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    • Consequences Of Indicting Trump
      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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It’s up to you, Pennsylvania. Go, Hillary, Go!

Today’s the big day. Positive thots go out to Hillary and our friends in H-burg: Maya, Brian, Will, Peggy and Jeff, Melissa, Phyllis, Khalil, Katrina, Lee and all of the other staff and volunteers. You guys worked really hard and I know it will pay off.  It’s bright and sunny in NJ, a beautiful spring day.  I’m guessing it’s pretty much the same in many parts of PA.  That should lead to a nice turnout.

Hillary, you were fantastic on Countdown last night. Keith is probably reflecting on how sordid his career has become since he sacrificed his integrity for the money chase. There is much consternation among the Conflucians as to why this is even a contest. There’s no one on either side that approaches your professionalism, preparation or grace under fire.

And now I’d like to discuss something that polite people usually don’t like to mention: Money. The reason this race tightened is because Obama spent wads of cash. Unlike SuperTuesday, however, all of it was spent in one place instead of spread around. He greatly outspent Clinton in TV advertising. I talked to a volunteer who got DVD’s and posters mailed to her from Obama’s campaign. He spared no expense. Ed Rendell says it cost her some much needed points. It’s a perception problem. How is it that the expectations for this primary are set so high for her? Under normal circumstances, winning PA by any amount would be a victory. But this year, the winner of the biggest and swing states is going to be the subject of a screaming frenzy if she doesn’t win by 20 points. It’s ridiculous. It’s also part of their plan. Remember this little bit from Matt Yglesias:

I think if voters better-understood the situation, they’d be much more inclined to vote for their second-favorite Democrat in the race, much less eager to do volunteer work for Clinton, much less inclined to donate money to her campaign, etc. But people won’t understand the dynamic unless it’s explained to them by credible party leaders.

The whole purpose of the anti-Hillary haka was to make it harder for her to raise money and recruit volunteers, for our own good, of course. And now the bar is being raised so high that any win short of a landslide is going to look like a loss, which should dry up fundraising even further going into the last primaries.

So, I’m asking you to take a pledge with me: For every point she wins over Obama in PA, I am going to donate $20. I know it’s not a lot but if you join me, we can keep her campaign going until the end. If not, the gap is going to continue to close with each successive primary, she’ll fall short of landslide wins and Obama will have bought the election even if he didn’t win a single large Democratic state outside of Illinois. Those are the cold hard facts. We will be left with a nominee who can’t close the deal but who can push the other candidate out because he has a lot of noisy, wealthy friends.

If you want to get a head start on the poll numbers, you can contribute here.

One other thing: I’ll be in training again today. It’s going to be pure torture but I’ll try to catch up during breaks. I don’t think I’ll be able to post but maybe I can get some feedback from my mom as to how the polls are going.

71 Responses

  1. I agree, Go slap him again Hillary! Obama can not take the heat! 🙂

  2. Rise, Hillary, rise! Be polished like gold!

    I’m not usually a nagging mother, but I gave my son and his girlfriend (both Hillary supporters) a friendly reminder to vote early today.

    I’m worried about the money situation. NY Daily News headline this morning is all about how a PA win may not save her b/c she is broke. I know it’s just spin, and I believe there will be an influx of contributions if she wins in PA (which I expect she will).

  3. Rise, Hillary! Rise!

  4. stillife: There wasn’t a big influx after TX or after her income taxes were released. We need to change that.

  5. Riverdaughter: I’m maxed out. More than maxed out! I think I will donate thru my kids. Hey, if Obama can use lobbyists’ wives, I can use my kids, right?

  6. RD, I’ll pledge $10 for every point over Obama, I think that’s a great idea.

  7. Kbird: Yay! Are you feeling better?

  8. katiebird: I will do the same. $10 for every point over Obama!

  9. RD, I hope your busy day goes by quickly for you. I’m lucky because I’ve had a four-day weekend. Yesterday was a holiday in MA for Patriot’s Day (the day of Paul Revere’s ride). I took the time to goof off before the last push of grading papers and getting ready for teaching this summer.

    I think PA will come through for Hillary. She was so great last night on TV, and Obama hasn’t even spoken to the press for ten days. That’s another resemblance to GW Bush.

    Katiebird, I hope you are able to eat solid food by now. Take care.

  10. Thanks, BB — I just ate a bowl of dry Cheerios, another step closer to normalcy. But, I’m hoping to keep the 8 pounds I lost off, so I’m going to watch it for a while.

    I feel MUCH better. I always get sick when I’ve made life-changing decisions, and I guess deciding to retire is one of the biggest.

