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Markos isn’t angry. Why should he be ANGRY?!

I mean, just because Obama went on Fox and didn’t slay the dragon:

3.) It exposed his campaign as a bunch of liars. The Obama campaign’s press show promised people that Obama would “take on” Fox News. Of course, none of that happened. That would’ve electrified “the left”, and we know that Obama doesn’t want to do anything that might make him look like a “captive” to it…

But “rise above politics”? His refusal to acknowledge the political reality may very well be his greatest weakness. I hope it’s all an act. I can take cynical political rhetoric. I expect it. And it’s not like Clinton is offering anything different in that department. But if Obama actually believes it, then the Republicans will chew him up and spit him out. And either way, his campaign — never good at setting expectations — shouldn’t have promised something that Obama is apparently incapable of delivering.

And Markos doesn’t mind that Obama is severing his ties to the left who have been his meal ticket:

It gave Fox a propaganda victory, allowing it to crow that:

[Obama] very much wants to get away from any sense that he’s a creature or a captive of the left.

Who does Obama think is volunteering and contributing to his campaign? Fox-watching Republicans? Sure, candidates always pivot after their primaries and run to the “center”, but Republicans don’t generally piss on their base as they make that transition. Our side makes a ritual out of it. That’s not how long-term movements are built.

And it’s not even that Obama threw The Big Orange Cheeto under a bus:

That’s not attacking Daily Kos, just using it as a foil for his political transcendence, or something. What I’m more concerned about is that Obama still thinks defending the spineless Democrats who voted for Roberts was a good thing, that it’s righteous. But let’s look at some recent 5-4 decisions, in which Roberts cast a deciding vote for the majority:

What’s that you say? He said something nice about Hillary? It’s still opposite day, isn’t it?

Obama wants to keep defending the Democrats who allowed these travesties to happen. Obama may feel righteous and proud of that, but I’d argue those Roberts-supporting Democrats deserve nothing but scorn. Hillary Clinton, for all her flaws, has never attempted to defend those Democratic votes for Roberts. They are indefensible.

Ahh, thank God he followed it with a post calling Hillary a hypocrite. It restores my faith.

But you know, Markos had Obama on a pedestal so he has every right to be a little miffed. Hmmm, what’s this?

I won’t pretend to guess whether this helps him in Indiana or not. It may or it may not. And since I’ve never put Obama on a pedestal, this doesn’t knock him down. What this does demonstrate, and quite clearly so, is that Obama is quite willing to score cheap political points at the expense of his base, regardless how much it might embolden the very same people that are working to demonize him to the American people.

Ooo, that’s gotta hurt. Markos sounds bitter. Must be an economic downturn. Bessie, hide the guns.

Markos, Markos, Markos, we emailed, we posted, we *pleaded* with you to exercise some control, to crack down on the abuses, to provide some balance, to not burn your bridges. You said it was all in good fun. We warned you that there were undesirable elements infiltrating the site, young hooligan males and possibly Republican moles. You laughed at us. We tried to fight back, to get others to see reason, to laugh at the absurdity of it all, You disowned us.

I’m sorry to say this, but you had it coming.

You gives’em books and gives’em books and all they does is chews on the covers.
(No, I’m not providing a link)

60 Responses

  1. Neener neener, Mr. Moulitsas. Maybe the b.o. cheeto can become the Ron Paul site now. 😉

  2. Yeah, Ron Paul supporters are the very definition of cockeyed optimists.

  3. Thank you, riverdaughter – reading it so I don’t have to. I wonder if this is another case of chickens coming home to roost? Poor Markos, he never saw it coming. Why?

  4. Schadenfreude is usually better with beer, but it’s a workday.

  5. Well, isn’t that just delicious!

  6. I didn’t see Obama’s Faux News interview because I don’t watch Faux News. Is it on YouTube?

    I assume Markos’ screed is from The Blog That Must Not Be Named. I don’t want to go there because Death Eaters may attack me if I do.

