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And now, a message about breakfast foods

This video was recommended by geeklove08.

Note: Nowhere in this snarky ad do we recommend working Obama over in order to get him to answer a question about foreign policy.

6 Responses

  1. Here’s another great pro-Hillary video.


    Really funny.

  2. Poor bothered Barack Obama!

    Let’s all leave him alone so he can eat his Waffle.

    Hillary for President!!!


    Very funny. I pretty much stopped watching TV these days so I saw that Waffle thing for the first time. Thanks, bostonboomer.

  3. oops, made a mistake about who posted what – sorry 🙂

    just watched Taking Back the White House

    one word: hillarious

    I remember the video Rob Reiner and Jack Nicholson made for Hillary. I hope everyone has seen it. Jack Nicholson for Hillary!! Yay!

  4. RD, Geeklove sent me this too. Reclusive Leftist has put all of us on a list together. Hundreds of hits today, on that list alone “posting.” I need to ask you a favor? Can you “see” a post I made called America is Bleeding? It was about the homeless in LA area. I can’t tell behind the scenes if it has been read and I was wondering if it was hacked or censored based on something at NO Quarter and also over at Stop-Obama. It should be the third post down. At my place you should be able to see 3 posts. If not can someone leave me the answer here?
    Thanking you in advance…
    ps–very good news on what people are “searching for” behind the scenes–all the corrupt stuff linked to guess who, and all kinds of searches for Hillary and feminism. All positive Hillary things too.
    Wordpress is the way to go!


  5. riverdaughter – when are you going to have a tip jar?

  6. that video’s great! I wish we had had this 3 am thing a few years ago. it’s 3 am and the white house phone is ringing and bush is…….choking on a pretzel.

    what’s with these guys and food issues? yet another similarity between the anointed one and the selected one.

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