  11. Katiebird,

    I didn’t know that. That’s a big decision all right. Good luck with keeping off the 8 pounds and with retirement.

  12. I am pretty tapped out money-wise too. It’s not like Hillary supporters are the big money people Obama makes us out to be. But I will take that pledge, and I am predicting she’ll win by 12% more than he will. But no matter what the margin, I hope it’s 30% more, I will do it.

    I came across this in the Washington Post’s links to Slate. It is from a pledged delegate to Obama, but I guess I don’t understand the whole pledged delegate thing, and apparently no one else does either, or this is very slanted. Anyone have an opinion? http://www.slate.com/id/2189568?nav=wp

  13. My boyfriend, also a Hillary fan, and I have planned an exciting evening of popcorn and election-return watching. His parrot is learning to bebop and sing to the tune of Queen, “Obama Bites the Dust.” Yes, many men (black and white) get it!

    Thanks, Riverdaughter, and everyone here for the support.

    Folks, after you donate, please send an email of complaint to The New Republic. See Feministe for why, but don’t let it get you down on this day of victory:

  14. Here’s help in informing the issues. Too little attention on PA debate due to MSM shifting attention to (stilted) polls on the PA race.

    Go here for real debate review, very solid info includes an MSM breaking story that could help Hillary along:


    PS: Love your $match per point campaign!

  15. jmkorbel I’m not getting anything either with the link or cutting and pasting. Could you redo it?

  16. Bo, The New Republic cover is disgusting, but TNR jumped the shark on reasonable so many years ago, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The shocking thing is that it’s still in publication. It had quite a fall from it’s hayday.

  17. Michael Moore has betrayed us ordinary Americans by endorsing the candidate who will not push for universal health care. I don’t expect I’m disappointed in Bruce Springsteen, but I supposed I can’t expect a rock star to really be up on the issues, but Michael Moore should be. I guess anyone can sell out these days.

    Obama hasn’t given a press conference since April 11 in Indianapolis. When he was taping The Daily Show,
    “a reporter tried to ask Obama about a new Clinton ad and the Obama ad that came as a response. According to a pooled report, the White House hopeful asked the reporter if she was “supposed to be” asking a question then. He added that he would consider answering but that it would depend “on how well behaved you are.” In the end, he did not take the question.”

    Can someone explain to me why the media likes Obama so much? He’s arrogant, rude, and dismissive to them. What’s the deal? Supposedly they like McCain because he’s so available. WTF?!

  18. Maybe they respect arrogance more than accomplishment?

  19. Excellent idea! I’m in.

    $10.00 for every point. I had predicted a 16 point win. I hope she wins by 20 points.

    We can’t let Hillary down.

  20. maybe Michael Moore was going for the reverse psychology effect.

  21. I went to church just to light a candle and pray for her. Hell, as a lapsed Catholic, I even went to confession to offer repentance for my sins. Please, God, please.

    The GE will be decided tonight. If Clinton can somehow manage a 10 pt. win (Please, God!) then we have a great chance to win the nomination and, thus, the GE. If Obama “wins”* the nomination, then we’re certainly going to lose this November. Too damn much is on the line!

    *Depending on rigged caucuses and disenfranchisement for a pledged delegate lead is not “winning.”

  22. Davidson, wow. seriously. I’ll not promise, but if I rush and slightly change my route to work, I could light a candle too…..

  23. I spit on Michael Moore — I hold him personally responsible for Bush’s 2000 win with his unflinching support for Nadar. He was brutal against Al Gore.

  24. I live in California, so the network projections that Hillary wins will come around dinner time.

    (If they say it’s too clse to call, that will not be a good thing, but I don’t see that happening.)

    The size of the win will take a while to determine though.

    I boldly predict Hillary by 14 points.

  25. Michael Moore is a Nadarite. No BS, he is, and hates the Clintons.

    Other than that he’s okay.

  26. KB: Do it. I consider myself agnostic, but having grown up in a Latin Catholic household, I cannot help but turn to the Church in a time of fear (or guilt; hence, the confession). Even my sister, who swears she’s an atheist, has been praying with our grandmothers for Clinton to pull it out with a double digit victory. We know what’s at stake here and we’re just terrified.

    Ditto on Michael Moore. That he betrayed the only legitimate attempt to reform health care is especially outrageous. Obama feels more and more like Nader 2.0.

    I’ve got a busy day at work today, but I’ll see everyone back later. I pray my fears are unwarranted.

