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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Cocktail Hour: Indiana Pale Moon and Stardust

Only two more days until the Indiana primary.  Hillary and Bill have been running a marathon. No, make that an Iron Man trialthlon to reach as many voters as they can and bypass the media filter that remains steadfastly in Obama’s court.  It’s hard to believe our sticker still has this much of an uphill fight after all of the “must win” states she’s added to her column.  But she’s not giving up and neither are we.  We’re here til the very end, climbing that mountain with her.

Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Hour.  This is the time the day when we beat our pens into swizzle sticks and relax with friends.  Our bar is to the left of the door.  Our bartender, as always, is Rico.  Watch his flair.  Tonight he is featuring the Indy Melonade as his special cocktail, but you can order anything you like.

Indiana was home to the composer of the music we are listening to tonight.  Hoagland “Hoagy” Carmichael, Bloomington, Indiana’s native son, wrote the American standard Stardust.  It’s melody meanders, swooping up and down on tinkling piano to a sweet resolution.  It’s lovely.  And so is this song, The Nearness of You, sung by our brown-eyed beauty, Norah Jones.

We welcome Obamaphiles to stay and celecrate but everyone should know that it isn’t polite to use your trigger words at a cocktail party.  So please check them with our lovely checkroom attendent, Florence.  The waiters will be circulating with and assortment of fine popcorns, plain, buttered and seasoned.   Please dring responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

66 Responses

  1. Rico, a mojito please, with plenty of mint. You’re looking fine tonight.

  2. Hey everyone. I’d like to make a toast to everyone who has been working so hard in Indiana and NC. One more day, I don’t think I can take it!. Anyway, I told some people earlier that my partner was in a painting competition. He didn’t win : ( but I really liked the painting. I’ve got it posted up here:


    leave a comment and let him know what you think.

  3. Obama is phoning it in during the JJ Dinner in Indiana, barely any or subdued crowd reaction and he looks tired. Hillary’s speech riled up the crowd.

  4. We watched Hillary and just tuned in to Obama. Wow. The silence is deafening.

  5. I’m proud of you for your 400k hits. you won’t remember this, but when you were goldberry at dkos(I was masslib there), I told you you ought to strike out on your own.

    Rico, I’ll take what RD’s having, por favor.

  6. Gary: I like that painting. It looks like a madonna from this angle. I’m so sorry you didn’t win. Well, the dollar isn’t strong any way, though a side trip to Versailles would have been very nice and if you had been in the mood for adventure, I could have given you a dining rec in the Pink City of Toulouse. Maybe next year.
    Speaking of art, here is an entry by Brook. She submitted it when she was 10 for the International Aviation Art contest for the Department of Transportation. She came in second in her age group in the state of Nj. The subject was “airfield” and her title was “Pitstop on Earth”

  7. I made phonecalls to North Carolina this weekend, and everyone I reached supported Clinton! (The Ashland area) I reached this one elderly lady that said she is hoping Hillary will fix the mess the Republicans-and Bush particularly– have made. She also mentioned that her husband is going to vote Democrat for Hill for the first time in decades.

    I have to work on Tuesday and won’t be able to scream myself hoarse when Hill takes Indiana by double digits and makes NC too close to call.

    My heart warms when I think of those Clintons tirelessly fighting for us right now. This is emotional for me. I will be weeping in relief when we have her as our nominee because I KNOW we will have President Hillary. My sister Katiebird and I were talking last night and making tentative plans for the the galas in January. I know she doesn’t like to jinx, but I believe in my gut!

  8. Melanie: Ohhh, so it was YOU who conveniently arranged for that trollstorm. 😉
    I’m glad I did but it is a lot of work. But look at all the fun we’re having. I wonder how long it took Kos to hit 400K?.

  9. Wow, and he didn’t win? That’s just beautiful.

  10. Rico, get joaniebone whatever she wants. She done good today.

  11. Guys, Fox reported Hill is headed back to NC tonight. Has two stops planned there for tomorrow. This wasn’t in the schedule.