    If I am interpreting you right, riverdaughter, Markos is suddenly angry that Obama is distancing himself from the Daily Obama? The place that purged all non-Obamabots from the community? And he didn’t know this might happen in the name of Obama’s quest for unity ponies and rainbows?

    And Obama didn’t know that his loudest fans would get angry if he did this? If so, Obama needs more than “additional seasoning” (a comment I just made on TL). Additional seasoning is a bit of this and a bit of that. Sounds like he may need several tons of red hot chili peppers

  7. RD: From WordPress.com: “If you want to remove the related posts from your blog entirely, just go to Design > Extras and check the box to do so. But if you remove related posts from your blog we’ll remove you from other people’s blogs, so you won’t get traffic from that.”

  8. Kbird: you know, some of the links are pretty good though. It’s just the odd wingnut here and there that sucks. Unfortunately, it’s all or nothing. Let’s try all for a week and see how we like it.


    Serves them right! I will never forgive them for their open misogynistic bigotry and hijacking the left, steering it towards suicide. Having seen them and so-called Democratic “leaders” (Brazile!) for what they are, they must be held them accountable. They’re like damn termites eating away at the infrastructure: they must be removed or neutered.

  10. Shocked! SHOCKED, I tell ya. *giggle, snort*

  11. Maybe us showing up on the other blogs will bring in some not-quite-Hillary supporters? And I really should be better at following the links. You do stumble on some good stuff when you bounce around to unexpected sits.

  12. I wonder what our old friend (“you’ve got a pretty nice blog here“) KidOakland thinks about the view under the bus?

    One nice thing about not judging candidates by whether you want to drink with them is that when it turns out they don’t want to drink with you, it doesn’t matter.

  13. Is the Kool-Aid wearing off?

    Et tu, Markos?

    [cackles evilly and snarkily]

  14. @litigatormom: Obama doesn’t read blogs so that may explain why he probably doesn’t have a clue that he’s pissed so many of his fanboys off. Oh, and the man believes his own hype:

  15. Damn it. Here’s the image I meant to include as proof of him believing his own hype.

  16. Have you seen the latest? Markos had to put up another post defending himself. Check it out:

    “Yo people, Obama isn’t beyond reproach or criticism. I want him to win the primary and the general, but I ain’t gonna keep my mouth shut and carry his water when I disagree with him. If you have a problem with it, you might want to go elsewhere, because this is the reality based community, not the “Obama can do no wrong” community. The dude is human, believe it or not.”

    They are going nuts over there. Markos is Dr. Frankenstein. He created a monster, and now the monster is turning on him.

  17. Markos has a fit.

    Yawn . . .

    Stretch . . .

    Is there anything else on?

  18. RD and KB,

    If the “possibly related links” means that our posts are appearing the same way, wouldn’t that help bring more people here? I say leave them.

  19. If the Obamaphiles leaves the Site that Must Not Be Named, who is left?

  20. “reality based community” LOL. What is so funny about all this is it’s entirely transparent how these guys and moveon were played. Axelrod must have sent out a memo. Don’t worry about BO going on Fox. He’s actually doing it to stick it to them. All the while knowing the intent was nothing of the sort.

  21. RD,

    Last night, someone said that you are getting more traffic than Booman. He is the guy who sent e-mails to Taylor Marsh and Jeralyn threatening them that they wouldn’t be accepted back into the netroots community after the primaries because of their support for Hillary.

  22. Melanie,

    The campaign did send a memo to bloggers saying Obama would “take on” Fox News. Open Left had a post on it yesterday.
    I didn’t go there, but I read it on Talk Left.

  23. DCDem, nobody? 🙂

    Hi BB — That makes Riverdaughter’s success all the sweeter, doesn’t it?

  24. Bwahahahaha. These so-called progressives are such jokers. Personally, I think the Obama fetish has more to do with the fact that he was not in the Senate at the time of AUMF, than Obama himself. That is why they will just take this stuff.