  27. Part III: Obama Adviser David L. Boren re: Foreign (inc. Energy) Policy


    Maybe more people would think twice about Obama if they really examined the company he keeps…David L. Boren, his new adviser on “foreign policy,” for one….

    This is the final installment on my 3-part series on Boren. Anyone who really thinks Obama is going to bring change on energy and foreign policy is delusional!

    Obama’s own arrogance and his phony message of “change” will ultimately do him in if he is the nominee. No doubt at all…I wonder what the “progressive” blogosphere will do if they ever wake up to his real character, instead of seeing only the “mask” they want to see??

    GO PA!!!!

  28. Need to keep busy today. Got Janis Joplin blasting on my cd. Will go along with Katiebird and donate $10.00 for every point she wins by. And Katiebird, retirement is wonderful! I highly recommend it. Money a little tighter but the freedom is sweet.

  29. Davidson, I was running too late for work to actually go in the church. But, I did take the route that went past it and prayed along the way.

    GRL, I’ll stop by your post as soon as I can. I missed the links to the earlier stories, but I’ll catch up today.

    Pat, I’m really looking forward to setting my own schedule, spending time everyday with my parents, BLOGGING, and (God Willing) working for Hillary in Missouri (I’m assuming Kansas where I actually live is a lost cause.)

    I’ve known dozens of people over the years who blew off the chance to do this (even though I’ll be 54 it’s full, not early, retirement — I’ve been in the system for 31 years) and I’ve never understood it. If money’s too tight, I can get another job. But I can’t let this chance pass me by.

    And with this year’s election — there’s a lot to do.

    Hillary’s ad from yesterday exactly matched my concerns. I believe we’re going into one of the most serious periods in American History. The very thought of relying on a person with Barack Obama’s experience (or lack-of) is unimaginable to me.

    In Serious Times, Serious People Support Hillary.

  30. RD I’m in with the 20 bucks per point pledge.

    Katiebird..congratulations on deciding to retire!

  31. riverdaughter, I’m sorry — I missed your earlier comment. I AM feeling much better, thanks. Still, I think I’d better take things slowly (no 6 mile walks today) — I think my immune system must be pretty fragile and who knows what could attack next?

    Of course, I’m sick with worry — but that’s a different sort of thing.

  32. Hi tucsonlynn, thanks!

    I’m really excited about Riverdaughter’s pledge — I hope it spreads to the other blogs too. (Hint…..)

  33. Checks in the mail thanks for the reminder, after this win and if the demographics are split as they have been serious thought needs to be given to an Obama, oops, I have other things pressing at this time and he withdrawal for another day whilst he clean up his date book. The republican narrative of a Dem nominee and Party that is full of the radical socialist Marxist is being feed and is gaining traction as the election narrative by these continued gaffs and the extreme nature of Obama associates, as well as the stump speech of I want to buy you all helpless poor Rubes who have been prey to your Country a Pony, add current excessive earmarks Congress continues to flaunt on the backs of the Peasantry, excessive advocacy and acceptance by media and bloggest of clearly extreme anti social behavior such as Rev Wright, Move On Betray US visible also calling a respected Dem Clinton a Liar, and the main thread that fuels the charge the disenfranchisement of voters in appearance and deed by Party in the State with the highest unemployment rate for their Obama. I believe a Clinton nominee blunts this Republican strategy for Nov and they will be forced to return to the divisive lying btch say and do anything and that’s been overplayed, also McCain as victim of the mean rich white women wont work, but the down stream tickets are and I believe will be in jeopardy, my district which we almost won in 06 is now Red, if the radical elements of this Primary are not reigned in soon this moderate district will turn back to scarlet. And if Dem Leadership dosen’t start beating the drum after Obama’s loss today of not time for Obama and SDs coming out for Clinton, then we have been ripped off and funded a fraud only intended to build their Party not govern in this rough time with no split of power to blame as still be re elected. I also believe it’s too late for Obama to be on the ticket and still blunt the 527 attacks and a Dem be elected in Nov. time for him to take a trip or two to Iraq, be seen with soldiers all that pol stuff drop the fan base etc, change the entourage, join a new church in Washington, give the wife more time to mature on the stump, and shed some of the Party elite losers he has attracted to his team this round.

  34. I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but here is a chance to help make Tom Ryan’s superdelegate vote
    I just saw this on NQ


  35. I can’t think straight today. Go Hillary!!!

  36. Yikes, sorry, apparently the super delegate thing is not real. Jeez.

  37. Riverdaughter….300,000 hits by the end of the day?

  38. Hang in there everyone.

    Narrative is breaking against him. All this money and he still can’t win the state?That’s what we have to argue.

