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      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – March 26, 2023 by Tony Wikrent   “U.S. Announces Plans To Reclassify Everyone’s Race Based On Net Worth” [The Onion, via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 3-25-2023] “‘It is resolved by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives that any American whose wealth exceeds $1 million shall be white,’ read the bipartisan legislatio […]
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Pennsylvania Primary Cocktail Hour

Well, it looks like Obama made like a banana and split PA for Indiana. Gee, was it something I said? Meanwhile, the bitter cling to their guns and can stop praying he leaves. This calls for a party. After all, it looks like Clinton is going to breeze to the finish line in PA with a comfortable win. How big is anyone’s guess but a win is a win. And after being outspent by something like 3:1, you have to wonder why the frontrunner is, um, having so much trouble winning the biggest, most Democratic states. It’s counterintuitive, isn’t it? If he’s the hot spit Democratic nominee to be, shouldn’t he carry at least one Big Democratic state other than Illinois? How about a single swing state? Huh. I guess he’s not such a BMOC after all.

Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Party. This is the time of day when we put away our poison keyboards and lift a glass to each other. To the left of the doot is Rico, our bartender with flair. He’s been chomping at the bit for several weeks now and had to take on other jobs tending bar at the Fraternal Order of Internal Hydraulic Technicians parties. But plumbers aren’t nearly as snarky as we are and there were all those bathroom jokes. It gets old. Tonight, he is featuring a Pittsburgh Sunrise as the Cocktail du jour, but you can order anything your like.

Tonight’s featured music is provided by jazz musician, George Benson, also from my home town. This tune, Breezin’, sounds light and mellow. Let’s breeze to the finish line.

This is an open party. Obamaphiles are welcome here too. So, everyone be on your best behavior or check your trigger words with Florence, our lovely checkroom attendant. The waiters will be circulating with some homemade pirogies with onions and sour cream, hot sausage bites, dilly beans and mini Philly cheeseteaks. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

Party on!

327 Responses

  1. Rico, I’ll have a sunrise, please.

  2. Four Roses bourbon, rocks, please.

    Go Clinton!!!

  3. Anyone else here think CNN is not calling it only so people don’t switch off their TVs? That they have some ABC-envy?

  4. MSNBC says it’s “too close to call,” and Russert and Obamamann are grinning ear to ear. I hope it’s just because they are looking at the Philly results. From the exit poll results BTD is reporting, it sounds good for Hillary–only 14% AA and 81% White, 58% women.

  5. I’ll have a boilermaker, just like my girl, and don’t you worry, I will not leave the beer on the bar either!!!

  6. Ed Rendell gave Tweety a rough time tonight. He’s wrong about Clinton voters getting over it though.

  7. 26% turnout in 2004, 52% turnout today. I’m not surprised. Even if you weren’t interested in the race, it was just a really beautiful day. There was no excuse to stay home.

  8. Maybe Ed will get over it. I won’t.

  9. chuck todd is going on about York, PA. That’s near where my sister and brother are located. My sister says it is Clinton territory. I didn’t get to canvass there so I just have to go with what she says. It *is* exurb and they are heavy churchgoers. McCain is not their favorite son. I’m guessing that Obama doesn’t snag as many people there as he hopes.

  10. Stoli rocks- and I cannot stand Tweety.

  11. 64% White women went for Clinton compared to 55% White men. Apparently, Obama scored more with white men in PA than in OH. I think if Hillary wins by a decent margin here, she owes it to Republican women.

  12. BTD says exit polls “still in flux” and it changed a lot in Ohio.

  13. Better make my bourbon a double as these CNN talking heads make me want to bash my head against the wall.

    They literally all start shouting at once….STFU!!!!

  14. Chevalier, yeah I’m getting that too.

  15. BTD said first exit polls for Ohio had Obama winning by 2 points.

  16. Jamal whathisname is going on about Obama, “He’s still making more money than God and has bigger crowds. so there. :-p”
    Must be worse than they thought.

  17. 52% turnout so almost 2.2 million people voted.

  18. I can’t think of anything more ridiculous than polls and projections once the polls have closed–this isn’t some desolate UN protectorate where it takes two weeks to bring in the ballots by pack animal. In a couple of hours we’ll all know the actual vote totals, but that’s not fast enough for our sainted media!

    I’ll have one of those alcohol-lemonade things, since I just finished my last one and I don’t feel like going out to get more. You can squeeze one into those intertubes, right?

  19. Yeah, I’ve seen more than enough of that Jamal dude for my lifetime.

  20. If women do it for Hillary, I say YES!!! Let’s celebrate!!!!

    Let’s take this forward all the way to November!!!!!

  21. Numbers coming in…

  22. Ok, this is BAD – but look at the numbers from the exit polls: 58% of the voters were women, and 55% of the women voted for Hillary, and 47% of the men did. That adds up to 32%+20%, which means she only wins 52%:48% for Barry.
    Only a 4-point win?

  23. Exit polls will shift as the numbers come in.

  24. Donna says now that he’s come down from the stratosphere, he can really connect to voters. LOL!

  25. BTD says Fox is saying that Hillary will win by more than 6, and the current exit polls are overstating Obama’s results.

  26. Obama is always overstated.

  27. The corporate media is required to push their golden boy. Who are we who carry lunchbuckets to ask questions?

  28. Is this what it’s like waiting for a baby to be born??


  29. Is it just me or does it seem like Jamal and Donna are a bit too defensive? Donna especially has a deer in the headlights look.

  30. Redstar: I don’t know. I was too busy screaming at the anaesthesiologist to stop yakking with her friend and jab the needle in my spine already.
    Come to think of it, they are kinda the same.

  31. Are Jamal and Donna on CNN? I’m just listening to CNN on the radio. I tried Fox, but I couldn’t stand listening to Brit Hume. I guess I’ll have to run out in the living room and look at the TV.

  32. fox just called it for Hillary.

  33. Fox projects Hillary the winner of PA.

  34. riverdaughter – hee hee!! 🙂

  35. Fox just called it for Hillary

  36. I’ve officially moved into an alternative universe that I’m switched the tv from CNN to Fox.

  37. Fox is asking Bob Casey – why didn’t your endorsement matter? yeah!

  38. RD,

    I think you’re right. Donna hasn’t cracked a smile. She doesn’t look happy. And Jamal isn’t smiling big either. They’re enjoying dissing Bill C. though. CNN is getting ready to call it.

  39. A word of caution on exit poll data, Obama has consistently underperformed when all was said and done. What that means is that Bradley Effect seems to valid. Voters tell pollsters that they voted for Obama because they don’t want to appear “racist.”

    Charles, I don’t know that this is specifically a Bradley effect – if it were, Edwards would still be in the race. I think that there are substantial social penalties for saying you’re a Clinton supporter, so people say “unsure” when they really mean “I love Hillary but my sexist jerk neighbor is in the room.”

