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Breaking: Obama wins in Guam by smaller margin than he lost in FL!

Obama pulls off a huge victory in Guam less than two weeks after his humiliating defeat in Pennsylvania. However, the result will not be certified until the Democratic Party of Guam can conduct a recount of the ballots, including some 500 spoiled ballots in Dededo. The recount will be overseen at least by Obama’s campaign and Clinton’s as well, providing her representatives aren’t diverted to Midway for a tour of the atoll.

Confluence Senior US Territory Election Analyst, RonkSeattle says, “This long, drawn-out counting process can’t be good for the Party. They should both just give up their Guam delegates.”

Obama’s margin of victory in Guam was 7 votes out of an estimated 4000 participants at the caucuses. He lost in Florida by 17 points in a turnout of 1.7 million voters at a primary. For comparison, the 17 points represent more people in Florida than all of the inhabitants of Guam. (Population of Guam is 173,456)

Once certified, Guam’s half delegates and full superdelgates will be seated at the DNC convention in Denver and will have the honor of casting their votes for the their nominee while Florida’s delegation will be told to take an old, cold tater and wait.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

38 Responses

  1. Its unofficial. There’s a lot of ballots that were left out in Dededo.

    She won Dededo 509-313.

    Recount! Recount! Recount!

  2. Wow!

    I may still be dizzy but I certainly recognize a great post when I see one.


  3. Will Hillary now do the Obama thing and resign. Can’t she see that The Magic Man with the help of Wright, Rezko and terrorist financier Auchi will propel the next President of the United States into office?

    Senator John McCain!

  4. But Obama didn’t campaign in Guam.


  5. “take an old, cold tater and wait”

    (laughing wildly)

    I love you, riverdaughter.

  6. Kbird: You laugh but it’s not an RD original term. It’s from a song:

    Take an Old Cold ‘Tater (And Wait)

    When I was a little boy around the table at home
    I remember very well when company would come
    I would have to be right still until the whole crowd ate
    My Mama always said to me “Jim take a tater and wait.”

    Now ‘taters never did taste good with chicken on the plate
    But I had to eat ’em just the same
    That is why I look so bad and have these puny ways
    Because I always had to an old cold ‘tater and wait.

    And then the preachers they would come to stay awhile with us
    I would have to slip around and raise a little fuss
    In fear that I would spill the beans or break the china plate
    My Mama always said to me, “Jim, take a ‘tater and wait.”


    Well I though that I’d starve to death before my time would come
    All that chicken they would eat and just leave me the bun
    The feet and neck were all that’s left upon the china plate
    It makes you pretty darn weak to take an old cold ‘tater and wait.

    Yep, betcha Florida feels a lot like Jim right about now.

  7. See now, I thought at the end you said, “and now we return you to your regularly scheduled pogrom.”

  8. (nodding) Ah, in our family it was a song with a chorus that went, “And the little ones chewed on the bones-oh”

    So it could be worse….

  9. One delegate from Guam is worth a hell of a lot more than one delegate from California.

  10. LMBO! Keep ’em comin’, RD.

  11. You’re on fire today RD.

  12. The noise that the Clintons would do anything to win was essential.. Once they bought that, they bought the lies about race baiting. That was the other unspoken belief in the whole bogus narrative put together – to believe it, you have to believe that working class white Democrats are all racists, and you have to believe the Clintons would do absolutely anything to win. Lucky thing the VRWC laid the groundwork on that one..

    What depresses me is that it didn’t take much to get so many progressives/”liberals” to swallow this wholesale, and there’s no talking some of them out of it. I suppose the proof is that Hillary stubbornly refuses to give up – if only her entire campaign had crumbled and she’d quit and run away the first go-round when they started calling her racist.

    I wonder what the reaction was to Easley being booed like that?

  13. Charles: Here’s another one to add to the list:

    Huffington Post makes fun of the death of Eight Belles, a horse Hillary supported because she was the only filly in the Kentucky Derby.


    Don’t even check Americablog about their thoughts on Eight Belles.

