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Get some rest

Only four days and it will most likely all be over and we will have won. This weekend is going to be a zoo for the hardworking Clinton campaign staff and volunteers in Indiana and North Carolina. I know you guys are exhausted by now. I don’t know where you find the energy to push through another day. But I know that you are like our troops and you are the best there is.

Good night, staff and volunteers. Here’s a lullaby from our friends to the north aboard the Bluenose II. Sail into the mystic.

32 Responses

  1. We now have a transcript of the Kantor/Carville doctored “War Room” video, and surprise! there’s nothing to the story at all. Still, it would be interesting to know which Obama supporter passed to the the A list, and why the A list were so willing to accept it without a transcript, and without checking the provenance…

  2. Do you think it we will win NC?

  3. Sarah: Does it matter if we think it? They just have to work like they can do it. The rest is up to the voters.

  4. (nodding) Still the signs are pointing to Hillary: Her Energy vs Obama’s apparent exhaustion is one of the most revealing things about the election at this point.

    Winners don’t usually display exhaustion and boredom.

  5. I pray everyday that we will win them both. I feel pretty good about Indiana, not so good about NC because the demographics are not with us there. I still hope however.

  6. I still think NC would be a miracle. But, President Clinton has spent an awful lot of time there.

    Thinking about the large numbers of uncommitted, I wonder what would make them decide for Obama? Wouldn’t it be easier for them to decide for Hillary?

  7. NC Jefferson Jackson dinner is re-airing on CSPAN at 12:38. l didn’t see it the first time, anyone see it? I saw in a comment that Ronkseattle left that the Obamoids were not nice.

  8. Kbird: This is why canvassing is so important. Undecideds need to be seduced. You have to give them a reason to flip. There’s still time to volunteer this weekend. It’s vitally important to talk to voters face to face. I’m tempted to head down to NC myself.

  9. gary: There is a bit more detail in a comment at TalkLeft. Apparently, they booed Easley and jeered a Clinton supporter as she left the room after Clinton’s speech. Also, inappropriate applause at some sumb Obama platitude. Stuff like that. You know, typical Kossack behavior.

  10. RD I googled for news reports. And they chanted “Obama, Obama” over and over at a couple points during her speech. One of the times was when she said that she’d work for BO if he won the nomination.

    Someday people will notice that behavior like that at public events was pretty much unheard of before the Obama invasion.

  11. How long a drive is it for you? Could you do it without killing yourself?

  12. Lovely. I guess they just want ot pin down that name recognition thing.

  13. Kbird: It’s about 10 hours to the border I’m guessing. Depends if I want to take 95 and the nastiness of the beltway around Washington or if I want to take the DelMarVa pennisula and cross the Chesapeake bay-Bridge Tunnel. Either way, it’s a hike and the weekend is short. Plus, I have an eye exam tomorrow morning. I hope they don’t put those damn drops in my eyes.

  14. sarah and katiebird.

    I have been thinking a lot lately of some of the suburbs of Raleigh. Towns like Apex and Garner that have exploded in growth as the area has grown over the past decade. They are full of brand new houses, full of regular middle class people. I think the economic message Hillary has been touting in ads really affects them. I imagine that many of them are in relatively new mortages, many with mortgages that are becoming more and more unaffordable. Although the mortgage crisis has been with us for a while nationwide, it is just now starting to affect NC. The people living in those houses are well-educated, but also are not your “latte sipping” types. Here they call them NASCAR dads, but who they are is college educated two income households with families who bought more house then they could afford and are now getting very nervous. Hillary’s message to freeze mortgages could be really effective with them I think.

  15. garychapelhill, do you think many people saw her on O’Reilly? Would her visit there impress people there?

  16. kbird: My mom is an O’Reilly fan and I think that what would impress her about Hillary is her gutsiness. Or, shall we say, her testicular fortitude? I think that plays well with that crowd because they are the kind who feel the effects of fearmongering first and Hillary looks fierce. She’s not dainty. But she also didn’t come off as abrasive. I think she did well. The sanctuary city thing was a bit of a stickler but I think the O’Reilly crowd is sick of the war and are perfectly happy to get the f&*( out.
    Yes, I think it helped her with a lot of traditional female seniors. Don’t know about the Nascar dads though. But Gary knows that demographic better than I. My brother comes close. He’s a religious Republican who was completely turned off by McCain and he didn’t like Obama. He went with Clinton because she wasn’t what she thought she would be.

  17. Katiebird, I don’t know if it impresses them, but I know that a lot of people here watch.

  18. riverdaughter, I had a cousin (he died last summer) who was very conservative. He went to something called Promise Keepers and listened to Rush Limbaugh regularly. But he worked with Hillary on something for 911 emergency responders and he loved her. He thought she was one of the smartest people he’d ever met.

    So I’ve always thought that had more cross-over appeal than commonly assumed.