  40. I would make myself a real cocktail but still suffering a bit from having had three or four last night (party for colleague, oops..)..
    Go Hillary!

  41. I wish I had cable. I am listening to Fox on the internet. I only hear the questions, not the answers. Thanks, Redstar for filling th the rest. (The things a mother does to keep the children away from the evil cable.)

  42. Charles,

    Way too soon to start claiming Bradley effect.

  43. NBC too

  44. Fox is the most relaxing of them all. CNN and MSNBC were giving me heart palpatations

  45. Casey said she had too much name recognition as First Lady to beat. Kind of annoying.

  46. That’s no good reason at all, what? Obama spent three times the money, everyone in PA knew what he was trying to tell them, though maybe they weren’t trying to hear it..

  47. I’ll have a chardonnay please Rico (wow, he’s cute!)

    I appreciate those who are watching Fox so the rest of us don’t have to 🙂

    I never doubted for a minute she’d win……I just want to see a huge margin. 20% would so rule! but please God please, double digits……..

  48. Agreed re: Fox, though I much prefer the fancy graphics at CNN

  49. Ha – Fox is making fun of Clinton campaign and CNN for piping in CNN to ballroom which has not projected her winner yet

  50. Wow. If Hillary is doing that well in Philly, this could be big.

  51. yeah, casey’s answer was like, she was so famous already!

    i love the david and goliath metaphors, really i do….

  52. mister’s watching Big Brother so I’m depending on you guys for the next hour!!

  53. Usually I’m a wine drinker, but I’m out. So it’s beer for me, just like Hil. Maybe I should get out the scotch too, in her honor.

    BTW, new poster, found you on Corrente.

    The husband says Clinton by 9. I say more like 12.

  54. now fox is talking about mccain – BORING!

  55. Candy Crowley is implying that the excitement of Hillary supporters in Philly is because these are the supersupporters. Candy doesn’t think the rest of us really care about Hillary winning. Oh really, Candy? Think again.

  56. so, of the numbers coming in is that Philly first?

  57. Welcome, merciless!

  58. Thank you, bostonboomer. Smooch.

  59. Ok, which one of us wants to see how they’re doing at the Big Orange Cheetoh?

  60. b>riverdaughter, on April 22nd, 2008 at 9:11 pm Said:
    Ok, which one of us wants to see how they’re doing at the Big Orange Cheetoh?

    Now that’s just mean. I love it.

  61. hey merciless, we’ll be drinking lots of celebratory wine in November! let’s start stocking up 🙂

  62. Fox is losing me. They have 4 people chatting about how AA may just sit home if Obama is not the nominee. Pls. Hillary’s supporters will vote for McCain. I am not a math major, but even I know that that is much worse. Michael Steele is on the panel and he is the voice of reason. As a Marylander, I can tell you that Michael Steele is never the voice of reason. Pls. tell me that they are saying something more intelligent somewhere else.

  63. John King on CNN right now running the maps showing PA results from 04, 00, 92, 88 and how Clinton camp is arguing Obama can’t win those blue collar voters in corridors north & south of Pittsburgh and Philly & would basically be another Dukakis. ha

  64. I spit on Candy Crowley. I spit on The Big Orange Cheeto

  65. IIRC, Philly is Obama’s stronghold. If Hillary is winning handily with most of Philly reporting, it’s gonna be a bad night for Big O and the Oborgs.

  66. From TalkLeft:

    BTD – I am beginning to believe the Exit Polls were wrong. clinton up 55-45 with 10% reporting. and Philly overrepresented

    Could she have a HUGE win?

  67. In cheetoland, bitter racists have put a tiny little pebble in the Running Shoe of Hope and Change. That about sums it up.

  68. myiq,

    I think it’s going to be big. I hope it’s more than 10. I’m so excited!

  69. By the way, game 7 of the Flyers vs the Capitals is way more exciting than seeing election results drip in.

  70. oh no, how sad is it I live in DC and didn’t know what was happening. hardly anyone in this town watches hockey.

  71. Anyone else love Terry McAuliffe? He’s on CNN right now. He’s SO enthusiastic!

  72. Rich in PA:

    I switched to CMT’s 100 Greatest Country Music Videos.

    I turned off CNN because it was doing the same to me.

  73. Terry Mac is a treat.. always upbeat no matter what, I saw him on TV earlier today and he seemed just thrilled but I couldn’t read anything into it, seeing as it’s him 🙂

  74. hey merciless, we’ll be drinking lots of celebratory wine in November!

    Why wait, kiki? Oh, yeah, I’m out tonight…ok, starting this weekend, serious drinking until November.

  75. I don’t care about hockey either. But the Red Sox are winning.

  76. Go Clinton!!!

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but it’s time to open up the pocketbooks again!

  77. Bob Casey is on CNN, trying to smile like he really means it.

    Like father, like son, he bet on the wrong pony.

    (For those who don’t know, his daddy dissed the Big Dawg back in 1992.)

  78. Rachel Maddow must be getting dizzy with all that spinning she’s doing.

    That or the cold medicine.

  79. http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/primaries/results/state/#PA

    this is a pretty cool CNN map that is constantly updating. it shows county by county breakdowns (hey, Ron Paul is winning by a landslide in Armstrong County! how funny) check out the Hillary vs Obama county map!

  80. A Round for everyone please! Doubles for those who canvassed and phoned and donated (20% tip for the wonderful bartender!)
    In my little bitter NW PA precint of 2000 registered voters, I was greeting and meeting all day. We had over 836 voters by 4:30- went over 900 by 5pm. This is a huge turnout for a primary in our little burg.
    It was a wonderful day- lots of love for Hillary from men and women, people brought their kids and grandkids to the polls so they will remember the day PA turned the tide of a Presidential election.
    I don’t have any firm numbers, just on the ground feeling from talking to folks all day- The women were voting for her, the men were voting for her (I had one gentleman come back about an hour after he voted to bring me a new flag ribbon pin) one of my daughter’s friends who can not vote yet came up to bring me juice and sign wave after school. She is a member of the young Dems and will be at the courthouse watching the counts.
    In this little corner of the world Hillary cleaned his clock!

  81. Rachel Maddow said Obama is winning the enthusiasm race. Obama must have spirit fingers!

  82. Rachel Maddow: There is no connection between whether he can beat Hillary Clinton and whether he can beat John McCain. None

    Buchanan: WTF!!?

  83. Go Sox!!!

  84. Just got home. Long day removing old carpets. While driving I heard on NPR that Hillary won.

    Well done.

  85. “spirit fingers”!!! ha ha ha ha!

  86. Wow, who are all the negative Nancies on CNN? Clinton is a bully, Clinton is a bully…wah wah wah

  87. Obama: The Audacity of Enthusiasm

  88. *drunk as a skunk*

    I just caught some of the results. Someone explain to me the Philly vote. It looks huge for him. Does she have enough to still pull out a double digit victory?

