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The Clinton Campaign — it never stops

I’ve been poking around Google News looking for non-AP news and I found this charming story from something called Bloomberg.com:

Bill Clinton unleashed: When the former president and his Secret Service detail stopped for the night at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon, he found himself amid about 500 whippet fanciers and their dogs.

Rather than head to his room, Clinton held an impromptu two- hour town hall-style meeting. He petted the dogs and mugged for photos with canines and owners in town for the American Whippet Club‘s 22nd National Specialty Show.

“He just talked to us and talked to us and talked to us, and he was reluctant to leave,” said whippet owner Karen Lee, 46, of Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. Clinton finally headed upstairs at about 1 a.m.

So, the President is doing 7 or more events in a day. Then he gets to his hotel and instead of collapsing in an exhausted heap — he spends two hours talking policy and dogs with the hotel guests.

Have you ever heard of a campaign like this? They’re thriving on people, ideas and activity.

Let’s use this thread to share positive and fun campaign stories.

18 Responses

  1. This is not a story from the campaign trail, but it is a result of campaigning, and is great news for Hillary.

    We live in Indiana and I already voted for Hillary. My husband has been a long time Obama supporter. It’s been tough. But the other day he came home and told me he had to vote for Hillary. He said Obama blew it. He wants to win, and he thinks Hillary can do it. He thinks Obama will lose in November, so He’s switched his support. I bet he’s not he only Indiana voter to do so.

  2. !! Anna Belle! That’s a wonderful campaign story.

    Wow — you must be incredibly relieved. I can’t even imagine the strain of living in a divided household. Thank God, you stayed calm and lived to see this day.

  3. Oh man, I am! Completely relieved. It has tough, and there has been a lot of trash talk. In the beginning I smelled something fishy about Obama, though I wanted to like him just in case. But his criticism of the left, who have been complete victims for more than 8 years, was really upsetting to me. I followed that trail with the perseverance of a bloodhound and found that Obama was exactly what I suspected he was–a marketing phenomenon with no substance and not enough experience to govern properly. Any Democrat who thinks Democrats are the problem just hasn’t been paying attention. Ultimately, my arguments, along with Obama’s stunning stumbles of late persuaded my husband to do the right thing. I believe he (actually WE) will help hand Hillary a double digit victory here in Indiana come Tuesday (which I am taking off to assist with phone calls, transportation, etc).

  4. One last thing–in hindsight, I really think it was my attempt to try to get inside the Obama train back in Febuary and early March that helped win Jake (my husband) over. I think he saw that I was trying to be fair, and a good Democrat, and that he trusts me so much that when he saw I couldn’t support Obama, even if he won, even though it was breaking my heart, he took a harder look. Bitter-gate did not help, and Wright pushed him over the edge. He said no to the kook-aid and began looking more closely at Hillary. She closed the deal herself, I believe.

  5. It’s looking like BO will win Guam, which is too bad. He was expected to, but I had hoped fr a Guam upset.

  6. Melanie, do you have a link?

  7. katie –


    (CNN) — Early vote returns from Saturday’s Guam Democratic caucuses show Barack Obama with a small but early lead over presidential rival Hillary Clinton, although the bulk of the votes in the U.S. territory have yet to be counted.

    With 2 out of 21 villages reporting, Obama won 188 votes to 105 for Clinton. Guam Democratic Party officials told CNN Saturday morning that the vote tabulation is ongoing but will take several more hours to complete.

    Polls closed in Guam at 8 p.m. local time, or 6 a.m. eastern time. Four delegate votes are at stake in this event.


  8. Tried posting the link instead of the above blurb, but couldn’t.

  9. Thanks edwardian, I found the one with the link. Is it ok if I delete the duplicate of the longer message that got caught too?

    (those dang caucuses!)

  10. It is my belief that many of the early supporters in the campaign are having buyers remorse. Particularly in those states that held caucuses. And I agree wholeheartedly with Anna Belle. Giving one incredible speech in 2004 does not a president make, particularly with such a short resume. I have also come to conclude that the big card he plays of not voting to go to war with Iraq, as opposed to Hillary, is just another ploy. He is such a wuss that I bet if he was there in 2002 he would have done the same. It is convenient now to ride that train but I see him as someone easily led. Rezko and Wright come to mind.

  11. Is it ok if I delete the duplicate of the longer message that got caught too?

    Oh, of course. And “those dang caucauses” is right. Seems to be the only route to “victory” for some. Someone should explain that this won’t work during the GE.

  12. by the way, yesterday some things I tried to post got lost, did anyone get a chance to read the comments to KO’s famous Kos diary? yowza.

    But It Isn’t Dislike of HER..

  13. “He is such a wuss that I bet if he was there in 2002 he would have done the same.”

    Pat, I’m CONVINCED of this. His voting record in Congress tells the tale. He’s truly full of it.

  14. I will confess that I did take a look at KO’s blog and some of the comments that accompanied it. I just don’t get it. The hatred is at a pitched level. And she is the one offering solutions. The guts that she has displayed against this vitriol is amazing. It looks like she is still closing the gap in NC but I am not sure it will be enough to carry the day. IN seems to be close.

    edwardian: Those caucus states only tell me that he had good organization. But to suggest that holding a vote for a one hour block of time during most voters working day is the final say on selection is ridiculous. Also there are reports of his supporters strong arming and controlling these events. As far as I am concerned, Iowa should have been Edwards to win.

  15. BTW, have you seen the photos of Chelsea at the Kentucky Derby?

  16. The Clinton’s vast knowledge, flawless reasoning, and charming dialoge blow Obama out of the water. If I have to listen to five years of his shallow rhetoric and his worshippers smarmy insults, I’ll join the wigs and have done with it.

  17. William Jefferson Clinton has always had the gift of gab and the broken zipper syndrome. Either way Obama or Clinton, we will have a chance to hear intelligent dialog–not my way or the highway ignorance.

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