  19. Kbird and riverdaughter.

    A lot of those families I was talking about are actually what the natives here call “carpet bagger” or “yankees”, usually with a hint of disgust in their voices. They are traditionally more democrat than republican, but they are not part of the “liberal elite” that commentators like to say live in my area, raleigh durham chapel hill. They come here after college to work on the sprawling campuses of Research Triangle Park. Basically technocrats who make decent wages and enjoy the small town life the suburbs of Raleigh have to offer. I think they would generally be characterized as Obama supporters or Republicans, but I think they really are responding to the economic message of Hillary, not only because it makes sense to them, but because all Obama has to offer are platitudes and vague promises.

  20. Gary, My sister lived in Greensboro for about 5 years (and I really wish she was still there for this) so I know that there’s a lot of temporary residents there.

  21. Riverdaughter,

    Here is this great, obscure (I think) blog in the heart of the Real Clear Politics, and its writer is one of the most intelligent bloggers around.


    I am just reading a relatively old post of his, and he just blows my mind away.

  22. Sorry, the second link is here:

    Unconventional Thoughts on the Democratic Primary

    (April 22)


    The writer is Jay Cost. He is amazing.

  23. on the mydd recommended list:

    (Texas Caucus Fraud (Updated))

    I think it’s worthy of a look.

  24. ghost2,

    Maybe the DNC thinks Obama will be better at stealing votes than HIllary? I can’t think of any other reason why they would still be pushing his candidacy after all the corruption that is coming out in the Rezko trial. There is no way a reasonably intelligent person could hear that Obama met or spoke with Rezko daily and not put that together with the fact that Obama worked for 10 years for a law firm that was involved with Rezko and other slumlords in stealing taxpayer money. Duh! Obama is another George W. Bush.

  25. What is wrong with these thugs? Who the hell do they think they are booing Hill? NC has an excellent Governor. They boo him because he didn’t endorse their candidate? So much for southern hopsitality. Seriously, were these college kids or what? What sort of adult behaves that way?

  26. Organizations take their tone from the top. When Obama fans see their candidate giving his competition the finger and making other rude gestures and talk about throwing shoulders — they understand that rudeness is a campaign strategy.

    Intimidation and rough-housing is a campaign strategy.

    So they tried to shake Hillary and the others off their stride with boos.

    I heard that Obama was supposed to speak first but he was 3 hours late forcing Hillary to speak ahead of him. More games.

  27. Katiebird

    You are exactly right. That is why I began to wonder about Obama when I saw how his supporters behaved at the Cheetos place.

    At any point during this campaign, Obama could have made a statement saying that he wouldn’t accept sexism and race-baiting in the campaign and that his supporters should not use intimidation tactics. He never once spoke out these tactics or about the media treatment of Hillary.

    On the other hand, Hillary has made numerous efforts to reach out to Obama, to praise him in the debates, and to argue that Democrats should support the nominee of the party.

    Obama’s campaign has taken its cue from Axelrod and from Obama himself. I well remember when Axelrod tried to blame Hillary for the Bhutto assassination. That was way back before the Iowa caucuses. The entire tone of Obama’s campaign has been negative, although the media has tried to pin the blame on Hillary.

  28. BostonBoomer, and the “Stupid” label. They jump all over Hillary’s ideas labeling them “Stupid.” They did this with her mortgages interest freeze and now the gas tax holiday. I noticed that back when I was an Edwards supporter and it didn’t impress me then.

  29. I’ve certainly encountered, aside from the excessive & constant rudeness from Obama supporters on the blogs.. in real life, friends and colleagues supporting Obama who think nothing of sending out silly attacks on Hillary by email to all their friends, calling her names, taunting at our debate watch gatherings. It’s like they cannot resist the opportunity to take a potshot and it’s really childish. I used to think well, it’s all in the game, but stepping back realized I certainly did no such thing to Obama just to piss them off – so why should I put up with it?

  30. Darla, that’s my experience too. I loathe getting nasty emails from people I used to like. There’s one in particular who always has to put some extra-nasty line at the top before he forwards. It’s the hugest turn-off and speaks to the self-absorption of the Obama fans. They can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to read that crap because, well, aren’t they so hip and wonderful and awesome? The only other person I know who sends emails like that is the Bush supporter who works upstairs.

    And, can I say, doctoring that clip from the War Room to make someone attached to Clinton seem like a crude IN hater using racist language is scum-sucking, bottom-feeding, unforgivable dirtiness. I’m going to remember this one a long, long time. I’m sorry to say that I have developed a deep personal dislike for a lot of Obama fans. These people are not on my side.

  31. I hear you Alice. I suspect a blowup is imminent between myself and at least two longtime friends over this. One friend sent me the War Room clip with some insult about Hillary.. thanks to this blog I knew it had been debunked.. I said as much.. and got attacked for my trouble because apparently some harmless reference I made to Obama and bowling is equally grave as sending out vicious hit pieces with false accusations of racism.

  32. And FWIW at the moment I believe the War Room doctoring was either done by “operation chaos” GOP supporters, or by random Obama supporters out there in the vast Internets just operating on their own, not under any official direction. Maybe the truth will out, who knows.

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