  89. Did you all see the piece up earlier today on HuffPo about white male voters, that they illustrated with a photo of two slobby redneck looking dudes with beer bellies, tattoos, no shirts on? Elitism anyone? They started catching flak for it in the comments and instantly switched to a picture of Obama bowling. LOL

  90. I’ll have my regular, a mojito.

    After listening to KO and Tweety hyperventilate — “the polls have been closed for seven minutes and it’s too close to call, is the Clinton camp freaking out?” — I fled to watch American Idol with my 14 year old.

    I return to see KO and Tweety hyperventilate about the fact that She. Will. Not. Die. She can’t win the delegates. Popular vote isn’t the metric. She agreed MI and FLA wouldn’t count. She keeps moving the goal post.

    And then….why can’t he put her away? Why does he keep losing the matchpoint?

    Tweety now demands of Claire McCaskill to explain why Obama doesn’t go really negative on Clinton.

    Helloooo, Tweety, have you been living under a rock?

  91. Charles, I’m waiting for the final percent for my pledge. $10 for each point she wins by.

  92. Re: Rachel Maddow: If enthusiasm is so damn important, Ron Paul would be the GOP nominee.

  93. Davidson:

    Philly is Obot country, and over half of the votes are counted from there.

    IOW – Philly is overrepresented in the current statewide totals. When they’re done counting there, the numbers for Hillary just keep getting better.

  94. Those hillary1000 comments were me.

    Yeah, these media types are practically in tears over Obama’s loss. You’d think Clinton took his lunch $$ and shoved the rest of them into their lockers as she bruised past them down the hall.

    to cut classes with Bill, waiting in his souped up ride outside…

    spare me!

  95. I had to turn off CNN. They were hammering Hillary again and again–if she doesn’t win by more than 10, it’s not enough. Hillary’s too negative. The party elders or fund-raisers are going to have to stop this. Yucko!

  96. @myiq2xu: OK. I was just worried if she was unable to pull out a double digit win or not.

    I tossed back three shots when I saw the numbers. I’ve been drinking since lunch here on the West Coast so my thinking is slower than Obama’s debate responses.

  97. litigatormom, I am constantly amazed by pundits who wonder why he doesn’t go negative, and bots who are so proud that he doesn’t. do they (or we) live in some alternate universe? I may be biased, but I hear her talking policy most of the time and him talking about her (and/or the ‘clinton years’) in a decidedly negative fashion much of the time.

  98. Redstar:

    Hillary shoved KO’s head in a toilet and gave him a swirly

  99. Davidson,

    You’d better slow down if you want to be awake when Hillary hits double digits.

  100. Yeah, Obama’s strongholds are almost done reporting, if you look at the wonderful widgets over at CNN. (Choose County Tables, it breasks it down) Hillary is leading by around 30 pts in the rest, which have just begun reporting. His numbers will go down.

  101. Gang – it’s all about the pop vote now….

    I am not sure at current projections she will pick up more than 100-150K or so…and she really needed more than that. She cannot go in to Denver behind in both.

    Glad it’s a win, but I’m afraid it needed to be a lot bigger than it looks to be, to really help her in pop vote count.

    Now the spin will have to be that BO cannot close the deal (true of course) but a lot tougher to sell to the Super Ds than hard nbrs….

  102. Myiq: LOL! A swirly. Too funny

  103. myiq2xu – yeah, i sought that. i was smokin’ a butt in the bathroom and keeping lookout for her. she’s so goddamn bitchin’ !!

  104. kiki,

    You have to realize that these pundits don’t think it’s “negative” to call Hillary racist, bitch, whore, monster and worse. They all do it themselves and they think everyone else sees her the way they do. God only knows where they think all the votes are coming from. Barry would have to do a lot worse before they would perceive any negativity. Maybe if he hit her over the head with a hammer, they might call that negative.

  105. I keep inserting smiley faces when I don’t mean to. not sure what I’m doing wrong. Rico, another glass of wine please! I’d rather not care about it than try to figure it out…

  106. uh oh. I just got a comment caught in the filter. I quoted some of the names for Hillary that the boyz like to use. Sorry….

  107. With almost 50% of the current vote tally from Philly, Obama is down by 8. That margin will get bigger.

  108. Sarah: Not so hard if they can figure out a way of legitimizing FL and MI. Then it looks pretty damn good. I read somewhere that Dean is looking for cover and if she could win by a decent amount, he will be forced to lean on the Rules and Bylaws committee to settle the matter.

  109. Hmm.. margin over 10 points w/42% in..

  110. I’m back to Fox – Bill Kristol talking about close pop vote and her sweeping up 7 of the 8 large states

  111. check this out


    Bill Nelson and Alcee Hastings say the DNC is purposely stalling on Florida and Michigan……

  112. I just sent our lady $20

  113. I can’t watch CNN either. Donna Brazille is just plain full of s**t when she says she hasn’t made a choice.
    Hillary wins convincingly and all the news pundits do their best to destroy that. This is so incredibly frustrating !!
    How can Hillary possibly get this nomination when Dean and Brazille are pulling all the strings ?

  114. I’m gonna guess 12-14 points is where she’ll finish.

    As Lambert at Corrente pointed out, that’s far short of the 50 point lead she needed, so it’s a win for Obama and she should quit.


  115. Oh my god Chris Matthews is pouting something fierce. his guy loses AND he has to share the screen with four other gigantic egos including Olbermann directing traffic

  116. the CNN map changed whatever county Pittsburgh is in from BO to HRC

  117. Hey RD –
    Yeah I’ve really been thinking Howie is just hedging his bets waiting for a) A blowout for Obama and it’s over and MI/FL become moot or b) a big win for HRC and something of an excuse to tweak the MI/FL vote back in to play….

    But who knows. I was really hoping for something huge like a 200-300K closure in popular, but looks like that will not happen tonight.

    I’m a newbie here – love it. I’m a Pittsburgh girl.

  118. Sarah, I think Obama’s in serious trouble if he loses PA by more than 10 points.

    People with a lock on the nomination don’t lose by that sort of number.

  119. the thing about the stall on FL and MI, if I understand correctly, is so they can force the super delegates to choose while Hillary’s numbers are down. if this is true, it’s despicable.

  120. Philly is 72% in. When Philadelphia is all in, watch for her pop. vote.

  121. 19% of the vote in and she had him by 53%-47%. All his people vote early. Her working people will be counted last. She’ll win big!

    My partner made calls. Only 1 out of 26 was going for Obama! Good ratio, eh?

  122. My husband just went off to sleep, may I please have another Boilermaker!! Sounds like a celebration to me.

  123. katiebird:

    Not in a big swing state. Maybe in a little red state.