    Oh, Rico, you know what, I need a shot of Crown Royal, actually make that one for the house. This one is for Hill. Cheers! 🙂

  12. Thanks! A Manhattan, sweet. Yum. 🙂

  13. Hi everyone! Have a martini on me with Grey Goose Vodka. And thanks to everyone who is working so hard with those phone calls. I’m sure everyone helps.

  14. (hugs to joanie)

    That’s an interesting question, riverdaughter. I bet it was considerably longer than 3 months.

  15. Melanie, I remember you as masslib. Hey there!

    My mom in Indiana got a call today from a real person supporting Hillary. Mom told her she’s voting for Hillary.

    I’m listening to Obama’s speech right now. I don’t get how he can be called a great orator. All he does is shout out a bunch of platitudes. A few of his speeches have been “eloquent,” I guess, but in general, I don’t think he’s all that.

    I’d like some mango iced tea with lemon and honey please, Rico.

  16. Melanie,
    Do you think IN is in the bag and things are going to be close in NC? Why would she be changing her plans?

  17. Welcome, joaniebone!

    My favorite part of Obama’s speech is that one guy who keeps chanting Yes We Can hoping to get the crowd chanting with him but no one else joins in.

  18. He’s talking about people standing up for “Me” changing the world. He’s really excited by it.

  19. Hi, I see I’ve arrived just in time for drinks. i’d like a mojito too, Rico.

    The NYT is reporting that:

    A majority of American voters say that the furor over the relationship between Senator Barack Obama and his former pastor has not affected their opinion of Mr. Obama, but a substantial number say that it could influence voters this fall should he be the Democratic presidential nominee, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.

    You have scroll down several paragraphs until you get to the paragraph noting that 52% of those polled said that they believed Obama had broken with Wright as a matter of political expedience.

    Here is the [article.http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/05/us/politics/05poll.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin%5D

    Also on the front page of the NYT website is a story entitled “Seeing Grit and Ruthlessness in Clinton’s Love of the Fight.” Not surprisingly, it suggests that Clinton’s toughness carries negative connotations with some people, such as “ruthlessness,” “divisive,” “willing to do anything to win,” and “dirty fighter.”

    Here’s the [second article. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/05/us/politics/05clinton.html?hp%5D

  20. Ga6thDem, yes.

  21. Riverdaughter

    loved the painting! Yeah, its too bad about Paris, but you’re right about the dollar. oh yeah, congrats on the 400k, I saw that earlier it was about 300 off. Do you have anyway of knowing who it was?(I don’t know that much about how that works, so if that is a silly question forgive me) that would be cool, like the millionth customer or something : ) I would gladly buy that person a drink tonight!

  22. WS: Maybe he would get more audience participation if he started a wave instead.

  23. Ah, they say he spoke to our hearts and she spoke to our heads. Hmmm? Is that true?

  24. It really is kind of sad to see him droning, and then when there is a pale splatter of applause he finally raises his voice to seek approval. Thud. The sound of his campaign hitting the ground.

  25. gary, I don’t know who it was. There is a blog stats summary page but it doesn’t get that particular.

  26. WTH do they say that for? My heart is for Hill. I can’t stand him.

    Check out this lovely sign from his jerk supporters:

  27. How charming. And Dean wants to shove Obama and his supporters down our throats after we were forced to put up with 8 years of Bush and his neanderthal fanbase. Why does Howard Dean hate us?

  28. Melanie,

    Ooooh. How very mature his supporters are…

  29. rd, I think Obama’s portion of the crowd wanted to get energized but they couldn’t muster the energy. He didn’t give them much to work with.

  30. RD, did Dean say something new today? I missed it.

    Melanie, that sign is disgusting.

  31. bostonboomer, I think he’s a horrible speaker. I’ve never been impressed.

  32. Good Gravy, he really is phoning it in. he looks like he’s going to dall over. I think he’s really asleep. He can barely keep his eyes open. He looks a bit puffy too.