  14. Charles: Don’t forget to add that Sen. Clinton had a positive message during JJ while Sen. Obama was on the attack. Who does the negative campaigning again?

    I’ll admit, I did feel worried after being among the cult members. Especially after this exchange when I was in the parking lot:

    (some cute early 20-yr-old girls): …and the comparison between both of the speeches…his was so much more powerful than hers!
    (me lugging boxes walks past them)
    Girls: Didn’t you just loooooove his speech?
    Me: Um, it was okay.
    Friend of mine who is Obama supporter: Heh, we have a “mixed” crowd here (points to me)
    Girls: What?? How could you not have looooooooooooved it??
    Me: Uh, well, it was all right. Thought he was long.
    Girls: Long is good!
    Me: …
    Friend of mine: Well, time to be going…

    But I saw a lot of people at the pre-Hillary rally, honking their horns in support. And I know back home in Fayetteville, it’s feels more like Clinton country. Though, as a pragmatist, I think he’ll win, but I’m calling 6-7 points. I’m more than willing to be presently surprised…

  15. I agree Charles .. It’s sickening , rude , self-centered and a whole bunch of other expletives .. BO supporters are lacking in self – respect. You said it perfectly

    “The answer for me remains that I cannot. I don’t do cults of the clinically insane.”

    btw – I am really enjoying your blog – terrific job on the international front, where you usually do the four – or so .. truly , that is my # 1, interest , until this campaign , that is .

    and to top it all off the only Filly in the K.derby that Hillary bet on and she asked others to put a teensy amount on .. Eight Belles – broke her ankle in two places and they had to put her down , of course . Damnit ! .. I tossed my cookies again . ..

    of course , the one barry bet on , came in 1st.


  16. Eight Belles is also played for laughs at almost all the MSM political blogs.

    Reminded me in a way of the first day’s headlines on Christopher Reeve’s equestrian accident. Apparently the idea of Superman falling off a horse was just toooooo funny.

  17. Did Keith Olbermann deliver a Special Comment about it or did he go out to Kentucky to handle the matter personally?

  18. How can cute 20 something girls not vote for the girl candidate, who is clearly the only three of the remaining candidates for president who knows what they are doing? That depresses me. I’m only 34 and I could not be more excited to support Hill. I seriously do not get it.

  19. Just concluded, Dem Don Cazayoux won the special election to US House seat in LA-06 in a strongly Republican district – but with a disappointing 49.24% – 46.22% margin vs SUSA polling of +9.

  20. Wasn’t the Red Sox’s world series win (breaking the “Babe Ruth” curse), the same year as the Pats won the SB (both NE/Mass teams) supposed to bode well for JK’s chances in ’04? Remind me how all that worked in his favor?

  21. @Ronkseattle: Whoa. That’s quite the drop, especially since that Democrat is rather anti-choice, Republican-lite.

  22. Melanie, cute 20-something girls are too busy trying to convince themselves that they aren’t going to be running the entire rest of their professional lives in ankle weights thanks to persistent, intractable sexism. A vote for Hillary means admitting that they will be annoyingly and unfairly held up for most of their lives, which is an easy thing to want to stay in denial about.

  23. But my generation wasn’t like that. We cheered when Hill won her NY race. We knew it meant she’d be President someday. Of course Hill won the youth vote here in MA, so maybe we are different here.

  24. I wish for those morons who cheered the death of Eight Belles a case of recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome. They are beneath contempt.

  25. Pat,

    I wasn’t surprised when people at the Orange Site did that but I was pretty shocked to see it at this site.

  26. katiebird: He won by only 7 votes for God’s sake! They are crowing like he won the Kentucky Derby. The closeness of those votes tell me that people are having second thoughts when they enter that voting booth. He was projected to win by 10 points which is a big difference than 7 friggin votes! The reason this is close is because IT IS CLOSE! I am slowly losing it as you can tell.