  124. Am I missing something? Did she cut Obama down over the last 6 weeks? If you are so much better than your opponent, is that going negative?

  125. Has anyone talked about the number of Repub women who either voted for Sen. Clinton in open primaries or switched parties for the closed ones?

    That may be the junior senator from New York’s great stealth electoral weapon. (I’m okay with it—I can forgive the misguided.)

  126. I just got a very nice email from Hillary suggesting that we just relax and enjoy tonight’s victory. Tomorrow we can begin the battle anew.

    I really like getting these emails from her. Oh, and the next round is on me.

  127. I think it’s considered negative if you don’t lay down your arms before the anointed one……

  128. RD, well, if you’re too good, you’re mean to Obama.

    Didn’t you get the memo? I’m sure I emailed it to you.

  129. Just found your blog site recently. I’ve enjoyed reading the articles and comments. So nice to have a place where you’re not attacked and insulted just for trying to express an opinion or have a sincere dialogue (thanks!). I donated $25 to Hillary tonight.

  130. kiki – Pittsburgh is Allegheny County. 56-44 for Hillary as of 10:02 EST…

  131. Someone was saying in NPR that a block of SD was waiting to come out in support of Obama if Hillary does not do well tonight (whatever that means).

    I am tired of the SD block story (is it even real or an “urban legend” politically speaking?)

  132. Hermes, thanks to your partner! sounds like a good ratio to me.

  133. Roland Martin on CNN says Obama has to switch gears, not playing it right lately…..

  134. urban legend!! although again, i’m thinking of schoolyard metaphors…why is this political season so juvenile?????

  135. Hi Maggie, Welcome. We are hoping to get Michigan’s votes counted even though Obama wants to suppress them.

  136. Ooo, Paul Begala pings Donna Braxile on MI and FL. yessss

  137. Her campaign song for tonight and beyond should be “Money can’t buy you love”

  138. I think it’s amazing that almost 34,000 people have voted for Huckabee. huh???? sounds like my state – yeah I live in Alabama. not exactly Clinton country, so I really do appreciate y’all!

  139. I keep switching over to CNN to catch Hillary’s speech and all I get is Donna Brazile-nut and the bloviating gasbags.

  140. Has anyone noticed? There are no more big Democratic states left. Not a one. Hillary won every one of them except the one where Obama lives. In fact, the only Democratic primary states that Obama won are Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, and DC (to the extent DC is a state.)

  141. Now the threats of riots in the streets if Obama doesn’t win the nomination…

  142. Hey, guys, now that you’re feeling a buzz, it’s time to hit you up for cash. I’m pledging $20 for every point over Obama. MaggiefromMichigan put up $25. Every little bit counts. She can’t get there on her good looks and unnatural energy alone. Think about making a contribution..

  143. Hi Maggie, Welcome to the party!

    Is anyone listening to Pat Caddell? He’s a GOD! Seriously.

  144. here’s what’s still to go:

    The remaining Democratic contests are primaries in North Carolina, Indiana, Oregon, Kentucky, West Virginia, Montana, South Dakota and Puerto Rico, and caucuses in Guam.

  145. Threats again? Reason #492 not to vote for Sen. Obama.

    I can’t be threatened, extorted, or pushed.

    Except by cats.

  146. If you are a Super, you will need some kind of cover to give the nom to HRC if she trails in both delegates and pop vote.

    I think electability is the obvious one, but facing hard nbrs in BO’s favor, it will be a tough sell.

  147. riverdaughter, I’m in for $10 a point over BO. I’m starting to worry — what if it’s a $200 pledge?

  148. DCD: Obama said in an interview that it is ridiculous to think that he will not carry all the big states in the GE…so if Obama says so, what we think becomes inconsequential…it is Colorado and Washington that count, not NY et al.

  149. Does anybody know of a campaign office to “adopt” in any of the remaining states?

  150. merciless, you must be watching CNN!

  151. I find it absolutely ludicrous and absurd that the MSM are out doing their darndest to marginalize and diminish Hillary’s moment of victory. Instead of trying to emphasize how little this win means for Hillary and her campaign, they may wanna expend some of that time acknowledging the fact that their Golden One has yet to win any of the larger-state primaries. What has HE failed to accomplish in his bid to win the wrest control of this contest from Hillary and win the nomination, out right? That should take a while.

  152. DCD: She’s going to win WV, KY and probably IN. NC looks like a write off and Oregan could end up being like the Washington primary- very close.
    David Gergen is going on about how we can’t piss off AA and young’uns. Please. AA’s have nothing to fear from Hillary. But Ok, let them go their own way. They represent 15% of the population. Women represent 60% of the party. Who can the DNC afford to alienate?
    This is not complicated math.

  153. I love seeing all 3 Clintons together!

  154. hmmm, tip Rico or donate to Hillary?????

    I think Rico will be seeing MUCH better tips after Hillary turns the economy around.

    joking aside, people who work for tips are probably really hurting these days. I would imagine more people are eating and drinking at home. I guess this is the trickle down theory we’ve heard so much about.

  155. I’ll have a Rolling Rock with a shot of Wild Turkey. Here’s to our girl, she did good. On to Indiana! Obama is looking more and more like he’s not ready for prime time.

  156. umm a nice merlot.

    Hillary’s on!

  157. Kbird: Don’t give more than you can comfortably afford.

  158. bostonboomer, Thanks! We are defintely upset about how Michigan has been treated by the Democratic Party. But I’m very thankful that Hillary didn’t abancon us and take herself off the ballot like Obama did. That was his choice. As usual Hillary made the right decision.

  159. oh, riverdaughter — for her I can afford it. I’m just wondering: Do you think it could go up that high?

  160. Kbird: my initial prediction was 8-10. I think that’s about right.

  161. For all those little girls out there on their daddies’ shoulders looking at Hillary:

    See, you can be anything you want.

  162. Love th music: Tom Petty’s “I won’t back down”

  163. I don’t know, this feels a little bigger to me. The Philadelphia numbers never put her behind the projection. Maybe 12?

  164. Elvis Obama has left the building. He could not get out of there fast enough. He didn’t even stay to thank his campaign workers. That is not leadership.

  165. I’m standing pat at 14

  166. I am following the interactive map at NYTimes. What is the deal with Chester county?


  167. Has Obama ever had a shitty job? Even in college.

  168. riverdaughter: Does Gergen think that the Party can afford to piss off yellow dogs like you and me?

  169. I’m standing pat at 14

    Obama’s toast.


  170. I like that she gave her victory speech in Philly.

    That’s his home field. Very “in your face”

    Ooh, while I was typing she mentioned Big O outspending her 3-1

    But the voters had other ideas!

  171. on the CNN map it’s showing Chester and Potter counties with zero reporting – did no one show up?

  172. Husband wants to turn off the bedroom TV just as Hillary takes the stage. I’ll staying in the den with the TV so I’ll need another mojito.

