authority of knowledge of what the voters will or will not tolerate. High-Brodersim is another variation and is the belief that the root of the problem in American politics is too much partisanship and if the Democrats would just sell out all of their beliefs and try to meet Republicans half way, there wouldn’t be any more fights and there would be unity and much rejoicing and we could all buy the world a Coke. Barack Obama is a disciple of High Broderism.

But Andrea Mitchell is the high priestess of cluelessly arrogant Mitchellism. This was brought home to me this morning when she snippily and half mockingly told Howard Wolfson that the gas tax idea was DOA in Congress, it would never get passed and anyway, the NYTimes had already weighed in on this issue and concluded that Hillary was insincere for even proposing it.

Wolfson deftly put her in her place by saying something like, (paraphrasing heavily) “A politician makes a proposal, it goes in front of the public, their representatives hash it out, public opinion gets shaped one way or another and things get voted on. It’s called Democracy, Andrea. You should look it up sometime.”

Ohh, SNAP! He told her. You should have heard it. It was a thing of beauty. Of course, it doesn’t fit with Andrea’s worldview where the responsibility of the media is to tell people what to think and how to vote. But I have noticed a curious thing happening this primary season. I don’t think the voters trust the media much these days. Just think about what happened in PA. Nearly every paper in the state endorsed Obama. And Hillary won by 10. Oh and then there was Massachusetts. Same thing. Obama, Obama, Obama! Voters said, “ehhhhh, not so much”. In fact, the media has relentlessly fluffed Obama. He literally can do nothing wrong. His campaign is crack, his family is beautiful, his every pronouncement stirring and inspirational. Yet, the voters stupidly go for Clinton over and over again.

Remember back in November and December of 2000? The media went all Chicken Little on us and told us the country would fall apart if Gore didn’t concede? And remember how the Weapons of Mass Destruction would rain down upon us in 45 minutes if we didn’t go into Iraq right now, RIGHT NOW, I SAY, and disarm Hussein? And how did both of those scenarios go? So, now, the media is starting to rev up the noise about how Clinton threatens the party and the country if she challenges the DNC at the convention (or before) on the resolution of the FL and MI delegations. I think Lincoln wisely remarked on fooling all of the people all of the time. There is a limit to how much of this stuff you can get away with and it has been reached. One of the most beneficial things that can come out of this protracted primary season is that we may finally be able to retire people like Andrea Mitchell, David Broder, Cokie Roberts and the other Villagers. Nobody’s listening to them anymore anyway.

95 Responses

  1. Why do the female commentators feel they have to jump on the Hate Hillary bandwagon? I do remember all that “Gore must concede” crap, like Joseph Goebbels had risen from the dead and was in charge of the US media. We should have had the revolution then.

  2. chicago: She was hardly the only one jumping on that bandwagon this am. But for some reason, she tends to stand out, time after time, with these pointless remarks. She really does believe she has some special insight as to what the public will bear. Of course, she’s wrong this year. But the way she goes about things in these conferences almost makes her a parody of herself.

  3. I don’t know how the media will be able to get back its credibility once this election is over.

  4. Lucinda: If Hillary is triumphant, I don’t think it can. She will still have to slog it out with McCain in the fall, but I think the damage to the media will be more severe than any damage to her.
    They might want to try just reporting the news instead of trying to make it.

  5. I just saw the PPP poll numbers that have Obama up by 10. BTD at TalkLeft seems to think the numbers are about right, with the racial breakdown. I’m not buying it. The poll was 87% democrats, 13% independents/unaffiliated. I think a lot of people are seriously underestimating the independent vote here. All I can say is that it doesn’t feel like he’s that far ahead.

    voter breakdown in NC is 45% dem, 34 repub, 21 unaff. Republicans can’t vote in the dem primary, but unaff’s can. whether they lean republican or not, I think many will vote in the dem primary because there is no exciting race on the repub side. I have read other reports that say you must change your party affiliation to dem at the polls to vote, but this is not true. Unaffiliated voters can choose either the dem or repub ballot. I think the unaffiliateds will break heavily towards Clinton so their representation in a poll is important I think. Anyone else have any thoughts, information regarding these voters?

  6. gary: I’m with you. Besides, SUSA hasn’t come out with the final numbers and it’s the gold standard. A week ago, she was trailing Obama by 5 in SUSA. From what I’ve gleaned from volunteers around NC, it sounds like Clinton has a lot of support. I;m going to guess that it will be very close, like within a few points.