  25. katiebird, on April 28th, 2008 at 4:17 pm Said: Maybe us showing up on the other blogs will bring in some not-quite-Hillary supporters?

    i do so occasionally but i was pretty much ignored.

    commenting, i just stick to y own true narrative and resist the temptation to get into a pissing contest.

    for what it’s worth.

    i don’t mean to preach — too much of something we’ve been subjected to in the past few days, imho.

  26. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Who is this “Markos” you speak of?

  27. The Creature is turning on Dr. Frankenstein? Hee.

    This is probably O/T here but I thought I would post it here anyway as more people might see it: the video of George Staphylococcus’ roundtable on This Week, featuring Donna Brazile.


    Yes, she did say, “There will be blood,” but she actually said it in a clearly sarcastic tone in response to George Staph, who was trying to get her to say that AAs would not vote for Clinton if the SDs voted for her over Obama. She went on to say that the SDs want to win most of all, and that they would look at “the math” including things other than the number of pledged delegates. Like maybe polling data, who won in big swing states, trends, momentum, the fact that Obama hasn’t won a primary since February 28. Whatever, she wasn’t quite as crazy as I expected her to be. More offensive, frankly were Maureen “I Have Red Hair” Dowd and Matthew “I Left Bush But I’m Still An Idiot” Dowd, both of whom decried Hillary’s insistence on remaining in the race because she’s, you know, winnning primaries. Brazile actually said that she didn’t expect Clinton to drop out as long as she was still winning.

    Maybe someone gave Brazile a partial dose of Kool-Aid antidote, but she wasn’t as bad as she’s been in the past.

  28. Hi Katiebird, Yes, the sweet smell of success. You’re the greatest, Riverdaughter!

    Litigatormom, Thanks for reporting the context of Brazile’s remarks. I can’t believe she actually said those things. Someone must have sat her down and given her a dose of reality.

  29. Thanks for putting your money where your mouth is, Charles!

  30. [xpost w Melanie] Ay, carumba!!!! Here’s hoping the Google speaks truth!

    Wowzers! That would be HEEEEYUGE!

  31. Wow, an endorsement from Easley would indeed be a coup. I don’t know if he can help her win the state, but it should help her get close. Obama’s lead has been eroding….

  32. Exclusive!!! (via Hillaryis44)

    Video of Barack Obama refusing to debate

  33. didn’t watch the Fox interview

    but when I read yesterday that Obama had mentioned dailykos my first thought was: Moulitsas must me thrilled for the Obama site propaganda $$$

  34. And Chris Matthews is doing a number on Obama right now. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. MABlue, you made my day :-)))

    hilarious exclusive temper tantrum
    even the dog ignored the poor baby lol
    off to email the link …

  36. How is Wright Obama’s Bill, as Matthews said? Is he also helping BO win over rural voters? I must have missed that.

  37. Just like the Iraq War all over again. You try to say it will be a bad idea. You start screaming it’s a bad idea. But no one listens. And then, it’s too late to stop it. Have fun with the candidate you’re backing, Kos. It’s too late now. You just helped elect a “Democrat” who doesn’t believe in our ideals.

  38. Markos thinks he is the base??

    This is really funny! Markos, you have less pull than some farmer in rural Montana! Really. You make more money, but no politician worth their salt makes fun of the farmer, while they do of you. You think you are the base?

    Yeah, yeah, the ‘netroots’, whatever…. keep thinking and saying to yourself you are great… you may even believe it yourself… You know, Markos, you have your uses, but please don’t overestimate your influence…


  39. Wouldn’t it be great if all of us who love riverdaughter’s blog to be together on inauguration night lifting a glass to Hillary? Or am I being a little too optimistic?

  40. Clearly, their “Hillary” disdain is soooooo intense, it’s sapped them bone dry of all logical and rational thought process. More’s the pity.

  41. litigatormom, – thank you for the abc clip. Very intersting – esp george Will

    But why anybody has Modo as part of a panel is beyond me.