    Off to work here on West Coast. Lucky for me I don’t have to stay up late.

    Yes, I’ll take the pledge. If I’m over my limit, they can put it to the GE where she will be our candidate (even if we have to write her name in .)

  39. I just watched Hillary on Olberman and she was the greatest! Sent a contribution

  40. I will be sending one today, too. While Obama is hiding – not holding a press conference in 10 days – Hillary is out there answering questions and talking policy.

    We already have a secretive President. Don’t want another.

  41. http://tinyurl.com/5ylx23

    here is the link to unityindiversity mentioned above.

  42. I will pledge at least $10 per percentage point.

    My contribution will come after the returns are in.

  43. Bo Gardiner @ 8:25–thanx for the link to the TNR atrocity.

    This cover is in the fine tradition of the RNC/ReThug presidential campaigns/MCM (mainstream corporate media) treatment of leading Democratic presidential candidates (and primary candidates) for the past few election cycles.

    Think of all the articles, the MoDo and Frank Rich digs, about Al Gore being somehow mentally “off.” not comfortable in his own skin, unable to discern reality (when the MCM lost track of reality with coverage of Love Story, Love Canal, the Internet, etc.), unable to choose his own clothing style and needing Naomi Wolf to tell him how to be an Alpha Male (of course, Al Gore had worn cowboy boots and brown tones, as well as casual clothing in casual settings, for years). Al Gore was a serial exaggerator! Al Gore was a liar! Al Gore was “losing it!” Which Al Gore will show up for the next debate? And that continued even after the MCM achieved getting Wonder Boy Bush into the presidency.

    Think of the Howard Dean Scream coverage.

    Think of the treatment of John Edwards.

    As for John Kerry, I can’t recall whether they labeled him with some variant of mental illness, but they sure called him a liar, flip-flopper, and emasculated him.

    So, now Hillary, on top of being a bitch, is a crazy bitch. And, yes, they are using all the usual putdowns of women to increase the impact of this attack. But it is part of what is done to leading Dems. And, yes, the MCMers are asking which Hillary will show up at a debate or appearance.

    By the way, with MoDo’s use of the word “bitch” in one of her columns (through retelling a Penn “joke”), and thus the NYTimes labeling Hillary a bitch: Has the Times ever labeled a sitting US senator with such a word? And while finding the male equivalent is almost impossible, I don’t believe close equivalent wording have been used about male senators or presidential candidates.

    (Or did MoDo call Kerry or Edwards “pussy-whipped”? I don’t recall such–just implied. MoDo has labeled Obama with emascualing/feminizing terms and descriptions–Obambi, Hollywood starlet.)

    IF the MCM chooses to back McSame, watch out Obama–you won’t recognize yourself.

  44. GRL–Have you coverd Sam Nunn? One of my least favorite Dems….I’ve been suspicious of him since he kneecapped Bill Clinton shortly after he took office–over Clinton fulfiling his promise to the electorate to let gays stay in the military.

    Out of Nunn’s hissy fit came Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell.

    I detest Nunn.

  45. I’m phonebankibg from home in MA. Lots of hang ups, lots of HRC supporters, lots and lots of ol’ folks. Gotta love ’em.

  46. Katiebird:

    I’m curious about your retirement. I’m in a fork in the road situation myself, wondering whether to change careers paths /retire early/keep breaking rocks. How long did you struggle with this decision?

    I’ve been gone a few days, between Passover and taking litigatordaughter to “Bulldog Days,” Yale’s pre-frosh orientation. I got to practice leaving her at college without crying — I managed to keep the tears at bay until she called my cell phone to tell me not to bother meeting her at 8pm because she had met up with some friends and they were going to check out the a cappella groups and the campus Democratic Club. That’s my girl, the singing Democrat.

    I got home very late last night (still sniffling for my baby’s 2 day absence) and for once was glad that I hadn’t stopped the automatic DVR recording of Countdown, as I was able to see KO’s interview of Clinton. As expected, she was great. The interview seemed to last about a quarter of an hour, giving her a chance to show her depth of knowledge. She is SOOOOO solid.

    I’ve already given Clinton the maximum for the primaries. Hats off to riverdaughter and all other brave souls who have been working in Pennsylvania. I was watching TV this morning and turnout is expected to be heavy. An African-American Congressman was saying that he didn’t know what his constituents would do if Obama didn’t win the nomination. Not a great thing to hear — he SHOULD know, and they should do, that no matter how disappointed they are that it would be contrary to their interests, not to mention the national interest, for them not to support the nominee. As for myself, I do plan to vote for Obama if he wins the nomination. Not as enthusiastically as I’d hoped, but I’ll pull that lever, and hope that “hope” and “change” aren’t just rhetoric. There. must. be. no. President. McCain. Because all hope dies if that happens.