  7. Has there ever ben a primary where an entire network decided to become part of one candidate’s staff, and decided to savage and destroy the other candidate and her family?

    MessNBC has become the integral part of the Obama Campaign. They have thrown anything you can imagine not only at Hillary Clinton, but at her entire family. We’ve heard “Hillary is a racist”, “Bill Clinton is a racist”, “Chelsea is prostitute being pimped out by her parents”.

    Since Rev Wright resurfaced, MessNBC has been working even harder at “Hillary is a liar”, “Hillary is untrustworthy”, “Hillary’s campaign is vicious” and so on.

    Osama Bin Laden has received a better treatment on MessNBC than Hillary Clinton, maybe deservedly. How dare she runs against The Chosen One?

  8. I love Wolfson. He tells it like it is without frills.

  9. Andrea Mitchell was the one who spread the lie about how Hillary could have just stayed home and had teas. She left out the second sentence, which stated that she (Hillary) instead was working to help women have the option to perform various roles that would work at various times in their lives, such as working when the children were in school, non-working while caring for young children, or whatever worked for the woman in question–but there would be options.

  10. Can we get rid of Dean and Brazile while we’re at it? I wouldn’t shed a single tear of their careers were ruined.

  11. I still like Dean a bit. For the first two years of his term he did a great job helping the state parties build their infrastructure. When he held fund raisers in states he would leave the money in the state instead of taking it for the DNC like previous chairmen did. The state chairs loved him for it. That’s one of the main reasons why the DNC itself has so little money on hand. But it’s also one of the reasons why we had such a large pickup in Dems for Congress in 2006. The states had infrastructure and money when the opinions of American’s turned our way.

    Now the last year and a half he’s had a brain fart or something. I don’t know why he’s let FL and MI fester like it has. Now the problem is he doesn’t know how to get out of it without pissing everyone off. I’d feel a little more sorry for him if he hadn’t have left it for so long.

    He had such a great start but what a shame for the Dems that he didn’t deal with FL and MI earlier.

  12. The media need to feel as if they are relevant. If Hillary does better than expected (I’ll go with Lambert and say anything less than a 5 pt IN win and a 15 pt NC win for Obama is a huge victory for Hill) then the media will try to save face. They have two choices: 1) continue to talk about ‘”the” Math’ to try to force Hillary out or 2) turn on Obama since it means Hill will probably be the nominee. If its the latter, I expect the turning on Obama to be swift and brutal (I may end up feeling bad for him after its all said and done). Will they go with the former? On the one hand, they loathe all things Clinton. On the other, they want to save face. We’ll see.

    The SCLB blogger boiz are in the same predicament. As much as they huffed and puffed in 2004, they didn’t push Dean or Kerry to victory. Then it was without the aiding and abetting of the MSM. If they lose in 2008, with the help of the MSM, then it will be a humiliating defeat. They know it and that’s why they are peddling doctored videos (knowingly, IMO). They need relevancy. The difference between the former progressive blogosphere and the MSM is now gone. It’s all about their egos. Heck, Chis “George Will of the left” Bowers, doesn’t even know what a real political movement is. This is supposed to be a liberal intellectual?

  13. Mrs. Alan Greenspan regularly ticks me off (I’m being nice here), and has now gotten her comeuppance twice from Clinton folk. This time from Wolfson and another time from Jamie Rubin. That one I saw, this one I missed. Hope the youtube of it is up soon.

    Same thing happened on cuppaJoe this a.m. Mika “did her research” and found a letter letter from 100 economists…concerning the fuel tax holiday. Joe cut her off and Clinton blew the econ thing off. Joe said that basically these “elites” don’t get it and brought up 1994 when the Repubs took over. Poor little Mika was shown in one camera shot with those arms crossed not looking very happy at all.

  14. Earl: You won’t see a video of this. It was a conference call. Maybe someone recorded it though.

  15. Okay, thanks RD. Was it the regular press conference call they do? If so, Hillary’s campaign may put it up on the website.

  16. I have stop watching MSM for 3 months now. And I’m doing fine. And the one thing I have learnt from this primary is “never trust anything MSM report without double checking the story myself.”

    I discovered that CNN lies all the time.