  42. ghost2 – that is a geat line:

    “…you have less pull than some farmer in rural Montana! “

  43. Poor Kos, I mean its just not in Obama’s DNA to “take on” anyone. Why do you think Hillary consistently cleans his clock in debates? He doesn’t have it in him to fight. This thing should have been over 6 weeks ago, and he can’t close the deal against the supposed most despised woman in America. John Mccain is licking his chops.

    And really, he started his campaign praising Reagan, and dissing the big dog. All of these so called “progressives” projecting their hopes and desires on the man are starting to figure out that he’s really just another empty suit. For all of their special “intelligence” they never quite were able to see the man for what he is: an unapologetic opportunist who wants the Presidency but cannot articulate what it is he would do, or why he should be.

    Bring us together? Really? Results over the last 7 weeks should be proof enough that he can’t do that. The dead enders insist that the “math” is with them, but are the Democrats? Is the country?

    Obama is Ned Lamont on a national scale. Kos and his ilk can crow til the cows come home about caucus victories in Idaho, but it doesn’t change the electoral math.

  44. A visual aid for Obama supporters.

    Not sure if the tag will work, so here’s the link.

  45. So he’s giving himself a turnaround room by coming down hard on Obama’s Faux performance. He (Markos) needs to manufacture a plausible scenario for reversal.

    Of course he can’t just jump to Hillary — that would look to weird, and besides, this thing ain’t over yet.

    But he’s positioning himself for what he (probably) would have deemed impossible, six weeks back.

  46. Yeah, it must be weird to come to the conclusion that your savior is just as venal as anybody else.

  47. “Yo people, Obama isn’t beyond reproach or criticism.”

    Oh, my. Get with it Markos, the most fundamental issue, the fact that the thought of whatever Senator Clinton’s hiding under her pantsuit makes your loyal readers feel all ooky inside, hasn’t changed. And if there’s a civil war, getting hit with a supercharged chipotle Cheeto ain’t going to tickle.

  48. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for the incoherence, but this is what I do when I’m happy and my predictions come true….

  49. REMINDER-We have 2 very important primaries just around the corner. Hillary could do better than polls predict, especially in NC. She needs publicity, phone help, and feet on the ground.

    DONATE NOW!!! We brought in $10 million after PA. Let’s get crackin’!!

  50. See what happens when you put all your faith in someone (who by the way is a politician not a messiah) without knowing who they really are…

    And by no means is my tone gleeful…

    I find very little joy in what is happening…

    except that democrats will come to their senses and nominate Hillary…

  51. Great thread. Great posts. All too sad/funny.

    My favorite is this gem from Markos:

    “That’s not attacking Daily Kos, just using it as a foil for his political transcendence, or something.”

    Um, sure Markos. He’s not attacking you. He’s just using you.

    Does Markos sound like an abuse victim making excuses for his abuser or what? Will he get his own Lifetime movie deal after the election?

    Wow. Just wow!

    Let’s all donate to HRC’s campaign today. Do it for the fine folks spinning in the wind at the Orange Julius aka Daily Kos.

  52. Poor Kos. There was Useful Idiots back then, and there be Useful Idiots now.

  53. (smiling)…good article riverdaughter…

  54. I’m glad Markos isn’t Obama’s campaign director. With Wright rearing his ugly head, to answer Wallace’s questions any other way? With Wright’s face plastered all over the place, mixed with the image of the lefty Obama attacking FOX news would be political suicide. Obama needs to walk a balance beam. I thought he was pretty neutral in that debate. he can’t afford to lose a single % point unecessarily, and the voters have been fairly fickle and there has been a ton of elasticity and reaction to extreme comments.

    He’s not Ralph Nader or Noam Chomsky anyway, for the love of God. JFK said sometimes we must compromise our principles, unfortunately, for the common good. If one doesn’t become the President, he’s no good to us anyway.

