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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Saturday: “I want to be seduced”

If you are an armchair election jockey living in Indiana or North Carolina or a surrounding state, you should know that the best way to snag a voter for Hillary is to canvass. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, canvassing is going door to door in a neighborhood, sort of like a Jehovah’s Witness except that most voters actually *want* to see you. Yeah, as long as you don’t ask them if they want a Watchtower they’ll open their doors, come out on the front stoop and engage you in conversation.

See, they have something that you want. They are just holding it out in front of you and saying, “What’s it worth to you?” They want to be seduced. Their vote is very valuable and they know it. It gives them a heady sense of power to see you groveling before them saying. “Baby, Baby, Baby, don’t be like that”. Lucky for us that Hillary has some sweet nothings to whisper into their ears about universal healthcare, getting us out of Iraq, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, the new green economy, strengthening scientific research, etc, etc, etc.

Then there’s her confidence, experience, long list of accomplishments as first lady and senator, her knowledge base, her intelligence, her “testicular fortitude”. Damn!, She’s hot. Even the Obama supporters check her out.

And it’s really not hard. I prefer canvassing to phone sex, er, phone calls. There’s much less chance for rejection. This election year is high stakes so people want to engage in conversation and they’ll interrupt whatever they’re doing to take your literature and talk. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to meet people face to face and show them what kind of people support her. We’re anything but old, stupid or bitter. The fresh air will brighten your skin, the exercise brings a rosy glow to the cheeks, the excitement makes the eyes glisten. Oh, yeah, before long, you’ll have them eating out of your hand. Put another notch on your tally sheet.

Here’s how to hslp GOTV (Get Out The Vote) this weekend:
In Indiana, check out this page.
In North Carolina, go here and sign up.

Make History!
In other news:
Pacific John at MyDD details some possibly fraudulent shenanigans that happened during the Texas caucuses. I know, you’re shocked. Hey, if you’re going to run a caucus, at least have some rules that everyone has to follow and referees you can call to mediate disputes on the spot. Or, better yet, just get rid of the damn things. They sound chaotic and vulnerable to abuse and manipulation.

Here’s a bit of fluff on the interview that Hillary gave People. Yeah, I didn’t know what a Red Bull was until last year either.

Gov. Mike Easley campaigned with Clinton in the hills of North Carolina. The BFF and I hiked in the Panthertown Valley region of North Carolina several years ago and it was beautiful On the mountaintops there are fields of dainty little wildflowers and multicolored mushrooms, and waterfalls to stand under after hours of climbing under a heavy backpack.Schoolhouse Falls But, ok, the wolves howling at night while we slept in a little tent miles away from civilization? Spooky. Still, it’s very beautiful.

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  1. Hi Riverdaughter—when they go out–talk about this with people who are poor from Alternet—pass it around!

    O ‘s corporate ties… wait till you see


    or me (on poverty, small towns and the homeless):


    or Savage Politics on Labor and O how he went against “workers”:


  2. Thank you for this. Our Hillary canvassing starts soon in Montana, and I’ve been trying to talk myself into doing it.

  3. I wish I could help. We’re in crisis-mode here as our beloved dog Sugar, a life-partner to us all for 11 long years, is dying of cancer. I need to spend as much time with her as possible. I have done some work at the New Albany campaign HQ this season, as well as donated money, so I think it’s okay if I take this time. I will be there Tuesday come hell of high water, even if I have to push my grief deep down for the day to survive.

  4. {{Anna Belle}} I am so sorry. Of course you have to spend these days with Sugar. We’ve been through that too. Our Digby died 3 years ago (he was 18). And I happened to get a serious case of bronchitis as he was dying. I’ll always remember that he spent those last 2 weeks on the couch with me. Sleeping on my chest. I think we made each other feel a little better.

    I’ll be thinking of you.

  5. Thanks katiebird. 18 years. Wow. So sorry about your loss. Weird co-inky-dink–I got a chest cold last week the same time she was diagnosed. I took three days last week to recover between the two. We’re spending a lot of time together, so that’s good.

    But I’ll be there Tuesday! I’ll call anyone they want and they can have my whole tank of gas, as I’ll take any voter anywhere to vote.

  6. Anna – all the best, sincerely.

  7. With all this food rationing and high gas prices there’s plenty for canvassers to talk about. It not only establishes a common factor, but allows them to get into Clinton’s economic policies, her command of the issues, and that darn grit of hers.

    Tuesday can’t come quick enough. C’mon IN and NC.

  8. I would encourage my fellow posters to read Anglachel’s blog today. Very insightful and may explain what is going on with these other voters.

  9. Anna Belle, you made me cry. I’m so sorry. I lost a little baby (to me) three years ago at nine years old and I just found out yesterday that my precious little eight year old boy poodle, the sweetest dog I’ve ever seen, has a blood disease. His body is destroying his own red blood cells and he’s on very heavy doses of prednisone.

    We won’t know until Monday if it will work but the vet said that this is very serious and to immediately get him to an emergency clinic if we see any bruises come up. They can bleed to death internally in just hours. I am petrified and I’ve done nothing but hold him the last twenty-four hours. If the medicine doesn’t work, it is fatal.

    My pets mean way too much to me and I really hurt for you. I hope Hillary can have a good Tuesday and brighten our days a little bit.