  17. New NC SUSA poll! Obama only up by 5… just saw it on wtvd, link:


  18. clinton 50, obama 45, I assume the other 5 are undecided/other SUSA doesn’t have it up yet on their site

  19. from WTVD.com

    In Charlotte and Western NC, there is the slightest momentum for Clinton. In the Research Triangle, in Southern NC and in Coastal NC, there is slight offsetting momentum to Obama. The net is a wash. If Obama wins, it will be entirely from the 19% of voters who describe themselves as liberal.

    Clinton leads by 9 among conservatives and leads by 8 among moderates.

    If Obama wins the popular vote, it will be because of his 16-point advantage among liberals. Clinton has increasing momentum among voters age 50 to 64, where she has gone from 30% in January to 51% today, her highest showing.

    Among those age 65+, Clinton leads by 20 points; the more seniors who vote, the better Clinton does. But there is offsetting momentum among younger voters, some of whom may be first-time voters, and not all of whom may show-up at the precinct. 1 in 4 of SurveyUSA’s likely voters say they have already voted. Among those who say they have already voted, Obama leads by 16 points. Among those who say they will vote on Primary Day, Obama and Clinton are effectively tied.

  20. Wow! Garychapelhill — that seems like pretty good news to me. ….

  21. katiebird, it does, but as they say in the article this has remained pretty stable in recent polling. I think this is going to go down to the wire…..

  22. Gary, hehehe, you mean 50% BO, 45% HRC.

  23. I stopped watching these hacks loooong ago. I mean, if you’re gonna tell me I’ stupid for supporting Hillary, then what’s the point? These so called journalists are nothing more than Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight (sorry, Mary). They try and show seriousness when making comments about the candidates as if they know so much more than the people. It’s such an insult and I for one, give all of them the middle finger for treating me like I’m clueless. Andrea, maybe you should cover the topic of botox and how it affects ones thinking.

  24. Just remembering our victory here in PA. Obama got whomped and part of it was the youth vote did not turn out the way he expected. Seemd the college kids were a) not registered in Pa or b) busy doing research papers and such for school.
    Any idea if college kids are part of Obama’s strategy in NC?? School still in down there or are they all gone home??? I know my daughter jsut finished finals Friday and poof- all the kids are gone home.
    NC colleges still in session? Will they come out for him or leave him hanging like they did here in PA?

  25. Melanie….I stand corrected….guess it was wishful thinking : )

  26. Melissa, if you look at SUSA’s last poll of PA they were off +4 for Obama, giving Hillary a 6 pt margin, she ended up with 10…we can only hope it is about the same here

    I’ve brought this up before… tomorrow is last day of exams for UNC, State, and also Duke I believe. but who knows if they voted early…

  27. I’m with you, Gary.

    Actually, Hill won whites 18-29 in PA. Doubt that will happen in NC. If it did we would win. But NC has as many universities as any state in the union, which is BO’s base.

  28. Whoa! Only 5% undecided? That’s going to be close. She may not win this thing but she is going to be REALLY close. Who knows, two more events might just do it. What does not kill you makes you stronger.

  29. I have said before too that I think SUSA oversamples younger voters. In their last PA poll they put them at 21% (18-34) CNN’s exit polls in PA put 18-29 at only 12%. Granted that doesn’t include 30-34, but can that small age group possibly make up almost 10%? can anyone who knows about the statistic thing explain?

  30. @Gary: SUSA was off in their final PA poll because of Passover; they stopped polling around 6 PM or so, which affected their numbers. The previous poll had her around +14 (I believe) and then she dropped to +6.

    I think Obama will win NC by more than 5, but I’m hoping that she keeps him under 10. I don’t see how superdelegates in their right mind can come out for him after that.

  31. My Name Is Earl

    Yes, I saw Joe call out Mika this morning. As I commented on an earlier thread, Joe told Mika that she was so elitist that she wouldn’t even listen to him explain why the gas tax holiday made political sense — this after Mika put her head down and said “no no no” the first time Joe tried to explain it.

    Yes, Mika, I know that a lot of political discourse these days takes place at the toddler level, but still, do you need to personally demonstrate this?

    By the way, I saw this


    on the NYT website and just roared with laughter:

    The Arizona senator’s campaign launched a Spanish language Web site to mark the Mexican Cinco de Mayo festival and McCain told reporters that “everything about our Hispanic voters is tailor-made to the Republican message.”

    “I am confident that I will do very well,” he said. “I know their patriotism, I know the respect for the family, the advocacy for pro-life, I know the small business aspect of our Hispanic voters.”