    Politically I don’t think it helped nor hurt Obama. If anything, Hillary might have gotten a bump from that nutjob Kristol. Can’t figure out that guy. I think Kristol pumping up Hillary helps her though. There are a few moderates out there who watch FOX, although a small portion. What is with Buchanan and Kristol suddenly becoming Hillary fans? I think the Repubs simply want it to end this a bloodbath, and in their mind that don’t care who wins the nomination. The media doesn’t want this to end. They are confident they can smear either candidate, which I agree with, but I think either candidate would still beat McCain.

    Obama’s not running on the image as a “fighter”. Hillary’s the perceived fighter. He’s supposed to be the mender, calm, cool, collected. The transcender. For him to attack would confuse that image. Plus, I do know quite a few working class construction workers, cops, fireman who aren’t too keen on lefties. These guys watch FOX news and are either Republican or if they are Union working Dems are leaning towards Hillary. He doesn’t need to alienate them.

    Markos needs to get a grip on political reality. He sounds like a novice. You need to win at all costs, because that’s Hillary’s approach, and that will be McCains’ approach. I doubt any Obama backers are jumping off the wagon because he had to “stick it” to a left wing blog site. I hope we’re smarter than that.

    In the meantime while he’s Mr. wishy-washy, the surrogates will go into the back room and I’ll keep calling Clinton a bold deceiver and y’all will keep calling Obama a wussy, and just play it out and let the chips fall where they may. That’s the joy of the struggle for political junkies. And that’s my no bullshit opinion.

  55. […] Dan (Fitness) River Daughter’s take on Markos’s response to the Obama Fox Debacle is very confusing: I mean, just because Obama went on Fox and didn’t slay the dragon: 3.) It exposed his campaign […]

  56. The main reason I am a Obama supporter is the need for change. We have all experienced the old dragons way of politics for centuries. Has the old way worked for all Americans. No, it it has not. I do not see how we can sit there with the poverty that is all over our nation. What has the elected officials done for America and her people. Not a thing, as evident with the poverty that runs rampent across our nation. Politics in America has always been about the rich man getting richer and the poor getting poor. The poor of any color, religion or creed. It is about time America we vote for change.

    Ask yourself are you really satisfied with what the elected has done for you?

    I am also an Obama supporter because of global relationships. Do you really think that Hilary or McCain is going to be able to end this horrible war? I do not think they will be respected enough globally to end the war. Americans and people all over the world is looking for the opportunity to change their lives and thier futures. Obama would be able to make headway with the Arab nations and other countries because he is a minority. The old staunch ways of the rich are outdated and need to be retired.

    I am voting for my future, my childrens and grandchildrens future, I am voting to ensure we have a future. I will vote for Obama. It is nice to think that Hillary would be the first women in the Whitehouse, I personally don\’t think that Hillary has what it takes to run our nation.

    The future is in our hands America. Who are you going to vote for to enhance our futures.

  57. Why should we give Fox News the time of day? I think it’s poor judgment on both their parts to consent to appearing on this bigotted network.

  58. […] Markos isn’t angry. Why should he be ANGRY?! (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) I mean, just because Obama went on Fox and didn’t slay the dragon: “…It exposed his campaign as a bunch of liars. The Obama campaign’s press show promised people that Obama would ‘take on’ Fox News. Of course, none of that happened. That would’ve electrified ‘the left’, and we know that Obama doesn’t want to do anything that might make him look like a ‘captive’ to it… But ‘rise above politics’? His refusal to acknowledge the political reality may very well be his greatest weakness. I hope it’s all an act. I can take cynical political rhetoric. I expect it. And it’s not like Clinton is offering anything different in that department. But if Obama actually believes it, then the Republicans will chew him up and spit him out.”… […]

  59. Obama Supporter: With Hillary you get the best of both worlds. You get an agent of change because she’s a progressive Democrat and NOT a Republican, and she’s a woman. Her perspective is differs more significantly than any other president we’ve ever had. Now that’s change.
    But you also get a wicked smart, experienced individual with her own coalitions and the knowledge base, both from her 8 years in the WH and her husband, to get things done.
    Frankly, you don’t get any of that with Obama and I for one don’t want any more novices running the place, thank you very much.
    The choice is simple. Clinton it is.

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