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Obama Debate Acceptance Watch- Day #4

We have movement, guys. It looks like the Wright disaster is sucking so much mojo out of the Obama campaign that the Lincoln-Douglas style debate, even on the back of a flatbed truck, doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. From the Billings Gazette:

Obama’s Montana spokesman Matt Chandler said Obama has participated in 21 debates, including four nationally televised one-on-one debates with Clinton. “We’re still evaluating the debate offer and are considering it in the context of our number one priority, which is making sure the senator is able to have a direct conversation with Montanans on issues important to them.”

I can just imagine Obama now: “Um, Dave (Axelrod), you know, inasmuch as I have made a committment, uh, to the people, uh, of Montana and, uh, North Carolina, to appeal to them directly, uh, there’s no harm, to, uh, consider the offer of the debate with, uh, uh, Hillary, even if it is on the back of a, uh, flatbed truck, unless of course, um, the flatbed in question, uh, is foreign made and, uh, not, uh, a Detroit manufactured, uh, Chevy truck, not the van, the truck. I think, uh, we should explore, uh, the possibilty.”

No, it did not escape my attention that he is postponing the debate until after the May 6 primary in NC and IN. Chicken.

Aside: Governor Easley of NC endorsed Hillary today and said this at the end: Hillary “makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy.”

Which makes Barack Obama *what* exactly? (I’m stickin’ with chicken)

27 Responses

  1. Have you seen what NC governor Mike Easley said in endorsing Hillary Clinton?

    “Hillary Clinton gets it. She gets it. It’s time for somebody to be in the White House that understands the challenges we face in this country. And they’re significant,” Easley said at N.C. State University.

    According to Jeralyn at TL, at the end of his speech, Easley said that “Hillary makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy.”

  2. funny. 🙂

    I dont need another debate frankly – but he must be angering his media pals not giving them a ratings feast.

    I am concerned if it is an nbc fiasco. Any idea who would host it?

  3. my funny was for RD’s post.

    Not sure I liket he word”‘pansy” – I know it wasnt toward Obama but it reminds me of MoDo calling Obama effete.

  4. I wnet to talkleft and people there agreed – the word pany was not good,

  5. I wnet to talkleft and people there agreed – the word pansy turned them off too

  6. MoDo complained on Sunday during Meet the Potatohead that Obama has turned himself into “Bambi.” Actually, MoDo gave him that name. She calls him “Obambi” for not being negative enough with HRC. I thought MoDo’s nickname for Obama was as stupid as her “critiques” of Hillary.

    “Pansy” kind of sounds like “Obambi.” So I’m not crazy about Easley’s comment either. But I don’t think it will hurt HRC.

  7. Everyday I seem to find something new to be pissed about!

    Here’s what Andrew Sullivan said in a Salon article on “What Obama should do about Wright”.

    “But Wright was clearly in his speech Monday advocating racial conflict and division. He is also clearly obsessed with the politics of the boomer era, its racial and cultural divides, and seeks to increase those divides, not overcome them.”

    I am a “boomer” and am PROUD of the things I did in my life to overcome racial and cultural divides.

    Now, not only am I a woman but a boomer woman who did NOTHING to improve the world.

    Andrew Sullivan and Barack Obama can go to hell.

    And remember how many of us “boomers” there are out there!!!

  8. There was an article in the S.F. Chroncle (online it is http://www.sfgate.com) about how seniors are still more reliable voters. The over-60 crowd came out and voted in the Primaries in much greater proportion than the under-30, which can get fickle if a candidate doesn’t match his ad campaign (“hope,” “change,” “taking a chance on your own aspirations”). The Deval Patrick effect in Mass, where the Axelrod campaign of hope-change was first run. Patrick’s lack of experience in the face of what the real job entailed made him extremely disappointing to voters; hence even with Teddy and Kerry, the voters of Mass went for Hillary.

    I’ve heard a rumor from a good source that we will be okay with the Florida/Michigan vote count. Those votes will be counted by half and delegates assigned.

    Now if only the caucuses can be counted at 2% since that is what they represent of eligible voters (and even those were mostly gamed), then it will be fair.

  9. Judith, I didn’t say I thought what he said was good. I didn’t know I had to say that.

  10. As a Hillary supporter, I find the use of the word “pansy” despicable and think it can bring a lot of aggrievance among a demographic that has supported her strongly: the gay community. That’s not good.

  11. If Obama echoes Deval Patrick then his presidency will be just as bad. I am from MA and voted for Deval and he is a disaster. No experience, no interest in running the commonwealth, no promises met. When you refer to an “empty suit” Deval comes to mind. Both ran on the “change” mantra and we have seen very little of that. Even the MA legislature, which is primarily Democrat, is not fond of Deval. And I wonder what Ted Kennedy thinks of Rev. Wright mocking JFKs accent? That won’t go over big in this state since the Kennedy’s are still revered. Tsk, tsk.

  12. All right, Montana! Hillary is keeping the pressure on Barry to debate by accepting Montana’s invitation. I bet Barry could have nipped the Wright War in the bud if he had had the courage to do the North Carolina debate on April 27th. I think the governor should have said that Hillary makes Obama look like a pansy. Pansies are such pretty little flowers.

  13. Bostonboomer – I am glad you didnt like it either. I didnt want annyone thinking I was commeting on your post thinking what you quoted was funny – was referring to River’s post but your showed up right ahead of mine and it looked like I was commenting on yours.