    If only McCain also knew about these concerns among Latino voters: lack of affordable healthcare, education (a/k/a “Many Latino Children Left Behind), foreclosures, discrimination on the basis of national origin and ethnicity — not to mention their concerns about the endless war in Iraq, and the lack of support from the federal government for returning veterans, especially those coming home injured.

    Que lastima que McCain no conoce nada de estas problemas.

  32. Those poll numbers sound good to me. I told you that N.C. was going to surprise everyone. Here’s the exchange on MSNBC Wednesday morning:
    Olbermann: I know a guy who knows a guy that can take Hillary in the back room make her an offer she can’t refuse.
    Matthews: We need to take her out decisively. I know a guy who’d be willing to run over her with his truck.
    Ms. Mitchell: I think I’m having a nervous breakdown. Zanax! I need Zanax!!
    Abrams: Where’s that guy who said we needed a strategically placed explosive device.
    Russert: Hey, you know what? Maybe we’ve bet on the wrong horse.

  33. I don’t really have anything new to say… Go NC and IN for Hillary!!!

  34. John just left for the NC HQ to phone bank, then Pres Clinton is going to be there at 9 to wrap it up. He took the camera so I should have a couple more pics later, along with some really good ones of Hillary I haven’t shared yet. I’ll try to post them later this evening to get everyone pumped up for tomorrow.

  35. Forgot to mention the most obnoxious part of the McCain quote in my prior comment:

    “…everything about our Hispanic voters is tailor-made to the Republican message.”

    Since when are voters “tailor-made” to the message? Is the message supposed to be tailor-made to the voters? Where did McCain get these tailor-made Latinos? From the “design-your-own jeans” page of the Levi’s website?

  36. The good vibrations are comin’ strong. Hillary has the momentum, go Hillary!!!

  37. I think you are so correct about the media spin, RD. I wasn’t involved in the web in 2000 election or in 2004. The media have been trying to push Hillary out, here in the web and from what I see in the press with the exception of one TV station.

    This election is far too important to let anyone push anyone around. It’s odd that only one candidate can seem to do no wrong, yet in the blog world there are places who catch everything–especially No Q and SavagePolitics. This stuff can’t get the gloss treatment, when Americans are desperate for truths in this election cycle.

    The more I look into Axelrod, and the marketing the worse it looks. And they are able to use subliminals, astroturfing, text messaging, targeting and splitting. This has probably been the mode state by state, but it moved too fast for the common people to notice, and this will be the way politics look in the future too, in terms of this kind of advertising. Neither Hillary or John McCain have used this “splitting” of the populace into demographics. I really feel that it is unethical.

  38. Gary, what do you make of those internals? They have her winning Charlotte. Also, women at 52%, men at 48%. Women have made up more of the electorate in most states.

  39. Poll Breakdown:

    Women: 52%
    Men: 48%

    AA: 32%
    White: 64%

    18-34: 20%
    35-49: 31%
    50-64: 28%
    65+ 20%

  40. Melanie

    I don’t know. I have a lot of the same questions but don’t know if I’m reading the numbers correctly. They seem to lean towards favoring Obama in many groups that I would think are closer. I said earlier that I thought they low-balled the independent vote(they have them at 13%), but in this poll they actually have them going to Obama by 6 pts. That is a change from the 4/22 poll that had them going for Obama by almost 20 pts. This is the group that I’ve been talking about recently. Hillary has aggressively gone after them and it looks like it is paying off. I am really starting to strongly believe that this is going to be as close as it gets and may come down to who gets their people out to the polls tomorrow

  41. tomorrow weather:

    upper 70’s, low humidty, plenty of sunshine. Couldn’t ask for a better day!

  42. That seems really low on women but also on AA’s unless they expect a huge white turn out to dilute that percentage.

  43. I’m watching the coverage on WTVD now (they’re the channel that paid for the poll). It is all about Bill. They really knew what they were doing having him travel non-stop.. the news coverage is overwhelmingly positive. Everyone seems to love him. They are talking to an 18 y/o girl right now who says she has been won over by Clinton after hearing him speak. This coverage couldn’t be better.

  44. Now coverage of MO. not very exciting…she is talking about military payscales??? no interviews with people singing his praises like they did with the Bill Clinton coverage. She’s talking about him winning utah and alaska? I’m feeling better and better : )

  45. Since Iowa they have been constantly after Hill to quit. The cry for Hill to quit reminds me very much of years ago when the media was calling Bill to quit.( in many cases it’s the same talking heads! ) Hill was one of strongest voices in the White House who said,”Hell ,no!”