  33. Hey, boomer, I remember you.

  34. Kbird: I’m with you. I saw him at YK07 and he just didn’t do anything for me. That spark? Completely missing. And the Kossacks were going bananas over Edwards. Obama was barely on their radar. He just looked bored and out of place.

  35. Mister just bought me a laptop from eBay!! He’s been watching the auctions for a while and happened onto this one just 10 minutes before it closed!!!

  36. I am still not allowed to drink any alcohol, so please no sarcasm while I take a “mocktail”.

    So Rico, a Shirley Temple.

    I think we’ll have a great Tuesday.

    Btw, Newsweek has an article about how Oprah left Rev. Wright’s church because of his views. What did Mr. “Judgement” do? Oh yes, he didn’t “vote” for the Iraq war.

  37. Education, blah, blah, blah. Like Hillary didn’t do ANYTHING in Arkansas to improve teacher qualifications. He rips off an awful lot from her.

  38. MABlue, why not a virgin passion fruit mojito? Very minty.

  39. Oh, riverdaughter — he stole something from a speech Pres. Clinton made at the Harkin steak thing in 2003 about how he can afford to pay more taxes and should and would (Clinton said it really well though)

  40. My comment got lost in cyberspace. Oh well. Can I still have a mojito?

  41. riverdaughter: I may switch to your suggestion, and as I’ve learned from Joe Andrew, go ahead and savage the hell out of Shirley Temple.

    The LA Times has a great article today about early voting in NC. I feel NC will be closer than people think:

    North Carolina voters appear — in droves

    Here is what should stop the Big Boiz from performing their NC haka:

    “The race is tightening, no question about it,” said Hunter Bacot, a poll director at Elon University, near Greensboro. “Considering what’s happening with Rev. Wright, her recent victory in Pennsylvania and her courting of the white, blue-collar vote, [she’s] really picking up steam.”

    Thad Beyle, a political science professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, agreed.

    “Things are moving in her direction. And she’s campaigning in places Democrats don’t usually go. I got a call the other day from Haywood County in the mountains out west. It’s real Republican country.” The reporter couldn’t figure out why Clinton was there, Beyle said.

    Jim Hunt, a Democrat who served four nonconsecutive terms as governor and who has not endorsed anyone, said he didn’t expect an upset. But he said he was surprised to see “limited-income whites” flood his polling place Friday in Wilson, in the eastern part of the state.

    “A whole lot more white voters are coming out, at least in my district,” he said. Clinton “has energized a lot of people to vote who would not otherwise vote.”

    What is garychapelhill hearing?

  42. I wonder if the NC voters have heard about how Rev. Wright counseled a married couple separately and ended up married to the female half of the couple?


    And Oprah left the church because of Wright? No wonder Obama sounds a little desperate. I’ll bet his stomach is in knots right now.

  43. MABlue, I’ve been reading about Pres Clinton’s events — 10 a day for the past 2 weeks. I think that’s GOT to have an incredible effect.

  44. Very interesting, MABlue. I hear Bill Clinton is planning to make 11 appearances in NC tomorrow. I think the campaign must think things are still very fluid in NC.

  45. Pour me a shot of NyQil, rico. I can barely talk without coughing a storm. Some of ya’ll are gonna have to make up for my absence on the phones tomorrow. Any takers?

  46. Another thing I think is interesting is that Clinton is really driving the campaign narrative right now. Obama isn’t initiating anything. The talk is about issues–not platitudes–and issues aren’t his strength. The gas tax holiday may actually be useless, although it would help people like me who have to get by on a very small income for a good part of this summer, but that is what the candidates are talking about. Clinton sounds positive and like a doer, and Obama sound like a nay sayer, who has no alternative solutions to offer.

  47. You guys are too much!!! Saw Hillary on Fox tonight. She was fearless! Switched over to Masterpiece and watched a wonderful presentation with Judi Densch and Eileen Atkins so I missed him but apparently missed nothing from what you say.