    She’s doing great with her speech, and she should wear teal more often.

  173. Yes, she will!

  174. katiebird:

    All his jobs must have been shitty – he keeps looking for new ones every couple of years.

  175. “All his jobs must have been shitty”

    giggle hick!

  176. Rico, another mojito for LGM!

  177. litigator: husband doe not like Hillary? 🙂

  178. He’s had everything handed to him so far, and he’s beginning to realize that the presidency might be a little harder to attain.

  179. She looks beautiful; I love the turquoise.

    She almost teared up again. I yelled at the teevee, “don’t do it, Hil! They’ll rip you for it!”

    And she took a deep breath and went on. I can’t wait for her to be the President of the United States.

  180. I think what he really wants is the big $$ for speech making after the presidency. he’s not thinking so much of the actual years between running for the office and being an ex-president. that’s why he was screeching to see Bill’s tax returns. I’m sorta joking and sorta serious. I think he craves the glory but not so much the work.

  181. Check out the woman behind Hillary in purple – she’s wearing boxing gloves!

  182. Hi merciless, I was stuck on a laptop when you introduced yourself, I think. I’m glad you found us!

    Hillary is beautiful!

  183. Oops! That’s a guy.

  184. BTD is predicting a 10 point win for Hillary. I still think it might go a little higher. Philly is more than 90% counted. It will be downhill for Barry now.

  185. Ok, I think I’m a little teary now…

  186. Okay, CNN is off again.

    I can’t stand anymore O-spin

  187. Ah, the talking heads are back to talk about how she’s broke. Never give an inch, a**holes!!!

  188. the Fox guys are blown away!

  189. Heineken!

  190. Why does Gergen think she would tear Obama down in a victory speech? Seriously, these people clearly think she’s inhuman. What f—ckers….

  191. KB, You are right. He is toast. The wind changed direction last week at the debate. It will become infamous that he threw it all away because of hubris. He was too smart, too charming, too glib to loose a little debate to a woman. He was also too lazy, vain, and ignorant to prepare for it like his life depended on it. This is one of the biggest %*$#ups in our political history. He could not even buy his way out of his own foolishness.

  192. Favorite line from the speech: Parent to daughter – “see you can be anything you wanna be”

  193. We should all be drinking Keystone beer.

    Especially if we don’t want bitter-beer face.

  194. Amazing—Olbermann complained that Sen. Clinton was not a gracious winner in her speech.

    Jeebus Kristoferson.

    And where is Sen. Obama’s concession speech?

  195. I am so happy and relaxed! I think the tide has turned somewhat. She appeared so presidential from the podium and believe it or not, Chris Matthews even was moved.

  196. Parent to daughter – “see you can be anything you wanna be”

    I love that! a lot of us grew up during the days of “any little boy can be president”

    how unfair! that’s why a lot of us became feminists at around age 5.

  197. I hope that CNN can tell that I disconnected my internet connection as soon as they said that they were moving to Obama in Indiana. Doesn’t even sound like a good country music title.

  198. Yeah Obama reminds me of the really smart kid in school who doesn’t bother to do his homework because he’s bright enough and charming enough to skate through without working too hard.

    Hillary is the nerd who’s also super smart but doesn’t take anything for granted, studies all night, and hands him his ass when it counts in debates.

  199. If these talking heads were on the Titanic they would be explaining how there was no problem and people were fools for getting into the lifeboats.

    “They are just delaying our trip. They should get back on the ship!”

  200. On Fox News Frank Luntz gave Hillary high praise for her speech. He said it was the best he’s seen her give so far. I thought it was a very very good speech. [Can’t believe I’ve had to start to watch Fox News to get “fair and balanced” reporting these days. They typicaly bash both Obama and Clinton equally : ) though I always change when nasty Dick Morris comes on.]

  201. sarah: Don’t forget the ability to smooth-talk and bullshit his way out of trouble.

  202. The female pundit on Fox just used the word “tribal” to describe voter results by race and gender

  203. MfM:

    FOX has seen the writing on the wall. They are trying to shift from propaganda to news.

    MSNBC and CNN are heading the other way.

  204. the headline on huffjoke: Clinton survives another day

  205. Wow.
    There’s too much traffic to even get on her web site and contribute right now.

  206. What the heck is up with the Abercrombie and Fitch trio there behind Sen. Obama? It’s like some sort of surreal ceative class product placement.

  207. she just went from 8 to 10 points on CNN’s map

  208. Sen. Clinton did give a good speech. Some moving statements about historical significance of these times within our daily lives. Take back our country is right.

    Sarah, keep trying. Wave your credit card in front of the monitor—it’s like money voodoo.

  209. Yeah, these media types are practically in tears over Obama’s loss. You’d think Clinton took his lunch $$ and shoved the rest of them into their lockers as she bruised past them down the hall.

    They are so effing pissed they don’t control people’s thoughts.

  210. I heard from one of telecasts that only 1 in 10 registered black voters turned out for the primary. If true, does this not negate the argument that she will lose his black supporters in the general? If they cannot come out in a primary why would you assume they will in a general? I was led to believe he had more enthusiasm from the black community than this.

  211. Redstar,

    “Tribal” ? Hmm, sounds racist to me.

    Sounds like we all had a good night. I’m pulling out the plastic and sending Hillary a little pocket money for Indiana.

    Hillary you rock!!!!!!!

  212. kiki — that’s great!

  213. Ooooh, Barack’s a little bit pissy tonight. She’s being MEAN to me! That’s why I’m in Indiana, and not in Pennsylvania.

  214. Lurker here … love The Confluence!

    May I please have a boilermaker – Iron City and Wild Turkey?

    I’m still teary from watching Hillary speak, and I kept pointing to the TV and telling my daughter “see? You CAN do anything, be anything you want – that woman, she’s doing it, you can too!” My kids growing up taking for granted that anyone, not just white men, can be President … jeez, tearing up again.

    And I’m in for $10 for every point in the Hillary/Obama spread.

    Oh, and FYI, I grew up in a “bitter” little burg in NW PA (lots of God, not as many guns as Obama’d have everyone think), went to college in Pittsburgh, and have been in the Pacific Northwest most of my adult life since then. But I’ll always be a yinzer at heart …

  215. MK, you just made me tear up!

  216. Hi MK! It’s a good night, isn’t it? I’m so happy that you got to watch it tonight with your daughter. Mine is a Hillary supporter, but she’s in Chicago tonight.

  217. Katiebird–mind if I out your upcoming birthday just to say—can you think of a better present?!

    This is the BEST! I agree with you, Obama is toast. I call a 12 spread too.

  218. ARRGH I had to go turn off TV- Obama is giving a campaing speech not a concession speech- more free media for the golden calf (see- I have come to believe he is either a sacrifice of Dean’s to the GOp or a golden idol for them- either way it sucks)

  219. Pat,

    If the exit polls were right, only 13-15% of the vote was AA. Kerry brought out 17% in PA and 2004.