    Its about Democracy. In ’98 Hill wouldn’t agree to a GOP coup attempt to over turn an election . And now she will not allow two states votes to be trashed. Plus she knows with either BO or MaCain, we as a nation are fooked. Years from now they will be writing about Hillary the way we write about Lincoln

  46. Litigatormom,

    That quote from McCain is priceless. Once Hillary gets the nomination, she will make him look as clueless as she did Obama. If Hillary is the candidate, I’m sure she will make a concerted effort to reach Latino voters.

  47. Gary, I’d love to know what you think of the internals too. That poll is not good for Obama. I think the situation is very fluid at this point. I’m excited for tomorrow.

  48. Clinton and Obama are both going to be interviewed by WTVD on their 6pm broadcast, along with details of the poll (they just teased another poll on voters outlook on gas prices. (just said 94% expect $4 gas) This can only be good for Hillary. People want to get gas prices under control. But I’m getting ahead of myself. TV commercials are nonstop BO/HRC btw. It is really getting intense!

  49. If national MSM has been horrific, the local coverage i’m watching here in NC now has been VERY positive for Clinton (on WTVD–abc–at least) I was looking on their website to see if they have video from the newscast but can’t find anything. The contrast between the coverage of Bill campaigning and Michelle O were pretty stark.. Much more positive for him

  50. Here’s the link to the Clinton campaign conference call. I got it from Talkleft.

  51. winning utah ? oh my gawd !!!!!

  52. bboomer,

    check out my earlier comment. I think that her closing the gap with independents is big and maybe enough to push her over the edge, especially if they are underpolling that group

    they are revealing the internals on the news now….will try to “live blog” it here in comments….

  53. Bleary-eyed at 5:00 a.m. (On the other side of the globe)

    You wrote, “self-selected authority of knowledge”
    I read “self-inflicted authority of knowledge”

    You wrote, “high priestess of cluelessly arrogant Mitchellism”
    I read “high priestess of cruelly arrogant Mitchellism”

    You wrote, “He literally can do nothing wrong”
    I saw, “He literally can do anything wrong”

    You wrote, “His campaign is crack”
    I read “His campaign is a crock”

    But the end I got as written, word for word.

    “There is a limit to how much of this stuff you can get away with, and it has been reached. One of the most beneficial things that can come out of this protracted primary season is that we may finally be able to retire people like Andrea Mitchell, David Broder, Cokie Roberts and the other Villagers. Nobody’s listening to them anymore anyway.”

    Yep. I think we’re going to hit the sound barrier, kiddo. Things are going to be different on the other side.

  54. early voters overwhelming for BO 57-41….clinton makes gains 20 pts in 50-64 …..Obama wins with liberas, Clinton wins conservatives and moderates that’s it…nothing new

  55. Lucinda said, “I don’t know how the media will be able to get back its credibility once this election is over.”

    They could publish people like riverdaughter. 🙂

  56. interview with Obama

    (he only had one stop here today, a closed door fundraiser). ….interviewer says that HRC said that if he doesn’t win by double digits it is bad for him, what is your response… bo says clinton campaign is always trying to spin elections, our goal is to do as well as we can in NC, IN, and all remaining states to be able to make best case at end. …….. Interviewer asks about MI/FL points out neither will have delegates by end w/o them. BO says he wants the delgates seated. ………. Interviewer asks how much damage has been done to party, BO says don’t think it has gotten nasty on our side, we have a better plan, and we will have a better vision than John McCain, change..blah blah………Interviewer ends by saying BO won’t even address the question about what he will do if he loses the nomination.

  57. Fuckety-fuck-fuck-fuck! I have another all-day training session tomorrow. Shoot me.

  58. bostonboomer:

    Hillary has already made huge efforts to mobilize the Latino community. Indeed, I first got involved through a group of Latinos in NYC.

    She’ll slaughter McCain in Latino communities all across the country.

