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Super Surrogate Chelsea Clinton in Indiana

This is an official campaign video of Chelsea and reactions from some Indiana students. Chelsea talks about Hillary’s plan for student loans.

11 Responses

  1. What a great video. It cheered me. Go, Hillary, indeed!

  2. Did y’all know Alice Palmer is campaigning for Hill in Indiana today? That’s the woman BO stiffed in Illinois. What a trooper.

  3. I do love our Hillary. She’s challenged Obama to a debate without a moderator:


  4. gonna blogwhore a bit here…

    In late February, SUSA dod a 50 state “Clinton and Obama versus McCain” poll. They recently redid the same poll in 9 “should/could” be Democratic states. I compared the two polls, and have been writing about it at Corrente.

    Part 3 is now up, entilted “Obama TANKING with Independents, Losing Moderate Voters”


    key findings

    · Obama lost an average 4.2% of his support among Independents
    · While Obama was losing support among Independents to McCain, McCain was also picking up new support from previously undecided Independent voters, resulting in
    major decreases in Obama’s margins against McCain among Independents.
    · In February, Obama led McCain among Independents in 5 of the 9 states, By mid-April, Obama was leading in only one state – by only 2%.
    · Clinton has held her own among Independents during this period, and as a result Obama’s relative advantage over Clinton among Independents has been cut by two thirds.

    But Independents are not the only category that Obama is doing poorly in. In February, when matched against McCain, Obama was doing better among Moderates and Liberals. In mid-April, Clinton was doing better. And Clinton has increased her relative advantage over Obama among Democrats.

  5. Someone FINALLY investigated?

    Barack Obama – The Wizard of Oz

    by Evelyn Pringle

    “The most trusted leaders of the Democratic party, such as John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, ought to be ashamed of themselves for supporting Barack Obama. With use of the internet, a fifth grader could connect the dots to show a picture of a guy who was picked up in college and carried up the political ladder by a corrupt gang of influence peddlers.

    John McCain is just drooling waiting for Obama to become the nominee so that he can come out with the trail of dirt that the Democratic party is too afraid to reveal this late in the in the game. If nominated, Obama will not survive a month when faced with the Republican attack machine.

    If he becomes the nominee, the web of corruption leading to Obama’s rise to power that this investigative journalist was able to untangle in less than three weeks, will be front page news right up until election day, handing the Republicans their only chance in hell of winning the White House.

    Instead of the leaders of the Democratic party doing their homework, a small group of investigative reporters in Chicago will be credited with exposing the corrupt backbone of Obama political career and the mainstream media need only follow their lead if the Democrats hold him out to be a viable candidate.

    The list of reporters deserving of credit for doing the investigative work that should have been done by the leaders of the Democratic party before they got behind Obama, includes, but is not limited to, Chicago Sun-Times reporters, Tim Novak, Dave McKinney, Fran Spielman, Chris Fusco, Natasha Korecki, Steve Warmbir and Lynn Sweet. Chicago Tribune reporters especially deserving of credit include Jeff Coen, Bob Secter, John Chase, Virginia Groark, Rick Pearson, David Jackson, John McCormick, Mickey Ciokajlo, Rudolph Bush and Dan Mihalopoulos.

    This article is the first in a series that will give the details of Obama’s rise to fame.”

    Read more below. So far there are three articles.




  6. DCDem, I think Obama is scared of that debate. No ABC/GS/CG to scapegoat and hide behind. It was hilarious to see the Facebook groups pop up condemning ABC, but not a word about Keith Olbermann’s subtle threats to Hillary Clinton. Questions: bad. Threats: fine and dandy.

  7. gqmartinez: I doubt there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Obama will respond to Hillary’s challenge. But I do love our Hillary. She is fearless.

  8. Obama is such a dud. Hillary is so fearless and so fun. I love the idea of the Lincoln-Douglas style debate. It’s fun, fun, fun.

  9. Paul, Charts C6 and C12 say it all. Imagine if Obama really did have the kitchen sink thrown at him how much worse it would be?

  10. @CB: Exactly! I continue to be dumbfounded as to why any Democrat would think Obama is electable considering his deep ties* to Chicago corruption (in addition to other troublesome associations) and utter lack of accomplishment, even as a state legislator. Not only that, but Obama on the ticket would doom Clinton if she became the nominee (Besides, today a president needs to pick a VP people can see as president and Obama is simply not qualified; the GOP will make sure to point that out). He’s that bad.

    *If you’re a blank slate, one need not be convicted of corruption to be considered corrupt. And the media and GOP will certainly paint him that way.

  11. To get back to the video for a second —

    The student loan issue is huge. I’m not sure what Obama’s plan is, but I do remember that when Bill ran for President back in 1992, I paid attention to his promises on student loans. And he put Direct Loans into place, which made my life so much easier when I went to law school in 1993.

    Without direct loans, in college I had to wait months for my checks to show up, which meant that my college put a hold on *everything,* including my ability to check books out of the library (at least they let me stay in the dorm and eat). But once I got to law school, the checks came faster and I got the excess for living expenses easily.

    That proposal for raising the ceiling for Pell grants and lowering the interest rates on loans is also huge.

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