  220. With all this drinking we’re all going to have hangovers tomorrow morning. Maybe some Obamawaffles will take care of that.

    Can’t I just eat my waffle…huh?, huh?

    Are you supposed to be asking a question?

  221. different skew: she now gets more of the postgrads – finally understand which one is the policy wonk –


  222. Joanie!! (my sister)

    This is a wonderful night, isn’t it? I can’t believe you’re here! Wonderful (out away)

  223. Am I reading it right ? .. is she up 10% now .. looks like ..

  224. oh, I guess it only links to pg 1….go to pg 2

  225. Joanie!! (my sister)

    This is a wonderful night, isn’t it? I can’t believe you’re here! Wonderful (out away)

  226. Upstate NY:

    Not to worry. litigatorhubby loves Hillary, but he gets cranky if I keep the TV on when he’s trying to fall asleep. He’s not as much of a nightowl as I am.

  227. Briana — YES! She’s at 10 and no where to go but up, right?

  228. I missed if he slammed her at all in his speech, but I appreciate him taking McCain to task for awhile. Hill’s gonna need that when she’s running against him in the fall. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ew, enough BO with all the legendary men of old. Can’t you stand on your own??

    Anyone notice he thanked PA voters for supporting “the cause”? Creepy.

  229. Thanks for the kind welcome!

    My daughter isn’t quite 5 yet (my son is 18 months). They both think mama has lost her ever-lovin’ mind with all the crying tonight!

    My girlie does bring the funny, though. She’s caught on quite clearly to how much I outright despise Bush, and tonight she said “hey, then that bad guy Bush won’t be the boss anymore, right? yay!” Smart, too, you may have guessed.

    If my husband were here, instead of being out of the country on business, I’d be doing the real cocktail thing. Virtual cocktails are a lovely substitute, though.

  230. I knew it! It’s 55/45 right now. I’ll bet she goes to a 12 point margin at least. This is so exciting.

  231. hi Katie’s sister!!!!

    and happy birthday Katie – mine was yesterday 🙂

  232. MK, tht’s so cute “that bad guy Bush won’t be the boss anymore, right? yay” I like that.

  233. I am so happy that Markos suspended my privileges back in January. You guys are the best. Thank you Katiebird, Bostonboomer, RonKSeattle, we broke 300K today. Thank you all dear commenters and posters who are yet to come! {{group hug}}
    Rico, you can cut me off now.

  234. kiki, it’s a good week for a birthday, isn’t it? Mine is actually Friday.

  235. that bad guy Bush won’t be the boss anymore, right? yay!”

    yay is right!! smart kid 🙂

  236. Also, all the white dudes behind him…not exactly representative of that rainbow world he keeps talking about….

  237. Riverdaughter, it’s a good day all around.

  238. MK: Let’s have an Arn and an Oyster House fish sandwich and reminisce sometime. Did you go to Pitt too or CMU?

  239. What a sweet cyber-greeting between sisters – Joanie and Katie. Hello to you Joanie. Welcome.

    btw – warmest felicitations on your upcoming Birthday, Katie! Hillary all the way! 🙂

  240. Redstar, my husband thinks that might be Larry David sitting behind him. ….

  241. Kbird: Happy Birthday!!!

  242. The only rainbow Obama sees is in his head.

    RD et al thanks for this gift, The Confluence. What an uplifting inspiring experience it’s been hanging with you guys and working towards a great cause, our 44th president.

  243. litigator: I understand, I am the other way around, get cranky in the morning when wife turns TV on.

  244. Hillary has over a million votes now on the CNN map. how in the world can anyone call for her to quit? what about those million voters? and that’s just counted votes so far in one state

  245. My birthday is Monday. Happy Birthday to all of us loyal, stubborn Tauruses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Happy B_day to you too, Pat! We’ll have to do something special.

  247. OK so it seems that Hillary got over 10 points at 80% counted according to NYTimes. However, does anybody know how Chester is going to go? (is it a suburb?, blue collar suburb? what way are suburbs going?

    Viva Hillary.

  248. For those of you still up, check out this NYT editorial lambasting Clinton (and sort of Obama) for her negative campaigning.


    Seriously, where do they get off with this tone? Dressing down the young lady?

  249. riverdaughter,

    Thank YOU for starting The Confluence. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to be among friends after the nightmare that was the orange place. I’m so glad I left and can’t understand why I took it for so long.

    Happy birthday, Katie and Pat!

  250. Congratulations to Senator Clinton and to us!!! Woo hoo! And to all a goodnight!

  251. happy birthday Pat!

  252. If we run out of alcohol, Obama can turn waffles into whine.

  253. rd: Make mine a Primanti’s keilbassi and fried-egg sandwich, and I’m there! Maybe we could hit the Dirty O …

    I went to CMU, as did my husband. Looooooong time ago, it feels – our 15th reunion was at Carnival last weekend, but he had to travel so we didn’t make the trip. But my brother and sister-in-law are die-hard Pitt alums, if that redeems me!

  254. Yes, Happy Birthday

  255. Pat, It’s the best time for a birthday — Do you have exiting plans for yours? I don’t have a thing planned for mine. (which is good — I’m ready for a break)

  256. [An early] Merry Birthday to ya Pat!!!!! 🙂

  257. Maureen Dowd is . . . well . . . we all know what Maureen Dowd is, but she does have this priceless reflection on Hillary’s victory in Pennsylvania, “Certainly Howard Dean will be of no use steering her to the exit. It’s like Micronesia telling Russia to denuke.”

  258. myiqu2xu (wow that is difficult to type): “waffles into whine” heh, heh…

  259. Redstar:

    That editorial is ridiculous. It’s all Hillary’s fault! Yeah, Obama called Hillary Annie Oakley, but she deserved it! If she was all that, she shoulda won PA by 30 points!

    I definitely need another mojito.

  260. Riverdaughter, Bostonboomer & UpstateNY and anyone I’ve missed — Thanks! I love birthdays.

  261. well, my birthday was yesterday and I went to work as usual and then came home and lit a candle for Hillary and obsessed about today’s primary. next year will be the year to celebrate!

  262. edwardian, did I miss you? Thanks.

    (The comments come so fast here I’ve gotten confused)

  263. Whose b-day is it?

    I’m late to the party.


    Is it true you have to call a doctor if it lasts more than 4 hours?

    I’m afraid this may last until May 6th.

  264. Harrisburg is such a dissapointment 😉 Next time I send chocolates and toilet paper to PA I am sending them to the counties in the SW (Hillary is getting high 70-80% over there)


  265. kiki, I know what you mean. Yesterday would have been an odd day for a Birthday for that reason.

    I’ve got another sister who’s birthday is often on the day of General Elections and she’s had some really rough birthdays.