  59. <riverdaughter:

    I share your pain. All day hearing in Hartford — won’t get home until well after 8pm. And no checking the Blackberry constantly when you’re in hearings. ;-(

  60. Sorry, we will not share RD with anyone but Hillary. She can be Hillary’s press secretary, but she cannot work for the MSM

  61. Hillary interview

    start with a clip of her in High Point (no clip for obama in earlier story) HRC: “time to stop wringing our hands and start rolling up our sleeves…Mike Easley is behind her. Talking head says she has eroded Obama’s lead but has all but conceded here in NC (??) but in interview she says she is no where near throwing in towel…


    HRC: we’re wating to see what happens in these contests, what happens in June, and what happens with FL/MI

    Interviewer: some say you need decisive win to stay in, could NC be that, are you looking for that?

    HRC: I want to do as well as I can in NC, but i think sen obama has the advantage here.

    Interviewer: it has been said dem heirarchy is getting panicky about what’s going on, that you and Obama are inflicting too many wounds and they want this to end. Do you feel the pressure?

    HRC: I sure don’t, not at all, because I feel this is good for dem party, we know there is a lot of energy and excitement, that’s great for the party/country. once we have nominee we’ll close ranks, be united, and do what we can to get dem in WH

    Interviewer: when is the last time you communicated with John Edwards? what value do you place on his endorsement no matter which way it goes.

    HRC: it would be wonderful to have his and elizabeth’s support, but that’s for them to decide. proud they both made a difference in the campaign.

  62. Honora: *snort* I’m likely to cause an international incident. Better to leave it to the professionals.

  63. Seems like the interview with Hillary was longer and the fact that they had a clip from a campaign event as opposed to none for him was good. Now they are saying that we are expecting record turnout for primary tomorrow.

  64. garychapelhill– How can his only event today be a close door fundraiser? Who is making his schedule?? He may not even need any money after tomorrow!!! Didn’t Bill have at least 10 stops today?

  65. Interesting. BO went to NC but didn’t do any campaigning, just a private fundraiser? That actually sounds pretty confident. You would think he would be using that time in IN or NC talking to voters.

  66. lisadawn82,
    I get kinda charmed by Dean, but what he actually does… a lot of good the Dems winning the Congress did; strange, isn’t it?

    What really bothers me about him is that he comes from generations of investment bankers. Somehow, that circle must be influencing him. I don’t think Hillary is going to much bail out the investment banks and the hedge funds with the blood and sweat of her citizens, and let them continue to operate unregulated. If you catch my drift…

  67. Dean has lost all credibility. He has clearly tried to swing this process to Obama.

  68. Riverdaughter,

    Oh nooooooooooo! I feel for you. I have to grade papers tomorrow, but I will be able to hang out at home and keep checking to see what is happening. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope you’ll be all done before the polls close.

  69. Garychapelhill,

    Not another closed-door fund-raiser. If he makes another “bitter” comment, let’s home someone is filming and leaks it before the polls open.

    Thanks for live-blogging the local news. It’s a big help to us political junkies desperate for a fix.

  70. A fundraiser? On the day before an important primary? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Most politicians are out there busting their asses the day before. And what does he need money for? I thought he had more money than God. This just doesn’t sound right. How much you wanna bet there is something serious going on in his campaign?

  71. I went back and looked…sorry guys, they said it was a closed door “event” whatever that means, not necessarily a fundraiser, but they did say that it was his only appearance in NC today, you think he’d want to get more exposure.

    like I said before, they had no clip to set up his interview with, i imagine because he had no public events. Hillary’s interview opened as I described above : time to stop wringing our hands and start rolling up our sleeves

  72. HIllary had at least 3 public events today that I know of. Bill had his usual 10 or so (ok, maybe not so many, but it seems like it hehe) and He is ending up tonight at 9pm at the campaign hq, my partner john is there phone banking now and is staying for the event. Updates to come later. the only other campaigning they showed was Michelle O but if you check out my earlier comments, was not too exciting.

  73. whoops..didn’t mean to capitalize He (I like Bill, but that’s a little too far). For those of you who read my posts you might notice that sometimes I randomly capitalize letters, don’t know why…..

  74. That’s bizarre. Why wouldn’t you campaign in the state you actually have a chance of winning. Then again, the Clinton peeps were pretty cheerful this am. It’s like they know something. Maybe it’s unrelated to polls. Maybe something surfaced that will come out in a few days. Maybe the SDs are turning. I don’t know but the behavior seems very suspicious.

  75. gary: you’re doing a great job. Thanks for your coverage. You are staying past NC aren’t you?

