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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Unintended Ironies: “MALPRACTICE”

… screams a headline at TPM, as The Person Who Kidnapped Josh Marshall rails against people who make mountains out of molehills.

… this kind of dingbat sniveling does far more damage than it gains … talking trashjust makes you look stupid … it’s silly and counterproductive and … has done them much more harm than they realize …

Who are “they”? What heinous Crime against Proportionality have they committed? Like they say in the used metal-detector-with-complimentary-yogurt-maker ads, “MustC2Bleave!!!” … and decide for yourself who’s manufacturing mountains.

32 Responses

  1. For a similar rant with more context, see the (right wing) NewsBusters version.

  2. Uh, could we find out without having to visit places we would rather not go?

    We came here to get away from those cesspools.

  3. This isn’t a “coup” as Marshall refers to it. It’s silly and clearly preplanned. And, Yahoo News is trying to make it the biggest deal in the world, so good for Wolfson.

  4. I’m posting here because I can’t find an appropriate place to host.

    O’Reilly’s ratings with Hillary on the show were HUGE, HUGE!!. He nearly doubled his ratings in the demographic.



  5. Dingbat sniveling? That’s rich coming from a member of the crowd that freaks out about the word “pansy” and stained their pants over passportgate – and that’s just two of many.

  6. UPDATE: As a former DNC Chair, Joe Andrew is a lifetime automatic delegate, BUT as a member of that Washington DC political culture Sen. Obama assures us is the root of all evil, Mr. Andrew will attend as a member of the Maryland delegation. He is NOT an Indiana “superdelegate”.

  7. Teresa23,

    You missed the most important part. In the “money demo”, O”Reilly nearly quadrupled Keith Obamaman, beat the entire competition MSNBC+CNN+HLN+CNBC combined with viewers to spare.

    In the overall number of viewers, he just flattened the competition. Nobody in the entire prime time anywhere came even close.

    Hillary Clinton is still by far the biggest interview on the political scene.

  8. Teresa23–The O’Reilly rating simply go to prove that people are tired of this race and they want it to end. The people want Hillary to drop out because she is divisive, will do anything to win, has an annoying laugh, can’t work a coffee pot, and keeps winning primaries that Obama was told he would be allowed to win.

  9. ronk: I did not even know who this Andrew guy was until I visited the Confluence, so there…. (not that I know much about politics anyway 🙂 I do not see the Hillary camp overeacting regarding this endorsement, are they? So what is the big deal?

    Teresa23: I believe that if Hillary is the nominee she may get a “relatively healthy” amount of support from Repub voters. After the way she has been treated in this cicle and how well she has weathered all the ups and downs, I think that she is being re-evaluated by many indeps. and lukeworm repubs (many of them female, I may add).

    Finally: as much as support Hillary, is this the best her campaign can send after my contributions? 😉

    “Everyone on the campaign is talking about what you did and how much it means to Hillary. I don’t think I’m overstating the case to say that without your generous support, we would not be in a position to win.”

    I am SURE that everyone on the campaign is talking about what I did. heh, heh…Do they think I am an idiot?…. Anyway, I will continue donating even if they keep sending me corny emails. I have a crush on Hillary so what else can I do?

  10. ronk:

    I just watched the whole thing on Newsbusters. Doesn’t that filthy creature Andrea Mitchell make you want to vomit. She is behaving like a little teenager who’s gossiping in the school yard. “Howard, you said Hillary is not from Indiana, but Hillary is from nowhere, and Joe Andrew, what do you think about the fact that Howard said you’re not from Indiana”?

    And that creep Joe Andrew, after all the dreck he wrote and said today about the Clintons and their supporters, said this just shows how much they want to destroy?

    I just got out yesterday and I am already willing to go volunteer myself for another surgery. I think I am better off under sedation.


  11. I find “Whoever Kidnapped Josh Marshall” quicker to type than “The Person Who Kidnapped Josh Marshall,” and WKJM is more pleasing acronym than TPWKJM. Kudos to the great Bob Somerby for the original formula, however!

  12. MABlue: Doesn’t that filthy creature Andrea Mitchell make you want to vomit.

    Absolutely. heh

  13. Further update: Different sources give different answers. I see some references to the effect that the DNC assigned Andrew to MD in Feb (by residence), but that he made his case to be restored to the IN delegation later in Feb or Mar.

    Anyway it was a throwaway observation by Wolfson, which Andrea Mitchell elevated to “Gotcha” status, and which Josh’s captors further made a federal case out of — all while decrying the “dingbat sniveling” of treating trivial subject matter with undue importance.

  14. Who cares about this guy? He’s an opportunist. he wants his 5 minutes. Some dingbat on CNN saying this was so difficult for him. Gimme a break! Why is this even a story? Who cares?