  266. BTD at Talk left says Hillary has 200,000 vote lead.

  267. Obama won only 7 counties!

    This is a shellacking, again when it mattered most.

  268. MK: The Dirty O! I used to work at CJ Barney’s! I went out with a Math major from CMU who was also a CMU student. Gouged my leg on a ride during carnival. My roomies were CMU fine arts majors.

  269. kiki,

    Happy Birthday to you too!

  270. myiq2xu:

    Right now it’s 202,000 but who’s counting?


  271. My kids are taking me out to dinner and doing a lot of work around the house as that is what I want and will save a few bucks. My big thrill was tonight! But you know what, and this is in all sincerity, having a site like this to come to is a bonus since we are all in this together. I feel like I really know you guys in a strange way. I don’t need presents anymore, just a sense of well being. So many thanks to all of you, my little voices in the dark.

  272. Yes 1,075K vs 880K

  273. In his speech, Obama said he was glad he didn’t get blown out. To me, this is a blowout.

  274. Happy B-day kiki.

    Lemme mix a drink here!

  275. Pat: “….my little voices in the dark.” Now that is something 😉

  276. BB: he has to minimize expectations… if this were the other way around, and lets say NC… it would be celestial music to the networks’ ears….

  277. “having a site like this to come to is a bonus since we are all in this together. I feel like I really know you guys in a strange way”

    Pat, that’s exactly right. Thank God for riverdaughter.

    BostonBoomer, He said that about getting blown out? That’s incredible.

  278. The Borg are spinning furiously to make this a win for Obama.

    Obama loses by double-digits in another big battleground state and that’s a “win?”

    The superdelegates better pay attention.

    McGovern – Mondale – Dukakis – Obama

    The few, the lame, the losers

  279. And please, myiq2xu, I hope we don’t get stuck with him as a VP candidate.

  280. Nicely done, good enough – thanks to all the PA primates worked theirs tails off to bring in this PA primary.

    More races ahead, more rules wrangles, and more uncomfortable soul-searching by automatic delegates, the so-called superdelegates, who are wishing their superpowers included X-ray vision and time travel.

    That’ll be the focus going forward. Obama will announce some he has in pocket, but others who have already announced will likely have their hands back in their pockets … looking for something.

  281. myiq2xu: Obama is Locutus of Borg


  282. I clicked onto the Moveon ad on Taylor Marsh. It was great, I got to rate about 30 ads. I said that all of them were wonderful, all of them were stupid. I can’t believe that they really have that many ads , it must just be mind control. They figure once you have drank the kool-aid everything sounds golden. Don’t worry no normal person would be at all moved by any of the ads.

  283. ronk: never thought of SD in terms of X-ray vision and time travel but now that you mention it……heh

  284. 285 comments!

    Just to say g’nite to all you Conflucians and the Source of the Confluence. Bless you all. Sleep well. Donate another $5 to increase Hillary’s donor count.

    On to Indiana! (Metaphorically for some, of course.)

    And those pearl clutchers over at the Times? Fie on them.

    Doris Kearns Goodwin on Charlie Rose said this primary is nowhere near down and dirty in political terms. Even recent history has seen far worse.

    She did say that a factor is that someone says something, the press gloms on to it and plays it over and over and over and over and over again…until the next ire raising item gets their attention.

    The MCM sets the tone, by what they choose to focus on.

  285. Just donated more to Hillary, our Madame President!

    The crowd in Philly was ecstatic…and it was everybody!

    I am proud to be an American tonight.

    Go Hillary!

  286. I’ve sent in my $100 — for the 10 point pledge!! 🙂

  287. Talk about tale of 2 parties:

    from Marc Ambinder

    Reports note Obama’s PA party is going….well, slowly. “It’s like going to see a Sixers game without Allen Iverson,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer blog.
    We hear there are more than a few empty chairs at the Water Works restaurant, where the Obama camp has gathered, and that Bob Casey was caught yawning multiple times.
    Meanwhile, we’re being told the mood at the Clinton rally, where Clinton just spoke, is “Electric. Energetic.” According to Mo Elleithee: “Its like going to a Sixers game and watching Iverson make an alley oop.”

    Why did I stay away from the whole for so long?

  288. (waving) Hi MABlue!

  289. “Water Works?”

    That was appropriate for His Whinyness.

  290. OIK…I’m as frantic as the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland….yep, I’m late…

    Im Late, Im Late
    for a very important date,
    No time to say hello, goodbye,
    Im late, Im late, Im late
    and when I wave,
    I lose the time I save.
    My fuzzy ears and whiskers
    took me too much time to shave.
    I run and then I hop, hop, hop,
    I wish that I could fly.
    Theres danger if I dare to stop
    and heres the reason why,
    (you see) Im overdue.
    Im in a rabbit stew,
    Cant even say goodbye, hello,
    Im late, Im late, Im late.
    Good morning Mister Chatterbox
    Id love to stoop and chatter,
    but in six and seven eighth minutes
    I must meet with the mad hatter
    the mad, mad, mad, mad Hatter.
    We must chat about a very important matter.
    Im off to see the queen of hearts
    who lives up in the palace,
    and the very moment Im through with her
    Ive got a date with Alice.
    I cant be late for Alice
    or the queen of hearts who lives up in the palace.
    Im late.

    OK…I love that song…and obviously, I need a drink!

    Any martinis left (it’s only 8:40 here on the left coast) and a fashionably late dinner isn’t THAT big a stretch…except on a Monday night.

    OK…make that a double, straight up. Any capers and smoked salmon left?

    What a night. I chewed off every fingernail til I got home to get the numbers. I took the challenge…so, looks like I owe Hillary another $200. Deal!

  291. I find it weird that Obama left the state before the votes were counted. stick around and thank the people that worked hard for you. if he wins the nomination, he’ll want them to still work for him in the GE, won’t he? it seems like such a ‘screw you’ attitude.

  292. CB — you were there? Wow! Could you see her? The crowd looked huge.

  293. oldpro, I like it too. But, it’s not too late — lots of us are still here. and there’s plenty to drink.

  294. lol oldpro! I love that song too!

  295. I hid some canapes behind that plant over there, figuring MABlue and oldpro would show up at some point. enjoy!!!

  296. Larry King is going to be on live at midnight. I guess I’ll leave the radio on while I doze off. Good night everyone! It was a great night.

  297. It would seem that Hillary is doing fine fundraising tonight….

  298. Congrats! Iron Cities for the house 😉

  299. Aha…kiki and katie…the partygirls are still here! Thanks for waiting…and hiding the canapes. Starved, now that the waiting is over…yum, yum.

    Ronk…still here? High five and clink glasses to friendship and longevity! Boy…I’m aging fast this time…

  300. Bostonboomer, I’m stuck on Greta so I’ll miss Larry. Greta seems to love this night.

    oldpro, there’s ice too –look under that hat. 🙂

    BFF, I didn’t say hi to you before, this is a great night, isn’t it?