    Cheers, and fingers crossed for PA,

  47. elixir: I also found a lot of Hillary fans but many of them wanted to know where I was calling from. I had to pass a legitimacy test.
    mom went to vote a few minutes ago. I should have some news from her soon.

  48. litigatormom, my email is katiebird@gmail.com can we talk off-site?

  49. Jawbone: Sam Nunn is a tool. The Democratic version of Cheney. Although he doesn’t get all the blame for don’t ask don’t tell — everybody’s favorite general, Colin “I Used To Have Balls” Powell also threw Clinton under the bus on gays in the military. He was head of the Joint Chiefs at the time. Why couldn’t he stand up to the president in 2002 and 2003, when it really frakkin’ mattered? It will be on his gravestone:

    He kept the troops “safe” from gays but not from George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.

  50. Katiebird:

    Thanks for the email, I’ll send you a note!

  51. I’ve already sent several hundred dollars to Hillary; but I’m prepared to send more after a meaningful win tonight. I honestly don’t know where Obama is getting all this money–my guess is that some of it’s coming from foreign sources. No one could raise that kind of money month after month from grassroots. But if more money is what it will take for Hillary to prevail, we’ll somehow come up with it.

  52. I agree. I must have sent her about 400 by now. I will send more.

  53. On CNN there are a couple reports dealing with a radio interview where they say Bill Clinton claimed team-obama played the race card on him.

    I find this on-going interview baiting – ask a question in such a way to get the perfect soundbyte – so annoying and it seems to me most people don’t go to listen to the source to catch the tone of the interview or what was actually said.

    I guess this is the media’s way of preparing voters for Carolina.

  54. Y’all know Oprah’s a billionaire, right?

    (I’m not saying Oprah herself is bankrolling the whole thing, but as many sites have pointed out, BO definitely has some fat-cat fundraisers:

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/04/14/AR2007041401491.html )

  55. Riverdaughter, well said.

    Fundraising after today should become one of the top priorities of the Clinton supporters. Every supporter should find new people to donate online.

    We can do it.

  56. Say hi to your good Mom, your sister and your brother, and remind them to vote, and take other Hillary supporters to vote.

    Thanks, Riverdaughter family. We love you.

  57. 300,000+ Hits. Congratulations Riverdaughter, Katiebird, and everyone else who contributes to this blog!

    I’m starting graduate studies at Columbia this fall. Hopefully some of us will be in the NYC area, campaigning for Hillary of course 😉

  58. I’ll upload a celebration image tonight! This place is great, isn’t it?

    Riverdaughter — You’re the best!

  59. Obama will not be in PA tongiht; he will be in Indiana. Hillary will hold a rally in Philly tonight.

  60. WS, that about says it all, doesn’t it? He knows he lost and although said loss was expected, I hope it’s a beat-down of epic proportions. His internal polling must show something in that ballpark.

    I gave Hill 50 today already. I’ll match the difference next week on payday.

  61. I was just about to mention the record-breaking hits here at our ‘humble abode’. Kewl, ain’t it? 🙂

    Congrats RD, Katie, Ronk et al. — you’ve all done well!


  62. WS, that about says it all, doesn’t it? He knows he lost and although said loss was expected, I hope it’s a beat-down of epic proportions. His internal polling must show something in that ballpark

    Marco, I suspect the writing was on the wall when BO was too busy tending his waffles to be pestered with questions from the same media helping to bolster his campaign. That and his decision to avoid appearing on TV yesterday evening.

  63. Happy Earth Day! Today is a good day to honor Women of Valor. I honor all of you who have never given up on Hillary. Special recognition goes to women like riverdaughter (and many others) who refused to be intimidated by the Boyz Blogs.

    These women shook the dust from their feet and waled away from kos. They created new blogs where we can discuss our issues without fear.

    The Keystone State will not let Hillary down!

  64. rd, I’m still not sure you passed my legitimacy test ;).

  65. mom voted. Very light attendance but then it is the middle of the day. She also said there were two Obama guys outside her precinct. Her precinct is very republican.

  66. From Badger in the comments at Correntewire –

    Evidence of St. Obama’s first miracle:

    “Turning waffles into whine.”

  67. Marco, yup I agree with you. I’m cautiously optimistic for PA. Don’t want to jinx it.

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  69. Your cheer worked!Hillary bagged Pennsylvania.She’s still in the running.


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