  15. you know, I was asking myself the same question about Andrew’s residence right after I heard his nasty remarks about the process needing to end now (right before I get to vote). I even left a comment in the “it’s a flesh wound” post at 8am this morning asking that very question. I resent his implication that his vote (being from MD, an earlier primary) is somehow more valuable than mine, and in fact mine is on par with a republican vote.

    So, yeah, I think where he lives is VERY relevant. I noticed that all the MSM was saying his “hometown” was Indianappolis. I think people need to know (especially in NC and IN) that this jackass is trying to tell me that my vote is a default vote for McCain, while his MD vote was oh so righteous. No wonder MI and FL wanted to move their primaries up, look how they treat us poor bastards at the end. I have a feeling that many of us who have yet to vote are not pleased with these people constantly telling us to STFU, and as for WKJM, he can go to hell.

  16. UpstateNY: No. Seriously. Everybody — and I do mean EVERYBODY — is still talking about what you did! Leave us not make molehills out of mountains, shall we?

    (say, refresh my memory, willya … what was it that you did, exactly?)

  17. gary, I seriously doubt anyone outside the beltway gives a rat’s ass about Andrew or who he endorses. This is typical MSM, trying to save BO from himself.

  18. I am with Melanie on this one.

    I am starting to get really infuriated with this whole story. Here is this useless, preening buffoon Joe Andrew, nobody ever heard of, suddenly turning into in big story just because he’s doing and saying something against the Clintons.
    Bill Clinton actually tried to make something out of this jackass and he’s 1 SD among 800.

    Now I can open any webpage without seeing something about him.

  19. Melanie: This is typical MSM, trying to save BO from himself.

    ummm, as I recall, they did the same with Mr. Bush when he run in 2000. Are we going to let the MSM impose again a candidate on us?

  20. ronk: I guess $$ will always buy you love from any political campaign… oh well, son and I are going to watch a Star Trek episode tonight. See you all tomorrow.

  21. OT – Hillary will do an Indiana “town hall” event with Stephanopoulos on ABC Sunday morning, head-to-head with Obama on Meet The Press.

    Wonder if she’ll stage it with an empty chair for Obama? Better yet — an empty suit on an empty chair … on an empty flatbed truck.

  22. ronk:

    I’ll go with the empty suit.

    As we said here after the last debate, err shellacking, “the clothes have no emperor”.

  23. empty suit on an empty chair…absofrickenlutely perfect, Ron! 🙂

  24. check it out gang…..and spread the word…..

    electoral maps dated May 1 (wish I knew how to create live links)

    (Obama 243 – McCain 269 – Tied 26)

    and then check


    (Clinton 291- McCain247

  25. I’m really proud of myself tonight: I have no idea what this is all about! Absolutely none.

  26. Leah from Corrente watched Joe Andrew’s antics and went absolutely shrillzoid.

    Well, fuck you, Joe Andrew.

    You’ll notice after praising Bill and Hill, Mr. Andrew goes on to imply that they and Clinton voters are divisive, negative, uninspired, cynical, and simplistic. Yeah, that’s the way to get us all united.

    In addition to the honey-coated insults, check out this edition of Memeorandum, wherein the Joe Andrew story is aggregated.

    Notice anything? Like the surrounding stories that show Hillary completely competitive with Obama in Indiana, and also in North Carolina. Not to mention the teeter-tottering they’re both doing in the national daily tracking polls. I’m of the opinion that we need to throw that damn throwing someone under the bus meme under the nearest bus, but could it be any clearer that what Joe Andrew is trying to do is throw Hillary Clinton under the on-rushing express train that her campaign has recently become?

  27. Does anyone know the latest poll numbers out of IN and NC?

  28. And Leah is the least shrillzoid person in the world. Give her some love…

  29. Isn’t “dingbat” what Archie used to call Edith?

    Dear Josh,

    Stifle yourself.



  30. Pat,

    In the last three Indiana polls, Hillary leads by 9, 8, and 10 respectively. In NC, the latest poll has Hillary up 2.

  31. Despite Andrew’s cruising-for-a-bruising way of announcing his decision, let’s not grant him too much importance or take him too severely to task.

    It’s a complex set of facts and interpretations and strategies, and different people can see different sides to it. In the end, something will come into focus.

    Let’s rejoice in the example Joe sets for other superdelegates — that despite his stated “profound” commitment, and determination to see the process played out, he woke up one day and saw it from a different angle, and embraced CHANGE.

    For Hillary to take the nomination AND the White House, scads of Democrats with profound commitments to one point of view are going to have to wake up one day and see the constellation of possibilities from a different angle, and embrace CHANGE within their own personal spheres.

    Way to go, Joe! (Remember, superD’s can embrace change right up through the call of the roll in Denver.)

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