    I am so so sorry about your baby.

  10. So sorry, Anna and Tabby. I am not a pet owner. I’ve never gotten attached to animals. I prefer them in their natural habitat. So, I can only imagine what you must be going through.

  11. Thank you RD. I get too attached. I guess they are my substitute children.

    We are nearing 400,000 hits here! I’m so grateful you started this blog. If the Super D’s give this to Obama (and I think they will no matter what happens), we are going to need each other to get through this. You are getting the cream of the crop in posters and I appreciate it so much.

    Your posts in February convinced me not to give up and I hope your optimism again proves to be right. I’m starting to believe more and more that our party officials want to lose this election. I hope there are a lot of people in NC and IN like Anna Belle’s husband who make the right decision.

  12. Commenter Ciarda at TM posted this this morning (02:14 am !), which has a nice interview

    Local news anchor (Louisville, Kentucky) interview with Hillary. Melissa Swan had kind of a vibe of being for Obama, but she did note before a short clip of the interview that they had asked McCain’s and Obama’s people if they wanted to do an interview too and they said no.


    Once again, clarity, enthusiasm, concrete proposals (well, one suggestion viewers go to her web site).

  13. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/05/official-transc.html

    Jake Tapper has transcript of The War Room scene which was apparently doctored for that YouTube clip.


    Tapper notes that all the doctored clips have been removed. Gee, someone somewhere must have made a copy….


  14. Thanks Tabby and everyone for the words of support.

    That said, I’m in the Louisville media market and I have even met Melissa Swan on several occasions. She may have been an Obama supporter before, but I be she was a Clinton supporter afterwards. A very intelligent, nakedly ambitious woman like that cannot help but be persuaded by Hillary. I bet she’ll see herself in Hillary.

  15. http://www.tothepointnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3114&Itemid=76

    From Commenter Gummo at Atrios’s place, this link to a Finnish rock group performing in Russia with the Red Army Chorus as backup!

    Kinda fits–Sweet Home, Alababama. Hey, it’s about a Southern state….

    I luved it — but I’m a sucker for any massed choral singing in any setting. Made me smile–hope it wil make you smile as well.

    Now, to the hedges, which exploded growthwise this week. Have to llube the hedge trimmer blades first.

  16. A friend in an undisclosed location writes:

    On the edge of our seats!

    This just in. Can’t wait til we hear from Yigo and Yona! And what’s up with Talofofo? Where are those results???? And what of the gorilla in the room, Dededo?


    Clinton takes Tamuning, Obama’s lead narrows to 7%
    With more than two-thirds of the votes for the 2008 Guam Democrat Caucus now in the books, presidential candidate hopeful Barack Obama has claimed a major victory after winning Mangilao, one of the island’s larger and more populous villages. That village reported that it has 262 new registered Democrats. Voting for several other big villages is still pending, including Talofofo, Yigo, Yona, and, perhaps most significant, Dededo.

    But things are looking up for the Hillary Clinton camp, as the New York legislator won Tamuning by a single vote

  17. Lambert has put together some info and links on the faked video of Mickey Kantor.


    We believe the video originated from “Jed” at Jedreport.

    Please read and spread the word.

  18. His lead is 5.5%, or abour 204 votes, with just Dededo left to come in. i predict he will win Dededo, but if we can keep it close, it’s a win for us. he expected to win Guam by a wide margin.

  19. I am going out to dinner and hopefully when I return I can check in and see the results. I am getting butterflies now knowing she will be on tomorrow in a Town Hall setting and answering directly to the audience and with Tuesday coming up I will be a nervous wreck. I am sure I am speaking for all of us but I do not handle this type of stress well.

  20. Sorry, it’s 202 votes.

  21. Anna Belle and tabbycat,

    I’m so sorry to hear the news about your pets. I’ve had several cats and they are all gone now. I’m a little afraid of getting attached to another one. It’s so heartbreaking to lose them. Sometimes they appear in my dreams.

    Jed Report? He was an Edwards supporter, but being for Obama must have changed him. Shame on Jed if this is true!

  22. Pledged delegate half-votes figure to break 4-4 in any case. Yes, Obama was expecting more.

  23. To Anna Belle and tabbycat. So sorry about your dear pets.

  24. Kantorgate developments – Jed of JedReport is Jed Lewison. I knew Jed slightly as a campaign hack and techie here in Seattle, and as a Cantwell staffer. Formerly of RealNetworks (as is Sen. Cantwell). Yalie.
    Lives in Vegas now, plays poker

    It’s not clear he originated the smear, but he does personally vouch for the DVD-to-YouTube audio conversion.

    I played the video now on JeReport, and I can’t hear diddly – but the power of suggestion is a powerful power.

  25. I thought Guam only had 4 or 5 delegates.

  26. Guam has 8 pledged delegates with half-votes, and 5 superd with full votes.

  27. BB and Maria, thank you for your thoughts.

    I know what you mean BB. I’ve lost two dogs, have one very sick one and have a little white three year old that is funny and feisty. I’ve nicknamed her Hillary! I’ve never not had a dog, but I’m not replacing anymore. Too much heartache.

    Also, what I’ve seen of Jed’s diaries on DKos on the few times I’ve accidentally hit a link taking me there, he’s really doing a number on Hillary.

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