  27. Bill Ayers stomps on American Flag as part of 2001 book promotional tour:


    Why would Obama associate with this guy and the Republicans will have a field day with this pic.

    Is Obama going to have to do another speech on Ayers?

  28. And , according to the AP, Charles …. AP’s FACT CHECK reveals that Obama voted three times for a similar tax holiday as an Illinois state senator.

    Fact Check: Obama and the gas taxes

    so … Obama is Just another hypocritical, pandering politician – Voted for the same thing Hillary proposed now . When it was expedient for him in Chicago Obama was for it , And NOW Obama .. pandering to the max.. Obama is against it ..

  29. And so having been pointed to the Huff Post and DailyKos to read what people were saying about Eight Belles, I went. Ugh! Who are these people?

    Miserable webmonkeys stuck working at news organizations on the weekend. In that kind of environment pretty much everything immediately becomes a laughing matter. Unfortunately.

  30. Not sure where I read it, maybe here, but someone mentioned that Obama made his announcement to run for the Senate from Ayres front doorstep.

  31. And all I could think of is that Barack Obama voted for the Bush-Cheney Energy Bill that Hillary opposed. Since energy is near and dear to my heart, I can spout off that bill, now law, in my sleep. $6 billion in tax write-offs for oil companies, $60 billion over 30 years in lost royalties, increased drilling and mining on public lands with no responsibility for clean-up.

    No kidding. What does this say about BO’s judgment

    Also, WS– that whole Ayers thing makes me livid. I get the radical chic but does the fact that the intellectual community of Chicago accepted Ayers and Dohrn mean that voters across the country will accept their roll in the early days of Obama’s political career? The whole thing seems very toxic to me. (I know I’m almost alone in this feeling)

    And that whole gas tax holiday thing. (shaking my head) — Hasn’t Obama and his friends ever known people who drive across town to save 5 cents for a gallon of gas? With gas rising 3 cents a day, doesn’t the idea of saving 18 cents give people the hope of some temporary relief. While permanent solutions are planned.

    I love the way she built it into her other policies. Label it as pandering. But my son’s girl friend just paid her rent and put $70 of gas in her car and that’s all her money until the next payday. And she said today that every little bit helps. She’s happy to hear about the gas tax holiday.

    I guess I’m done rattling on. Thanks for listening.

  32. I heard that too Pat. But, I’ve been assured by Ezra Klein that America is just fine with that.

    Someone else said that some money was raised at that event. And I keep imagining what someone could make of the idea that Obama has taken money from domestic terrorists. But, I guess that’s a pretty extreme fear. And not likely to happen.

  33. Hi Charles, I think the announcement at the Ayer’s home was for his State Senate race. That’s what I heard.

    Someone said that people are confusing the Gas Tax Holiday thinking its Hillary’s energy policy. But that it really has more to do with her working-people policies.

    That’s really interesting about the tax exemption for the homeless’s meals in San Francisco.

    I guess I spit on Kid Oakland. (sigh)

  34. Don’t laugh, the principled democrats of the Obama party are already disputing whether or not Puerto Rico should count in the popular vote tally, they’ll figure it out just as soon as they see who wins. We could have saved a lot of angst by just passing a rule that someone who works for Donna or Howard reviews every vote, Obama’s are counted and everyone else’s are shredded along with a beating for the voter.

  35. So they are making fun of a horse being put down? That won’t sit well with most of America, which reveres horses almost as much as dogs/cats. (Just ask Micheal Vick.)

    I hope she calls them on it.

  36. Some good news per Talk Left. Apparently NY Times is running some semi-pro Hillary pieces. Check out post at http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/5/4/04525/41661

    As one commentator on Talk Left noted, authors were repeating what pro-Hillary folks have said for months. I can’t help but credit sites like this one and others for keeping that narrative out there for Hillary.

  37. Chuck Todd said in one article that superdelegates “probably aren’t going to care” about Puerto Rico. Why would the superdelegates “not care” about the Latino vote?

  38. The gas tax holiday is great politics, but as I understand it, Obama supporters hate politics.

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