  14. Ana – I dont know about dispicable – he probably meant to be funny – but I agree it is a crappy term and shouldnt be praised.

  15. If Rocky is a pansy then Obama is a shrinking violet.

  16. sorry aout the doubel posts above – had some kind of issue and redid the post.

  17. Judith, the use of the word made me very uncomfortable. The word has been used as a slur against gays. I don’t know how it will go over with NC voters. I hope we’ll hear a report from Garychapelhill.

  18. Oh, I didn’t see the quote in RD’s post when I first responded. I think she might have added it.

  19. The use of “pansy” was used to describe a fictional character—and underdog mythical hero—Rocky Balboa.

    It’s hyperbole.

  20. Okay…I’m declaring “pansy-gate” over. People in NC don’t care, seriously…seriously.

    I read that comment and thought it was funny. But maybe us people in NC just talk funny to the rest of everyone else…

  21. Hey, I wouldn’t want to debate Hillary either!

    Why the hell would you want to go live with someone smarter than you, a better grasp of the issues than you, someone that is sharp as a whip?

    Someone that doesn’t require a teleprompter and speech writers to put words together?

    There are three words that are the bottom line on why Obama won’t debate Hillary.


  22. This parsing of words is getting preposterous. I often use the words pansy, wuss, or weenie to characterize weakness or weaklings. It never entered my mind to equate “pansy” with “gay.”

    I think Easley was simply saying Hillary as a fighter would make Rocky look weak. Nothing to do with gays, nothing to do with Obama. That simple.

  23. Better than a debate: Inspired By Hillary’s Flat-Bed Truck…

  24. ARGH! Every time someone calls Obama a chicken for not debating I have flashbacks to watching The West Wing and the Santos campaign having 2 volunteers dress in chicken suits and follow around their opponents that would not debate them

  25. “Which makes Barack Obama *what* exactly?”

    Unqualified. Not the best candidate.

  26. I do NOT want to see Hillary on a flatbed or outside stage with Obama again (excepting at the convention), and if the secret service, charged with Hillary’s protection, has any sense, either do they. The point has been made (and it will continue to become more clear) that Hillary has the qualifications and Obama does not.

    Obama was being used to stop the candidacy of the person who, with FDR-type programs might get the nation back on track. Plan failed. But the users, who are trying to create chaos in America, are far from beaten yet and won’t stop trying, leaving hell in their wake. By intention.

    Axlerod may very well try to get them on the truck. He bears no resemblance at all to what a Democrat stands for. He’s long been associated with the deregulators and the “free-traders” (looters).

  27. Unless Democrats want to guarantee the next President of the United States is a Republican, you better read all of this. As the CNN News had repeated ignored what the DNCC, GOPC, Sen. Clinton, Sen. McCain & Sen. Obama know that the Senate Select Committee on Ethic received a legal brief in April 2008, where Sen. Obama has been charged with violation of the Senate’s Code of Ethics.

    As it not a frivolous charge, the Senate Select Committee of Ethics is conduction their investigation. Because of red tape, and time, if the Democrats want the next President of the United States to be a Democrat, time must be given for their investigation to conclude. Which means those pledged delegate for Sen. Obama need to hear from those Democrats in their district, and States, otherwise what will happen will be Sen. Obama will be selected as the Democratic candidate, then as the evidence against Sen. Obama, (see below), is so overwhelming, there will be no choice, but for Senate to censure Sen. Obama for unmoral conduct for befriending a domestic terrorist. Hey you better read on, because as you read, you will see that while you may have already voted for Sen. Obama in your primary election, you may see that the only way the next President of the United States, will be a Democratic, is if Sen. Clinton is given the time to fight on to the Democrat Convention. There is always the slim chance Sen. Obama will not be censored, but there no want to know, unless the Senate Select Committee of Ethic have the time to complete their investigation. So call your pledge delegates and tell then that time is needed, that those delegates should announce that they will wait until the Democratic Convention to choose who they vote for. Time, is needed. Other wise you will guarantee a Republican as the next President of the United States. As do you really think a lot of those who previously voted for Sen. Obama, will vote for him in the General election when he has been censored for his friendship to a domestic terrorist?

    The FBI classifies that the act of setting a bomb is a terrorist act. Do you know what both Lee Harvey Oswald and William Ayers have in comment, both are domestic terrorist and neither was convicted of their crime. Oswald was killed after he assassinated JFK, and Ayers admitted that he got off on a technically, even though he set many bombs and should of set more bombs. As Oswald only committed one act of terrorism, and Ayers have committed more acts of terrorist, William Ayers is technically a worst domestic terrorist than Lee Harvey Oswald was.

    There is a moral cause in the Senate Code of Ethics, that Sen. J. William Fulbright stated in the U.S. Senate in the early 1950s, that when a Senator’s gives the “implied behavior of The Moral Deterioration of American Democracy”, that that is a violate the Senate Code of Ethics.

    And to think that Sen. Obama compared his friendship to William Ayers, (domestic terrorist), to his friendship with Sen. Coburn. (A highly respected Republic Senator).

    To all Democrats, unless you call your delegates and tell them that time is needed, and let the Democratic Convention decide then who the Democratic Candidate is, you will be guarantee the next President of the United States to be a Republican.

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