    Upstate, whew. someone said 2.5 million since the polls closed?

  301. Buenas noches, I am going to bed (too old to be up this late anyway…). Nice reading you.

  302. Si, kb. 2.5 millones. Mucho dinero, no? Buenas noches 😉

  303. No ice, thanks katie. I’m old fashioned!

  304. Obama had 8 to 1 cash advantage

    The entire Press for him and violently against Hillary

    All the major papers endorsed him

    He is being pushed by the establishment as the nominee

    6 weeks to focus on one state

    A victory in PA wold have made his nomination official

    And then he loses?

    What else did he need?

  305. well, this has been fun, but unfortunately I have to work in the am. g’night to all who are still here!!! sleep well, this was a really good day!

  306. MABlue, if only he’d learned to bowl………ok, goodnight for real!

  307. Good night everyone! Great watching with you all!

  308. Goodnight kiki & Redstar, I’m going to sleep too.


  309. Night all! Sweet dreams!

  310. She kicks his ass all over the state except Philly. According to CNN she beats him in suburban Bucks by 64-36!!!!

    64-36!!!!! Beyond my wildest dreams. He is totally unelectable. TOTALLY>

    Hope the supers see this….

    The guy is a TOTAL loser.

  311. But dont get too comfy there is always an incoming Axelrod editorial attack the morning after to distract the talking heads from why Obama lost and with the media really discussing electability and money 3:1, 6 weeks still lost, new voters to the Party broke to Clinton, catholic are back etc….Axelrod knows how to feed the cable monster to change the story it will be a doosey plan on something about Bill Clinton something slanderous I would guess why else would Chelsea be being peppered with these Monica questions. .Great win she will be the nominee but they are I am sure getting ready to poop on her parade.

  312. OMG I just heard Tweety say something positive about Hillary!
    He complimented her speech…While KO criticized her and calling her being “gracious” as false and hypocritical.

    ugghhhh i can’t believe I ever liked KO.

    of course I don’t believe anything Tweety says about Hillary when it is positive. I think he is as false as they come.

    They just recognized NJ Gov Corzine in the background. They are saying this signifies his SD vote for her.

  313. Hey! Hey! What a nice way to end the day and begin a new one right! I’ll have some of those mini cheesesteaks.

  314. this has been a great night – even though I spent the entire night paing bills and finishing up my taxes…
    Everything went as it should.

  315. Hey riverdaughter:

    If you are still up, I kept my pledge of $20 a point. I decided to leave it at 10% even though the little weasel is catching up a bit to 9%.


  316. YES, PA! !!! What a night!!!

    Hi kids! Enjoyed the play-by-play, wanted to stop by. Is it too late to celebrate with a lil’ somethin somethin? (No–too much fun tonight!!)

    Well, hmm…I guess it’s like a Whiskey Sour, technically. But just for tonight, let’s have a round of “Annie Oakleys”…a beer and several shots of bitters, sidecar style, please.

    BTW–does anyone know if you get in a LOT of trouble if you damage the cable box? I had to take a few hand tools and physically remove MSNBC. They’re OFF my channel line-up and I feel a whole lot better.

  317. Here is BTD over @ Talkleft laying the smackdown on the NY F#*@ing Times:

    The NYTimes jumped the gun:

    The Pennsylvania campaign, which produced yet another inconclusive result on Tuesday, was even meaner, more vacuous, more desperate, and more filled with pandering than the mean, vacuous, desperate, pander-filled contests that preceded it.

    Um, no. sorry NYTimes, the record breaking 2,000,000 Democratic voters of Pennsylvania decided to not be dictated to by you or any one else when they voted Hillary Clinton to a decisive 10 point, 200,000 vote margin victory. Stop embarrassing yourselves. It is time for the elites of this country to stop disrespecting the voters. Let the voters vote. It is their right. Respect the will of the people please.

    What else can you say?

    PS: I read somewhere that Elizabeth Edwards will be campaigning for Hillary in NC, has anyone here been able to confirm that?

    G’nite and sweet dreams everybody.

  318. Remember, there are still the absentees. Those will be added tomorrow.

  319. Yay!

    RD what is a cheese steak? I read that she ate one and it seemed slightly, or well, way more substantial than a waffle…or a pancake! It reminded me of that post you did about all those PA questions…

    hugs & yay & RD, maybe you had a huge part in this? Yay!

  320. @MABlue: Howard Fineman said he wouldn’t be surprised if Elizabeth Edwards did campaign with Clinton. So, it’s just speculation, but I’d love to see the Edwards out there fighting for the policy platform they established. Clinton has clearly sought them out, not only with words but actions (e.g., poverty czar).

  321. congratulations riverdaughter…it looks like you and yours pulled it off in pa. …hats off to you…

  322. Upstate: the H-burg field office did not expect to win Harrisburg. There is a very large AA population in the city proper. *BUT*, they worked the other side of the river to the westin Cumberland and northeast in Schuykill county, which I noticed went for Clinton. I think they did a great job. 🙂

  323. Hey, what’s up with the “unofficial” PA govt. state results? It has her at less than 10% and already the Oborg are pushing that number. CNN has a 10 pt. win on their website but I fear NBC will harp on this to do whatever it can to stop any Clinton momentum.

    We’ll see. On to Indiana!

  324. Katiebird–

    Wow–I want to drink what you’re drinking!

    Great eye–TOTALLY missed BO’s left shoulder growth that was, indeed, Larry David at his Indy concession speech!

    Reminded me of the John Edwards/Mike the Plumber moment in SC (I think)…

    BO would’ve asked Michael Moore to join the Hoosier fun-fest, but then he wouldn’t have enough TV space for the Frat Boy Trio with the clever T’s from Abercrombie & FITCH (*wink, wink* rhymes with WHAT? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*)

    Tee, hee…did his nose start itching again, too? Gotta love that guy–so clever. I bet he also does rabbit ears during photos and “kick me” signs.

    And I thought “W” was petulant…

  325. Larry David was there? Well, that proves that Obama definitely approves of overt misogynistic bigotry. Does he not realize that (assuming he’s the nominee) the GOP and media will raise that issue if only to suppress the Democratic women’s vote?

  326. did anyone look at the exit polls?
    lots of interesting results: post grads must be low info now…

  327. Hello riverdaughter,

    Just wanted to let you know I sent off my 10 x $20 right after Hillary gave her victory speech last night. What a wonderful moment was that … and yes, I cried, applauded, and cried some more. Looks like everone there had such a grand time. Loved to see Hillary on stage together w. Chelsea and Bill. I didn’t see her mother but she was there, too, I understand.

    Rise! Hillary, Rise! all the way to the White House!!!

    Love your blog and have been reading but finally got around to let my presence known today :-))


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