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David Plouffe: “Do not trust Senator Clinton.”

Of course the campaign manager’s full quote, winning mass media attention today, reads:

Fairly or not, the majority of voters don’t trust Senator Clinton.

But we all know the unrelenting message BO08 has been pushing since Day One:

DO NOT TRUST Senator Clinton.


19 Responses

  1. That “fact” comes from a Washington Post poll, so it is extremely dubious.

    Besides, those pesky voters keep voting for Hillary, so apparently they trust her after all.

  2. After Obama’s humiliating loss in Pennsylvania and with the emergence of the GOP attack ad in North Carolina, Axelrod recognizes the possibility Obama will lose in both North Carolina and Indiana on May 6. He’s trying to change the subject.

  3. There is some truth to the statement, many voters say they distrust Hillary (and Bill) but the explanation for the distrust is simple.

    For sixteen years the Right-Wing Noise Machine has accused both Clintons of everything from immoral behavior to rape and murder. We’re not talking the National Enquirer (well, them too but not only) we’re talking about major news networks, national newspapers, and numerous elected officials.

    If you heard stories like that about someone for the better part of two decades, wouldn’t you be a little wary of them?

    Even though the only lie they caught Bill at was lying about a blow-job, the rumors and lies have done their damage.

  4. What page of the DNC “Kill Hill Manual for Noobies by David Axelrod and Donna Brazile” is that meme on?

    I don’t trust David Axelrod. Neither do the majority of DEMOCRATIC voters.

  5. I hear today Obama is disowning Wright. What a fraud this man is. Also, some Chilean fundraiser is leaving Hill for Obama. Jerk.

  6. David Soufflé is absolutely a thug.

    He has been savaging Hillary Clinton daily in these conference call in the worse manner.

    I am surprised people are only starting to catch up now. The Obama campaign has been truly vicious but the media keeps pushing the notion that Vile Hillary is muddying The Clean One. What a crock!

    John Heilemann from the New Yorker, at least noticed what was going on, although he couldn’t resist a couple of cheap shots of his own:

    The urgency of these questions began to mount this week, as the level of nastiness reached new heights—or, rather, depths. For all its rhetoric about practicing a new, more virtuous brand of politics, the Obama campaign has been going after Clinton hammer and tongs. Rarely a day passes without his people dubbing her a liar and a fraud. (Although when it comes to Snipergate, it’s hard to blame them.) They have accused Bill Clinton of McCarthyism and invoked the infamous blue dress on which he left his, er, DNA—the latter coming on a blog post arguing that he actually makes McCarthy look benign. Indeed, it sometimes seems as if the Obamans are actively trying to cede the moral high ground.

    Geoff Garin, Clinton campaign strategist, wrote an opinion piece in today’s WaPo, where he addresses what David Axelrotten, David Soufflé and the whole Obama campaign have been up to. I challenge anyone to question the accuracy of that piece.

    What’s wrong with this picture? Our campaign runs a TV ad Monday saying that the presidency is the toughest job in the world and giving examples of challenges presidents have faced and challenges the next president will face — including terrorism, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, mounting economic dislocation, and soaring gas prices. The ad makes no reference — verbal, visual or otherwise — to our opponent; it simply asks voters to think about who they believe is best able to stand the heat. And we are accused, by some in the media, of running a fear-mongering, negative ad.

    The day before this ad went on the air, David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s chief strategist, appeared with me on “Meet the Press.” He was asked whether Hillary Clinton would bring “the changes necessary” to Washington, and his answer was “no.” This was in keeping with the direct, personal character attacks that the Obama campaign has leveled against Clinton from the beginning of this race — including mailings in Pennsylvania that describe her as “the master of a broken system.”


    But throughout that debate, Clinton deliberately focused on the content of Obama’s comments without making sweeping statements about his character.

    It’s an important distinction. The Obama campaign has chosen from its inception not to treat Clinton with the same respect. In fact, the Obama campaign has made an unprecedented assault on her character — not her positions, but her character — saying one thing about raising the tone of political discourse but acting quite differently in its treatment of Clinton.

    Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, held a conference call with reporters and called Hillary “one of the most secretive politicians in America today” — a striking personal charge in the era of Dick Cheney.

    Axelrod described Clinton as having “a special interest obsession.”

    Obama himself has joined the character assault from time to time, saying, for example, that Clinton “doesn’t have the sense that things need to change in Washington”— a patently false and demeaning observation.

    These Guys make me sick.

  7. MABlue: Axelrod and Co. keep saying that Obama has sewed up the nomination (despite his humiliating loss in Pennsylvania), but rather than do what sure-bets do, that is, heal the party, they savage Hillary.

  8. still want to vote for bambi? not me.

  9. Doesn’t that poll include Republicans as well? I say we let the voters decide. Why are they so damn worried if they have this nomination locked up?

    Can someone remind me again what scenario would result in a convention floor fight, which is looking to be one of her best options left? By the end of June, all Obama will need is a minority of supers to “win” the nomination so even if she pulls off a win in IN and only loses the likes of NC and OR, it’s unlikely enough supers will join her.

  10. The supers are decided; the fix is in. They don’t want the WH in Nov.

  11. Do Democrats not get that “Democrat” is like a brand name? They are ruining the value of that intellectual property.

  12. Salon says KO has apologized.

    The sniveling weasel.

  13. The 200,000+ victory despite being outspent 3:1, and the >$10,000,000 overnight fundraising effort put a collective load in the pants of the Dean/Pelosi/Obama axis.

    Some people project 2,000,000 voters in PR. A 20+% win is not unthinkable. That’s a net of 400,000 votes. Wanna know why they are working overtime to end this? That’s why. Add to that a 30% win in Kentucky and WV and Obama loses the popular vote edge, probably even without FL and MI (if NC can be kept reasonably close).

    When you are about to get you tail kicked, you have to go back to old faithful: Hillary’s character.

  14. Yes. We should trust Obama because he does not take money from oil companies.

  15. myiq2xu: “Salon says KO has apologized.”

    Um, do we see an MSNBC pattern at work here? Frustrated “that-b****-just-won’t-quit” men saying something super offensive (ratings, ratings, ratings!) and then limply APOLOGIZE (Schuster, Matthews and now KO), and then generate more RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS. Time to get off that train and just turn those a**holes off once and for all. Maybe when GE figures out that dog won’t hunt and their ad revenues sink as low as their air talents’ (and I use that word loosely)morality, they’ll stop this shite.

  16. “You get the feeling they are literally trying to do anything to win this nomination.”

    Axelrod: Clinton campaign has “insidious pattern” on race, other attacks

    David Axelrod: “Frenetic Energy” Around Clinton Camp To “Commandeer This Election”

    Archives show Clinton lied: Obama campaign
    “There was only one problem: she wasn’t telling the truth to Ohio voters,” Axelrod said.
    Clinton meanwhile kept up pressure on her Democratic adversary over Michigan and Florida, which were stripped of their delegates to the party’s August convention as punishment for advancing their primaries into January.

    “I do not understand what Senator Obama is afraid of, but it is going to hurt our party and our chances in November,” she said in Indiana. [..] Obama said Clinton had been “completely disingenuous” over the row and was maneuvering for political gain.

  17. Barack Obama’s aide defends debate ‘stumble’
    Barack Obama’s chief strategist slammed Hillary Clinton as “disingenuous” and “ridiculous” yesterday for questioning her rival’s patriotism because of his link to an unrepentant former terrorist from the 1960s Weather Underground group.

  18. Can we do a post on how Obama’s speeches are about half made up of passive-aggressive slams on Hillary, that the media pretends not to notice?

  19. […] David Plouffe: “Do not trust Senator Clinton.” (by ronkseattle at The Confluence) Of course the campaign manager’s full quote, winning mass media attention today, reads: “Fairly or not, the majority of voters don’t trust Senator Clinton.” But we all know the unrelenting message BO08 has been pushing since Day One: DO NOT TRUST Senator Clinton. […]

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