    Congratulations RD!! You did it. Must feel wonderful to know how many people you have reached and how grateful we are in doing so. Your daughter must be pretty talented as well since she did that painting at 10.

    Getting a little stressed with Tues approaching so I will have a Cosmo to calm my nerves.

    Gary, loved the painting. I received a book on art for my birthday and though it is pretty heavy to hold it is wonderful.
    Having not an ounce of talent I remain in the category of those who appreciate. Sorry about Paris but it is warm as well on this blog.

  48. I would not be surprised if they hadn’t visited all 100 counties by the time they’re through. MA blue-I wrote a post last night about what I was thinking. I think it is going to be close. People are really excited. I have to say that the quote above about large numbers of whites in wilson is only good news for Hillary. Wilson is in the Eastern part of the state with a very heavy african-american population, in fact I believe they are a majority in the city

  49. Prepping for Cinco, and having stuff to do tomorrow before festivities get festive, I’ll have a chrysanthemum tea, iced, and marvel (while I can) at my ability to type c-h-r-y-s-a-n-t-h-e-m-u-m.

    Meanwhile, I love our auto-generated “Possibly Related Post”:
    Annapolis Hotel Welcomes Pets For Cocktail Hour

    Cats and dogs drinking together: A sign of the End-Times, or just a sign of the times?

  50. garychapelhill: thanx.

    I think the internal polling (usually more reliable) is probably telling something good to the Clinton campaign. They didn’t let him outspend them 3 to 1.

    I think IN may have definitely switched to Hillary.

  51. Hoagie, yes, and I do believe that Indiana is the birthplace of America’s greatest songwriter-Mr. Cole Porter.

  52. In related developments, here’s a BBC report of a seal attempting to have sex with a penguin.

    “Why the seal attempted to have sex with the penguin is unclear.”

    Yeah, right.

    Just be careful out there.

  53. Expectations:

    NC Obama by 15 (Used to be 20!)

    IN Obama by 5 (It’s next door to his home)

    If Obama does worse than that, he loses.

  54. BTW, Darryl posted new Monte Carlo simulations at Hominid Views last night, and it shows a widening divergence in the two candidates’ prospects against McCain.

    Clinton, 78.5% chance of winning vs McCain.

    Obama, 33.0%

  55. I guess theres no teleprompter for either…didn’t notice when Clinton was speaking. Now its Obama, he keeps looking down at his notes…

    I wish the superdelegates had brains and guts.

  56. Lambert: You’re spot on.

    Moreover, the Obama campaign released and Xcel spreadsheet for the press where, low balling everything, they themselves project an 8 points win in NC and a 7 points win in IN.

    Even 2 weeks ago, his avg lead in NC was 20+ points.

  57. Sorry guys. I am a Hoosier. Indiana is in no way similar to Chicago and is much more like Ohio than Illinois. Obama was never going to win there. I can’t figure out why people are thinking it’s close. Hillary is leading by anywhere from 7-10 in all the latest polls. Indiana has very few AA’s, less than 10%, and lots and lots of white working class voters who are worried about the economy.

  58. Boomer, i was just reading from someone in IN who ttried to do a little visibility in front of a latino church and the preist got upset and said it was an Obama church. That worries me. Hill is so strong among latinos.

  59. What part of IN was that? I doubt if IN has a big Latino population either. Hillary is probably confident of Indiana, or she wouldn’t be going back to NC tomorrow. She has made about 3 times as many appearances in both states as Obama. He seems to be either lazy or very low energy compared to her.

  60. Obama’s supporters, presumably under the wise counsel of the campaign, are doubling-down and making it clear to all-and-sundry that any scenario in which Obama isn’t the nominee is theft, fraud. sedition, and who knows what else. I have been rasslin’ with them in Cheeto Central for part of the evening (what can I say? there’s no basketball tonight) and 10-20% of them actually understand that politics is a tough business, and that if you don’t want to lament your defeat, you need to work for victory. In the end I have no ill-will towards Obamamistas who want to stomp us, because that’s what you do in politics, and you worry about tomorrow tomorrow. But the rest of them, and it’s a large majority, are more interested in pre-writing the story of how Evil, Inc. is fixing to keep a good black man down, and they won’t have any of it, by golly. They sure don’t sound like people who are ahead in the polls, the delegate counts, the hearts of the media, etc.