  76. Wow, I hate not knowing what will happen.. 🙂 Terry Mac was on TV earlier but I don’t know what he said.

    Gary, thank you so much for all the news you’ve posted!

  77. riverdaughter: thanks. Would love to stay past NC, this has been so much fun for me. thanks to everyone for their input.

    as for Obama, he didn’t set expectations high for NC did he? He seemed to be looking past it already. I also caught the comment about how the campaign in NC hasn’t gotten nasty “on our part”. yeah right, I just saw his ad that basically calls Hillary a liar. (Like i said earlier, the ads are non-stop this evening. I said before, he is pushing a “change washington” theme” while she is “i feel your pain/economy” ads. I think she wins that argument hands down….

  78. Best part of the SUSA NC poll:
    BO leads by only 10 of 606 respondents who have not yet voted. (13 were undecided.)

    Best part of Mike Easley’s intro:
    Hillary is “stronger than train smoke”.

  79. I had a long, hard day, so what do I do as soon as I get home? I turn on “Softballs” just in time to hear Howard “I’m In the Tank” Fineman put forward the Obama spin:

    1. Clinton is favored in IN, Obama is “slightly” favored in NC. Managing expectations, much?

    2. If Clinton only wins IN, there’s no game changer, the “math” becomes crushing.

    3. Obama’s game plan is to “get within double digits” of clinching the nomination. If he gets within less than a hundred delegates of the magic number, then there is no way Clinton can be nominated by the SDs..

    4. Fineman fails to define what the magic number is (Maybe that’s what makes the number “magic”!) Does he mean getting at least 2109 delegates, which is 100 less than 2209 — the magic number if you count MI and FLA?

    5. Getting within double digits of 2025 is not “getting within double digits” of clinching the nomination. Getting within double digits of 2025 is called “trying to make permanent the disenfranchisement of MI and FLA.”

    You’d think I get enough stress from work. Since RD’s bartender Rico isn’t here, I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine. C U L8r. (Trying to learn teen-text language.)

  80. Am I reading the SUSA details correctly? Is Obama winning with Women?

  81. I think African American women are giving him the edge right now. On election day, she should win it slightly as I think undecided women (who are probably white) will go to her.

  82. (nodding) I thought there had to be some explanation.

  83. litmom, the magic number is 5. That’s how many lemondrops I can have before I fall off my chair.

    Gary in Chapel Hill, bro, thanks for the work and the updates.

    BB, was it you who said the thing about a deal? I think so, too. Something is up.

  84. BO leads by only 10 of 606 respondents who have not yet voted. (13 were undecided.)

    What does this mean – I don’t understand I’m afraid?

  85. I’m going to be a downer, but I think SUSA is best case scenario. It looks like Obama still has an almost complete lock on the African American vote (cheers to those brave handful out of every hundred!). I expected 35-40% AA turnout in NC. If Obama doesn’t get at least 30% tomorrow, he’s in trouble. I suspect we’ll be at 35+.

    I am surprised at the lower female turnout numbers, though. This could be why the Clintons are barnstorming NC, trying to increase that number. Increasing that number would result in a decrease in the percentage of AA voters. That would be a good use of time. I’m a big fan of the two-X of the species and I hope you come out in huge numbers in both IN and NC.

  86. I started from the top and read all comments from beginning to end. Do I have the right to feel less stress than I did this morning?

  87. Pat,

    I hope you had a nice day out with your friends. I still say it looks very good for Hillary. I’m an optimist at heard, but I’m not delusional. I just have a very good feeling about tomorrow.

  88. daria — Those are the actual sample counts from SUSA. They project 25% of NC has voted early, and Hillary trails only 281-291 in the remaining sample of 606 individuals (with 20 “other” and 13 undecided).

  89. litagator mom,
    That’s not partcularly good spin from the guy who’s been saying that he has the nomination wrapped up.

  90. bostonboomer: I had a great day, thanks! I came home feeling a little more buoyed and rushed right to this blog to get the latest updates. Gary is better than any reporter in the field. All we can do now is wait.

  91. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    (The Themes Is Very-very Beautiful & Also Able To Place Adsense)


  92. Hi Ron, I follow you on what the numbers mean, but what do they mean as in, why is this a good sign for Hillary (is it?)

  93. I think the media had a serious impact. They were spewing venom from the start of the campaign. And it worked, with people who can be manipulated by shallow sneers and childish insults. Sadly for Hillary and us, that’s a huge segment of the population.

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