    On another, wholly expected note, the only reliable way to get TR’d continues to be posting links to Wilentz and Taylor, on how the Obama campaign invented the race issue for the benefit of the good people of South Carolina. Kinda makes you think there must be something to it, if it has to be suppressed at all costs!

    BTW I recommend the new(ish) hazlenut-flavored Kahlua.

  61. BB:
    I don’t know if you read Porter Shreve’s latest dispatch in the NYTimes today. I found this part very interesting:

    As we awaited Senator Clinton’s arrival that night, with the loudspeakers booming John Mellencamp’s “Our Country,” I was wondering what her approach would be. For weeks, she’d been going on the offensive, tapping into voter frustration in other Rust Belt states. But Indiana has lost fewer jobs and has a relatively strong manufacturing base compared with Ohio and Pennsylvania. And though this conservative state catches grief from left-wing, secular types (myself included), I’ve never lived in a place with such neighborly and decent-seeming people.

    What a challenge for Senator Clinton, I thought — to be both “male” and “female,” to be a fighter and polite, at the same time. Yet she pulled it off. Stepping to the stage in a petunia-pink suit jacket and pearls, she was as charming as a hostess at a church social, but also clear and assertive. She spoke without condescension or finger-wagging about overhauling the tax code, trade policy, new investments in clean energy.

  62. second hit job on Hillary by the AP tonight. also second time that they say Hillary will “attack Iran if it attacks Israel” without saying “if Iran attacks Israel with nuclear weapons”. At least this time (unlike the earlier article) they didn’t mangle the words so much that it appeared she had said she would invade Iran within ten years.

    —–Clinton, for her part, turned in a feisty performance on “This Week” – at turns funny, combative and wonky. In contrast with Obama’s coolheaded demeanor, Clinton was at times almost overeager – wide-eyed and smiling, rejecting an on-set armchair in favor of standing and gesturing to the audience.—–

    They make her sound kinda crazy, right? A little bit more Hitler than Evita this time. Ughhh these things make me sick

    read whole thing here:


    earlier AP article here:


  63. MABlue,

    That was pretty pissy at the end, wasn’t it? I’ve never seen Hillary wag her finger, and she’s not at all two-faced.

    I don’t know about Indiana having a strong manufacturing base. Unemployment has been high in the state literally for decades. When I was a kid, my home town was a feeder for Detroit–there were tons of auto parts factories. Not any more. There is a new Honda plant nearby, but things have been pretty tough for awhile. Maybe it’s just that Ohio and PA are even worse. But IN is struggling.

  64. BB,

    I think you got the writer wrong. You need to read the whole article, then it was very flattering. I think he was impressed with Hillary mastery of public policy, and how challenging it is for female politician to be both male and female in one, something we men don’t really have to do.

    Actually he was very impressed with her, as was Allan Gurganus who wrote about both campaigns in NC.

  65. MABlue, If you say so. I thought most of the article was complimentary, but I didn’t care for this:

    She spoke without condescension or finger-wagging about overhauling the tax code, trade policy, new investments in clean energy.

    There’s an old joke that “the reason there are so few female politicians is that it is too much trouble to put makeup on two faces.” Looking at the crowd filing out of Riehle Plaza, I wondered what the rest of Indiana will have to say about this politician in pink: Two-faced? Or the right guy for the job?

    Maybe you’re right, though. I might be overreacting because I’ve been reading student papers all day.

  66. BB,

    I think the “two-faced” anecdote made it clearer to some, as least to me as a man, the tough spot women politicians are in. In Hillary’s case, she has to address women’s issues in one minute and talk about possibly nuking Iran in the next.

    That’s how I saw it.

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